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TORRANCE, CALIFORNIA -- The week of February 4th 2008 we purchased an entire living room. Leather sofa, loveseat, chair, & ottoman as well as a coffee table, entertainment unit, (TV Lift unit) and 50" Plasma TV.

This purchase was made on our second visit to the store and we had them check inventory etc. and everything was available and a delivery was set for the next week February 13th. Delivery day arrives and everything except the loveseat is in the shipment. OK, this is not a major issue, however when I inspected the sofa the frame was broken thus I refused the item called the store and customer service manager Sue, a new delivery was set for Saturday the 16th, the new sofa is fine.

Oh yeah, the TV was supposed to be installed in the lift unit before delivery and it wasn't, when I called about it an assistant store manager tells me the company doesn't install them.

Well now, I had paid an additional $100.00 for the pleasure of being told this. After several calls to customer service etc. It was confirmed that they do in fact install them and they made a mistake and would come out and correct it. This was of course after they wanted to come pick up the TV and the unit and take it back to the warehouse install it and set up another delivery date. I am a consultant and bill out at $250.00 an hour my time is way to costly to sit around waiting for a delivery a second time BTW the purchase was in excess of $8000.00


The entertainment unit has a pull out shelf that hold some of the electronics, that evening after delivery I was prepping the unit to put the components in when I noticed that the shelf’s face board is cracked on the top, both ends, 4-5 inches in length. I immediately called the store and Sue the customer service manager, and informed her that the TV would be installed as planned, as I would not allow it to be installed in a damaged unit. (She agreed of course) The next day (after I visited the store manager) Sue informed me that she had ordered a new pull out shelf from the manufacturer and it would be on by the 18th or 19th.

True to her word a shelf was received and an install of the TV and shelf were scheduled for Thursday February 25th. My wife was home for the install, and she called me after the TV was installed to inform me that the wrong shelf was brought out. So now I have a TV installed in a damaged unit that I told the customer service manager that it was not to be done until the damage was corrected. When I called Sue the customer service manager the call went to voice mail, I called back and spoke to someone (never gave me a name) she told me Sue was on the phone with another customer and she took a message. When I used the word DAMN in the conversation she immediately focused on the word and tried to give me a lecture on my language.

I explained to this insipid creature that that the use of the word damn in conversation is acceptable and amounts to an expression of frustration but if she wishes for me to get to a level of moronic understanding I am more than capable to engage in a battle of wits with an unarmed opponent. Needless to say she was lost, said she would deliver the message and have Sue call me back. Well guess what? I called the store manager in Torrance to let him know about the situation also and to offer a chance at redemption by Linder’s. The store manager Gary called Sue and found out she was in corporate meetings all day and was not on the phone, nor taking calls from customers.

Hmmm, me thinks there is a pattern of untruths surfacing……………..

Now, according to Gary, Sue will be re-ordering the shelf, so let’s see what transpires now. Of course, I am now at home with a TV installed in a damaged unit that should not be installed until the unit is acceptable and now I don’t see any sense in installing the electronic components since they will have to be disconnected and removed in order to allow the shelf to be replaced.

OK, so now here I am a week after delivery of a television that should have been installed in a damage free unit with the TV in the damaged unit. I cannot install the electronics that will provide the experience of superb plasma HD TV thus I cannot utilize the system.

You know, customer service issues are interesting when you can separate yourself from the emotion of it all.

My wife, bless her, decided to step in before I allowed my blood pressure to escalate and really get pissed off. She went to the store where we purchased all the items and spoke with Gary the manager. She got a delivery date in writing from him on the errant loveseat and a firm commitment on the pullout shelf. Well, I just got off the phone with Sue, Linder’s customer service manager [she called me]. This is where these issues are interesting, which is with the human factor. Sue has gone from being nice, friendly and helpful to cold, calculating in her speech and very curt. I think this is because of two things, one she knows she made a mistake with the shelf and her lack of attention to detail has shown through [if I were consulting with this company my recommendation would be to replace their entire customer service staff by outsourcing] and typically when you are caught in lies, deceit and out right incompetence it is human nature to protect yourself by withdrawing. This is really a bad tactic since the world sees it as being more incompetent than you really are and a bad attitude and a defensive posture pisses people off more.

