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Stay Far Away From Legacy Mazda In Orem!
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OREM, UTAH -- Today I talked to a Mike who is an Internet sales manager from Legacy Mazda, we talked about getting several 2008 Mazda 6's and he told me that it would be $500 above invoice which on the car we wanted would be $18,049 minus $2500 on rebates which would bring the cost down to $15,549 I had the money I was going to pay for it and the taxes with a check. I also had my mom meet me their so that she could get a car as well. Unfortunately my mom beat me their, and the dishonesty started right away. They had a sales lady and her "trainee" start helping my mom, the first thing they did is say, you really should go for this used Chevy, my mom kept on saying no no no, well when I got to the dealership they would only show her Chevy's. I asked for Mike from Internet sales and we were able to relay the deal we made over the phone to the sales lady (the one who was trying to force feed the one Chevy to my mother).

We go and sit down and try and talk about trading in my 2008 Nissan Sentra, so mother and I sat their as the saleslady and her trainee went to get a quote on the car, they came back and said your car at MSRP brand new was $19,356 and went on to explain that of course once you took it off the lot it lost $3000 value and that because it has 5000 miles it loses another $2000 and then we have to inspect it so that costs another $2000 (that's $7k). Part of the problem here is that my car is a fully loaded SL with everything you can upgrade to, if you go to www.nissanusa.com you can build your own and fill everything except Floor and Trunk Mats without-drive and hide, and you will see that the cost of the car (remember completely upgraded) was $21,700 this is a difference of $2,344. I look at cars daily, I love it, I know the prices very well (not to mention I bought the car) to know that they were already being dishonest, I started to protest and say that is not right, a manager overheard me say this and came over, I said look my mom is going to stay here I need to go and pick up wife so she can play the harp for her sisters wedding tonight I will be back, please fix the numbers you suggested was the MSRP and let my mom test drive the different cars so she gets a feel for which one she likes, and when I get back we will have her get the car in her own name (something she needs to do to build up her credit again since her divorce).

I asked them to have her drive all the Mazda cars to see which one she likes the best. As I was going back to the dealership I received a phone call from my mom that she had picked out the car she liked and that the dealership told her was in her price range (which was $16,000 before taxes and fees) I asked her what was the car she said a 2006 Hyundai Elantra with 33,732 for $14,999, knowing that a brand new 2008 Hyundai Elantra cost $14,625 I was really concerned that they were extremely overcharging my mother, I told her not to do anything until I got there that at the most I would pay $10K maybe $10.5K but not the price of a new one for what is essentially a 3 year old car (cars come out usually the year before the year of the car). I got there and sat down with my mother and the sales lady and her trainee and explained how this was a bad offer, and that we came to get a 2008 Mazda 6 not a 2006 Hyundai Elantra with 33,732 miles for that was only worth $10.5K maybe stretching it to $11K at the most for the car. They asked what would I pay for it I said $9.5k maybe $10.15K she said OK let me go ask my manager.

The sales lady and her trainee never came back, instead Matt a manager came over and said what seems to be the problem. I said the car you are trying to sell my mother is over priced and we won't pay it. The sales manager then states "I came over here because my sales ladies tell me you are using vulgar language to talk to them" I turned to my mother and asked "have I sworn or used a vulgar word, even used a sexual word" my mother looked at me then Matt the manager, no you have been very straight forward using only facts. Matt then goes on to say, now what would you pay for this car and I said "$9.5k maybe $10.15K" Matt then went on to say, then your in the wrong car, we need to find your mom a car for that price range. I then said "sir, as you know my mother qualifies for the price range you are charge for the car, I simply think you are charging way to much for that car" Matt then repeats himself then your in the wrong car, we need to find your mom a car for that price range. Instead of repeating myself, I said yes we need to go with the original deal that Mike and I discussed on the phone a New 2008 Mazda6 Mike told me that it would be $500 above invoice which on the car we wanted would be $18,049 minus $2500 on rebates which would bring the cost down to $15,549.

Matt then states "I won't give you that price" then I state "your going back on an agreed amount? Your not going to keep your end of the what was promised?" Matt then states, if you had just butted out and let your mom enjoy the car buying experience we wouldn't be having this discussion." I turned to Matt and said "excuse me, I am here to help my mother and make sure things happen properly" Matt interrupts and says "well your not, you should just let her do this with no help" my mom then gets involved and says "Matt as I told the sales ladies and I have been trying to tell you one of my other sons has a concert at UVSC (Utah Valley State College) where songs being played by the jazz band are songs he wrote, we need to go we can work on a deal tomorrow. Matt then states "if you go we will not give you the deal we promised" I then state "really Mike on the phone didn't say we had to purchase tonight for this deal, it was an open ended deal" Matt then states fine, walks off and takes another 20 minutes to return with the keys that he had taken from my mother. As he hands her the keys, we will only live up to that promise if you come in before 12:30 (noon) tomorrow. We leave go to my brothers Jazz Band Concert and come home.

