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WOODLAND, CA, CALIFORNIA -- On Aug 15 2009 I ordered a truck cap to fit my truck, a 2005 GMC, short bed, standard cab. I was told it would take up to three weeks to receive it and it would be color matched to my truck. The dealer recorded the paint code from my information sticker in my truck and placed the order for a selected truck cap style. I ordered an XR 100 with an up-graded carpet liner which was included in the package price. I was notified Aug. 31 that the cap had arrived and would be installed on Sept. 1 at a predetermined time. When I arrived for my appointment I found that the cap had been painted the wrong color. After talking to the salesman I was told the cap would have to be returned to the point of manufacture and there it would be repainted the correct color and that the mistake was made where it was assembled. I was told it would take two to three weeks again to get the cap back to me. I was not happy about the time frame, but could do nothing about it. I was also told by the salesman that normally it would be returned in about ten days to two weeks. After about a week and a half, I returned to the dealer to see where the cap stood in regards to delivery back to me. The salesman called the place of manufacture and was then told the original cap had been stolen off the truck while in transit to be repainted. No one had notified either me or the dealer of this little bit of information until I inquired.

Now the point of manufacture wanted to know if I still wanted the cap, and if I did I would have to reorder??? I am a little upset at not being told sooner of the theft, and the fact that they had not gone ahead and built a replacement on their own. After some negotiating, I agreed to order again only to be told it would again be "Two to three weeks", for delivery. It should have been put on rush. No, it starts out as a new order, no priority.

I returned to the dealership after another two weeks and still no cap. The cap arrived at the dealership on Sept. 30, I was scheduled for install on Oct. 1,2009 at 8:00 AM, for a two hour frame of time to install the unit. I called several times after about four hours and finally got my vehicle back after six hours.

I tried to open the side windows in the cap at home only to find they wouldn't open at all. I returned to the dealer the next day as it was too late in the day on the day I got the cap. The dealer couldn't open the windows either so they had the install person try to make them work. It ended up the windows had to be removed and the openings ground out. After another two to three hours I went home with the windows still way too tight in the frames.

Once I was home, I again cleaned the hand prints off the windows of the cap. Shortly after I got them clean, the sliding window on the right side exploded. I called the dealership and was told the glass wasn't covered under the warranty. Not so, I received a call to tell me they would cover the broken window after all. I returned, once again, to the dealership and they attempted to replace the window with one they removed from a cap they had on the lot. Wrong again, the window wouldn't fit. The manufacturer had been consulted and assured the dealer it would be the same window as they had. It turned out the window that fit was out of a cap that was manufactured for a Ford truck, mine is a GMC.

I finally got home again with windows in both sides of my truck cap.

On Oct. 7,2009 a rattle developed in the door of my vehicle, I stopped at the GMC dealership to find out what was happening with the door. They figured it was a window regulator and would need repair. I was scheduled for Oct. 9,2009. When the mechanic attempted to repair the rattle he found a wire/cable that had been added by the Leer dealership, was hitting the window and was causing the rattle. He also found one of the trim rings had been broken by the worker that installed the cap, and no one had bothered to tell me.

I called the Leer dealership and told them about the problem I was having and they said they would pay for the repair of my truck. Of course a part had to be ordered and again I would need to return to have the part installed in my door. One Oct.21,2009 the part was installed in the door and I have finally finished, I hope, with the whole truck cap fiasco.

I can't believe it took over two months just to get a truck cap installed on a truck. I sent an email to Leer on Oct.21, 2009 and I let them know I feel they should do something to help appease my headache. I didn't say what they should do, but I do think they should do something for me. I did tell them I would wait a FEW days before I contact the BBB and others, my fuse is getting super short.

Well another chapter in the ongoing novel. I discovered a leaking window,the same one that was replaced, and took the truck to the dealership for a stated one hour repair. Sure, it was three hours and they still wanted me to wait at least another hour, or take the truck home and leave it in my garage, right.

More to come. The same window is leaking again! This time I was a little more vocal while at the dealership, which is "All Seasons RV". I told the owner that I was very unhappy with the truck cap and the whole experience. He said they would need to return the cap to the manufacturer and let them do the repairs. I said no, the only thing I will accept would be a complete replacement. That is now what is being done. I will probably be another three week wait, but I don't want this cap on my truck anymore. I will keep this one until the replacement gets here. Then I don't care what they do with it. Sure hope the next one is correct and everything is as it should be. If not, they can refund my money, and I'll go else where.

