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LG Products are not only SUB PAR they are UNSAFE!
Posted by on
This specific review is about the LG stove stated above, however, we purchased all top of the line LG kitchen appliances for our new home just 36 months ago. I negotiated the best deal I could so when my husband forced me to buy extended warrenties on all of them costing another $1,000.00 I was not a happy camper. I am so glad I listened to him. You hear that???? a woman who is admitting she is glad she listened to her husband. Today, the repair man was back for the third time in 18 days. Our stove has been repaired FIVE times since we bought it, so far a total of 9 repair visits and we have been without a working stove/oven for a total of 11 weeks out of the past 36 months. 18 days ago a relay pcb burned out, a new one was ordered and put in a week later. It lasted only a week and burned out again Sunday night in the middle of cooking Sunday dinner. The repair man came back today, removed the back panel and reported the relay pcb burned out and melted AGAIN. So...he ordered another relay pcb and back element. I am scared to death this stove will catch on fire and burn our house down with us in it!! Last year, our main power board on the stovetop was replaced three times in a 3 month period. We were unable to cook for 7 weeks during that pathetic fiasco. In the first 16 months in our new home our LG dishwasher was broken and repaired 4 times....flooded our beautiful oak floors on 2 occasions causing warped area and lifting of the oak planks. The 'mother board ' fried each time according to the repair company. These LG appliances are JUNK. We were lied to and deceived and I'm trying to figure out what can be done from a legal standpoint. I think a MAJOR CLASS ACTION SUIT is necessary to stop these people from selling this crap. We were told they were made in Germany and were top of the line. Now, I find out they're owned by GE and made in KOREA. Most of the parts I've seen on the back of the stove after the panel is removed are plastic....plastic that melts, shorts out and catches on fire. LG has taken the loser route out every time, replacing the cheapest parts first hoping to get off easy, not caring that their customers are stuck without working appliances for god knows how long til someone figures out what to do to get them to work. PROSPECTIVE BUYERS....BEWARE!!!! LG APPLIANCES ARE TERRIBLE! THE COMPANY IS EVEN WORSE.
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getoverit on 2011-03-29:
I've never owned anything made by LG. I don't think of it as a high end manufacturer of anything and they do seem to have quite a few complaints on this board. By the same token, the number of complaints they have doesn't seem to be excessive, since they do seem to sell a lot of stuff.

None of that, of course, is any help to the OP who, obviously, is having some serious problems with that stove.

But I have a couple of questions for the OP: 1) Who told you that your appliances were made in Germany and are "top of the line" (whatever that means)? 2) If something is made in Germany, does that prove it's better than something made in Korea?

It seems to me that the real problem is that you thought you were getting high-end products but you weren't.

I'm just glad you do have the extended warranties. Maybe you should listen to your husband a little more and a little less to salespeople who might not know anything in the first place. (btw - check your facts on whether there's any connection between GE and LG. Wikipedia doesn't confirm that.)
Inat on 2011-03-30:
not many appliances strike me as "high end" any more... just seems as if they're all the same design but with different features. I buy "high end" too - (Kenmore elite, KitchenAid) and have never had a problem with any of them...wait, my sealed burner went out on my stove once. I just ordered the part and replaced it... seems if anything, there are more lemons .... where did you buy it? just wondering if perhaps outlet centers are selling lemons
Just read this on 2012-06-05:
LG is not a German company, they are Korean. Their name comes from the 2 brand names they used to use in the 80's and 90's. Lucky is the brand name they used in Korea and Asia, Goldstar is the brand name they used in North America and other English speaking countries. I worked in an electronics store in the 80's and we used to sell Goldstar TV's and VCR's as a "loss leader", we sold them at cost to get people into the store. If someone asked about the Goldstar stuff I would tell them it was priced so cheap because it was basically throwaway product, not worth the price to buy it and not worth the price to repair it when it died. I know of a local store that sells LG tv's and electronics and claims they are great. From my research LG products are poor quality products that break down moer than others are are very difficult to get serviced correctly or at all.
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Don't buy LG
Posted by on
I purchased an LG Gas Range at Home Depot less than two years ago. I also purchased the extended warranty which I was told covered the item from head to toe! Within 6 months 2 of the knobs kept falling off. I looked at the knobs and discovered the part that attaches to the range is NOT commercial grade but plastic! Since that time 2 more of the knobs have broken in the same area. When I inquired about the warranty, of course the knobs were not covered. OK, so how much could a set of knobs cost? I will order new ones, I was told they are $70 a piece! What a scam on the part of LG? Now we use the one knob that still functions and pliers to turn the others on!!!
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Venice09 on 2011-01-07:
Why wouldn't knobs be covered under a warranty? You can't operate the stove without them. I would argue with them to replace the knobs every time replacements are needed while the warranty is in effect.
Clockspring on 2011-10-19:
I have had the same problem with cracking knobs on my LG gas range (Model LRG30357ST). After countless calls and emails to both LG customer service and Service Net Solutions (LG's extended warranty provider) over the last several months, I received an email from LG admitting that the cracking of the gas range knobs is a known problem, and they offered to replace the knobs "FREE OF CHARGE IF YOU EVER HAVE AN ISSUE WITH THEM." After providing the requested serial number and date of purchase, I received a set of 5 replacement knobs about a week later. If your knobs are cracking every 4 to 6 months too, DEMAND your free replacements. Their distributors sell the knobs for upwards of $60 a piece, which is absolutely outrageous. Why they don't just fabricate an all-metal replacement knob is beyond me. It can't be more economical than sending replacement sets over and over again (I am currently on my 4th set, all of which have been sent free of charge, although prior to the recent email, they said they were doing it strictly as a courtesy).

