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See you in Court!
Posted by Living.live on 01/11/2011
Contract showing I owed nothing
Contract showing I owed nothing
P, ARIZONA -- I'm taking Liberty Mutual to court for there fraudulent billing. When I closed my account "Because they almost tripled my insurance cost" They made up a fraudulent bill for money I didn't owe, as well as sending that fraudulent bill to a collection agency. I went to The BBB, The Surgeon General and several other web sites, there fraudulent billing turned into fraudulent replies to Government Agencies. The only way to get them to stop this regular practice is to take them to Court and sue them for all you can. Read your Contract, It says if you commit insurance fraud they can charge you a penalty of $15,000.00. Local courts are far from that much, so go for the max! It cost you up front but you get that back when you win, Plus damages, especially if they sent it to a collection agency. You may think you don't know who to sue, Any name on any of there documents will work. All you have to do is go to your local court and file. I have found your not going to get anywhere till you stand in front of the judge with your evidence in hand, Otherwise all they have to say is "they didn't do it". If we make it cost them this way they will stop commiting the frauds in the first place. LET'S ALL STAND TOGETHER !!!!

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Posted by Kurizumaru on 2011-01-11:
Did you mean the Attorney General instead of the Surgeon General?
Posted by MJGoldfarb on 2011-01-11:
Just curious - what does the Surgeon General have to do with this?

OOPS - someone else beat me to it!!
Posted by PepperElf on 2011-01-11:
Good point. The Surgeon General usually does things like tell you to stop smoking.

Posted by spiderman2 on 2011-01-11:
You would need to file a complaint with the Insurance Commissioner in your state. The BBB really has no power and I don't know what the surgeon general has to do with this complaint. Without the details (what kind of insurance, how did they overcharge you, what was the chain of events, etc.) this complaint just sounds like rantings from an angry person.
Posted by saj80 on 2011-01-11:
spiderman, an angry person who owes the money.
Posted by PepperElf on 2011-01-12:
Yeah the BBB is pretty much the same as M3C or PFB just bigger and with some stickers they'll let your business put up.

Though there's been some scandal about the BBB selling good ratings. Some group in California created a fake company called "Hamas" (yes named after the terrorist faction) and paid the BBB... They received an A-minus rating.

So really the BBB won't do much if the company doesn't care. And the Surgeon General will just tell you stop smoking.
Posted by living.live on 2011-07-05:
I went to court, I stated my case, The Judge put me on the witness stand, I was badgered by Liberty Mutuals Aturney about what was on a paper that I could not see from the stand, I stated my case again, the Judge left without saying a word. That was all. Not even a verdict. After calling and complaining about not recieving the verdict they say it got lost in the mail, 25 days later they hand delivered the verdict to my mail box - Judgement in favor of Liberty Mutual. I only had 3 days to file my appeal after the Judgement.The Magistrate said they don't record prociedings, so bring your own so the same thing wont happen to you. They were never questioned and never had to answer to any of my evidence, a legaly binding contract as well as letters from them proving there fraud every step of the way. What is it going to take to get justice?
Posted by living.live on 2011-07-05:
To see the legal documents go to livinglive.tripod.com
Posted by PepperElf on 2011-07-05:
Ahhhh that's why this person left me a note on my blog.

As for viewing the documents, no thank you. Besides if the judge didn't take your side there's not much else you can do about it I guess. They're not obliged to agree with you.
Posted by living.live on 2011-07-06:
A Legaly Binding contract has to considered in court. They say my contract was for $488 and the contract says $400. They say I owed $79 for past due and the contract shows a credit of $19. As far as I am concerned that is proof beond any doubt.
Posted by spiderman2 on 2011-07-06:
Pepper, you really need to go read them, it explains a LOT about this and our friend Wanda. Wanda, you redacted almost all of your identifying information, but you should probably go back and redact the rest. No one is going to donate to your legal fund over having to pay $23 for your car insurance.
Posted by living.live on 2011-07-09:
Liberty Mutual did more then over charge me. They sent a fraudulent bill to collections to deliberately damage my credit. Especially now days your credit is very important and Liberty mutual attack mine. It is the only mark on my credit. I have to win this to clear my credit. On there contract it says they can charge you up to $15,000 for fraud. I think they should be held to there own standards and be charged at least half. They not only sent fraudulent information to consumer agencies threw USPS but used that fraudulent information in a court of law. There is probably more then 10 fraudulent statements on there letter and I have proof of every single one. I would be happy with just getting my credit cleared, the money can go to my towns Christmas light funds, if that's what it takes. What matters me the most is them not getting away with this.
Posted by living.live on 2011-07-28:
It has now been over a year since I started this fight and I still don't have a date for the Appeal. Since I have put this in the local paper a few times, I am hoping this Judge wont ignore the contract evidence.
Posted by living.live on 2011-09-21:
Justice for all? They win?

