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Very Bad Customer Care
By -

I have been 'trying' to fix my issue with the invoice for the past 2 weeks now. Either they are on voice mail or they make me wait for at least 30 minutes each time I call. Even if I get to speak with someone, I don't get a solution. All I get is a promise for a call back which never happens. On top of that, I find the customer care reps hard to understand and they don't seem to understand me either. This is becoming really frustrating for me and I am thinking of cancelling my almost 2 years old subscription if I don't get a solution today. I hope the management is looking into all this or else they will soon be thrown out of the market by their competitors.

Please Share Your Views...

Reading such views expressed on this wall here makes me contemplate about the principle question we all have in our minds, WHY ARE THESE JOBS OUTSOURCED TO NON-ENGLISH SPEAKING COUNTRIES where people have below average intelligence???

Being a Lingo customer I know that the Customer Service is in Philippines and my recent interaction with them has been really frustrating. These people obviously have an accent, which is obviously non-American and they don't really comprehend your problems unless stated multiple times. SO WHAT ARE THESE COMPANIES, WHO OUTSOURCE THESE JOBS, GAINING?

My personal opinion is that these companies are incurring more costs, as they are losing out on customers because of their substandard Customer Service as compared to what they are gaining from outsourcing these jobs. WHAT ARE YOUR VIEWS???

Lingo Customer Service - It doesn't get worse than this!
By -

I have been a Lingo customer for many years now, and the service was great. However, my problems started when my friend recommended the Lingo Unwired service. I called up the customer service to know more about the feature, however the representative sounded lost and I figured out that his product knowledge is zip. The representative tried to push me to many corners and finally asked me to write an email to the unwired department. That was a classic example of loose service because I had pressed the option for unwired department on the IVR.

I have called the customer service many times in 2008 as I had an issue with my bill and found the service to be great, however this time it sucked. The upheaval began when I got my first bill for the unwired service that gave me a shock of catastrophic proportions.

I called up the customer service again to learn that I was charged a connection fee of 79 cents per call I made. I asked for credits because I was kept in the dark about the connected charge and all they could offer is a $5 courtesy credit. I have never felt so pained and insulted in my life, ever. I have decided to do a charge-back for the bill amount and cancel the account, which I feel sad about as I was saving some money with this service. Lingo management: You need to fix your customer service ASAP before you lose out on other loyal customers like me.

Lingo computes incorrect taxes on their phone bills
By -

Lingo is the most corrupt phone service provider on the face of the earth, even AT&T is better than them. I signed up for Lingo's annual plan which had a base price of $195/year. During sign up I paid approx $30 as taxes for the entire year. After a couple of months I started noticing that Lingo is charging me $5-6 as tax every month, even though I had paid that upfront. If I calculate that for the entire year, the tax amount would be approx $90-100, on a $195 plan, which means that the tax rate is more than 50%.

I called up the Customer Service to understand what is happening. The first time I called, I thought I had dialed a wrong number as they did not seem to speak in English, I hung up and checked the number to realize that it was the correct number. The second time I called, the experience was even horrible. The moment I stated my issue, the guy turned into a robot. He kept on repeating that I need to ask the State Tax Authority to compute correct taxes for me. Why the hell would the State Tax Authority compute taxes for me every month for my phone bills?

My case has come to a dead-end now because of their poor and unhelpful Customer Service, incorrect tax calculations and unethical business practices. Now I have no choice left but to allow them to rip me off. Can somebody tell me what my options are to counter such arm-twisting company policies/practices?

Worst service ever
By -

I based my decision to use Lingo for my telephone service by comments I read and about their commitment to use U.S. based support staff - just in case I had any issues. This past November I ordered their service & received the equipment within a week. I had difficulties installing their equipment and this is where the problems started. I called the support line only to be put on hold for 15-20 minutes without anyone ever coming back to me. I e-mailed the support line and NEVER received a response other than the computer generated one that tells you that they will get back to you within 24 or 48 hours.