I get on line to look up prices, to make sure I was on the right page (mostly I am) to find that the very car the 2006 Hyundai Elantra that they offered to my mom at $14,999 wasn't being sold at the price but rather $12,499 they were going to charge my mom $2500 more than the advertised price on line? Wow, they thought they saw a sucker in my mom, lucky for her I was there to help. Most car dealerships start at the listed price and negotiate down, not raise it $2500 then try and then not allow negotiations, and act like they weren't offering the car at an unreasonable price. Stay away from these guys. Lastly, mom told me that while I was gone, they wouldn't tell her the interest rate on the car, and kept trying to push for more and more down on the car, even though she kept telling them she didn't have more. Stay as far away from this dealership as you can, they are the most dishonest dealership I have ever worked with (and that is saying a lot).

Please forgive me for the spelling and grammar errors I needed to get this out as quickly as possible.
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Aerocave on 04/19/2008:
Good post. I can tell you being in the car business myself, when a customer brings along a "lieutenant" (this is car sales jargon for the person there to "help"--you in this case), it can be very frustrating, as this person more than always hinders progress and confuses the buyer. Sometimes its almost like they are there to put on a show for the buyer--yet many times the information they offer is inaccurate(not saying that was you). That could be what agitated the manager--however there is no excuse for the way you both were treated.
Hugh_Jorgen on 04/19/2008:
Make sure you also warn your mother NOT to talk to these folks again without you around. They will wait a couple of days when they figure you have both cooled off and they will try to catch her at home by herself and get her back in there alone.

There are plenty of honest car dealers out there - fortunately several of them hang out here - don't be afraid to come back and ask questions.
Saross on 07/12/2008:
Sounds a lot like what's happened to me three times, the third time being asked to go in because they "had a deal they could make with me" only difference is the one who I had the appointment with wasn't there and one of the other people who was insistent that I work with him called me a few nasty words as I drove off and didn't want to work with him on this.
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A Page from Legacy Mazda's Sneaky Playbook
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OREM, UTAH -- I came across an F-150 I was interested in at Legacy Mazda. The sales manager wanted me to pay his opening bid: $20,000. After a long and heated negotiation (including that classic treasure: "Someone's coming in 15 minutes to buy this truck!" Seriously, they pulled that one) we were getting close. The salesman took the "jacket" (the paper where they put down a customer's info) wrote a note saying I agreed to buy the truck for $19,000 out-the-door. I signed it. The sales manager agreed to that price and we shook hands on it.

More than an hour later they finally had the paperwork ready. I signed the whole pile of documents, then we got to the contract and the business manager specifically pointed out the price: $19,000. Sure, that's what we said. Fair enough. I signed the papers.

Later when I read the contract I saw that $19,000 was the amount of the loan! They'd just put down the 20,000 they wanted, like we'd never had any negotiation at all. Then they subtracted the $1000 I had given them as a down payment to get the $19,000 number the finance manager pointed out to me.

What an idiot I am! I can't believe I just trusted they would put down the number we had agreed on. Fortunately there was the paper I had signed proving they had agreed to the 19K . . . oh, wait . . . they kept that paper.

After trying for a week to straighten it out, I got a call from another sales manager who told me they weren't going to honor the price they had agreed to. When I pointed out that there was a signed document proving we had agreed on 19,000 otd he said "You signed the contract. That's all that counts." He said that $19,000 was too low a price. I told him if that was the case they probably shouldn't have agreed to that price, huh?

Look, if you can't sell the truck for 19,000 that's great. That's fine. Car dealers have to eat, too. But don't tell me you will! How sleazy is it to agree to a price just to shut up the customer then throw in an extra thousand bucks when you write up the contract?

They have to be laughing so hard that they slipped that one past me.

Oh, well. We squared off and they beat me at their game. They got their opening price. Hey, and all it took was giving up their integrity. I honestly wonder how these people look their family in the eyes.

Believe all the negative reviews here. When you read the glowing review by athenagoddess keep in mind that she is an employee of Legacy Mazda. Maybe it's just me, but I think that's a relevant detail.

DO NOT deal with these crooks. I was a complete idiot, but don't think they won't try it on you.

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Aerocave on 12/03/2008:
How do you know that the "glowing review" was by an employee?
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Legacy Mazda Lies
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Just had the worst experience I've ever had while shopping for cars at Legacy Mazda. I can't really get into the details,but I wanted everyone out there who doesn't like getting ripped off to know that Legacy Mazda is full of LIARS!!! Never get your financing through them as they will charge you a higher interest rate to make money off the back end.

