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Unworthy Product
By -

I've always used HP printers and never had a problem. Recently my house burnt down and my HP was melted along with it. The insurance guy gave me some sheets to fill out for inventory but I had so much stuff I decided to make a spreadsheet instead of using his sheets. Long story short I was broke after the fire and couldn't afford another HP brand printer so I went cheap and got a Lexmark 2600. It looked like it was made cheap straight out of the box and it didn't have as many software features as the HP's I had previously owned.

Also there was only one cartridge included which was tri-color and I'm guessing it somehow contained black as well because I only print in black and it said in the literature some models only have 1 cartridge included. Even though I wasn't happy with anything this printer had to offer I used it for my inventory sheets and decided to keep it anyway. After the 1st month I had printed around 25 inventory sheets and maybe 10 or so other random documents. I start getting a pop-up at the beginning of each print telling me the ink is low and it has a direct link to a Lexmark website where you can "conveniently" order ink.

I was thinking to myself that's aggravating if it's going to do that every time I print even though I have plenty of ink, seeing how with my usage the HP and its ink always lasted me close to a year or more so I didn't think I would need ink so quick. Well, a few more prints were made and the message kept appearing each time, then it finally said, "You have no ink." This of course happened on a day when I was short on time and needed a crucial business printout. Keep in mind I barely use the printer and I set the default setting to economy or draft mode to save ink as I always have.

I actually took the cartridge out to check it because I assumed this was a hardware error - no, it was BONE DRY. I returned to Wal-Mart where I purchased the printer to check cartridges and they were $29.95, the printer itself was only $40. Instead of investing more into this ink guzzling machine I trekked off to another Wal-Mart where guess what, I found a sale on an HP all in one printer for $40. I traded the Lexmark printer even swap for the Deskjet F4235 model.

I have to say Wal-Mart was very helpful with the swap after I explained the situation. Out of the box the HP was a solid feeling piece of equipment. The paper setup is better, it includes a visual meter on the printer to monitor ink levels, two cartridges instead of the 1 tri-color which came with the Lexmark. Also the printer looks nicer and comes with many more software options than the Lexmark. If you are going to buy a printer I recommend HP, at least be weary of the Lexmark 2600 unless you love to buy ink once a month or more if you print moderately.

Will Never Purchase Another Lexmark Printer Again
By -

I purchased this Lexmark Printer from HSN. It came with a one year Limited Warranty and I bought a 2nd year warranty on my own. I couldn't get the printer to work at all with my Vista OS. I tried to download the print driver from their website but that didn't work. After many many phone calls and emails they finally agreed with me that the printer needed to be replaced. So I packed it up and put it by my front door (3 months ago) where it is still there today.

They did replace my printer but I can't get any help online from anyone to send me an airbill so I can get it out of my foyer! I have gotten the same response twice from the same person telling me that the airbill would be sent. At the bottom of his email he also writes "If you don't get the airbill call our 800 #." What is this all about? Why even say this if you don't plan on sending it? It just makes you sound ridiculous!

The bottom line is this new printer works OK (not great but just OK). I have new issues with this new printer but I am not even going to call Lexmark about it. I will just not use this feature that I want to use so I don't have to put up with Lexmark's annoying technical support or should I say non-technical support? It takes forever to get any help at all from Lexmark. Unless your hobby is making phone calls and holding on the phone forever and sending email after email I wouldn't recommend this company at all!

Machines break down all the time, we know this but if the company doesn't provide the support needed to fix the problem that IS another problem! They don't even attempt to provide a solution! All I get from their alleged customer support emails is something like this, "We apologize for the problem and we know how important it is to find a solution so go online to our website and click on these links. Or you can always call our 800 # etc, etc." What kind of help is this? By the time I have emailed them I already went online for help which was fruitless and that is why I am emailing them now.

The problem is they make it too hard to find an easy solution for you. I don't always have the time or want to hold on the phone for a simple question. Why even bother having email support if no one can provide any answers? Why do I need someone to tell me to call their 800 # and for that kind of answer I have to wait 24 or 48 hours? I have called their 800 # and have not gotten courteous or helpful information at times. Why make it hard on the people who buy your products? So they can buy from another company? Sorry Lexmark - next time I will buy again from Brother or another brand but never again from Lexmark.

