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Posted by Liquidation.con on 09/22/2009
2701 S. SHILOH ROAD GA, TEXAS -- Warning Warning Do Not Waste Your Time And Money Bidding On These Con Artists Auctions!!!! I Bid And Won 4 Auctions On Said Site, 3 Out Of The 4 Were Disputed, False Advertising, Damaged Merchandise, Etc. Won An Auction Of 50 Items, Received 24 "Shipment Box Even States 24 Units" Sent A Ton Of Pictures And Correspondences For 30 Days And Was Denied By There So Called Dispute Center For Partial Refund Due To: Con Artist Seller States He Shipped All 50 Units In A Box That States 24 Units And Is Filled To The Top? I Appealed The Denial And Now They Are Using The Stalling Tactic "Probably To Clear The Money Through My Credit Card Purchase"
I Am Finally Shipping The Full Amount Back For A Full Refund.

I Will Have To File A Dispute With My Credit Card Company To Get My Fund!!!!

DO NOT JOIN THIS SITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Posted by Skye on 2009-09-22:
What kind of items did you win?? I'm just being curious. Thanks for the heads up.
Posted by MSCANTBEWRONG on 2009-09-22:
You may want to go ahead and dispute the charge with your credit card company.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-09-22:
Wow. Your entire complaint is full of capitals that do not belong. I couldn't get past that to read it.
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Should not deal with liquidation.com anymore. NEVER
Posted by Migoi on 07/24/2009
WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA -- I bought some cosmetic from liquidation.com. The seller lied about the products. I returned them all. After that, liquidation held my partial money. The reason they gave did not make any sense. I tried to contact them many times, but they let me know that my case was closed. They did not response my several e-mails later. I really don’t know how to get my money back. I studied that I have to research a company before I deal to them even though that’s a big company. I won’t buy anything from liquidation.com. They always protect sellers but customers. Be careful when you buy something from liquidation.com.
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Posted by i_am_canadian on 2009-07-24:
How did the seller 'lie' about the products? What senseless reason did they give for witholding your 'partial money'?
Posted by pariahlabel on 2009-07-26:
I have bought from Liquidation.com and have never had any problems. I have spent about $15,000 in the past year and have had nothing but good service and a good experience.
Posted by migoi on 2009-07-29:
Thank you for your comments!
The seller lied about the products. They posted that the products are made in USA, but 70% of them are made in China. I requested for a return. Liquidation accepted that.
The seller received the returned items, but they told me that the packages missed more than 100 items. I could not believe that because I just sent back what I received from the seller. I contacted liquidation.com and explained to them about that, but they did not listen to me. They held my partial money. I tried to contact liquidation.com several times later, but got one response from them. They let me know that my case was closed. What can I do?
Posted by Economist on 2010-02-11:
I would say to contact your credit card company, let them fight it out. You will get your money back as long as you dispute it with the credit card company.

Then file with the FTC.

Pariahlabel, is either grossly misrepresenting him or herself or is a member of Liquidation.com themself.

Too many people with similar incidences to chalk it up to ooops, moreover they fail to rectify the situation in my opinion.

It is clear, Liquidation.com is not interested in you, me or anyone but its shareholders, this means the sellers too.

If you really wanna make an impact BLOG BLOG BLOG and be specific and refrain from charged vonacular and only describe the facts...
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Suspended For Not Complaining?
Posted by Astromodder on 08/14/2008
WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA -- A couple months ago I purchased a lot of computer parts on Liquidation.com

The seller screwed up and sent me something that was worth about 3 times as much as the stuff I had originally purchased. I did not say anything because there is nothing in the rules of their site that say you have to file a dispute if you receive the wrong item.

Well two months later they suspend my account. I try to log in but it gives me a number to call. I call the number and that transaction was the reason they suspended my account and the rep gave me two options: (1) I could have them send me a bill for the merchandise I received or (2) he could give my name and number to his manager. I did the second option but have yet to receive a call from his manager.

What really sucks is I purchased probably 50% of my inventory from sellers on Liquidation.com and now I am unable to use their site anymore. They did not allow me to create a second account either.

ALSO, about two hours AFTER they suspended my account I won two auctions. They keep telling me to log in and pay or I will be charged a $200 cancellation fee on EACH auction.