Here is the exact text in the email I received from LG customer service:

Thank you for contacting LG Electronics

Thank you for taking the time to email us at LG Electronics. I will be more than happy to assist you with your inquiry.

In this case the knobs are designed to last but here recently we’ve been getting some customers calling in regarding the knobs that’s why we will send them to you free of charge if you ever have an issue with them.

On the other hand we do appreciate you being patient on getting a respond from the LG group and we’re glad to have you as a valued customer.

If you need any further assistance, please feel free to contact us back. Thanks again and have a fabulous day.

LG Customer Service
Venice09 on 2011-10-20:
I hope people with the same problem see your post, Clockspring. It's very helpful.
Carol on 2012-08-20:
Same exact issues!!!
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LG front load washer and dryer. Research before you buy.
Posted by on
COLORADO -- July 2007, I purchased a front loading washer and dryer pair along with the pedistals. First mistake was going for Sears extended warranty, which is fully 6 times the cost of other dealers. I am old and handicapped and had to buy the pedistals - which are a bit of a ripoff price wise. (My excuse, is I was in pain and just wanted to get a set- my old washer had died)I thought this was the last set I would get before I went to "the home". I really dislike this set. I use more prewash spot remover and iron more than I have in years. The washer only performs in a mediocre way - and on the full setting, takes an hour. I don't get my stuff real dirty and have to spot out things like the bottom of my socks (the ones I wear around the house without shoes). I have experimented with different detergents and amounts and now use 2nd rinse (per Sears employee suggestion) Sounds like a water saver to me!! (not) Old washer did not need that. I hate to think how useless it would be with young children and family and sports dirt. Dryer stops when done and depending on setting, it is either still damp or still warm. Clothes crumple. I have to grab clothes while they are still tumbling to hang up. This involves pause and restart - quite an energy saver as I see it (not). The wrinkle guard is a waste. It stops, then tumbles, then stops, then tumbles. When it first stops, the wrinkles set in. I don't spend my life in front of my dryer - it is in my basement. I am constantly putting in something wet (even just wet a towel), setting to a higher heat and waiting until the clothes are hot and damp, then I can take them out. My old (25 years) dryer would toss them for 1/2 hour after the cycle and thus wrinkles were tossed out. Old dryer had a cool down too, so by the end of the cycle they were cool and fewer wrinkles. The advantage, I can iron the stuff while I wait for the dryer. I WOULD NEVER SPEND THIS MUCH MONEY ON A WASHER AND DRYER AGAIN AND WOULD NEVER BY A FRONT LOADER. There is no appreciable savings in water or power that I can see. I have to iron almost everything - Bought 3 new sets of sheets - different brands, store and thread counts. After the initial wash, all 3 sets have set in creases on all the edges. I have not ironed sheets in 40 years - now I have to iron these every time. I use a lower spin setting as I suspect the heavy spin is what set in the wrinkles - but I cannot get them out at all. I don't know why they can't make a home front loader that 1.-has the gasket on the door instead of the machine (less stink and mold and you don't have to leave it open as I do), and 2.-works as well as the ones in the laudromat. 43 years ago, I had a front loader (Phillips) in an apt we rented and it worked great - the gasket was in the door. WARNING - don't be romanced into a front loader - all the hype is just that!!
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LG Support Stinks
Posted by on
OK..so I bought this TV not because I needed a new TV...I had a perfectly working RCA CRT TV that is still going strong after 20+ years. I just finally decided to come into the modern era and emjoy HDTV and brilliant colors. So I contact LG chat line; here is the conversation:
carlo: Hello, Giuliano Volpini. Can I help you with anything today?
