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Deceptive selling and quoting of finance
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TOMS RIVER, NEW JERSEY -- My wife and I were at your dealership on Thursday October 27, 2011 and met with you to discuss buying a vehicle. After talking and reviewing details we agreed that you would research vehicles in our price range and keep us posted. It has been 6 days and we have not heard from you by phone or Email. Did you lose interest in us as a valued customer? While there you explained to us the financing arrangements on a demo/used caravan.

The price was approximately $24,000. You stated that we could finance at 14% interest with $1,800 down and the payment would have been $545 per month. 545 x 72 months = $39,240 dollars. Wow. We are financing $15,240? What interest rate is that at again?

$24,000 / 72 months = $333.34 per month. 14% of 24,000 = $3,360. 3.360 / 72 months = $46.67 $333.34 + $46.67 = $380.01. How did you arrive at $545? $164.99 x 72 months = $11,879.28 on top of the 14%. $3,360/14% + $11,879.28/50% = $15,239.28 or 64% interest? You and David sat there and told us how much you wanted to help us. Is this how the dealership defines customer satisfaction? Can you please explain? Regards, Mr & Mrs will not buy from you.,

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TOMS RIVER, NEW JERSEY -- After shopping several different types of cars I decided that my next car would be a Sonata. Now the question was from whom. I went to 3 Hyundai dealers, Including the X football guy who says he will give you 30 % off. Do yourself a favor and save the trip. They are your typical car store and stuck in the 80s with their tactics, not to mention all the other bad press about them traveling on the web. What a waste of my day that was.

Next was another dealer that I heard mix reviews about. I walked in the showroom and to my surprise not a car on the showroom floor for me to see. There was nothing but desk. I did get a nice salesperson but when it came time to negotiate out came the pit bull with no class. Him and I did not hit it off well so I knew it was done for them, even with him hitting me with some very very low numbers as I was walking out. I think they call that a low ball?

My next stop was Lester Glenn. I have to admit I went in there with a little bit of an aditude. After all I was sick of the whole car buying experience. As soon as I walked in I was greeted by a nice guy who I was a little cold to. He felt that I was uneasy and said something along the lines of " lets just say that today is brochure day and I'm the guy who is going to get it for you". Finally not another high presure store. After meeting the owner who brought me over coffee I realized that this was my last stop.

When it came to price it was back and forth 2 times and the deal was done. I told them that I did not want to take the car until the next day. This did not go over to great at first but after meeting the sales manager and talking to him he held the car for me until the next day with no deposit and best of all was when I got back there was no hidden fees. Thank God it's over and when all was said and done I made the right choice on the car and the dealer.

Lester Glenn Auto Group
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TOMS RIVER, NEW JERSEY -- I recently purchased a Hyundai Tucson 2006. While happy with the car, seriously disappointed with my experience with the dealership. Upon purchasing the car, it had residue of tape on the roof and was told to come back and they would remove it. Long story short, the service department employees took a razor blade, yes, a Razor Blade to the roof of my new car, not 2 weeks old to remove the tape. I had deep scratches all over the roof and cuts through the moldings. So, now my new car was in a body shop. After 2 weeks, and my first payment deducted from my bank account, I wondered when my car was going to be complete.

I called not the dealership, that promised to phone me upon completion but, the body shop that Lester Glenn uses and to my disgust, was informed that my car had been returned to the dealership the previous week. I had to call Lester Glenn to find out that my car was in fact in their lot. I have never received an apology!! They have treated me as if my business does not matter. From day one, this dealership has proven that customer service is not a priority. I will never purchase another vehicle from this dealership!!

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