What do you think?


I closed my account with Liberty Mutual and they billed me for an extra month, even sent me an updated contract to confuse me, as well as anyone I speak to about this.

Then sent a fraudulent bill to my bank account that caused an over draft of $33, and Liberty Mutual charged me $25 for retrieving the money they fraudulently took from me and sent a fraudulent bill to a collection agency for a different amount then they fraudulently took.

This fraudulent bill put a black mark on my spotless clean credit record. Just like my driving record, not even a parking ticket.

The updated policy shows $19 credit.

Liberty Mutual took $46 from my bank account for past due "before the 19$ credit balance",

putting me over drawn by $5 + $33 overdraft charge.

Liberty Mutual then sent a fraudulent bill of ____ to a collection agency.

Though still not rightfully there's, That amount wouldn't have put me over drawn

I didn't think they should get away with these illegal practice,

It happened to me so many times when I was young.

So: I went to Magistrate Court, The Judge walked out of the court room without trying my case and with Liberty Mutual never having to answer to the contract I have in my possession. About 3 weeks later I had a verdict letter in favor of the Defendants delivered to my front porch.

My evidence "A legally binding contract"

There evidence "They didn't do anything wrong"

I filed an appeal and that went just as bad.

The Judge dismissed the case because the Defendants were not properly notified, Though they were there at the time to state this fact. The Judge told me to get an attorney.

Later I received a bill for ____ from the courts.

This is after the $150 for the Magistrate and $130 for the appeal.

Yet NO ONE has entertained the contract I have in evidence.

Now how could I possible owe the courts more money?

I thought the money paid to the courts was for court cost and defendant notification, Like the Magistrate Court.

And now why is the courts billing me for more money?

I paid for the case and it was dismissed without trial.

I have tried to talk to attorneys, but they all say it's not worth the fight, I can't get any help.

In my opinion they committed fraud and deliberately attack my credit score without cause.

Why should the amount make any difference.

Is it OK to over charge people and commit "what I think is" a fraudulent attack on there credit,

due to there lack of ability to fight it?

I feel they deliberately do this sort of thing to there lower customers,

They know we don't have the time or money to fight it.

There right

It cost me allot and they won.

I thought Small Claims was so the general public could get justice too.

It has been well over a year.

Cost me about $300 in court fee's.

Still no one compared the contract with what they are saying now.

They win against there own contract.

Contract Balance $19 credit

Liberty Mutual says $23 past due

Contract premium $400

Liberty mutual says $488

How much more clear can it get.

Yet they win!
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-09-21:
Justice for all?
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Rip off company
Posted by Oysterman on 12/10/2010
I have tried to receive money due to me-$1500.00 from a claim by their insured-100% at fault and they still have not paid. I send them information requested and they say they never received it or when they do they interperit their way-terrible customer service-I was warned at the beginning of the claim that they were the worst in the industry and they sure are.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2010-12-10:
Have you considered sending the information by fax or certified mail?
Posted by tnchuck100 on 2010-12-10:
If you have strong documentation you should send them a letter stating they can send the $1500.00 by a certain date OR be prepared to go to court and pay the $1500.00 + interest + attorney fees + court costs.

I was in this situation one time and this worked for me.

As ript points out - use certified mail/return receipt requested.
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Denied claim when their insured is clearly at fault
Posted by Ulbhpy on 11/25/2010
IRVING, TEXAS -- My daughter (not yet 18) was returning from a birthday dinner with her classmates on a Friday night October 29, 2010 (dark & after 8pm) and proceeded to make a tight right turn at intersection (Alma & Hedgcoxe bordering Plano and Allen, TX) while light was green to her. She had to and was turning slowly when the light turned yellow & her car got hit on driver side by a truck making left turn (He had "yield on green to make left sign" with no protected left arrow). My daughter's car driver fender got pushed in, driver mirror knocked loose and driver door could not be opened. Driver side light cracked and bumper cracked and came loose by the hit to fender. The truck had damage to passenger side. There was no apparent injuries and other driver apparently called 911 but 911 apparently did not send any help. My daughter knew that she had right of way and did not call us or insist on getting cops come and make a report. She had passengers who witnessed the truck come and hit them. She exchanged insurance info with the truck driver who claimed she turned wide. Being inexperienced and in-shock she did not ask for truck driver's license info and get truck license plate number. Just when she was about to leave the scene (10 to 20 minutes past collision), a woman arrived at the scene and was seen chatting friendly with the truck driver. My daughter came out through passenger door and asked who she was. The woman said she is a witness & placed blame on my daughter and scribbled her name and phone number.

