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Don't Buy LG Bad Product Bad Service Bad Attitude
Posted by Oneunhappycustomer on 08/17/2007
ARIZONA -- This is a really long article and I apologize for the length but this has been an unbelievable experience and the American People are being milked of their hard earned money and then being insulted for it! Please make sure you read all the pages! I am really tired of getting robbed and then pushed into a corner and ignored!

I purchased the LG Tromm Wild Cherry Front Load Washer and Dryer in March 2007 it is now August 2007. I paid $2,994.12 when all was totaled up with the two drawers, cords, vent, dryer, taxes and delivery!

I too have a mold smell in the washer. I don’t care how pretty this set is or how many bells and whistles it has, when your clothes smell like mold all the positive goes out the window!

I called LG service informing them I had done all the proper maintenance per the manual and I suspect the smell is coming from under the rubber gasket closest to the tub. There is water and debris under the gasket and that my fingers were not small enough or strong enough to clean under the seal.

I was told the following by LG's service department, use a butter knife to clean and dry under the gasket, I refused stating that I saw nothing in the manual suggesting this should be done especially with a butter knife. Fearing this would void my warranty I refused stating if the manufacturer wanted me to do this they should have provided a tool with instructions. He then suggested I have one of my kids come over and clean my washer for me once a week! I told him again that I had cleaned my washer per the manual’s instructions and I feel the rubber gasket is defective due to the stagnate water underneath the seal. He told me to use 1 cup of bleach to 1 gallon of water and clean the seals. I again told him I saw nothing in the manual about doing this. He said they would send a technician out to replace the seal. I told them I did not think this would correct the problem, unless the seal is redesigned the problem will reoccur.

I had to wait one week for the service appointment. The night before the appointment the technician calls me at 8:30 in the evening and tells me I need to go to Home Depot and purchase some ZEP, he is not replacing the seal, I am using too much soap and he is going to clean the residue out of the machine using the ZEP (this product is for the removal of MOLD & MILDEW).

The following day the technician comes he tells me that the owner’s manual was written by Koreans and it was not properly interpreted regarding the measurement of the soaps and fabric softeners that I should only use 1 ounce. The technician gave me a little cup for soap and told me not to fill it above this line. I told the technician I have used the HE detergents per the owner’s manual, I have measured the HE soap and fabric softener according to the manual, I have cleaned the filters per the owner’s manual, I have dried the seals per the owner’s manual, I have left the door open per the owner’s manual and the main drain hose is installed per the owner’s manual. When I asked him why the instructions were not corrected or the customers notified he informed me that it was suggested to the Koreans and because it was not their idea they would not do it, anything they do has to be their idea. He also went on to inform me that the boss in Korea thinks Americans are stupid and lazy. I asked the technician where the company was located in North or South Korea. He said in South Korea. That the corporate office was close to North Korea but the manufacturing plant was in the Southern part of Korea. This did not leave me with a real warm and fuzzy feeling especially after my son just spent a year of his life protecting them from the North Koreans!

The technician then used ZEP for the removal of MOLD & MILDEW to clean my washing machine (this is not in the manual either!). He requested a large towel to blot the soap that was in the bottom of the washer after he ran the cycle telling me that the washer does not remove all the soap after a cycle! Yikes no wonder my clothes are all smelly! Well, he assured me this would solve the problem and my worries would be over if I remembered not to use too much soap. I took the little cup he gave me and using the manufactures recommendation on the bottle poured the amount into the cap, I then transferred it into the cup he gave me and to his dismay it was the same amount using Wisk Tide was just a little more. He put in a load of towels, put in the soap himself, started the machine and reassured me this would work before he headed out the door.

Forty minutes later I have a finished load that still smells like mold!

I called the LG service department after going online and printing out pages of comments about mold and the LG frontload washer! I told them I wanted them to pick up the appliances and refund my money as I would have to purchase a new washer and dryer. Well, they told me they would have to escalate the call and it would take 4-6 weeks until I heard from someone. They told me that they do not do refunds. They told me they would give me a $15 a week allowance to go to the laundry mat! HA! I hope the North Korean’s have a good aim! I am done with LG, their products, their service and their unprofessionalism.

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Posted by *Brenda* on 2007-08-17:
I've had the same washer/dryer (red too!) for a year and I haven't had that problem. I've also never noticed soap still left in my clothing.

