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LG - Life (and Customer service) is NOT Good
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Rating: 1/51

In July, we bought 2 LG G4 phones from Verizon. From the start (hindsight, unfortunately) one of them never worked well. It continued to degrade until it basically stopped working. It will not connect to a cell or to data. We called LG about this issue and expected a simple result: they would stand behind their product and replace the NEW LG phone. No, they told us we could send them the phone, they would try to fix it and if not, they would send us a USED phone. Our phone was defective FROM THE START and was only three months old!

With hindsight, we know that we were seeing this problem from the very start in July: more dropped calls, longer time to charge (compared to our other NEW LG G4). We spoke with Josh ** in the escalation department who could not have been LESS helpful. He seemed to be enjoying robotically repeating the company "policy." He could think of not a SINGLE situation where a new phone would be issued to a consumer. When asked for the CEO, he said he could not tell us (we looked it up in 1 minute). He told us his customer call time was limited to 12 minutes, but, despite just continuing to restate policy, he stayed on the phone for over 30 minutes.

What is the point of customer service if customers are not served? We will never buy LG products again - phones, appliance, televisions -- if this is the level of customer service expected. I suggest others do the same. Save yourselves and work with a company with good customer service.

LG HE Washer Because They No Longer Make Parts, My Option Is $400
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Rating: 1/51

ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- LG High Efficiency Washer Orig cost $1099 – I got at discount then - LG wants to pay me $400 and take my washer because they dismantled and trashed my parts when they came out to service my washer with no parts available to replace. My LG washer purchased July of 2011 rusted around the disposal unit and the left front side.

When the Service tech arrived he disassembled my washer and then found the replacement part was the wrong one, would not fit. He took both the replacement part and my part and said someone would get back to me on the replacement. This was July 19, 2014. I have been told there is no replacement part and I will have to take $400 and they (LG) gets my washer. (This was from ** at Corporate headquarters today 8/25/14). I said (well- in other words - No). I want my washer put back in one piece.

Poor Quality Expensive Gas Stove - LG3085ST
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Rating: 1/51

We purchased an LG range on Nov. 29, 2014 ($1400.00). From day one, the burners have not had even flames, and always make a hissing sound. We finally called the store's service and they came and said there was nothing wrong with the burners. "That's how they make them. You can try calling for LG service, but they will tell you the same thing."

Another phone call to store and we were told that it's because ranges no longer have pilot lights. So, how could we even replace this piece of junk if they're all made like this? You can't turn it on until you own it and it's been installed in your kitchen. Our 28-year-old Tappan range had perfectly even and noiseless burners. Sorry we replaced it. Shame, shame, shame on you, LG.

Cell phone under warranty with manufacturer defect
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Rating: 1/51

LAKE ORION, MICHIGAN -- I initially called to get some questions answered, but was immediately told there was nothing you could do. I asked for a supervisor and sat on hold for 30 minutes only to be transferred to home appliances! They then transferred me to home electronics and again back to where I started. No one in customer service was polite, nor helpful and apparently are not comfortable working the phone system in place.

By time I actually got to a supervisor she was rude and not at all helpful either. All I wanted was to know why I had to pay more (I already purchased the phone) to get a MANUFACTURER DEFECT that is under warranty (not in any way my fault nor responsibility) fixed by the company whose fault it is! How can you expect return customers when you do nothing to appease them. All I wanted was a shipping label. I was not offered a discount, coupon, apologies or anything. Not to mention once I do pay to turn it in, I will only get a refurbished phone back, not even a new one! Unbelievable!

Possible class action lawsuit on LG company?
By -

I bought my first house in July 2009 and decided I needed brand new appliances to go with it. Besides, I am a single parent of three working 60 hours a week and trying to go to grad school. So, in order to save me some headache of having to deal with broken down appliances, I decided to buy an LG LFX... SB brand of french door refrigerators. I took out a one year warranty on it and after 6 months, the ice maker stopped working. I called Lg and they came out to look at it and had to replace a part, of course I was still on warranty.

