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LG Electric Range Buttons Stopped Working 3 Times in 6 Months
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Rating: 1/51
CONNECTICUT -- My LG electric range that was purchased in November 2012 from Home Depot, failed for the first time in February 2013. It was on a weekend and the numbers on the panel would not work so I was unable to set a temperature for the oven and could not cook the lasagna I had just prepared. It was a weekend so when I was able to get in touch with a repairman to come out 2 days layer, he turned it off and then back on 10 minutes later and it was working, so he made no repairs!.

Less than 2 weeks later it happened Again, this time the burners would not work,. The repairman came and replaced all the electronics;. Three months later, on a weekend again, the numbers would not work?. The repairman came 3 days later, and again it was working again so nothing was done".

I have now taken 3 different days off from work to stay home and have a repairman come repair my brand new stove:. LG will do nothing to send a repairman when it is not working, nor will they do anything about my stove that only works intermittently..

I have seen numerous other complaints regarding the same issue with LG ranges!. They even recalled 161,000 stoves (not my model) for the same issue. By the way, the recall in no way gives consumers their money back, or new stoves, but only repairs the broken stoves. These stoves continue to break.

It is shocking to me that LG continues to get away with this without consequence.
LG doesn't care about their customers
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I bought this range a year and a half ago. It has two major problems - the touchpad keeps going out and it's black paint is peeling off by the back vent above the left burner. The touchpad going out means no oven or burner use until fixed. This has happened twice already.

I called customer service about the peeling paint. It just looks awful - metal showing in a large area. The representative suggested BLACK PAINT!!!! Am I meant to repeatedly paint this area? UNREAL!! What about the warranty?? Calling customer service is a nightmare too - you get bounced around, put on hold forever and disconnected.

Only buy LG if you want a terrible product and bad customer service.
LG Electric Range Not looking good
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We purchased the LG electric range from Best Buy in June 09. It has been working great! And we got a good deal so we thought everything was fine until yesterday when we were baking a cake and the oven just shuts off. The column of buttons for oven functions no longer responded to touch. So I called customer service. They required that I fax a copy of the receipt because my serial number didn't match up with my purchase date. So I did, then today I was walking through the kitchen and the motion made the buttons on the panel come on. Scary! Then the other side of the panel quit working. But wait it gets better, this afternoon everything works fine. So I find this website and begin reading reviews about this particular oven with very similar stories. NOW I'm worried. Please do not buy LG ovens. It looks like they have a long way to go before perfecting their craft.

Update: June 2013, The range was recalled, reference link http://www.cpsc.gov/en/Recalls/2013/LG-Electronics-Recalls-Electric-Ranges-Due-to-Burn-and-Fire-Hazards/
So we called LG back in January 2013, who then sent A&E factory services out for the repair. The technician didn't act like they knew about the recall. He ordered a part. The part has never come in, on back order they say. In the mean time the front right burner quit working. The oven also would not preheat correctly and we had to keep restarting the oven. Then we received a bill from A&E for the service that was never performed. In short, I will never buy LG or use A&E. We went out and bought a new stove today.
Resolution Update 11/24/2009:
The latest is: the digital control/touch panel was replaced Monday. I have to admit that LG went out of their way by assigning a customer service rep. to my issue. Her name was Janet and she called me frequently to check that the repair man came, she set up the appointment, she called and checked on delivery of the part, etc. So far the oven is working fine. I am cautious about buying future LG appliances; I believe they need to build a more solid reputation.
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