It must be so disappointing to get such a good set and then have it be a dud. I hope this gets worked out for you!
Posted by Cavaet Emptor on 2010-07-24:
I have had the very same problems with the smell of mold and mildew in the gasket. Also, my washer leaked. What's worse, I have to adjust my washer feet after every other load. It vibrates likw a jet engine. This is crazy! LG needs to be sued! Is there a class action suit going?
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Don't buy LG
Posted by Damama66 on 01/06/2011
I purchased an LG Gas Range at Home Depot less than two years ago. I also purchased the extended warranty which I was told covered the item from head to toe! Within 6 months 2 of the knobs kept falling off. I looked at the knobs and discovered the part that attaches to the range is NOT commercial grade but plastic! Since that time 2 more of the knobs have broken in the same area. When I inquired about the warranty, of course the knobs were not covered. Ok, so how much could a set of knobs cost? I will order new ones, I was told they are $70 a piece! What a scam on the part of LG? Now we use the one knob that still functions and pliers to turn the others on!!!
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Posted by Venice09 on 2011-01-07:
Why wouldn't knobs be covered under a warranty? You can't operate the stove without them. I would argue with them to replace the knobs every time replacements are needed while the warranty is in effect.
Posted by Clockspring on 2011-10-19:
I have had the same problem with cracking knobs on my LG gas range (Model LRG30357ST). After countless calls and emails to both LG customer service and Service Net Solutions (LG's extended warranty provider) over the last several months, I received an email from LG admitting that the cracking of the gas range knobs is a known problem, and they offered to replace the knobs "FREE OF CHARGE IF YOU EVER HAVE AN ISSUE WITH THEM." After providing the requested serial number and date of purchase, I received a set of 5 replacement knobs about a week later. If your knobs are cracking every 4 to 6 months too, DEMAND your free replacements. Their distributors sell the knobs for upwards of $60 a piece, which is absolutely outrageous. Why they don't just fabricate an all-metal replacement knob is beyond me. It can't be more economical than sending replacement sets over and over again (I am currently on my 4th set, all of which have been sent free of charge, although prior to the recent email, they said they were doing it strictly as a courtesy).

Here is the exact text in the email I received from LG customer service:

Thank you for contacting LG Electronics

Thank you for taking the time to email us at LG Electronics. I will be more than happy to assist you with your inquiry.

In this case the knobs are designed to last but here recently we’ve been getting some customers calling in regarding the knobs that’s why we will send them to you free of charge if you ever have an issue with them.

On the other hand we do appreciate you being patient on getting a respond from the LG group and we’re glad to have you as a valued customer.

If you need any further assistance, please feel free to contact us back. Thanks again and have a fabulous day.

LG Customer Service
Posted by Venice09 on 2011-10-20:
I hope people with the same problem see your post, Clockspring. It's very helpful.
Posted by Carol on 2012-08-20:
Same exact issues!!!
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Posted by Gelf on 12/21/2010
HUNTSVILLE, ALABAMA -- I bought a new LG stove in 2010 the paint began to scratch off. I called LG to ask for assistance and was given a TOUGH LUCK YOUR PROBLEM answer by a rude "supervisor"



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Posted by Venice09 on 2010-12-21:
I have never seen the paint come off an appliance. I can only imagine that happening if it was repainted over the original finish. Scratches, yes. But paint falling off, no. What kind of quality is LG putting out if paint is scratching off?
Posted by trmn8r on 2010-12-21:
Venice - I'd be interested to know the details of the paint coming off. I have never heard of that either. Is it everywhere, just one spot?

In 1969, VW bugs had paint that came off all over the car. But I digress...
Posted by Venice09 on 2010-12-21:
The paint pitted on our Honda Civic (when it was brand new) but it didn't fall off.

I'm waiting for LG to say the paint falls off because the stove gets hot. You know, the same way mold grows in washing machines.
Posted by trmn8r on 2010-12-21:
Alright, so the paint pitted on the VW also. Some cars in the 80's had the top coat of paint literally come off, I believe. I'm not sure which I would prefer if I had to choose one (-:
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-12-21:
I will be buying new appliances early next year for a remodel we are doing. I am going to steer clear of the LG's. I guess I'll have to take my chances with the Consumer Reports favs.

