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Control Knobs
By -

Range was purchased from Sears in Rotterdam Mall on 6/7/09. Model #LRG30357ST, serial # 902KMFE10179. The part # in question is EBZ37189609. Since the purchase of the gas stove we have replaced 3 of the control knobs located on the front of the appliance. These control knobs regulate the gas flow of the stove burners. The plastic shafts on all of the knobs continue to crack and break with normal usage. The knobs become very loose and fall off of the shafts. The cost of each knob is approx $75 and we have ordered the extended service plan due to the continued defect of the knobs.

The newly purchased knobs were covered under the 1 yr warranty but these new knobs are also breaking down as the original knobs had. The initial product was not faulty as there seems to be a design flaw. Each new knob is not any better than the previous knob we replaced. The knobs continue to become loose over time and fall off of the front of the stove??

LG Cellphones
By -

ENGLEWOOD CLIFFS, NEW JERSEY -- I have just bought an LG Optimus V cellphone, & it is going back. How this piece of junk gets 5 stars in reviews, I have no idea. The on screen keyboard is the worst I've ever used. Text messages are extremely difficult to type, send and store. I spent 45 minutes to set up my Calendar, because the keyboard is so poor. Entering text, for some unknown reason things go wrong, & you have to start all over again.

Auto-text seems to be missing, and I don't want the Google calendar, as I have to sign in (my password is secure, and long). It frequently locks up. Also the Micro-SD card sent was the wrong one (Mini-SD was sent without the mini-SD adapter and the micro-SD which fits into this). Set-up is also a pain. The manual has such tiny letters that I cannot read it without a magnifying glass. You have to download the pdf file from Virgin. Lastly, Customer Service at Virgin Mobile is the worst (poor English spoken, and it takes a long time to get an attendant due to the voice reply instructions/service). There is no quick way to get a real person.

Avoid (if you want to stay sane and heart-attack free)! I struggled to return this phone to Virgin Mobile. Here are some facts that are difficult to obtain: Call and get an RMA number. Return address for phone: VIRGIN MOBILE RETURNS CENTER. 501 AIRTECH PKWY. PLAINFIELD, IN 46168-7408 or Virgin Mobile returns. c/o Brightpoint N America. 2675 Reeves Rd, suite 190. PLAINFIELD, IN 46168.

The price of the phone should be credited to your credit card. Ask that the automatic monthly payments be suspended until you buy your new phone (from Amazon of course). How to reach a live person: Call 888-322-1122. Press 0 as soon as you hear "Alex", and keep pressing 0 for each request made for more information. You may get your plan changed to $35 per month instead of $25 per month. If this happens, E-mail them at: Demand a Beyond Talk plan for $25. If all this fails, cancel your account, and start from the beginning. Forget your old account. Hope this helps.

System Stops Working After 4 Uses
By -

Over a year ago, I purchased the LG LHB975 home entertainment system and after 4 uses of watching movies the rear wireless speaker system stops working! I have sent it in twice for repairs and when I get it back, the same thing stops working after 4 uses. I do not abuse the unit, in fact I only use it to watch movies when I have visitors, which is not that often. I called in to customer support manager after it has stopped working again and I request they have it replaced, but I get told all they can do is continue to repair it.

I told them I paid 800.00 at that time just to continue having to send it back over and over again. I recommend that consumers not purchase a stereo type system from LG, they may have good luck with cell phones, appliances, TV's, but home entertainment systems they need to work on some more!!! I am so frustrated that when I do want to enjoy an good new release movie, I have to keep my fingers crossed that I can enjoy it properly on the entertainment system. It is like every time my family wants to watch a movie at home. I ask myself will the system be working today???? It is a piece of crap just as the customer support is from LG.

