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Denied Std Claim Disabilty Supported by Two Drs.
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Rating: 1/51
WALFORD, CONNECTICUT -- Went on disability leave on 5/2/2013.Liberty said they faxed my Drs. for info, lie!
After obtaining medical records on my own, at considerable expense, my Dr. told them in my claim report that I was unable to perform any work duties indefinitely.

After waiting 6 weeks for Liberty to respond, they stated my Dr. did not show evidence of inability to work!?! I think the fact that he said I was unable to function in any work capacity, any reasonable person would think that statement covered it all. Liberty denied my claim. I have most likely lost my job, bills are overdue, and I pay for this insurance, weekly ou of my check!

Liberty is fraudulent and I advise everyone to avoid Liberty completely for your own good. They are thieves, liars, and show no compassion in all aspects. I am filling suit and believe I will prevail. PLEASE DO NOT PUT YOURSELF IN THIS SPOT. AVOID LIBERTY MUTUAL!!!!
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spiderman2 on 06/07/2013:
Did your doctor say why you are unable to work or just that you are unable to work? The details may be very important here.
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Really Disappointed and Let Down
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BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS -- I have sung praises of this company. I felt there was great integrity there. However, I've only had one speeeding ticket ever since 1984.
While doing business at the county courthouse I backed into a car the size of the out of date Yugo as a fender bender breaking the unoccupied vehicle's right headlight. Little did I know as I prepared to leave my info. for the owner there was a deputy who saw the whole thing & I didn't know it. He said because of your honesty, I'm not going to ticket you, but call your insurance I'll stay here until its complete and I did, was told by insurance representative I would have accident forgiveness. When policy renewed it skyrocketed by 1,000.00 more yearly. Never missed a payment which is automatic deducted from my account. Found out you have to be with them 3 yrs for forgiveness and this will remain in effect until I'm 61. Very Upset Never even told me in the renewal papers had to call 1-800# to find out reason for big increase. Was told that it should have been explained to me in more detail, plus I am on permanently disability. Looking for new Insurance. Very hurt & feel cheated, really trusted Liberty Mutual, had greatest respect & even referred family & friends.
So long Liberty Mutual.
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onlooker on 01/08/2012:
get back to your agent on this and discuss clearly what happened, what you were not told etc. If your referrals went to that same agent - you might get some response.
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Long term disability
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In 2009 I became ill and was unable to work. I had seen doctors and been hospitalized several times before they found that I had an infection in the disc and vertebra in my neck, by the time they realized what was wrong I was paralyzed from my neck down. I then had two surgeries and had to have rehabilitation to learn to walk, dress, feed myself ex ct. I was disabled by SS in 2010. The company I worked for had long term disability with Liberty Mutual. they paid me for 6 months and then sent a letter saying they believed I could return to work. My doctor wrote them a letter stating I was unable to work at any job. I appealed their decision and they denied me again. They said that their doctors reviewed my case and determined I could return to a sitting job even though my doctor said I could not return to work. I am still in a lot of pain and am unable to sit more than 30 min at a time. My company said I could not return to work without a release from my doctor and they are dropping their relationship with Liberty Mutual Ins Co. because of how they are treating their employees.
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Alain on 05/28/2011:
You're going to need an attorney to fight Liberty Mutual on this. Get one as soon as possible.
