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Bad Faith in solving Lightening Incident
Posted by Fabl on 02/18/2010
MASSACHUSETTS -- Since the incident, Liberty Mutual has shown bad faith. Despite the fact proven by weather condition, phone company and TV company who had to replaced their equipment due to the lightening, Liberty Mutual has shown me no good faith and tried everything to delay the payment.
Finally, after expert and 7 months they sent me a $3,464.47 check instead of
more than $55,000 in damaged.
I strongly advise to choose another homeowner insurance to anyone.
One of my friend has a similar experience with them so it looks like a pattern with this company.
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Posted by BEJ on 2010-02-18:
More details would be helpful.
Posted by ulbhpy on 2010-11-26:
Simply judging by reviews and our own third party claim experience this insurance company seems to practive bad faith. No other large mutual insurance company seems to have such bad reviews or badly deal with so many genuine claims. Plus they spend millions to advertise "Responsibility. What is your policy". They do not seem to practice what they preach. I recently got a very good home insurance quote letter from Safeco. When I saw that they are a Liberty Mutual company, I did not want to look at it.
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Beware "Liberty Mutual"
Posted by Dave Bagley on 02/18/2009
ARIZONA, WASHINGTON -- Liberty Mutual Continues to treat customers with contempt. If you like being abused,this is the insurance company for you. After having this company cover all my worldly possessions (umbrella) for 22 years. I finally had to make a claim (not my fault), none of the body shops would repair my car because of the company's reputation for not paying for "given damage". The fact that the insurance adjuster appraised the damage for $1,000 less than all the body shop's was the first clue.

If you have these guys as your coverage dump them and dump them now. "Still screwed with a messed up car".
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With Liberty And Justice For All? With Liberty Northwest Theres No Justice At All!!
Posted by Wapiti on 01/14/2009
PORTLAND, OREGON -- I was seriously and permanently injured in a fall. Liberty northwest was my personal health insurance and Liberty Mutual was the responsible party. Terms in the settlement were that there is no responsible party. After I got the money Liberty northwest filed a lawsuit against me for compensation because a third party was found liable. Liberty northwest had an attorney that lied and said Liberty Mutual and Liberty Northwest had absolutely zero affiliation. When in fact they are the same company in itself. I was in California recuperating and they had me served publicly by posting in the Oregonian. How could I respond when I'm in a different state and have no idea I have been served. I lost by default and had a judgment against me for 10 years. Liberty Northwest was in a heated competition with SAIF for workers comp market. I threatened to go public with what they did and after 10 years of ignoring me, they, that day, paid their own judgment off. This company lies, cheats and steals from their own customers. I have many more factual incidents about this company.

If anyone is interested in filing a class action lawsuit against this company please let me know. REMEMBER, united we stand, divided we fall!
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Posted by saj80 on 2009-01-14:
Only people with an actual loss or disservice from Liberty can join your class action lawsuit. If your evidence is so strong, why not retain your own attorney and go after them?
Posted by keepwasafe on 2010-07-07:
How can I get in touch with you? We are fighting to keep Liberty Mutual out of Washington state and would love to use your story.
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DROPPED by Liberty Mutual Homeowners - many Florida customers
Posted by Karma Time on 04/30/2011
TAMPA, FLORIDA -- May 1, 2011 : Receive a letter today from Liberty Mutual Florida stating that we are being DROPPED - our home owners insurance policy has been cancelled - as of our forthcoming renewal date of Nov 2011.

I've been with Liberty Mutual of Florida for 15 years; from my first townhome, then converted to an apartment/fire policy, then converted to a homeowners policy .. now that I have a wife and 2 young children to protect in this regard.

In all of the 15 years, I have not once submitted a claim. I have, however, dealt with their oftentimes very significant increases in policy premiums; especially over the last 5 years.

What an absolute shame and disgrace, Liberty Mutual. The letter offers their "apology for any inconvenience". Inconvenience? What an understatement. You F**KED us, Liberty Mutual, plain and simple.
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Posted by tnchuck100 on 2011-04-30:
Crystal ball is working well: Today is April 30.