Email support is pointless, they respond to EVERY email you send them with this: "We are sorry for this inconvenience, if you have any more questions please call buyer relations" and they give you the phone number.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2008-08-14:
Something is missing here. Obviously, at some point, the seller figured out they sent you wrong, more expensive items. My bet is the seller attempted to get you to pay or send them back and you refused or ignored the request.

Bottom line, you kept something you were not entitled to keep.
Posted by Principissa on 2008-08-14:
Well you have something worth 3 times what you paid according to you, of course the guy wants his money! Why does that surprise you? You could have been honest and sent the item back or called them to let them know what you received wasn't what you ordered.
Posted by madconsumer on 2008-08-14:
you received an item more valuable than what you paid for, and you are not willing to set it straight with the seller? i too would suspend your account for that.

buck up, pay for the items, and move forward.
Posted by Slimjim on 2008-08-14:
I think Raven hit it. No doubt there were attempts by the seller to rectify this with you, and you took the position of too bad, your mistake. Evidently Liquidation.com wants honest members doing business on their site. I'm voting this "very helpful" as it shows that Liquidation.com IS a place you can do business with that shows it cares about the quality of its transactions.
Posted by Principissa on 2008-08-14:
Slim, I voted you Best Answer. Check out that site, they have some pretty neat stuff. :)
Posted by astromodder on 2009-01-28:
The problem is, the website does not let the buyers and sellers contact each other at all, it is banned in their terms and conditions. The employees at the website said they contacted me several times but they never did.
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Posted by Alfonsoesteban88 on 05/06/2012
A scam, false, misleading information… even in their invoice! take a look at this:

Units Description
6 10.2″Touch Screen Android Tablet PC WIFI HDMI GPS Camera 3G
Shipping & Logistics $40.25
Buyer’s Premium $16.06
Grand Total $377.52

One would think that 6 units are being purchased in this lot, but surprise! They twist things around an one ends up paying $377.52 for just ONE UNIT that breaks down into 6 parts they call “units” for which one pays $54.00 for each one, i.e. $54.00 for the charging cord, $54.00, for the pouch bag, $54.00 for the ear piece, $54.00 for the memory card and so on and these auctions are for things called “lot” and “bulk purchases”. You can´t contact the seller or warn others about these practices. You can´t withdraw your bid and if you do not pay they charge your card a fine bigger than the value of the auction!

Sweet things await at liquidation. com
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Posted by trmn8r on 2012-05-06:
Did you click "View Manifest"?

I just visited the site for the first time, and it appears this site has a lot of large lots. When I clicked on "View Manifest" it itemized in a table each item in the lot.
Posted by Old Timer on 2012-05-06:
I have used Liquidation.com before. There are some dirty sellers on there using tricks like this one. You really have to be on your top game when using sites like Liquidation.com.

The rules are set up that once you win, you own the "lot". Be careful how they publish the info and you understand it.
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A Giant Scam - Customer Service Is A Joke
Posted by Djblerk20 on 11/17/2013
RIVERSIDE, CALIFORNIA -- This company is a sham! They employ tactics to benefit their bottom line, regardless of their actual policies. For example on this, we made several purchases for a wide variety of items (computers, TVs, gaming, etc.). All auctions/lots were selling from the same location (IL), but end times varied. First auction ended so checked the total as well as the remaining time on the other auctions. Several hours later another auction ended. To ensure the items could be grouped together for a single shipment an email was sent to Liquidation. What a surprise there was no reply.

Contacted them by phone the following day to arrange a single shipment. They transferred the call back and fourth with no connection to a knowledgeable representative or one capable of handling the request. At the end of the day after some point in the transfers the line was cut. It wasn't my end hanging up or a loss of signal. Did they just get tired of having the call on hold? Sometime later in that day a reply email from Liquidation was received about the consolidated shipping. It stated to send them the IDs to each auction that was shipping from the same location. They would consolidate and send an updated invoice for the total.

At this point 3 auctions had closed and was pending a 4th. We were at business day #2 and was awaiting the updated invoice total. At around 4PM PST (so 7PM EST) that same day another email came in stating "transaction ##### has been closed for non payment and penalty has been assessed". This was a huge surprise as in the past it took close to 5 Business days to actually have an auction closed for non-payment. (Yes I am aware that their policy states 2 business days but what was the point of contacting them to consolidate?) Did they figure they generate more income by not consolidating and charging an arm and leg on shipping for each transaction? After the first transaction was closed they stated in order to remain an active member payment on the total must be made for the closed transaction. This was ridiculous since adding the penalty the transaction would have been completely worthless and there wouldn't be any profit left over. From this point, it all went downhill and we just left all the other transactions go in the hole as well since the account was already suspended. If I recall correctly, with penalty fees, the total exceeded $9,000.

