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Lingo Run Away
Posted by on
AUGUSTA, GEORGIA -- I signed up for Lingo. Have not received their equipment. Read reviews. They have F rating with BBB. Called them and cancelled service. They told me I have 14 days to return equipment I do not even have and if I do not I will be charged $99.00 cancellation fee. I put a large sign at my front door for the UPS not to deliver anything from Lingo. Forget about 30 day free service. This company my opinion and I will glad to get this experience behind me, if I can.
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Scam company
Posted by on
I had written a complaint some months ago about Lingo and the rotten service that they had with their phone system. Frankly, I am surprised that no government agency has dealt with their crooked business practice.

To those people who are considering changing their phone system to Lingo, please be aware that when you sign up with Lingo, you are hooked for two years and if you cancel the service because of poor service, you will get slapped with a termination fee of $99.00 Please read all the complaints from other people about Lingo before you jump in with their phone system.

Long distance calls to foreign countries like the Philippine never worked and I still received charges for these calls even though the calls were unsuccessful. Service interruption is very frequent. In fact, what prompted me to dump Lingo was when there was no dial tone for two days and there was no way of accessing their technical support using my cell phone because nobody answered. I e-mailed Lingo to complain and received a reply two months later.
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Alain on 12/24/2010:
You can make a quick complaint about them at
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Cancellation Problem
Posted by on
Lingo is one of the most deceitful companies that I have ever dealt with. We called to cancel our service in Nov 2009 and asked what we needed to do in order to cancel, do we need to send back the modem, etc. The person we spoke with told us that the account would be cancelled as soon as we transferred our number. We transferred our phone number to T-Mobile. It is now July and they are still billing us! Every time we call to get the account cancelled or to get refunded, we are told that they will review the account and call us back. We have not once received a call back from them. Each time we call we have to re-explain our entire situation. I have now contacted my credit card to put a stop payment on any future charges, this is the only way around it. Besides having so many dropped calls that it was ridiculous, they have lied to us and have been charging us for a service that we have not been receiving for 8 months. Do NOT use this company!
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Lingo Phone Service
Posted by on
This is the worst wired service you can get. I signed up with Lingo about 3 weeks ago because the representative said it would be unlimited calling to Afghanistan because that is where my husband is and the only person I called. So on the third day of using the service it said I was low on my minutes. How can you be low on your minutes if it's unlimited. So I called them and I told them my situation and they said they would get back at me to see if it can be unlimited or if they can lower the. 21 cent per minute I think that's the cost. They never got back at me. I called several times over the past 3 weeks and my account doesn't pop or they give me the run around. So I told them I just want to cancel my service with you guys and again I'm getting the run around. It sounded a great deal in the beginning with 4.95 the first month and 21.95 from then on to talk unlimited to anybody. They are full of &$%$.

Never go with this company I give it a zero star rating.. I'm still on line with them trying to cancel my service...What a night mare.
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User Replies:
Weedwhacked on 05/03/2010:
I heard complaints about this service. Apparently, unlimited service includes up to a certain amount of preset limits. It's in the fine print of the contract.
PepperElf on 05/03/2010:
you might want to consider a different service.

Does your husband have internet access? When I was stationed in Japan, I communicated with my family via AIM/Ichat and Skype so it didn't cost them anything extra to talk to me.

For the AIM / iChat I was able to do video calls - though it also works for voice-only.
For Skype, I purchased a Skype phone number that was local to them. That way they could call me for free, and it would connect to my computer.

Obviously your husband might have higher security restrictions in Afghanistan, but it may be something to look into if he is able to use his own computer, etc.

Also, I've been told that google has their own version with a "google number" but it's something I've never used. You may want to check that out too though.
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How do I get out of this?
Posted by on
VIRGINIA -- Well I just got a phone call but I can't call anybody. nice phone service, 2days to get back to me, prob have to deal with every body's bad phone service.
I bet I'm still getting charged for your bad service. I'm still posting bad things to say about this company all over the net. You people won't want me as a customer when I'm done. I'll post these comments on the Internet for you guys we all know how honest your company is.
Please don't make the same mistake, check out any company you deal with.
google it if you choose, but make them earn your business not the other way around.
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Anonymous on 02/16/2010:
Have you cancelled your service with them? You can probably write as many bad things as you want about them... but, they'll probably still continue to charge you for their service until you cancel it with them.
And you can only do it one way... by calling them.

"Cancellations will only be accepted via phone through Lingo’s Account Management Department at the toll-free number listed on the first page of your invoice, and will be effective upon the date that you cancel with a Lingo Account Management Representative. You will be given a cancellation confirmation number by the representative."

And, there will probably be a cancellation fee.

Just be forewarned.

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Lingo Billing is Poor
Posted by on
I had been using Lingo for 6 months. They were OK for quality but the price was too high for what I needed as I call worldwide. I have now called them 3 times in the last 2 months to cancel my Lingo account. I have been continually billed each month for the last 2 months. I now have to dispute this last bill with my credit card company as I have gotten absolutely no satisfaction from Lingo. I just called Lingo to no avail. Very poor customer service. It is too bad as I was with them early on in their service and they were fairly good then. They must be big enough to be arrogant now.
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An unlimited calling plan for limited residential use
Posted by on
LINGO is a Scam and a fraudulent company. On their web it says "Unlimited Local and International Calls at Only $24.99 per Month". But in their terms and condition it is written (in a very small font):
“Residential Customer’s monthly usage is limited to 4,999 minutes per month”

They are suspending people's line that is even exceeding 500 minutes per month of international call. I found in my outgoing calling list that there were many calls placed from my number while we are out of town in Thanks Giving Holidays. They even refused to investigate that.

