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Suspended For Not Complaining?
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WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA -- A couple months ago I purchased a lot of computer parts on

The seller screwed up and sent me something that was worth about 3 times as much as the stuff I had originally purchased. I did not say anything because there is nothing in the rules of their site that say you have to file a dispute if you receive the wrong item.

Well two months later they suspend my account. I try to log in but it gives me a number to call. I call the number and that transaction was the reason they suspended my account and the rep gave me two options: (1) I could have them send me a bill for the merchandise I received or (2) he could give my name and number to his manager. I did the second option but have yet to receive a call from his manager.

What really sucks is I purchased probably 50% of my inventory from sellers on and now I am unable to use their site anymore. They did not allow me to create a second account either.

ALSO, about two hours AFTER they suspended my account I won two auctions. They keep telling me to log in and pay or I will be charged a $200 cancellation fee on EACH auction.

Email support is pointless, they respond to EVERY email you send them with this: "We are sorry for this inconvenience, if you have any more questions please call buyer relations" and they give you the phone number.
Suspended from using
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CLIFTON, NEW JERSEY -- Several times I bought from different merchandise and a lot of times the products I bought either defected or not as advertised. The last complain I have about them the credit card I used refunded my money then after that I tried to log in to and I received a notice I cannot log in I have to call. I called and they tried to black male me by saying when you return the money and stop your dispute with pay pal we will let you log in.

I feel my right have been violated, please stop this discrimination and harassment and I appreciate everything you are doing. Thank you. Let me know the outcome.
I bought a lot of used brand name jeans and out to be JUNK jeans
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I recently bid and won a lot of used brand jeans from liquidation. In the pictures they shown a good quality used jean pictures. What I got are a bunch of reap jeans that are not wearable. They are all reap from the back butt area. I filed a dispute and they said because I bought the jeans used condition, they can not do anything about it. They totally scam us out of almost $700. Buyer beware they are still selling those brand name jeans right now on Don't make the same mistake that I made.
They Shipped The Wrong Items? They Say Too Bad!
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I recently purchased Kwikset Locks from Liquidation com I paid promptly with my VISA, (remember this) Several days later I received 4 boxes containing Kitchen Faucets? Yes, I received KITCHEN FAUCETS, not KWIKSET LOCKS. Well this should be easy, so I figured. I emailed them telling them they shipped the incorrect shipping to me, please send me a return label. They indicated that they wanted supporting documentation. So, I sent them the auction ID I won vs. The auction ID they sent me that belonged to someone else and I found and sent them this information. Sorry they told me. I was required to send a PICTURE. There was a picture on the auction that I sent them. They told me that it may have gone differently IF I sent them a picture. They refused to take the incorrect items back and refused to refund me my money. Too Bad they tell me... NOT. I purchased my items using my VISA! :)

It is true VISA is the best credit card you can have in your wallet. The representative laughed when I explained the problem and told me do not worry about a thing. She was correct. VISA credited me the amount of the purchase plus the finance charges while they did battle with Liquidation com. Within 2 weeks I was notified by VISA that my dispute with was settled. I WON! VISA required proof from Liquidation com that they shipped me the correct items. Well they could not do this.

In retaliation Liquidation canceled my account. Too Bad for them, they lost a good customer. So, beware do not use your other card that is used on auction sites use your VISA!
Mis representation
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WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA -- Won a bid for a lot of shelf pull women's clothing. When they arrived, the item count was lower than stated, the quality of the clothing was terrible, and they were not as advertised. Filed a dispute with but it was denied because they said it did not fit the criteria for gross mis representation!
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