It is not uncommon for insurance companies to do this. 15 years with no claims? The insurance company sees this as you are statistically due for claim. State Farm did the same thing to my father-in-law years ago.
Posted by madconsumer on 2011-05-01:
this is a great review.

very helpful.
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Posted by Majwild1 on 06/19/2009
I'm writing this review because something need to be done about these insurance company rip off artists. My son inlaw got hurt off the job and payed for short term disability, he injured his neck and shoulder, he sent in all the required paper work, medical records etc. after a month now LMI has denied his claim, first they said they didn't get his paper work thanks to fax confirmations shut that one down, he can never get ahold of his case worker from LMI, Now he see's a nerologist folr his injuries, now LMI seems to think a nurse has more authority than him. ( can't figure that one out ) so now I'm paying his bills for him so they can survive till this thing is over( is this not why you pay premiums?)
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Posted by spiderman2 on 2009-06-19:
You might want to talk to the insurance commissioner in your state. I can tell you that with a lot of disability policies, they are looking for someone else to be responsible. If there is any other insurance that could possibly be responsible, they are going to try to get out of paying. What kind of injury and how that injury occurred could be an important part of this equation. Good luck to you.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-06-19:
That's supposed to be why you pay your premiums. That doesn't mean much anymore, they all deny claims.
Posted by HKong on 2009-06-19:
They deny claims hoping not to have to pay. They know a certain percentage of people will just go away if denied. Please fight this.
Posted by nascarbert on 2010-01-11:
I am going through the same exact thing with liberty mutual for std benefits, Please any advice helps
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They Tortured Me for a Decade
Posted by Blondie79 on 04/11/2014
BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS -- I worked for them for 10 years of torture. They cut the staff to nothing and piled on the work. They made us log every minute, although they were our only client and did not get bills. They had the work done by a team of inexperienced paralegals and did not serve the interests of their policy holders. Their greed is enormous. Finally, they moved the office 60 miles a day round trip. The commute almost killed me. They didn't need the money. Then they fired me for telling the truth to the client instead of trying to hide their incompetence.
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Serious Injury From Fall On Stacked Carpeting At Carson Dept. Store.
Posted by Tomnjeannie on 07/08/2013
BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS -- I suffered a serious fall on double stacked carpeting on May 4, 2013 in Carson's Department Store in Livonia, Michigan. It took many calls to the store's manager and Liberty Mutual Insurance Company over the next month before one girl did a recorded interview. As a result of the fall I could not stand, bend my knees, or work because of the constant pain.

I was asked if I had anything to drink before shopping! No, I do not drink! My low heeled shoe caught the edge of their double stacked carpet that almost threw my head into a weighted dress rack. If that had occurred, I would be a vegetable today. Instead, my shoulder, hands, and both knees hit the carpet so hard, I had rug burns and bruising all over.

After waiting another month to hear from Liberty Mutual, I was informed that Liberty Mutual would not pay for my X-Rays or any other medical bills because the carpet was not high enough! Tell that to my bruised and battered 67 year old body!. I'm on a fixed income and the fall was not my fault. Liberty Mutual has even been sued by the Attorney General!!!
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Posted by BobInTheBoonies on 2013-07-08:
Contact a lawyer immediately. The lawyer's fees should be paid by Liberty insurance company. As an individual you cannot fight the giant insurance companies but with a lawyer these insurance companies sit up and take notice.
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Denied Std Claim Disabilty Supported by Two Drs.
Posted by Waynegrosser001 on 06/06/2013
WALFORD, CONNECTICUT -- Went on disability leave on 5/2/2013.Liberty said they faxed my Drs. for info, lie!
After obtaining medical records on my own, at considerable expense, my Dr. told them in my claim report that I was unable to perform any work duties indefinitely.

After waiting 6 weeks for Liberty to respond, they stated my Dr. did not show evidence of inability to work!?! I think the fact that he said I was unable to function in any work capacity, any reasonable person would think that statement covered it all. Liberty denied my claim. I have most likely lost my job, bills are overdue, and I pay for this insurance, weekly ou of my check!

