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Lexus Englewood's Deceiving Sales Practice
Posted by Justiny on 06/01/2011
ENGLEWOOD, NEW JERSEY -- Lexus of Englewood defraud me and my wife and sold us non-genuine parts and services of Lexus.

1. False promise – Financing person promised to provide a body protection service for appx. $700. I believed that the work would be incorrectly done by the dealer. However, later I found that the work was done by a third party. I requested a partial refund, but they refused. I detrimentally replied on the person’s promise and paid large sum of money, which is substantially more than the reasonable market price for the identical jobs. It is a unjust enrichment.

2. Deceiving Sales practice – My wife bought a new car from them. She paid about $3,000 for the entertainment package. When we picked up the car, the system was not factory installed. They NEVER informed me of the third party product. We would not have bought the system if we knew that the dealer would put a third party product. Based on the entertainment product manufacturer, Rosen, the unit does not fit in my wife’s new vehicle. Englewood Lexus must have mutilated, without out authorization, the vehicle.

We believed that we were buying a genuine Lexus product, but the dealer intentionally concealed and defrauded us. One of the headset is NOT working already.

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Posted by Alain on 2011-06-02:
Report this to the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs via http://www.state.nj.us/lps/ca/ocp/ocpform.htm
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Worst service experience for Lexus of Rockville Centre
Posted by Bebeqq1231 on 05/17/2011
700 SUNRISE HIGHWAY ROCKVILLE CNETRE, NEW YORK -- I bought my GS350 to Lexus of Rockville center to have check up for a ratting noise under my car which my car still cover under factory warranty, The technician spend 2 days and can't find the noise. So I went to test drove the car with him, finally he agree that there's noise but he notice my drive door and fender has not vin sticker and he claim that it has been repainted so he told me the ratting noise can cause be the accident which Lexus won't cover under warranty, I need to pay out of my own pocket, I ask him how much will cost me to find out what the issue? he told me can cost me from $200-$2000 cause he don't know what the issue is, but before he proceed, I need to agree that I will pay for the labor first. I was wondering what I need factory warranty for if is not cover? Fender and door was repaint didn't mean the car was in accident, plus I believe he should look into the issue instead of blaming everything and find excuse not to do the job. I think his name is Apoplo. I think Lexus should hire more experience technician other than the technician only do guessing. Thanks to him now my Carfax shows accident due his experience result. I waste my time for nothing. People please beware when you service your car in Lexus of Rockville. I have own Mercedes, BMW, Infiniti and Lexus and this is my worst experience
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Posted by SteveWiginowski on 2011-05-17:
They are doing their job. They want to make sure that the issue is not due to an accident, since I'm not sure if accident related problems are covered in warranties.
Posted by Bebeqq1231 on 2011-05-17:
The car is been service with Lexus all it's life and i have all the history of the car. The door was repainted back on 10,000 mile. The ratting sound is by the engine bay and i can heard it inside the car and feel next to my right foot when it's travling around 30-40 mph. what does it going to do with the driver side door? I don't really think the technician has enough knowledge. I left the car there for 2 days and he told me he can't find the issue until i test drove with him.
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Lexus IS350 Convertible
Posted by Lexus is350 C on 11/02/2010
WESTMINSTER, CALIFORNIA -- Took it to the Dealer and complaint with corporate on the car braking performance and finally got in touch with the dealer and got the car first repair. Drive it out after being repair the next day and the sound is there but wasn't loud and getting to the point that it is annoying. so two month later here I'm again dealing with the same problem. So they kept the car for another 3 days to research and attempted to fix it. After got the car back the first day the sound is still there. okay brought it to the dealer again less than 30 days ( I'm very Busy with work) and they replaced 2 front rotors and pads. after taking out from the dealer damn guess what I heard again guys same squealing sound. Squeal noise are killing my ears. okay now I'm piss so I took it up to the corporate again and now I will have to leave my car with the dealer for several days because Lexus finally send out a representative to look at the car under the lemon law. so final attempt is what I give them. find out more in 2 week from now guys. I hope Lexus will solve this problem for me.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2010-11-02:
Are you by chance driving one of the recalled IS350's that was recalled for brake failure? I would think the dealership should know, but it may be worth checking into.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-11-03:
i didn't know squeaking breaks were covered by lemon laws
Posted by Deanna Whyte on 2013-10-16:
Have the same car with same problem only I live in canada. Called corporate and they had no record of this problem squealing brakes. I guess they do not look at USA which Thay should. I have had my car in 4 times since March when I purchased this it. Since I am in Florida for 5 months they will change the pads for me in April. When you ask them they say that they have had a few with this problem. I will not leave this till it is solved. My car is a $64,000 car how can they not be able to solve this problem. Would like to hear how your car makes out. It seems to just go around in circles. Hopefully it will get solves. I am a great lexus supporter so I hope I do not have to look at other cars.
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Missing alphabetical index on 2010 Lexus RX 350 Service Manuals
Posted by Vic47 on 10/09/2010
Volume 1 & 6 of the 2010 Lexus RX 350 Service manual is missing its alphabetical index. On a 2" thick manual, not having an index can be a problem. It would be more of an issue except for the index being in the other volumes. A problem only arises if only volume 1 or 6 is purchased by itself. I talked to the folks at Toyota Service Publications. They will not be printing a corrected copy of the manual or apparently do anything else to correct the situation. So much for doing the right thing on manuals that run in the one fifties each.