Giuliano Volpini: Hello Carlo; hope your well. Yes; unfortunately our 42PC3D lost it's picture about 2 months ago. Of course this took place after the 24-month warranty expired. I do not think a TV of this quality should malfunction and I was set on an LG due to the longer warranty but mostly the reliability. After performing some research on the net it seems that this TV is susceptible to the type of problem that we have encountered (ie. no picture but have sound). I attempted to work with LG to hopefully get some sort of half-and-half deal were I would pay labour or parts; but this did not work out. I would like to know if someone can tell me which parts I need and I will attempt to fix it myself. Thanks...will wait for response.
carlo: we don't do that kind of support, you'd have to call a local servicer to see if they would help
carlo: COLTECH ELECTRONICS LIMITED/905-561-5506/905-561-3380/L8E 2W2/306 KENORA AVENUE
carlo: that is your authorized repair shop
Giuliano Volpini: OK then thanks.
carlo: no problem
carlo: you understand why we don't give that kind of support?
Giuliano Volpini: No...I would like too though? I am really upset that over this to the point that I have already been looking at a new TV but will not look at another LG product.
carlo: we cannot give that kind of support because we would have to look at the TV for diagnosis, it's impossible to know just by you telling me the symptoms, and then we would be liable if you get hurt repairing the TV or not doing it correctly and say...your house catches on fire
carlo: none of the other TV companies would do it either...it's a liability issue.
Giuliano Volpini: OK...but how about maybe extending some assistance like I mentioned before...I mean just over two years man !!! I am not going with another brand because they would tell me what parts I needed; I am doing it because of quality, service and reliability. A friend of mine had a Samsung that died after 18 months (there was only 1 year warranty); even after 6 months they replaced the set...why...because a new TV should last a long time and because they wanted him to buy another Samsung in 10 or 15 years..LG did nothing for me; thay gave me a case number then called back and told me to go fly a kite basically.
carlo: I'm sorry, but we have certain policies we have to follow. If they told you that nothing could be done, then we can't do anything. Different companies have different policies.
Giuliano Volpini: Wow...such a corporate response...you did not even ask for the LG case; maybe you could do something or extend some sort of assistance...why does LG have such a hardass customer service runaround...come on man; I do not have cash flowing like a river (for lack of a better term)... Before purchasing the LG we had a regular CRT RCA that lasted over 20 years...only decided to go with a plasma to enjoy the benefits of HD and better colour...and this is what I get ?
carlo: I've read the case already, it's in your wife's name Felicia, unfortunately nothing more can be done
carlo: The case has already been closed
Giuliano Volpini: And why? What is so hard to understand that a TV (of supposedly high caliber) should not die in 30 months?
carlo: I am not going to argue these points anymore, we cannot do anything
carlo: thanks for your time
Notice: carlo exited session.
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User Replies:

andbran on 2009-10-05:
where they could have been more supportive they were just following their policies. this is one of the major reasons I haven't traded my 20 year old set for the hdtv.
PepperElf on 2009-10-05:
personally I went for the really cheap option
I chose to not buy a tv

at the moment there's only 2 tv shows I have any interest in, so I just get them on itunes (or youtube) :)
Eloise on 2009-10-05:
Or Hulu.
bcd on 2009-10-05:
Most manufacturers offer a 12-month warranty. You received a 24-month warranty on your TV. It malfunctioned at 30-months. At what point do you expect them to draw the line? 31-months? 36-months? If it had a 12-month warranty would you have been more satisfied that it failed 18-months out of warranty?
ALMitt on 2010-07-22:
Greetings, I too have the same set and had the picture go out but after about three years. I felt that LG should stand behind the product as three years for a set to go out is way to short of a time. I contacted LG but they will do nothing about it. In fact they were down right arrogant about it. I contacted my attorney generals office and filed a complaint and now LG has to respond to the problem. Looks like the attorney general saw it my way, and felt the product defective. I do not recommend LG products to anyone. Buy something else. It looks like they have a great deal of problems in a lot of the electronics they sell. Buyer Beware!!

