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Defective/Damaged Furniture/Hole In Wall By Delivery People
By -

STATE COLLEGE, PENNSYLVANIA -- October 2006, I ordered living room furniture from Lemoyne Sleeper. When the delivery people were moving the sofa into the house, they pushed the front door into the wall. This caused the doorknob to knock a hole in the plaster which had been painted only two weeks earlier.

The "guide" which holds the drawer in place on the coffee table was broken. Therefore, the drawer fell through to the floor. The lining under the sofa was hanging in several places. There were quite a few areas that were missed when the lining was stapled to the bottom of the sofa. There was a chunk out of one of the legs on the sofa. One of the legs on the ottoman was cracked in half. The back of the chair was attached crooked. One side of the chair came out to the front an inch or so further than the other side.

When I called Lemoyne Sleeper to report all of the problems with the delivery to our sales rep, she instructed me to get an estimate to have the wall repaired and to send a list of all of our complaints with regard to the furniture to the store manager. When I hadn't heard anything from Lemoyne by the middle of January, I called them. The manager of the store said he had no idea of what I was talking about and even questioned whether or not I was calling the correct store. He said he had no record of my purchase, no record of the delivery and no record of receiving the letter or estimate from me.

Over the phone, I gave him a detailed list of all of the damages and the amount of the estimate to repair the wall. Since we live only two and one-half miles from the store, I encouraged the manager to stop out and look at the damages. He never did. He asked if he could do the wall repairs himself. Since he wasn't a professional painter, I declined his offer. He finally agreed to pay the contractor that originally painted the room to do the repairs. Since he said he never received the estimate, I supplied him with the contractor's name and address. He said they would be out to repair the furniture.

I called almost weekly in attempt to schedule an appointment for them to repair/replace the furniture. We made several appointments and they never showed up. We even moved the furniture into our garage and told them to stop whenever it was convenient for them. After three and a half months, we told them that we were submitting pictures, correspondence and phone reports to the District Justice. They assured us that wouldn't be necessay and they would have the matter taken care of within a week. They did not.

I called and told them they had almost four months to come and repair the furniture and to send a check to the painting contractor and they didn't do either. I told them to come and remove the furniture. The manager told me later that evening that he had spoken to "Ashley" and they agreed to remove the furniture from my home and donate it to Centre Peace as a business deduction. He also said he talked with Wells Fargo Financial and they refused to credit my account. He said that I could come back into the store and make another purchase in the same price range.

I contacted Wells Fargo Financial and told them all of the furniture had been defective and that Lemoyne had removed it from my home and donated it to what I thought was a charity. The representative from Wells Fargo sent me paperwork to fill out regarding the credit. I returned the paperwork to Wells Fargo. Wells Fargo then submitted paperwork to Lemoyne Sleeper to get their side.

I have copies of the paperwork that Lemoyne Sleeper returned to Wells Fargo saying that I was not allowing them to enter my home to remove the furniture. They said they were trying to call me daily but, I was not answering my phones. All three phone numbers they had: my home, my cell, and my work number have answering machines and caller id. They were not trying to reach me. THIS WAS NINE WEEKS AFTER THEY REMOVED THE FURNITURE.

I notified the Office of the Attorney General of the dealings that I had with Lemoyne Sleeper. Again, their response to my claims were lies. The manager told the Office of the Attorney General that I said I really didn't care about the little knicks on the furniture. I never made that statement and I have pictures to show these were no little knicks. He said that I was dealing with a family health issue and that I didn't have time to deal with furniture matters. Not true, I was constantly calling him. The furniture was in our garage for their convenience and our vehicles were outside in the snow, ice and rain from February to April.

I wanted some action taken. He said I was very emotional. Yes, I did cried several times because of all the frustration that was caused by their lies and broken promises. He said there were other people moving things in and out of the house the day they delivered the furniture. Not true, I was the only other person in the house. He said the first time I talked with him, he had no record of the delivery.

Now, almost ten months later with no record of the delivery, they are starting to remember what happened that day. He said he never agreed to pay the painting contractor. Not true, he even asked for his name and address to send the check. He told me at one time, that they had sent a check to the contractor two weeks earlier. But, they couldn't provide a copy of a cancelled check. He said I told Wells Fargo that I never received my furniture and that was the only reason they credited my account. Not true, I supplied them with a copy of the delivery invoice and offered to send them pictures of all the damages. They said it wouldn't be necessary.

Until now they were going to pay the painting contractor, as soon as I placed an order for a new living room suite. Now, they just found out that my account was credited and I have no intentions of returning to their store. There is no way for them to hide the cost of the repairs into another purchase. For the first time, they are denying damaging the wall.

They stated to the Office of the Attorney General that doing business with me has already cost them $500 and they aren't paying out money to repair the wall. Had they sold a quality product or had a customer service department that followed up on their promises to repair the damaged furniture, they would have made a nice profit. I didn't manufacture the furniture, I didn't push the door into the wall, and I wasn't the one that claimed to have exceptional customer service that could but didn't repair the furniture. Why is any of this my fault?

