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Levitt and Sons - Water Intrusion & Mold
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ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- In August of 2006 after being diagnosed with Acute Myelogenous Leukemia, I was not able to return home. My infectious disease specialist had given me strict orders NOT to return to my house. At a critical time when I needed the support and love of my wife and two children, I was ordered to make other living arrangements. I was struggling with my life threatening illness and now needed to find a new place to live. All because of an ongoing problem with mold growth in our newly constructed Levitt and Sons home. The mold was caused by continuing water intrusion and the inability, incompetence and unprofessional work by Levitt and Sons to remedy the problem.

Yes, our builder attempted to repair the damage, time and time again. They replaced walls, flooring and carpet. They continued to replace and band-aid the damages, but NEVER tried to find the source of the water intrusion. Why are we after two years STILL continuing to have water intrusion in our home? Why after two years has a structural engineer not been obtained to complete this task? Why after two years are we still living with rooms without walls or floors?

Lack of Integrity by Levitt
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ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- As the case with most home builders, they are cheap, hire the lowest bidder to perform the work to build your house and do not care at all whether you are happy or not. The level of errors from building the wrong elevation to refusing to retile a bathroom with mismatched tile, they belligerently refuse to make any concessions/compromises and act like they are doing you a favor building you a slipshod house. If you think Levitt is any better than the others, think again. They are just as bad, if not worse when it comes to integrity and satisfying the buyer.

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