Ugagirl on 06/01/2012:
This Company is clearly a profit business. They have no empathy when it comes to their insureds. Once you hit that two year mark on a Long Term Disability Claim, they then begin compiling all the SURVELLIANCE VIDEO and P.I. notes as well as bombarding your physicians with countless phone calls to try to turn them against their own patients. My physican stated that this company is one of the worse out there. They try to bring in clips of survelliance on patients and then try to get the doctor to change his disagnosis. This is an invasion of privacy. They claim, "we saw her with a grocery bag", but didn't bother to see that it was toliet paper she was carrying. They seen her driver her vehicle, but fail to realize that not everyone is wheelchair bound with a breathing tube and a straw that you blow in to move you around. They state "she socialized once". They have no idea of what the conversation or the person they were speaking to. These people are worse than thugs. They take your money and when you have a legitimate claim, it's like they sick the starving dogs on you to finish you off so they can stop paying you. I would not recommend this company if it were the last company on earth and I can only hope that legislation will eventually step up put a these rabie infested animals out of business. They make Enron look like a cake walk. BEWARE... DO NOT USE LIBERTY MUTUAL FOR ANYTHING. Any positive comments have got to be Liberty Employess or family members. The statistics on this company are overwhelming on their denial rate and their bullish techniques.
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After working for 7 years I became disabled due to know fault of my own. I started to receive short term disability and transitioned into long term disability, both provided by Liberty Mutual. For 7 months I waited to get a copy of my policy. The claims manager called and harassed me twice a month requesting a return to work date. The claims manager constantly threatened to suspend my benefits for the smallest thing. My doctor described their presistent request and questioning as pure harassment. The claims manager tried to exclude me from process and worked individually with my doctors, as if he knew what was best for me. This claim manager even tricked my doctor into filling out a form without my knowledge consenting for me to return to work, with a major injury. When I asked the doctor why did he make such of an decision, he stated he was tired of them bothering him, and he filled it out in haste. This company tried to minimize my injuries and enganged in decpetive methods, which were pure trickry to exlude me from the policy. I've learned a lot through my situation. I've learned that we have rights, and don't desreved for a cliams manager to speak to you in an improper way. My claims manager yelled at me at times when I was too ill to communicate over the phone. I am still fighting back, and making the preparations in case they cut me off. I am still fusturated with their attempts to analyize my words, hoping to catch me in a lie, and too establish an inconsistancy. This company is hell. They make billions of dollars a year screwing people
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Liberty Mutual is Inhumane
Posted by on
Liberty Mutual will immediately deny your claim or put you off and you will be in litigation so long that you will lose everything by the time your case is heard in court. When your life cannot seem to get any worse, they will swoop in when you're desperate and offer you a tiny fraction of what you've lost. I think they hope that you will die before your claim is resolved. I have been in litigation for 7.5 years already. I've gone without proper medical treatment, which has delayed recovery, and since I have been unable to work, I've lost my home, two cars and so much more. I'm down to 100 lbs because I have to choose between medical treatment and food. Now, they've come up with some ridiculously low settlement that doesn't even include lost wages. If I accepted it, I wouldn't even be able to pay off the debt accummulated as a result of being unemployable. This company is truly evil and now it could be a long time before it goes into arbitration in Illinois.

