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Knobs Are Defective; Don't Buy This Model!
Posted by ZUMPANOS on 01/28/2014
This particular range is a big disappointment. We've had the knobs break 6 times since we purchased the oven. LG replaced them once under warranty and rc willey has replaced them 5 times in 3 years.

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Posted by Shaun on 2014-01-30:
I sure like RC Willey. I buy a lot of merchandise through them.

The problem you're having is a result of the knobs' shroud, that part which covers the actual control switch and is visible from the back of the knob. This part is actually plastic. If the actual control switch, which can be seen when the knob is removed, is too tight it places additional stress on this plastic piece and will eventually wear out.

BY NO MEANS IS THIS ONLY AN LG ISSUE. Many appliances can experience this. There are two more permanent solutions:

One is to access the area where this switch and the range connect. Greasing the switch(s) can sometimes ease the amount of friction and cause the dial to turn more easily, thus creating less stress on the actual knob.

The second is to take one of the knobs to RC Willey. Go to their showroom floor and find any of their LG ranges. Try removing any of their knobs and inspecting it to see if the contact is metal versus that of plastic. If it is, try your 'plastic' part knob to confirm it is an exact fit. Once you've found a replacement set of knobs that have the metal in place of plastic, you've solved the issue. Make a note of the model and if you find you need to replace the knobs yet again, do so with the better set. And yes, you will find comparable knobs that are designed better.
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Burner Knob Fix For LG Gas Range
Posted by Whn3rd on 11/24/2013
NA, CALIFORNIA -- I found a quick and easy fix for LG knobs that have cracked (model #lrg30357st) and cheap too!! First remove one of the knobs, take it with you to the hardware store. Look for a spring clamp that will fit (3/8" is what I used). Remove tabs if it has any. I found if you find a socket it will slide onto tightly will make this easier. Squeeze it with a pair of pliers to brake off the tabs, one at a time works best.

Next remove the two screws that hold the knob together, slide the spring clamp into center hole, then force back plate back on carefully making sure screw holes are aligned. Turn knob over using a larger socket place the shaft in socket and push parts together. When replacing screws tighten each screw a little at a time so you don't strip them out, I hope this helps it worked for me.
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Cell phone under warranty with manufacturer defect
Posted by Nichole.kulas on 08/06/2013
LAKE ORION, MICHIGAN -- I initially called to get some questions answered, but was immediately told there was nothing you could do. I asked for a supervisor and sat on hold for 30 minutes only to be transferred to home appliances! They then transferred me to home electronics and again back to where I started. No one in customer service was polite, nor helpful and apparently are not comfortable working the phone system in place.

By time I actually got to a supervisor she was rude and not at all helpful either. All I wanted was to know why I had to pay more (I already purchased the phone) to get a MANUFACTURER DEFECT that is under warranty (not in any way my fault nor responsibility) fixed by the company whose fault it is! How can you expect return customers when you do nothing to appease them.

All I wanted was a shipping label. I was not offered a discount, coupon, apologies or anything. Not to mention once I do pay to turn it in, I will only get a refurbished phone back, not even a new one! Unbelievable!
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Posted by Miguel on 2013-09-12:
I just had this happen to me today. I actually went to one of their offices personally and the associate I was speaking with me said the same thing. That the phone is under warranty and they are aware of the issue. If the phone is under warranty why do I have to pay $15.00 for an issue that wasn't my fault. Not only that but I have to wait an entire week for them to order one for me(They currently did not have any in stock
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Gas Range
Posted by PKSMR on 07/27/2013
All 5 range knobs have broken in last 2 years ...Last week my son thought the gas was off but due to broken knob gas was was still on. I came home and had to turn off gas from gas main until I found the problem and aired out the premise. I am a plumber and knew what to do right away. I am afraid some one else would have not been as lucky. Knobs are flawed and dangerous...

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Posted by John Nicholson on 2013-07-28:
Follow this like to the consumer product safety commission:


Take a look and see if your product has been recalled, etc. Then, file a report of an unsafe product---click on the tab in the upper left of the page. Then, do an internet search for your product and the problem and see if others have the same trouble. As for the broken knobs, there are many sites online that sell after-market knobs. I suspect you will find some made better than the OEM ones.
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LG Appliances Poor Customer and Tech Support
Posted by Billsmith380 on 07/11/2013
I purchased an LG dishwasher in 2012. The dishwasher is still under warranty. Technicians have attempted to repair 8 times now. Last technician advised that it was un-repairable and should be replaced. LG will not replace it. LG will not take honor the warranty. Will never purchase another LG product or another LG product rebranded by another company.
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LG Gas Range Knobs Over Priced And Bad Design.
Posted by Socalhydraulicman on 01/22/2013

I thought I would be a nice guy and replace the knob on my mother in law's new gas range, so I get the model# and serial and go on line. I type in the model up come many sites for parts. I think wow what a fine product to have so many companies to provide parts. Not as bad as the Delta Drill press I bought in 09 and it was discontinued on me in 09 now I'm stuck with out any options for parts.

So I purchase a knob $78.00 plus shipping cost. Ouch this to me is a rip off I paid 600. for my range and the one knob cost 1/6th of the price? Well then I go to her house 11 months later to find she now has 3 more knobs broken, I hesitate a bit, and say oh well It is my wonderful mother in law, so I go to purchase the three knobs and now they are $89.00 and have the tenacity to claim I saving $16.00 Each. Lets see now the cost of the replacement parts total $345.00 plus shipping. I could have bought her a new range from some other then LG 300.00 more.

