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Oh where is my couch
Posted by Angelak on 03/22/2007
REDONDO BEACH, CALIFORNIA -- I purchased my couch on December 9, 2006. The holidays caused a slight, but understandable, delay.

A couch was delivered on January 18, 2007, but it was the wrong color (manufacturer error). Linder customer service said that they would work with the manufacturer to get the frame of the couch re-upholstered, since that was the fastest way to get our couch. Perhaps it would be available on February 7th. So, not ready for Super Bowl, we cancelled our party (we just moved into a new house and don't have a couch at all).

February 7th, the estimated delivery was February 25th. When I called that week, no one could tell me what happened or if my couch existed. Finally, on March 8th, I was told that they would call me in a few days with a delivery time for my couch.

The next week I called to find out about my couch. Now the day it would arrive to their store would be March 22nd. And they would get the delivery set up right away so I could have the couch on March 23 or 24.

On March 22nd, the couch was still not finished, and not available for delivery. However, once again, I am promised a couch next week. Oh, and a
7% discount refunded to me.

My son was about 8 months old when we ordered the couch. Now we are celebrating his 1 year birthday on Saturday, having a bunch of friends over, but they will have no where to sit. Time to pull out those foldable camping chairs!
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Linder's Furniture Going Out Of Business Sale a Ripoff!
Posted by Furnitureripoffs55 on 11/21/2011
Don't be fooled by this furniture rip-off! They have cheap furniture from China at waaaay over-inflated prices. No wonder they are going out of business. They screwed their customers for years, and now they are paying the price, and with all stores finally closing you won't be able able to return or get service. Beware!!!
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Posted by Alain on 2011-11-23:
Phil Linder will still make out all right financially, I suspect. Related story: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/linders-furniture-and-legacy-furniture-closing-all-locations-133912613.html
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Worst service ever, do not shop at this place!!!!
Posted by MARIA!OMNIRESTORATION.COM6 on 06/22/2011
This is the worst place ever - save your money and go else where - like somewhere where they care about their image or their clients!!! They have the worst delivery - promised delivery within 2 weeks - 2-1/2 months later I am being bounced back and forth between the store and their so-called 'customer service department'.

Their sales people are clueless, the store manager is useless, their delivery estimates are lies, and their customer service department is the WORST!!! If you are having a great day and want somebody to ruin it - call them - their customer service department 'lady' cussed me out and told me not to call back. I wanted to sink down to her level and tell her where to go... I did not! I figured anybody that has to deal with this company's complaints must already have a pretty bad day, everyday!!! Save yourselves the headache - go shop somewhere else!
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Posted by Whiteduck on 2011-06-22:
Any relation to Ashley?
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Customer Service Contact Number
Posted by S.foucrier1 on 06/10/2011
If there is ever an issue regarding my furniture their customer service department has always resolved the issue. Contact them at 714 657 7157.
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Posted by Alain on 2011-06-12:
Always handy to have a phone # in case of problems. Thanks!
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Caveat Emptor!!! Do Not Buy From Linder's Ever!!!
Posted by Unbelievablyfrustrated on 04/27/2011
12821 KNOTT ST GARDE GROVE, CALIFORNIA -- I purchased a dining room table from Linder's in Murrieta, CA a couple of months ago. We have a home in the nearby mountains and are still in the process of furnishing the place. We picked up the table at the store as they do not deliver in our area. When my husband put the table together, the table extension was from a completely different table. We had purchased the table at that time to host a couple of parties. I called the manager at the Murrieta store, and he stated that he would swap out the extension for the one in the store. I agreed to the quick fix, and low and behold, the extension matched, but didn't fit! I called back only to find out that the manager had quit or was fired, and no one knew anything about this problem.

I was referred to customer service corporate office, which ended being a complete nightmare of multiple phone calls, finally culminating in getting transferred to a voicemail for a supervisor named Sue. Sue finally called back after a few days of phone calls, and told my husband that we would have to bring the table down to ORANGE COUNTY to exchange, and she would give us $50 store credit. My husband said this was NOT possible as we did not have access to a truck, and would cost us more than $50 dollars to transport. I ended up trying to get ahold of the owner, Phil Lender, to ultimately find out that he is owner in name only. The ONLY person I could deal with was Sue. I called and left multiple messages that went unanswered by Sue. After a couple of weeks I had to call non-stop, repeatedly, to not only her line but customer service, for around an hour, before she finally called back. Hate to resort to this tactic but it works when you tie up the phone lines for an hour. ULTIMATELY, she agreed to send an inspected NEW table to the Murrieta store and said she could ONLY give us $100 STORE CREDIT. Wow. Such customer service!