I'll bet the paint was something new they tried to save a buck. Apparently saving a buck equals lots of dollars lost in sales.
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False rebates
Posted by Phoneman on 06/22/2010
ENGLEWOOD CLIFFS, NEW JERSEY -- In Nov 2009 I purchased 3 LG appliances and sent ALL paperwork I received with the sale of the appliances. I filled out the rebate form and sent it in. 11 weeks later I received a note that I failed to send a store list of items I purchased. I resent ALL paperwork along with a note asking what else there was. The Sales slip from the store obviously listed all items purchased with the date and cost of each item. Today is June 22,2010 and I still have heard nothing from them. I went to their web site some time ago and tried to send them a note. Still no reply. I think that it was a scam. While shopping for the appliances every store told me that the appliance was good but "do not expect any help from the company if you have problems"

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Posted by Helpful on 2010-06-23:
I do think most LG appliances are good. The concern here is the rebate. Rebates are handled by a rebate center, not the actual manufacture. I mail in several rebates every year, not usually have too much of a problem. If I may, I'd like to walk you through a process which will hopefully help.

To begin with, I would hope you made copies of everything required for submission. This will include the rebate form, sales receipt with all applicable model and serial numbers. You've got to make sure you've purchased through an authorized reseller.

When mailing the rebate, I generally get a "Receipt of Mailing". The post office offers this and show proof of mailing on the day you mailed it. This is to show you've complied with the time limits generally outlined on the rebate form. Did you know that, per federal law, the post office cannot make a mistake? If you can show you gave the parcel to the post office, it is considered the same as handing it to the destination of shipping.

It also important to buy through a retailer promoting the rebate. Although laws vary slightly from one state to another, it helps to show the rebate was promoted by the reseller. I'll generally keep a copy of a newspaper ad or even take a picture of a sign promoting the rebate within the store. The key here is that the rebate then becomes a condition of the sale. Regardless of what the retailer may state, they are ultimately the responsible party for fulfilling the rebate.

Now you wait. Generally up to 8 weeks. The rebate will state the time frame that you should receive the rebate by. If you don't get the rebate, you cannot delay. You need to call the rebate center at the number listed on the rebate form. It is up to the rebate center to then EXPEDITE the rebate to you. If they fail to do so, remember, you can hold the retailer directly responsible.

Now, with all that information on hand, I would suggest contacting the retailer you purchased the items through. Let us know how it goes.
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Possible class action law suit on LG company?
Posted by Duped, again on 04/10/2010
I bought my first house in July 2009 and decided I needed brand new appliances to go with it. Besides, I am a single parent of three working 60hrs a week and trying to go to grad school. So, in order to save me some headache of having to deal with brokendown appliances, I decided to buy an LG LFX....SB brand of french door refridgerators. I took out a one year warranty on it and after 6months, the ice maker stopped working. I called Lg and they came out to look at it and had to replace a part, of course I was still on warranty. 9 months later, I called them because the bottom freezer will not open. They came, replaced some parts and fixed it. Exactly 16 months after purchase, an FF error code started showing on the display panel and later converted to an IF error code and my refridgerator part of the whole thing was not cooling, nothing was wrong with the bottom freezer. Lg told me I was out of warranty and had to call their authorized service repair man to come take a look at it at my own expense.

I called the service representative and was told the earliest they could come out will be in a week and I have to be home since they don't work after hour. At this time I had stopped buying groceries since I had nowhere to put them and half of the last groceries I bought were thrown away. I decided to call a reputable repair shop locally and the guy told me I had trouble with my evaporator motor fan that works the fridge. I ordered the part from Lg and was told it will take two weeks to have it delivered. At this point, I had to go buy a compact size fridge for milk and all what nots. Part came, repair man worked on fridge, it did not work. After reading the report on the Lg brands and after $350 on parts and labor, I have decided to count my loss at this time and just move on. My kids and I are going to use the compact size fridge for a while (I don't know what we are going to do for ice this summer, we live in Texas). I am going to call my school and take this summer off from grad school so I can work extra this summmer to replace the refridgerator. I am very disappointed with Lg and their products and my advice to anyone is never to touch an Lg refridgerator, or their other products for that matter, with a 10foot pole. Or buy 10yrs warranty if you must buy their products. By the way, I had a Maytag refridgerator that I gave out to my former neighbor as a parting gift when I bought my house. It is still in use after 5yrs, it has not been worked on since I bought it, not once. I wonder why there hadn't been a recall on Lg refridgerators or class action law suit. Americans work too hard for their money to be replacing appliances every 18months.
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Posted by bcd on 2010-04-10:
“… July 2009 and decided I needed brand new appliances …”

You purchased the refrigerator less than a year ago (the “16 months” statement doesn’t make sense) so the unit should still be covered under the manufacturer’s warranty.