All is well; the love seat was delivered along with the shelf. No issues with either, they were accepted by my wife. Interestingly though, the person delivering to items was quite competent in removing the shelf, but either he had no common sense about installing it or was just plain lazy. He claimed to my wife that he had no idea how the shelf was to go in and just left it on the floor and too the damaged one. Being the handyman that I am it took me all of about 10 seconds to align the shelf on the tracks and slide it into place.

Needless to say, I didn’t waste my valuable time calling and informing them of the issue with the shelf, but also needless to say word of mouth advertising is much more valuable than any paid advertising. So, here it is, a positive endorsement would mean that I would inform 5-10 people with positive comments about my experiences with the company whereas, with negative endorsements typically 10 times that are communicated to as to the poor service/quality of product etc. Thus, 50 -100 negative endorsements. Which do you think will affect the business more?

So, the burning question – what will he do? Well, I have a professional online network of 1.8 million contacts worldwide and I have posted my comments to my profile with an invitation to each of them to review them. Even if only 10% of them read the comments which would be about 180K and then 2% of that number actually don’t purchase from the company that adds up the 360 potential customers lost because of one bad experience. Now, figure that out of that 360 customers they were to spend an average of 3k each, that would be $1, 080000.00 [1 million 80 thousand dollars] in lost revenue.

Ouch……….I think that might just hurt the bottom line of a $23m company…..What do you think?

Is it worth establishing an effective customer service program and not base it upon a series of lies and deceit?

It really is sad when a customer [former] has to waste time documenting these types of issues, but in the end one can hope that the company in question picks sense out of nonsense and makes needed adjustments to their shortcomings.
Company Response 01/04/2011:
I am sorry that you had such an experience, We would like to discuss it and resolve any issue left open or make up for how we didn’t handle the situation properly. Please feel free to contact me at phone or email below.

Eric Foucrier

12821 Knott Avenue
Garden Grove, Ca 92841
714 622-7925 PH
714 698-2704 FAX
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 03/05/2008:
Methinks you think too much of yourself
GothicSmurf on 03/05/2008:
I agree slomo. And I'm wondering is there anything this person can't do besides breath a lot of hot air to make them self look more important than what they are?
chris513 on 03/05/2008:
I'm pretty important.
MSCANTBEWRONG on 03/05/2008:
The poster has a couple of valid points, but to bloviate?
bargod on 03/05/2008:
bargod on 03/05/2008:
I'm pretty impotent too. At least that's what my wife is always telling me.
chris513 on 03/05/2008:
bargod, there are pills for that.
Hugh_Jorgen on 03/05/2008:
Methinks he believes his feces is not malodorous.
Anonymous on 03/05/2008:
This guy sounds like a lot of fun at a party.
Ponie on 03/06/2008:
I'm underwhelmed by your credentials--which only you can vouch for!
Shawn2008 on 03/20/2008:
This is a very interesting site. It appears that it was created to provide a forum to provide comments about what we feel is important, in this case bad customer service, but when feedback is given by others it appears they want to tear apart the individual who has a concern. Of course all of you worthless morons probably work for Linders so anything written will be subjugated.
Hugh_Jorgen on 03/20/2008:
And when people stick with consumer complaints and customer service issues, there is no better site on the internet.

But when people show up here to bloviate on how well connected they are and how many untold millions of dollars in sales they are going to deny a retailer - well, that person is seldom taken very seriously.
dan gordon on 03/20/2008:
people, nor people in business don't wish to read or hear a novelette to get to the point. Don't you get that? Reading your novel costs me $200. Such a big issue for a broken shelf.
jktshff1 on 03/20/2008:
Consultants are real good about saying a lot without really saying anything.
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Caveat Emptor!!! Do Not Buy From Linder's Ever!!!
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12821 KNOTT ST GARDE GROVE, CALIFORNIA -- I purchased a dining room table from Linder's in Murrieta, CA a couple of months ago. We have a home in the nearby mountains and are still in the process of furnishing the place. We picked up the table at the store as they do not deliver in our area. When my husband put the table together, the table extension was from a completely different table. We had purchased the table at that time to host a couple of parties. I called the manager at the Murrieta store, and he stated that he would swap out the extension for the one in the store. I agreed to the quick fix, and low and behold, the extension matched, but didn't fit! I called back only to find out that the manager had quit or was fired, and no one knew anything about this problem.