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LG shipping their poorly produced goods into the USA
Posted by on
CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- A TV, or refrigerator are what the govt calls durable goods. Definition of a durable good from Wikipedia are: durable good or a hard good is a good which does not quickly wear out, or more specifically, it yields services or utility over time rather than being completely used up when used once.

Examples of durable goods include cars, appliances, business equipment, electronic equipment, home furnishings and fixtures, houseware and accessories, photographic equipment, recreational goods, sporting goods, toys and games.

We purchased a 42' plasma TV in October 2006. We picked up the TV towards the end of October and di not actually install the T.V till March 2007 after our living room was fully rehabbed. We bought the t.v that early because the sales person at Circuit City had lied and said it was once in a lifetime deal (when we went back less than 30 days later, they had dramatically reduced the t.v from a total of $1400 to about $11oo and would not adjust for price. So much for once in a lifetime deal).

About September 2007, the t.v started experiencing blackouts. You will be watching a show and the screen will turn all dark for a couple of seconds and come right back. We thought it was the cable company nad had several techs come in to no avail.

It was not until Dec 2007 that we learned it was an LG problem. Apparently this is quite common with the LG brand of Plasma T.Vs. The reviews online are horrible. We were horrified. We wished we had read the online reviews before making the purchase.

Online we read that a fuse will fix the problem so we went online toi try to order the fuse (no respectable company like Tweeter or ABT carries LG, I guess for good reason). We placed the order online and were told the fuse was on backorder.

After two months of waiting, we developed a problem with our High-speed internet which brought the cable company to our home again. We then sought the cable guys opinion. He apparently had heard of LG and their terrible problem. He told us to call Circuit City and even the manufacturer, as this should still be under warranty, as this problem is more a manufacturing defect than anything else.

I called Circuit city at nauseaum. NO manager ever called me back. We tried LGusa. They were good to send out a tech. The tech came and ordered the products and also came again to install the product, but the T.V would not work. HE put a work order to have that accomplished and we thought everything was good.

LG then wanted a copy of the receipt. I did not keep a copy of the receipt as I did not envision anything happening to the T.V. The rep., Melida told me that without a receipt, there was nothing more she could do, and that she was going to close the case out at which time I informed her that I would be happy to sue her company and probably get a class action status for the case. I have an Attorney currently looking into this issue, but I was informed to also exercise all options pending the time a lawsuit maybe need to be filed.

I finally got a copy of my credit card statement and called LGusa. I got to speak to my friend Melinda again who was nice to inform me that they need the actual invoice and not the statement, which was not something she had informed me off in our last conversation.

As I am writing this review I called Circuit City again for a copy of my invoice. Like clockwork, I was able to get a manager this time on the phone after about two minutes, without having to spend 15 minutes of my life, which I was never going to get back. Apparently if you need a manager it is quite tricky at Circuit City, as they are always in conference calls. Maybe they need to spend less time on conference calls about useless strategies that is not helping their customers, but actually assisting the customer, maybe they will improve their bottom line.

Derek, the sales manager was able to inform me that circuit City is there 24 hours a day for me (yeah right). He told me for a simple thing like obtaining my receipt should not take anytime at all (as of this letter the whole process of obtaining my receipt has been 3 months). He said one of the sales girls should be able to fax me the receipt. And true to his word he passed me unto Jessie in customer service who promises me my receipt in 5-10 minutes. I have been writing this review for over 5 minutes, but the receipt is yet to arrive by fax, but then what is a couple if minutes amongst permanently lost customers. To think I have spent thousands of dollars at Circuit City.

I guess you all would have to wait to see what LG says. I am thinking it won't be pretty based on history. To think a co-worker told me not to buy their product due to another lemon product, this time a refrigerator.

As someone who abhors lawsuits, it seems the only way to be heard is if you are suing someone for some type of remedy. Our politicians have failed to hold these companies accountable (they probably finance their campaigns), but guess who votes?

