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Complaint about LifeMates - Without Prejudice
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
TORONTO, ONTARIO, NEW YORK -- Complaint with - Without Prejudice

While people can complain online about almost anything, you be the judge with my story.

I am a professionally employed, well established, divorced single mother with children, work and live within the GTA and like most people I heard the challenges with online dating sites. I was new to dating after 11 years with one person who cheated on me and learned of LifeMates through gossip at work.

I gave them $1200+ to assess my values, goals, needs, lifestyle and preferences for a life partner. After 6 introductions - no match....and not that close to be fair. Instead, what I felt was LifeMates have VERY GOOD and TRUSTING sales people that know the advantage of a lonely heart to bring you in and give you great hope with a fee. I asked around afterwards to find a few people who were still single after using LifeMates. If I had done more research first, I could have saved the $1200+.

Happy Ending - I did hear good things about, so I signed up for the cost of a gym monthly fee. While there are screening practices to learn, I started to see quality, honest, responsive, and available men. Perhaps I am lucky with my gut feeling, but after meeting a few different men, I met a man in October 2012 who is much more than I could have expected and the hope for a furture together, with my children, is very promising. He presented himself well on with recent head to toe photos in natural settings (this is key for trust).

Lesson - Don't pay a match making company that knows nothing about you if they do not give a money-back guaratee OR will keep trying for no extra fees until YOU are satisfied. I realize this is a challenge to define by contract, but perhaps a minimum dating timeframe should define mutual success (3-6 mths).

NOTE: My new partner bought a car from the company with this email....for my privacy. has great
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User Replies:
trmn8r on 01/18/2013:
I don't know what a car purchase has to do with privacy or an email, but as far as "matchmaking" it would pay anyone to research the different services out there carefully before using them - especially those that cost a lot of money.

Years ago, I did what I call "newspaper dating" for a year. This was just as the internet became widely used. It was a matchmaking service set up by a newspaper of good repute, and there were ads online. You called an 800# and left a message for the other. If they were interested after listening to your message, there was some way of exchanging phone #s.

I met maybe 7 women during this time, and dated two of them for more than a few dates. Several of the dates were a one-time thing where we figured out there was no match.

Looking back, it worked really well. It was simple, there were no pictures, and there was a (relatively) high percentage of chance of meeting someone I was somewhat compatible and who wasn't buh ugly.
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My Personal Experience with Lifemates
Posted by on
OTTOWA -- Well I have previously posted over 7 comments on this site now about my experience with Lifemates and now I have the ultimate compliment for this site.

Just last night I proposed to my new Fiance. We have been dating for some four months and it is very obvious to both of us that we are meant for each other. I was called by my Lifemates matchmaker ( Catherine) and she informed me that she found someone who fit all my criteria and not only that, but they looked up our addresses on google maps and found that she was my neighbor! My matchmaker and I had a good laugh and I instantly agreed to the date. I live in an upscale neighborhood with mostly families and very few singles. To think that literally two blocks away in one of the gated communities.

I called Rachel (my new fiance) right away and we both laughed at the fact that we were neighbors and have never seen each other before. We decided not to delay and we wanted to meet in the neighborhood park. I brought a thermos of hot cocoa and some cups(as we all know that Ottawa in the winter is very cold!) Sure enough, my matchmaker was right on. Rachel and I hit it off right away. We stayed in the park drinking our cocoa until sunset and we didn't want to leave each other. I walked her back to her house as it was farther than mine and we walked by my house on the way so she knows where I live. She invited me in and we had some wine and stayed up maybe 4 or 5 hours talking about how much we have in common. I walked home that night a totally new person.

The next morning she called me and asked me if I wanted to go jogging with her, we have been together almost every day ever since.

Rachel and I are so happy and so grateful to Lifemates. It was absolutely worth it to pay the service fees. I would pay double if I was asked to by Lifemates, because they really do find your life mate.

I called my matchmaker to tell her that we got engaged and she was so happy for us. I invited her to the wedding and she said he will absolutely come to the wedding. This is how great the service is, it is personal and interactive, not like a mechanical search engine on the internet that matches you up, you really get to speak with people and work with them, building a relationship with your matchmaker. Rachel and I are planning to give a toast to Catherine at the wedding and we are both encouraging all of our single friends to join the service.

