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Limewire and other users need to do there part!
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HAWAII -- Limewire is the best sharing program out there! For some parts yes I agree. But if you go to right inside the green bar you'll see it says, NO SPYWARE! NO ADWARE and NO TROJAN HORSES! Like all the big companies who are making millions and don't care about the consumer Limewire is no different. The fact of the matter is it's so easy to get a virus on Limewire. I'm not talking about music files that they've got covered and very well I might add. I'm talking about video and program files. Let's say you type in under the video category "drew carey" wow look at that not even half of it is about drew carey. it's all just asx files that are the same size duplicated 11 or 12 times. Now most of us who have been working with computers know the size of what a certain program file should be. Put it this way, if it's not in mb's then it's a virus. And the scary thing is if you don't pay attention and you download a virus and you don't have the right protection YOUR SCREWED! that's depending on how bad the virus. is. Even on Limewire Pro finding the right file is a pain in the ass because most of it is unwanted crap that has nothing to do with what your searching. Limewire is responsible! And I strongly recommend that you don't buy Limewire or Limewire pro. If your not getting what your paying for then they don't deserve your money. The other part of the blame is the millions of online users who purposely put viruses on the p2p network. There's no need for it! If those people had viruses on their computer they'd be frustrated as well so what's the need for it? It's called "empathy" putting yourself in someone elses shoes. If your someone like me who knows a virus when he sees it on Limewire then continue to use it. But I think it's time that everybody associated with Limewire do their part.
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Brenda Leah on 06/09/2006:
Well what the users are doing is illegal anyway. With a paid (per song)service like I-tunes I KNOW there are no viruses coming on to my computer because they don't rely on file sharing. I would rather pay a buck a song than get a virus. Plus, I am not breaking the law. You get what you pay for. :)
dmjar863 on 06/09/2006:
Limewire hasn't been the "best sharing program out there!" for years. The whole Gnutella network has had a problem with virus and spoofs for years Espically Limewire and Bearshare. Format you PC and reinstall windows and move to bittorrent or EDK. And brendas right you get what you pay for.
dmjar863 on 06/09/2006:
Any if you like file sharing go to It is news website
Anonymous on 06/09/2006:
I'm a big bittorrent fan but only for downloading media placed into the public domain. The bittorrent protocol is absolute genius.
tander on 06/10/2006:
I agree if you want a virus use Bearshare or Limewire. I think Limewire has got to be the worse program ever!
beanbagbritches on 06/14/2006:
My granddaughter had the same problem, it's a horrible program! I got her a subscription to Napster and I pay for it. Aren't I great? haha!
MollyDolly on 09/30/2006:
Did you hear on the news theres going to be this site that comes out in December called where it will be legal to download music for free?
MollyDolly on 09/30/2006:
Hopefully it will be a better site than Limewire :)
momilei on 10/04/2010:
heck yeah Limewire is virus city. don't waste your time over there buddy
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What a rip off!
Posted by on
I originally had Kazaa Lite on my computer before it crashed recently and I had to reinstall everything. Seeing how anal people are about file sharing nowadays, I couldn't get my Kazaa Lite back. I downloaded a new version called Kazaa Lite Resurrection that worked fine until I found out how much spyware it contained. I did a clean sweep and the program wouldn't work anymore. I heard about this new program called Limewire though that was supposed to be spyware free. Turns out when I downloaded the basic version, there was all kinds of spyware, which caused it to not work when I deleted it. So I went to the site and decided to pay $20 for the PRO version, seeing as you get tech support, guaranteed no spyware, better search results, etc. I did that and it wasn't working on my computer, at all. Did all kinds of uninstalling and reinstalling and redownloading and whatnot and it still wouldn't launch whenever I tried to run the program. I asked for tech support. They gave me some suggestions and I tried just that. Didn't work. I informed them of that and haven't heard back for a few days. I told them I wanted my money refunded since I can't use the program, and they told me absolutely no refunds. What a load of crock!
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User Replies:
LegalCollector on 06/03/2005:
Its all illegal. FBI will appreciate the lead.
Slimjim on 06/03/2005:
Doc has a very legitimate complaint. Not that I’m happy he got a bad product, but the post is a refreshing change from the wacky Wal-Mart stuff.
Anonymous on 06/03/2005:
I agree, Slim. When doc, is on his medication he is ALMOST normal. Good luck and good job, doc!
tpebop on 06/04/2005:
try bit torrent file sharing is not illegal pirating is
tander on 06/04/2005:
I have Limewire and signed up for the service, I never have any problems with the program, only that it takes forever to download anything, and I have the fastest DSL service there is. I also use Bearshare which is a much better service all around.
Anonymous on 06/05/2005:
Tp the tsar, good to hear from you. Thought "Homeland Security" got a hold of your @ss!
compwiz on 06/05/2005:
I have never had any problems with the basic version of Limewire. I have several spyware scans and none have picked anything up. I don't even know why they sell a PRO version.
ocnlvr on 04/24/2007:
What I want to know is why Limewire decides to infiltrate anyone's account within the Itunes system. My sister's is now on my computer, and I don't need to lose my identity.
Protector on 10/23/2007:
Limewire is a good for downloading songs and videos but I made a shocking discovery when I was downloading music videos, pedofihilic videos of children was on the list, Limewire should be ashamed of uploading such disgusting filth I think they should be fined and how easy it is to just upload these revolting videos I speak of all parents who don't want their children to see such inhuman acts
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