Their website stated that "Fixing It Right the First Time LG Customer Service Representatives respond with accurate information to provide fair solutions to all customer issues on the first interaction. We take ownership, set accurate expectations, and follow through on all commitments so we never disappoint our Customers." Well I am still waiting for this statement to be true on their home entertainment system!!!! DO NOT PURCHASE ANY TYPE OF HOME ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM FROM LG, BECAUSE YOU WILL THEN BE COMPETING WITH ME TO GET IT REPAIRED AS I AM!!

LG Products are not only SUB PAR they are UNSAFE!
By -

This specific review is about the LG stove stated above, however, we purchased all top of the line LG kitchen appliances for our new home just 36 months ago. I negotiated the best deal I could so when my husband forced me to buy extended warranties on all of them costing another $1,000.00 I was not a happy camper. I am so glad I listened to him. You hear that??? A woman who is admitting she is glad she listened to her husband.

Today, the repairman was back for the third time in 18 days. Our stove has been repaired FIVE times since we bought it, so far a total of 9 repair visits and we have been without a working stove/oven for a total of 11 weeks out of the past 36 months. 18 days ago a relay pcb burned out, a new one was ordered and put in a week later. It lasted only a week and burned out again Sunday night in the middle of cooking Sunday dinner. The repairman came back today, removed the back panel and reported the relay pcb burned out and melted AGAIN. So... he ordered another relay pcb and back element. I am scared to death this stove will catch on fire and burn our house down with us in it!!

Last year, our main power board on the stovetop was replaced three times in a 3 month period. We were unable to cook for 7 weeks during that pathetic fiasco. In the first 16 months in our new home our LG dishwasher was broken and repaired 4 times... flooded our beautiful oak floors on 2 occasions causing warped area and lifting of the oak planks. The 'mother board' fried each time according to the repair company. These LG appliances are JUNK. We were lied to and deceived and I'm trying to figure out what can be done from a legal standpoint. I think a MAJOR CLASS ACTION SUIT is necessary to stop these people from selling this crap.

We were told they were made in Germany and were top of the line. Now, I find out they're owned by GE and made in KOREA. Most of the parts I've seen on the back of the stove after the panel is removed are plastic... plastic that melts, shorts out and catches on fire. LG has taken the loser route out every time, replacing the cheapest parts first hoping to get off easy, not caring that their customers are stuck without working appliances for god knows how long til someone figures out what to do to get them to work. PROSPECTIVE BUYERS... BEWARE!!! LG APPLIANCES ARE TERRIBLE! THE COMPANY IS EVEN WORSE.

By -

WARNING, WARNING, DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM LG!!! Life's not so good if you do. I purchased a LG smooth top electric/convection oven in October of 08 and paid almost $900. Have had spots in the bottom of the oven for the past several months and the cleaning cycles, soap & water, will not remove them. Contacted LG's live chat customer service & spoke with "G" last week.

First day I didn't have serial/model number so contacted live chat on 2nd day, and what 'cha know, I got "G" again. He told me that sometimes it takes two full cleaning cycles for spots to come up. I specifically asked him if I should run the stove through two complete cleaning cycles. He said yes... that's a total of 6 hours!

Anyway I did and now I have a big old rust spot in the bottom of the oven and the paint is chipping off. Sooooooooo, I phoned the customer service line and got a hold of "T" who I could barely understand. told him he would have to speak slowly and louder, which he did. He tells me there is no evidence of any on-line live chat with ** on the 2nd day and no evidence he told me to run it through 2 cycles. (And guess what, when you are on Live Chat with the LG customer service you are unable to print a copy of the discussion.)

The almost $1000 stove is out of warranty, so he gave me the number of the local repairman and said he could come and look and see what is going on. That will cost me $85 and then they won't be able to 'replace' an oven... All the ovens I have owned over the years did not ever, ever have rust spots in them. The moral of my story is RUN FROM ANY AND ALL LG PRODUCTS - they are pieces of inferior garbage that you pay way too much money for to be treated this way.