It will cost us over $100 just to get the defective table returned and to pick up the new table. She ABSOLUTELY REFUSED to at least refund us the money it will take to return and pick up the new table. It is a win-win situation for Linder's as I only get STORE CREDIT!!! Why would I want to purchase ANYTHING from them after the heck they put me through? DID I MENTION THE CUSTOMER SERVICE LINE?? OMG, it was incredibly bad. CUSTOMER DIS-SERVICE! They were rude, they gave me WRONG information, and after numerous conversations with them to try and get someone in charge (Sue) to talk to me, (at least 5 phone calls), Sue finally called back. After my husband spoke with her, and we did not come to an agreement, she refused to call back, thus prompting my deluge of phone calls Rambo-style.

I should never have to incorporate Rambo-style phone calls as a customer to get what I purchased, EVER! Suffice it to say that I will NEVER, EVER purchase ANYTHING from Linder's again. Don't know what I will do with $100 store credit. My parties were hosted on the floor, and Linder's couldn't CARE LESS! I have had issues with Sears, Home Depot, and Living Spaces, all in the process of purchasing items for the new house (believe it or not!), but I was compensated justly for their errors. Linder's, however, refuses and I have no other alternative at this point. I am absolutely gobsmacked that in this economic climate, businesses like those mentioned above, would be so uncaring about their reputation, and so callous to the consumer. Encouraging a customer to go elsewhere? Who does that? Linder's does! Bottom line I have learned from this experience: Buy your purchases at "Big Box" stores. You may have issues and have to resort to Rambo-style tactics, BUT, you will ultimately be compensated to your satisfaction. Linder's, however, will not compensate you to your satisfaction. Expect it.
Read Company Response
Company Response on 04/27/2011:
Customer picked up furniture at our store in Murrieta on March 19th 2011.The address was a local address on the sales order. Customer called us on the 1st of April, 13 days after original pick up stating that the table leaf would not sit flush with the table. We informed customer that since this was a pick up she would have to bring in the table to our warehouse for an exchange. Per customer the table is at her home in Lake Arrowhead and we would need to take a table out to her. Informed customer that since this was a pick up she would have to bring table back to us. We are sorry that customer is unhappy with the outcome. If this was a local address we could have accommodated but table was in Lake Arrowhead. At any given retailer if you picked up from them you would have to take it back to them...the same principles applies here. As for the RAMBO TACTIC, that just inconvenienced other customers that could not get through. Multiple massages were left but customer did not even allow 24 hour call back turn around time.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2011-04-27:
Good review. I especially like your " Rambo style tactics", but its a shame you had to resort to that.
Posted by Unbelievablyfrustrated on 2011-04-28:
We picked up the table on March 19th because: 1.Tthat was when the table was ready; 2. We needed to rent a truck to pick up the furniture. The bench we ordered with the table wasn't even there. THE VERY SAME DAY we put the the table together and found out that the extension leaf WASN'T EVEN FROM THE SAME STYLE OF TABLE. I called the store the same day. We had a party scheduled that night and people ended up sitting on the floor. Linder's Murrieta agreed to swap out the floor model leaf as it was the floor model of the table we purchased. It wasn't till we got back up to Lake Arrowhead a week later (it had snowed and we could not get up there) that we found that the new leaf would not even fit. Nothing lined up. It was at that point that we were told to call customer service. That is when things REALLY started to go downhill. We will end up paying about $150 in truck rental to get this resolved.
Posted by pleased1 on 2011-04-28:
I have to disagree, My experience w/linder has been pleasant from the sales to the delivery. I think customers nowadays just want everything for FREE. And the Rambo tactics are tacky and you may of needed to look for the nearest physciatric office since you have nothing else better to do than complain and throw a tantrum boooo hoooo...
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Avoid Stress! Don't Buy From Linders Furniture
Posted by Letdotaxtime on 09/27/2010
COSTA MESA, CALIFORNIA -- We spent over $4K on 2 pieces of furniture at Linder in Costa Mesa in August 18, our couch is custom made and the sale representative assured us it would take 4-6 weeks. As of today, September 27 we still don't have our couch yet. I received a call from their customer service some times on the 13th or 14 informing me that the couch is in their warehouse and will be deliver by next week. However, on the very same week some one called my husband and said the couch will not be available until Oct. 4th and we have reserved the priest for house blessing on this Saturday Oct. 2nd, I called and left the message to the store manager, they never called back, and later on my husband called and the sale representative informed him according to the schedule it should be delivery as promised.
We have never dealt with such a bad customer service, I had other issues and left messages to the sale representative but didn't bother to call back. I'm not sure if other locations are any better, but the one in Costa Mesa is failed big time in their customer service.

At this economy, I will take my time and effort to follow-up with my potential business when they walked in the door and inquired pricing for their needs, this lady sale representative didn't remember pricing she quoted on which items that we were considered buying/ordering. The store was not that busy, they need customer. And after we purchased she didn't bother to follow-up with the delivery, whether we are happy with the purchased. I supposed she doesn't need money and doesn't give a hoop for the potential return customer. She missed out $8K for our beding purchased for another furniture store. DON'T BUY AT LINDER FURNITURE STORE IN COSTA MESA....BAD! BAD! BAD! customer service.

