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"Life Is Not Good" With This LG Dishwasher
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Rating: 1/51

We bought an LG dishwasher and have been unhappy since almost day one! The problem is the design. There's these little wheels that continuously pop off and makes the racks go off track. Try putting these back on after the racks are loaded w/ dishes and you can't even see where to put them on - that's after you have to lift the bottom rack to find the darn things once they pop off. It's an everyday annoyance to load and unload the dishwasher. We've had new wheels and new racks sent to us that did absolutely nothing to solve the problem.

Just called LG today and each step up I went in the process, I got someone even more unknowledgeable and unwilling to help than the one before. After speaking w/ three different people, including 2 in "Executive" Services, I got absolutely nowhere and am now more frustrated than before. What kind of company has the saying "Life's Good" in their advertising and could have not only a poorly designed product, but customer service that is even worse. Trust me - you do not want to deal w/ a company like this. Will absolutely never buy another LG product!

LG Dishwasher & Refrigerator/Freezer Icemaker
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Rating: 2/51

SMYRNA, GEORGIA -- When remodeling a kitchen and laundry room, we selected LG appliances. Within 2 years the motor in the Dishwasher died. At the same time my mother was terminally ill in the hospital. I made the mistake of having the motor replaced, which ultimately cost almost as much as a new machine.

The ice maker in the refrigerator/freezer works intermittently. Especially in the winter, we have to constantly turn it off and restart it to encourage it to continue making ice. No ice now for over 3 weeks as the usual techniques do not work. The washing machine is beginning to show a leak which I find ominous in light of my previous experience. I will never purchase LG again.

LG Appliances Suffer Very Poor Reliability
By -

We were so happy to buy these "high-end" uber-premium stainless steel appliances for our new upgraded kitchen. Within a few months, both the dishwasher and fridge began to have problems. We had a hard time getting service people out because they were so busy! Apparently, we were not alone!

The phone people for LG are curt and demeaning. I do know how to operate a dishwasher, and no, it isn't working! NOTHING happens when you try to turn it on! The phone center people are totally unfamiliar with the products. We bought ours at Home Depot, but they have not been helpful because all they can do is give you LG's number. We have to replace our 18 month old dishwasher. We'll be very, very careful this time. High price does NOT mean dependability.

Stinking Dishwasher
By -

I bought an LG dishwasher, washer, dryer, and refrigerator. God help anyone else who ever does the same. It's a total nightmare!!! LG is the most unresponsive, hard to work with, inhuman, irritating company I've ever tried to work with. The dishwasher smells so bad, I can hardly open it without gagging. I rinse all of my dishes off before I put them into the dishwasher and run a cleaner in the dishwasher periodically. Still, it smells to high heavens!!! I wish I had my old Whirlpool back!

I bought these at Home Depot and they also have not been responsive. An LG repair person came to my home twice and said the dishwasher worked (mechanically) so they could not do anything about the odor. It was just my problem to deal with. I called LG and was very professional and kind. The customer service people were rude and would not allow me to speak to a supervisor. Never have I been so frustrated. The salespeople at Home Depot gave me a song & dance about how wonderful LG was. Whatever you do, don't believe them!

LG Appliances Are Crap
By -

In March of 2008, my wife and I bought an LG dishwasher, refrigerator, washer and dryer. Since that time, the heater in the dishwasher went out within 16 months of purchase. A couple of months later, the door spring broke and had to be replaced. We paid about 700.00 for the dishwasher and have stuck about $450.00 into it. About two months ago, the ice maker in the freezer broke causing water to pour all over the items in the freezer and then freeze solid. That was another $250.00 to repair. I will never buy an LG appliance, and urge anyone reading this complaint to do the same. Don't even think customer service is going to help out - they don't.

Dishwasher and Over-the-Range Microwave Issues
By -

We bought our LG appliances from Home Depot in January 2009. We had the oven-warming drawer spark and die within 3 months of purchase. We have had the dishwasher fixed for leaks 4 times. We have decided to replace it since it has begun to leak again. LG sent the repair company the wrong part the first time which lead to a month-long wait. Once fixed - which they tell me was too much steam coming out the bottom which lead to the water on the floor (not so) - it poured water once again! The steam no longer came out the bottom but the water still does.

Just last week, the electronic board in the microwave died. Now the warranty is up and it will cost me as much as a new microwave to replace. Now, I have heard from the repair company this is normal for LG. They also tell me the compressor in the refrigerator is a big issue. My fridge has been perfect - that is my only appliance in excellent working order. It is quiet and efficient. Unfortunately I now have to replace the whole kitchen. I need 4 dependable appliances, not just one.

LG Electronics Sucks
By -

I bought an LG Dishwasher and this piece of S... just does not work. LG's customer service has been trying to figure out why this does not work, why my dishes are very dirty after coming out. LG Really Really Sucks. LG Really Really Sucks. LG Really Really Sucks.

Dishwasher Upscale/Tall
By -

Approx. 2 1/2 years ago, purchased LG Dishwasher. Very, very quiet & everything worked well. "After" my purchase, I read some negative reviews. Everything was working well so I thought I beat the odds. I was very wrong. From very, very quiet it changed to very, very noisy. Seven times more noisy than any of our previous dishwashers. Was told it would cost $453.00 to replace motor. I wasn't going to throw good money after bad. Be warmed! Don't buy the LG brand.

By -

What a disappointing purchase - we bought the top of the line, stainless steel LG diswasher. Within 2 years it stopped working - had to pay $120 to get a repair person to tell me that the heating element was literally in pieces and would cost $200 just for the part replacement. When I called LG, they were very unhelpful and told me as it was not insured they could do nothing for me. I complained that their product was faulty to begin with as this should not have happened in just two years of use.

LG Customer Care
By -

I bought a dishwasher three 1/2 years ago, with an extended five year warranty. The dishwasher broke down four weeks ago, LG wasn't able to provide the replacements parts, kept sending the wrong parts. Finally LG said they would replace the dishwasher. I paid $1200, LG offered $850. LG can't repair their own products and the customer has to pay. I called Customer Care and what a joke!! No help whatsoever. I will never buy a LG product again.

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