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Poor Customer Service & Sales
Posted by Pahender2005 on 07/03/2013
I purchased a Lenovo Y500 on the Lenovo website. This machine has been getting high marks and they offered a great deal! Better than any other reseller. Six days later, I received an email that my order was cancelled! I immediately called the number to Lenovo Credit Card Services listed in the email. After waiting 15 minutes, I received an automated message that due to circumstances beyond their control, they could no longer accept phone calls! The email did not list hours of operation.

I went to their website. I tried their online chat. I waited for another 15 minutes before my laptop died on me. The next morning, I got up extra early to call them as soon as their east coast office opened (I reside on the west coast). Another 17 minutes on hold. Finally, a stressed young woman answers. She informed me that they do not deliver to hotels. I am an IT consultant. I travel. I've had HP ship my last laptop to me to the hotel for which I was staying three years ago. No problems.

It takes six days to cancel my order? And, they don't deliver to hotels? How hard would it have been to let me know that upfront? I receive packages from Amazon, TigerDirect, etc. all of the time. Lenovo does not want your money! Very poor customer service and very poor policies!

I need to shop for another laptop - NOT LENOVO!

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Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2013-07-03:
I have the same laptop, only I got it from Newegg, when it was on sale for $899. Excellent laptop for the money. Once I installed Win7 on it, I haven't had any problems with mine.
Posted by Old Timer on 2013-07-03:
The issue here is the delivery of the laptop, not the quality of it. Pahender, most ecommerce sites use a security system that will block an order where the ship to is different from the credit cards billing address. They can manually over ride the block but seldom due, unless they know you well of can convince them it's a real order. Shipping to a hotel is risky at best for a online retailer.

You can thank our friends in Nigeria and China for a lot of today's security measures.
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Lemon Computer and Poor Customer Service
Posted by on 05/21/2013
I purchased a Lenovo IdeaPad Z580 in January 2013 after my HP laptop stopped working (which I had for 2 years). I conducted my purchase at Office Depot. At first, I loved the computer. It ran quicker and was easy to operate. However, my impression changed about 2 weeks ago when my computer showed the "blue screen of death" and I couldn't repair it myself. I even used the One Key Recovery and it didn't even work. It kept giving errors and would shut off or restart. No matter what I tried, it didn't work.

Since my computer is still under warranty, I had to contact an authorized service provider and there was only ONE in my city (and my city is pretty big). I called them and explained what happened and they asked me to bring the laptop in and warned me that the turnaround time was 7-10 business days. I brought it in Monday of last week and waited. The receptionist told me that the technician would call me on Tuesday but he never did. I found out today that he was out of town. I called him today and he informed me that he was unable to perform any services because my s/n was not one of the systems they are authorized to service. I'm posting a different review on this company but I was furious. They told me to call the company and I would probably need to send it in.

I called Lenovo and I cannot stand their automated system. It sent me around in circles and the music is very annoying. I finally reached a specialist and told them of the problem and that I needed a working computer right away since I am taking online classes. They told me there was nothing I could do but send it in to their repair depot (and I have to foot the bill) and wait another 7 business days to hear anything back. This is too long for me to wait. I don't like that they don't provide options.

Resigning myself to my fate, the specialist asked me for my email and told me he was sending me an inventory control sheet that I needed to fill out and send with the laptop and also instructions on how to send it in for repair. I spelled out my entire email address but he still managed to send it to a different email so I never received it. I ended up having to call them back (again with the annoying music and runaround) to explain YET AGAIN that I needed to have my PC repaired. The second specialist was a little more helpful and could understand me better, thankfully.

So, I am forced to endure 2 weeks (at least) without a computer and I am very frustrated. I've never had problems with Dell, HP, or Toshiba but Lenovo is supposed to be better and my computer failed after 4 MONTHS! I understand that problems occur but I wish they provided better options.
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Posted by FoDaddy on 2013-05-21:
I would've made certain that it wasn't a software issue by restoring the computer to it's factory state, by formatting the HDD and restoring it using the recovery media that either you should've made yourself or could acquire from Lenovo for a nominal fee. If that didn't work then it's a likely a hardware issue and it would need to be sent in for service. I don't think you should have to pay for shipping for a covered warranty repair.

2-4 weeks is about par for the course if you have to send in your computer for service.