9 months later, I called them because the bottom freezer will not open. They came, replaced some parts and fixed it. Exactly 16 months after purchase, an FF error code started showing on the display panel and later converted to an IF error code and my refrigerator part of the whole thing was not cooling, nothing was wrong with the bottom freezer. Lg told me I was out of warranty and had to call their authorized service repair man to come take a look at it at my own expense.

I called the service representative and was told the earliest they could come out will be in a week and I have to be home since they don't work after hour. At this time I had stopped buying groceries since I had nowhere to put them and half of the last groceries I bought were thrown away. I decided to call a reputable repair shop locally and the guy told me I had trouble with my evaporator motor fan that works the fridge. I ordered the part from Lg and was told it will take two weeks to have it delivered.

At this point, I had to go buy a compact size fridge for milk and all what nots. Part came, repair man worked on fridge, it did not work. After reading the report on the Lg brands and after $350 on parts and labor, I have decided to count my loss at this time and just move on. My kids and I are going to use the compact size fridge for a while (I don't know what we are going to do for ice this summer, we live in Texas). I am going to call my school and take this summer off from grad school so I can work extra this summer to replace the refrigerator.

I am very disappointed with Lg and their products and my advice to anyone is never to touch an Lg refrigerator, or their other products for that matter, with a 10-foot pole. Or buy 10 years warranty if you must buy their products. By the way, I had a Maytag refrigerator that I gave out to my former neighbor as a parting gift when I bought my house. It is still in use after 5 years, it has not been worked on since I bought it, not once. I wonder why there hadn't been a recall on Lg refrigerators or class action lawsuit. Americans work too hard for their money to be replacing appliances every 18 months.

Life's NOT Good
By -

I purchased this range on 6/1 and it was delivered on 6/10/08. On 6/28 we experienced a problem. After running for a short time, the range went into "OVEN LOCKDOWN" which locks the oven door (with a turkey breast stuck inside) and disables all the top burners. I called LG explained the problem and even told them that I suspected the circuit board was bad.

On 7/2 the repair guy (sub-contracted) showed up without the circuit board, looked at the range and said the circuit board was bad and they'd have to order it and he didn't know how long that would take. On 7/9, having heard nothing, I called LG again and was told that the part would be sent to the repair place and they would contact me in a few days.

I asked why the part couldn't be shipped overnight - after all I had been without the working range for 9 days - and (get this!!!) was told that for "Security reasons since 9/11" they aren't able to send electronic components overnight (hello???? Dell just shipped me an entire computer full of electronic components). After more complaints, they finally admitted that the circuit board isn't being manufactured anymore and they had to "locate" one - this for a $2000 range that was manufactured in Jan 08. I asked to speak with a supervisor - too busy to get on the line but would call back within a half hour.

Four hours later I called and the person had gone for the day. I asked for another supervisor who rattled off the same excuses. I finally turned to the LG Website and through "Contact Us" sent an email describing my problem. Within a couple of days, I got a response saying they were still trying to locate the part - and then a follow up saying to disregard the first email and that they would be replacing the range. All they needed was the purchase receipt which I faxed to the number they gave me. I also sent an email advising that the receipt had been faxed. That was on Friday and when I hadn't heard anything by Monday, I called again.

The person I had faxed the info to wasn't in and they couldn't find it so I faxed it again to their team leader who told me it would take a couple of days for the approval to be sent to the Best Buy corporate office and that I would hear from them within a couple more days to arrange for the swap. I said that was unacceptable as I'd already gone 16 days without a working range. I asked for a supervisor who told me the same thing - but after some heated argument was miraculously was able to get the replacement approval, but I'd still have to wait for Best Buy corporate to do their part.

Thankfully, Best Buy cares more about their customers than LG because within a half hour of getting off the phone with LG, a young lady called from Best Buy Corporate with their approval number and all I had to do was contact a local store. The swap occurs tomorrow and I'm just holding my breath and hoping that the new range actually works. I would have gotten some other brand, but I also purchased the matching microwave at the same time and it's already been installed. I'll never, ever buy another LG product.

UPDATE: It's now 7/17 and Best Buy swapped the ranges today. After the delivery guys left, I turned the oven on to test it - set it for timed convection cooking for 3 hours. After 30 minutes, it shut off all by itself. I called the store and will be returning and cancelling the order and buying another brand and hope for the best.