I was referred to customer service corporate office, which ended being a complete nightmare of multiple phone calls, finally culminating in getting transferred to a voicemail for a supervisor named Sue. Sue finally called back after a few days of phone calls, and told my husband that we would have to bring the table down to ORANGE COUNTY to exchange, and she would give us $50 store credit. My husband said this was NOT possible as we did not have access to a truck, and would cost us more than $50 dollars to transport. I ended up trying to get ahold of the owner, Phil Lender, to ultimately find out that he is owner in name only. The ONLY person I could deal with was Sue. I called and left multiple messages that went unanswered by Sue. After a couple of weeks I had to call non-stop, repeatedly, to not only her line but customer service, for around an hour, before she finally called back. Hate to resort to this tactic but it works when you tie up the phone lines for an hour. ULTIMATELY, she agreed to send an inspected NEW table to the Murrieta store and said she could ONLY give us $100 STORE CREDIT. Wow. Such customer service!

It will cost us over $100 just to get the defective table returned and to pick up the new table. She ABSOLUTELY REFUSED to at least refund us the money it will take to return and pick up the new table. It is a win-win situation for Linder's as I only get STORE CREDIT!!! Why would I want to purchase ANYTHING from them after the heck they put me through? DID I MENTION THE CUSTOMER SERVICE LINE?? OMG, it was incredibly bad. CUSTOMER DIS-SERVICE! They were rude, they gave me WRONG information, and after numerous conversations with them to try to get someone in charge (Sue) to talk to me, (at least 5 phone calls), Sue finally called back. After my husband spoke with her, and we did not come to an agreement, she refused to call back, thus prompting my deluge of phone calls Rambo-style.

I should never have to incorporate Rambo-style phone calls as a customer to get what I purchased, EVER! Suffice it to say that I will NEVER, EVER purchase ANYTHING from Linder's again. Don't know what I will do with $100 store credit. My parties were hosted on the floor, and Linder's couldn't CARE LESS! I have had issues with Sears, Home Depot, and Living Spaces, all in the process of purchasing items for the new house (believe it or not!), but I was compensated justly for their errors. Linder's, however, refuses and I have no other alternative at this point. I am absolutely gobsmacked that in this economic climate, businesses like those mentioned above, would be so uncaring about their reputation, and so callous to the consumer. Encouraging a customer to go elsewhere? Who does that? Linder's does! Bottom line I have learned from this experience: Buy your purchases at "Big Box" stores. You may have issues and have to resort to Rambo-style tactics, BUT, you will ultimately be compensated to your satisfaction. Linder's, however, will not compensate you to your satisfaction. Expect it.
Company Response 04/27/2011:
Customer picked up furniture at our store in Murrieta on March 19th 2011.The address was a local address on the sales order. Customer called us on the 1st of April, 13 days after original pick up stating that the table leaf would not sit flush with the table. We informed customer that since this was a pick up she would have to bring in the table to our warehouse for an exchange. Per customer the table is at her home in Lake Arrowhead and we would need to take a table out to her. Informed customer that since this was a pick up she would have to bring table back to us. We are sorry that customer is unhappy with the outcome. If this was a local address we could have accommodated but table was in Lake Arrowhead. At any given retailer if you picked up from them you would have to take it back to them...the same principles applies here. As for the RAMBO TACTIC, that just inconvenienced other customers that could not get through. Multiple massages were left but customer did not even allow 24 hour call back turn around time.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 04/27/2011:
Good review. I especially like your " Rambo style tactics", but its a shame you had to resort to that.
Unbelievablyfrustrated on 04/28/2011:
We picked up the table on March 19th because: 1.Tthat was when the table was ready; 2. We needed to rent a truck to pick up the furniture. The bench we ordered with the table wasn't even there. THE VERY SAME DAY we put the the table together and found out that the extension leaf WASN'T EVEN FROM THE SAME STYLE OF TABLE. I called the store the same day. We had a party scheduled that night and people ended up sitting on the floor. Linder's Murrieta agreed to swap out the floor model leaf as it was the floor model of the table we purchased. It wasn't till we got back up to Lake Arrowhead a week later (it had snowed and we could not get up there) that we found that the new leaf would not even fit. Nothing lined up. It was at that point that we were told to call customer service. That is when things REALLY started to go downhill. We will end up paying about $150 in truck rental to get this resolved.
pleased1 on 04/28/2011:
I have to disagree, My experience w/linder has been pleasant from the sales to the delivery. I think customers nowadays just want everything for FREE. And the Rambo tactics are tacky and you may of needed to look for the nearest physciatric office since you have nothing else better to do than complain and throw a tantrum boooo hoooo...
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Experience From Hell - I'm Suing!!!
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MURRIETA, CALIFORNIA -- This was the first sofa and loveseat that we ever got that wasn't a hand-me-down, from a garage sale, or from a thrift store. We saved and saved to get it, and naturally we were very excited. Everything was great at first but once we had a problem with the couch things went bad fast.

