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Auction scams run rampant
Posted by Crewcalls on 02/11/2008
Liquidation com is a greed driven, profiteering operation willfully conducting illicit activities that are aimed at defrauding consumers and people as a whole, selling misrepresented and non-verified nor verifiable merchandise, as well as assisting in internet scams, flagrant fund misappropriation, and deceitful auction tampering and fixing, all the while protecting itself through capricious legalities afforded by them and only to them that the public at large can be held to by virtue of doing business with them.

What does this statement mean? Answers follow.

Based on two marginal transactions, and about three bad ones with Liquidation com, the following hypothesis’ can be made.

First, although some of the merchants on Liquidation com are well intended and honest folks, not all are. Liquidation com is run by greed. Because of this, one can conclude that Liquidation com likes money a lot. From this it is easy to say that Liquidation com believes any vendor is a good vendor. This is the probable cause that Liquidation com is also in the business of aiding, promoting, selling a web porthole to, and profiting from a varied lot of professional scam artists and cons.

Why say this? The following are true stories.

Reason 1) A person bought $10,000.00 of merchandise coupons from a vendor named Bison. Bison sells gift certificates and vacation certificates on Liquidation com for redemption on various web sites that have all kinds of great stuff...or so it says. The person went to the sites before bidding and was initially impressed. All the merchandise shown seemed pretty good, but there was no mention of shipping prices. All efforts to get to any page that listed the shipping charges failed. It turned out that a consumer had to have a code to get into the site to buy anything, the same codes being sold on Liquidation com, and that shipping was only available inside the site. The person thought that weight is weight and shipping has never been too exorbitant on the web. The shipping could be overcome by the expected savings of the face value of the coupons and therefore it would still be a good deal. The site was very professional and seemed legitimate. The decision was made to go for it. Upon purchasing the coupons for about 22.5% of the face value the certificate numbers were transferred electronically in a spreadsheet.

Upon receipt the person immediately started to look into the site for an initial purchase. It was going to be a little surprise for a favorite little girl. But when the merchandise page of the site was reached, the person realized that all the merchandise was crap, not what had been seen on the front page of the site. All of it was off brand bull s#it. So the person figured getting something for the little girl would still be a little bit fun. A trinket was settled on for purchase and check out was requested. The shipping page appeared right away. It was here that the ruse was found. The shipping was not based on weight or distance. It was based on the amount spent from the coupon. The prices were hugely inflated and easily would cost more than they would at the store. On top of that the shipping was almost $.34 per dollar.

The scam works like this: The coupons were a farce. A purchaser buys them at Liquidation com, supposedly at liquidation prices in an effort to get into the coupon site. However, if a purchase is made on the site, the purchase would cost nothing because it was free from the coupon, but the prices were so inflated for the poor quality knock-off merchandise that it would cause the shipping to be exorbitant. The merchandise many times had no brand name at all. The bottom line is that the merchandise offered was of lower quality, and would rarely, if ever, be purchased by an individual with any appreciation for quality. For mathematics sake: a bag worth $15.00 retail would be listed for $100.00 on the site. The shipping would then be $34.00. The coupon costs $10.00, the shipping is $34.00, and the bag is worth $15.00. Total = $44.00 for a $15.00 bag. These quandaries lead to nothing being purchased; not even as a gift (who wants to give a gift that makes them look bad or cheap). The coupons that were bought on Liquidation com are worthless trash to the consumer, but solid gold to Liquidation com, and Bison. The end result is that the consumer went to Liquidation com and bought NOTHING with hard earned dollars (perhaps Liquidation com has a vested interest in Myfreegifts dot com).

Either way, Bison gets their money, Liquidation com gets their cut. And Bison is free to do it again and again (and they are doing it right now). They are welcome to do whatever they want as long as Liquidation com gets their blood money. They are a good vendor by Liquidation com parameters. Liquidation com happily gives Bison the portal to defraud consumers while taking some off the top. Did they look into the complaint that was filed? It seems doubtful. They never responded to it. Do they have ethics? It is doubtful also.