When my daughter came home, we were shocked and went to the scene to understand what had occurred. We went to Allen police who had jurisdiction and were told that they would have come if dispatch had been informed. They asked us to file an accident report with state and deal with insurance companies. We called Liberty Mutual (insurer of other driver) and made a claim same night. Our daughter had back pain and we called Liberty Mutual next day to inform this and that she will see her doctor. My daughter's doctor said pain is muscle spasm from accident and would subside and it did. A claim representative from Liberty Mutual told me to take the car to their body shop (Caliber in Plano) to get pictures of damage taken. I told him vehicle driver door cannot be opened, but he said it would take many days for them to send someone to take pictures. I drove it to their body shop by entering from passenger side and had pictures taken by Caliber. This was Monday after accident. In the meantime Liberty Mutual transferred our claim to a different representative because of the injury report. We tried calling the witness who had scribbled her name and left voice messages. We also called our insurance (Amica) and reported the incident. The insurance said the passengers in our daughter's car are not considered witnesses!!!

The new representative from Liberty Mutual told me that their insured had stopped to make left turn and light turned red and turned left to clear the intersection at which point my daughter hit him. I reiterated that my daughter had green light and was turning when truck hit her car. I also questioned since when it was legal to turn left after light had turned red. The lady just hung up. I informed to both insurance companies that we felt witness is suspected acquaintance of other driver. I called again on Thursday (6 days after accident) to find out status of our claim. She said their insured had not yet taken the truck for pictures and I questioned why it was taking so long when we took our car with driver door stuck day after. Rep said their driver needed time. I told her I will seek a lawyer. I called again on Tuesday (11 days after accident) and got a message that representative was in training until Friday. I spoke with another representative and manager's voicemail requesting expedient handling. On Thursday (13 days after accident) Liberty mutual claims representative called and told me that our daughter had turned wide and hit their insured after he had cleared the intersection, they had a witness to this effect and are basing on pictures taken of damage and they were denying our claim. When I tried to argue, she got upset & said I had not scene the damage to their insured truck and she has seen pictures. I told her we will appeal. She said she will send a letter which we got on following Wednesday (19 days after accident). I decided to take pictures of our car's damage and started repairs from a mobile body shop.

The letter provided claim rep's email to provide additional info and I emailed to both insurance companies many times. First and most important my daughter had right of way. Second no witness could assert wide turn as no lane markers were there for few hundred feet at the collision point especially at night. (I have pictures & video taken during daylight that show no lanes can be seen). Third damage to side our car indicates my daughter's car front did not directly hit the truck side as said by Liberty Mutual. Our insurance Amica told us that they cannot help us with our claim to Liberty mutual as we did not have collision coverage from Amica (car was 6 years old with 132000 miles), but they have claim from truck driver. Amica asked us to get passenger in my daughter's car to call and the passenger called twice and left message. My daughter & passengers involved attend high school. Amica is concerned that if they deny other driver claim there may be a small claims suit. I feel my daughter has no fault and Amica should refuse to pay other drivers claim. Let us see what happens.

We (self, daughter, wife, passengers in car at the time of accident) are shocked at how Liberty Mutual and their insured have denied liability for the collision. We consulted several lawyers who said unless we had more injury they cannot help us on a contingency basis. Liberty Mutual has not responded to our emails questioning their decision and providing info that disputes it.

THIS IS GROSS INJUSTICE. In our 3 decades of driving we never denied admitting fault when we were at fault for any accident and we never had problems with insurance when other driver was at fault, until this one. Liberty Mutual and their insured is taking advantage of situation (no police report, a friendly witness that appeared very late on scene & who has not returned our calls, misinterpretation of pictures to their advantage) when their insured clearly failed to yield right of way and caused the collision. There should be no fault for a driver turning right with green light. We wish the same treatment happens to these fraudulent insurance companies and claims personnel where they get hit when turning on right at green light by someone who ran red light while turning left and they are held at fault by their insurance investigators.