There was a 1-year warranty on the furniture. After about 8 months, the wood frame underneath the sofa broke and the cushion (which is attached to the sofa, not loose) collapsed inward. I called for warranty service. Their scheduling is very inconvenient. They basically tell you the day they are coming and a 4 hour time window. Thus, I had to keep rescheduling before they finally were able to get a service technician over to my house.

Apparently the sofa comes apart into 3 sections. The middle section was removed completely and the guy took it with him to his work shop and said it would be a few days and he'd call me. As you might guess there was no call for weeks. Finally the company calls and tells me he's going to bring it back and the repair was done.

The guy brings my couch piece back. He explains that he reinforced the frame and re-stuffed the cushion. When he reinstalled the piece it was noticeable that the middle cushion was now about 3 inches higher than the two outer seat cushions. It looked puffed out and overstuffed. But the guy told me that was just because it was new and that if I gave it about 2 months it would sink down to the other cushions' level. He said to sit on the middle seat as often as possible to speed up the process.

Mind you, this is about 2 weeks before the warranty expired. I did what the guy said but about a month later it was painfully obvious that the cushion wasn't going to go down. The guy knew it was messed up but he didn't want to have to take it back and do it over, and he knew our warranty was almost up. So he gave me a bogus excuse and stroked me.

I call back and tell them the problem. They say that my warranty is now expired by 2 weeks but they will still send out someone to look at it. A different guy comes out. He says that the other guy used the wrong cushion material and that he was going to order the right one for me and it would be handled.

The stuffing for my couch is on back order and they are waiting to get it from China. They tell me it's going to be several months. I wait patiently for 9 months. I call them back and they say they still don't have it, and they would call me back. I get a voice mail saying that they are going to send a technician out to measure the core, and they would then get the material from a local upholstery company. Why didn't they do this in the first place?

HERE'S WHERE IT GETS BIZARRE. My wife calls me and tells me that the guy got my brand new kitchen steak knife from my son, opened up the couch, and sliced the cushion material down to match the other cushions, then but it back together! He leaves foam, staples, and wood pieces all over the floor, and I have kids and pets.

I am furious now, and I call the lady from customer service, the same one who left me the voice mail saying they were going to measure the core and order it for me. She tells me:
1. My warranty was expired
2. They were doing it as a courtesy
3. The guy said the couch was fine
4. I'm a customer who just isn't satisfied no matter what.
5. They never promised to replace the core stuffing.
6. If I want to take them to court, which I threatened, that was just fine.
7. There's nothing more they are going to do for me.

When I asked for a number to a supervisor she told me to have a nice day and hung up on me. So now the cushion matches but when you sit on it you practically fall into the couch. It's weak, it's messed up, and it isn't going to last at all. But these jerks didn't count on one thing: I have the recording of the voice mail they originally left! In that voice mail:
1. She apologized for the delay in getting the material from overseas.
2. She says she will send the guy out to measure for replacement.