Another situation, Reason 2) A a load of new flashlights that were bought to give out as stocking stuffers or Chanukah gifts to the person’s clients, their clients kids, whatever. They were not big or expensive, but it was PC enough, and utilitarian to boot. The items were ordered and were to be delivered well before the holidays. Liquidation was in charge of delivery so after about four weeks with no delivery they were called to ask what the hold up was. They said that it was the vendor who had not sent them, and that they had no responsibility for the vendor’s actions. They had the audacity to say this even though their own website had Liquidation listed as in charge of the delivery. Later that day the status of the order changed from pending to cancelled. Again, they were asked why. They said that the vendor had cancelled the transaction. Be aware here that the transaction was with Liquidation, and the delivery was their job. The credit card had Liquidity, their parent company, as the funds recipient. Liquidation com did mention that the vendor would be charged a penalty for the problem, but that the penalty was for Liquidation com’s trouble, not the consumer’s. After waiting for over 45 days with no refund neither posted nor received, Liquidation com was called again and asked what the holdup was. They said they would look into it. Finally, 20 days after the call, a refund was received. The chances of the refund coming voluntarily from Liquidation com are very, very slim.

One last example is this: Reason 3) A person bid about $500, won and paid for 3 large toolboxes and went to the warehouse for pickup. The merchandise was on a pallet and wrapped in plastic. After inspection of the sealed boxes, there was no evidence of damage and the stickers on them showed exactly what had been paid for. So they were taken away to be assembled. But after opening them up where they were to be assembled, it was revealed that what the stickers represented on the outside of the box was NOT what was on the inside of the box. There were three half toolboxes... essentially worthless. Liquidation com refused to even discuss the three different ways that were suggested that could have made the transaction a fair and equitable deal. What was offered was 1) to bring them back (75 miles one way) and take a full reimbursement, 2) to take a 50% discount from what had been paid, or 3) to pick up the other half of the toolboxes. It took over a week to get any response. Giving them the some credit, it was assumed that they were in the business of merchandise and that they were being neither irresponsible nor negligent on purpose.

It turns out that they were doing it on purpose.

A few points:

Bison is selling crap on their own website, but their partnership with Liquidation com is where the real insidiousness takes place. There is no liquidation of any sort with their scheme. Sending a spreadsheet of bogus coupons is hardly a liquidation sale and even though Liquidation com was posted as the shipper, they never even laid eyes on a single code. Bison people are Bull s#it artists; a willfully deceptive merchant/vendor who needs Liquidation com for their primary source of predatory income. Liquidation not only lets this organization do their nasty style of deception, they encourage it and make money from it. Liquidation com is an accomplice to their illicit activities.

Liquidation com takes no responsibility for the actions of their vendors, and could care less about the wounded consumer to the point of profiting from the consumers problems. If any part of their website procedures can not be trusted, then no parts of their website information can be trusted. They claimed that the problem of delivery was not there’s, yet the delivery was posted on their website as their responsibility. Then they took money from the vendor as if they had suffered some sort of loss. The consumer suffered the loss; Liquidation profited. Just like Bison, Liquidation com wins either way…so why should they care?

Liquidation com does NOT under any circumstances care about the authenticity, validity, nor quality of what they sell. They check on nothing that the vendors state when the vendors wares come thought Liquidation com’s doors (or the toolboxes would have been red flagged). It is a safe to hypothesize that they act this way simply because the vendors are their income. They will sell anything to anyone regardless of the consequences that such sales may have. Although they may be a hub for many good merchants, they are also a hub for any criminals who may want to sell whatever from where ever, scams or other questionable activities, as long as Liquidation gets their cut. Liquidation com is aware of this. They willfully ignore it, do nothing about curbing it and are therefore a real and true participant in it.

To this point, the meaning of the first part of the original thesis statement has been addressed (i.e.: “Liquidation com is a greed driven, profiteering operation willfully conducting illicit activities that are aimed at defrauding consumers and people as a whole, selling misrepresented and non-verified nor verifiable merchandise, as well as assisting in internet scams, flagrant embezzlement, and deceitful auction tampering and fixing,”). But what about the “all the while protecting itself through capricious legalities afforded by them and only to them that the public at large can be held to by virtue of doing business with them” part?