Leer still has not responded to either of the two emails I have sent, I guess they don't really care about customer relations.


Well maybe this will be the one, the local dealer received the replacement canopy and installed it today. Only took an hour and a half to remove the old (second) canopy (four bolts and one plugin) and then reinstall the same four bolts and plug the new one in. Well in all fairness they did remove and replace the original door because it was already equipped with the remote lock, now that was two more bolts and the lifts. Anyway, now for the water or should I say rain test. I will, however, need to wait for mother nature for that test. Sure hope it doesn't leak. Perhaps I will finally have the canopy I purchased on Aug. 15, 2009!! It's only been three (3) months. I will update this or remove it after the rain test.

I never did hear from the Leer Company. No kidding.

Well it only took four months to finally get a canopy that, as far as I can tell, works. We haven't had any real rain for so long that I can't really say for sure this one does not leak. I have taken it through the car wash and so far haven't found it leaking and that's a good thing. I never did get any response from Leer, and I don't ever expect to. They apparently don't feel customers have any thing worthwhile to say. I will never purchase another product from them, or recommend one of their products to a friend. In my book Leer Corp. blows.

This is a buyer beware world and this company is a prime example.
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User Replies:
MRM on 10/22/2009:
What a hassle that you've gone through.
Ponie on 10/22/2009:
Whew! You have the patience of Job. I think after the second foul up, this kraut-head would have been jumping up and down on someone's neck. Your post was well written, to the point, and you definitely kept your 'cool.' I certainly can't offer any solution but I sincerely wish you good luck.
Critical_level2 on 10/22/2009:
Congrats on keeping your patience with them. IF it were me, heads would have rolled after the second screw up. I would contact Leer directly and inform them of the crappy job the dealer did on the cap. They may recommend another dealer to take it to and get it fixed correctly. I have a feeling the dealer screwed up the order the first time. I have had a few Leer caps and never had any issues. It sounds like the dealer is trying to blame leer for their screw-ups.
redmx3racer on 10/23/2009:
This is probably one of the best letters I have read on here, Kudos. Hopefully they will listen to you. Personally, in my position, I always listen more to the calm, rational people than the blithering idiots when making a decision about compensation. Good Luck!
miyata on 12/06/2009:
Wish I would had looked online before buying my Leer 100XL back in 2000. I would had never bought this topper if I knew how much a POS this thing was. Always heard great things about Leer in the past and went on that. Wanted this topper since you could shut the door without turning the t-handle. Well from day 1 the pass side latch wouldn't fully latch. Just pops into the 1st lock position. The 'dealer' and I use that term loosely with them, couldn't figure it out after 4 visits (not to mention the argument I got into it with their installer about the 3rd brake light wiring. I didn't want them wiring it up since I was going to when I ran power wires for a 12v outlet back to it).

Well after about 18 months the pass side latch was corroding and staring to not latch at all unless you physically move the release back(theres quality). Then the lock itself jammed up (key goes in, won't turn). And then the driver latch is acting up. Now just need the 2 latches and t-handle and since Leer REFUSES to sell simple replacement parts to customers (not to mention they won't even talk to you if you have a question on a problem), I have to deal with the ridiculous markup with local retailers on it. $160 just for a new t-handle and both latches. My last topper the t-handle was $15 to replace and $20 for BOTH slide bars. I could see maybe $80 but geesh.