They're busted. When I take that into court they are going to be screwed. I'm hoping to get all of my money back and teach them a lesson.

Cutting up my couch with a kitchen knife is something I would expect from some fly-by-night furniture store, not a company like Linder's. So if you decide to buy from them, caveat emptor, and you'd better hope nothing goes wrong with the furniture.

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User Replies:
MRM on 12/14/2008:
I was terrified when you stated the "guy got the kitchen steak knife from my son" and doing something horrible with it. But after you stated that the guy had used the knife to open the couch, I was relieved.
Anonymous on 12/14/2008:
Based on your story Linder's is 100% wrong and we hope you make them pay up in small claims court.
fearthemunky on 12/15/2008:
My son elaborated on how it was done as I tried to lay on the couch, only to find that the middle seat sinks down to the point that I feel the two wood planks that are in between the 3 cushions.

He said the guy pulled out the middle section and tore out the staples that were holding the fabric on the couch. He asked for the knife (Even though he had a big truck that apparently didn't have a tool. My wife is still furious that her brand new knife, the only sharp knife in the house that we have, was used to cut foam). He pulled out the middle section and turned it on it's side and began slicing pieces of foam like he was carving a ham. He put it back in place, pulled it out again and carved more until he was satisfied that it looked even.

It does look even now, but it sinks in too much and doesn't feel right when you sit down. The repair guy told his office that he sat in it and it was fine, but my son says he never did that; he only pushed on the cushion with his arms to test it.

As I see it my options are to either try to go above the customer service dept. or else just to take them to court. I'm thinking I want to have my day in court. I might win all of my money back and be ordered to allow them to come and get the sofas. I doubt they would bother to come and pick up two used couches. After all, they certainly don't have much time on their schedule to repair couches.
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Make Sure You Read This Before Doing Business With Them
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MISSION VIEJO, CALIFORNIA -- I'VE HAD MY WORST EXPERIENCE WITH LINDERS. PLEASE READ THE WHOLE THING. Their customer service is no help they play games with you , lie to you and SOOOO RUDE.I've purchased a desk for my 7 year old from Linder's on September. They've delivered it on Sept. 18th. IT was the wrong one.( the one I got was marked $599 and the one delivered was $645) although it was more I did not like it. I called the sales person Antonio ( he is the only nice person I've dealt with so far) right away before the delivery guys left. He apologized and said it was his mistake and told me to keep it until they deliver the right furniture and he will call me right back. He never did.

I went to the store on Eltoro and spoke to Carol. She said she can not do anything about it until Antonia comes back and he is not coming for another 4 days!!! I asked for a manager she said manager is not going to be in until Friday ( NO MANAGER FOR 3 days ) I called cust.service and spoke to Isvia ( she is the rudest person ever) she said since I did not refuse other furniture she cannot do anything. I told her Antonio told me to keep it she said there is no such a thing and refused to call Antonio. I called back again spoke to someone we were on the phone back and fort for hours. Finally Isvia called back and asked me to call Ben at the store and said he'll help me.

I went to the store saw Ben and he said everything is OK they'll deliver the correct one. he will call me back. HE NEVER DID. I called him at 6pm he said he just hang up with Isvia don't worry everything is fine. I called Isvia she had no clue. On Thurday finally Isvia called me said they will deliver it on next Thursday and we set up the time and everything. On Friday we were going to go to vegas and they knew 1 hour before we hit the road Isvia called again and said the one I want is $715. I said it was $599 by the time I purchased it.she said she called the store and spoke to REGIONAL MANAGER and that furniture has never been that price !!!

When I asked for her to call Antonio she kept saying no They cannot. I asked for Eric's( the owner )phone number NO ONE WOULD GIVE ME HIS CONTACT NUMBERS. I was so mad I told her that I would drop their furniture in front of the store and go to small claims court she said GO RIGHT AHEAD... I got my 7 year old and drove to the store on Eltoro. the sales person told me there is no manager he is the only one there. WHAT A LIE!!!