Their service personal seem pretty incompetent from the sounds of things.
Posted by trmn8r on 2013-05-22:
Yes, problems can occur. If you can't have a computer down more than a few days, you probably need to pay for a higher level of warranty. I understand that you did not expect your computer to be down, but as you say things happen. That can be at the most inconvenient time.
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Don't Gouge Me
Posted by Mrpmelvin on 04/09/2013
When attempting to load photos onto laptop every command went to German. customer support said if you buy a service contract they would fix the problem. I'm sick of being gouged, squeezed, screwed by service contracts. Nuff said.
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Posted by Obsfucation on 2013-04-09:
This is just a windows issue, and easy to fix. I can see their point. It isn't the fault of the laptop, but you want help fixing it. They should get something for this.

Try going to START, then CONTROL PANEL, then REGION AND LANGUAGE. Make sure that the LANGUAGE FORMAT is set to English. Hopefully that is all it is.
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Lenovo Provides THE WORST Support and Customer Service I Have EVER Experienced
Posted by Aerorace289 on 03/05/2013
AUGUSTA, GEORGIA -- I had purchased a laptop from the outlet store after having good feedback from speaking with a sales associate. When I received the order confirmation that same day, the 4th of Feb, I had been shipped the wrong T430, a s instead of a u. When I called immediately I was told I was unable to cancel, I called back when they refused to transfer me and someone said they couldn't either so I had to call again and the third person said that they would be able to cancel it. The next day I received tracking info and the item was being shipped.

Called in two more times to try and get it cancelled to no avail, a third time proved effective and the shipment was turned around in transit. When the item was received back at the warehouse on the 9th of Feb I called in regards to my refund being processed. The first two people that I spoke to assumed the "Delivered" status meant I had received the item, the third person finally understood the situation and said they would try to issue a refund and it would take 3-5 business days before I'd see it reflected on my account. I called in on the 14th of February to inquire about it's status, of which the first person was confused, and they stated the same thing, 3-5 business days sir. I called in two more times, the first unable to understand the situation and the second being unhelpful as well.

I called back in on the 21st of February to inquire about my refund, first time the person was unhelpful to an extreme degree (tried to read the same paragraph I had been read before after telling me that the item had been delivered). The second person was also equally unhelpful and the third proved to be of the same quality. I called in a 4th time to find that the person was somewhat helpful and stated that no refund had been started and then quoted me the same thing, 3-5 business days. I then called in on the 23rd to make sure it had gone through, first time failing to even get my query across and the second person quoting the same thing as the past and a fourth confirming that the request had been received.

I then called on the 25th to check only to receive not only an unhelpful representative but a rude one that made accusations about my character as well as my purchase. When I called the next day on the 26th I tried other departments for help. Every person I spoke to couldn't help me cause they didn't know what I was saying, would not help me at all and rudely hung up or simply stated that they don't deal with anything after the product has been shipped.

When I continued my research I refound my hope that IBM's old quality was hidden under the MASSIVE layer of terrible that seems to be Lenovo's support, so I called in to see about purchasing one from a person. The first person stated that they would help and send me quotes via e-mail. Nothing by late the next day so I called them and let a voicemail. Nothing again the next day, same thing. Third day I tried to get a hold of someone who dealt with selling to military personnel, as I am active duty. I was routed to a few different people before they quoted me the standard price that you could find on Lenovo's website, when I inquired if they had anything for students they then quoted me the price from the site for student purchases.

I called in to inquire about if my University had a purchasing program and I was routed to my "rep". He said he would quote me some prices for my build and would call me with them. 15 minutes later another representative calls and said they were asked to help, they quoted me the standard online price, followed by the student price when I inquired, and said they could not help further. Tried two more times calling in for purchasing help and none was really received except "Just buy it from the website". I have since had a order already placed for me using my credit card for a T430u without my complete consent and I'm expecting more craziness to ensue as I PCS overseas for a stay of 4 years.

Throughout this whole process I was amiable and let them do their work as I had admired IBM Thinkpads since I was working on them in High School and college. I tried my best to deal with the side of Lenovo that was based in Malasia and could barely understand me, let alone read a script properly, as I am a linguist and I know how hard it can be. Despite all these things I had hope that someone good could come of it but I have only just received my refund on the 1st of March (almost a month later) only to find being double charged for another laptop. I don't think I could recommend this experience to anyone and I am sad to say that I may never get that Thinkpad I had wanted.