Parts Difficult To Obtain For Authorized Service. Impossible For Do It Yourselfer.
By -

CHILLICOTHE, OHIO -- I bought an LG washing machine in Sept. 2007. Three weeks ago it displayed a code that meant it wasn't going to work without service. Customer service just gave me phone number for local authorized service providers (something I had already found on my own). During this conversation, the guy argued with me that my washer was three years old (it is only 1.5) and was therefore not covered under warranty. The part that is needing repair, however is one of the two that are covered by two-year warranty (control panel) or seven-year warranty (drum motor). I have had to argue this point on two subsequent phone calls to LG customer service.

To make a long story short, the appliance repair people say they ordered the part over two weeks ago and they can get no one to return their phone call. Maybe the appliance place is being dishonest with me. However, if that is the case, then LG needs to have better service partners, so either way, I am laying this one on LG. As a side note, I bought an LG dishwasher at the same time I bought the washer. It had a pump go out on it within 4 months and then it took 2 months to get the part for that. Do not buy any LG appliance unless you like having a very expensive, useless box of metal sitting in your house while you wait for someone to decide to ship your part.

LG does not care whether it gets fixed or not, and they do not care if the customer is getting what they paid for. Once they have your $$, they no longer consider it their job to follow up on service and keep tabs on whether suppliers and providers are doing their jobs.

Being Ignored
By -

I guess when they get tired of hearing that you are not satisfied they put you in "no-where land." Let me explain. I recently purchased a NEW W1952TQ monitor from Circuit City. In the first week, touching any of the on-board controls for the monitor it would shut the monitor off and would take at least 10 minutes to get it to come on again. I phoned customer service two times and sent two emails before getting any response. When I did get through to a customer service rep, his solution was to return it to Circuit city.

Problem number one, they are out of business. OK, what is it doing? I explained to him the problem I was having with the monitor and his opinion was that there might be a problem with the power supply. Solution, they will send me a NEW monitor to replace it. That should have been the end of the story, but Oh NO!

When the replacement monitor arrived, I find it is a REFURBISHED monitor. In other words a monitor that was returned by someone else because of problems. Supposedly they reworked the monitor and made it "good as new." Well, that is totally wrong. It has dead pixels. Along with this refurbished monitor comes a notice that my original warranty is now "NULL AND VOID" and this one is only for 90 days.

I went from a 3 years warranty to 90 days and they think they did me a favor. I contacted them again to complain about the USED (refurbished) monitor with dead pixels and 90 day warranty. This time I was told that I would be sent a NEW, yes NEW monitor to replace this defective monitor. When it arrived, to my utter shock, I received another USED (refurbished) monitor with the 90 warranty. And this one also has dead pixels. I immediately contacted the representative that I was working with and got the explanation, they just don't have any new monitors at this time and don't know when they will arrive.

I will be transfer to another customer service section to take care of this matter. They will contact me to resolve this issue. Well, no one has contacted me and the representative I was dealing with won't respond to my e-mail inquiries. Looks now like they have put me and my problem into the "GREAT NO MAN'S LAND." My thinking is that if you buy a new corvette and the doors fall off, you should have to accept a used one as a replacement. Is it too much to ask for New to replace New? LG service sucks!

LG Range
By -

CAMDEN, MAINE -- I am on my 2nd range within 1 month. The first one had problems with the baking racks sloping downhill from left to right. The whole interior of the oven was off. Best Buy just delivered a replacement 2 days ago. The burners and oven on this one keep shutting off by themselves and the glass control panel is not sensitive enough. It takes several taps to get functions to turn on to work - only for some of them to shut off soon after.

LG gave me the name of a service company to call and they are sending someone out in a few days to look at it. He says he doesn't know much about them. I am not encouraged. I bought the matching M/W and don't want to end up with a miss matched set, especially with the cost of these. It is past the 30 days to be able to return the microwave should I have to get another brand of range.