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Posted by Alain on 2010-10-10:
You'd think that for what you pay for a Lexus they could at least proofread their manuals before they send them out.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-10-10:
lol.....Im a man, I dont think I ever read my car manual, except maybe to locate the fuse box or something. I'm an explorer. I like to figure things out for myself, and love when I find out something new.
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Customer service
Posted by Tesbababu on 07/08/2010
DELAWARE -- 15k on the brand new RX400h and the windshield cracked for no apparent reason. The dealer upon initial inspection said that there is no point of impact & that the windshield just cracked. Lexus customer service denied our claim. The car should still be under the bumper to bumper warranty. We even have an independent auto glass company look at it and the finding is the same but Lexus denied, says they don't cover that certain issue, and by the way, good luck on holdING for customer service, I have to wait more than 1 hr every time. Bottom line is if you have a big problem, even if it is clearly a manufacturing defect, they won't fix it nobody from the main Lexus representative came to check on my car, they just denied it. What a nice customer service crap is that
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Posted by Anonymous on 2010-07-08:
Just because there is no point of impact doesn't mean you didn't hit a bump hard enough to cause the crack. I had that happen in a vehicle a few years ago. I paid my $100 glass deductable and moved on.
Posted by Helpful on 2010-07-08:
I wouldn't consider this "a big problem". I think I would have to agree with mrvw on this one. A point of impact would definitively explain the crack, but is not the only explanation. Hitting a bump or pothole can also create the issue and wouldn't show any impact either.
Posted by Venice09 on 2010-07-08:
Check your insurance. It should be covered and possibly with no deductible. I've had several windshields replaced without it costing a dime.
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Certified vehicles by Lexus are misleading
Posted by Towoneforyou on 04/07/2010
LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY -- I Own three Lexus vehicles. I recently bought a 2007 Lexus ES350 certified vechicle. We took it back to get some recalls adressed in which Lexus service took care of these issues. While there my wife advised them the car seems to hop when apply the brakes. The service advisor called me to let me know that the brakes rotors were out of round and needed turning. The brake pads were in good shape. I told them this was a certified vehicle and should be covered under the certified program. He stated the brakes were not. I told him I understand the brake pads were not covered but the rotors should be. He still refused to resolve this problem for us. The last Lexus we bought was covered no matter what the problem we had. Lexus has let me down. I always thought highly of the Lexus brand thats why we continued to buy them, Now I'm not so sure. I will remember this when buying my next car. CERTIFIED IS NOT WHAT THEY CLAIM!When buying this vehicle as well as the other Lexus I have I was told it was completly covered bumper to bumper. I guess Not. Also when we returned to the dealership to pick up our car we had to run down someone to help us. No one came to us to ask if they could help us. Alot of young employees were in the service advisors bay. One of them finally adressed us. If it wasn't for this young employee I guess we would still be wondering around looking for our car.
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Posted by dan gordon on 2010-04-07:
sorry brakes and rotors are wear items and not covered by warranty. Its ordinary maintenance. Not sure why you think a used car has a bumper to bumper warranty. Its a pretty minor repair, part of buying any used car.
Posted by bcd on 2010-04-07:

The Lexus Certified Pre-Owned Limited Warranty clearly states “Brakes (Excluding Rotors and Pads)” are covered. You have misunderstood the definition of a ‘limited’ warranty.

