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The Incompetent Liberty Medical Supply
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PORT SAINT LUCIE, FLORIDA -- I recently received an order of medical/health supplies from Liberty medical supply company. This greedy operation had billed my insurance companies and received payment before the supplies were sent. They were sleeping when it came to including the filters for my machine which is very important. The other supplies were unusable and defective. They were returned the next day. I called the phone number supplied for customer service telling a very dense lady of my issues with the garbage they sent. I am certain the lady I talked with on the phone is not capable of dressing herself. I did return the supplies and received delivery conformation from the USPS. Almost 2 weeks went by with no communication or acknowledgement of the returned products from the wonderful Liberty medical supply staff. I then sent a letter to the department supervisor and received delivery conformation from that letter, and again heard nothing. I sent 2 emails with delivery and read report and received delivery conformation on both but a read report on only one. I am sure only one person employed there can read but only single syllable words. The email that was not read did contain some 2 & 3 syllable words which was completely over their heads, and after searching for the delete key for a couple hours it was finally deleted. Then I sent a certified letter to the office of the president of Liberty Medical, and have heard nothing yet. They are probably looking for someone that can read my letter to the President of Liberty Medical. I believe anyone that would allow this type of conduct from customer service is not able to read. The office of the President I am sure has trained all the other gerbils how to ignore customers. They are all certainly good at ignoring me, and should they ever be able to channel that talent into taking care of business they may be able to experience a repeat customer. Finally after nearly 4 weeks I heard from one of Liberty Medical's best. This girl was so full of herself I was amused. I am sure she thought by her contacting me this was the high point of my day, and I should feel special. She was not capable of crediting my insurance companies as per my request, and I still don't know why she called and wasted my time. She was not capable of doing anything. If I could get a look at the shape of her head I could possibly have a better understanding of her abilities. Maybe she is there to help dress the first lady I spoke with weeks ago. I am sure I will need to continually contact this bunch of incompetent bafoons until I receive conformation of credit to my insurance companies. Anybody out there that experiences the world class customer service provided by Liberty medical needs to know a valuable bit of information. Simply Send a complaint to: The US Department of Health & Human Services, 200 Independence Avenue South West, Washington, DC 20201. The people here love to hear from you concerning medical & health companies that abuse Medicare and the insured by Medicare. Liberty Medical has done an outstanding job of ignoring me, and I was assured they will not ignore The US Department of Health & Human Services. This little tidbit of information was proudly made available to all you good people from me as a duty of my commitment to help all of us from the frustrations caused by the incompetent Liberty medical supply company. Thank you, I thoroughly enjoyed a small part of getting even with this pathetic bunch of life that has no integrity.
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What it is on 01/14/2012:
I can never understand why people, when complaining, have to insult, degrade and use the most appalling language to describe employees. Does it somehow bolster the complaint? Our perhaps does it give some insight into the complainant?
Lynda on 12/07/2013:
I know exactly what what you are experiencing. I have been dealing with liberty for over 7 years and they still can't seem to get it right. Especially order changes and changing your address. Overall it's pathetic. Thanks for the address I'm sure liberty will love to hear that I finally will have an address for complaints. Liberty has VERY POOR customer service reps. N staff meaning supervisors.
757bates on 12/11/2013:
I am not usually one to publicly rant, but I want to warn any and all individuals against Liberty Medical Supplies. They could not be more incompetent. On numerous occasions I have had to be the one to call and follow up on my orders.
It all started with me trying to order more test strips. Thanks to my new insurance company not notifying me until I go to the pharmacy, I have to order them my mail. So I call Liberty who I have ordered from when I was younger. I initially call and attempt to order test strips. I then spend about 20 min. on hold, and then another 30 min. trying to explain to the person on the phone that I am not ordering insulin pump supplies, I am trying to get test strips.
Once this hurdle is accomplished I am then told that they do not have the test strips that I use. Oh yay, a new obstacle. From what I thought after this conversation things were good to go. But after a week of no test strips at my door step I call Liberty back, I am then told that they have no history of my call, order, or delivery for that matter.
Here we go again… I would also like to point out that as a type one diabetic who must test at least 6 times a day, test strips are a necessity, and by this point in my story I had already had to purchase test trips without insurance for $70.00 for a whopping 50 test strips, as the story continues I had to do this multiple times.
OK back to my phone calls… So now again I am waiting on hold to speak with someone, they don’t have me in their system. I get my name is the system, my date of birth, phone number, and explaining that I need a new tester because they do not carry the kind that I currently use. She then tells me that I have to pay the difference with what my insurance covers. “Fine whatever… just get me my supplies.” I am told that I am being charged $270.00 for a six month supply, I give them my card information, and I am told that I will have them overnighted. “YAY” I think.
Little did I know… not “YAY”…NOT YAY AT ALL!!!
Not even 45 min. after my previous conversation I get a phone call from whom do you know LIBERTY! “Hello, Ms. Bates, we are calling to let you know that we have finished processing your insurance and would like to take your order for supplies. From what your insurance has sent back, testing supplies is covered 100%, so you will not be charged for anything.” The thoughts going through my head at this point are very un-Christ like.
My Response: Well that’s funny that you should call because I just got off the phone with you people (yes I pulled out the you people) and I was told that I was all set, I gave them my credit card information, and ordered everything through them. So who was I talking to, who has my credit card information?
“We are sorry, we do not have any record of your phone call or order, and we do not overnight any packages, the best we can do is 2 day air..” I then demand that I speak with a manager, the lady is so hard to understand, and is not answering any of my questions, which is just agitating me all the more.
This calling back and forth with little result lasts a total of 15 phone calls, and two weeks. Out of all those calls I was only called one time from Liberty. When I was finally able to speak with someone that I could understand, and understood the severity of a type one diabetic without test strips I was able to get a 6 month supply 2-day aired to me.
About 2 months later… My insulin pump dies on me, and I call Medtronic to order a new one. They send me a loaner pump, and said that someone will be in touch with me soon to talk about my pump options. Yet again a week goes by and no phone call. I call Medtronic and ask what is going on (after being on hold for 20 min.) and they said that they are still waiting on my insurance. Somehow I think to ask what insurance they have on file to ensure that a Liberty experience does not happen. They read out to me my old carriers’ information
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