Prior to this incident there was a similar incident resulting from their lack of CS for processing "tax exemption" status. This time around it was for 2 transactions. The first had just ended and figured should contact them to get the tax waived since it was intended for resale. They provided specific instruction to fax over a certificate of resale with a coversheet showing the account user name. A day later they were contacted to check on the status. Much to my surprise, they had no information on the process. They said they didn't have anything even though I had a fax receipt stating the transmission was completed successfully. The CS representative was told it was just faxed over a day ago and asked if there was any alternative to faxing. They provided an email and said to include the user name. Several hours later email was sent with this information. 2 days later after checking the invoice to see if tax had been waived we contacted Liquidation once more. They once again said they didn't have anything on file. The same info was then emailed once again. The only communication regarding this with any relevant or important information stated, "Please allow (2) business days for this process to complete. Any transaction(s)/invoice(s) that are awaiting will be adjusted once our finance department has approved and uploaded your paperwork."

Before any readers comment "maybe your info wasn't legit". Know that the address is an actual Registered business with the city, state, and county. All paperwork is 100% legit and we operate in several business fields that allow us to acquire a variety of NEW products from electronics, industrial construction supply, Industrial AC supply, automotive equipment, and home/business electrical equipment.

Well after waiting sometime for the third attempt to be approved an email came that the transaction had been cancelled and penalty assessed. Payment on transaction #2 was then submitted. The next day an email came in stating that Liquidation extended a 1 time courtesy and removed the suspension and waived the the cancellation and closed transaction fee.

To this day I wonder what are they doing in the office since they couldn't approve a simple tax exemption on a single company. It takes about 5 minutes to verify a state issued permit and the address if needed could also be done in 5 or less. Do they have their fax machines setup over a trash can to dump it out as soon as it prints? Do they have someone receiving all emails and hitting delete to them? Makes me wonder how do they handle an individuals personal (Sensitive) information.

The last occurrence, which occurred before the suspension and after the tax issue (Paragraphs #1 & #2), was about a product quality problem. The first example was on some disc media (CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays, video games, etc.). The lot was marked as returns and several items stated "light use". Our expectations of something like this are fairly good looking discs with the off chance of a bad apple in the batch. Well, surprise surprise, about 50% of the lot was bad, heavy deep scratches, broken or cracked discs, and completely empty cases. We thought about filing a complaint but didn't after seeing similar reviews of other buyers receiving utter garbage and claims denied. Fortunately, we have professional grade equipment to fix everything with light or heavy scratches. However, the broken or empty cases were a complete loss.

We also experienced a similar situation with several computer components. We purchased a lot of items described as "Returns" with about 5 of 40 items stating "heavy use, missing accessories". We figured 88% of the lot would be in complete, fully operational condition. Well once more, surprise surprise, 83% of the lot was missing accessories or operating components, which weren't stated in the manifest. We figured we should report it but never did as well. We had all the necessary components on hand to fix or complete the units. If we did complain about the product the entire purchase amount would be locked in limbo and we wouldn't be able to do anything with the assets until it is resolved. This is in their TOS.

Lastly, I would like to add, I am not a person who likes reviewing anything (not even a purchase from an online store). The fact that I sat down for a few hours to write this entire review means I want to save some of you guys some headaches or frustration when dealing with this company. Instead look towards B stock solutions or Genco MKPL, both of which are far superior. For smaller sellers, these may not work for you as these are primarily LTL or FTL loads only, maybe on rare occasion a small package lot.
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Posted by Miller on 2014-03-24:
Worst online company ever. Customer service sucks! No one wants to help you. Bunch of scammers! Never again
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Its a Scam!!
Posted by Fosmanovic on 10/12/2013
PLAINFIELD, MISSOURI -- Well, where do I start?
I bought about 8 lots on liquidation.com over a 2 month period. Of those 8, 3 were more or less in the condition expected, 2 were total junk, and the other 3 somewhere in the middle. What you think your buying is most of the time not what you will get. When you buy returns which have been inspected and graded, they are still mostly junk. Missing and broken parts to them still seem to be in good condition. The difference between buying salvage and returns is minimal. If you try to dispute what you received, its almost impossible to win. I won a lot of 10 items out of which 8 were obviously in salvage condition. Since the lot was described as returns and on the inspection report all item were marked as in function condition, I decided to dispute it. I send pictures in and wrote them a long description what the problem is. About 5 days later my dispute was denied without explanation. When I called them I was basically told to blow off. The company which sells 90% of consumer electronics is called techexess. The rumor is that they are owned by liqudation.com. That was the company which I filed the dispute with. So you can't really win. You can reasonable expect that in any lot about 20-30% of the items won't be in working condition. But when they tell you that it has been tested and works while the truth is that it was impossible for it to have worked, its fraud.