If you have to deal with them make sure you get the best possible attorney because they will hire the best of the best. Also, they won't hesitate to spend $20,000 or more on a medical expert who will find in their favor. What doctor wouldn't if he will make $20k in a couple days of work? All he has to do is find that you suffered an injury 20+ years ago and he can say that is the current cause of your condition. They will spend whatever it takes to keep from paying out to the insured, which seems counter-productive to me. They'll spend more on attorneys and experts than they would pay for a claim or settlement.

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goduke on 08/12/2009:
I take it that a doctor said something that happened 20 years ago is the actual cause of the injury. Workman's Comp is such an ugly area of the law. There's been some fraud, so now every carrier is convinced that every claim is fraudulent and proceeds from that assumption. The employer is left out of the decision making process about whether the claim is denied or granted, which can cause friction between the employee and the company.

Good luck. Hope it works out for you.
Anonymous on 08/12/2009:
Sleazy insurance company. They're all the same.
screwed in federal court on 12/17/2010:
sorry about your situation, liberty mutual screwed me over also, I might suggest to write a formal complaint to your states ins commission and also file a complaint with your states medical society about the doctor liberty paid for, make sure to have copies of all the med recs you can get and submit with both complaints..good luck
jamie on 07/30/2013:
I have a similar experience, I truly hope some of these adjustors suffer.
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Posted by on
I'm writing this review because something need to be done about these insurance company rip off artists. My son inlaw got hurt off the job and paid for short term disability, he injured his neck and shoulder, he sent in all the required paper work, medical records etc. after a month now LMI has denied his claim, first they said they didn't get his paper work thanks to fax confirmations shut that one down, he can never get ahold of his case worker from LMI, Now he see's a nerologist folr his injuries, now LMI seems to think a nurse has more authority than him. ( can't figure that one out ) so now I'm paying his bills for him so they can survive till this thing is over( is this not why you pay premiums?)
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spiderman2 on 06/19/2009:
You might want to talk to the insurance commissioner in your state. I can tell you that with a lot of disability policies, they are looking for someone else to be responsible. If there is any other insurance that could possibly be responsible, they are going to try to get out of paying. What kind of injury and how that injury occurred could be an important part of this equation. Good luck to you.
Anonymous on 06/19/2009:
That's supposed to be why you pay your premiums. That doesn't mean much anymore, they all deny claims.
HKong on 06/19/2009:
They deny claims hoping not to have to pay. They know a certain percentage of people will just go away if denied. Please fight this.
nascarbert on 01/11/2010:
I am going through the same exact thing with liberty mutual for std benefits, Please any advice helps
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Beware "Liberty Mutual"
Posted by on
ARIZONA, WASHINGTON -- Liberty Mutual Continues to treat customers with contempt. If you like being abused,this is the insurance company for you. After having this company cover all my worldly possessions (umbrella) for 22 years. I finally had to make a claim (not my fault), none of the body shops would repair my car because of the company's reputation for not paying for "given damage". The fact that the insurance adjuster appraised the damage for $1,000 less than all the body shop's was the first clue.

If you have these guys as your coverage dump them and dump them now. "Still screwed with a messed up car".
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With Liberty And Justice For All? With Liberty Northwest Theres No Justice At All!!
Posted by on
PORTLAND, OREGON -- I was seriously and permanently injured in a fall. Liberty northwest was my personal health insurance and Liberty Mutual was the responsible party. Terms in the settlement were that there is no responsible party. After I got the money Liberty northwest filed a lawsuit against me for compensation because a third party was found liable. Liberty northwest had an attorney that lied and said Liberty Mutual and Liberty Northwest had absolutely zero affiliation. When in fact they are the same company in itself. I was in California recuperating and they had me served publicly by posting in the Oregonian. How could I respond when I'm in a different state and have no idea I have been served. I lost by default and had a judgment against me for 10 years. Liberty Northwest was in a heated competition with SAIF for workers comp market. I threatened to go public with what they did and after 10 years of ignoring me, they, that day, paid their own judgment off. This company lies, cheats and steals from their own customers. I have many more factual incidents about this company.

If anyone is interested in filing a class action lawsuit against this company please let me know. REMEMBER, united we stand, divided we fall!
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saj80 on 01/14/2009:
Only people with an actual loss or disservice from Liberty can join your class action lawsuit. If your evidence is so strong, why not retain your own attorney and go after them?
keepwasafe on 07/07/2010:
How can I get in touch with you? We are fighting to keep Liberty Mutual out of Washington state and would love to use your story.
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MVA Ins. Company Scams
Posted by on
ROCHESTER, NEW YORK -- I was involved in a MVA with a Liberty Mutual client on May 30, 2008 where their client traveled through a red light and caused an MVA. Their client admitted to being lost and passing the red light and a police report was generated faulting her.

Liberty Mutual found that I was 10% at fault for not doing "something" to avoid striking her. They said that I could have swerved to the left ( I would of hit the car already in that lane ) or honked my horn ( do you believe that one?? Like that was going to make her disappear??) Their rep was rude and closed my claim when I told her that I would contact my insurance company and fight her findings.

It gets better agent who is with Allstate was contacted and told me initially that without the other driver being ticketed, insurance companies will find the other driver partially responsible. That is B%*^lls#$t!!! I reminded my agent that I AM A POLICE OFFICER and that is NOT TRUE!!!! He got nervous and told me that he would call me back. He called 2 days later to say that I could fight it, but that I would have to pay the deductible up front and go to arbitration. The arbitrator would find for the insurance company because it is only 10%. Do you believe this??? Obviously my agent doesn't want to report it to Allstate because he doesn't want to lose part of his year end bonus for fewer claims.These insurance companies are all bed with each other!!! I am so disgusted!!!

I have left a message for the Liberty Mutual rep to pay the 90% and that I will sue her client in small claims court for the additional 10%. To date, she has not reopened the case because she is a nasty witch!!!

I have filed complaints with the NYS Insurance Fund and the NYS Attorney General's Office. I suggest that everyone do the same in their states. I will sue their client in small claims court for the 10%. It will only be about $140.00, but it is the principle of the thing. People need to stand up for themselves.