I have sent both my congressman a letter as well as my State Senator, I shall keep you posted how well that goes.
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User Replies:

Anonymous on 2008-05-27:
My only experience with LG products were two cell phones. One habitually disconnected itself from the network...leading to many missed calls. The other 'froze up' repeatedly...requiring me to remove the battery to re-start the phone. Based on that limited experience, I decided not to purchase further LG products.
Anonymous on 2008-05-27:
Who throws out a receipt for such a large purchase? If you needed warranty work (and I am guessing you never sent in the wareenty card either)what were they to do, take your word for it?

You caused your own headaches.
Anonymous on 2008-05-27:
I must admit,when I bought my HDTV,I tossed the receipt.I did register the product,but am probably screwed if I need warranty work.

Good Luck!
jenjenn on 2008-05-27:
We had 2 LG phones & they were HORRIBLE. I'll never buy another LG product.
Anonymous on 2008-05-27:
I dutifully save receipts for most purchases. However, more retailers are adding extra 'conditions' to their return policy. "Must be in saleable condition" is my favorite...when returning a defective product. I understand their intent, but 'saleable' seems to be a non-sequitor when a product is returned as defective. Also, "Must be in all original packaging"...jeez! Ever unpack an HDTV...a large appliance...or something out of one of those abysmal 'blister packs' that you must destroy with kryptonite to get the product out! I would prefer a more honest return policy, simply stated: "You wanted 'cheap', you got it...all sales are final."
Principissa on 2008-05-27:
LOL Ghost. I totally agree with you. We had to return a digital camera last year (bought with gift card from Best Buy) and they at first wouldn't take it back because they said they could not re-sell the item. It finally took two managers and me yelling "Well DUH of course you can't re-sell the stupid thing, IT'S DEFECTIVE!" I know what there intentions are as well, but for a defective item, it shouldn't be even put in a category for re-sale unless the manufacturer repairs it and sends it back.
Anonymous on 2008-05-27:
Shoulda bought your camera at Wal Mart, Principissa. Did you read my post where I saw a camera returned by a Wally World customer (I was at the service desk) "Because it doesn't work. The lens doesn't open". Ten minutes later, I was looking at DVDs near the camera department. Here comes the guy from the service desk, pushing a cart full of returns. He pulled the same returned camera from the cart, and handed it to the camera department associate who put it directly into stock.
Principissa on 2008-05-27:
Yikes! Guess the next person buying that camera is going to be pretty angry! Hubby actually got a 500.00 Best Buy gift card from work, they gave it to the whole third shift for going 265 days without a lost time accident. Hey it was free! :) This quarter if they go 450 days without a lost time accident they are all getting checks for 1500.00! So keep your fingers crossed, momma needs a new a/c unit!
Anonymous on 2008-05-27:
Yeah, I'm waiting for the pending M3C review saying the poster bought a (keeping name under my hat) camera at the (keeping the location under my hat) Wal Mart and it didn't work or looked used. Fingers crossed for your a/c AND that nobody gets hurt at your husbands workplace. Double bennie!
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Burner Knob Fix For LG Gas Range
Posted by on
Rating: 3/51
NA, CALIFORNIA -- I found a quick and easy fix for LG knobs that have cracked (model #lrg30357st) and cheap too!! First remove one of the knobs, take it with you to the hardware store. Look for a spring clamp that will fit (3/8" is what I used). Remove tabs if it has any. I found if you find a socket it will slide onto tightly will make this easier. Squeeze it with a pair of pliers to brake off the tabs, one at a time works best.

Next remove the two screws that hold the knob together, slide the spring clamp into center hole, then force back plate back on carefully making sure screw holes are aligned. Turn knob over using a larger socket place the shaft in socket and push parts together. When replacing screws tighten each screw a little at a time so you don't strip them out, I hope this helps it worked for me.
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Cell phone under warranty with manufacturer defect
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
LAKE ORION, MICHIGAN -- I initially called to get some questions answered, but was immediately told there was nothing you could do. I asked for a supervisor and sat on hold for 30 minutes only to be transferred to home appliances! They then transferred me to home electronics and again back to where I started. No one in customer service was polite, nor helpful and apparently are not comfortable working the phone system in place.

By time I actually got to a supervisor she was rude and not at all helpful either. All I wanted was to know why I had to pay more (I already purchased the phone) to get a MANUFACTURER DEFECT that is under warranty (not in any way my fault nor responsibility) fixed by the company whose fault it is! How can you expect return customers when you do nothing to appease them.

