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Could Not Get Refund Back After One Day
Posted by on
Rating: 2/51
SUN CITY CENTER, FLORIDA -- We could not get our deposit back after one day. We were not told that we could not get it back at time of booking. We found out that our grand daughter is getting married during the time of our vacation which we don't want to miss.
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Lies and Misrepresentation
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
SARASOTA, FLORIDA -- This company should be put out of business. Don't use them. You'll only lose.
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Legendary Journey Performance
Posted by on
I, too, read the bad reviews for Legendary Journey just as Dan did. I just got through booking a cruise with an add on tour. Naturally I was upset that I hadn't done my homework before booking. However, in looking at the complaints, they seem to go back to 2007 and earlier. Maybe they've cleaned up their act. I do feel that they are difficult to communicate with based on questions asked and answers given.
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Anonymous on 01/27/2010:
I always book tours/shore excursions through the cruise line. Please come back and let us all know how it turns out.

duffer152 on 07/06/2013:
They left 4 seniors waiting in Amsterdam Airport for 8 hours before a bus came to pick us up to take us to the River Cruise. And someone had to call them from the airport to send us the bus!
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Non refundable deposit
Posted by on
SARASOTA, FLORIDA -- After reading some of the reviews on your site, we are concerned about a deposit we have made for a similar trip in September to Western Europe. We were told our $2000 deposit was non refundable and they recommended insurance for $443 which we also paid for. The insurance does not cover return of our deposit. I can't believe it is impossible this far ahead not to be able to get our $2,000 Back! Do I have any recourse?
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Hugh_Jorgen on 02/20/2008:
sunshine619 on 02/20/2008:
Dang, what's the point of paying nearly $500 for insurance if you are going to lose $2000 no matter what? We just booked a short Mexican cruise and didn't opt for the insurance ($150) (we are going in April so not planning on backing out) but when they tried to sell it to me it was made clear that I would get every penny of what I paid back, although my cruise was only $700 and I didn't leave a deposit, just paid upfront. That sounds a little shady though, I know there are such things as non refundable deposits but usually not in such a huge amount!
Hugh_Jorgen on 02/20/2008:
I think the insurance only covers you if the trip is cancelled or if you are unable to take the journey for a covered reason. I don't think it covers your losses if you just change your mind and decide not to go.
Ben There on 02/20/2008:
Nonrefundable deposits are nonrefundable (confusing, I know). Insurance often covers the entire cost of a trip including deposit if you have to cancel for a covered reason (normally illness, death in the family, house burns down, etc...). What it does not cover is return of something nonrefundable just because you do not want to go. You should have read the rules of the tour and the insurance before purchase.
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Legendary Nightmare
Posted by on
MERRITT ISLAND, FLORIDA -- APRIL 2007 purchased NCL cruise from Legendary Journeys which included hotel and transfers. Paid additional $396 for hotel upgrades in downtown Barcelona, Spain and Santiago, Chile. Didn't receive either upgrade. Barcelona hotel was so far out of town, it would have cost $100 round trip. All other couples staying with us on LJ tour had not upgraded. In both Spain and Chile,we were picked up by a driver who spoke no English.

3 weeks prior to our departure, LJ demanded an additional $200, or they wouldn't send out tickets. We had to pay it to be able to go, even though we had proof and a paid in full receipt. They did this as the travel documents arrived one week prior to departure, with a new restriction of only one suitcase per person. After 2 days finally got a hold of them and tried to explain as a disabled Vietnam vet couldn't travel 36 days on only one bag. Meds filled up half a bag. Told, don't go then.

Upon return, put in a claim for $396 upgrades which weren't received, which has blatantly been ignored for 4 weeks. LJ doesn't answer our inquiries.

To top it all off, their Traveler's Protection Plan which was supposed to cover up to $10,000 in emergency expenses has the same approach. Took 2 weeks to open my simple doctor's receipt -then claimed it would take 5 months to resolve.

Somebody ought to put these predators out of business!
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User Replies:
jktshff1 on 12/10/2007:
The minute you complained about a driver in Spain & Chile not speaking English...ya lost me!
How arrogant....this is what gives Americans bad names in foreign countries.
Bookstores carry simple translation booklets.
Principissa on 12/10/2007:
You went to Spain and Chile and were upset they didn't speak English? If you are going to a foreign country you should at least have the sense to learn enough of the language to ask for help, directions, bathroom etc.