P.S. Lexmark - in case you are reading this - please stop sending me those annoying online surveys asking me about your service which I do answer but you apparently don't even look at them since I keep getting the same ones over and over again. Oh - here's a tip for you Lexmark - why don't you save your money by getting rid of these people that answer our emails and the people who are supposed to be reading your surveys and actually use it for job training? Wouldn't this be an light bulb moment?

Lexmark Equals HORRIBLE Customer Service
By -

I bought a new Black 34 cartridge (from Lexmark online) for my home X5450, which I actually like. After a few days the printer gave me error messages - first Unsupported Cartridge, and then Left Cartridge missing. I swapped the cartridge with another one from Lexmark's online store, and it has worked fine ever since.

When I finally got around to getting the defective cartridge replaced I had an unbelievably bad experience. This should have taken less than five minutes, but it took three telephone calls and a total of about an hour, not including wait times, which made the whole thing a two hour ordeal. The tech support phone line to Manila sounds like it is made out of tin cans and string. After waiting an average of 15 minutes for each of the three calls, I was disconnected twice after explaining my problem to an agent. The second time, the agent did not call back in spite of my having given him my number.

Lexmark agents can read the script but their English is horrible, and they can only comprehend about half of what you tell them. The third agent first asked me for a receipt. I tried to give him the packing slip info but he wanted a receipt. It says on the packing slip that you have to go online to get a receipt. I did so but there is only a copy of the order, which does not include the item detail.

After much poking around I could not find a receipt, and then after all that, the agent said I did not need a receipt! The agent then forced me to clean the bad cartridge, put it back in the printer, then power up and down, despite the fact that I had already done this about five times when the cartridge first went bad. All of this for a lousy $30 cartridge.

Finally the agent, after asking me countless more questions and checking with his supervisor twice, said he would send me a new cartridge. The agent was extremely polite, but I don't care if they are polite or not. I want fast, efficient service, and Lexmark sure doesn't have it. They would make a ton of money by bringing their support back to the U.S. where an agent would have resolved the issue in two minutes instead of thirty or forty. Most importantly, they would retain customers.

I will not be buying anything from Lexmark again for my home, or for my office which spends a lot of money on printers every year. I just noticed where it says at the top of their web site contact form, "We're working hard to create an exceptional experience for you." How ironic. Working hard is not working smart, but I have to agree that Lexmark created an exceptional(ly bad) experience for me.

Expensive Disappointment
By -

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- I purchased a Lexmark X5470 printer a few months ago and have had nothing but headaches and hassles over this expensive piece of crap! I was told by the salesman at Circuit City that the ink lasted longer than Canon and HP printers (which they did not) and that you could easily get the ink cartridges refilled at a local Walgreens at a fraction of the cost. The ink goes quick, with only printing a few pictures and a couple of directions from Google Maps and some documents (in black and white mind you) it ran out. I went to replace the cartridges and it cost me $68.00 dollars.

I replaced the ink cartridges and the first thing I get is an error code, I tried replacing the ink cartridges again and even tried re-installing the software to correct the problem to no avail. It is an all in one printer - Scanner, copier, fax machine, printer... but when the machine has a printing code error.. you guessed it the rest of the machine will not work rendering it useless.

So if it is low in ink (b/w or color) it will not let you scan, copy or fax although you are not even trying to use the print mode! I have just come the conclusion this machine is a piece of crap and would not waste your hard earned money or time on this product. I have friends that had the same problems with Lexmark products and printers. I also found out that the printer is set up to indicate if the ink is Lexmark ink or not and if you had the ink replaced at a Walgreens or any other service center that can refill your ink cartridges, the printer will not work!

So, you are forced to buy their overpriced inks that don't last very long and again no other aspects of the machine will work either. This machine has proved to be a very big and costly mistake, I would not recommend Lexmark printers to any one. Since the disappointment with Lexmark my family and friends have heeded warning and steer clear of Lexmark products. I also tried contacting tech support and the company itself with not much luck, answers or otherwise.