Never let them touch the keys to the car you are thinking about trading in or it will be impossible to get them back. Never trust the price they give you when quoting how much they are selling the car for because when you get into signing the paper work it will be about 8 thousand more than you thought you had agreed upon.

Look, if you think I'm the only one chapped about this dealership I plead with you to reconsider. I've been so freaking ticked at them I've been trying to warn everybody I talk with everyone who has had a personal experience with them, or knew someone who did, had horrible things to say about Legacy Mazda in Orem. At the bank there were two employees who had bought cars there. One said he got screwed by them on several things. The other warned me that the "free tires for life" promise is actually bullsh*t. They always find excuses why your situation is different and you don't qualify to get the free tires they promised.

My brother has a neighbor who bought a car from them that started smoking two weeks after he bought it. They told him there was nothing they could do, he bought the car and they didn't have to fix anything. We was so pissed he wanted to burn the place to the ground. Seriously, I hate dishonest businessmen and therefore I HATE Legacy Mazda!
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DumbDriver on 12/01/2008:
Omigosh! That was Legacy Mazda! The steal the keys to your car trick.

They've remodeled the place so I didn't realize it was the same place we visited a couple of years ago. We were trying to trade in our van and the lady said they needed the keys to check the VIN or something. Sure, why not?

Hours! They kept the keys for hours and the lady kept disappearing whenever we'd ask for them back.

As soon as we got them back we dashed out of there never to return.

Steal your car keys. That was a new one for me back then. You can't give these guys the even the most minimal level of trust.

DumbDriver on 12/01/2008:
Also, don't let them touch your driver's license.

What are they thinking, the Stockholm Syndrome? If they keep you prisoner and abuse you for long enough you'll start to love them?
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Full Of Lies
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OREM, UTAH -- I purchased a car from Legacy Mazda on 9/1/2008. One of the managers (troy j) said that he would get us a spare key to the car and an owners manual and a lug wrench since the car was missing these items. When I got the car home the trunk was not always latching shut so I took it in to a Mazda dealership by my house and they had told me that the reason why it was not latching was because the car had been in an accident. All that Legacy Mazda had done was put a new bumper cover. We called the manager at Legacy Mazda and they told us to bring the car down there and they will have the car properly repaired. When we went down to go and pick up my car the rear bumper had stress cracks in the paint. No they will not replace the bumper even though they had done the damage. They are saying that it was like that when we purchased the car.

Do not ever buy a car from Legacy Mazda!!!!!! This was the worst car buying experience that I have ever had!!! Legacy Mazda is full of lies and liars
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dan gordon on 11/25/2008:
most car dealers when they promise you things put it in writing as an IOU. If you didn't get this in writing, shame on you. I'm not sure what makes this such a horrible experience, but you should always get promises put in writing.
ruready250 on 01/30/2009:
The spare key and owners manual and lugwrench we received. That's not what made it a horrible car buting experience. The thing that made it horrible was the fact that they sold me a wrecked car without disclosing that it had been wrecked and when I took it down to them to have it properly fixed they damaged my new bumpercover and will not do anything about it.
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Chill Out About Dealerships!
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OREM, UTAH -- I've read some really negative reviews of dealerships on this site and just want to stick up for one. Most people only write bad reviews they never give props to the companies who did something right. I bought a used Ford Explorer from Legacy Mazda a few months ago and had a great experience. The sales staff is young but friendly. Though you can expect to go through some rounds of negotiations, that's just the way it works (at least in my experience). The dealership needs to make a profit and I get that. But I also want a good deal and I don't think the two are mutually exclusive. I felt that they treated me with respect and really listened to what I want. And it didn't take long at all.

Overall, I think Legacy Mazda did a great job and I would recommend them to anyone.
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BobJohn on 10/28/2008:
I've been looking at new and used cars for quite a while (never ready to quite buy) and with only 1 exception all the sales people were non-pushy (I hate pushy). One salesman was so quiet in the backseat I almost forgot about him. Some dealerships or salesmen do treat people badly. Since this is a major purchase it is a big deal, if it was a burger at BK it is only a couple of bucks, that the consumer can live with but not when the price is into 5 digits. The cusomter's do get upset if they feel they've been taken advantage of.

However, some of this is the fault of the customer (don't burn me at the stake!) - they walk in with no financing, they owe more on their current vehicle than it is worth, they don't really know what they want (or they only want 1 specific vehicle), they don't test drive it, they do no research on it (Consumer Reports, Edmunds, Kelly Blue Book) and then they complain when they don't get what they want or end up paying too much.