Shame on LG and for Sears for selling these items. I urge you not to buy LG products.
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Posted by trmn8r on 2013-01-23:
Plastics that are no longer available from the manufacturer can be very expensive to make. I worked in cordless phones for awhile, and I recall that a handset was dirt cheap for a run of hundreds of thousands, but hundreds of dollars each for just a couple.

I don't know if that explains why these are so expensive or not - with all the complaints, I would have thought demand would be high. Sorry to hear about your situation.
Posted by At Your Service on 2013-01-23:
This isn't bad business and it definitely not uncommon. Most manufacturers charge a great deal more for parts than for the entire unit put together. LG is no different than other manufacturers when it comes to that.

I point that will hopefully help, however. The reason the knobs are likely breaking is because of excessive force placed upon the plastic D shape, plastic opening behind the knob. The replacements, if used in the same fashion, will give way too. Do yourself a favor and drop by your local ACE hardware store. Purchase a set of small hose clamps which can be used to reinforce the knobs. Tighten them around the D orifice, allowing the clamp to conform to the shape. Be careful to not over-tighten as you don't want the piece to crack. The clamp should simply reinforce the plastic and keep it from cracking again.

Best of luck.
Posted by gary on 2013-06-11:
you should,t have to repair your new appliance with hose clamps because its made so cheap,at your service who do you work for LG
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Despicable Knobs and Customer Service
Posted by Walterlander on 01/17/2013
CRYSTAL LAKE, ILLINOIS -- The quality of the knob construction is very poor. The plastic "D" insert in the back of the knob may as well be made of silly putty. In a little over a year since I purchased the range I am now on my second set of knobs and trying to order the third set. The insert cracks and/or rounds off with minimal ordinary use. The price of knobs is outrageous for something as lasting as a Kleenex. The extended warranty I purchases is useless because it doesn't cover the knobs. LG claims this is because failure of the knobs is due to normal wear and tear rather than admitting the design is flawed, and potentially dangerous. Several times I have turned off the burner only to discover the knob had moved but not the stem that controls the gas flow to the burner.

The more I read other reviews of the LG Gas Range knob problem, the more I realize what a mistake I made in purchasing an LG product. I hope to be a part of a class action lawsuit in the near future.
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Posted by trmn8r on 2013-01-18:
Yes, this is a very poorly designed part, and no, nothing will change.

Your only option is to find a substitute that is made better.

It is such a tragic situation - large expensive range hobbled by cheesy knobs that cost maybe $0.50 each to make. If they had raised the price of the range $10, you could have had knobs that lasted as long as the range. After all, they are the part that wears the most.
Posted by At Your Service on 2013-01-18:
This really isn't much different than any other appliance on the market. Most use just a plastic design and in many cases, don't have much in the way of problems. Every once in awhile, though, you find someone that has the right set of circumstances to run into the issue.

There is a rather simple way of solving the issue. Upon getting your next set of knobs, drop by your local hardware store and get a set of ever so small hose clamps. These clamps can be used to surround the D area on the backside, conforming to the D shape, and reinforcing the plastic. The problem should be solved.

It really isn't a problem of any particular manufacturer. Most appliances do come this way now.

Best of luck.
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Its cost $279.00 to replace it
Posted by Tiny37 on 09/25/2012
I price to replace [my] dehumidifier and it @279.00 [at] Sears where I brought it it was not that old. I mailed everything over month ago no reply or any thing, they were suppose to send me $125.00 and a gift card for Sears to get another one. please reply....................

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Washer Top Loader WT4801CW
Posted by Snc2232003 on 06/06/2012
PENSACOLA, FLORIDA -- Lg does not abide by their warranty. I will never purchase another LG product. I bought my washer and dryer 5 months ago and now the control panel on my washer has went out. After arguing with their inept customer service reps I was able to get a LG warranty repairman to my house after my clothes have sat in water for 3 days and found out the part is back ordered at least 4-6 weeks. Obviously if the part is that far back ordered this isn't the only time it has happened. I bought this through my local HH Gregg. Thankfully they have now put in a request with their corporate office to get me a new washer. I will find out in 3 days or so if it is approved. I hope many people read this and see that LG is not a good choice at all!!!
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Posted by GenuineNerd on 2012-06-06:
The next washer should have old fashioned, reliable knob controls instead of a control panel...those tend to have a high failure rate, and are expensive to replace. Knob controls have had proven reliability for many, many years.
Posted by ok4now on 2012-06-07:
Sorry to hear about your bad experience with LG. It sounds like the main circuit/idiot board went bad. This is a common problem especially with the Sears/Kenmore products. Back ordered for 4 to 6 weeks? This is unacceptable and definitely indicates a problem. Nice to know that HH Gregg is trying to get you a new washer. This would never happen at Best Buy. Let us know how you make out.
Posted by Jen J on 2013-02-03:
We experienced the same failure six weeks after purchasing the machine. It took two weeks to be repaired. Now, eight months later the same failure has occurred!! This is a huge frustration!! We purchased at Home Depot.
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Terrible customer service and parts return
Posted by Pooky784 on 05/02/2012
Customer Service and parts replacement is horrible. Have been waiting for almost (3) months to get a replacement door for my microwave that isn't broken or damaged. This was a warranty issue. I have had (4) doors come in broken, dented and/or cracked! Have tried unsuccessfully numerous times to get this problem resolved through Customer Service. Last night I spent almost an hour on hold and still hung up with no resolution to the problem. They need someone who knows how to speak English !

I will never buy another LG product and will inform everyone of what I have been put through.
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