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Great Product
By -

TYLER, TEXAS -- I have had my set since 2007. NO PROBLEMS great product. I'm reading a lot of complaints. Do not get it. Wonderful company.

Extremely Disappointed
By -

IOWA CITY, IOWA -- On Wednesday, Feb 27, I spent $1,844.00 on a brand new LG washer and dryer. We live in a small home, so I wanted it side vented. Delivery was set for Sat. Mar. 1. On Friday the store called me to tell me the men who delivered would not be able to side vent my dryer because you need a special part.

First, they do not have the part, and second, their men are not licensed to install this part. Why didn't the store tell me this when I ordered it? I would have to go for probably a week with no dryer until they could get this piece installed. So, they were going to back vent it. Now it sticks out so far, it blocks my back door. Hopefully it will take it back far enough with the side vent to unblock my door.

Now for the washer. I had always heard about how front load washers spun clothes so dry that the dryer was done when the washer was done with the next load. Well it should. It takes an hour to do a load in the washer. Then the installers must have turned the hoses around. All I have is hot water. He will change these around when the part for the dryer comes. Hopefully next Saturday. I hate washing my clothes in hot water.

I was so excited waiting for the washer and dryer. I was looking forward to doing laundry. Now I am so disappointed and depressed, and ANGRY I want the store to come and take them back and get a top loader. It used to take me 4-5 hours to do laundry for the two of us. I thought it would take two hours last night, so I started laundry at 5:15. I had done washed two loads, cottons, and towels, and a load of "normal" clothes. Each cycle took 54-56 minutes. I quit after the second load because it realized it would take me until midnight to finish.

They are supposed to be cheaper to run, but not time efficient. If I do my normal 5 loads of laundry each week, it will now take me closer to 6 hours. 5 loads at an hour each, plus the 45 minutes to dry the last washed load. Talk about a bubble buster. I won't buy another washer again until I know how long the cycles are. I emailed Whirlpool last night to ask about the Cabrio. We'll see if they respond.

LG Washer And Dryer Suck
By -

BAYTWON, TEXAS -- I recently purchased an LG washer and dryer from Home Depot. They are front load all the bells and whistles. I paid about 1700.00 For the set. I bought these to go in my new home we just purchased. I had Home Depot deliver and an LG tech hooked up the washer and dryer. They worked good for about 2 weeks and now the dryer does not work at all, it blows cold air and does not heat. I called LG to see if someone would come out and look at the dryer and they told me they were going to charge me 75.00 just to come out and look at the dryer and if it was hooked up wrong they would charge me for that too. I have only had the dryer now for 3 weeks.

I was hung up on they told me that they don't cover everything that happens to the dryer and that they couldn't get someone out to me for 1 week. At that point I called Home Depot. They were very helpful. LG still will not fix my dryer and so I have had to had Home Depot come and pick up the other machines and I will be buying a different brand. If LG is this hard when you have had their product less than a month I can imagine what it would be like if something happened 6 months from now.

I was treated so poorly by LG their customer service people were rude and did not want to help make the problem any better. I think I will be a lot happier with a different brand because I don't feel like I was treated like the way a customer should be. Home Depot has really been great in this whole process without their help I would be stuck with LG and be very unhappy. I would not recommend LG for anyone Home Depot was telling me that they have had a lot of complaints about these dryers not heating so maybe it's just poorly made, but certainly does not have a poor price.

Loud Dryer
By -

MICHIGAN -- We purchased a new LG top end unit at that time. Within 30 days it became very noisy. After 2 months we finally got it fixed under warranty. It was a small plastic bushing broke from the factory. Worked fine for a month or so and became noisy again. Checked with the factory service rep and he stated they had issues with this before. After much complaining, the appliance store delivered a new unit, turned out to be a dented unit, but we accepted it. This also became noisy after less than 60 days of operation.

LG wouldn't respond to my email and the sales rep as good as suggested I was a liar. The warranty is off and the appliance store is gone. My only recourse is to steer my customers and acquaintances from purchasing anything from LG.

Life is NOT good with LG
By -

WARREN, OHIO -- Life is NOT good with an LG dryer. My husband and I purchased a front loader LG 4.0 ultra-capacity dryer less than 2 years ago. Shortly after the warranty expired the dryer quit working. It was down for 6 weeks after a missed diagnosis and incorrect parts sent by the manufacturer. Less than 6 months later, my dryer has quit AGAIN! Our repair man called LG and asked if they would be willing to replace the problem parts and was told we would have to purchase them a second time as LG parts are only warrantied for 3 months. So much for a standing behind your products, LG! I am so disappointed. I wish I had kept my 15-year-old Whirlpool dryer, that had NEVER had a repair.

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