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Leer Cap Window Exploded for No Reason
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Rating: 2/51

WOODLAND, CALIFORNIA -- Driving north on the 405 freeway in WA state on a hot and sunny day in summertime 2017. My driver side cap window completely exploded into a million pieces all over the freeway unprovoked and for no apparent reason whatsoever.

It appears that most cap/shell companies don't cover glass so I may have to file a comprehensive claim with GEICO for replacement. Bummer. Kind of a shame that the window simply exploded on its own after exactly 2 years of ownership. I would highly advise not buying a single pane of glass models like the 100XQ model or equivalent snug-top model. If you look at my photo you'll see that there is a ton of chipping even on the outside rim of the glass

2017 Model 100R
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Rating: 3/51

SIOUX FALLS, SOUTH DAKOTA -- I recently had a 110R installed on my 2017 RAM. It is the 4th LEER cap I have owned over the years. It feels more well built than the previous 3 but the fit to the shape of the truck is not aerodynamic as it is at least 3/8" wider than my cab on both sides of the truck...

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Rating: 2/51

I purchased my Leer topper in February 2017. In June 2017 the rubber seals shrunk and Leer opted to replace the whole window. One week later I went to open the new window. I unlocked it and grabbed the handle to slide it open and it exploded. Leer now tells me I am on my own. They do not warranty glass. This is coming from the dealer because you can not contact Leer directly. Think about another brand!!

Leer Truck Caps
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WOODLAND, CA, CALIFORNIA -- On Aug 15 2009 I ordered a truck cap to fit my truck, a 2005 GMC, short bed, standard cab. I was told it would take up to three weeks to receive it and it would be color matched to my truck. The dealer recorded the paint code from my information sticker in my truck and placed the order for a selected truck cap style. I ordered an XR 100 with an upgraded carpet liner which was included in the package price. I was notified Aug. 31 that the cap had arrived and would be installed on Sept. 1 at a predetermined time.

When I arrived for my appointment I found that the cap had been painted the wrong color. After talking to the salesman I was told the cap would have to be returned to the point of manufacture and there it would be repainted the correct color and that the mistake was made where it was assembled. I was told it would take two to three weeks again to get the cap back to me.

I was not happy about the time frame, but could do nothing about it. I was also told by the salesman that normally it would be returned in about ten days to two weeks. After about a week and a half, I returned to the dealer to see where the cap stood in regards to delivery back to me. The salesman called the place of manufacture and was then told the original cap had been stolen off the truck while in transit to be repainted. No one had notified either me or the dealer of this little bit of information until I inquired.

Now the point of manufacture wanted to know if I still wanted the cap, and if I did I would have to reorder??? I am a little upset at not being told sooner of the theft, and the fact that they had not gone ahead and built a replacement on their own. After some negotiating, I agreed to order again only to be told it would again be "Two to three weeks", for delivery. It should have been put on rush. No, it starts out as a new order, no priority.

I returned to the dealership after another two weeks and still no cap. The cap arrived at the dealership on Sept. 30, I was scheduled for install on Oct. 1, 2009 at 8:00 AM, for a two-hour frame of time to install the unit. I called several times after about four hours and finally got my vehicle back after six hours.

I tried to open the side windows in the cap at home only to find they wouldn't open at all. I returned to the dealer the next day as it was too late in the day on the day I got the cap. The dealer couldn't open the windows either so they had the install person try to make them work. It ended up the windows had to be removed and the openings ground out. After another two to three hours I went home with the windows still way too tight in the frames.

Once I was home, I again cleaned the hand prints off the windows of the cap. Shortly after I got them clean, the sliding window on the right side exploded. I called the dealership and was told the glass wasn't covered under the warranty. Not so, I received a call to tell me they would cover the broken window after all. I returned, once again, to the dealership and they attempted to replace the window with one they removed from a cap they had on the lot.

Wrong again, the window wouldn't fit. The manufacturer had been consulted and assured the dealer it would be the same window as they had. It turned out the window that fit was out of a cap that was manufactured for a Ford truck, mine is a GMC. I finally got home again with windows in both sides of my truck cap.

On Oct. 7, 2009 a rattle developed in the door of my vehicle, I stopped at the GMC dealership to find out what was happening with the door. They figured it was a window regulator and would need repair. I was scheduled for Oct. 9,2009. When the mechanic attempted to repair the rattle he found a wire/cable that had been added by the Leer dealership, was hitting the window and was causing the rattle. He also found one of the trim rings had been broken by the worker that installed the cap, and no one had bothered to tell me.

I called the Leer dealership and told them about the problem I was having and they said they would pay for the repair of my truck. Of course a part had to be ordered and again I would need to return to have the part installed in my door. One Oct.21,2009 the part was installed in the door and I have finally finished, I hope, with the whole truck cap fiasco.

I can't believe it took over two months just to get a truck cap installed on a truck. I sent an email to Leer on Oct.21, 2009 and I let them know I feel they should do something to help appease my headache. I didn't say what they should do, but I do think they should do something for me. I did tell them I would wait a FEW days before I contact the BBB and others, my fuse is getting super short.

10/26/09 - Well another chapter in the ongoing novel. I discovered a leaking window, the same one that was replaced and took the truck to the dealership for a stated one hour repair. Sure, it was three hours and they still wanted me to wait at least another hour, or take the truck home and leave it in my garage, right.

10/29/09 - More to come. The same window is leaking again! This time I was a little more vocal while at the dealership, which is "All Seasons RV". I told the owner that I was very unhappy with the truck cap and the whole experience. He said they would need to return the cap to the manufacturer and let them do the repairs. I said no, the only thing I will accept would be a complete replacement. That is now what is being done.

It will probably be another three-week wait, but I don't want this cap on my truck anymore. I will keep this one until the replacement gets here. Then I don't care what they do with it. Sure hope the next one is correct and everything is as it should be. If not, they can refund my money, and I'll go elsewhere. Leer still has not responded to either of the two emails I have sent, I guess they don't really care about customer relations.

11/17/2009 - Well maybe this will be the one, the local dealer received the replacement canopy and installed it today. Only took an hour and a half to remove the old (second) canopy (four bolts and one plugin) and then reinstall the same four bolts and plug the new one in. Well in all fairness they did remove and replace the original door because it was already equipped with the remote lock, now that was two more bolts and the lifts.

Anyway, now for the water or should I say rain test. I will, however, need to wait for mother nature for that test. Sure hope it doesn't leak. Perhaps I will finally have the canopy I purchased on Aug. 15, 2009!! It's only been three (3) months. I will update this or remove it after the rain test. I never did hear from the Leer Company. No kidding.

12/29/09 - Well it only took four months to finally get a canopy that, as far as I can tell, works. We haven't had any real rain for so long that I can't really say for sure this one does not leak. I have taken it through the car wash and so far haven't found it leaking and that's a good thing. I never did get any response from Leer, and I don't ever expect to. They apparently don't feel customers have anything worthwhile to say. I will never purchase another product from them, or recommend one of their products to a friend. In my book Leer Corp. blows. This is a buyer beware world and this company is a prime example.

Glass in Rear Window Is Junk
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Rating: 1/51

PENNSYLVANIA -- The Leer Cap rear glass door was only 3 years old when while driving up the road it exploded for no reason. Response from Leer was "We don't cover glass" but no reason why it happens to me and many of other people. Then $350 for replacement glass. This is robbery. Should make a better product.

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