Don't Buy LG Bad Product Bad Service Bad Attitude
By -

ARIZONA -- This is a really long article and I apologize for the length but this has been an unbelievable experience and the American People are being milked of their hard earned money and then being insulted for it! Please make sure you read all the pages! I am really tired of getting robbed and then pushed into a corner and ignored! I purchased the LG Tromm Wild Cherry Front Load Washer and Dryer in March 2007 it is now August 2007. I paid $2,994.12 when all was totaled up with the two drawers, cords, vent, dryer, taxes and delivery!

I too have a mold smell in the washer. I don't care how pretty this set is or how many bells and whistles it has, when your clothes smell like mold all the positive goes out the window! I called LG service informing them I had the proper maintenance per the manual and I suspect the smell is coming from under the rubber gasket closest to the tub. There is water and debris under the gasket and that my fingers were not small enough or strong enough to clean under the seal.

I was told the following by LG's service department, use a butter knife to clean and dry under the gasket, I refused stating that I saw nothing in the manual suggesting this should be done especially with a butter knife. Fearing this would void my warranty I refused stating if the manufacturer wanted me to do this they should have provided a tool with instructions.

He then suggested I have one of my kids come over and clean my washer for me once a week! I told him again that I had cleaned my washer per the manual's instructions and I feel the rubber gasket is defective due to the stagnate water underneath the seal. He told me to use 1 cup of bleach to 1 gallon of water and clean the seals. I again told him I saw nothing in the manual about doing this. He said they would send a technician out to replace the seal. I told them I did not think this would correct the problem, unless the seal is redesigned the problem will reoccur. I had to wait one week for the service appointment.

The night before the appointment the technician calls me at 8:30 in the evening and tells me I need to go to Home Depot and purchase some ZEP, he is not replacing the seal, I am using too much soap and he is going to clean the residue out of the machine using the ZEP (this product is for the removal of MOLD & MILDEW).

The following day the technician comes he tells me that the owner's manual was written by Koreans and it was not properly interpreted regarding the measurement of the soaps and fabric softeners that I should only use 1 ounce. The technician gave me a little cup for soap and told me not to fill it above this line. I told the technician I have used the HE detergents per the owner's manual, I have measured the HE soap and fabric softener according to the manual, I have cleaned the filters per the owner's manual, I have dried the seals per the owner's manual, I have left the door open per the owner's manual and the main drain hose is installed per the owner's manual.

When I asked him why the instructions were not corrected or the customers notified he informed me that it was suggested to the Koreans and because it was not their idea they would not do it, anything they do has to be their idea. He also went on to inform me that the boss in Korea thinks Americans are stupid and lazy. I asked the technician where the company was located in North or South Korea. He said in South Korea. That the corporate office was close to North Korea but the manufacturing plant was in the Southern part of Korea. This did not leave me with a real warm and fuzzy feeling especially after my son just spent a year of his life protecting them from the North Koreans!

The technician then used ZEP for the removal of MOLD & MILDEW to clean my washing machine (this is not in the manual either!). He requested a large towel to blot the soap that was in the bottom of the washer after he ran the cycle telling me that the washer does not remove all the soap after a cycle! Yikes no wonder my clothes are all smelly! Well, he assured me this would solve the problem and my worries would be over if I remembered not to use too much soap.

I took the little cup he gave me and using the manufacturer's recommendation on the bottle poured the amount into the cap. I then transferred it into the cup he gave me and to his dismay it was the same amount using Wisk Tide was just a little more. He put in a load of towels, put in the soap himself, started the machine and reassured me this would work before he headed out the door. Forty minutes later I have a finished load that still smells like mold!

I called the LG service department after going online and printing out pages of comments about mold and the LG frontload washer! I told them I wanted them to pick up the appliances and refund my money as I would have to purchase a new washer and dryer. Well, they told me they would have to escalate the call and it would take 4-6 weeks until I heard from someone. They told me that they do not do refunds. They told me they would give me a $15 a week allowance to go to the laundry mat! HA! I hope the North Korean's have a good aim! I am done with LG, their products, their service and their unprofessionalism.