He paged Ben after I told him that customer service just called here and spoke to the manager 5 minutes ago. he never came front. The sales person said he stepped out.

I went back and saw Carol and Ben eating . He said he is at lunch and he did his part he does not deal with the rest!!!!! I asked for Eric same answer no one knows his contact numbers. called the cust. service again someone else picked up the phone. Said they'll call me . Isvia called an hour later and said manager will honor the price . HONOR??? Honor the price that was marked??? we were late and hit the horrible traffic to Vegas. 4 days later Saturday Isvia left a message saying Antonio is back he admitted it is his fault sorry???

We scheduled the delivery for today Friday October 5th between 9 am to 1pm.I cancelled my appointment.they called yesterday to confirm it for 1pm to 5pm. When I said it was 9 am to 1pm I've been told it has never been scheduled for that time frame. I is now almost 7pm on Friday I still don't have my furniture. we've called at least 10 times and they told us that we were scheduled for 3pm to 7pm?????? I finally spoke to Sue manager.

She told me we've never scheduled between 1 and 5. I had her listen to my voice mail that was left by Linder's furniture about delivering between 1 and 5. She said she will call me right back . It has been 2 hours neither she called nor my furniture is here. I called the customer service THEY ARE CLOSED...I have a horrible migraines now.I will also forward this to every single one I know and Better Business Bureau. I have been stock at home all day long. I will seriously go to small claims court if I have to. I am 35 years old and I have never written any complaints or experience such a thing before in my whole life. If you love your family and want a piece of mind NEVER PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM LINDERS EVEN IF IT IS FREE!!!!!!
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User Replies:
Harold-Chief of Helping People on 10/05/2007:
I am sorry to hear about your troubles with Linder's Furniture. The person to contact is Eric Foucrier, President of Linder's Furniture. Their corporate address and phone numbers are:
Linders Furniture Corporate HQ
12821 Knott St.
Garden Grove, CA 92841
Tel: 714-657-7599
Fax: 714-657-7163

If you do not get satisfaction by contacting his office personally then let me know and I will contact them as a consumer advocate on your behalf at no cost to you. In the event they fail to respond we can and will then report them to the CA State Attorney General's Office of Consumer Protection and file a complaint against them. As a consumer you do not have to accept this type of treatment...and you should not either.
steve101 on 10/06/2007:
You should have demanded that the delivery guys take the desk back immediately. I hope you paid with a credit card to dispute the charges.
killerklown on 10/06/2007:
Isvia couldn't possibly be the rudest person ever, as I've been called that on a few occasions, proving that a spoiled customer who doesn't get their way and throws a tantrum, doesn't necessarily mean the establishment is run by Satan himself.
bettybomb24 on 04/01/2010:
What are you doing buying your 7-year old a $599 desk? Ever heard of IKEA?
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They called the police on us!!!!
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LAGUNA HILLS, CALIFORNIA -- They called the police on us!!! I have never written a review before (good or bad), but the extremely poor customer service at Linder's compelled me to warn potential customers. In fact, I wish I could select negative stars after how were were treated.

We bought a new 73' TV and paid $25 extra to have the old one removed. The sales guy, Ken even asked the manager in front of me how much to charge for that service. When the very rude delivery guys showed up, they said they would not take the old TV away even after we showed them the receipt. We called the store and asked to speak to the manager. After almost an hour, the Assistant Manager, Rosa called back and said we were out of luck and hung up on me. When I called back, she refused to agree to return my money for the service or take the TV. So, we asked the delivery guys to leave. They vacated the house, but sat outside for an hour while Rosa called the police on us for not signing the delivery invoice. Why would we sign the invoice, when they did not remove the old TV (a service we paid for)!?!

Next time, we will pay the extra $100 and take our business to Sears or Best Buy... anywhere but Linder's!
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User Replies:
Skye on 02/24/2011:
The police are not there to help them force you to sign a delivery receipt. Shame on them. So did the police show up or not?

Do a charge back on your credit card for the fee. They refused to provide the service you paid for.