By doing business with liquidation, a buyer is agreeing to whatever rules Liquidation com may want to enforce, or not enforce. There seems to be no set code. They entice a potential buyer with a seemingly good deal. This is obvious because the merchandise for sale can be seen and deemed interesting by a potential buyer (victim) prior to signing any agreements. After enticement, Liquidation com forces the buyer to sign an agreement to their one-sided rules. It must be done prior to bidding. After the buyer signs all rights to any fair and equitable solutions to any potential problems, Liquidation com wastes no time in doing whatever they want. That is why they can sell anything without even knowing that what the label represents on a box is not what is in a certain box; why they receive the money from the vendor who wrongs a consumer, and not the consumer who was wronged; why they can demand that payment within 72 hours post auction, but can wait 60 days to return a refund with no fees, interest or penalties; can wait to see if the consumer will keep track and remind Liquidation com to reimburse; why they can let anyone sell anything to anybody and maintain plausible deniability of what was sold to whom.(It would not be a surprise to find that they had shill bidders to raise the price of an item. Though this may be neither proven, nor provable, it would be wise to be concerned of such actions based on their history and the ilk of some of the vendors they invite to partner with them)

The stories in this post are 100% true. The conclusions may differ from your own.

It is the opinion of the writer, and those who shared their stories that:

Liquidation com and their parent company, Liquidities Inc., are the embodiment of greed in business, the epitome of apathy and abuse to the consumer, the accomplice of the criminals they partner with, and an excremental mire upon the country they prey in.

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Posted by FoggyOne on 2008-02-12:
A little long but interesting. However, I would smell a scam when I could purchase "the coupons for about 22.5% of the face value". Nobody is going to give away free money.

"Liquidation com does NOT under any circumstances care about the authenticity, validity, nor quality of what they sell." Sounds like newspaper ads - a newspaper has no liability for false advertising in their classified ads.

Regardless of my comments they certainly sound shady in their dealings.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-02-12:
Crewcalls, you have discovered one of the hottest scams on the Internet right now. You can find lot's of these types of sites these days. FREE ladies ring! Pay only S&H! You end up paying $14.95 in S&H fee's for a ring that costs about $3.00 wholesale. It's not illegal but yes it is a scam. You will find no free lunch with any of these types of operations. Very good post and info, thanks.
Posted by liquidation.com_is_a_ripoff on 2011-02-10:
Liquidation.com should be liquidated and the management prosecuted.
Posted by Andrew Swanson on 2013-10-09:
I wasnt happy with the total surprise of the premium and high shipping, i found a site with the same exact lot and shipping was much better and no premium 100dollarlots.com and if you search the titles in the liquidation.com site you may be able to find the other suppliers directly.
Posted by Sean M on 2014-01-26:
I would have to disagree with the comments about Liquidation not being a legitimate company. I call it the eBay for large lots. Is eBay responsible if a seller screws you over? No. I worked for a Big 4 accounting firm and they were our client. They get government merchandize and large commercial equipment, so you know they are legitimate.

Look at the manifests and auction information and the fees will be obvious.

I am not saying the fees aren't expensive, I'm just saying Liquidation is a 100% legitimate company.

I am going to try $100 lots also. Different market and likely they are newer to the game. Its like comparing eBay to Quibids or one of the other sites that are trying to compete with the market leader.

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Modern Day Scam-Avoid them
Posted by Jacklin on 08/27/2010
WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA -- My advise to anyone who's thinking of selling with this company or buying from other sellers on this site is, "Don't." All their terms and conditions only protects them and not the seller nor the buyer. These are some of the reasons why Mr [snip - no names please] (CEO/Chairman) is running a modern day scam and backed by the greatest lawyers in town.

1.Sellers items are listed as $100,the minimum bid. I listed 1000 cosmetics pieces and the highest bid was $100. They charged me $30 in commission for selling on their site. Is that fair to a seller who does all the work and has invested every penny in these goods. I sold 24 lots of items averaging $100 a lot, without understanding their commission structure and got burned. I initially thought I would be charged 15% commission but they charged me $750 in one month. Isn't this a fraud to you? I called their so called sales Director [snip], who took 2 days to return my calls even though she was in the office. I kindly pleaded with her that I had lost everything and that my finances were in jeorpady because of these excessive fees and asked her to reduce these charge. She coldly said that I am only a small seller and there are bigger sellers on their site and that they used to charge $100 in commission and $30 is a promotion (Is that sensible, especially when bidding starts at $100 and it is likely that the highest bid is $100) Does she seriously mean that a seller will then pay them (Liquidation.com) $100 commission for selling their gods for $100?. A seller will then send all his/her products out in order to fulfill his obligation or liquidation.com will charge him double for not sending the products to the buyer? This is pure Scam. $30 for $100 transaction is extremely unreasonable and unheard of.

