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Loud Dryer
Posted by on
MICHIGAN -- We purchased a new LG top end unit at that time. Within 30 days it became very noisy. After 2 months we finally got it fixed under warranty. It was a small plastic bushing broke from the factory. Worked fine for a month or so and became noisy again. Checked with the factory service rep and he stated they had issues with this before. After much complaining, the appliance store delivered a new unit, turned out to be a dented unit, but we accepted it. This also became noisy after less than 60 days of operation. LG wouldn't respond to my email and the sales rep as good as suggested I was a liar. The warranty is off and the appliance store is gone.

My only recourse is to steer my customers and acquaintances from purchasing anything from LG.
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firengine103 on 07/22/2007:
Sorry about your problems. Have you noticed that the "LG" brand seems to be popping up everywhere? It's not a new brand, it's just been renamed from "Goldstar" which was the low end of everything.
ejack053824 on 07/22/2007:
Install a muffler on it and that should do it. LOL!
FoggyOne on 07/23/2007:
We bought an LG vacuum cleaner, after a couple of months the motor got so hot (no, the bag was not clogged up) that it actually warped the housing. They replaced it for free. It was the same model and the same thing happened. Gave up and bought a cheaper one that worked for years. Never by LG.
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LG Stainless steel dryer tub cracked along seam and rollers failed
Posted by on
Our LG dryer's stailess steel tub cracked at the seams and the rollers failed in less than four years. LG refussed to even supply the parts free after the repair facility asked them too. So we must make an exspensive repair or trash unit. We will never buy LG anything again and will tell everyone we can about their crappy products and the fact that they don't back them even when it is an ovious manufacturer defect!
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qualityappliance on 10/07/2009:
You are correct about the manufacturer defect. I have seen this happen many times on the Korean models. I have wondered if it may be possible to silver solder the seam back together. You might ask your repair person to try it.

Good luck.
evanslb on 10/10/2009:
Thanks qualityappliance so I am not over re-acting. The Koreans cannot weld and are using sub standard thickness metal for the drums. I will try to get it welded. I am going to attempt the repair as they want 400.00 for the fix and they would want two service fees for coming out taking off the drum and then coming back to reinstall. They don't weld or solder
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Great Product
Posted by on
TYLER, TEXAS -- I have had my set since 2007. NO PROBLEMS great product. I'm reading a lot of complaints. Do not get it. Wonderful company.
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Anonymous on 05/12/2009:
I'm thinking you got lucky,or don't use your appliances that often.

actually,one of the only bad things about LG is the lack of parts available.I go through two major parts distributors and they stock jack in the way of LG parts.I also think LG is proud of those parts because they are very expensive
your highness on 05/12/2009:
I wash 2-4 loads a day every day.3 children and lots of oilfield work clothes
ALMitt on 07/23/2010:

LG products are an accident waiting to happen. Just because your items are working now doesn't mean you won't have trouble down the road. Every single item I have ever bougt from LG has broken early on. They are a bad company to do business with and products defective, and anyone who does will sooner or later catch on not to buy their products.

Cavaet Emptor on 07/24/2010:
Just wait! You are in for some interesting surprises.
madconsumer on 07/24/2010:
many people have had wonderful luck with any item LG makes.
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