We will sue Liberty Mutual in Collin County Small Claims court for repair costs (quote obtained from Caliber), doctors fees, loss of use of car, pain & suffering.
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Posted by Venice09 on 2010-11-25:
I did not finish reading this but would like to point out that you were not there to witness the accident and are only going on your daughter's description of what happened. That's not to say your daughter is wrong, just that there are two sides to the incident. I'm glad your daughter wasn't seriously hurt, and I hope you get this resolved quickly.
Posted by leet60 on 2010-11-26:
I did not notice from your post if you have done so, but you may want to contact your insurer and ask if they can deal with the other insurance company directly. Many insurers will do this.

If the incident occurred as posted and you cannot afford a lawyer you may want to file in small claims court up to the limit allowed in your state. At the least you will be able to require the witness the other party used be sworn and questioned under oath - this often makes a big difference in an account of an accident as the witness would not want to risk perjury if they are being untruthful.

Posted by werelucky on 2010-11-26:
Just look in the phone book and you will find a boatload of lawyers who do auto accidents.
Posted by olie on 2010-11-27:
Your daughter should not have relied on the other driver to call 911. Better to have 2 or more calls, than none. I suspect the other driver just claimed to have called.

A police report would have definitely made it easier for your insurer to take your side.

I mean your daughter's side.

And, in regard to your question about when it's legal to turn left on red--I do it when I'm sitting in the middle of the intersection. I'm already out there. It's a lot safer for everyone if I get out of the way of cross traffic. It may not be totally legal, but it's not like there are many options.
Posted by Venice09 on 2010-11-27:
I don't enter an intersection if I know I can't make the turn. I wait at the light. I know it probably annoys the people behind me, but I feel safer that way. I've seen too many accidents at intersections .
Posted by Starlord on 2010-11-27:
Venice, you are unwittingly doing the right thing. Many people apparently don't understand that it is illegal to enter an intersection if you cannot clear it. Maybe the OPs daughter will have the presence of mind to call the police if she ever has another accident. I also suggest carrying a digital or disposable camera in your car. you can also obtain an accident report form from your local PD, usually. It is very helpful in organizing the information you need to protect yourself legally. I do hope the OPs daughter gets this resolved in her favor. A lot of things make no sense. I was not aware that Texas allowed left turns on red, right maybe, or if there is a one way street involved.
Posted by Venice09 on 2010-11-27:
Star, even though it's illegal, it's one of those things that the police tend to overlook. That's why everyone does it. But with a lot of major intersections having green left turn arrows, it's just as easy to wait until the turn can be made safely, especially when it's busy. I try to use good judgment. If I know I won't be able to turn, I just wait for the green arrow instead of blocking the intersection.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2010-11-27:
Hard lesson learned for the kid
Posted by olie on 2010-11-27:
Star, your suggestion of taking photos is a great one. I'll bet OP's teen daughter and her friends all have cell phones that can take photos.
Posted by no name on 2011-07-09:
I also has an accident with a insure driver with LM back in May, as of today, their driver hasn't made contact with them..I'm still waiting to hear what's going to happen
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Great service!Aut
Posted by Rosie O grady on 04/13/2010
I am so happy of the fast service I received from this insurance co. They came out to estimate my damage on a wed. By mon. I already had the check for the repairs. Very professional people working for this company. The company is Liberty Mutual.

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Bait And Switch Tactics
Posted by Sun City on 03/20/2010
Bogus (expired) rate quotes for advertised reduced rates. Quotes have already expired when quoted! Fraudulent and deceptive business practices.