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Worst Product Ever
Posted by Floydarmstrong326 on 04/14/2012
TEXAS -- My wife purchase a Lenova laptop for me at Christmas 2011. On Jan 3, 2012 I had to return it because the hard drive crashed. I lost all my information and it was not recoverable. I received a new one from best buys because of the warranty. On May 3 my new laptop will not turn on. I took it back to best buys and they have to send it out to Lenova for repairs. They told me it would take up to 3 weeks before I will receive my laptop back. This was the worst 600 dollars we ever spent. DO NOT PURCHASE A LENOVA LAPTOP. THEY REALLY SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Posted by trmn8r on 2012-04-15:
I believe you a referring to a Lenovo laptop purchased at Best Buy.

The key here, in my opinion, is you bought it at Best Buy and the price was $600. Lenovo makes a good product, but not for $600.

I checked out the laptops at Best Buy a few months ago, and they struck me as flimsy and poorly engineered. I paid $2000 for a Lenovo in 2000, and it was built like a tank and worked great. I bought a Dell for $700 in 2006 and it was a piece of garbage. I am hoping to pay more and get more next time - we'll see how that pans out.
Posted by MRM on 2012-04-15:
In my opinion, all laptops are filmsy, which is why I use it occasionally. When Im at home, I only use a desktop computer. When Im on the road and I bring my laptop, I would treat it gently.
Posted by trmn8r on 2012-04-15:
This may be true today, MRM. I hope it isn't. I really am looking forward to prying my wallet open twice as far and getting something that lasts and feels like it is reasonable quality to use. You know, nice keyboard, screen, case stays together and the finish doesn't wash off with water.
Posted by oldisgood on 2012-04-15:
Lat year I bought a laptop. I am elderly and did not know what I needed and salesmen just confuse me. I asked my computerperson (a stand alone business) to order one for me. With me present she ordered a Toshiba w/Windows 7 with just the junk I needed. I do not need the mega tetrabyte stuff because I do not play the video games. Anyhow, the computer was built for me by Toshiba and it took only about a couple of weeks to get it. I then took it to mycomputer person and she set it up for me. I only paid less than $700 dollars for it and that included the set up and the Windows Office and all that stuff. I absolutely love my computer. It works great.
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X220 problems
Posted by Nashorders81 on 10/27/2011
After extensive email exchanges this was my latest email to them:

to recap:

- I bought a top of the line loaded x220 system and peripherals costing over $3000. I was quoted about 15 days for turnaround.
- My order showed up in parts over 35 days. This impacted my ability to get work done for my customers.
- A key item, a DVD drive kept slipping in delivery dates all the way to 2012 and then it was cancelled on me.
- A couple of weeks ago I was able to find the DVD drive on the internet from multiple vendors. You can sell to resellers but not fulfill a paying customer’s order. Did you consider buying back from a distributor and fulfilling my order? Did you consider telling me that I could purchase through one of your many vendors?
- The additional slim power supply I purchased causes the touchpad to go haywire. After two weeks of tweaking everything on the system I found this out on a Lenovo user website where one smart user was able to figure it out a while back and let others know. Then I found a Lenovo blog where this has been going on since May. This means I was sold an item that was KNOWN to be a problem.
- After I receive my full order I noted that the price has dropped considerably and I’m given the “match quote exactly” directive which is impossible to do unless you happen to work at Lenovo and have access to legacy data on parts and prices. (“Please note that closest configuration will not be accepted. It has to be the exact same configuration.” Per your instructions.)
- If I should succeed in “matching quote” exactly you make it clear in all your emails that if it’s not within 21 days of invoice you cannot honor it. My order date was 8/5/11. We are approaching 90 days and you’re are still asking me to do a quote match (impossible to do on the website because you changed part numbers) by going back in time to within 21 days of my order date. Just for my clarification, if I do manage to go back in time and get into Lenovo systems and do the match, will you credit my account within 21 days of my original order date?
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Posted by MRM on 2011-10-28:
For $3,000 there should have been a blu-ray drive.
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Posted by Jacobml1982 on 01/29/2011
Hi there, I placed a call approximately two weeks ago regarding a manufactured defect on the LCD screen of my y560 laptop. I bought the y560 from PCC in mid December 2010, a little over a month ago... I take extremely good care of my PC products knowing how delicate they are. I never open it, I have it set up as a desktop connected to an external monitor. Its left untouched on my desktop. I opened it up and there are multiple cracks on the lcd. I ran my fingers along the cracks to see if the glass was broken, it is not. Beings that I never take it from its place or bring it with me anywhere, and there are no indentations or indications of it being struck by a hard/large object, and it has never been dropped (lack of outer casing scratches and/or cracks/faultlines) I assume that it is a manufacturing defect.

