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Gas Range
Posted by PKSMR on 07/27/2013
All 5 range knobs have broken in last 2 years ...Last week my son thought the gas was off but due to broken knob gas was was still on. I came home and had to turn off gas from gas main until I found the problem and aired out the premise. I am a plumber and knew what to do right away. I am afraid some one else would have not been as lucky. Knobs are flawed and dangerous...
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Posted by John Nicholson on 2013-07-28:
Follow this like to the consumer product safety commission:


Take a look and see if your product has been recalled, etc. Then, file a report of an unsafe product---click on the tab in the upper left of the page. Then, do an internet search for your product and the problem and see if others have the same trouble. As for the broken knobs, there are many sites online that sell after-market knobs. I suspect you will find some made better than the OEM ones.
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LG Appliances Poor Customer and Tech Support
Posted by Billsmith380 on 07/11/2013
I purchased an LG dishwasher in 2012. The dishwasher is still under warranty. Technicians have attempted to repair 8 times now. Last technician advised that it was un-repairable and should be replaced. LG will not replace it. LG will not take honor the warranty. Will never purchase another LG product or another LG product rebranded by another company.
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Despicable Knobs and Customer Service
Posted by Walterlander on 01/17/2013
CRYSTAL LAKE, ILLINOIS -- The quality of the knob construction is very poor. The plastic "D" insert in the back of the knob may as well be made of silly putty. In a little over a year since I purchased the range I am now on my second set of knobs and trying to order the third set. The insert cracks and/or rounds off with minimal ordinary use. The price of knobs is outrageous for something as lasting as a Kleenex. The extended warranty I purchases is useless because it doesn't cover the knobs. LG claims this is because failure of the knobs is due to normal wear and tear rather than admitting the design is flawed, and potentially dangerous. Several times I have turned off the burner only to discover the knob had moved but not the stem that controls the gas flow to the burner.

The more I read other reviews of the LG Gas Range knob problem, the more I realize what a mistake I made in purchasing an LG product. I hope to be a part of a class action lawsuit in the near future.
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Posted by trmn8r on 2013-01-18:
Yes, this is a very poorly designed part, and no, nothing will change.

Your only option is to find a substitute that is made better.

It is such a tragic situation - large expensive range hobbled by cheesy knobs that cost maybe $0.50 each to make. If they had raised the price of the range $10, you could have had knobs that lasted as long as the range. After all, they are the part that wears the most.
Posted by At Your Service on 2013-01-18:
This really isn't much different than any other appliance on the market. Most use just a plastic design and in many cases, don't have much in the way of problems. Every once in awhile, though, you find someone that has the right set of circumstances to run into the issue.

There is a rather simple way of solving the issue. Upon getting your next set of knobs, drop by your local hardware store and get a set of ever so small hose clamps. These clamps can be used to surround the D area on the backside, conforming to the D shape, and reinforcing the plastic. The problem should be solved.

It really isn't a problem of any particular manufacturer. Most appliances do come this way now.