You seriously had me until I read that.
Pomona Guy on 12/10/2007:
In the tourism industry, it is common that the host countries send guides who speak the tourists language. We do this in America and they also do it all over the world. So if you don't understand that you are just plain dumb.

The guys are obviously a bunch of thieves to avoid, sorry it happened to you.

And thanks for your service in Viet Nam.
jktshff1 on 12/10/2007:
Pomona, you make some good comments. It is common, but not guaranteed.
Unless your are a part of a diplomatic envoy or government entity, the country is not the host...it's your travel agent or whoever you booked with.
Ya ever stood in line for a taxi at an airport it the US?
ya get the next one...they don't ask what language you speak.
I had to learn Vietnamese.
I didn't have to learn to be able to get my point across in German, French, Spanish, Italian, but I had a little book that had translations and helped.
The dumb one is one who is not prepared.
jnkgonzalez58 on 09/28/2011:
People, you're missing the point. If I travel ON MY OWN to a foreign country, then I should have a translation book and expect to get by on my own. The WHOLE POINT of hiring a travel agency for arrangements is to make sure you have a good time, and that INCLUDES a tour guide who can communicate with you. This company fell down on the job, and it's disgraceful that one of our heroic soldiers was treated in this manner. Shame, shame, SHAME ON LEGENDARY JOURNEYS.
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Deposit Refund
Posted by on
I put a $1000.00 deposit for each of us and after reading the bad reviews realize I don't want to go with them. Called for deposit after 4 days and told we lose $2000.00. What can I do?
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User Replies:
dan gordon on 02/11/2009:
do you think the people posting on here ever take the time to say something good about a company? If your only reason is based on this site I'm hopeful you bought insurance. If you cancel I'm sure they have a cancellation policy. If they followed it and deducted 1/2 if that what you agreed to I think your stuck.
Ben There on 02/11/2009:
I agree with Dan. Complaints tend to do with extras, like shore excursions and transfers which are normally set up by the cruise lines and tour companies anyway. Read all of your documents and ask questions if you don't understand anything and you should be fine. I doubt that Legendary is actually holding on to your deposit as those normally go to the cruise line and tour operator and they probably won't give it back without some kind of fee - this should be in your documents as well.

Also make sure you buy a good travel insurance policy. Legendary Journeys and any of the hotels or cruise or bus lines will not be responsible if something happens to you like an illness or a cancelled flight. If you are taking a cruise, pay the extra money and fly into the port a day or two early. Losing one nights stay of a hotel because you are stuck in Atlanta with a bad storm is so much easier to swallow than arriving at the dock to see you $2000 a person cruise sail away.
Betty on 05/25/2011:
Just came back from the Austria tour with Legendary and no complaints..Don't be afraid of them we had a great time and met a lady who has been on 28 yes I said 28 trips through the company
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Mis-Leading Advertising, Poor Customer Service
Posted by on
Legendary Journey advertised flying from Tampa to Florence, Italy, and staying five days in Tuscany. One week prior to our trip we were notified that we would be flying into Rome, Italy. I complained to Legendary Journey and basically told to "read the fine print", we can do what we want. The advertising for the trip to Tuscany never mentioned that because of over 800 travelers we would be flying into Rome. Legendary Journey never returned our telephone calls, and we lost over a day in Tuscany because of flying from Tampa to Cincinnati, and than onto Rome, and than over a five hour bus trip to Tuscany. We also booked a tour of the Vatican through Legendary Journey, on the day of the tour we were told the tour plans had changed because of over five hour wait at the Vatican.

We found out later that in fact only a fifteen minute wait at Vatican was actually experienced. We were never refunded any money because of this change.
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False Advertising
Posted by on
JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA -- This company advertises in our paper each week and they list prices that simply do not exist. When a $69. ad becomes $334.00 with taxes and fees, this goes beyond being misleading. The old say "If it sounds to good to be true it probably is" applies to this company. They also fail to comply with Florida law regarding their advertising by not including the Seller Of travel registration in the print ad.
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