I had called on this issue and was accused of lying and was told that my machine is not covered by accidental damage. Beings that its not accidental damage and an obvious manuf. defect, I was going to be contacted by the repair/returns dept on the following Wednesday one and a half weeks ago. I still have not heard from you yet. I am not happy with this product and the MAJOR CONTRIBUTING FACTOR is that I am not getting any good service from you and this is not a company that I am happy with AT ALL.

I have already put in a complaint with your service department with my school, and they are extremely unhappy with you as well. My friends whom I attend school with are instead purchasing mac books from apple because of the lack of service I'm receiving from you, One of their names is Jarrod I can give you a phone number to reach him and you can ask him why hes not purchasing a Lenovo Laptop from you or PCC. When I called, the only thing I wanted done was for the LCD screen to be replaced. This was not my fault. I would be completely happy paying for a new one if it was my fault. I have no explanation as to why this LCD screen has broken and I am absolutely fascinated by the fact that it can do this all by itself. I called the manufacturer of the LCD departments that lenovo buys directly from. They were extremely unhappy with how I am being treated. I paid over a thousand dollars!!!!

Thats not chump change to a full time student. I have had several IBM products in the past and I have never had a problem with them until now, and all of the sudden I am being treated like a liar and a thief because I called you for help. If you will call me back asap and help me figure this out, replace the LCD or exchange the laptop for a new one, I would be grateful. This is not something I want to share with the world. This is not an experience I am very happy with. I do not want to post this on consumer reports.

In case you haven't figured out if I liked the product or not... I DO NOT!!
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Posted by pciusa on 2011-06-27:
Beware of Lenovo repair.

1. Lenovo Depot remove HDD without any need ( you should remove any personal data - bank account, stock account etc before send in for repair )
2. Lenovo depot may replace your notebook priced over 1000.00 dollar) to refurbished notebook (600.00 worth)
3. Specification may not be same as your notebook (on my case HHD come with lower spec, 7200rpm 16mb suffer to 5400rpm with 8mb buffer)

I try to recover my original HDD since I have my personal data in there, but Lenovo Depot lie, they say they just refresh the HHD on same unit.
My original spec say Segate 7200rpg 500gb, notebook comeback with WD 500gb 5400rpm.

Final comment all : Be sure to make Digital Photo copy of HDD with serial number, run SIW and capture device information (shows what type of hardware you, you can download for web free)
Since they just swap the hardware for short turnaround, you could get lower speed of HDD, lower speed of memory, or older machine that used for an year.
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One touch recovery is a joke
Posted by Badwater on 08/29/2010
Lenovo Computers, an IBM property, SUCKS!!! 60 days after purchase from COMP USA, when trying to install Office 2010, I was prompted by their useless tech to do a “one touch recovery,” a clever way to reinstall the operating system, rather than include a disc like every other computer maker. Well, it didn’t work…because the piece of garbage was corrupted FROM THE START. So they had to send me the disc…which has been a 5 day wait…

I am telling everyone this so they stay away from LENOVO and everything they make…go to Dell, not as good as they were but better than most products out there.

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Posted by Anonymous on 2010-08-29:
Which of the three companies you have listed above did the "useless tech" work for?
Posted by Helpful on 2010-08-30:
Just to clarify, none of the laptop manufactures include recovery CDs any longer. Hard drive capacities have grown large enough, even in the 2.5 inch designs that laptops use, that manufacturers include the recoveries on a small partition. The advantage is never having to locate the separate CDs that people have a tenancy to lose.