Did they say why they would not take the old TV?
Ytropious on 02/24/2011:
You don't mention the type of TV. I bet the 25 dollars for removal is on smaller TVs that can be lifted by one person. Do you have a large rear projection TV or something? I would imagine those don't count. They cost more to recycle and they're a b*tch to move.
trmn8r on 02/24/2011:
To me, they need a signature to prove that you accepted the new tv. Otherwise there is no proof that the rude delivery guys didn't sell it to a friend for $100, or let it fall off the truck "by accident".

As far as the old tv, I think Yt is on the right track. If your new tv is 73 feet (WoW), your old one may have weighed in at 40 or 50 feet.
The_Jeecheroo on 02/24/2011:
Sounds like poor communication on Linder's part.
GenuineNerd on 02/24/2011:
A 32" tube set can weigh around 200 pounds, and would take two people to lift. Older floor model tube TV's are heavy as well. The OP may have meant 72 inches, not 72 feet.
Starlord on 02/25/2011:
This would be a civil matter, and the police are forbidden from becoming involved in civil matters, unless there is a possible breach of the peace. As a business person, this Rosa should have known this, Someone should inform her she could be cited for making a false report.
Venice09 on 02/25/2011:
If the receipt included removal of the old television, it should have been removed regardless of size/weight. Linder's shouldn't have taken your money for the service without asking what type of television had to be removed, if there were restrictions.

Did the police respond?
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How to deal with Linder's Furniture
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Linder's furniture likes to play a little game called "Let's see how many phone calls a customer will make". I played this game for about a week. I wanted to make a simple color change on a sofa and loveseat (NOT a special order). I went into the store made the request with salesperson "Oh no problem just call customer service" was the answer I got. Well of course you can imagine what happened after that, 4 days of calling back and forth between the store and customer service, each one referring me to the other. Oh did I mention they wanted $200 just change the color? Well I nevermind, I don't want the couch at all, I just want my money back. I am told that it will be store credit. I say "okay, no problem" I go into another Linder's store and pick out a different sofa and loveseat and want to use the store credit. What do you know, customer service who just the previous day said they could cancel the original order and issue store credit now tells me the original store manager has to do it. I still say "okay, no problem" I call the store and guess what the manager isn't there and I will have to wait three days, there was nothing the salesperson could do. Well this patient customer lost their patience. In dealing with Linder's Furniture you have to just "nut up". You can't be reasonable and patient. You have to scream (at an extreme volume)a few expletives with explicit directions into the phone (while standing in the showroom of one store)and then advise them that you are getting in your car and driving 40 miles to the original store to complete the transaction and the conversation. Funny how what couldn't be accomplished without the manager being in the store for three days was completed in 20 minutes. See this is how you deal with Linder's Furniture, you have to lose your mind for just a few minutes and they seem to come to their senses. Now, I still have some store credit left, I wonder will I have to turn into crazy person again when I go in to purchase the next item...... I wonder.......
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DigitalCommando on 08/27/2009:
Walk into the store wearing painters overalls which have a fresh coat of wet red paint all over it. Tell them you will be sitting down in one of their sofa's until the transaction is completed, start moving towards the most expensive sofa in the store.
MSCANTBEWRONG on 08/27/2009:
LOL DC...I bet they'll get the butts in gear then!
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Stay Away From Linder's Going Out Of Business Sales
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CALIFORNIA -- It looks like these guys are finally going out of business, and despite that, they're still trying to screw everyone that walks through their doors. Really crappy furniture at over-inflated prices. There are NO DEALS HERE AT ALL! Your better off going to Living Spaces or Ashley and paying their regular prices-besides, when they do close their doors, there will be no one to complain to or get service from.