Compliant of the Poor Customer Service Centre of LG (Hong Kong)
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Rating: 1/51

HONG KONG -- I had purchased a 'LG' TV (Model:26LG30R-TA) in the Fortress shop (Hopwell Centre-Hong Kong) on 1st Feb 2009. The TV was delivered to my house on 7th February 2009. During the last Christmas in 2011, my LG TV was malfunction and there was no picture after I switched on. In many occasions, I had to wait for more than 15 minutes before the picture became visible. I thought it was due to humidity, therefore, I did not contact the 'LG' customer service center (tel:(852)3543-7777) until 30th January 2012.

When I explained to the LG staff about my TV's problem, the staff did not log my compliant or asked for more details or referred to the Repair Section to rectify the problem. In stead, the female staff asked me to provide the receipt of my TV. When I told her that I had lost the receipt, she simply told me to copy the model no. of the TV set and serial no. at the back of the TV set and asked me to approach Fortress to get a copy of the purchase invoice.

As I had to work on the week days, therefore, I had waited for a few days and visited the Fortress Shop on 4th Feb 2012 to request a copy of the purchase invoice. The staff from the Fortress Shop after checking with the computer record and told me that the warranty of the TV was expired on 2nd February 2012 (two days ago), as the warranty period for my TV is for 3 years.

I had contacted the Customer Service on the phone immediately to explain the situation. The sfatt from LG insisted that the warranty was expired and later a male staff call me to inform that he could arrange someone from the Repair Centre to check my TV without charge. After the repair technician checking my TV and the Repair Centre contacted me to inform that there is no spare part to repair my TV.

After I had waited for a few days without any further information from LG Customer Service, I had decided to call them. Unfortunately, one of their staff insisted that they do not take any responsibility, as my warranty was already expiry. I had sent a letter to the Consumer Council (Hong Kong) to seek help from them with the following reasons.

When I reported the problem, if the Customer Service Staff handled immediately, my TV would still under the warranty period. The warranty policy was not clearly stated to the customers, as I purchased the TV on 1st Feb 2009 and they delivered to me on 7th Feb 2009. The 3 years warranty period should be counted from the date of delivery and not the date I ordered the TV set. When LG sent a technician to check my TV, that gave me an impression that they had admitted the responsibility to fix it, otherwise, they should sent him to inspect my TV.

Few weeks ago, I received a call from Consumer Council and a gentleman told me that LG is willing to replace a similar TV set to me, as the one that I purchased was out of stock. I was very happy about the arrangement, unfortunately, after one week I received another call from Consumer Council that LG has changed their mind and decided not to replace my malfunction TV. I am preparing to take legal action and bring the case to the small claims tribunal. I am happy to share the outcome at the later stage. Kind regards.

LG front load washer and dryer. Research before you buy.
By -

COLORADO -- July 2007, I purchased a front loading washer and dryer pair along with the pedestals. First mistake was going for Sears extended warranty, which is fully 6 times the cost of other dealers. I am old and handicapped and had to buy the pedestals - which are a bit of a ripoff price wise. (My excuse, is I was in pain and just wanted to get a set- my old washer had died)I thought this was the last set I would get before I went to "the home". I really dislike this set. I use more prewash spot remover and iron more than I have in years.

The washer only performs in a mediocre way - and on the full setting, takes an hour. I don't get my stuff real dirty and have to spot out things like the bottom of my socks (the ones I wear around the house without shoes). I have experimented with different detergents and amounts and now use 2nd rinse (per Sears employee suggestion). Sounds like a water saver to me!! (not) Old washer did not need that. I hate to think how useless it would be with young children and family and sports dirt.

Dryer stops when done and depending on setting, it is either still damp or still warm. Clothes crumple. I have to grab clothes while they are still tumbling to hang up. This involves pause and restart - quite an energy saver as I see it (not). The wrinkle guard is a waste. It stops, then tumbles, then stops, then tumbles. When it first stops, the wrinkles set in. I don't spend my life in front of my dryer - it is in my basement. I am constantly putting in something wet (even just wet a towel), setting to a higher heat and waiting until the clothes are hot and damp, then I can take them out.