As I told representatives from the Office of the Attorney General, I want to do everything I can to alert consumers to Lemoyne Sleeper's deceptive practices. I wish I had researched them before making a purchase. I am discovering that there are others that have had basically the same experiences that I have with them.

Poor quality and Horrible customer service
By -

STATE COLLEGE, PENNSYLVANIA -- We purchased several furniture items from Lemoyne Sleeper in late August of 2005. There were 2 bedroom sets, a dining room table with chairs and a China buffet with hutch. The items were all financed through Wells Fargo and divided into a 90 day deferred plan (1 bedroom set) and an 18 month deferred payment plan (everything else). We were told at the time of purchasing that the items usually take from 4 to 8 weeks for delivery.

We received the 2 bedroom sets in the middle of October, which was expected. Unfortunately one of the sets had damage to two pieces (bed board and dresser). Lemoyne agreed to order replacements and to let us hold on to the damaged ones until the replacements arrived. There was still no word on dining room furniture and we were hopeful that maybe we would could received the dining room set with the bedroom furniture replacements in time to host Thanksgiving dinner for our family.

While we did receive the bedroom set replacements within several weeks, Thanksgiving came and went and there was no sign of our dining set. We tried to be patient but we did not understand why it was taken over 3 months to receive our furniture. We called the store often to ask about the status of our furniture, often greeted with empty promises that someone would call back to let us know where it was. Needless to say, the answers and phone calls from Lemoyne to us were few and far between. At some point in the winter, we were informed that Lemoyne's had been having many problems with Palliser furniture (the maker of our dining room set).

Furthermore, they stated that lately all of the Palliser pieces were taking a very long time. Supposedly there was a fire in one of the plants of the manufacturer. Well, as it turns out, this was actually true (that our furniture came from overseas and that there had been fire at the manufacturer's overseas plant), although it was unclear if these two things actually combined to lead to our incredibly delayed furniture. More importantly, it was I that had to take the initiative to call the manufacturer and verify this info because no one at Lemoyne seemed to be able to give me a straight answer.

Once I confirmed that these things were true, someone from Lemoyne said that overseas deliveries usually take several weeks longer than domestic or Canada-based deliveries. Why didn'€™t they inform us of this when we first ordered these pieces? Could it be that they left out important bits of information because we specifically said we wanted theses pieces before Thanksgiving and if they told us it would be unlikely we would buy from another retailer?

Whatever the reason, three months had passed and we still did not have our furniture. We didn'€™t feel it was just to have our financing begin until we actually had our furniture (and Wells Fargo informed us that this was not right) so we asked for this to be redone to start the 18 month period in January 06. Surely we would receive the furniture by then.

We did not receive our dining room set until the middle of February, six months after we purchased the items. That would not be as bad, had it not been for the fact that the furniture arrived in terrible condition. The table had small nicks and there were scratches and stains on the surface and the hutch. The hutch/buffet cabinets had very noticeable damage on the tops and bottom doors. The two bottom doors were cracked almost completely through, and one top door was smashed at the hinge so that it was crooked and couldn'€™t close properly.

At this point we didn'€™t know what else to do but inform the store and hope they would either take everything back or get us the furniture in the condition in which it was promised (new). They told us that if we wanted to keep the furniture they could get us a new hutch and buffet. As it turns out they decided instead to order the parts necessary to replace whatever was damaged on the pieces that were delivered. This, of course, led to another 4 month wait, with repeated calls on our part and broken promises of callbacks from the store before we got the parts.

Somewhere in there, it appears that the store had delayed the order of the parts for some unknown reason. Then of course the parts that were ordered were not complete (no hinges were ordered for the replacement doors). This may have been avoided if they had just reordered the whole piece over again. Still, we waited and tried to be patient. Meanwhile, we were six months into our already delayed 18-month deferred financing period and there we still didn'€™t have the furniture in the condition it was meant to be in. Not until August of 06, one full year after purchase did we finally receive the parts we needed to make our set whole and undamaged.

Through this entire ordeal Lemoyne Sleeper has approached us as though this kind of thing happens everyday. However, according to the manager, the amount of time that we have had to wait is quite unusual if not unprecedented. At this point, I feel it would be fair for Lemoyne Sleeper to provide some type of discount or savings given the extraordinary hassle that it has been to both wait for the furniture that we purchased and, frankly, to deal with them and the way they have ignored us.

However, management feels they have made an adequate concession by restarting our initial deferred financing (on the dining room furniture) six months after the purchase. This was not a favor to us because we had not yet received the furniture. The furniture that we had received in a timely fashion (one bedroom set) we paid off in full as promised and on schedule.

From my perspective this comes down to a very simple notion. If I had walked into Lemoyne Sleeper last August and they would have told me that I would have to wait a full year before my furniture got to me (for whatever reason), I certainly would not have paid full price. They are asking not only that we pay full price, but that we swallow their awful customer service to boot! For someone who has tried to be incredibly patient throughout this process that is just too much. It is not fair nor is it good business practice from my perspective.

I would advise anyone in this area to avoid Lemoyne's if at all possible! They care more about selling furniture than pleasing customers. Sadly we are not the only story of this kind where they are concerned. I wouldn't accept furniture from them if someone paid me. I don't ever want to talk to those people again.

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