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Lexus Sucks
Posted by Lexus sucks on 08/10/2009
The rear view mirror fell off the windshield on my brand new 2009 RX350 and the Lexus engineer decided it was my fault. They refuse to pay for it and refuse to even tell me how he concluded that I broke off the mirror. They wouldn't give me a report. They kept saying they are not in the business of deciding how it fell off. Only that it is not a "warrantable" repair.... There is absolutely no damage to the windshield from the outside, so I know nothing hit the windshield. It looks like somebody pulled the mirror of the windshield, part of the windshield is still glued to the back of the mirror. I had to pay my insurance deductible and fix it myself.
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Posted by Ben There on 2009-08-10:
I have seen rear view windows fall off, but it was just from old or bad glue, normally during extreme temps. I have never heard of part of the glass from the windshield coming off with the mirror... Freaky. Were you driving at the time?
Posted by lexus sucks on 2009-08-11:
No I had just parked the car a few seconds before it fell off. I told them it might have been the heat, they said they have never seen that happen... so I guess it is impossible.....!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by Eloise on 2009-08-11:
'It looks like somebody pulled the mirror of the windshield, part of the windshield is still glued to the back of the mirror.' Could you or your family be the somebody?
Posted by lexus sucks on 2009-08-11:
NO!!!!!! Why would I or anyone pull on the mirror????????? You just adjust the mirror and drive.... you dont pull on it so hard it breaks off!!!!!! What possible reason would there be to pull on the mirror so hard???
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-08-11:
Easy with the punctuation. They're just asking questions to better understand your complaint.
Even mirrors call fall off of Lexus's. Most of the time, when the mirror falls off it's because of so much adjusting, the glue or whatever has it affixed on there has worn off. But, because it's brand new... your guess is good as mine. It's usually a simple fix. Either glue it back on yourself or take it to a mechanic. Shouldn't cost much to fix it.
Posted by Starlord on 2009-08-11:
I have news for the engineers. The adhesive used on rear view mirrors often softens and lets the rearview mirror fall OFF (correct spelling) the windshield. Go to Auto Zone and purchase a tube of rear view mirror replacement adhesive. Follow the directions and your mirror will probably never fall off again.
Posted by lexus sucks on 2009-08-11:
Thank you for the suggestions. However, part of the windshield came off with the mirror, so I have to replace the windshield. No way I can glue the mirror back there is a hole (not all the way through) on my windshield.
I asked Lexus if heat might have caused it and ofcourse they said no...
Posted by joejoe3614 on 2009-11-16:
personally i think thank the manufacture had a point. if it had glass stuck to the mirror that could mean that it might have been pulled off, but i dont want to go blaming it on you. personally by want your saying i would not warrent it eighter but i would tell you why. i believe that yes it fell by it self. i work on automobile car crashes, i have my own body shop, and as vehicles today become more and more suphisticated, i have notice glass becomming more and more thin, i seen that with the heat the crack by themselfs, in your case mybe when you were parked, your vehicle recieve a rock chip so hard that it made the glass very week and with the weight of the mirror it made it fall off, theres many posibilites but i would not blame it on the manuffacture, what i would blame is the technicion not explaining why???? tell me what u think
Posted by Sue on 2013-07-16:
my sister bought a Lexus last week. They put up the front windshield visor. In Thousand Oaks. Came out and the visor caught behind the rear view mirror and when they tried to pull it out the mirror broke off and the windshield broke! one week old.
the dealer said they had to go thru their insurance because it wasn't covered. Then decided to fix it and give them a new windshield because they just bought it. They are not happy and are worried about the whole situation...
Posted by Scoot on 2013-08-24:
I have a honda passport and I've experienced the same thing. But i bought my car used and i figured someone before me must have hung on it like a monkey. But it's the weirest thing. You can't even find must on the web a out it so i figured it's rare. So at this time i've removed the glass from the mirror button and going to attempt to glue that part back to the windsheild, epoxy to fill any voids and paint the area black then glue the mirror back on. If anyone has ever done this let me know. Thanks
Posted by jt85 on 2013-09-09:
My sister has an 09 es350 and the same thing happened chunk of windshield came off... no explanation but i can honestly say its a manufacture defect! Lol horrible....
Posted by Alex on 2014-02-23:
It happened to me too. This morning I drove thru a pot hole and the mirror came off with a piece of windshield attached!
Did the glue work in the glass scoot?
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Vista Lexus of Woodland Hills CA
Posted by Ybhaimeah on 05/27/2009
WOODLAND HILLS, CALIFORNIA -- On May 22nd 2009, I took my 2006 Lexus GS300 to Vista Lexus in Woodland Hills CA for service due to a recall notice I received regarding my vehicle. I was also experiencing some grinding noises whenever the car started.

When I got to the service representative by the name of Sherry, she advised me that there were two additional recalls on my car, which I never was informed about. I advised her of the issues I was experiencing with my car.

She advised me that I can pick up my car that night or the next day. When I went to pick up my car on the 23rd, I noticed that my silver wheels looked like they were spray painted black. The black looking substance only covered the front two wheels and only around the center of the wheel.

I immediately informed the dealer the issue. They told there was nothing they can do about it because of the holiday, and that I should come back on the 26th when the service department was open. So I went to the service department to resolve this matter I spoke to a Steve Schwartz, who was extremely rude and condescending. He brushed off my concerns and said “it didn’t happen here, you must have driven it through acid or tar or something like that”.

