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LG's Lemon
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
I purchased an LG LCD/LED flat-screen television in January 2012. In late June or early July the television stopped turning on. I contacted LG and a service contractor was dispatched to repair the television. It was approximately a week between when the television broke and I contacted LG and when it was repaired.

During the week of October 1st through October 5th the television broke again (the brightness level began flickering and an intermittent blue bar, approximately 1/5th the width of the screen, appeared vertically down the side of the screen and I do not recall exactly which day the problem started). I again contacted LG and again a service contractor was dispatched to repair the television. The service technicians arrived on October 10th, at approximately 1pm, and again repaired the television.

Shortly after they left I found that the television would go blank after it had been on for a while. The length for which the picture would remain on varied, but it seemed to last longer if the television had been turned off for a while. The blue light in the lower right-hand corner remained on (it didn't turn to red) so the television was on, but there was no picture or sound. I called the service contractor who stated they would need to order a part (the contractor returned and tried to fix it with what they have but the problem remained). I then contacted LG to report the problem in order to make sure it was documented and to find out exactly how many times I would have to go through this before LG would admit they sold me a defective television and send me a new one.

I found my experience dealing with LG's customer service to be extremely frustrating. The representative who I initially spoke with, Mary, was unable to assist me so I asked to speak with a supervisor. The supervisor I spoke with, whose name I cannot recall, seemed to be determined to do anything except assist me. I asked her how long this was going to go on, how many times I was going to have to go through the aggravation and inconvenience of having my television broken before LG would take responsibility for the lemon it sold me. The supervisor seemed determined to place the blame on anyone except LG (me, the service contractor, the retailer, Amazon), anyone except the company who actually manufactured the defective product. She kept insisting (in a deliberately obtuse manner) that she "cannot predict the future." I wasn't asking her to predict the future, I was asking her how much aggravation and inconvenience I would have to go through before LG would provide me with the product I paid for: a functioning television.

Since the first supervisor seemed to be deliberately refusing to assist me, I hung up and waited a couple of hours so that I would not be furious when I tried again. Once I had calmed down I called back to LG's customer service phone number and asked to speak with a supervisor. I spoke with Candace who was just as unhelpful as the first supervisor I spoke with. I asked Candace to have the part that the service contractor needed shipped overnight, so that they would be able to return and fix my television the next day, October 11th. Candace refused and again attempted to shift responsibility for rectifying this problem to anyone other than her. She stated that shipping was between the service contractor and the parts department, and when I asked her to contact either or both to ensure that the part would be here the next day she refused. I asked her to connect me with the parts department, so that I could speak with them about having the part shipped overnight, and again she refused. She informed me that the parts department does not converse with anyone as unimportant as the consumer.

I then wrote a letter to LG explaining the situation and how upset and frustrated I am by it. In response they sent me several "canned," form-letter type responses that did not help, in any way, in resolving the problem. I called the service contractor on the Monday following the most recent breakdown, October 15th, to see if they had even received the part and they had not. They contacted LG's parts department and were informed that the part had been shipped "recently" and did not have a tracking number. Since they ordered the part on the previous Wednesday I do not know why it would only have been shipped "recently" on Monday, six days later.

I continued to write to LG, requesting that my letter be forwarded to someone in a position of authority, and was continually assured by the customer service team that no one in authority is interested in resolving this problem, so they would not bother them with my letter. I was, after a week of back and forth correspondence, eventually offered a 3 month extension of my warranty. When I responded that, at the very least, considering all of the time I have spent and inconvenience I have been put to as the result of their having sold a defective product (and the fact that I no longer have any faith, what-so-ever, that this lemon will continue working for more than a few months at a time) I would like them to extend my warranty for a full year I was told that they couldn't possibly extend my warranty by a year because they don't offer extended warranties. So they can extend the warranty by three months, even though they don't offer extended warranties, but not by a year, interesting.