Paid $1300 for this topper. Really wish I would had gone with ARE or Raven. Will never recommend a Leer product period.
t-nuts/bolts on 05/07/2010:
I am awfully sorry about the experience you had with your lid...try not to hold the dealer too responsible, I'm sure they wanted nothing more than to get you completelty satisfied and get a positive review from you. unfortunately anytime you deal with custom fiberglass parts you run the risk of all the problems you mention because your "adding" something to a vehicle that was not originally designed by the manufacturer..but you hit the nail on the head when you said buyer beware..because you will run into small issues with anything aftermarket...I myslef have worked in the field for twenty yrs here in Ohio and I've seen some horror stories..I am glad you did finally get everything resolved and hope you've not completely given up on aftermarket...it's those little things that allow you to make your vehicle yours and that keep the art of "custom" alive
pmcleare on 12/13/2010:
I believe most of these cap companies aqre out for maximum profit. I bought a ARE cap 18 months ago and the windooors, side opening windows are falling out. ARE's attitude is "it sucks to be you". $1,700 for a piece of junk. The weather stripping on the back window needs more rivets also. ARE is supposed to send clips to keep the window in the hinge, obviuosly I'm not the only one with this problem, but nothing yet. They actually told me to call the people who made the window, I bought a cap not a window. Do not buy ARE products, you will be sorry if you have an issue.
Jesse on 01/11/2012:
I Wish that I had found your comments before I ordered my own Leer Cap. So far, they sent the wrong cap for my F-150, and again as in your case, Leer does not answer my phone calls or emails. Their customer service is non-existent. Only problem is that my problem has not ended yet. I am scheduled for installation next Saturday, after a little over a month. We will wait and see.
JustJ on 06/07/2012:
Just got my 100R. It's too short for my truck by an inch. Dealer says that's the best it gets and the mold is correct for the truck. Written LEER by Email through their web site. Sounds like that's a waste of time. Next step will be the BBB. Wish me luck. In other readings I've read good things on LEER quality when it's made at their mid west and east coast factories. Many quality complaints when made on west coast factory located in Woodland, CA where mine was made. Luck me :rolleyes:
Castoff62 on 05/05/2013:
I also wish I had seen these comments beforw I got my cap, which I ordered through the dealer when I bought my F150. The cap took over 4 weeks for delivery even though I was promised 10 days. It finnaly showed up the day before I needed it to pick up weather sensitive material. It had the wrong side windows, and the back window latches would not work. I couldn't not take delivery and install it since I needed it the next day. Thye dealer said they can't help me with the incorrect windows, and of course Leer does not even answer calls and emails. The company has absolutely no customer service and is totally unresponsive. WIll never buy another Leer cap.
Kevin Hanly on 08/13/2013:
Wish I read these. Score our our purchasing mine
Window lock is poor design
Opens when you drive
Dust gets In and ruins what ever is in side
Had to slam it to get it to latch
Window broke
Leer said tough luck
Sam Evans dealership was no help
Terrible customer service
Never again!!!
Sal M. on 12/19/2013:
Just had a Leer cap put on my 2007 Ridgeline (XQ100), the front of the cap on top of my cab roof seems to be 5/8 " off from being closer to the roof
Charles Lane on 01/21/2014:
And I thought I was the only one with a nightmare from a Leer Topper. I bought one and immediately found it to be defective in many ways. After several "adjustments" the topper still wouldn't close right nor stay closed properly. Many emails to their customer service and calls to the T.A.G. Midwest warranty manager got me no where. It took 14 months to finally get them to remove the topper to find my truck bed is damaged from the topper on both sides the paint is worn down to bare metal. No one will respond to my calls or emails so I have no other choice but to pursue this in court. It will end up costing them thousands more than it would have if they had a real customer service. I would not recommend buying anything with the LEER brand name if you plan on needing service.
David Lohr on 04/06/2014:
I own a 2012 Leer 100XL truck cap. It was installed by the dealer on my new 2012 Toyota Tundra pickup two years ago. I first noticed a problem with the rear door not locking when it was closed. I had to push both sides of the door at the same time to get it to latch. Since the 100XL has no frame around the rear glass I thought this was a normal problem. Two weeks ago I was closing the door using both hands as usual and the entire door exploded in my face covering me with glass shards and spraying my face. Luckily I wear glasses or it would have been in my eyes. I immediately took it to the dealer. They took pictures of the damage, removed the rest of the door and cleaned the remaining glass from the bed. I was told they would submit this to LEER for warranty repairs and apologized for any injury I received. A week later they called to tell me LEER refuses to stand behind the warranty because it was glass breakage. I got the number of LEER from the dealer and called them myself. I explained there was no damage done to the glass before it shattered and I considered this a Consumer Safety problem. They told me ONLY the cap itself is warrantied and the glass is bought from an outside vendor. I asked why there is a LEER emblem on the glass and Corrine told me they just put a sticker on the suppliers glass. I then asked to talk to their legal department. She said they didn't have one. At this time LEER still refuses to stand behind their product, address the lack of a safe glass and will not supply a door that has a full frame around it to prevent this from happening again. I have been forced to buy a new door from LEER that is the same as the one that broke. After arguing with Corrine about this she passed me off to the head of quality control who was conveniently in a meeting. I had to let a message. This was a week ago and I haven't heard from them yet.Apparently once they've sold you their product they don't care what happens. I always thought LEER was the "King of Caps" but I find that and their service are only a sales pitch. I wish I had known about this before I bought it. I'm now stuck with an $1800.00 cap with glass that may explode at any time. As usual I trusted the wrong company to deliver and learned the hard way.Thank you LEER Milton, PA
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