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Good News From a Service Rep
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Last Tuesday night/Wednesday morning, we had two feet of snow fall in our area, The truck started acting funny, with the battery light on the dash coming on, and the stereo/CD player acting up. We pulled into the Les Schwab shop in Chehalis, WA, fully expecting to be sold a new battery. After about fifteen minutes, during which time we learned how to put on our chains, the mechanic came out and said we did not need a battery. The battery checked out at almost 100% of the listed specs, and the charging circuit was working at full capacity. He said we probably had not been driving the truck enough to keep it charged up, and this was aggravated by the cold weather. A lot of other places would have sold us a new battery, even if ours was doing well. We will be back.
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User Replies:
Alain on 01/24/2012:
It's always great to see a review of an honest business!
CrystalSword on 01/24/2012:
They were real nice to us, the gal behind the counter came around to a display of tires with chains and gave us a detailed, slow, explanation of how to put them on, so if needed, we could do it ourselves, it looks pretty simple when someone explains it the way she did!
Old Timer on 01/24/2012:
Starlord, I have a Ford 350 with a V10. We use it to pull a boat etc. With gas at $3.50+ per gallon it sits a lot now. So I got a little solar battery trickle charger. Same one as I use on the boat battery. It feeds just enough charge to keep the battery from going dead.

With alarm systems and other stuff using a 24/7 drain on batteries, they die off faster now. Nothing worse than hearing that click, click, click, click... when you're trying to start a truck that has been sitting too long.

Great review about ol' Les Schwab Tires. They came to my rescue when I had a bearing problem up in Bend Oregon. Nice folks.
Starlord on 01/24/2012:
I am more convinced than ever that the ads showing how LS saved people than before is not just hype. I have been considering one of those solar trickle chargers, now that we live in the Pacific Northwest and have temperatures that weaken a battery. Thanks.
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Les Schwab screwed me over on a set of wheels
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PORTLAND, OREGON -- 6 days ago I bought wheels from Les Schwab. I bought 14 inch wheels with 70 series tires. When I took a left, the control arm was grinding against the wheel. I went back to the store with my original wheels and ask them for a refund. They told me that the wheels were not guaranteed and I bought them at my own risk. They did not refund me and also charged me $120 for labor putting my original wheels back on.

This is not the first time they screwed me over. I gave them a second chance after replacing my shocks and struts when they didn't need to be replaced. My father was also told that his calipers needed to be replaced when they didn't need to be.

Needless to say, I will NEVER shop at Les Schwab again.
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User Replies:
trmn8r on 05/03/2011:
Were these the same size wheels that came on your car? If not, it would be your responsibility for choosing to put non-OEM wheels on the car. If they are the same as OEM, that shouldn't happen unless the offset is different.
Anonymous on 05/03/2011:
I have bought stock tires, batteries and brakes at Les Schwab with no problems. I was just in there the other day--but not at the Portland location. They have even changed flat tires for free and just asked that I consider them for my next set. I have been going to them for 15 years. They are probably one of the most reputable companies around. If you send their corporate office an email or letter, I am sure they will be happy to do what they can to make things right.
Starlord on 05/05/2011:
I agree with trmn8r, and I have worked at a couple of tire shops. If you have a car that comes from the factory with 15-inch rims, and you switch to 14-inch rims, then you stand a good chance of suspension parts rubbing.
Alain on 05/05/2011:
Addendum to Singsing's comment:
Les Schwab Tires, Corporate Office
1408 Main Street
Lewiston, ID 83501
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