4/25/09. The repairman showed up last week and installed a new control panel. He installed it as well as a cable connecting the control panel to a resistor running the oven part. It is all working as it should - so far. However, like another person commented in an earlier review, my new control panel LED numbers and letters are now different than my matching microwave. They are a different color of white and are fuzzy. Disappointing. I don't think I will ever buy another LG product.

9/19/09. Update. 12 days ago while baking dinner, my oven just shut itself off. It won't heat up at all on conventional or convection. I shut the breaker off to reset it, but still will not work. I can't get any help from LG. They told me that they would "rush it through" and someone would contact me within 3 to 5 business days. Some rush. No one called after a week so I contacted them again and was told several conflicting stories.

Bottom line, seems like they can't find anyone to service my range so far even though various people have been here about this range 5 times so far since I have purchased it in March. As much as I want to like my LG range and microwave, their products and company suck. There. That is what it boils down to. Of course now this model has been discontinued. Will post more later with update.

Worst After Sales Customer Support
By -

ISLAMABAD -- I have bought Split AC (Jet Cool model C186KLA2) last month, i.e. 06 May '07. But I am facing problem in AC from day 1 which do happen to new product but at rare occasion. However, renowned firm should have exceptional after-sale support services to satisfy their valuable customers later on. On the contrast, the way customer services provided to me is eye-opener for others who intend to buy LG products in future. The customer services of LG at Pakistan had bypassed all the norms of the business.

I don't want to go into details of all which will be quite shameful for LG as it will disclose the methods of swindle being applied by customer service personnel to customers and unprofessional competence of their technicians & authorized installer.

Briefly, after more than 150 calls & frequent pursuance, the Customer Service in Pakistan has provided me used one and down model, i.e. KLA1 against my new and up model, i.e. KLA2. Prior replacement, they told me that they are going to replace my defective AC with same model and only less than one month used AC installed in the office of their branch manager. I accepted their offer because I already had enough mental tension and fatigue to resolve this issue. But, it was to my surprise when I saw AC installed by them is quite old and also, model is KLA1 instead of KLA2.

At nutshell, I got old and down model split AC in lieu of my new and up model Split AC KLA2. I had emailed Customer Service Department of LG Head office Korea, i.e. Mr. **: ** & Mr. **: ** to seek justice but nobody bothered to respond to me. I was in contact with Mr. Muad ** email: **, probably looking after online customer service affair of Middle East Region in which Pakistan is included.

But one week back, he emailed me and said that he called on all my given telephone numbers (also indicated in email my numbers in which he tried to contact me) but could not able to contact me. In returned I emailed to him that you tried to contact me on my land lines. You should have contacted on my mobile which I had already given to you along with land lines. After this he is quiet for about one week. I may advice to LG Head Office at Seoul, Korea to take serious note of it, otherwise slowly and gradually, other firms will snatched the market of LG product.

LG Gas Range Knobs Over Priced And Bad Design.
StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty StarBy -
Rating: 1/51

I WANT TO ADD MY COMPLAINT TO THE LIST OF COMPLAINTS ABOUT LG PRODUCTS. I thought I would be a nice guy and replace the knob on my mother in law's new gas range, so I get the model # and serial and go on line. I type in the model up come many sites for parts. I think wow what a fine product to have so many companies to provide parts. Not as bad as the Delta Drill press I bought in 09 and it was discontinued on me in 09 now I'm stuck without any options for parts.

So I purchase a knob $78.00 plus shipping cost. Ouch, this to me is a rip off. I paid 600. for my range and the one knob cost 1/6th of the price? Well then I go to her house 11 months later to find she now has 3 more knobs broken, I hesitate a bit, and say oh well It is my wonderful mother in law, so I go to purchase the three knobs and now they are $89.00 and have the tenacity to claim I saving $16.00 each. Let's see now the cost of the replacement parts total $345.00 plus shipping. I could have bought her a new range from some other than LG 300.00 more. Shame on LG and for Sears for selling these items. I urge you not to buy LG products.

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