I am now stuck with a lemon of a television that I expect to start throwing sparks or performing some other interesting trick at any time, and which LG refuses to replace. All-in-all, LG's response to this matter has been terrible. If you are planning on purchasing any electronics in the near future I would strongly advise you to avoid LG products at all costs. The frustration you will experience and the time you will spend trying to get your product to work will not be worth it in the long run, I can tell you this from personal experience. LG's complete and total refusal to accept responsibility for their products is maddening.
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User Replies:
trmn8r on 10/19/2012:
The issue is you think you have what you call a "lemon", but is there a definition of "lemon" in the warranty or in your state's laws for purchasing tv sets? If not, that would explain why this line of pursuit with LG was not productive. They can't agree you have a lemon if there is no accepted definition. If there is such a definition, the question then becomes if the problems you've had so far qualify.
Aaron on 01/06/2014:
I also have a problem with an LG55LW6500 I bought from them. It broke right after the 1 year warranty expired. Not abused in any way. The panel itself stopped working and the repair man says it's not economical to fix. LG refuses to help. Paid $1800 for this TV. LG sells bad products. I'd highly recommend avoiding them.
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BEWARE of LG Electronic products, especially Plasma Televisions
Posted by on
ENGLEWOOD CLIFFS, NJ -- LG Plasma Televisions....BEWARE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For anyone considering purchasing any LG plasma television, please read this very carefully. My name is William Abbate. I had a very horrible experience with LG. I spent nearly $5000 on a 50PY2DR set. Within 2 years of use, if you want to even call it that, it was broken. Keep in mind that I own numerous televisions and, this set was barely even used. I contacted LG with my concern and, they offered to pay for the part/parts and I would foot the bill for the service. Naturally, they chose the cheapest way out and only replaced the Y-board. Shortly after this horrific experience, after my floors were scratched to hell, low and behold...the television was broken again. This time it was outside of the warranty period. LG recommended one of their repair places near our home in Greenwich, CT. The technician was kind and astute enough to inform me that an improper repair was done originally which caused the TV to brake again. Both boards were supposed to be replaced, not one. LG figured they would take the cheap way out. I would have to come back to them in the future when my TV broke again in a short period of time. DO NOT deal with this company.

They are NOT REPUTABLE. Their customer service agents in Huntsville, AL are idiots with barely a pulse. I WOULD NEVER, EVER purchase one of their products ever again. In fact, I wouldn't even take one for free. They DO NOT care about customer retention. They are merely interested with making an initial sale. Bottom Line: Their products are subpar...in fact, they suck !!! Management should review their customer experiences. I understand that the Koreans really do not care about customer retention.

Their interest lies only in making a sale. BEWARE !!!!!!!!! My serial number is 508KCUK2H958
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User Replies:
trmn8r on 03/22/2011:
I have a different understanding about Koreans, but isn't this complaint about one company, that happens to be based in South Korea?
Rob C on 05/25/2011:
42" LG LCD etc we've had it 7 months and 2 days ago it was on working fine then it just switched off.
It is switching back on when we press standby button as we can see the red standby light turn blue but, there is no picture or sound and after approx a minute it switches off.
I've tried new leads, I've isolated the tv from all other equipment to see if it will work on its own but nothing.
Any idea's?
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LG LCD TV 42LB1DR-UA & Power Supply Issues...
Posted by on
ASHBURN, VIRGINIA -- I've had my LG 42LB1DR-UA LCD TV for 2.5 years now, and I'm generally very pleased with it, especially the built-in DVR feature. It did recently have a common power supply failure however. I've noted that others have commented on the same topic, and wish to suggest a method to prevent a recurrence. I'm an electrical engineer, and looked over the failed power supply board on my unit. The failed parts are obvious: under-rated electrolytic capacitors that bulge out when they fail. The problem is that LG design engineers did not properly de-rate the components selected... the breakdown voltage rating is too low for the application. Replacing the electrolytic caps (1800 uF 16V and a few smaller ones nearby) with the next standard size (1800 to 2200 uF at 25V, etc) will probably prevent this problem, though one might need to get creative in order to get the larger parts to fit on the board.

While the set was open, I also noticed that the DVR disk drive is a common Seagate SAS/SATA 160 GB unit... it can easily be upgraded to 320 GB. Something to think about after the warranty runs out. :-)
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User Replies:
Soaring Consumer on 04/12/2009:
This definitely proves that LG is responsible for these failures. It is about time an expert like you took a look.

Voted helpful.
ryuichi2476 on 02/17/2011:
I just bought one used from a girl and I had a repair guy come and take a look at it.
He explained that there were some swollen capacitors.
And the whole Power Board needed to be replaced.
If you have any advice I'd gladly appreciate it.
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LG LCD TV Power Supply Failures
Posted by on
SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA -- I'm on my 4th power supply unit in 2-1/2 yrs, @$172.45 (part only) online replacement price for a TV that cost over $3000. LG refuses to acknowledge either quality control or design problem with their power supplies. The first two were within warranty but now all LG responds with is "Out of Warranty". I also own a new Kenmore refrigerator (made by LG) that has already had to change the power unit in it to meet original advertised energy savings.