2. Sellers are not protected: If a buyer wins a bid and does not pay, Liquidation.com charges the buyer's credit card and their company gets paid but the seller is left with the goods and no compensation. Unlike eBay who tries to protect the buyer and seller and ensure that the seller gets paid.

3.Sellers are not Protected again: If a buyer complains that a product is defective, Liquidation.com will withhold the seller's money (At least a 100 dollars). Just imagine. I sent a lot of 500 cosmetics to a customer who files a complaint that 17 were broken. He won the lot for $110. Can you imagine that they withheld $100 of my money. What about my 500 pieces of makeup.

4. Buyer is not protected: If a buyer complains that the products they received is defective, Liquidation.com will find everyway to deny the buyer's claim.

5. Unfair contract: These people always get paid no matter what. The seller and buyers are mere "tools" to make liquidation.com money.

6. The so called Director [snip] (Sales) is a cold blooded woman who does not care about anyone as long as she is getting paid.

7 Have you ever heard of a legitimate company who refuses to reveal their director's surname or email address because it is against their policy? Well this company does. I asked for [snip] last name so I could email her but the associate says it is against their policy ( Please do not tell me this is for safety reasons) It is just a scam.

8. Lies, fees fees, more fees: I spoke to my account manager, [snip] about two customers who had taken a little too long to pay for their won auctions. Her chicky advise to me was that I should sell my items somewhere else and that if there were no bidders on my items, I would have sold my items somewhere else anyway so, according to her, why should a customer's refusal to pay be a big deal to me. I went ahead and heed to her advise and sold my items somewhere else. Later that week, the buyer finally paid and this company, after telling me to sell my items somewhere else, had the odasity to say they will charge me fees for not sending the items to the buyer. Are they kidding me? Two buyers cancelled 2 transactions that they had won. Danielle sends me an email saying the transactions have been cancelled and that was that. I asked her whether the buyer will be made to pay. Her answer was that the buyer will be charged for not paying and liquidation.com will be compensated. What about me, who might have reserved this item for this buyer and maybe opted from selling to someone else with the hope that this buyer would pay? Sellers are left with their goods and liquidation.com, who does not have any investment in these goods, is paid again.


I hope that their CEO [snip] (CEO/Chairman) will someday pay for running such a MEGA scam and the authority will take consumers complaints more seriously.

To validate my complaints, simply google liquidation.com complaints and reviews and you will be stunned by how many people have been cheated on and wiped out by them.
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Posted by raven2010 on 2010-08-28:
Posted by Karen on 2013-05-06:
Thank you for your comments I was just about to become a seller until I read this. I will not become one now...thanks for you guys being honest about this company...
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Liquidation.com.~ Complaint~ BUYER BEWARE... Samples Pics For Dispute
Posted by Nanae on 03/06/2009
The items were delivered Friday the 27Th of February, 2009. I disputed the transaction on the 28Th of February, 2009. I sent documentation and photos. My dispute was received, reviewed and honored. I received that conformation, and was told to send dresses back with return labels. Email conformation below. I requested return labels as they were not sent to me, I then received an email asking if I wanted the seller to send additional dresses as replacement for defective ones, I replied no thank you, I would return the dresses. Emails below. All communication from liquidation.com stopped at that point, I have sent at least 20 emails, I have read receipts but no response. I called liquidation.com only to get a message machine. I left message and have not received a call back. I am left with no other recourse but to file a dispute of transaction with my credit card company. I decided to post this in the event that it would divert any unknowing buyer from being scammed as I was~ Read carefully!

