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Buyer Beware, no return, no exchange, no refund
Posted by on
ARLINGTON, TEXAS -- Leslie's states that customer satisfaction is guaranteed. However, this does not include the chemicals they sell. Nowhere in the store does it say their guarantee excludes their chemicals, and there is no place on the chemicals that says buyer beware, our chemicals are not covered by our advertised satisfaction guaranteed policy. The manager tells you the 14-day return policy applies to everything but chemicals. Even if it is unopened, he says if he accepts as a return, any of the products they sell, he will be fired. It is safe for them to sell you sealed and unopened products, but once you buy it, even if you don’t open it or break the seal, it is too dangerous for Leslie's to take back. Leslies no return, no exchange, no refund policy is printed in small pale blue type on the back of your receipt. If you get a magnifying glass you can read it. The manager will tell you that you should have known about Leslie’s NO RETURN-NO Exchange, NO refund policy, because the policy has been in place since 2009. My complaint is that Leslies publicizes that they care about their customers, and have a Satisfaction Guaranteed policy (before you buy), but after you buy all of the chemicals they recommend, if you don’t need everything, it is too bad for the Customer. Buyer Beware! I am disappointed because I had trusted Leslie's, and I had no idea they had such a double standard. They should be more clear, that once you leave the store with the products they recommend, you are on your own.
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User Replies:
jktshff1 on 05/13/2011:
You will have the same problem at any other swimming pool supply house.
JT on 07/09/2012:
Leslies is a bunch thieves they wil lie, cheat steal to make a sale, don't ever listen to the morons working there, they can't even test water properly, brought in pool sample and tap water sample said both from pool, guess what tap water too high in PH, FC, TA, pool needed Phos free, their big upsale item, neverlisten to these bums
none on 06/08/2013:
Depending on where u live it is very possible that they were in fact.correct on all the above mentioned. (PH, FC, TA and even phosphates. It is well none that city water has different lwvels depending on where u live n even many published articles regarding this as well as many articles which state phosphates are found n several cities water. Educate yourself before you assume. Ever heard the saying by assuming u make an ASS out of U n ME? (Notice the all caps spell assume) (just incase u were to busy being ignorant to realize!
Claudia on 06/16/2013:
Sorry about your experience. Leslies can take back chemicals, as long as unopened. They can not however take back Chlorine and Acid products. That manager was incorrectly quoting policy. And add for the tap water not being pool ready, that is possible. You would probably need calcium, stabilizer, possible alkalinity and phosphates. Tap water and pool balanced water, are two complete different entities. Do some research.
Pam on 06/28/2013:
I took went to take back the PhosFree/Pool Perfect but was told they don't take back chemicals. I'm not sure how much of a chemical this product is. It is unopened. My Leslies is in Rockville MD. For those of you who don't know, you can purchase the same PhosFree online for $20.00 cheaper if you search.
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Boyfriend worked for the company for 7 years and was let go-for no reason!
Posted by on
My boyfriend worked for Leslie's Pool Supplies for 7 years, climbing his way up the corporate ladder until he became manager of his own store about 2 years ago. He was continuously lauded for his performance, and appeared to have a bright future with that company...that is, until this past February. His District Manager was transferred to Maryland, and was replaced with a young 1st-time DM who seems to want to "prove his mettle". Since being installed, this DM has let go of 5 managers within his district... and, of these 5, only 1 was let go for solid reasons (he was continuously purposely late for work). One manager was let go because he forgot to make a deposit one night, and the others were let go for similarly paltry reasons. None of these managers got a warning at all before their termination, and these were solid employees that had dedicated years of service to the company.

Unfortunately, my boyfriend was the 5th casualty. This Tuesday, after working an entire work day (9 am-7 pm), his DM came to his store at closing only to tell him that they were letting him go. He had accidentally mislabeled a computer being sent back to the corporate office, and it therefore took longer than expected to get back to HQ. This apparently qualified him as "unable to protect company assets"; he was never even warned that this might result in his potential layoff, and was completely taken aback. He had been working 65/hr a week shifts to get the store in shape, and, when it finally looked good, he was given the Axe.