Best of luck.
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Its cost $279.00 to replace it
Posted by Tiny37 on 09/25/2012
I price to replace [my] dehumidifier and it @279.00 [at] Sears where I brought it it was not that old. I mailed everything over month ago no reply or any thing, they were suppose to send me $125.00 and a gift card for Sears to get another one. please reply....................
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Washer Top Loader WT4801CW
Posted by Snc2232003 on 06/06/2012
PENSACOLA, FLORIDA -- Lg does not abide by their warranty. I will never purchase another LG product. I bought my washer and dryer 5 months ago and now the control panel on my washer has went out. After arguing with their inept customer service reps I was able to get a LG warranty repairman to my house after my clothes have sat in water for 3 days and found out the part is back ordered at least 4-6 weeks. Obviously if the part is that far back ordered this isn't the only time it has happened. I bought this through my local HH Gregg. Thankfully they have now put in a request with their corporate office to get me a new washer. I will find out in 3 days or so if it is approved. I hope many people read this and see that LG is not a good choice at all!!!
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Posted by GenuineNerd on 2012-06-06:
The next washer should have old fashioned, reliable knob controls instead of a control panel...those tend to have a high failure rate, and are expensive to replace. Knob controls have had proven reliability for many, many years.
Posted by ok4now on 2012-06-07:
Sorry to hear about your bad experience with LG. It sounds like the main circuit/idiot board went bad. This is a common problem especially with the Sears/Kenmore products. Back ordered for 4 to 6 weeks? This is unacceptable and definitely indicates a problem. Nice to know that HH Gregg is trying to get you a new washer. This would never happen at Best Buy. Let us know how you make out.
Posted by Jen J on 2013-02-03:
We experienced the same failure six weeks after purchasing the machine. It took two weeks to be repaired. Now, eight months later the same failure has occurred!! This is a huge frustration!! We purchased at Home Depot.
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Terrible customer service and parts return
Posted by Pooky784 on 05/02/2012
Customer Service and parts replacement is horrible. Have been waiting for almost (3) months to get a replacement door for my microwave that isn't broken or damaged. This was a warranty issue. I have had (4) doors come in broken, dented and/or cracked! Have tried unsuccessfully numerous times to get this problem resolved through Customer Service. Last night I spent almost an hour on hold and still hung up with no resolution to the problem. They need someone who knows how to speak English !

I will never buy another LG product and will inform everyone of what I have been put through.
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Compliant of the Poor Customer Service Centre of LG (Hong Kong)
Posted by Steven.kc.tsang on 04/30/2012
HONG KONG -- I had purchased a 'LG' TV (Model:26LG30R-TA) in the Fortress shop (Hopwell Centre-Hong Kong) on 1st Feb 2009. The TV was delivered to my house on 7th February 2009.
During the last Christmas in 2011, my LG TV was malfunction and there was no picture after I switched on. In many occasions, I had to wait for more than 15 minnutes before the picture bacame visible. I thought it was due to humidity, therefore, I did not contact the 'LG' customer service center (tel:(852)3543-7777) until 30th January 2012. When I explained to the LG staff about my TV's problem, the staff did not log my compliant or asked for more details or refered to the Repair Sction to rectify the problem. In stead, the female staff asked me to provide the receipt of my TV. When I told her that I had lost the receipt, she simply told me to copy the model no. of the TV set and serial no. at the back of the TV set and asked me to approach Fortress to get a copy of the purchase invoice.
As I had to work on the week days, therefore, I had waited for a few days and visited the Fortress Shop on 4th Feb 2012 to request a copy of the purchase invoice. The straff from the Fortress Shop after checking with the computer record and told me that the warranty of the TV was expired on 2nd February 2012 (two days ago), as the warranty period for my TV is for 3 years.
I had contacted the Customer Service on the phone immediately to explain the situation. The sfatt from LG insisted that the warranty was expired and later a male staff call me to inform that he could arrange someone from the Repair Centre to check my TV without charge. After the repair technician checking my TV and the Repair Centre contacted me to inform that there is no spare part to repair my TV.
After I had waited for a few days without any further information from LG Customer Service, I had decided to call them. Unfortunately, one of their staff insisted that they do not take any responsbility, as my warranty was already expiry.
I had sent a letter to the Consumer Council (Hong Kong) to seek help from them with the following reasons:
1. WhenI reported the problem, if the Customer Service Staff handled immediately, my TV would still under the warranty period.
2. The warranty policy was not clearly stated to the customers, as I purchased the TV on 1st Feb 2009 and they delivered to me on 7th Feb 2009. The 3 years warranty period should be counted from the date of delivery and not the date I ordered the TV set,
3. When LG sent a technician to check my TV, that gave me an impression that they had admitted the responsibility to fix it, otherwise, they should sent him to inspect my TV.