From: Paula~
To: disputephotos@liquidation.com
Cc: peckstine@gmail.com
Sent: Saturday, February 28, 2009 6:33 PM

First, I only received 116 of the 121 dresses stated for receipt in auction, I do not know which I did not receive since it was not stated as to how many of each there were. Second there are black spots on some of the dresses and flower attachments, as shown in photos, 1 has a tear of the zipper seam, 1 is coming apart at collar line of ornamentation, and 9 of the 10 dresses with flower ornamentation are smashed beyond repair, the pic to show flower ornamentation in the auction does not represent what was sent. Clearly the boxes were over packed for shipment, I don't know if the flowers were as I received them because of over stuffing the boxes or if they were are sent in this condition, but they are not resalable. I am not sure weather this is standard for this company, but all of the wholesale orders that I have received up to this point have been absolutely great. I also need to state that I thought that I was going to receive good quality dresses, these are not to say the least. I have disputed this transaction thru PayPal until we can get this resolved. Thank you.

Paula Eckstine

I sent 23 photos along with this email. I received the 2 email responses below.

Buyer Relations
via RT to peckstine@gmail.com
Mar 2

-- Yes, we received the photos for the dispute, and the dispute has
been honored. please return the units back using the labels that we sent.

Thank You,
Buyer Relations

paula eckstine to disputes
show details Mar 2 (4 days ago) Reply

Hi, thank you for the quick response. I did not receive return labels with this shipment, please advise.

via RT to peckstine@gmail.com
Mar 2

-- I'm so sorry for the confusion, we are not ready to return the units
yet. The seller states that he Seller is willing send 24 dresses to
compensate for the 10 dresses with issues. 1491923 Any styles and sizes
4 to 6x (Sizes) 7 to 14 (Sizes). Would you like to receive the dresses?
Please let us know.

Thank You,
Buyer Relations

Paula~ to disputephotos
show details Mar 2 (4 days ago) Reply

No thank you, I will return the dresses, I do not want to receive anything else from this seller. I already have everything packed for shipment. Thank you~

Paula Eckstine


Buyer Beware~

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Posted by pariahlabel on 2009-07-27:
So were you ever refunded your money?
Posted by nanae on 2009-08-01:
I filed complaints and on as many sites as My3cents.com that I could find, as well as with the BBB. I received a letter from the BBB saying that they were investigating my complaint, at about the same time I received an email from liquidation (below. I called, they said that after re evaluating my dispute they had decided to honor it and give me a full refund. I cannot stress enough about keeping all documentation, emails and the detailed information in a folder your computer, because as soon as I filed a dispute of transaction liquidation.com closed my account. If I hadn't saved all information about the auction it would have been quite difficult.


-- Please contact the buyer relations department M-F 8-5 pm Central time
so we can better assist you at 1-800-498-1909.

Thank you,

Buyer Relations Department
Posted by Eloise on 2009-08-01:
So the dresses were not returned? The review was a bit unclear.
Posted by nanae on 2009-08-01:
I hope this is a little easier to understand.

I filed a complaint here on My3cents.com, and any other avenue I could find. I also filed a complaint with the BBB. I received a letter from the BBB saying that they were investigating my complaint. After all complaints were filed I received an email from liquidation (below) asking me to call them. I called, they said that after re- evaluating my dispute they had decided to honor the dispute. I did receive a full refund. I cannot stress enough about how important it is to keep all documentation, emails, and the detailed information about the auction you are bidding on in a folder on your computer, because as soon as I filed a dispute of transaction liquidation.com closed my account. If I hadn't saved all information about the auction it would have been quite difficult to get a refund.



-- Please contact the buyer relations department M-F 8-5
so we can better assist you at 1-800-498-1909.

Thank you,

Buyer Relations Department

Posted by PepperElf on 2009-08-01:
complaining with the BBB won't do anything. The BBB has NO legal authority to do anything.

Basically... they're just a giant version of M3C or PFB - just older and bigger. But still with no authority to make the company do anything.

the MOST they can do will be to
1) help pay for a lawyer for the case
2) withdraw accreditation (if the company in question even has it in the first place).

and with #2 ... that doesn't hurt a company. Major companies have lost accreditation and went along quite nicely without losing business.
Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2009-08-01:
PepperElf, the OP has a refund now, so apparently it did help. Good job Paula.
Posted by nanae on 2009-08-01:
Thank you. The response or reply from liquidation.com that I received asking me to call them was in response to one of the complaints I posted warning other consumers about how they are doing business. I believe that sites like this one really empower us as consumers, so in the future for all of use consumers please share your experiences good or bad, so that we know who to, and not to do business with.