This, it seems, is not about what the managers "have or have not done"; this appears to just be another case of a new guy "cleaning house" to try to make himself look better (like he's "cracking down", etc). To get rid of employees that have worked hard for a company for years, though, after simple mistakes is callous, disrespectful, and just plain wrong. So, I am making sure to let the entire consumer world know not to buy pool supplies from Leslie's anymore... because why would you want to support a store that treats its long-time employees with such little regard? Please pass word of this to everyone you know who shops at this chain... maybe if Leslie's starts losing customers, they might start treating their workers like human beings.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 07/18/2008:
It sucks, but that DM may have been brought in as a puppet to clean house for the higher ups.
Slimjim on 07/18/2008:
I understand you wanting to vent, but seriously, why would anyone boycott a chain retailer because they read on the net that some new manager at an undisclosed district let some staff go for "possibly" over reactive reasoning.
Anonymous on 07/18/2008:
I would try to get a job with a competitor. Plenty of motivation to succeed then.
madconsumer on 07/18/2008:
I want to hear the managements side of this story.

protecting company assets, is very important. specially with money deposits. if the computer being sent back contained company trade secrets, then this could be potentially damaging.
jktshff1 on 07/18/2008:
I agree with mad..there is more to this.
Is the state you are in a hire/fire at will?
I like the Leslie's here. Good people, fair prices.
Why should I care if someone gets fired?
DigitalCommando on 07/18/2008:
Typically, professional companies will use a multi-step process prior to termination including verbal warnings, written warnings etc. as a defense mechanism against wrongful termination lawsuits. If these terminations occurred as the poster says they have, this new DM is a severe liability to the company and could cost them a lot of money. If I were this person, I would round up the other terminated employees and file that suit. This "DM" also needs to understand the value of a proper employee termination procedure including the exit interview. Several employers have being shot and killed by former employees that were not handled properly during the termination process.
Nohandle on 07/18/2008:
I know nothing of Leslie's Pool Supplies but if that many individuals in management were terminated since February 1 expect Contrary is correct. A hatchet guy was sent to clean house. Why? Who knows, perhaps the bottom line didn't justify their wages..any of number of reasons. If what you have stated is correct, the termination process wasn't handled very professionally.
Anonymous on 07/18/2008:
I saw this sort of thing happen during my time in retail. The higher ups look at payroll, and decide they can replace folks who've been around for a while with newbies at a big cost savings. In comes the hatchet man/woman. Sorry about your B/F, but if company policy allows the employer to fire someone over one mistake, then it's all perfectly legal.
Anonymous on 07/18/2008:
Doesn't this company have an HR department that reviews terminations? If all of these terminations are happening as you are describing, I agree with DC's comments.

Just because it's happening, doesn't mean it's legal, and your b/f may want to think about contacting HR himself to discuss further.
Just Chris on 07/19/2008:
From Leslie Pools website:


Associates are encouraged to report violations through their normal reporting channels, to their Ethics Oversight Committee, or to the Human Resources Department. In addition, the Leslie’s EthicsLine is available to all associates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The anonymous telephone hotline is monitored by a professional, independent contractor and is available for reporting suspected violations of laws, regulations, policies, or the Code of Business Conduct. All reports filed with the anonymous hotline are forwarded to the Internal Controls Manager for investigation. The EthicsLine is not intended to replace normal supervisory channels for reporting questionable conduct or seeking advice about appropriate ethical behavior. The EthicsLine strives to make sure that all questions or concerns are handled fairly, discreetly and thoroughly.

Taking action to prevent problems is part of the Leslie’s culture. If you observe unethical or illegal conduct, you are encouraged to report your concerns. Retaliation against any associate who honestly reports a concern to Leslie’s about illegal or unethical conduct will not be tolerated. It is unacceptable to file a report knowing it to be false."

Sorry, couldn't find the number.

Possible steps to take...
1) Get a copy of your personnel file and look for any documentation you have not seen before and for any other reasons for termination.
2) Call the EthicsLine (not HR!)...it is a third party (this is good)...they will provide advice at a minimum (real legal advice...not my personal opinion)
3) Call HR and let them know you are pursuing a wrongful dismissal lawsuit.

