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Liberty Mutual Insurance Co
175 Berkeley St
Boston, MA 02116-5066
617-357-9500 (ph)
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Sky increase
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P.O. BOX 970 MISHAWAKA, INDIANA -- I had full coverage on a 2004 pickup truck. I was within insurance for a few years after a few months I could not get the title for this truck so the insurance policy that I had was closed so when I got another truck the same kind I call them to put insurance on it and they told me the insurance on this truck would be $5,000 dollars and they needed all the money at one time. So I said what about not giving me full coverage just a couple of dollars less they said I was shocked and hung the phone up.

Liberty Mutual Cancels Disability for 65 year old
By -

ST LOUIS, MISSOURI -- I had been on disability for 2 years (breast cancer survivor). I had effects from radiation and because I wouldn't sign an authorization to give them my tax records, credit history, they said I was un-cooperative and denied my benefits. They already had all the medical info they needed. They just wanted me to open up a check deposit account to transfer money and I saw no need to sign.

These people are brutal. And now, this company is withholding my retirement. I'm old and sick and no one cares. I've written to my congressmen and congresswomen and all agencies. Nothing. If anyone else is going through this problematic situation with a non-profit church agency please get in touch.

Should Be Punished
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MISSOURI -- Liberty Mutual is my husband's company workers comp carrier. My husband was at work on 3/18/09 and was hurt (2 witnesses). He went to the hospital, went to his own doctor and received a script that he was not to return to work until further evaluation. He went to the company's doctor and to this day, he has not received on workers comp check. My husband's company was very disrespectful to him, told him he was not getting paid for the time off because even with a doctor's note, they said he has to call in everyday and say he wasn't going to be there.

So he started calling and then they told him they couldn't talk to him (his supervisor's) that he had to call the main office. We sent an email to the main office and received a very snotty reply stating that he did not have to call in or email, but still has not received a check. As soon as they told him he would not get paid for time off, he had to seek an attorney.

So next month he should be going to court for back wages, attorney fees and court cost is what the attorney wants. My husband had a referral from his doctor to see a pain management doctor and Liberty Mutual denied that. Liberty Mutual needs to read the workers comp laws because they are in big defiance with them and I hope workers comp sees this.

Arbitrary Denial
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I became disabled in 2005 due to 3 medical conditions that do not allow me to work. Liberty Mutual paid my benefits for approx. 1 yr while I applied for SSI. When my SSI was approved after appeal Liberty Mutual promptly denied my benefits. My conditions had only worsened but they said I was no longer disabled. The 5 different doctors I had seen all agreed and put that in records sent to Liberty Mutual. They initially said they did not receive them but when pressed by an attorney they found them but still denied my benefits.

It has been a year and one half now and we have spent all of our savings, lost 2 cars and owe doctors and hospitals thousands of dollars which are in collections. We are on the verge of losing our farm that we worked hard to build up and are behind on all utilities. I tell this only to let you know we have tried to keep it together all this time while our attorney appealed the decision.

This was done on September 13, 2008. My understanding of the process is they would have 45 days to make a decision. December came and Liberty Mutual did not even respond to the appeal and when prodded by the attorney in February 2009 again said they had 45 days to decide. Today April 16 they decided and still deny my benefits.

The ERISA law may have valid applications but when a company has no fear of losing anything other than what they owe you with no penalties to them possible what deterrent do they have to just holding your money and earning interest or starving you out so you will throw up your hands and start living on the street.

MVA Ins. Company Scams
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ROCHESTER, NEW YORK -- I was involved in a MVA with a Liberty Mutual client on May 30, 2008 where their client traveled through a red light and caused an MVA. Their client admitted to being lost and passing the red light and a police report was generated faulting her.

Liberty Mutual found that I was 10% at fault for not doing "something" to avoid striking her. They said that I could have swerved to the left ( I would of hit the car already in that lane ) or honked my horn ( do you believe that one?? Like that was going to make her disappear??) Their rep was rude and closed my claim when I told her that I would contact my insurance company and fight her findings.

It gets better agent who is with Allstate was contacted and told me initially that without the other driver being ticketed, insurance companies will find the other driver partially responsible. That is B%*^lls#$t!!! I reminded my agent that I AM A POLICE OFFICER and that is NOT TRUE!!!! He got nervous and told me that he would call me back.

He called 2 days later to say that I could fight it, but that I would have to pay the deductible up front and go to arbitration. The arbitrator would find for the insurance company because it is only 10%. Do you believe this??? Obviously my agent doesn't want to report it to Allstate because he doesn't want to lose part of his year end bonus for fewer claims.These insurance companies are all bed with each other!!! I am so disgusted!!!