My suggestion to everyone: DO NOT TAKE THEIR PLAN. You will end up of severe trouble and paying more.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 12/03/2009:
"Residential Customer’s monthly usage is limited to 4,999 minutes per month”"

How would you even go over 4,999 minutes a month? That's, what, 83 hours of talking... about? Yes, I know that's not the point of the complaint... it's just a question I'm throwing out there out of curiosity.
lingosucks on 12/07/2009:
I agree 5000 minute is more than enough.But they will cancel your account if you exceed 600 minutes of international call per month.Now that's a shocker. these guys are scam and should be shutdown
old fart on 12/07/2009:
Who needs the equivalence of 3 and 1/2 days of talk time on the telephone...get a life...
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Very Bad Customer Care
Posted by on
I have been 'trying' to fix my issue with the invoice for the past 2 weeks now. Either they are on voice mail, or they make me wait for at least 30 minutes each time I call. Even if I get to speak with someone I don't get a solution, all I get is a promise for a call back, which never happens. On top of that I find the customer care reps hard to understand and they don't seem to understand me either. This is becoming really frustrating for me and I am thinking of cancelling my almost 2 years old subscription if I don't get a solution today.

I hope the management is looking into all this or else they will soon be thrown out of the market by their competitors.
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Please share your views …
Posted on
Reading such views expressed on this wall here makes me contemplate about the principle question we all have in our minds, WHY ARE THESE JOBS OUTSOURCED TO NON-ENGLISH SPEAKING COUNTRIES WHERE PEOPLE HAVE BELOW AVERAGE INTELLIGENCE???

Being a Lingo customer I know that the Customer Service is in Philippines and my recent interaction with them has been really frustrating. These people obviously have an accent, which is obviously non-American and they don’t really comprehend your problems unless stated multiple times. SO WHAT ARE THESE COMPANIES, WHO OUTSOURCE THESE JOBS, GAINING?

My personal opinion is that these companies are incurring more costs, as they are losing out on customers because of their sub-standard Customer Service as compared to what they are gaining from outsourcing these jobs.

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User Replies:
Anonymous on 08/18/2009:
There's a good chance they do comprehend the problem. However, they have to use a script in replying. As to below average intelligence, I've spoken to lots of domestic CSRs who have the intelligence of a moron. And they read the same scripts.
Anonymous on 08/18/2009:

So, because they don't speak English, that automatically makes them stupid?
BokiBean on 08/18/2009:
I'll tell you something that happened down here with Hertz. People complain about call centers going overseas (and there is a huge movement of call center jobs coming back from overseas, btw) but when Hertz ran a large call center here, they had a hellofatime getting qualified workers. Really.

They kept dropping the requirements because they had to..apparently many Americans don't know the difference 'tween there, their and they're..and can't type 23wpm!

Sad huh?

Anonymous on 08/18/2009:
They may have to read a script but my point is, if they don't understand what your problem is then how on Earth would they know which script to read. That is where all the confusion starts.

bearkatkitten: I never said not knowing English makes one stupid. What makes them stupid is not having the proper knowledge required for this job. You will never mind what language one is speaking if they are able to resolve your problems. Language and knowledge are two different issues I have spoken about, don't try to relate them.
Anonymous on 08/18/2009:
"Reading such views expressed on this wall here"....

Was this posted from a public restroom?
PepperElf on 08/18/2009:
What a xenophobic letter.
i_am_canadian on 08/18/2009:
You specifically said 'Countries where people have below average intelligence.' Meaning that anyone you speak to in that country is stupid. That's what you meant, admit it.

They outsource these services largely because those 'stupid' people overseas have a stronger work ethic than many of the domestic workers who compete for their jobs. Tell me something, would you be willing to sit in a tiny cubicle and be screamed at for 10-12 straight hours a day because someone didn't pay their bill on time or their cat chewed through their modem cord? I didn't think so.

It's sad, but this is the direction business is taking, get used to it.
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Lingo Customer Service - It doesn't get worse than this!
Posted by on
I have been a Lingo customer for many years now, and the service was great. However, my problems started when my friend recommended the Lingo Unwired service. I called up the customer service to know more about the feature, however the representative sounded lost and I figured out that his product knowledge is zip. The representative tried to push me to many corners and finally asked me to write an email to the unwired department. That was a classic example of loose service because I had pressed the option for unwired department on the IVR.

I have called the customer service many times in 2008 as I had an issue with my bill and found the service to be great, however this time it sucked.

The upheaval began when I got my first bill for the unwired service that gave me a shock of catastrophic proportions. I called up the customer service again to learn that I was charged a connection fee of 79 cents per call I made. I asked for credits because I was kept in the dark about the connected charge and all they could offer is a $5 courtesy credit. I have never felt so pained and insulted in my life, ever. I have decided to do a charge-back for the bill amount and cancel the account, which I feel sad about as I was saving some money with this service.

Lingo management: You need to fix your customer service ASAP before you lose out on other loyal customers like me.
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