Based on the info you have given, your boyfriend should have lawyers coming from everywhere to represent him.

Some thoughts:
It costs a lot of money (~$60000 the last I heard) to WIN a wrongful dismissal/termination lawsuit. In our lawsuit happy country, most companies will follow strict disciplinary and documentation guidelines to keep from having to face a lawsuit. In some cases, it is easier and cheaper for them to keep a problem employee.
Leslie Pools will have to provide documentation that your boyfriend understood and acknowledged that if he "failed to protect company assets" he would be fired. This includes the steps that he must take to ensure the asset is protected.
---This is vague to the point of ridiculous...using this reasoning...a customer runs into a company vehicle parked in the parking lot so they fire the manager for not posting a parking attendant to prevent the loss of a company asset--
I would imagine they will also have to provide a specific definition of 'failed to protect company assets.'
A DM who comes in and fires all of his store managers would not make himself look better. He would prove himself to be ineffective as a manager because termination is viewed as a failure on the part of the manager.
The corporate conspiracy theory is possible but they would have come up with far better justification that would hold up in court.

This whole thing just doesn't sit right with me...seems like something is missing??? It just puzzles me that in a society where companies are so lawsuit-skittish that something like this would happen...

Please keep us updated.

old fart on 07/19/2008:
After working for various companies for 50 years I've seen too many cases of green-as-grass business school graduates who assume that to make their mark in the business world, they "assert" their authority by making arbitrary and capricious personnel decisions..
This sounds like a typical example and the poster would be well advised to contact the appropriate agencies..
He has nothing to lose...
chris513 on 07/19/2008:
I think spamfighter offers the best advice...
Laffnsun on 09/03/2008:
I am a manager for Leslie's and if there were manager's who did not make a deposit when they were supposed well they should be fired as we all sign an agreement when hired that we will do so or else face termination.
emperial on 11/26/2008:
well I can understand what you are talking about I to have gooten the Axe just today for a dvd being in the the player that was not mine but since I was the one there that day and the tv was on and I was watching my updated training videos getting ready for a test that was due Friday on 11/28/08 the new dm comes in the store and was like well we have to let you go you broke a rule and I was like what rule what code they are full of it and then when you try to talk to people they are so worried about there job and they know you are getting screwed
I hate Leslies on 03/13/2010:
First of all Leslie's Pool Supply is not a very well managed company. The young lady who wrote about her bf getting let go is not surprising. This company has terrible store management...I guess except for the one that bragged about his local store. Dude, that is a rare Leslie's. Most are managed by non friendly management staff. I just went to my local Leslie's who advertised that they are open until 7 PM but the manager was locking up the place at 6:30 PM and basically told me to get lost. THIS COMPANY SUCKS! Do not support them...go elsewhere for your pool supplies. Thanks!
PepperElf on 03/13/2010:
well it's been what... a year and a half since this was written...
Skye on 03/13/2010:
I was just going to also comment on the review, until I saw the date. I think we even a review from 2006 today, that someone resurrected and added a comment to.
PepperElf on 03/13/2010:
yeah people are pawing through old complaints