The biggest things a consumer can do is research. Before they walk into a dealer they should have financing (including how much their money payment will be), price of a vehicle (sites all over the Web to give you a guide), and a CarFax for used vehicles. And, of course, for used vehicles have an independent mechanic look it over - it might cost $50-100 but sure cheaper than being surprised with a new transmission or rebuilt engine 2 weeks down the road. If the dealer won't let you do that then that is not the car for you.

Sorry for the rant. Wonder if I can become a professinal ranter?
Principissa on 10/28/2008:
Well while I agree that some of the reviews on here are out there and really are the fault of the poster for not reading, not researching, or just plain being an idiot, some of them are actually legitimate complaints and those people have every right to be angry.

I've read complaints from as minor as the car not being the right color, to as serious as a forged signature and someone changing the price of the vehicle after the deal was made. I'd be pretty mad too if someone did that to me and you bet your sweet butt I'd complain to anyone who will listen.

When I go into a dealership I expect two things to happen, I expect they are going to try to pull a fast one on me and I expect that they are going to hound me as soon as I get in the door that I don't want that car, I want the more expensive one next to it.

So here's my tips for car shopping.

1. Before going to the dealer, find the cars you like and research them. See what other owners think of the vehicle.

2. Shop around. Just because there is a dealership close to you, doesn't mean that you have to buy from them. The dealer in the next town over could have a better deal.

3. When the salesmen approach you, take their card and tell them you will find him/her and only him/her when you have finished looking. That saves the headache of being stalked and also deters others from bugging you when you say "I'm sorry, I promised so and so I'd let him/her help me, thank you."

4. Always, and I repeat always have financing prior to buying a vehicle if that is the route you are taking. Your bank or credit union will almost always have better interest rates then the dealership. And you save yourself about 5 hours worth of a headache from filling out the papers for in house financing.

5. KNOW YOUR PRICE! If you've only got a loan for 20k, that's all you spend, no more.

6. Be firm. Do not let them think they can walk all over you. Don't let them talk you into something you aren't comfortable with doing. And do not let them talk you into buying a more expensive vehicle because it's better than the one you want. If you refer to numbers 4 and 5 and stick to your guns, they will drop it and give you what you want.

7. And finally, make sure you read EVERYTHING. I mean fine print, finer print, in between the lines, and the bold faced print. READ EVERYTHING. People who get screwed normally did not read before signing and are stuck in a rut because there is nothing they can do. Do not sign anything unless you know all the terms, conditions, and requirements. If you have questions ask. Do not sign anything until you have thoroughly looked it over. And do not let them pressure you into signing anything until you have.

Thanks for reading!
madconsumer on 10/28/2008:
great review!
very helpful.

if people would learn to take responsibility, we would not have any dealership complaints.
Aerocave on 10/29/2008:
Princi: If everyone would shop for a car like that, it really would be easier--and less time consuming for us as the dealer--and the customer. Too many times people come in with a chip on their shoulder, have the boxing gloves on, expect unrealistic miracles, play 4 dealers against eachother, expect us to give the house away--yet want all the "freebees" afterwords, and just overall, make the process harder than it has to be. Of course you have to be careful because there are "scum" (as I call them) out there who unfortunately make all dealers look bad--but I have to say, most of the "scum" is not going to survive in today's current economy (Yeah!!!) Its already started to happen...Not to mention names, but a large Dealer Group in the south who had 13 Chevrolet dealers who shut their doors for good last month is the prime example of what I am talking about...The strong shall survive!
Principissa on 10/29/2008:
I read about that. I feel bad for all the folks that lost their jobs, but unfortunately, that's Karma for you. I've been car shopping for a while now. Haven't talked to the bank but have just been browsing online. So far I've come down to 3 vehicles that I like. Toyota Camry, Chevy Malibu, and Saturn Aura. Any of those good makes? Which do you prefer?
Aerocave on 10/29/2008:
The Chevy Malibu would be my pick...I wish we sold them but we only have Pontiac, Buick, and GMC. The Saturn Aura is a decent car, however, it is basically a Pontiac G6 with a nicer interior. Nothing wrong with the G6, except in comparison to the Malibu, it is a little "dated." I hate to admit that, but its true. The Camry is a good vehicle as well, but Toyota has been struggling with recalls and quality issues (of course our "Domestic cars suck" media doesn't want you to know this)...The Malibu stacks up well against all vehicles in the midsize category. It is a very fresh design, has a nice interior, and is a good value overall. Plus, you know how I always preach about the much-improved quality of GM vehicles...And for the record, the Malibu is selling very well nationally.
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