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Liberty Mutual Insurance Co
175 Berkeley St
Boston, MA 02116-5066
617-357-9500 (ph)
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After working for 7 years I became disabled due to no fault of my own. I started to receive short term disability and transitioned into long term disability, both provided by Liberty Mutual. For 7 months I waited to get a copy of my policy. The claims manager called and harassed me twice a month requesting a return to work date. The claims manager constantly threatened to suspend my benefits for the smallest thing. My doctor described their persistent request and questioning as pure harassment.

The claims manager tried to exclude me from process and worked individually with my doctors, as if he knew what was best for me. This claim manager even tricked my doctor into filling out a form without my knowledge consenting for me to return to work, with a major injury. When I asked the doctor why did he make such of an decision, he stated he was tired of them bothering him, and he filled it out in haste. This company tried to minimize my injuries and engaged in deceptive methods, which were pure tricky to exclude me from the policy.

I've learned a lot through my situation. I've learned that we have rights, and don't deserved for a claims manager to speak to you in an improper way. My claims manager yelled at me at times when I was too ill to communicate over the phone. I am still fighting back, and making the preparations in case they cut me off. I am still frustrated with their attempts to analyze my words, hoping to catch me in a lie, and to establish an inconsistency. This company is hell. They make billions of dollars a year screwing people

Liberty Mutual is Inhumane
By -

Liberty Mutual will immediately deny your claim or put you off and you will be in litigation so long that you will lose everything by the time your case is heard in court. When your life cannot seem to get any worse, they will swoop in when you're desperate and offer you a tiny fraction of what you've lost. I think they hope that you will die before your claim is resolved. I have been in litigation for 7.5 years already. I've gone without proper medical treatment, which has delayed recovery, and since I have been unable to work, I've lost my home, two cars and so much more.

I'm down to 100 lbs because I have to choose between medical treatment and food. Now, they've come up with some ridiculously low settlement that doesn't even include lost wages. If I accepted it, I wouldn't even be able to pay off the debt accumulated as a result of being unemployable. This company is truly evil and now it could be a long time before it goes into arbitration in Illinois.

If you have to deal with them make sure you get the best possible attorney because they will hire the best of the best. Also, they won't hesitate to spend $20,000 or more on a medical expert who will find in their favor. What doctor wouldn't if he will make $20k in a couple days of work? All he has to do is find that you suffered an injury 20+ years ago and he can say that is the current cause of your condition. They will spend whatever it takes to keep from paying out to the insured, which seems counter-productive to me. They'll spend more on attorneys and experts than they would pay for a claim or settlement.

By -

I'm writing this review because something need to be done about these insurance company rip off artists. My son-in-law got hurt off the job and paid for short term disability. He injured his neck and shoulder. He sent in all the required paperwork, medical records etc. After a month now LMI has denied his claim. First they said they didn't get his paperwork thanks to fax confirmations. Shut that one down. He can never get a hold of his case worker from LMI. Now he see's a neurologist for his injuries. Now LMI seems to think a nurse has more authority than him. (can't figure that one out) So now I'm paying his bills for him so they can survive till this thing is over (is this not why you pay premiums?)

Beware "Liberty Mutual"
By -

ARIZONA, WASHINGTON -- Liberty Mutual Continues to treat customers with contempt. If you like being abused, this is the insurance company for you. After having this company cover all my worldly possessions (umbrella) for 22 years. I finally had to make a claim (not my fault). None of the body shops would repair my car because of the company's reputation for not paying for "given damage". The fact that the insurance adjuster appraised the damage for $1,000 less than all the body shop's was the first clue. If you have these guys as your coverage dump them and dump them now. "Still screwed with a messed up car".

With Liberty And Justice For All? With Liberty Northwest There's No Justice At All!!
By -

PORTLAND, OREGON -- I was seriously and permanently injured in a fall. Liberty northwest was my personal health insurance and Liberty Mutual was the responsible party. Terms in the settlement were that there is no responsible party. After I got the money Liberty northwest filed a lawsuit against me for compensation because a third party was found liable. Liberty northwest had an attorney that lied and said Liberty Mutual and Liberty Northwest had absolutely zero affiliation. When in fact they are the same company in itself. I was in California recuperating and they had me served publicly by posting in the Oregonian.

How could I respond when I'm in a different state and have no idea I have been served. I lost by default and had a judgment against me for 10 years. Liberty Northwest was in a heated competition with SAIF for workers comp market. I threatened to go public with what they did and after 10 years of ignoring me, they, that day, paid their own judgment off. This company lies, cheats and steals from their own customers. I have many more factual incidents about this company. If anyone is interested in filing a class action lawsuit against this company please let me know. REMEMBER, united we stand, divided we fall!

Motor Vehicle Accident Where The Other Driver Was At Fault
By -

VALRICO, FLORIDA -- I was involved in a MVA with a vehicle insured by Liberty Mutual Insurance Company. I was driving a GMC Yukon XL and the other driver had a Mazda 4 door coupe. It was a two lane road where the posted speed limit was 35mph. The vehicle in front of him stopped to make a left hand turn. He could not stop in time and to avoid hitting the vehicle in front of him, he swerved across the double yellow line and collided with me.