To the O.P., I would suggest making sure to do a complete, destructive recovery. If you are able to get into this recovery area, usually accessible with a function key upon boot up, you want to make sure to tell the computer to do a complete format of the hard drive and re installation of the O.S. Make sure to back up any important data before the process, however.
Posted by noellenyny8403 on 2013-07-28:
I wish I knew to burn a recovery disc prior to my issue because now I'm told the only way to restore my computer is to pay $60
Posted by truckgk on 2013-08-10:
Lenovo one touch recovery allows you to make recovery CDs should you screw up that partition at sometime down the road.
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Do Not Buy / Bad Customer Service
Posted by Piper77 on 04/01/2010
MORRISVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA -- Had product for 30 days, and while watching a movie with my daughter the LCD screen started to go out on us. Soon, you could see a crack in the screen towards the bottom right section and plaid designs going throughout the whole screen. Tried to simply reboot to see if perhaps by any type of miracle that would help. But, this was to no avail.

So, due to the seller (Tiger Direct) company not handling the warranties personally, I had to then contact Lenovo for service. They, at first seemed helpful and more than willing to service the product. I gave them all the information regarding the Netbook S/N etc, they stated that they would not be able to send me a mailer. So, I had to pay for shipment to their service facility. So, I then paid for the product to be shipped via UPS.

A few days later, they called to let me know that the Netbook had been received and that the charge for repairing would be $154.00. To my amazement, I asked them why exactly was I being charged for a 30 day old product that had a defect in the LCD screen? The representative stated that it was a customer induced problem, and that I had broken the screen myself. Needless to say I plead my case and stated that I had simply been watching a movie on the Netbook with my daughter when the problem occurred and there was no foul play, nothing was dropped, nothing hit the Netbook.

At this point, they were not going to budge, and were very belittling stating that they had professional technicians that know for a fact it was customer induced, and not a problem of theirs. They said their warranty only covered the hardware aspects of the products they manufacture. Not the LCD, which isn't exactly a software issue. Then tried to lay out analogies of the automotive industry and mechanics.

I then requested to speak with a supervisor, explained the whole situation that was now going on with me and Lenovo's support team. Again, nowhere, he simply stated that they will not fix this at no charge, and that if I wanted they can simply send it back as it was, when I sent in. I am simply beside myself to have purchased a product only to have it go out in 30 days, and not have this covered, then they have the audacity to suggest I buy their extended two year service plan.....

In conclusion, I paid the $154.00, cause the Netbook is for my little girl, and I knew that they were not going to help me in anyway, and only wanted extra money out of a "former" customers pocket. I recommend anyone who is looking to by a new Laptop or Netbook to simply stay away from this company, as they do not care to service when needed, and are simply RUDE and unprofessional.

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Lenovo laptop warranty may not be the 1 year you think
Posted by Tnchuck100 on 02/19/2010
MORRISVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA -- My son bought me a Lenovo (ex-IBM) Y550P laptop computer from newegg.com. He has had generally good experiences with newegg.com. This experience has shaken that confidence.

When I received the computer I went to the Lenovo website and found that the one-year warranty was only 10 months. It seems the warranty registration date is the date newegg purchased the laptop from Lenovo. newegg failed to inform Lenovo of the retail purchaser. There was no registration form in the box nor is there a method to register the unit on the website.

An email was sent to Lenovo to ask how to correct this. They responded to send them a copy of the invoice from newegg. I did so. When I sent it this was the beginning of 33 email interceptions and responses by some company identified as aegisglobal.com. They modified subject line with "Not Read" added and an attached file of encrypted data. No text body content except "Lenovo writes:"

Contacting newegg resulted in them stating I had to deal with Lenovo as they had no way to know what serial number they sent me without opening the box. That is a flat out lie. An extended warranty was purchased as well and the unit serial number is included on it.

Additionally it took three phone calls and an email to newegg just to get the extended warranty contract from them. It was supposed to be sent via email within 48 hours of purchase. Did not happen.

Contacting Lenovo again, this time by phone, letting them know about the email interception problem when sending the invoice and that newegg said I had to straighten this out with them resulted in the barely understandable customer service representative calling me a liar. No one there would request I send a copy of the invoice.

In summary, if you buy a Lenovo computer from newegg.com you may have less than the warranty you thought you were getting. If you must contact Lenovo you are in for a treat. Piss poor phone support and intercepted confusing emails from aegisglobal.com. Even when asked neither Lenovo nor aegisglobal.com will explain (or even acknowledge) how Lenovo is connected with aegisglobal.com.
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Posted by bcd on 2010-02-20:
The Lenovo website states “The warranty period for the product starts on the original date of purchase specified on your sales receipt or invoice unless Lenovo informs you otherwise in writing.”

Has Lenovo (not aegisglobal.com) informed you otherwise in writing?
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