You bought the compact size refrigerator and then waited two weeks to spend $350 on an unsuccessful repair instead of waiting one week for LG to fix it. That was a poor decision. Taking the summer off from school to pay for a replacement refrigerator is also a poor decision.
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Cracked stainless steel drum
Posted by Cwtweet on 02/26/2010
I have tried to contact LG many times regarding my dryer. The dryer started off by making loud banging noises, but we thought we could deal with that, because when we looked online about replacing the rollers, people complained about having the same problem awhile after replacing them. Then clothes started getting caught in the machine and I finally found the cause a cracked drum and it is splitting down the seam. I also want to mention that the lint collecter does not work well and we replaced that once, but still lint all over our launtry room (behind dryer) and we have to vaccuum it out very often. (we had to clean it often, but we can't use the dryer right now, because of all the clothes getting destroyed in there, because of the cracked/split drum).
Customer service at LG stinks too, but this last time I called (yesterday) finally got someone to call me back :O) Not that, that helped, because I am not paying to have my dryer fixed when it is a defaulty product. Also with our other LG products, you fix them and then the problem reoccurs.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2010-02-26:
I saw a simular complaint like this recently. It seem that you are better off getting an older applaince than this new krap. (VH)
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-02-26:
Have you tried contacting the store you bought it from? Also, I know with my American Express, if something like that happens, you can do a chargeback on the faulty item. I've never done it, so I don't know how easy or difficult it is. Did you use a credit card?

If you don't get any help from the store or your credit card, you can always file a claim with your state's Attorney General. I have done that before, it's easy, and I got a very quick result.

Posted by Venice09 on 2010-02-26:
Just a thought, but if lint is flying all over the place, have you checked to see if the vent is secured properly?
Posted by cwtweet on 2010-02-27:
ZZrokk: Thank you we bought a used one on craigslist for the time being :O)

KateB: I haven't tried contacting the store, I should try and the state's attorney general :O) Thank you for the advice

Lost09: Yes, it is fastened correctly or should I say it was :O) Thank you
Posted by PepperElf on 2010-02-27:
gak lg makes dryers now too?

Posted by Anonymous on 2010-02-27:
LG has their hands in a lot of things now. I've always had good luck with their products (washer/dryer/cell phones) but after seeing complaints here it doesn't sound like they are as responsive as they should be.
Posted by Venice09 on 2010-02-27:
I think this is what happens when companies branch out or merge with other companies, or whatever they do. I think that was Maytag's downfall. They went from making the best washing machines to making all kinds of other appliances that are just mediocre at best, including the washers. I guess it's the best way to make money though.
Posted by jac22mike on 2010-07-05:
I am having the same problem with my dryer with no positive response from LG. While I am out purchasing a new dryer I will spread the word to anyone whether I know them or not that LG does not care about their customers.
Posted by Itzel on 2013-04-25:
I bought my LG dryer at almost $1,000 got insurance for it and then the drum cracked on the last month of the insurance. A service man came and replaced the whole drum. Two months later the new drum has a crack and my clothes get stuck. I called back and they said my guarantee was expired so they couldn't do anything. So what next? Buy a new drum and replace it again and it will crack in 2 months. Or just buy a good old whirlpool for $400.
Posted by Poor Quality from LG on 2013-06-01:
Okay, everybody wants the new and latest products on the market but when it comes to LG products, SAVE YOUR MONEY.
We have a LG Tromm DLG7188RM Dryer and the stainless steel drum where it is welded at the seam has broken. Talk about JUNK.
Hey LG, moving on. So done with you. Pass the word around.
Posted by Rude on 2013-06-02:
When you mass produce a product you are going to get a few duds. Obviously this is what's happened here. We have had our LG Tromm washer and dryer set for almost 7 yrs. We have put through (no word of a lie) approx. 12,000 loads. (My wife used to run a laundry business for a local mine). It has just started banging. We have had no issues. We owned whirlpool and within about 6 months it broke down. I reccomend LG to everyone.
Posted by Chad on 2013-07-06:
Another cracked drum here. After less than 2 years of light use (2 person household). My two previous sets of Maytags lasted 10 plus years. No more LG for this house.
Posted by Elyse on 2013-07-23:
My drum cracked also. I didn't notice until the drum started thumping, but had a few random tears in clothes before the thumps, which were probably caused by the early small crack. I never thought a weld would be the death of my dryer. Replacing it. Never LG again.
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Plastic around glass shelves crack easily
Posted by Imp3400 on 03/11/2014
crack in plastic frame of glass shelf
crack in plastic frame of glass shelf
I have owned this refrigerator for little over a year. And I will say it is a great product. Except for the plastic frame that goes around the glass shelves is cheap and will break easily. I called LG and said it wasn't covered under extended warranty and gave me a number of their parts distributor, for the plastic frame it was $66 not including shipping and handling. I went to searpartsdirect.com and found the same thing for $51 shipped. I hate to say this but I may order this from Sears . And I dislike Sears, their home improvement, customer service, sales people are bad. But their maintenance agreements would have covered this. And I have bought parts for numerous products and have saved money. And it gets delivered in a reasonable amount of time. I just want to let people know before buying parts from LG check other sites.
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Knobs Are Defective; Don't Buy This Model!
Posted by ZUMPANOS on 01/28/2014
This particular range is a big disappointment. We've had the knobs break 6 times since we purchased the oven. LG replaced them once under warranty and rc willey has replaced them 5 times in 3 years.

