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Leap Frog worst experience ever
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Just thinking about my experience with Leap Frog makes my blood pressure skyrocket.
On December 9, 2006 -- in plenty of time for Christmas, I placed an order for two items from Leap Frog that I couldn't find in the local toy and department stores... that was the biggest waste of time and frustration ever. Not only was it not delivered by Dec. 24th, as promised, it STILL has not arrived. I sent countless e-mails to their Customer "Service" department and received sickly-sweet replies saying that they have not heard back from their shipping department. When a package did arrive from Leap Frog, it contained the contents of an order from someone in North Carolina. I called them... they said they called Leap Frog and were assured they would receive their refilled order by next-day airmail... I wonder if they ever got it. I called Leap Frog, got disconnected, called again, got put on hold... with no pick-up. I called again and told the individual that I wanted to speak to their supervisor... she said she didn't know who it was!!! I said, "Let me talk to the person you say 'hello' to when you walk in, in the morning"... I got put on hold, again... then was told that "the supervisor" would call back. I sent more e-mail and received a reply that I would get the same consideration as the family in NC... Wrong!!! Finally, after Christmas, I received a call from a "supervisor" asking what the problem was and whether or not I still wanted the order. "It's a present for my grand-daughter so, YES I want it, otherwise I would not have ordered it in the first place".
I've got to stop ranting about this, it's not doing me any good, nor you either.

I would urge anyone who is considering ordering from this company to FORGET IT... don't waste your time as I have! This is the worst online company I've ever had the misfortune to deal with.
LeapFrog Online - Worst online experience ever!!!!
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This is absolutely the worst experience I have ever had with an online order. I have spent thousands of dollars online. My order was place on December 14 and I was guaranteed Christmas delivery. It is very important that children's toy's arrive on time. My first call was made on December 17 or 18 and was told the item was being prepared to ship and I could expect an email the following day with shipping information and it would definitely arrive for Christmas. I did not receive an email as promised. My second call was on December 20. They could give me no information regarding shipping but again assured me it would arrive on time. At this point I was getting leary and it was too late to go order from somewhere else. I also sent an email explaining the problem, asking for help, and expressing my frustration. To date I have received no answer to this email. My third call was made on December 22. Again they could give me no information as to whether it has been shipped or not. The Customer service representative promised that he would check with shipping and call me back. Guess what, he didn't call. I was left without a gift. I will never buy another LeapFrog item and will tell everyone I know of this experience. They need to get their act together or get out of the online business. The public needs to be aware of companies that do not care about their customers.
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