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GenuineNerd on 12/04/2011:
Often times, when stores close or go out of business, the inventories are sold to a liquidator, such as Hilco, who jacks up the price of the item before applying the "percent-off" discount. Also, merchandise that those stores never carried are brought in by the liquidators...a ruse that also prevents comparison-shopping with a non-closing store of that same chain. K mart and Ames has been guilty of this during their numerous rounds of store closings. I would visit one of the "closing" locations, and compare the price of the same item with a "non-closing" most cases, the price is cheaper at the "non-closing" location, or would be only a few cents cheaper at the "closing" store. The only way to really score at these "store closing" and "going out of business" sales is to hit them during their final days, when everything is at least 60% or more off. Sure, the merchandise would be picked over, and certain parts of the store are closed off, but only then would the savings be substantial, although it would take some hunting.
wjk898 on 12/05/2012:
Exactly what I saw. All the decent stuff they had was gone and they had the most utterly cheezy looking junk in there that looked like it was trucked in from an old beat up motel in Juarez. Who on earth were they trying to kid?

Mor is just as bad and just as devoid of customers. How do they pay the electric bill, let alone the rent?
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Worst service ever, do not shop at this place!!!!
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This is the worst place ever - save your money and go else where - like somewhere where they care about their image or their clients!!! They have the worst delivery - promised delivery within 2 weeks - 2-1/2 months later I am being bounced back and forth between the store and their so-called 'customer service department'.

Their sales people are clueless, the store manager is useless, their delivery estimates are lies, and their customer service department is the WORST!!! If you are having a great day and want somebody to ruin it - call them - their customer service department 'lady' cussed me out and told me not to call back. I wanted to sink down to her level and tell her where to go... I did not! I figured anybody that has to deal with this company's complaints must already have a pretty bad day, everyday!!! Save yourselves the headache - go shop somewhere else!
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Whiteduck on 06/22/2011:
Any relation to Ashley?
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Avoid Stress! Don't Buy From Linders Furniture
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COSTA MESA, CALIFORNIA -- We spent over $4K on 2 pieces of furniture at Linder in Costa Mesa in August 18, our couch is custom made and the sale representative assured us it would take 4-6 weeks. As of today, September 27 we still don't have our couch yet. I received a call from their customer service some times on the 13th or 14 informing me that the couch is in their warehouse and will be deliver by next week. However, on the very same week someone called my husband and said the couch will not be available until Oct. 4th and we have reserved the priest for house blessing on this Saturday Oct. 2nd, I called and left the message to the store manager, they never called back, and later on my husband called and the sale representative informed him according to the schedule it should be delivery as promised.
We have never dealt with such a bad customer service, I had other issues and left messages to the sale representative but didn't bother to call back. I'm not sure if other locations are any better, but the one in Costa Mesa is failed big time in their customer service.

At this economy, I will take my time and effort to follow-up with my potential business when they walked in the door and inquired pricing for their needs, this lady sale representative didn't remember pricing she quoted on which items that we were considered buying/ordering. The store was not that busy, they need customer. And after we purchased she didn't bother to follow-up with the delivery, whether we are happy with the purchased. I supposed she doesn't need money and doesn't give a hoop for the potential return customer. She missed out $8K for our beding purchased for another furniture store. DON'T BUY AT LINDER FURNITURE STORE IN COSTA MESA....BAD! BAD! BAD! customer service.

Now reading all the reviews we will have to check the quality of the couch after it delivered.

THANK YOU for reading
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Alain on 09/28/2010:
Thank you for the review.
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One sofa that is not aligned properly
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Please don't buy anything from this ugly store. we bought two sofas on Sept. 9 2009, one was not aligned properly(back seats are not even). I called customer services all week and till this date no one has return my calls. That have very bad customer service, the ladies that work there they never know anything. I never get a good answer. I want to refused the hole order but they don't' responds my call. I very upset. I don't know what to do. Even the supervisor her name is Sue she is also very bad customer service person. She never return my call. It has been 5 day and no answer yet. I think that I will go to small claims. PLEASE DON'T BUY FROM LINDERS FURNITURE IN LA QUINTA CA.
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Starlord on 09/18/2009:
Take the sofa to a good tire shop and have it aligned. What do you mean not aligned?
DebtorBasher on 09/18/2009:
Why don't you go there in person? They may not return your call until after the 'return' time period expires.
Mrs. V on 09/18/2009:
Starlord, she may mean that the sofa is uneven. I had one that did that.
G1BR32L on 09/18/2009:
Thanks for your comments. what I mean is the 3 back seats are uneven.
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