mostly about companies they already have beefs against I think...
joe sly on 04/11/2013:
@ just chris so u know that ethicsline goes back to the DM its bs they know who calls as well iv worked for them as a store manager an was let go for clocking out early since it was slow
john white on 04/11/2013:
@ I hate Leslies not all the managers do that being one that worked there for several years they should have gotten fired for that crap
Asst Manager on 10/08/2013:
I work as an assistant manager at one of the Leslies locations in Florida. This sort of thing is common with Leslies. This is also why they currently have a lawsuit against them. I spend as much time as I can submitting applications for a new job. It's really sad because I thought this was a great company when I first got hired, but after my first summer here I saw the ugly truth. I want to get as far away from this company as I can as soon as possible.
Jeppo on 04/07/2014:
I worked for Leslie's Pool Supplies for about a year between 2007 and 2008 as an AM (Assistant Manager). It is well known Leslie's Pool Supplies engages in systemic purges of management as a cost-saving tactic. There are two reasons for this. Firstly, those managers deemed as making too much money are axed. Yes, when a manager begins to make too much he is let go simply because replacing him or her with a new manager will ALWAYS be cheaper in terms of salary. The second reason is an extension of the first. An official new "store manager" is usually not chosen immediately, in fact, in the winter months when business is especially slow store managers will be purged out ("scrapped" as their corporate jargon calls it) leaving the Assistant Manager alone to run the store for the slow season at a much lower cost to the company (an Assistant Manager makes a wage of around $10 or $11 an hour, compared to a salaried Store Manager who can make $40k or more yearly). During purges in busier summer months the store manager may be liquidated if the assistant manager is reliable enough and coverage from other store locations can be called in to "close" the shop on the day or two the Assistant Manager (now acting store manager, but not paid as such) is off. A couple other brief notes
Jeppo on 04/07/2014:
I worked for Leslie's Pool Supplies for about a year between 2007 and 2008 as an AM (Assistant Manager). It is well known Leslie's Pool Supplies engages in systemic purges of management as a cost-saving tactic. There are two reasons for this. Firstly, those managers deemed as making too much money are axed. That's right, when a manager begins to make too much he is let go simply because replacing him or her with a new manager will ALWAYS be cheaper in terms of salary. The second reason is an extension of the first. An official new "store manager" is usually not chosen immediately, in fact, in the winter months when business is especially slow store managers will be purged out ("scrapped" as their corporate jargon calls it) leaving the Assistant Manager alone to run the store for the slow season at a much lower cost to the company (an Assistant Manager makes a wage of around $10 or $11 an hour, compared to a salaried Store Manager who can make $40k or more yearly). During purges in busier summer months the store manager may be liquidated if the assistant manager is reliable enough and coverage from other store locations can be called in to "close" the shop on the day or two the Assistant Manager (now acting store manager, but not paid as such) is off. A couple other brief notes
max on 05/29/2014:
It sounds like the DM may have been getting rid of the good old boys who have gotten raises over the years to hire green guys at minimum wage the DM (douche monster) just needed a petty excuse to fire. Those long term guys may have been in line for the DM's job Orrr... the DM may be shady and didnt want the seasoned guys to know. what he was up to. Bottom line is if leslies is that bad, then they did your husband a favor, he deserves better. Hope you all found greener pastures. Good luck.
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Customer Satisfaction doesn't exist here
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
NORWALK, CT -- We recently purchased the PureSpa by Intex in the Norwalk, CT location. The experience we encountered with this company is simply shameful. We're enjoying our recent purchase even though the experience to get questions answered and problems resolved by a staff member or manager has been completely unsuccessful. We encountered a technical issue with this purchase (the digital display) and not one person in the store could help us and when we did call Intex directly you can't understand the representative on the phone due to a language barrier. If you want mediocre service for your pool needs, shop here. We'll pass on any future purchases with this company and have informed all of our pool owning friends and family to take their business to a store/company that has a knowledgeable and helpful staff on hand.
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Poor All Around. Instillation/Customer service/Attitude and Job Completion.
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
SMITHTOWN, NEW YORK -- This is not a company I would do business with again. I bought a new pump new MPV and front gandy. All bought and installed by them. Also had them open my pool. Total Cost $1600.+ The timer on the pool pump was not working as requested. I requested 12hr run time from 10 am to 10 pm. Pump would turn on in the middle of the night and stop in the afternoon around 12:45. I purchased pool chemicals from them $100+ which needed to be added when the pump was running. I asked them to come back and set the time and timer properly. They asked for $100 visit charge plus $22 trip fee + Taxes. They should have done it right the first time. DO NOT GO TO THEM. You will be sorry.
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HR Dept is paid and bought for
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- I had been an employee of Leslie's Corporate Offices in Phoenix, AZ, I worked in the HR Dept. My Supervisor, Director and VP of HR are not educated and have been bought and paid for by company executives. This company is the worst managed company I have ever worked for and I am glad it only lasted a couple years. Mostly friends and relatives of executives get the only decent paying position, you don't need any experience. Just be related. They manage by fear and intimidation. If they don't like you, your out, if they think your smarter and appear to make them look stupid, your out.This is a private company held by an investment company. Leslie's CEO and CFO both have all there family and friends working there making huge salaries and none have any experience in anything.