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Posted by Shaun on 2014-01-30:
I sure like RC Willey. I buy a lot of merchandise through them.

The problem you're having is a result of the knobs' shroud, that part which covers the actual control switch and is visible from the back of the knob. This part is actually plastic. If the actual control switch, which can be seen when the knob is removed, is too tight it places additional stress on this plastic piece and will eventually wear out.

BY NO MEANS IS THIS ONLY AN LG ISSUE. Many appliances can experience this. There are two more permanent solutions:

One is to access the area where this switch and the range connect. Greasing the switch(s) can sometimes ease the amount of friction and cause the dial to turn more easily, thus creating less stress on the actual knob.

The second is to take one of the knobs to RC Willey. Go to their showroom floor and find any of their LG ranges. Try removing any of their knobs and inspecting it to see if the contact is metal versus that of plastic. If it is, try your 'plastic' part knob to confirm it is an exact fit. Once you've found a replacement set of knobs that have the metal in place of plastic, you've solved the issue. Make a note of the model and if you find you need to replace the knobs yet again, do so with the better set. And yes, you will find comparable knobs that are designed better.
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Burner Knob Fix For LG Gas Range
Posted by Whn3rd on 11/24/2013
NA, CALIFORNIA -- I found a quick and easy fix for LG knobs that have cracked (model #lrg30357st) and cheap too!! First remove one of the knobs, take it with you to the hardware store. Look for a spring clamp that will fit (3/8" is what I used). Remove tabs if it has any. I found if you find a socket it will slide onto tightly will make this easier. Squeeze it with a pair of pliers to brake off the tabs, one at a time works best.

Next remove the two screws that hold the knob together, slide the spring clamp into center hole, then force back plate back on carefully making sure screw holes are aligned. Turn knob over using a larger socket place the shaft in socket and push parts together. When replacing screws tighten each screw a little at a time so you don't strip them out, I hope this helps it worked for me.
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Cell phone under warranty with manufacturer defect
Posted by Nichole.kulas on 08/06/2013
LAKE ORION, MICHIGAN -- I initially called to get some questions answered, but was immediately told there was nothing you could do. I asked for a supervisor and sat on hold for 30 minutes only to be transferred to home appliances! They then transferred me to home electronics and again back to where I started. No one in customer service was polite, nor helpful and apparently are not comfortable working the phone system in place.

By time I actually got to a supervisor she was rude and not at all helpful either. All I wanted was to know why I had to pay more (I already purchased the phone) to get a MANUFACTURER DEFECT that is under warranty (not in any way my fault nor responsibility) fixed by the company whose fault it is! How can you expect return customers when you do nothing to appease them.

All I wanted was a shipping label. I was not offered a discount, coupon, apologies or anything. Not to mention once I do pay to turn it in, I will only get a refurbished phone back, not even a new one! Unbelievable!
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Posted by Miguel on 2013-09-12:
I just had this happen to me today. I actually went to one of their offices personally and the associate I was speaking with me said the same thing. That the phone is under warranty and they are aware of the issue. If the phone is under warranty why do I have to pay $15.00 for an issue that wasn't my fault. Not only that but I have to wait an entire week for them to order one for me(They currently did not have any in stock
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