So can you make money on liquidation.com?
Well, yes and no. If you know how to fix what your buying and have spare parts, then yes. Otherwise, no. Regardless what you buy, most items need to be fixed one way or another. You also need to to pick the items up in person. Their shipping charges are minimum of $40 so if you buy lets say a TV you could easily pay 300% of the items price on shipping.

Generally I would discourage you all from using them. Its too much risk with little reward. Every single lot you Win will cause you stress because most of the time it will arrive in worst condition then you expect.

Hope it helps,

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Posted by Old Timer on 2013-10-13:
I have heard nothing but bad reviews about Liquidation.com. Have never used them so I can only go by what I have seen and read. What I do find odd is they have a A rating with the BBB, while having 207 complaints, less than half were resolved.

Just goes to show, if you want to pay the BBB enough you can buy your A rating.
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Never Shipped order, cancled account when dispute filed.
Posted by Thammersmith on 08/07/2013
Won an auction for several B grade monitors, 3 weeks later they still hadn't shipped. About every two days I would call to find out what was up. They would tell me that they were shipping within 48 hours. They never did. I filed a dispute with PayPal and liquidation canceled my account. Still haven't gotten the monitors or my cash back. The customer service lies and their policy's are ridiculous.
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Shipping and Customer Service Problems
Posted by Sweetiesmom09 on 02/19/2013
I have been purchasing from this company for more than a year and have purchased many items (probably into the thousands of dollars at this point). In the last several months I am sorry to say I have seen a dramatic decline in service and it doesn't seem to be getting any better. They advertise delivery within 5-7 days. Orders that used to take no more than 48 hours to ship now take a week or more. Often then don't ship at all. One of my orders was cancelled after more than half a month of my trying to find out why it wasn't shipping and I was told there was "a quality or quantity control issue," as though they didn't know which one. Apparently there wasn't either, as they are still selling the identical item on the auction site. That wasn't the only order I've had problems with shipping, just the most drastic. Stupidly, I decided to give them one last try and placed an order for one item four days ago. Now I'm still waiting for that item to ship -- more aggravation! I've completely lost confidence in this company and don't think I'll be ordering again. At this point, I can't recommend them at all. It's too bad because their items are nice, for the most part (a few clunkers but mostly good things) and they have good prices, but virtually nonexistent customer service. There are excessively long wait times to reach customer service and when one finally does get through, the assistance is ineffective at best. This company has gone down hill and they don't seem to give a whit about their customers.
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Don't Buy From This Company
Posted by Kimsumo on 02/09/2011
Don't Bid or Buy any Computers Laptops Auction. SHILL BIDDING.

There is a Buyer ID p*********6, this guy from SELLER. They use their ID to bid on every single Computer/Laptops auction with Price almost same as Retail Price
Here are 3 Sellers. You Should Stay Away from their Computers Laptops Auction with SHILL BIDDING.

* OnlineReturns
* ProductCareReturns
* techexcess
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Complete Fraud and Ripoff
Posted by Getrippedoff on 01/24/2011
In my first order, I was 1)Overcharged on shipping; 2) Although I ordered 2 pieces of a certain item, they only shipped one, but billed me for 2 anyway, 3) One of the rings from this order had the stone fall out the first time it was worn.

Furthermore: I ordered about 8 items over the holidays, mainly for gifts. They must show a prototype on the show, as nothing arrived that duplicated the quality they gloat over. I can go to Walmart and buy costume jewelry that looks nicer. BEWARE, AND DON'T BUY FROM THEM, YOU WOULD BE WASTING YOUR MONEY.
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Posted by Alain on 2011-01-25:
Buying the jewelry at Walmart, as you mentioned, would save you some money and you'd be able to see and handle the product before you purchased it.
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