Lifemates is a very humanistic dating service, and like I said before, very personal. I am so grateful for Lifemates and I strongly encourage others to join and find their Life mate on Lifemates.

-Davey from Ottowa
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 05/14/2009:
that's awesome! Good Luck to you two in the future!
Anonymous on 05/14/2009:
Aww. I wish you two a lifetime of happiness *sappy music playing in background*
single_London on 01/06/2011:
I don't believe this to be true...I am sorry
Obsfucation on 01/06/2011:
Yeah, this is a crock
muskoka on 12/22/2011:
I don't believe this,
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Lifemates Canada Review
Posted by on
VANCOUVER -- I am an attractive and confident professional, who never had much trouble meeting women. I happened to answer a questionnaire when single one summer, the process started, and I got suckered in. Very impressive office and interview process...

LIFEMATES IS A SCAM, FOLKS! No way an agency would charge this kind of money, would make this many false promises, and shrug off complaints, if they were as respectable as they advertise themselves to be...go and see 'Lifestyletransformations' in Vancouver, if you want your life changed, and don't give Lifemates a cent of your hardearned money. All we do with our matches, is laugh and feel silly about ourselves joining these guys - I guess they provide a match for something.

Also beware of raving reviews - I have doubts they originate from clients.

Florian, Vancouver

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User Replies:
trmn8r on 10/30/2010:
I can see you are disappointed in the services provided, but what was it that fell so short?

What complaints were shrugged off?
What false promises were made?
raven2010 on 10/30/2010:
No offense, SPECIFICS help. What, When, How, Where, Why???
Anonymous on 10/30/2010:
Part of the nagging side of me suspects this is spam for "Lifestyletransformations."
jktshff1 on 10/30/2010:
+10 prince
Anonymous on 12/27/2011:
Yes, LifeMates is a SCAM.

I joined in April 2011 and was told I would be "married in a year", and so far, eight months later, I had only one incompatible match to someone who has been in their database for 7 years. The guy explained that he was not happy with their service and eventually sued them, but at the end instead of a refund he accepted a "lifetime" membership, which he now regrets doing because he is not even getting one match a year! Anyhow, every time I have asked about why I am not receiving any matches I am told "It shouldn't be long", and then I don't hear from them for months. Ladies don't be FOOLED.
I am in the process of requesting a refund, and prepared to take them to court if that doesn't work out.
Skye on 12/27/2011:

You should consider doing volunteer work, for say, an animal rescue, Habitat for Humanity. Any type of volunteer work might be something for you to consider.

I kid you not, I volunteer and there are ALWAYS tons of single guys, looking to meet new people. A girl I work with, recently became engaged to a guy she met, while doing volunteer work.

I'm married, and when I met my husband, I had been in my new state for 6 weeks. I wasn't looking, but there he was, he came into the animal hosptial I work at, and we hit it off immediately. I know it's hard to meet people, but available people are out there, and you don't have to pay some match making service that CANNOT guarantee you'll meet the right person that you want to spend your life with.

Anonymous on 12/27/2011:
You don't find finds you. ~Anaïs Nin
MRM on 12/27/2011:
Justice, true indeed. But, unfortunately for me, I turned down that love as I'm still sowing my wild oats. Sorry, DB, but perhaps next time.
Anna Molly on 12/27/2011:
"You don't find finds you. ~Anaïs Nin"

Yeah, I know. Wish it would take a powder every once in a while
HadEnough! on 03/22/2012:
So, Sonia88, were you successful in getting your refund? Because my experience has been the same as yours - a complete lack of service - and I've been asking for a refund too. I discovered that their policy is to close your account if you ask for your money back. So they seem to think they can provide no service and when you get fed up, complain and ask for your money back, they then refuse to provide service AND keep your money. It is a morally bankrupt company. Did you end up going to a lawyer? I've met enough people whose experience was similar, so I'm sure there are enough people for a class action lawsuit against them. Nobody should be allowed to get away with what they're doing. Helpful to note that they have an F rating at the Better Business Bureau. You don't earn that for stellar service.
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Lifemates -- RIPOFF -- Looking for Legal Council - Calgary, AB
Posted by on
CALGARY, ALASKA -- I also have been ripped off from I signed up and was offered 1/2 back if I cancelled, which I took advantage of pretty quickly. I have been owed the money since October 2007 or so, and have a letter dated in November that they actually owe me money.