If you are planning to work there or in any of the retail stores, you might want to do some research before taking any job there, when you start, the clock is ticking, your days are already numbered.

They have a security division that runs like Hitler's castpo, if you have the unfortunate situation to talk to those people, your done! you might as well quit before they get to you. Not sure why they have to be like this, but do not take any job there, just look on the web about this place. It's plain wicked to the core, greedy, and only thing they want is more money, more sales no matter how you do it.
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Would Never Again Use Leslie's Pool
Posted by on
I ordered a Pool liner last year after 30 days and no call from them I went to the store in Woodstock Ga. Where I purchased it to be told that when I ordered it the Manager was a fill-in while the normal Manager was out of town, and it was never ordered. The manager at the store this trip was the actual manager and he got it ordered. 1 month later they show up to do the install it is now 2 months $3800.00 later. Pool liner is leaking found out that the crew that had installed it had been let go and Leslies had already had to replace other liners that they had installed. They sent out a technician to dye test the pool, they sent out technicians to check pool levels then they wanted to send out a diver a month later after 25 to 30 calls from me I'm told that it's to cold for a diver so they would close the pool and call me in the spring. Never heard another thing I had to call them so they sent someone out to dye test the pool WTH. He gets here and took the cover off and guess what. When they closed the pool they didn't bother to clean the leaves out it took 3 weeks for the diver to show up now the "Manager Ed" after 5 calls to him and to the service dispatcher I get a return call from him stating that he wants to send out a leak detection company and that they would be calling me the next day 5 day's later I get a call from them to find out they can"t do anything unless the pool is full and clear it is almost a YEAR and I still have not been able to use the pool. I want my pool liner replaced enough is enough NEVER USE THIS COMPANY UNLESS YOU HAVE MONEY TO THROW AWAY. NEVER A RETURN PHONE CALL, ONCE THEY HAVE YOUR MONEY GOOD LUCK WITH GETTING SERVICE
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Lies about guarantees
Posted by on
I moved into my home in Peachtree City, GA and began using Leslie pools in June..Purchased many many dollars (Hundreds) in shock, chlorine tablets...was told by a neighbor I should convert to Salt water. We checked with Lesie who gave us a price of 1,200 that would expire June 24...we thought it over and decided to check with another pool supplier..he checked out water and found it was Over stabalized...we would have to drain half the pool and start over...we took the same water to Leslie and they said to use... 6 lbs of shock..14 lbs of chrrine...never mentioning the horrible over stabalization. Wee then advised that another pool supplier told us we had to drain the pool and that we had "over stabalized" the pool...Leslie then said they didn't have the test capability to determine our problem. He was ready to let us spend another FORTUNE...withouth helping us...We're retired and can't afford this type of croooked dealings. I'd have a call in to Leslie home office. Let's see. BUT I won't spend another penny in there. watch out folks.
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User Replies:
Skye on 06/22/2009:
Why would anyone want to convert their pool to salt water?? We have a pool, and I just find that odd.

