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Don't Buy From This Company
By -

Don't Bid or Buy any Computers Laptops Auction. SHILL BIDDING. There is a Buyer ID **, this guy from SELLER. They use their ID to bid on every single Computer/Laptops auction with Price almost same as Retail Price. Here are 3 Sellers. You Should Stay Away from their Computers Laptops Auction with SHILL BIDDING.

* OnlineReturns.
* ProductCareReturns.
* techexcess.

Due Diligence Jewelry
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Rating: 4/51

AUSTIN, TEXAS -- For the past 15 months, myself and adult daughter have purchased numerous pieces from live auction and their online site and out of collectively more than twenty purchases we have been delighted more than 95%of the time. Three pcs. had slight problems, two we simply corrected ourselves with good outcome; the other, although over 30 days from purchase I am sure they would correct the problem, I decided to keep and correct myself later. Without a doubt our purchases of even one of the rings or necklaces or stainless or platinum over sterling would have cost at least 8 times what we paid.

They are not perfect, but as satisfied customer I know I save 90% more than I spend. I have done my due diligence. Advice: There are several numbers, I would make sure to get the rep's name and follow their instructions and make reference of time, and date of conversation. Also follow labeling exactly as they ask. Although I didn't send my products back by choice, they certainly explained exactly how to when I called to chew a little. Worth it!

Misrepresented Merchandise
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Rating: 1/51

WASHINGTON DC, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA -- We purchased a mixed box of ladies leggings. They were described as one size fits small, medium and large. When we received the leggings they were so small that any lady over about 90-100 pounds would have no chance at getting them on. We filed a complaint with, mailed them samples so they could see how small they were but somehow they thought we were wrong and that the leggings were accurately described. This company is obviously more interested in serving their distributors than their customers. I will never buy from them again and highly recommend that anyone reading this stay clear of them also.

By -

A scam, false, misleading information… even in their invoice! Take a look at this: Units Description: 6 10.2″Touch Screen Android Tablet PC WIFI HDMI GPS Camera 3G. $321.21. Shipping & Logistics $40.25. Buyer's Premium $16.06. Grand Total $377.52.

One would think that 6 units are being purchased in this lot, but surprise! They twist things around an one ends up paying $377.52 for just ONE UNIT that breaks down into 6 parts they call “units” for which one pays $54.00 for each one, i.e. $54.00 for the charging cord, $54.00, for the pouch bag, $54.00 for the ear piece, $54.00 for the memory card and so on and these auctions are for things called “lot” and “bulk purchases”. You can´t contact the seller or warn others about these practices. You can´t withdraw your bid and if you do not pay they charge your card a fine bigger than the value of the auction! Sweet things await at

Advertisement is a fraud
By -

WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA -- I would like to start off by stating that is a big fraud. As others stated, it is selling grossly misrepresented merchandise, fraudulently appropriating funds and allowing fraudulent articles to be sold on their website because they are gaining money from that. Let me give a couple of examples:

  1. Merchandise sold include misleading statements such as "each case will contain approximately" and "brands include but are not limited to" (so it might have 1 item from that brand and the rest can be Chinese junk, because after all, it does mention "NOT LIMITED TO". These are but a small sample of the wording used by them, in order to cover themselves from the legal standpoint.

  2. Another example is what a member, called EternityForever, falsely claims as follows: Retail Price Expected Condition Quantity Description. 10.00 NEW 1440 Ladies Lace Thongs.

These things would probably retail for that price on the moon, but here on earth, they are called Chinese junk of very poor quality, the kind of stuff you will find at a $0.99 store. How would that merchandise EVER sell at that price? Isn't that a fraud in itself?

Like others mentioned, do not fall for it and waste your time with I intend to write to the FBI to inform them of these perpetuated frauds and I encourage you to do the same. Let's fight these type of businesses which ruin our quality of life, lets stand together to put an end to as many of them as we can!!! Please take the time to add your voice and let others know about these types of dishonest characters.

By -

2701 S. SHILOH ROAD GA, TEXAS -- Warning! Warning! Do not waste your time and money bidding on these con artists auctions!!! I bid and won 4 auctions on said site, 3 out of the 4 were disputed, false advertising, damaged merchandise, etc. Won an auction of 50 items, received 24 "shipment box even states 24 units" sent a ton of pictures and correspondences for 30 days and was denied by there so called dispute center for partial refund due to: Con artist seller states he shipped all 50 units in a box that states 24 units and is filled to the top? I appealed the denial and now they are using the stalling tactic "probably to clear the money through my credit card purchase"

I am finally shipping the full amount back for a full refund. I will have to file a dispute with my credit card company to get my fund!!! Do not join this site!!!

Should not deal with anymore. NEVER
By -

WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA -- I bought some cosmetic from The seller lied about the products. I returned them all. After that, liquidation held my partial money. The reason they gave did not make any sense. I tried to contact them many times, but they let me know that my case was closed. They did not response my several e-mails later. I really don't know how to get my money back. I studied that I have to research a company before I deal to them even though that's a big company. I won't buy anything from They always protect sellers but customers. Be careful when you buy something from

Gross Misrepresentation
By -

On March 31, 2009 I purchased an auction lot advertised as "Return Items" of Home Theater Projectors with a MSRP of $10,000.00. I was the High Bidder of 80 Bids submitted. I was truly shocked when I received 3 "Plastic Replicas" of items that were represented as items having been previously sold as Home Theater Projectors worth $10,000.00. After I contacted the manufacturer of the Actual Working Items I was informed they don't even sell the "Display Models" that I received, they are distributed to authorized retailers free of charge.

When I submitted my dispute claim to with photo's showing that all 3 items were clearly marked as Non-Working Display Models Only, they informed me that they had decided to release my funds to the seller and that my claim was closed. I had been buying auction items from for about 6 months and had learned to pay close attention to the details listed. This caught me totally of guard. Having spent over $12,000.00 with them over the last 4 months, I was a little surprised at how quickly they dismissed my claim. NEEDLESS TO SAY I WON'T BE BUYING ANYTHING ELSE FROM THEM. BUYER BEWARE.

Suspended For Not Complaining?
By -

WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA -- A couple months ago I purchased a lot of computer parts on The seller screwed up and sent me something that was worth about 3 times as much as the stuff I had originally purchased. I did not say anything because there is nothing in the rules of their site that say you have to file a dispute if you receive the wrong item.

Well two months later they suspend my account. I try to log in but it gives me a number to call. I call the number and that transaction was the reason they suspended my account and the rep gave me two options: (1) I could have them send me a bill for the merchandise I received or (2) he could give my name and number to his manager. I did the second option but have yet to receive a call from his manager. What really sucks is I purchased probably 50% of my inventory from sellers on and now I am unable to use their site anymore. They did not allow me to create a second account either.

ALSO, about two hours AFTER they suspended my account I won two auctions. They keep telling me to log in and pay or I will be charged a $200 cancellation fee on EACH auction. Email support is pointless, they respond to EVERY email you send them with this: "We are sorry for this inconvenience, if you have any more questions please call buyer relations" and they give you the phone number.

Suspended from using
By -

CLIFTON, NEW JERSEY -- Several times I bought from different merchandise and a lot of times the products I bought either defected or not as advertised. The last complain I have about them the credit card I used refunded my money then after that I tried to log in to and I received a notice I cannot log in I have to call. I called and they tried to black male me by saying when you return the money and stop your dispute with pay pal we will let you log in. I feel my right have been violated, please stop this discrimination and harassment and I appreciate everything you are doing. Thank you. Let me know the outcome.

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