They keep giving me the runaround and I want to pursue legal action now. If you know a lawyer that would do this case for a percentage of the damages, please let me know. I am located in Calgary, AB.
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User Replies:
Ponie on 04/07/2008:
Perhaps you should have tried
MRM on 04/07/2008:
Anonymous on 04/07/2008:
How about looking in the local phone book or maybe Google?
bargod on 04/07/2008:
You don't find love,it finds you. Be patient.
MRM on 04/07/2008:
Go to your local church, at your school, at the local bar, or at a workplace. Theres definitely lots of fishes in the sea that I've just mentioned.
Anonymous on 04/07/2008:
Sheesh. The poster was asking for legal advice and he/she got dating advice. Poster-check to see if there is a legal aid society in town. Is there a law school? They often provide free advice. I am not up on Canadian law, but perhaps there is an equivalent to Small Claims Court? Unless you are talking about damages of over $100,000 I don't think many lawyers would be interested in helping you on a contingency and percent of damage basis. Lawyers often provide 'free' initial consults. Try that. The lawyer will then quote you a per hour rate for services. Good luck.
Anonymous on 04/07/2008:
I am not sure how much you paid for this service, but is it enough money to get back that it would be worth paying a lawyer? Is there small claims court in Canada? If so, maybe that would be a better option? :) Good luck.
Daveyyy on 03/11/2009:
I am not even sure why you would want your money back. They are a great company and provide great service. So far they have set me up with six quality dates.

Also I do not even believe that they are giving you the run around. They are a very professional and upright company. I have met 3 of their matchmakers and a number of their staff. When I originally signed up, there was also some minor issue with the payment. This they resolved right away with great customer support. 'tonykim1978' it sounds like you must be leaving out some detail that you are unwilling to reveal.
Anonymous on 03/11/2009:
Daveyyy two compliments in one day? Do you work for this company??
Daveyyy on 03/11/2009:
No, but I have gratitude for people that help me out.
Anonymous on 03/11/2009:
Did you find a partner?
Daveyyy on 03/11/2009:
No the six I went out with were good but simply did not cut the line for marriage. But I still have 6 month left of membership and a decent amount of hope.
Anonymous on 03/11/2009:
Where you located? I have a friend you might be interested in
Daveyyy on 03/11/2009:
Ottawa, but how in the world do you know enough about me to set me up. I am extremely picky, that's why I signed up with LM in the first place.
Anonymous on 03/11/2009:
Just trying to be nice.
Daveyyy on 03/11/2009:
Appreciate the effort, but doubt it will work, thanks
Anonymous on 03/11/2009:
Well good luck to ya. There's someone out there for you.
Alanaz on 03/24/2009:
I don’t know what to say. After reading this review, I can only imagine that someone is trying hard to tarnish their image. But I believe that eventually truth prevails. Me and my two friends are members and all of us have had positive experiences with the company. I agree that they charge more than others, they take time to respond, and some of the processes employed by them might seem emotionally draining to those just out of a relationship, but they are not fraudsters. They don’t cheat you as you have stated above. One has to understand that a relationship is a very complex thing and it takes its own time to develop. And when it is arranged then there are all the more limitations. But I would say that the company’s process works quite well.
bone head on 03/30/2009:
I decided to go for their services five months back. I paid the joining fee, though soon after that I had to leave my job due to some reason and found myself in a tight financial situation. I decided I needed money and wanted my membership canceled. I called them up explaining them my problem and they said that I would get half of my money back as refund. It took 2 weeks but they refunded my much needed money. Also I would add that their customer service people are very helpful.
really people on 07/17/2012:
I am convinced that Lifemates have persons working for them commenting on their reviews. They are nothing but marketers not actual match makers. Don't let them fool you people the way the fooled me.It's a scam. I hope the government comes in one day and lock them down.
Now which lifemate employee is going to oppose this review? You people are a rip off but I leave you all to God. Your're treat is not morally correct. I hope and pray your victims are brought to jutice. You deserve to get locked down!Thieves!
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Lifemates in Ottawa
Posted by on
OTTAWA -- Like many singles, I signed up with Lifemates Canada in Ottawa, 11 months ago and I paid $2700 CDN, but I have received no services from them.