You want salt water, you know there's plenty at the beach.
Anonymous on 06/22/2009:
From what I understand, salt water pools need less maintenance. Personally, I would enjoy one. 3/4 cruises I've been on used seawater in their pools.
jktshff1 on 06/22/2009:
I've been looking into it for a while. Still not sure I want to do it. Need a little more research.
PepperElf on 06/22/2009:
and if you have a salt water pool you could turn it into like a really nice salt-water spa with mineral salts yes?
Anonymous on 06/22/2009:
Convert your pool from chlorine to Baquacil and eliminate your up/down problems. It costs a bit to do the conversion, but in the long run you will spend a lot less in time and money maintaining your pool. We use it and have none of the problems our neighbors with chlorine have.
madconsumer on 06/22/2009:
salt water pools are better for the environment, and better for the swimmers. some people find them easier to maintain.
Skye on 06/22/2009:
Well thanks everyone. I learned something new today!
RestaurantGuy on 06/23/2009:
I have a salt system in my pool. It runs around 800.00 to put it in (leslie's price matches so bring in an online ad and they will match the price, saves you a fortune) it eliminates the need for chlorine as the system generates chlorine for you. Buy the salt from Lowes or Home Depot (around 5.00 for a 40 pound bag)The system will pay for itself (as you do not ever need to add shock or chlorine ever again) in about 3 years. You also will not have that chlorine smell,red eyes or green hair if you use blond dye in your hair ever again. It actually will soften your skin while you swim. Buy it if you have a pool you will not regret it
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Leslie's Lack Of Service Department - Dallas, TX
Posted by on
FRISCO, TEXAS -- First of all, I would normally never take the time to write a complaint on the internet, but these guys deserve it, and they've pushed me to the brink. For 3 months, I have waited on them to fix a minor problem with the heater on my pool - specifically, replacing the igniter that fires up the heater when it's turned on. 5, count'em - FIVE APPOINTMENTS CANCELED over the course of 3 months AFTER I HAD ALREADY PAID FOR THE PARTS - TWICE!!! They originally replaced the part, then sold me up the river on another $300 "panel" which turned out to not only NOT be the problem, but quickly shorted out the rest of the circuitry on the heater. Knowing they had made a bad situation worse, they then proceeded to schedule, and cancel 5 more appointments, always with some lame excuse (wrong part came in, defective part came in, etc.) Each time, I confirmed the appointment as directed, only to have them call back (usually the day of) to cancel again. Today, I took the entire day off of work for what I hoped would be my last experience with them - and hoped to have the heater fixed. After waiting from 8am - 12 noon (as scheduled) , I called and was told "they're on the way". Called back an hour and a half later, and was told "OOPS - there was a "scheduling problem"!!?? WHAT??? Then - I'm transferred to "Dispatcher Dan", who of course, could see all the nightmarish information on my service history, but was unable to help me at all. In fact, he told me the service tech had already been to my house and had discovered another problem - TOTAL LIE.

So Dan transfers me to the Service Director, who, like a coward, let's me go to voice mail, and I'm done. I wouldn't even call back - but again, I've already paid them, and have nothing but lies, crappy service, and a broken heater to show for it. RUN AWAY FROM THESE MORONS!!!
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Swimming Pool Equipment
Posted by on
ROUNDROCK, TEXAS -- Not so long ago I contacted LESLIES POOL EQUIPMENT to start up my in ground pool. Leslie, here-in-after known as LPE, sent a technician to service it. The tech could not do the job because he was short on equipment. (The beginning of this mess was JUNE 5, 2007.) LPE called to say tech will bring part,(A spring ) to fix pool on June 18.NO SHOW, NO CALL To make it short. after paying $164.00 to LPE, my pool is not operable, and is collecting tons of algae.

My advice? Let 'em sleep.
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User Replies:
Pomona Guy on 07/20/2007:
Leslie's has the cheapest prices. Enough said.
Scrap on 08/05/2007:
To; Pamona Guy-Buy their products, but as for tech support-it's your choice.Home Depot & Wally World are both cheaper.
Scrap on 08/05/2007:
Leslies Pools called me Friday Aug 2 to answer my complaint. They wanted to send another "well trained tech" to do my pool. I forgot to mention that the second tech replaced a part that was still functual. With that in mind, I refused the service, but asked for a refund.
Scrap on 08/06/2007:
Adenum: Leslie Pool exec was left a voice mail on AUG 2- SO FAR, NO ANSWER,
Scrap on 08/10/2007:
Still no answer. Want a GOOD electric weed eater? I bought a TORO AND WORK IT TO DEATH. I have had many "eaters" but this one takes a licking, keeps on ticking. As light as it is you would think it would over-heat, but NO. RW
cibao on 05/17/2008:
My pool pump gave out. I called Leslie Pools and got a price on the pump, and asked about installation. They said installation was free. I then went down there, and they said show up on Saturday for the a big sale. They reaffirmed the free install, and today (Saturday) I went to buy it. After I paid for it, I said when do I get my installation, and they said to call a number. I said it's free anyway. Both employees told me it was free. Both stood there and said, "We didn't say that." They lied to my face telling me that it was free, and then lied again telling me that they didn't say that. What a horrible place. I'll never buy a thing from them again.
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