The impact initiated at my driver side tire and went the entire length of my vehicle. My vehicle door would open about 10-12 inches because of the impact and there was extensive damage to the rest of my vehicle. The police arrived and after listening to both of our versions of the event and looking at both vehicles, the police officer briefed us both that the other driver caused the accident and is at fault. If the case was to go to court, the police officer could be called as a witness for me.

I notified my insurance company and was told that I could have them repair the damages to my vehicle, pay my deductible, and then they would bill the other insurance company to recover the repairs and my deductible or I could go through their insurance company and not have to worry about the deductible. Hindsight being 20/20, I should have gone that route and would have been much happier. Here is why:

  1. Liberty Mutual (LM) is requiring me to pay for a portion of a brand new tire for my vehicle because my vehicle has 24k miles on it. Their stance is that since the tire they are putting on my vehicle is in better condition that the one they are having to replace, I should share the cost.

  2. I have spoken at length and waited on hold for a grand total of 218 minutes in an attempt to obtain a rental vehicle, get an estimate for my vehicle to be repaired, and to make the insurance company understand that since none of this was my fault, then why am I being inconvenienced.

  3. Safety prevailed on this next item. The claims adjuster listed in the estimate for my rim to be repaired. Think about this for a moment, repair a rim that holds a tire on a vehicle that transports my entire family. Repair a rim that has taken an impact from another vehicle? As I cooled off and spoke with the adjuster, he remained firm in his opinion. I was later informed that the rim could not be repaired and they had to put a new one on it.

So, as you read this, think about how you would want to be treated if you are involved in an accident. From this point on, if I am involved in another accident, I will go with my insurance company, pay the deductible, and let them handle the other insurance company.

Long term disability
By -

In 2009 I became ill and was unable to work. I had seen doctors and been hospitalized several times before they found that I had an infection in the disc and vertebra in my neck, by the time they realized what was wrong I was paralyzed from my neck down. I then had two surgeries and had to have rehabilitation to learn to walk, dress, feed myself etc. I was disabled by SS in 2010. The company I worked for had long term disability with Liberty Mutual. They paid me for 6 months and then sent a letter saying they believed I could return to work.

My doctor wrote them a letter stating I was unable to work at any job. I appealed their decision and they denied me again. They said that their doctors reviewed my case and determined I could return to a sitting job even though my doctor said I could not return to work. I am still in a lot of pain and am unable to sit more than 30 min at a time. My company said I could not return to work without a release from my doctor and they are dropping their relationship with Liberty Mutual Ins Co. because of how they are treating their employees.

See you in Court!
By -

P, ARIZONA -- I'm taking Liberty Mutual to court for their fraudulent billing. When I closed my account "Because they almost tripled my insurance cost" They made up a fraudulent bill for money I didn't owe, as well as sending that fraudulent bill to a collection agency. I went to the BBB, the Surgeon General and several other websites, their fraudulent billing turned into fraudulent replies to Government Agencies. The only way to get them to stop this regular practice is to take them to Court and sue them for all you can. Read your Contract. It says if you commit insurance fraud they can charge you a penalty of $15,000.00.

Local courts are far from that much, so go for the max! It cost you up front but you get that back when you win, Plus damages, especially if they sent it to a collection agency. You may think you don't know who to sue, Any name on any of their documents will work. All you have to do is go to your local court and file. I have found you're not going to get anywhere till you stand in front of the judge with your evidence in hand. Otherwise all they have to say is "they didn't do it". If we make it cost them this way they will stop committing the frauds in the first place. LET'S ALL STAND TOGETHER!!!!

Bad Faith in solving Lightening Incident
By -

MASSACHUSETTS -- Since the incident, Liberty Mutual has shown bad faith. Despite the fact proven by weather condition, phone company and TV company who had to replaced their equipment due to the lightning, Liberty Mutual has shown me no good faith and tried everything to delay the payment. Finally, after expert and 7 months they sent me a $3,464.47 check instead of more than $55,000 in damaged. I strongly advise to choose another homeowner insurance to anyone. One of my friend has a similar experience with them so it looks like a pattern with this company.

Deny Deny Deny
By -

My Workers Comp Claim was taken over by Liberty Mutual, after the original Company, St. Paul's Ins went down. First of all, I have not claimed weekly benefits, only medical care. I suffered an injury to my back and shoulders, after a fall on the job. Liberty Mutual is denying me Medical Care. I have had 2 hearings in which the Judge has had to rule in my favor.

In the meantime, I lose valuable time causing my condition to worsen and deteriorate. I now have a torn rotator cuff, as physical therapy has been denied, and I have to appeal, again. My only consolation with Liberty Mutual, is that the same woman who consistently denies me care, will face the same Company that she works for, when her health needs are denied. I don't how they can solicit my HO and Auto Insurance, knowing how they treat me medically!!!!

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