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Suspended from using Liquidation.com
Posted by Faisalabed on 02/11/2007
CLIFTON, NEW JERSEY -- Several times I bought from Liquidation.com different merchandise and a lot of times the products I bought either defected or not as advertised. The last complain I have about them the credit card I used refunded my money then after that I tried to log in to Liquidation.com and I received a notice I cant log in I have to call. I called Liquidation.com and they tried to black male me by saying when you return the money and stop your dispute with pay pal we will let you log in.

I feel my right have been violated, please stop this discrimination and harassment and I appreciate everything you are doing. Thank you. Let me know the outcome.

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Posted by tnchuck100 on 2007-02-11:
Right or wrong, if you have returned items numerous times they have probably decided it is not worth the hassle of dealing with you. And it's not "black male", it's "blackmail".
Posted by dfields on 2007-02-11:
i agree with tnchuck. why would you continue doing business with a company that ships defective products or not as advertised? that's stupid on your part! and who did you send this complaint to? the BBB or State Attorney?

Posted by Anonymous on 2007-02-12:
Well they don't like you because you complain.
Posted by astromodder on 2008-08-14:
ghostbuster, not necessarily true. My account was suspended because I did NOT complain about a transaction. I purchased a lot of computer parts from a seller and he shipped something that was worth about 3 times as much as I paid for it. I did not say anything about it but then almost 2 months after, liquidation.com suspends my account. I call them and they say they have to send me a bill for the price of the merchandise I received before they will unlock my account, OR they could take my number and have his manager call me (the phone rep's manager), I gave him my number but never received a call.

Truth is, all this company cares about is getting their money, they don't care one bit about the customer.
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Due Diligence Jewelry
Posted by Deborah s 978 on 12/06/2012
AUSTIN, TEXAS -- For the past 15 months myself and adult daughter have purchased numerous pieces from live auction and their online site and out of collectively more than twenty purchases we have been delighted more than 95%of the time. Three pcs. had slight problems, two we simply corrected our selves with good outcome; the other, although over 30 days from purchase I am sure they would correct the problem, I decided to keep and correct myself later. Without a doubt our purchases of even one of the rings or necklaces or stainless or platinum over sterling would have cost at least 8 times what we paid.

They are not perfect, but as satisfied customer I know I save 90% more than I spend. I have done my due diligence.

Advice: There are several numbers, I would make sure to get the rep's name and follow their instructions and make reference of time, and date of conversation. Also follow labeling exactly as they ask. Although I didn't send my products back by choice, they certainly explained exactly how to when I called to chew a little. Worth it!

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Posted by skip bales on 2014-04-11:
They have the worst customer service in the universe. I try to combine shipments to save shipping and they make it virtually impossible. If you do not allow them to handle the shipping at 3 times the actual cost they do everything they can to punish you. I have closed 70 auctions with them and there is always a problem of some type.

After reading all the reviews I guess I have less to complain about then average.
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This site is a scam
Posted by Seattlenative42 on 02/24/2012
AUSTIN, TEXAS -- This is an auction website I won and auction and they did not send me the pianegonda earrings that I won, They are saying the earrings are no longer in stock, however I went to the website and the earrings are still available for purchase. I went to many liquidation channel complaint sites and this is a common practice of theirs they place designer jewelry up for auction and then when people Win they say it is not in stock, just to get people to their site, it is a scam.
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Posted by Alain on 2012-02-26:
It's possible that they just don't keep up with their website, but looking at some of the numerous complaints about them you'll probably be better off just not using them anymore.
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Liquidation.com is a fraud
Posted by Honest_consumer2010 on 06/07/2010
WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA -- I would like to start off by stating that liquidation.com is a big fraud. As others stated, it is selling grossly misrepresented merchandise, fraudulently appropriating funds and allowing fraudulent articles to be sold on their website because they are gaining money from that. Let me give a couple of examples:
1. Merchandise sold include misleading statements such as "each case will contain approximately" and "brands include but are not limited to" (so it might have 1 item from that brand and the rest can be Chinese junk, because after all, it does mention "NOT LIMITED TO". These are but a small sample of the wording used by them, in order to cover themselves from the legal standpoint.