No Warranty Support
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Rating: 1/51

I purchased a Pro905 for my business (with a 5 year warranty). There have been no drivers available for Mac OS 10 since late October 2014 (date of this review 1-20-15). I have called the Philippines numerous times and the US to speak with **. He is of no help, does not care or even offer a solution.

When I raise the point regarding the warranty and having a product I can not use he simply refuses to address the issue. When I propose exchanging the printer for a model with supporting drivers he says it is not an option. I don't think I have ever experienced such poor customer service. Lexmark or any of its affiliates will ever receive my business again!! (To which Mr. ** would probably reply: "I don't care.")

Lexmark Printer Broke
StarStarStarStarStarBy -
Rating: 5/51

Three years ago I bought a Lexmark printer, so it is long out of any warranty. Last week I got a severe error on the printer that said a piece of hardware was bad. I tried all the fixes in the manual but none worked. I called Lexmark support, explained the problem, and the agent gave me suggestions on what to do to fix it, but none of them worked. He then shipped me a new part with next day delivery. The value of all this was around $100 and it was FREE!! Excellent work Lexmark, you have a very happy customer.

Horrible Cust Svc/Warranty - Refuses Refund on Pro205 Printer
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Rating: 1/51

HQ- LEXINGTON, KY TECH SVC- PHILLPINES, KENTUCKY -- I bought this from local Office Depot for $120 with a 5-yr warranty. I am 3 years into this warranty with 2 yrs left and they have replaced the machine 3 times and have sent me 2 print heads. The worst part of it is all telephone support is done through the Philippines. Their broken English is difficult to understand. When asked to fax my receipt (which I had to do from the office since my machine is broken) - he called back and asked me to re-send as they used recycled paper there and my receipt printed over top something else. 3 times I had to fax it.

Today I have asked to speak with Supervisor who then tells me that I have a 1-yr warranty and the other 4-yrs is a gift (that is not what my warranty says). There is apparently no way to speak to anyone in the US or at the HQ office in Lexington, KY. This printer is sitting on the floor completely useless and their only offer is to send me an "upgraded" machine - which I will then have to buy all new cartridges for and my warranty will no longer apply to the new model. I will NEVER buy from this company again. If anyone has any US Phone numbers please let me know...

Lexmark's Poor Customer Service
By -

Just ordered ink online from Lexmark. They requested a physical address for shipping. Got email showing ink shipped by UPS to a postal drop off point, and then shipped to me by US Mail. I informed them that I will not get the shipment as I have a postal address in a different town. They refuse to do anything, and said I must wait for the ink to be shipped and then returned to them, then they will issue a credit or reship again. In the meantime I am about out of ink and don't have cash to purchase more at this time.

I plan to take them to small claims court for the rude service and keeping my money tied up due to a mistake they made in choosing the wrong type of delivery service. They say they want to help me out, but refuse to do anything when I have contacted them. My advice to all is don't buy your ink from Lexmark online, and if possible get/use a different brand printer all together. Anyone else with Lexmark customer service complaints, please chime in as it's the only way to let people know and send them a message.

We Bought Problems With This Printer
By -

LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY -- We bought a new Lexmark printer (model X2670) for our pc. It worked fine for about 6-8 months and then we started getting an error code (clr20r3) on booting the computer and on trying to use the fax or scanning mode. We uninstalled the software and reloaded it to no avail.

We called Lexmark and spoke with ** for the better part of an hour. We permitted him to have remote access to our computer (while I bit my fingernails!) and he tried to reload the software to no avail. It ended with him wanting to restore my computer back to the time that it worked, which I did not let him do, due to all the important documents I have on my computer. He ended up saying that this was a Microsoft problem. Hasta la Vista with the problem unresolved.

We took the printer off and loaded another HP printer and I have no problem with it. My husband (somewhat of a guru) says it is not a Microsoft problem. By googling the issue, another person described the same problem as a software flaw. Makes sense. Here is my bottom line: I can't use the printer and Lexmark can't fix it. If Lexmark can't fix it, why are they selling it? What recourse do I have on this computer to combat a software flaw. I'm not happy with Lexmark as a product.

Lexmark Printer
By -

If you want a printer that lasts just 15 months this is the one to buy.

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