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Great Product
By -

TYLER, TEXAS -- I have had my set since 2007. NO PROBLEMS great product. I'm reading a lot of complaints. Do not get it. Wonderful company.

Poor Reliability From LG Dryers - Buyer Beware
By -

BURLINGAME, CALIFORNIA -- We have an LG DLG3788W gas dryer. It has many different settings and controls and, when it works, effectively dries clothing. That said - sensor dry doesn't work with this brand. They do have email, phone and live chat support and they are responsive. But I recommend avoiding this brand. In the three years we have owned the dryer, it has broken 6 times. Broken as in - no heat and doesn't dry clothes. We have an extended warranty through GE, but they limit us to a repair vendor that will not overnight or expedite parts. That said, GE will do the expediting - so if you need parts, have them ordered through GE.

The ignition has died. Heating elements have failed. It's just not a quality machine. LG will only replace machines that fail beyond repair in the first 12 months. We had a smaller Kenmore dryer before and it worked for 7 years without a single service call. Our LG has stopped working for a total of 12 weeks out of 150 weeks available - an 8% failure rate. Not acceptable for a large household appliance. And spending my evenings and weekends in a laundromat when I own laundry appliances is beyond irritating. LG needs to step up their quality and their service... or people should buy a Kenmore or a Maytag.

LG Life's Not Good
By -

PLEASANTON, CALIFORNIA -- After our old washer giving out we thought we would get a high-efficiency washer. We bought a washer dryer combo, totaling around 3 thousand dollars. Everything worked great till I go to wash my clothes and the washing machine breaks. In less than one month of use the washer is broken.

After contacting LG for them to repair it we were being what "we" need to do to fix it. Every phone call was "you need to do this" "you need to do that" Their customer service is NIL. After a week of arguing with LG customer service they send a 3rd party tech out. The tech was about as dumb as a rock. He would plug the washer in and out of the power socket, then look at us and say "it's broken." It has been a week now, the third party tech people have come out to our house 3 times now. Both times with the wrong part. When we call LG they lie to us saying the part for the machine is on its way.

When the third party tech makes an appt. with us they don't show up. It's been almost two weeks now. I have called our local news in hopes that they could help us. I am ready to park the washer in front of Best Buy and leave it there. DO NOT BUY FROM LG, THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE IS NIL.

Life is NOT good with LG
By -

WARREN, OHIO -- Life is NOT good with an LG dryer. My husband and I purchased a front loader LG 4.0 ultra-capacity dryer less than 2 years ago. Shortly after the warranty expired the dryer quit working. It was down for 6 weeks after a missed diagnosis and incorrect parts sent by the manufacturer. Less than 6 months later, my dryer has quit AGAIN! Our repair man called LG and asked if they would be willing to replace the problem parts and was told we would have to purchase them a second time as LG parts are only warrantied for 3 months. So much for a standing behind your products, LG! I am so disappointed. I wish I had kept my 15-year-old Whirlpool dryer, that had NEVER had a repair.

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