Few weeks ago, I received a call from Consumer Council and a gentleman told me that LG is willing to replace a similar TV set to me, as the one that I purchased was out of stock. I was very happy about the arrangement, unfortunately, after one week I received another call from Consumer Council that LG has changed their mind and decided not to replace my malfunction TV.

I am preparing to take legal action and bring the case to the small claims tribunal. I am happy to share the outcome at the later stage.

Kind regards,

Steven Tsang

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Posted by onlooker on 2012-04-30:
Please tell us how this works out. LG changing their mind to the Consumer Council is odd.
Posted by kksan288 on 2013-11-29:
Mine LM8600 47" has a lot TV lost signal problem and error shown in picture for a year. None of response recently.
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Washer stretches shirts
Posted by Kanddi0548 on 12/27/2011
The LG top washer stretches out new shirts. The load of laundry gets all tangled up and stretches out the clothes.
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Posted by At Your Service on 2011-12-28:
It sounds like Kanddi0548 is referring to a WaveTouch washer. I've never seen one stretch clothing, but it can tangle them a bit more than a traditional washer, as it doesn't use a traditional agitator. Overall, though, they don't use as much water or as much heat to dry, so the garments really do wear much better.
Posted by onlooker on 2011-12-28:
we use mesh bags to avoid that
Posted by Venice09 on 2011-12-28:
I once had a washer that tangled clothes. It was the biggest nuisance you could ever imagine. It took longer to untangle everything than it did to wash it. Not to mention the wrinkles and extra wear and tear on the clothes. A real nightmare!

I understand how the tangling could result in stretching. It stands to reason.
Posted by At Your Service on 2011-12-29:
That's a really good idea onlooker!
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-12-29:
I wish I could find a way to dry fitted sheets in the dryer without them getting tangled up. Or, if I throw other clothes in the dryer, they always end up in those little pockets of the fitted sheet and they don't get dry. Frustrating.
Posted by Venice09 on 2011-12-29:
Using mesh bags wouldn't work for me. Heavy things like jeans and sweatshirts would never get clean in a mesh bag. And it would be so time consuming to do that with the whole family's laundry. And why should anyone have to? Washing machines shouldn't tangle clothes,
tie them together and turn them inside out. That's just a poor design.

The dryer is a different story. The static causes everything to stick. It's hard to avoid.
Posted by At Your Service on 2011-12-30:
I absolutely love my front-loaders. Never seem to have anything tangle and allows the cleaning of a lot more than the old washer ever did.
Posted by Venice09 on 2011-12-30:
I only had the problem with one top loader. As I said, it was a poor design. Whirlpool, I believe.

I'll get a front loader when there's one worth buying. Too many complaints. It's not worth the risk. I don't want to be stuck with something that keeps on costing, like a lot of other people here.
The reviews speak volumes.
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LG Cellphones
Posted by Piet10 on 12/16/2011
ENGLEWOOD CLIFFS, NEW JERSEY -- I have just bought an LG Optimus V cellphone, & it is going back.

How this piece of junk gets 5 stars in reviews, I have no idea.

The on screen keyboard is the worst I've ever used.

Text messages are extremely difficult to type, send and store. I spent 45 minutes to set up my Calender, because the keyboard is so poor. Entering text, for some unknown reason things go wrong, & you have to start all
over again.

Auto-text seems to be missing, and I don't want the Google calendar, as I have to sign in (my password is secure, and long). It frequently locks up.

Also the Micro-SD card sent was the wrong one (Mini-SD was sent without the mini-SD adapter and the micro-SD which fits into this)

Set-up is also a pain.

The manual has such tiny letters that I cannot read it without a magnifying glass. You have to download the. pdf file from Virgin.

Lastly, Customer Service at Virgin Mobile is the worst (poor English spoken, and it takes a long time to get an attendant due to the voice reply instructions/service). There is no quick way to get a real person

Avoid! (if you want to stay sane and heart-attack free)

I struggled to return this phone to Virgin Mobile.