All I wanted was a shipping label. I was not offered a discount, coupon, apologies or anything. Not to mention once I do pay to turn it in, I will only get a refurbished phone back, not even a new one! Unbelievable!
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User Replies:

Miguel on 2013-09-12:
I just had this happen to me today. I actually went to one of their offices personally and the associate I was speaking with me said the same thing. That the phone is under warranty and they are aware of the issue. If the phone is under warranty why do I have to pay $15.00 for an issue that wasn't my fault. Not only that but I have to wait an entire week for them to order one for me(They currently did not have any in stock
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Despicable Knobs and Customer Service
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
CRYSTAL LAKE, ILLINOIS -- The quality of the knob construction is very poor. The plastic "D" insert in the back of the knob may as well be made of silly putty. In a little over a year since I purchased the range I am now on my second set of knobs and trying to order the third set. The insert cracks and/or rounds off with minimal ordinary use. The price of knobs is outrageous for something as lasting as a Kleenex. The extended warranty I purchases is useless because it doesn't cover the knobs. LG claims this is because failure of the knobs is due to normal wear and tear rather than admitting the design is flawed, and potentially dangerous. Several times I have turned off the burner only to discover the knob had moved but not the stem that controls the gas flow to the burner.

The more I read other reviews of the LG Gas Range knob problem, the more I realize what a mistake I made in purchasing an LG product. I hope to be a part of a class action lawsuit in the near future.
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User Replies:

trmn8r on 2013-01-18:
Yes, this is a very poorly designed part, and no, nothing will change.

Your only option is to find a substitute that is made better.

It is such a tragic situation - large expensive range hobbled by cheesy knobs that cost maybe $0.50 each to make. If they had raised the price of the range $10, you could have had knobs that lasted as long as the range. After all, they are the part that wears the most.
At Your Service on 2013-01-18:
This really isn't much different than any other appliance on the market. Most use just a plastic design and in many cases, don't have much in the way of problems. Every once in a while, though, you find someone that has the right set of circumstances to run into the issue.

There is a rather simple way of solving the issue. Upon getting your next set of knobs, drop by your local hardware store and get a set of ever so small hose clamps. These clamps can be used to surround the D area on the backside, conforming to the D shape, and reinforcing the plastic. The problem should be solved.

It really isn't a problem of any particular manufacturer. Most appliances do come this way now.

Best of luck.
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Washer Top Loader WT4801CW
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
PENSACOLA, FLORIDA -- Lg does not abide by their warranty. I will never purchase another LG product. I bought my washer and dryer 5 months ago and now the control panel on my washer has gone out. After arguing with their inept customer service reps I was able to get a LG warranty repairman to my house after my clothes have sat in water for 3 days and found out the part is back ordered at least 4-6 weeks. Obviously if the part is that far back ordered this isn't the only time it has happened. I bought this through my local HH Gregg. Thankfully they have now put in a request with their corporate office to get me a new washer. I will find out in 3 days or so if it is approved. I hope many people read this and see that LG is not a good choice at all!!!
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User Replies:

GenuineNerd on 2012-06-06:
The next washer should have old fashioned, reliable knob controls instead of a control panel...those tend to have a high failure rate, and are expensive to replace. Knob controls have had proven reliability for many, many years.
ok4now on 2012-06-07:
Sorry to hear about your bad experience with LG. It sounds like the main circuit/idiot board went bad. This is a common problem especially with the Sears/Kenmore products. Back ordered for 4 to 6 weeks? This is unacceptable and definitely indicates a problem. Nice to know that HH Gregg is trying to get you a new washer. This would never happen at Best Buy. Let us know how you make out.
Jen J on 2013-02-03:
We experienced the same failure six weeks after purchasing the machine. It took two weeks to be repaired. Now, eight months later the same failure has occurred!! This is a huge frustration!! We purchased at Home Depot.
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Terrible customer service and parts return
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
Customer Service and parts replacement is horrible. Have been waiting for almost (3) months to get a replacement door for my microwave that isn't broken or damaged. This was a warranty issue. I have had (4) doors come in broken, dented and/or cracked! Have tried unsuccessfully numerous times to get this problem resolved through Customer Service. Last night I spent almost an hour on hold and still hung up with no resolution to the problem. They need someone who knows how to speak English !

I will never buy another LG product and will inform everyone of what I have been put through.
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