Leland Clement
San Diego, CA
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 04/01/2009:
Plug it in to a decent surge/spike suppressor. Power supplies in electronics are delicate and need the extra protection.
Anonymous on 04/01/2009:
Take your personal information out of your post.
LYoda on 12/02/2010:
Our LG 42 in has had problems EVERY YEAR after warranty. We've had all capacitors replaced (increased in size) and now this year - our 3rd year - the picture and sound went out. If I knew how to fix this myself I would. I doubt we will put more money into this product. LG IS NO HELP AT ALL AND CLAIMS NO RESPONSIBILITY. I will NEVER buy a LG product again.
Leen on 03/14/2012:
I have a LG 47LV4400, after 2 months the powersupply went out, and LG has a service company, who has not discover the possibility of ordering 2nd day, it will take at least 4 working days to get the parts, and over 1 week to have a service techn at the house. No LG anymore!!!
MIKE on 04/30/2013:
My LG LM660T 3D TV broke down after 11 months and I was told that it might be a power supply problem.it will take 4 working days to get the part and then they will contact me to arrange a call to my house and hopefully fix it.I like my LG TV but I Hate LG service .I will not recommend or buy an LG product again.
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LG Sells Lemons
Posted by on
I bought an LG LCD HDTV in September 2007 at a cost of $850. In October 2008 the motherboard was fried. After paying a $108 diagnostic fee, I was quoted $850 to repair it.

LG agreed to repair it for free. In October 2010, the TV has more motherboard issues. LG quoted a $75 diagnostic fee but will not cover the repair or parts.

The supervisor I spoke with explained that with higher technology and more computer parts there is a higher chance of malfunctions. I have a 15 year old Magnavox that has never had an issue.

Warning to all those who purchase LG electronics; They Sell Lemons and they claim no responsibility or accountability for their faulty products.

Needless to say, I will never purchase another LG product and will not recommend one to anyone I know.
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User Replies:
fast327 on 11/29/2010:
I have a 21 year old Magnavox that has never caused any problems. I refuse to get rid of it until it quits.
Venice09 on 11/30/2010:
"..with higher technology and more computer parts there is a higher chance of malfunctions."

Progress is an illusion. I hang on to everything that works for dear life and pray that nothing breaks. My $100 Magnavox TV/DVD combo in the kitchen is going on three years. And the picture is great!
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LG Garbage Electronics
Posted by on
I would like to start by thanking LG for swindling me into purchasing, what I thought was a great TV. After one year almost to the date of me taking it out of the box it crapped out on me! I brought it in to get fixed, where I was expecting to have it repaired at my expense, as the warranty was about a month overdue. I was fine with paying to have it repaired, because I actually liked the TV. But I received a phone call from the service center saying, the whole screen was toast and the repair cost was the same as a new television.
I was informed that LG "customer service" might be able to work with me and extend the warranty due to the extent of the repair. I was told to give my proof of purchase and that the warranty department would be happy to work with me to get my TV fixed, that made my day! Two days later I was notified, by a supervisor, that they were not going to work with me on my problem, and that I am a proud owner of a one year old 50" $2000 disposable piece of LG trash! GREAT!!! First hand Heads up if you have a year to live buy LG electronics, as that is as long as they last!
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LG gone bad
Posted by on
I was very surprised that the power source could go bad on a LG TV I bought in 2005 that was a bedroom TV with minimal use. I purchased two LG's at the same time and the other one gets primiary use and is fine. LG customer service tech that I had online contact with was not at all helpful. It seemed almost as if he was not interested in helping from the time I got into the chat room.
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Helpful on 06/28/2010:
Were you able to get a new power source?
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LG horrible customer service
Posted by on
I purchased my LG TV in March 2009. August of 2009 it quit working I have now been dealing with them for 5 weeks as of this post with no resolution. they will not replace the TV because it may be repairable and I do not live in an area where a close tech is available. I would not recommend anyone buying anything from this company because if it breaks you will have a time getting anything done..
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User Replies:
Fufu487 on 09/25/2009:
so are they telling you they won't replace it because it could be repairable.... but they won't send a tech out because your not in a servicable area??? I would take this higher up, you should not be denied service or a warranty based on your area of residence.
ALMitt on 07/22/2010:
My experience with LG service people was bad and one of arrogance when trying to fix a TV set that went bad. I felt if there could be some sort of compromise, I'd get the set fixed and they would retain a customer. I got the idea they didn't care and wanted to shove their defective set on to me. I contacted my attorney general's office who saw it my way and has sent my complaint to them and they are now required to answer. It may be the only way you will get your set fixed. best and good luck!

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Very Disappointed with service
Posted by on
I bought LG TV over the internet from LGezbuy, that was the biggest mistake that I ever made. Living in US for so long, I thought that like how things are bought here over the internet, it would be the same for India, but I forgot, India can never change. LG being such a big company, should have better service.

It's not been even a month and the TV sound system is bad, the LG tell me that they don't have the parts to repair it and don't know when they would get it. It looks like that they have sent me an old system. And when I tell them to change the TV they that they cannot since I have used it for a month.

I know that never again I will buy for LG again..
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 07/23/2007:
LG is Kia (Auto) of TV brand. Both are Korean products. Both are cheaply made and sold. You can see LG products in non-traditional electronic stores like Kmart and Walmart. You get what you paid for...
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