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Lexmark Printer
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If you want a printer that lasts just 15 months this is the one to buy.
Return Policy
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AUSTIN, TEXAS -- I bought a new Lexmark printer for $26, thinking that it would come with both ink cartridges. So I opened one ink cartridge, and realized that there was no black or photo. I tested it to see if only one is needed, but when I printed one word, instead of being black and good quality, it's quality was very poor. The other day I took it back to return it, and they would not take it back. They said once the ink is opened, we can not take it back. I told them that there was no other ink cartridge, then they pointed out in very very small and unreadable print, it said only color ink included.

Then they called someone over, but they never came. Then they wasted one hour of our time and still did not take the printer back!
lexmark printer
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ARIZONA -- I own an E Machine PC.It came with a Lexmark Z22 printer.Half the time I cannot get it to print.Keeps telling me to "load paper in the auto feeder".I try loading even one paper at a time to get it to work.Sometimes it works and most of the time it does not.This printer is the sorriest piece of JUNK I have ever used.I intend to spend a few more bucks and get an HP.In my opinion Lexmark printers would make great boat anchors.
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