My old (25 years) dryer would toss them for 1/2 hour after the cycle and thus wrinkles were tossed out. Old dryer had a cool down too, so by the end of the cycle they were cool and fewer wrinkles. The advantage, I can iron the stuff while I wait for the dryer. I WOULD NEVER SPEND THIS MUCH MONEY ON A WASHER AND DRYER AGAIN AND WOULD NEVER BY A FRONT LOADER. There is no appreciable savings in water or power that I can see. I have to iron almost everything - Bought 3 new sets of sheets - different brands, store and thread counts.

After the initial wash, all 3 sets have set in creases on all the edges. I have not ironed sheets in 40 years - now I have to iron these every time. I use a lower spin setting as I suspect the heavy spin is what set in the wrinkles - but I cannot get them out at all. I don't know why they can't make a home front loader that has the gasket on the door instead of the machine (less stink and mold and you don't have to leave it open as I do), and works as well as the ones in the laudromat. 43 years ago, I had a front loader (Phillips) in an apt we rented and it worked great - the gasket was in the door. WARNING - don't be romanced into a front loader - all the hype is just that!!

LG Support Stinks
By -


This review is actually a cut-paste chat which won't be moderated for now, as I understand. Thanks.

***************** I bought this TV not because I needed a new TV...I had a perfectly working RCA CRT TV that is still going strong after 20+ years. I just finally decided to come into the modern era and emjoy HDTV and brilliant colors. So I contact LG chat line; here is the conversation:
carlo: Hello, Giuliano Volpini. Can I help you with anything today?
Giuliano Volpini: Hello Carlo; hope your well. Yes; unfortunately our 42PC3D lost it's picture about 2 months ago. Of course this took place after the 24-month warranty expired. I do not think a TV of this quality should malfunction and I was set on an LG due to the longer warranty but mostly the reliability. After performing some research on the net it seems that this TV is susceptible to the type of problem that we have encountered (ie. no picture but have sound). I attempted to work with LG to hopefully get some sort of half-and-half deal were I would pay labour or parts; but this did not work out. I would like to know if someone can tell me which parts I need and I will attempt to fix it myself. Thanks...will wait for response.
carlo: we don't do that kind of support, you'd have to call a local servicer to see if they would help
carlo: COLTECH ELECTRONICS LIMITED/905-561-5506/905-561-3380/L8E 2W2/306 KENORA AVENUE
carlo: that is your authorized repair shop
Giuliano Volpini: OK then thanks.
carlo: no problem
carlo: you understand why we don't give that kind of support?
Giuliano Volpini: No...I would like too though? I am really upset that over this to the point that I have already been looking at a new TV but will not look at another LG product.
carlo: we cannot give that kind of support because we would have to look at the TV for diagnosis, it's impossible to know just by you telling me the symptoms, and then we would be liable if you get hurt repairing the TV or not doing it correctly and say...your house catches on fire
carlo: none of the other TV companies would do it's a liability issue.
Giuliano Volpini: OK...but how about maybe extending some assistance like I mentioned before...I mean just over two years man !!! I am not going with another brand because they would tell me what parts I needed; I am doing it because of quality, service and reliability. A friend of mine had a Samsung that died after 18 months (there was only 1 year warranty); even after 6 months they replaced the set...why...because a new TV should last a long time and because they wanted him to buy another Samsung in 10 or 15 years..LG did nothing for me; thay gave me a case number then called back and told me to go fly a kite basically.
carlo: I'm sorry, but we have certain policies we have to follow. If they told you that nothing could be done, then we can't do anything. Different companies have different policies.
Giuliano Volpini: Wow...such a corporate did not even ask for the LG case; maybe you could do something or extend some sort of assistance...why does LG have such a hardass customer service runaround...come on man; I do not have cash flowing like a river (for lack of a better term)... Before purchasing the LG we had a regular CRT RCA that lasted over 20 years...only decided to go with a plasma to enjoy the benefits of HD and better colour...and this is what I get ?
carlo: I've read the case already, it's in your wife's name Felicia, unfortunately nothing more can be done
carlo: The case has already been closed
Giuliano Volpini: And why? What is so hard to understand that a TV (of supposedly high caliber) should not die in 30 months?
carlo: I am not going to argue these points anymore, we cannot do anything
carlo: thanks for your time
Notice: carlo exited session.

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