Now reading all the reviews we will have to check the quality of the couch after it delivered.

THANK YOU for reading
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Posted by Alain on 2010-09-28:
Thank you for the review.
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Family Room Furniture
Posted by Badri54 on 06/03/2010
GARDEN GROVE, CALIFORNIA -- I ordered a complete living room furniture, Sofa, Love seat, Recliner, tables & TV stand, the delivery was late and not as promised and they have gave me a used Sofa & Love seat and the delivery person indicate that they were a floor model, he called Customer Service (April 13, 2010) and they told him tell us to keep the furniture and when the new shipment arrive they will exchange it, after we came back from vacation on May 19, 2010 we called Customer service many times leaving many messages BUT they never called back, I wrote them twice (One Cerified letter) and still they have never called back and we are stuck with a dirty floor model furniture, and a legal action will be taken soon. I will not recommend anybody to buy furniture from Linder's
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What you see in the showroom is not what you will get, and then you're stuck with it
Posted by Srbabayan on 05/24/2010
CERRITOS, CALIFORNIA -- My husband and me bought a couch and love seat from Linder's. At the showroom we inspected both of them and liked the look and overall comfort and softness of the cushions. We unzipped the cushions at the showroom to see what materials they were made of and decided to get them. A week later we got our furniture and to our surprise the cushions were hard as rocks. Once we unzipped them we found out they were made with different materials than the ones in the showroom. Once we contacted customer service we got this very rude lady "Rosa" that didn't want to listen to what I was saying and kept making excuses as to why the cushions were hard- "they needed to be worn", "the cushions at the showroom were older and felt better". This service representative treated me like an idiot and refused to take care of the problem!! Bottom line is that the furniture Linder's has on it's showrooms IS NOT THE SAME AS WHAT YOU WILL GET!!! BUYERS BEWARE!!!!
Read Company Response
Company Response on 01/04/2011:
I am sorry that you had such an experience, We would like to discuss it and resolve any issue left open or make up for how we didn’t handle the situation properly. Please feel free to contact me at phone or email below.

Eric Foucrier

12821 Knott Avenue
Garden Grove, Ca 92841
714 622-7925 PH
714 698-2704 FAX
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Very BAD customer service - can't deliver as promised
Posted by Funinocsun on 05/21/2010
GARDEN GROVE, CALIFORNIA -- I ordered a bed (not set) on 4/17 and was told by the salesperson at the Rancho Cucamonga store that it would be available in about 3 weeks. Now I am being told they won't have it from the manufacturer till 6/10. This is 8 weeks after ordering the bed (it's coming from Asia). I requested a full refund as stated on the Terms & Conditions (unreasonable manufacturer delay) and was told by a very rude customer service agent I could get a refund minus 10% and that they believe unreasonable is 3-6 months (which is not stated on the Terms & Conditions). This is completely unacceptable and they claim that customer service is #1. The agent would not let me speak to the manager Sue. I will now contact the Better Business Bureau and also a lawyer for recourse due to the inability to deliver as paid and promised.
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Bizarre policy
Posted by PSShell on 05/05/2010
CATHEDRAL CITY, CALIFORNIA -- We bought a terrific tall ceramic pot and four bunches of dyed green bamboo sticks to go in it, as displayed at the Cathedral City store's grand opening sale. The saleswoman and my partner agreed that four bundles looked better than three, but when we got home we decided that three was plenty. When I tried to return the fourth, on Monday four days later, I was told that accessories can't be returned after three days ("It says on the receipt"--in small print on the back side and not so specifically) because the order had already been processed (whatever that means).
After I returned to the car shaking my head, my partner, not one to suffer fools and their policies, had another go at the manager. Throughout the encounter, he was unfriendly, uncooperative, and rude. He acknowledged that he would forgo sales worth potentially thousands of dollars by our friends who are buying a condo (and others amazed by this tale!) for a $7 item.
Who ever heard of such a policy? We should have been told by the saleswoman to be sure to return it within three days if we didn't want the extra bundle--and that the $169 pot would need to be returned in that time too if we changed our minds.
Customer service? We will never set foot in Linder's again and will steer our friends away too. Caveat emptor.
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Posted by Alain on 2010-05-06:
By the rules, they are right. By the common sense and dollars, not real smart.
Posted by Weedwhacked on 2010-05-06:
So how many times did you want them to say no? You said it yourself, the policy was on the receipt.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-05-06:
Is there something else you can do with the bamboo sticks? I ask, because a few years ago I bought too much flower garland for decorating a wreath, and I ended up using the rest to wrap on my wrought iron headboard and footboard. I don't even have that wreath anymore, but I love the way my bed looks.
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