Agents then "up-sell" and try to gain homeowners business prior to autos which premiums are not competitive.
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Posted by Ben There on 2010-03-20:
Where did you see the advertised price, and how long were they expired for?
Posted by Connoisseur on 2010-09-16:
BAIT and SWITCH???? did you say bait and switch??? I thought it was my imagination when Liberty Mutual did this to me, You just confiremd my suspicion I was right. When I first got them I was told certain things over the phone. I DID NOT RECORD IT!!! big mistake. When I got the "insurance package" I found things in there I did not need or ask for. But it was too late by then. NOW I RECORD THEM. This year is the last year I have them, I am ditching them they are disgusting predators. EVERY year they raise the premium which is IRRESPONSIBLE and PREDATORIAL considering the overall economic climate. They should be helping the consumer and the country....not draining them like bloodsucker.
Posted by Kim on 2012-12-18:
Insurance rates change. When you get a quote from ANY carrier the rate is subject to change unless you buy the policy at the time the quote is given. It's not bait and switch. I've had quotes from many different carriers and this is the same practice that pretty much all of them follow. Companies ask for rate changes from the department of insurance in each state. Sometimes they go down, sometimes they go up. If there's a rate revision pending and you wait to bind the policy it's going to affect your rate when you call back to purchase.
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Easy fix
Posted by Joe138 on 02/05/2010
In November 2009, I hit a stopped car and totaled my 2003 Sienna minivan.
Liberty Mutual guided me through what I needed to do and quickly gave me
a fair settlement on the Sienna. My insurance premiums have not increased.
Based on my experience, I would recommend the Company to others.
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Deny Deny Deny
Posted by LAL from LI on 01/21/2010
My Workers Comp Claim was taken over by Liberty Mutual, after the original Company, St. Paul's Ins went down.

First of all, I have not claimed weekly benefits, only medical care. I suffered an injury to my back and shoulders, after a fall on the job.

Liberty Mutual is denying me Medical Care. I have had 2 hearings in which the Judge has had to rule in my favor. In the meantime, I lose valuable time causing my condition to worsten and deteriorate. I now have a torn rotator cuff, as physical therapy has been denied, and I have to appeal, again.

My only consolation with Liberty Mutual, is that the same woman who consistently denies me care, will face the same Company that she works for, when her health needs are denied.

I don't how they can solicit my HO and Auto Insurance, knowing how they treat me medically!!!!

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Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-21:
Thats why we need Obama in to change these damn healthcare rules.
Posted by Slimjim on 2010-01-21:
Or maybe someone who knows what he's doing could change them so that they may benefit everyone instead of exempt states and special interest groups.
Posted by barrett on 2010-06-25:
I believe what come around goes 10 times 10
Posted by Charles on 2011-07-11:
I suffered an injury to my neck while working in Jan. 2009. It was not my first WC injury so when I was asked , way into the first phone interview, if I had had a workers comp claim before, I said yes. The adjuster's entire line of questioning changed as if he had just learned I had robbed the bank or something. I went 3 months before I even saw a doctor , other than the ones in the hospital after my injury. I spent 3 days in the hospital after my injury. SO, there was no way they could deny my claim, right, wrong! They admitted only that I had suffered neck strain, paid 6 months benefits and after I found out the doctor and RN case worker had lied and hidden results of my MRI I was dumped, refused medical treatment and my check was cut off. I had an attorney in ATL. Because I live in AL. and I worked under GA. WC law. They have stonewalled me my attorney and even bucked the WC court by saying they wanted to try to settle. They just stalled again. IF I had not had a Long Term disability policy at work I would be penny less now. I had 2 yrs LTD which allowed me to file and get my Social Security Disability going. They stall every time they can. Lie, loose medical records, refuse treatment and even after their MRI doctor agreed with the one My attorney demanded the have just refused to do anything for over 1 year. I have a hearing in Workers comp court in August so I hope Liberty Mutual will have to do what they should have done 2 years ago. Sad thing is that I am totally disabled now when I could have been treated for a ruptured disc and probably have gone back to work doing some type work if not driving trucks as I did before. Because of their neglect I can't walk over 150 yards without having to sit down. I can't sleep well, I am in constant pain and I can only drive IF I have to. Then only for less than an hour. Any longer and my neck gets too painful and stiff to drive.Because Liberty Mutual is such a cold hearted company I have suffered many troubles, the worst is that my wife, who didn't have to work while I was driving and making good money , has had to go to work so we can survive. IF a worker has an injury they should receive the best medical help, immediately and not have to be subjected to these tactics. If you check some sites on line you will see more about how terrible LM is toward claimants ,not just WC either. The CEO has said he will routinely turn down as many WC claims as possible and refuse to pay benefits unless he absolutely has to. That is the official stance of this man and the company as a policy. They should be put out of business. License taken away for the way they treat people.
My advise to any person who suffers an injury at work to IMMEDIATELY seek the help of an attorney and go for every dime the law allows. Document every thing. Every dime you spend. Every thing that happens or is said by the doctors. DO NOT GO TO ANY DOCTORS APPT. ALONE. Always have a family member of friend you trust with you, in the room at all times. ALWAYS get copies of any tests done on you. Get the reports and read them yourself. DO not tell the Nurse case worker they assign anything you don't have to. They will use anything you say as a lie against you. Watch this person too, because they will tell your doctor what the ins. co will or not do and micro manage you right to the grave. GET A LAWYER, the best Workers Comp attorney you can find. You are going to need one.You are entitled to benefits and medical treatment. You are also entitled to compensation for any impairment you suffer after you are 'well' too. If your injury changed your ability to do what you did before they have to pay you for it. Don't let them mess you put of your benefits. YOU are the one who will suffer several years ago when your health goes because of that injury. Make them pay for everything you are supposed to get. If you don't you loose.
Posted by melrn222 on 2012-05-16:
I ruptured my L5 disc back in February of this year. I was not being paid weekly like I was supposed to be and I had to get my HR manager involved. Then LM transferred my case from a male adjuster to a female out of Indy without informing me. She refuses to answer or return any phone calls even my employer or the casemanager she has going to my appts. She assigned case manager 4 days after we argued about how she changed pay to every 2 Weeks and I reported her to her manager for notanswering phone. Then once surgical consult ordered I had to get HR director to call another adjuster to approve.consult. Now it is 7 days after consult and still no surgery approval received. Waiting on wc.board of insurance to return my call.
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Sky increase
Posted by Kittypus on 10/01/2009
P.O. BOX 970 MISHAWAKA, INDIANA -- I had full coverage on a 2004 pickup truck I was with in insurance for a few years after a few months I could not get the title for this truck so the insurance policy that I had was closed so when I got another truck the same kind I call them to put insurance on it and they told me the insurance on this truck would be $5,000 dollars and they needed all the money at one time so I said what about not giving me full coverage just a couple of dollars less they said I was shocked and hung the phone up