After attempting to do this for over 2 weeks (does anyone actually have time for this?), I got gravely ill, ending up in the hospital for several weeks. Once I got back home I continued using my existing service, not paying attention that they were deducting monies from my bank account. I changed banks and then received a notice from Lingo that they could not access my bank account and that if this continued and I didn't make other arrangements they would terminate service.

Once I received this notice, I attempted to contact someone who could see from my records that I never used the service and did contact them re my failure in connecting. I did speak to someone who indicated that she would call me back to give me a name, telephone number with an extension at corporate. She did call back when I was away from the phone and left a message to call their customer service number who I've called repeatedly without a response! This company is the worst!!

Lingo is a screwed up service
By -

SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA -- I think owner is South Indian. Even in India people do not trust them. I am Indian (Punjabi) as well. This is third time in 6 years, I have been cheated by business owned by a South Indian. Customer service employees have their fake American names.

Frankly speaking, in India these people do these things often to make money. When they get caught, they use bribe. Now same thing has been started here. Is there any law to stop them from this. I am going to complaint about them to Better Business Bureau and my local TV channel. I think all of you should do same thing.

Legendary Example of a Poor Company!!!
By -

VIRGINIA -- Lingo's customer service is a joke. It would really not make any difference to its customers if they completely shut it down because a) these people don't know anything and b) whatever they know, they don't implement or execute. It sounds as if they have given the jobs to people who live in some dumb country. Each time you call them, you will either have to explain your problem 10 times before someone reads out some stupid script which makes no sense whatsoever or you will get a bag full of promises which they never fulfill. On top of that these people are so shameless that they will ask you to fill a feedback survey each time you call.

What am I supposed to write in those surveys, that your customer service is SCREWED UP?? Huh! Who is listening anyway!!! Each time I need to call up the customer service, I curse my friend who referred me to this garbage phone service. This is the reason I have never referred anyone to Lingo and in fact I ask everyone to stay away because I do not want anyone else to suffer like me. I saw a few blogs about Lingo where people have said that they will go to BBB, etc. All I say to them is, that is the right choice it seems!!!

Lingo Is a Fraud.
By -

EDISON, NEW JERSEY -- I had 2 Lingo accounts for over an year and had 1 year contract for both accounts. I called them after 1 yr that I want to cancel these accounts, they said that they had sent a mass email some time back that if I do not cancel my account in 20 days then my contract would be extended for 1 more year. And that's what they did. I told them that I never got any email. They said they don't know about that. And they charged me $99 cancellation fee for each account. I would be writing about this to the Fraud Protection Dept. I urge you not to take Lingo whatsoever. Lingo is a Fraud company.

Avoid This Company Like The Plague!!!!!
By -

02113, MASSACHUSETTS -- I signed up for Lingo last fall and have been regretting it ever since. I tried numerous times to cancel service over the phone with their reps. and they gave me and my husband the runaround every time. I was never able to access and use their equipment and service because that we need a land phone. My last attempt to cancel was today. This was after 6 phone calls and months of service I never used and tried to cancel. I had to cancel my bank account and set up a new one because the bank could not do anything to help with this problem.

Now when you call the Lingo phone number they have added an option for cancellation and however, I would be very hesitant to do business with a company that tries so hard to pull off offering you a product, making it impossible to cancel, then trying to charge you a fee when THEY decide they will let you cancel the account - one of the oldest scams in the book. Buyer beware. There are other companies that offer the same product and service and they do it with integrity.

Worst Phone Service Ever!!!
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Rating: 1/51

Lingo Phone service is the worst phone service ever. I got ripped by this company. I received 3 different bills which came up to $400. They gave False information, misled us on taking the phone service and ripped us. Never take this phone service again. Customer service talks rudely and they hang up on our face. Everyone in the billing department talks to us like they are the manager. They don't care if we are paying about $400. They don't show any courtesy. Never take their phone service again!!!

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