2. Another example is what a member, called EternityForever, falsely claims as follows:
Retail Price Expected Condition Quantity Description
10.00 NEW 1440 Ladies Lace Thongs

These things would probably retail for that price on the moon, but here on earth, they are called Chinese junk of very poor quality, the kind of stuff you will find at a $0.99 store. How would that merchandise EVER sell at that price? Isn´t that a fraud in itself?

Like others mentioned, do not fall for it and waste your time with liquidation.com. I intend to write to the FBI to inform them of these perpetuated frauds and I encourage you to do the same. Let´s fight these type of businesses which ruin our quality of life, lets stand together to put an end to as many of them as we can!!!! Please take the time to add your voice and let others know about these types of dishonest characters.
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Posted by Alain on 2010-06-08:
The reason they use phrases (which you noticed) such as 'approximately', not limited to', and retail price expected' is to meet legal criteria that avoids the definition of criminal fraud. You can report this, but you'll probably be told it's a case of buyer beware.
Posted by ken tj on 2012-08-24:
Don't buy any electronic or any item from liquidation.com they will rip you off.
2 week ago I did buy a touch pad from liquidation.com that is the biggest mistake i ever make, anyway the battery is only last less then 1 hour and they say is reasonable the battery life time less they i hour and the deny my dispute claim...
And then when i try to reopen the case they told me they already send the item back to me...!!! unbelievable i was so mad ......
Please for anyone who's read this don't ever......ever...buy anything from liquidation.com they rip off your money and they have the worse customer service i ever deal with.....
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Gross Misrepresentation
Posted by Screwed Over Consumer on 04/14/2009
On March 31, 2009 I purchased an auction lot advertised as "Return Items" of Home Theater Projectors with a MSRP of $10,000.00. I was the High Bidder of 80 Bids submitted. I was truly shocked when I received 3 "Plastic Replicas" of items that were represented as items having been previously sold as Home Theater Projectors worth $10,000.00. After I contacted the manufacturer of the Actual Working Items I was informed they don't even sell the "Display Models" that I received, they are distributed to authorized retailers free of charge.

When I submitted my dispute claim to Liquidation.com with photo's showing that all 3 items were clearly marked as Non-Working Display Models Only, they informed me that they had decided to release my funds to the seller and that my claim was closed.

I had been buying auction items from Liquidation.com for about 6 months and had learned to pay close attention to the details listed. This caught me totally of guard.

Having spent over $12,000.00 with them over the last 4 months, I was a little surprised at how quickly they dismissed my claim.



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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-04-14:
What kind of money are we talking here? You should contact them and request that they not release the funds until your lawyer has had a chance to contact them... then get yourself a lawyer.
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Misrepresented Merchandise
Posted by Mckclk6 on 11/06/2012
WASHINGTON DC, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA -- We purchased a mixed box of ladies leggings. They were described as one size fits small, medium and large. When we received the leggings they were so small that any lady over about 90-100 pounds would have no chance at getting them on. We filed a complaint with Liquidation.com, mailed them samples so they could see how small they were but somehow they thought we were wrong and that the leggings were accurately described.

This company is obviously more interested in serving their distributors than their customers. I will never buy from them again and highly recommend that anyone reading this stay clear of them also.
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Posted by Liquidation.com on 2012-11-07:

We are sorry to hear that you were not satisfied with your auction you received and your dispute resolution. However, we would like to help you resolve this issue. Would it be possible to advise your transaction or auction id so we can look into this for you?

Kind Regards,
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Thanks too all who gave a review
Posted by Cotty on 03/18/2011
Every last one of you can rest assured that you saved two more unsuspecting buyers from being duped out of money by these crooks.

I was seriously considering buying a lot from Liquidation.com and then convincing my brother to do the same. Thank goodness I read your reviews first and a great big thanks to all of you for fighting back by exposing this big con company.
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Posted by Alain on 2011-03-20:
Glad to see the reviews were helpful to you! Post some of your own experiences and help us out!
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