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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-10-02:
Posted by MSCANTBEWRONG on 2009-10-02:
You may want to consider price shopping for your insurance needs...
Posted by laklisa on 2009-10-02:
I'm with Ken.
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Liberty Mutual Cancels Disability for 65 year old
Posted by Kenare on 08/03/2009
ST LOUIS, MISSOURI -- I had been on disability for 2 years (breast cancer survivor). I had effects from radiation and because I wouldn't sign an authorization to give them my tax records, credit history, they said I was un-cooperative and denied my benefits. They already had all the medical info they needed. They just wanted me to open up a check deposit account to transfer money and I saw no need to sign. These people are brutal. And now, this company is withholding my retirement. I'm old and sick and no one cares. I've written to my congressmen and congresswomen and all agencies. Nothing. If anyone else is going through this problematic situation with a non-profit church agency please get in touch.
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Posted by jktshff1 on 2009-08-03:
When did Liberty Mutual become a non-profit church agency?
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-08-03:
Think maybe the policy came through a non-profit church agency? Disability policies are usualy part of a group program.
Posted by spiderman2 on 2009-08-03:
I'm sorry for your troubles, but it does sound like you are being uncooperative. No insurance company is just going to hand you money without you giving them the records they require. Obviously, they need more than your medical records.
Posted by Eloise on 2009-08-03:
'I saw no need to sign'
You are uncooprative! They told you what you needed to do, you refused to comply. A lot of people are old and sick but they also comply with VERY MINOR requests from their insurance carrier.
Posted by PepperElf on 2009-08-03:
"They just wanted me to open up a check deposit account to transfer money "

what's wrong with having an account for this money to be deposited into?
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Should Be Punished
Posted by Totally Disguisted on 04/29/2009
MISSOURI -- Liberty Mutual is my husband\'s company workers comp carrier. My husband was at work on 3/18/09 and was hurt (2 witnesses). He went to the hospital, went to his own doctor and received a script that he was not to return to work until further evaluation. He went to the company's doctor and to this day, he has not received on workers comp check. My husband\'s company was very disrespectful to him, told him he was not getting paid for the time off because even with a doctor's note, they said he has to call in everyday and say he wasn't going to be there. So he started calling and than they told him they couldn't talk to him (his supervisor's) that he had to call the main office. We sent an email to the main office and received a very snotty reply stating that he did not have to call in or email, but still has not received a check. As soon as they told him he would not get paid for time off, he had to seek an attorney. So next month he should be going to court for back wages, attorney fees and court cost is what the attorney wants.

My husband had a referral from his doctor to see a pain management doctor and Liberty Mutual denied that. Liberty Mutual needs to read the workers comp laws because they are in big defiance with them and I hope workers comp sees this.
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