I have left a message for the Liberty Mutual rep to pay the 90% and that I will sue her client in small claims court for the additional 10%. To date, she has not reopened the case because she is a nasty witch!!! I have filed complaints with the NYS Insurance Fund and the NYS Attorney General's Office. I suggest that everyone do the same in their states. I will sue their client in small claims court for the 10%. It will only be about $140.00, but it is the principle of the thing. People need to stand up for themselves.

UPDATE... On June 12, 2008 Liberty Mutual called to say that they will now pay 100% of the damage to my vehicle. It just shows you that you should NEVER lay down and take it. Complain to everyone that you can and hope that someone will listen... the squeaky wheel gets the grease!!!!

cancelled after 37 years
By -

MINNESOTA -- My policy with Liberty Mutual was 37 years old. I was cancelled because I had two thefts two years apart. Their total outlay for these was less than $1200. I naively thought that having the most coverage I could get was a good idea and since I was paying extra for that coverage, I should file a claim when my stuff was stolen.

I had to take out an assigned-risk policy (managed by the state) which cost a fortune.

I have since changed my insurance strategy to taking out policies with the highest deductible I can possibly absorb and absorbing it when my belongings are stolen.

In researching this I find that insurance companies have an inside track to state regulators and can pretty much dictate the terms they will operate under. I believe now that most insurance fraud is perpetrated by insurance companies.

Insurance company rear ended me
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PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- I am insured by Liberty Mutual.
On 5/3 I was involved in an accident where the other driver ran the red light while I was making a left turn on a green arrow. She stated she was looking down while dialing on her cell phone. She admitted this to me, the police and the insurance company who also happens to be Liberty Mutual. But Liberty Mutual says that I am partially to blame, I should have stopped at the green light to make sure no one would run it. Because I knew there was an oncoming car I should not have assumed it would stop at the red light.
They say I must accept partial responsibility for the accident and should have to pay 15% of the claim for my vehicle if I am to claim under the other driver's policy. If I claim under my policy, I would be responsible for my deducible of $500 and not entitled to a car rental (I do not have car rental on my policy). I feel they are looking for any way not to have to pay the full amount of the claim (save money).
The police report clearly states that there was “no improper action” by me. That the other driver had “disregarded traffic signal” and “inattention”. It also states the “…driver of vehicle #1, she was pushing buttons on her cell phone and ran the red light.” But this does not matter to Liberty Mutual, I am 15 to 25% responsible and they are being generous with settling on 15%.
I spoke with 3 claim adjusters and was given the run around for several days, I left message that were not returned, even to a supervisor. Each adjuster had a different reason of why I was partially at fault.
Liberty mutual is using the comparative negligence statute to say I am at fault. They told me that I would be at fault for any accident since I was behind the wheel of my car. They do not allow an appeal process and said if I was unhappy with the decision to file a lawsuit.
I have tentatively agreed to Liberty Mutual paying for 85% of the repairs just to get my car worked on. I am at stay at home mother with 3 children I drive back and forth to school. I volunteer with the schools and animal rescue, I can not be without a car. I had rented a car, but could not afford it so now I am borrowing a car.
All I want to know, is this how the insurance companies work or am I getting rear ended?

Beware Liberty Mutual!

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- Just before thanksgiving, I was involved in an accident where a 20 year old young lady hit my truck in a parking lot. Although I'm the one making this complaint, she probably still got the worse end of the deal because her vehicle was totaled. My complaint is about her insurance company, Liberty Mutual. They are substandard in several ways! Frist, they confused the two parties, nearly totaling my truck. Second, NO ONE will return phone calls for inquiries. Third, they will not completely repair my vehicle, citing prior, unrelated damage! Hence the reason for my complaint. I've been fighting with Liberty Mutual and the body shop, Helfman Ford, to have my cracked window fixed. At this point, I'm going to contact an attorney. For thos interested, Liberty Mutual is located at 13201 N.W. Freeway @ Holister in Houston, Tx. My adjuster's name is Lorraine Porter and their phone number is 713-460-4650. Also, my truck was repaired at Helfman Ford, located on 59 South @ Airport. They've done a good job repairing the vehicle but with a few minor adjustments. I will say this...Don Curry with Helfman Ford WILL NOT help get anything fixed. He will not stand up for you against the insurance company and fight for what's right! My advice to everyone: stick with Allstate Insurance. They know how to take care of their customers.

Rip off company
By -

I have tried to receive money due to me-$1500.00 from a claim by their insured-100% at fault and they still have not paid. I send them information requested and they say they never received it or when they do they interperit their way-terrible customer service-I was warned at the beginning of the claim that they were the worst in the industry and they sure are.

Great service!Aut
By -

I am so happy of the fast service I received from this insurance co. They came out to estimate my damage on a wed. By mon. I already had the check for the repairs. Very professional people working for this company. The company is Liberty Mutual.

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