UPDATE.....On June 12, 2008 Liberty Mutual called to say that they will now pay 100% of the damage to my vehicle. It just shows you that you should NEVER lay down and take it. Complain to everyone that you can and hope that someone will listen....the squeaky wheel gets the grease!!!!
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cancelled after 37 years
Posted by on
MINNESOTA -- My policy with Liberty Mutual was 37 years old. I was cancelled because I had two thefts two years apart. Their total outlay for these was less than $1200. I naively thought that having the most coverage I could get was a good idea and since I was paying extra for that coverage, I should file a claim when my stuff was stolen.

I had to take out an assigned-risk policy (managed by the state) which cost a fortune.

I have since changed my insurance strategy to taking out policies with the highest deductible I can possibly absorb and absorbing it when my belongings are stolen.

In researching this I find that insurance companies have an inside track to state regulators and can pretty much dictate the terms they will operate under. I believe now that most insurance fraud is perpetrated by insurance companies.

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mblackhurst on 05/15/2008:
We just bought an older home (1920's) with some branch circuits using knob and tube wiring. We were referred to Liberty Mutual through our real estate agent's concierge service. Note they called us; we did not seek them out. I filled out an application over the phone during which 1) we were never asked if we had knob and tube wiring and 2) I explicitly told them we had older wiring in the house and we intended to get portions of it replaced. When I received the written application in the mail, it suggested that we DID NOT have knob and tube wiring. I tried calling them twice before closing to determine the implications for this discrepancy. I was told someone from underwriting would call me back. I heard nothing until 4 weeks AFTER closing when they told me I would have to replace EVERY INCH of knob and tube wiring in the house or they would drop me.

It was an absolutely AWFUL experience. I suspect that 1) Liberty Mutual did not really want to recognize the knob and tube wiring so that, in event of a claim, they could be absolved of responsibilities and 2) they want an absolutely risk free situation (which is impossible) so they have no obligations to cover claims. I talked with an insurance lawyer who suggested these kinds of practices are not uncommon.

I would highly discourage any proud home owner from insuring their home with Liberty Mutual.
Anonymous on 05/15/2008:
Knob and tube (also called tube and post) wiring is very dangerous. Nearly every insurer will decline a home with this nearly 100 year-old wiring. "Older" wiring can be Romex which is much better than tube and post. Underwriters want to insure property at the lowest risk to the insurer. This is reasonable, since they will be paying the bill if the house burns. That the OP had two losses in two years is not, in itself, reason for a company to drop an insured. However, if multiple losses are 'mysterious' or 'questionable' (neither implies wrongdoing by the policyholder), a company may drop an insured because it is statistically likely that the insured will have another claim (usually larger) within two years. Once claims for small items exceed 50% of the total policy cost, underwriters look more carefully at an insured at renewal time. It stinks...but it is the nature of the beast. Good luck.
kb01 on 09/15/2008:
The exact same thing happened to us. When shopping for our insurance, I told the Liberty Mutual agent we had older wiring but had a newer breaker box (200 amp service) and the house had been partially rewired. I also told him that in all likelihood, there was still some knob-and-tube in the ceilings for the light fixtures (from experience, ceiling rewiring can be a nightmare). The only way to guarantee 100% that no knob-and-tube is present (LM doesn't distinguish between active and inactive wiring) in an old house would be to remove every single inch of lathe and plaster. I was told that my wiring wouldn't be a problem and I signed up for Liberty Mutual and forwarded all the info to my bank for the escrow.

Two weeks later, I got my actual policy and it stated "No" to a question asking if knob-and-tube was present in the home. Of course, this caused all kinds of problems and really screwed with our closing schedule. LM didn't care if I had a letter from a licensed electrician saying the wiring was safe (he even called the local office), unless we could unequivocally say without a doubt no K-and-T is present, they wouldn't insure us.

I understand that all insurance have their own arbitrary policies and after my discussion with 5 electricians, I've come to the conclusion that the fear of K-and-T wiring is pretty overstated. I just wish Liberty Mutual would have simply told me all of this upfront so I could have found an insurance carrier earlier on.
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