They just once introduced a "referral" to me, with no other info to contact her, so I could not call her or meet her, and that was it.

After that, I tried to explain my situation to Lifemates, but they never called me back. I even sent a long letter by mail to them, but nobody cared to reply.

I just need a lawyer to help me get at least a fraction of my money back. I want to cancel my membership with them, but the funny thing is, canceling a membership does not mean anything for Lifemates!!

They even have no refund policy !!!!

Thank you
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User Replies:
Ponie on 02/07/2008:
$2700 for a date??? Send me $2000 and I'll put my niece on a plane to your destination.
Daveyyy on 03/11/2009:
Buddy not sure what your experience was but I know how it went by me. They took genuine interest in my story and have so far set me up with six great matches.

I also have a number of friends that signed up with them. All were completely satisfied from the service and one even met his wife because of it.
HazelEye on 03/24/2009:
I met my fiancé at a date organized by Lifemates. When we both joined there was almost no hope that we would meet someone who would compliment our lives. But this has happened courtesy Lifemates. Good people. We are very happy.
Alanaz on 05/24/2009:
Reaching age 35 and not yet being married was not fun in the least way. In fact it was a horrible life. It was not that I did not want to get married, I did. It was a matter of finding someone fitting for me to marry. I had a number of requirements that I would not compromise on for the world.

I must have dated over 40 woman in the last 15 years. Most did not even get close to what I had in mind, the ones that did fell apart from some reason or other. I had way exhausted all my neighborhood resources, that's when I signed up with these guys. Let me tell you they have a lot of names on their list. If I would not have met my wife after the first year they would probably still be setting me up on matches.

Here is my Review:
Top service,matchmakers are on your team not against you. They care about you and are sensitive to your needs.

They have a lot of singles to choose from. You are bound to find what you are searching for sooner or later.

I strongly suggest this service to anyone in my predicament.
BokiBean on 05/24/2009:
From everything I've read about the "perils" of matchmaking services, its more about dogged persistence than anything else.

If you give up and want your money back, then you run into trouble with virtually all of them. At least, that's what I've read online.

Try getting in touch with them about them not following through on their services instead of getting your money back...they need to send you something you can work with!

Try to keep the optimism that you had when you signed up with them...much, much luck to you!
DebtorBasher on 05/24/2009:
A no money back policy makes sense for these types of places. Afterall, anyone can pay, meet the love of their life, but still claim they weren't satisfied with the service and get there mate AND their money back...there are no guarantees with these places and it's obvious why. Others seemed to be satisfied, maybe you have a profile that is to specific as to what you're looking for and there are no matches for it. Not saying to 'settle' for something less than what you're looking for, but there just may not be anyone on their file that they see as a suitable match and they don't want to match you up with people they know won't match up to your liking.

Now...tell me, "The single" Basher all about yourself :)
Anonymous on 12/27/2011:
Yes, LifeMates is a SCAM. When I joined nine months ago I was told they have plenty of matches for me and that I would be "married in a year", and so far I had only one incompatible referral to someone who has been in their database for 7 years. The guy was not happy with their services and told me he eventually sued them, and at the end he accepted a 'lifetime' membership instead of a refund, which he now regrets because he gets one match a year at the most. As for myself, every time I inquire about why I am not receiving any matches I am told "It shouldn't be long" and then do not hear from them for months. I am in the process of requesting a refund, and if that does not work out, preparing to take them to court. In any case, I will make sure to stay away from the "lifetime" membership offer.
I doubt very much the positive reviews. If you are in doubt, please check out LifeMates' ratings on the Better Business Bureau's website (BBB) and look at the increasing number of registered complaints, and then decide for yourself. I wish I had done my research before signing up with this company.
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