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Poor Quality Items, Worse Customer Support
By -

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- A lot of complaints on web for this store, wish I had viewed them before purchasing here...

1st jacket ordered, a 2XL, supposed to fit up to a size 50, I wear a 48, the zipper was 3 inches away from closing, returned item, exchanged [my cost shipping] for different model at same time, same vendor, ordered a 3XL, gave them a little note in return asking if sizes are marked wrong... trying to make sure a 3XL which is supposed to be a size 54 fits. 2nd jacket arrives, zipper is 2" from closing, I measure side to side and jacket is 48" stretched.

I emailed numerous times trying to get a representative to reply stating that they are willing to help me out with their 30 Day No Hassle return policy, only generic emails received. I called in to complain, they finally offered me a return label, but if jacket is determined to be correct size, I would be charged.
Told him I had measured jacket myself and it was 48" side to side, not including where the zipper must reach to close it, and asked who makes the determination, he was rather confident it was correct size but suggested a size 4XL. Size 4XL is supposed to reflect a size 56-58, you can see this going on forever... The original jacket had a nice metal zipper, the replacement one had all plastic zippers, nothing worthy of motorcycling and not mentioned in the description of the product.

Their sizing is way off, a size 58 to reflect an actual size 48, they only put positive reviews from customers into their review section, nothing new there, so no one knows about all the people having problems with the quality, plastic zippers, and the sizing...

They do not reply to emails, when you do get through to someone and tell them you have a complaint they are not as helpful as other internet vendors. With all the money spent returning items, no value here...

Beware of this site... My 3 cents...

Placed Ordered, Said Was Shipped, Then Told Discontinued!
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Rating: 1/51

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- I placed an order for a helmet that was on great sale, end of season. The website showed my size available so I purchased! Received a confirmation email. A day later received an item-shipped email. 3 hours later I received a "sorry, this item is out of stock". Really? In this age of e-commerce, I expect so much more out of a web front. They don't have their warehouse/supply tied in 100% with the web?

Of course I called and was put on hold for 10 minutes waiting for the next available agent. They gave me the same spiel, and when I started poking at them, was told that they ship in a high volume, try to get everything out the same day, therefore their process is to say it's shipped and then decide whether it's available or not..

Have they heard of Amazon? Any other high volume company worth its salt that ships hundreds of thousands of packages every day? While I can see a mistake once in a while, actually admitting that this is their business practice is mind-blowing. So now, I have a charge on my credit card, it will take them 3-5 days to issue the credit, and I'm two days more delayed with finding somewhere else to purchase my helmet.

Parting shot: I will never ever ever purchase anything from them.

Buy at YOUR own risk
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Rating: 2/51

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA -- Good prices, fast shipping, BUT they will not last as long as HD & other products. Most importantly, they're "No Risk Return policy" IS a risk, as YOU must pay for return shipping. I've bought 3 pairs of boots from them. I know my size, but their Chinese makers do not know "consistency". I've had to send back every pair because they did not fit. The last pair I ordered was the same size & make as the last, yet I could not get my feet in them. So, I get to pay $25 to ship them back to them, so I can exchange them & HOPE THEY FIT OR I'LL HAVE TO PAY AGAIN.

Horrible Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- I bought a cover for my motorcycle from Leatherup. The day I received it I tried to see if it would cover my motorcycle. It did not fit and I sent it back in the same box it came in with the exception I could not vacuum seal it to the size of a plastic lunch bag.

Three weeks later when I still did not receive my refund, I called them. The only Person I could talk to was the Supervisor David, who rejected my return because he said it had a mark on it and the box it came in was torn.

I finally received the cover back and it is perfect, just the way I sent it to them but one part of the box came loose where it was glued together came loose. Nothing torn and no oil, dirt or any other stains.

David told me that he was the only one I could talk to about this and that Frank, his boss already knows about the rejection. I asked to talk to Frank and was denied and told I am stuck with my purchase.

Save you money and spend it at a reputable company that stands behind their products. Leatherup return policy is a scam!!!! DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY TO BUY ANYTHING.

Bad, Bad Customer Service
By -

I ordered almost $300 worth of products. When it didn't come the day before the deadline I was given, I called customer service to say I was anxious as that day was the day I needed my items.
I was told that the helmet (kind of essential) had actually be sent from another place and would be later in arriving. I asked what to do if it didn't come in time for leaving town I was told to "refuse" the box. My shipment didn't come, I had to buy all the items at a local retailer.
When it did arrive, the helmet several days even later, I did what I was instructed. I am now told by them that I am charged almost $35 for refusing the shipment instead of filling out the return sheet. I told them what I had been told and they essentially called me a liar and said as "proof" I needed to know who I spoke with since all of their customer services reps "are well trained."

There is no bargain here, folks. TAKE YOUR BUSINESS ELSEWHERE. And after reading online reviews, it is clear I am not the only one receiving this type of service.

The Worst Experience Ever
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Rating: 1/51

CALIFORNIA -- Was forced to pay return shipping even though the error was obviously theirs...was told to buy another jacket to secure the so called last one and was told to expect a refund of the returned jacket in 6-7 weeks and only 75%. Totally a crooked company that could care less about customer repeat business.
Stay away at all costs.

Customer Service Is Rude and Basically Sucks.
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Rating: 1/51

WISCONSIN -- Placed order and they sent to wrong address. Told me I had to pay to correct their mistake.

Great Product
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Rating: 5/51

I just ordered a helmet and boots. Product is great, shipped on time and fits perfect!

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