I informed Steve of the condition which I brought the car in for service and that his paper work and record does not show that I had any marks or damage on my wheels. Steve sarcastically told me just because it wasn’t marked on the inspection doesn’t mean it wasn’t there. The black substance is so obvious that I noticed it right away and so would anyone else looking the car with decent eye sight.

I called Lexus customer advocacy department and there were useless. I was told “it’s between you and the dealership” and “we don’t decide what happens”. Not to mention they didn’t follow up or return my calls promptly. My experience did not matter to Lexus and once again I was brushed off to deal with this on my own.

Needless to say, I was humiliated at Vista Lexus in Woodland Hills CA and I would never return to this dealership or do business with Lexus. I will tell everyone about my experience with Lexus and urge them not to do business with Lexus

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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-05-28:
I'll stand on the side of the service manager. Think of it this way: If you were the service manager and a customer says the car wasn't like that when dropped it off wouldn't you want some sort of evidence? Yes, I realize you probably aren't lying about the wheels, but your only evidence is that you said the wheels were not like that.
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Transmission Failure At 92k Miles
Posted by NLopez on 12/31/2008
VACAVILLE, CALIFORNIA -- Purchased a used 2002 Lexus RX about 3 years ago. Have done all required oil changes at a local oil change shop and all required maintenance @ a certified Lexus dealership. At only 92K miles as of 12/2008 I have experienced transmission failure. By the time repairs are done I would have spent nearly $6000.00 in LESS than 3 years of ownership of this Lexus. I think Lexus needs to recall these vehicles and should be stripped of their so call "high quality vehicles" that they CLAIM they make. Who are they kidding?

I will NEVER buy another Lexus AGAIN. Apparently lots of people have been complaining of some sort of transmission problem w/ their Lexus SUV at less than 100K miles. Does anyone know if there is a way force LEXUS to recall these vehicles??
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Posted by Anonymous on 2008-12-31:
If your Lexus has all-wheel drive then it is prone to transmission failure. Highly unlikely there would be a recall on a 6 year old vehicle.
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Worst Customer Service
Posted by Sk9006 on 11/24/2008
VAN NUYS, CALIFORNIA -- Customer service at Keys Lexus in Van Nuys was the worst customer service I have ever experienced. I went to dealer to return a leased vehicle one Saturday morning and was told to come back the following week because I did not make an appointment. Are you freaking kidding me? I'm sure I'll get helped right away if I wanted to purchase a vehicle or get it serviced because they will make money off of me. Apparently, when you go to dealer to return your vehicle, you are not top of their priority list to get helped because they already made money and if you don't lease or purchase a new car, they are not willing to help you. It's all coming from Keys Lexus management. I sent emails to their managers regarding their poor customer service, but I haven't received reply back. I went to Lexus of Glendale to return my car and it took 10 minutes to do it. I'm definitely not buying any cars from any dealer owned by KEYS group.

If you are in a market to buy a car, don't go to any dealer owned by KEYS because they'll only help you only if they can make money off of you.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2008-11-25:
Did you call first?
Posted by revan on 2008-11-25:
I went to this place looking to buy an RX350. They utilize all the sleazy car salesmen tactics. They like to make you wait and wait. Well I didn't wait long, I told them to give me back my car key and we left. Never to return.
Posted by revan on 2008-11-25:
I went to this place looking to buy an RX350. They utilize all the sleazy car salesmen tactics. They like to make you wait and wait. Well I didn't wait long, I told them to give me back my car key and we left. Never to return.
Posted by Aerocave on 2008-11-26:
Whenever you return a leased vehicle its only courteous to call the dealer first. You have no idea how many times customers walk in on a busy day and demand your attention right away--to turn in their lease. I've had it happen to me where I am in the middle of working a deal for a salesperson (with a customer waiting) and someone who wants to turn in their lease walks right in my office, rudely interupts everything...and then when we tell them we will be with them as soon as possible, they proceed to stand right outside the office, staring in with this impatient look on their face. I'm not afraid to admit it--and its only human nature--that priority is going to be given to those customers who are at the dealership considering the purchase of a new vehicle--not turning one in because they bought somewhere else. If you cannot understand this you obviously have never worked in the retail business. Call first next time...turning a lease vehicle in is no big deal and can be handled quickly. A dealership can advise you on a good time so that you feel "prioritized."
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-11-26:
I agree 100% with Aero. If everyone would just use a little common sense, and lose the "what about me" attitude and think about what they do and how it will affect someone else (including dropping in unannounced to return a vehicle) this world would be a much better place. Heck, when I bought my last Toyota I made an appointment with the salesperson that I wanted to help me. I had such a great experience the first time that I wanted his undivided attention during my last purchase. I got what I wanted and he appreciated the fact I called ahead. We were both happy.
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