Liberty is fraudulent and I advise everyone to avoid Liberty completely for your own good. They are thieves, liars, and show no compassion in all aspects. I am filling suit and believe I will prevail. PLEASE DO NOT PUT YOURSELF IN THIS SPOT. AVOID LIBERTY MUTUAL!!!!
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Posted by spiderman2 on 2013-06-07:
Did your doctor say why you are unable to work or just that you are unable to work? The details may be very important here.
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Really Disappointed and Let Down
Posted by Bsene361 on 01/06/2012
BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS -- I have sang praises of this company. I felt there was great integrity there. However, I've only had one speeeding ticket ever since 1984.
While doing business at the county courthouse I backed into a car the size of the out of date Yugo as a fender bender breaking the unoccupied vehicle's right headlight. Little did I know as I prepared to leave my info. for the owner there was a deputy who saw the whole thing & I didn't know it. He said because of your honesty, I'm not going to ticket you, but call your insurance I'll stay here until it's complete and I did, was told by insurance representative I would have accident forgiveness. When policy renewed it skyrocketed by 1,000.00 more yearly. Never missed a payment which is automatic deducted from my account. Found out you have to be with them 3 yrs for forgiveness and this will remain in effect until I'm 61. Very Upset Never even told me in the renewal papers had to call 1-800# to find out reason for big increase. Was told that it should have been explained to me in more detail, plus I am on permanently disability. Looking for new Insurance. Very hurt & feel cheated, really trusted Liberty Mutual, had greatest respect & even referred family & friends.
So long Liberty Mutual.
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Posted by onlooker on 2012-01-08:
get back to your agent on this and discuss clearly what happened, what you were not told etc. If your referrals went to that same agent - you might get some response.
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Long term disability
Posted by Painsworthepps271 on 05/26/2011
In 2009 I became ill and was unable to work. I had seen doctors and been hospitalized several times before they found that I had an infection in the disc and vertebra in my neck, by the time they realized what was wrong I was paralyzed from my neck down. I then had two surgeries and had to have rehabilitation to learn to walk, dress, feed myself ex ct. I was disabled by SS in 2010. The company I worked for had long term disability with Liberty Mutual. they paid me for 6 months and then sent a letter saying they believed I could return to work. My doctor wrote them a letter stating I was unable to work at any job. I appealed their decision and they denied me again. They said that their doctors reviewed my case and determined I could return to a sitting job even though my doctor said I could not return to work. I am still in a lot of pain and am unable to sit more than 30 min at a time. My company said I could not return to work without a release from my doctor and they are dropping their relationship with Liberty Mutual Ins Co. because of how they are treating their employees.
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Posted by Alain on 2011-05-28:
You're going to need an attorney to fight Liberty Mutual on this. Get one as soon as possible.
Posted by Ugagirl on 2012-06-01:
This Company is clearly a profit business. They have no empathy when it comes to their insureds. Once you hit that two year mark on a Long Term Disability Claim, they then begin compiling all the SURVELLIANCE VIDEO and P.I. notes as well as bombarding your physicians with countless phone calls to try and turn them against their own patients. My physican stated that this company is one of the worse out there. They try to bring in clips of survelliance on patients and then try to get the doctor to change his disagnosis. This is an invasion of privacy. They claim, "we saw her with a grocery bag", but didn't bother to see that it was toliet paper she was carrying. They seen her driver her vehicle, but fail to realize that not everyone is wheelchair bound with a breathing tube and a straw that you blow in to move you around. They state "she socialized once". They have no idea of what the conversation or the person they were speaking to. These people are worse than thugs. They take your money and when you have a legitimate claim, it's like they sick the starving dogs on you to finish you off so they can stop paying you. I would not recommend this company if it were the last company on earth and I can only hope that legislation will eventually step up put a these rabie infested animals out of business. They make Enron look like a cake walk. BEWARE... DO NOT USE LIBERTY MUTUAL FOR ANYTHING. Any positive comments have got to be Liberty Employess or family members. The statistics on this company are overwhelming on their denial rate and their bullish techniques.
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