Here are some facts that are difficult to obtain:
- Call and get an RMA number
- Return address for phone:

PLAINFIELD, IN 46168-7408


Virgin Mobile returns
c/o Brightpoint N America
2675 Reeves Rd, suite 190

- The price of the phone should be credited to your credit card

- Ask that the automatic monthly payments be suspended until you buy your
new phone (from Amazon of course)

- How to reach a live person:
Call 888-322-1122
Press 0 as soon as you hear "Alex", and keep pressing 0 for each request made for more information
- You may get your plan changed to $35 per month instead of $25 per month.
- If this happens, E-mail them at:
Demand a Beyond Talk plan for $25

- If all this fails, cancel your account, and start from the beginning. Forget your old account.

Hope this helps.
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Posted by madconsumer on 2011-12-16:
i have had lg telley's before, and have been very pleased.
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Design Flaw
Posted by Cookierd3532 on 09/19/2011
The washer damages clothes. I called L G and they sent two service techs out and said that the machine had a flaw and there was nothing that they could do to fix it. I called L G three times with this matter then took it up with Home Depot. They traded me out the washer with a front loader and would only give me 75% of the cost of the dryer if I wanted to trade it out so I would have a matching set. Home Depot had the machine picked up and now I am waiting for my front loader. And I have to pay $230.00 for a pedestal so I will not break my back loading and unloading clothes. The reason I bought the top loader in the first place.

I called L G asked them what they were going to do about my damaged clothes. They said that there was nothing that they would do, cause I no longer had the machine. Which Home Depot had already picked up. And L G would not give me even a discount on a pedestal for my damaged goods. I for sure will not be buying anymore L G goods. And will be buying my house hold stuff anywhere but Home Depot.
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Posted by Venice09 on 2011-09-19:
Why are you taking this out on Home Depot? They not only let you exchange the washer but gave you 75% off the dryer, Selling washing machines that ruin clothes and claiming it's a design flaw is absurd on LG's part, but you can't really blame that on Home Depot. You probably didn't think of it (because I wouldn't have either), but you should have asked LG to reimburse you for the damaged clothes while you still had the washer. However, my guess is that they would not have given you anything anyway.

I'm sorry you went with a top loader. I don't think you're going to be happy with that either. I would never spend $230 on a metal box (pedestal). Using a front loader without a pedestal isn't much different from using a standard dryer. I honestly don't understand the purpose of these pedestals other than being a money making opportunity for the company.

I say with all sincerity that I hope you are pleased with your new washer and dryer. You spent a lot of extra money due to LG's design flaw. LG should have taken better care of you.
Posted by drugdoc121 on 2011-09-19:
I agree with Venice. The issue lies with LG. I think Home Depot has been quite fair to give you a 75% trade in value on what is now a used dryer that apparently was not faulty.
Posted by At Your Service on 2011-09-19:
I agree that the Depot seems to have taken pretty good care of you.

The WaveForce series of washers are pretty popular and, frankly, I'm not aware of them ripping fabrics. I think Venice09 may have meant "front loader". IMHO either do a good job. You definitely don't need pedestals in that, if compared to a top-loading unit, you are still bending over to get into the washer tub and using the same motion to get into the dryer. The nice thing about pedestals is that, with them, you're bending over very little. Kind of a nice option.

I like a lot of the LG appliances. Did you get one of their front-loaders or did you get another manufacturer's? I'd be interested to know.
Posted by Venice09 on 2011-09-19:
Yes, I meant to say front loader. I don't think the OP will be happy with that either, but I hope I'm wrong.

Just because you are not aware of a problem doesn't mean it does not exist. Why would someone say a washer is damaging clothes if it isn't?
Posted by Idaho23 on 2013-04-05:
I had a similar experience with my LG Waveforce damaging my clothes and 2 different technicians not finding anything wrong with it. One said it is just he way the agitator works. When I asked LG for reimbursement on the clothing, they said I should try fabric softener. I don't trust that this will solve the problem, so I'm going to return the machine.
Posted by RAYMOND S on 2013-10-05:
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