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Crappy Place to Work
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
HAZARD, KENTUCKY -- I work there, I have for the past two years and the only thing that ever changes is the faces and prices, I started at minimum wage and two years later I'm making minimum wage, I've received employee of the month twice, I work my a** off and get no promotions, all the managers are sorry a**es who want to sit in the office and text on their cell phones, the more lazy the person working here the more likely they are to be promoted to manager.

The store manager there brings her unqualified crack head friends in and makes them managers after working there for one week knowing good and well they will quit in less than a month.. Being promoted to manager is the only possible way to get a raise at that crap hole and those who deserve the promotions are held at crew level because they actually work.

Night shift is always understaffed, one person does the work of two and our schedules are all to h*ll. Day shift consists of the store managers family members and are on a set schedule with every weekend off.. They work the dead shift which basically means less business so less work but more hours then night shift so they're making more money then the people who do three times the amount if work, often times there will be two managers there to manage two employes which is ridiculous considering managers feel they don't have to work like crew members so the two crew members are being screwed and doing all the work. There should never be more than one manager at a time.

The store never has adequate cleaning supplies, two scrub brushes and one squeegy or the other way around always lacking something. The list goes on and on, there's to many things to count that's wrong with this company but biggest problem is upper management like the store manager there, she's incompetent and can barely count.
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User Replies:
Bill on 10/11/2012:
Best way to move up is to get out. There are plenty of businesses that value hard work. Find one and show them what you have. You will move up.
Kris10 on 10/11/2012:
Contact Corporate and request a surprise inspection or audit. See what they have to say after that.
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You want to charge me extra for what?
Posted on
I usually like stopping by Little Caesar's on the way home because they are "ready to go" without ever having to wait. Tonight I thought about tossing in some spicy bbq wings for the wife. However, when I asked what type of dipping sauce it came with (ranch or marinara), the cashier said that it didn't come with any at all. In fact, it was an extra charge of $0.59! It's not the price that bothers me, but the principle of it. I cannot recall ever having been charged for ranch at either Pizza Hut or Papa Johns. Or any other pizza joint for that matter. Wings come with ranch...period.

I politely rescinded my order of wings and purchased only the pizza. They lost not only THAT sale of wings, but also all future sales. I will never pay extra for ranch sauce from them, or any other restaurant for that matter. Heck, I wouldn't even care if they played me for a chump by covertly embedding the extra charge in with the price of the pizza by adding $0.59 to the overall cost. Just don't tell me that I have to pay extra for it. Not savvy business skills...
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Anonymous on 12/22/2011:
The pizza was still good though:)
Anonymous on 12/22/2011:
Their wings are so-so. You didn't miss out by not getting them. I agree that charging for the sauce is ridiculous. When I tried their wings, I don't remember paying extra for the sauce.
DebtorBasher on 12/22/2011:
Their pizza is pretty good for something quick.
Besides....original Buffalo Wings were served with Bleu Cheese dressing...I don't know who started with the Ranch...but then again, the Basher doesn't eat armpits anyway. Or, should I say, wingpits!

Anyway, if they are selling wings, they should come with a dipping sauce...and only charge if someone wants extra sauce with their order.
Anonymous on 12/22/2011:
Whenever I go to wingstop they charge like 79 cents for a small cup of ranch. It should come standard when you're getting wings least one cup.
Anonymous on 12/22/2011:
Littleshorty> I have an inclination you don't get charged for extras very often. Work it if you got it baby!
DebtorBasher on 12/22/2011:
You can get a whole bottle for a buck.
lexophiliac on 12/22/2011:
You are played for a chump by all the chains that DO covertly embed the extra charge in the price of your pizza and add ons. Little Caesars pizza is cheaper than most other chains and I wouldn't balk at the charge for the sauce as it would still be less expensive than the other chains and they were upfront about it. At least you were told and weren't "chumped" by them just tacking the charge on w/o telling you. Most people have a bottle of ranch dressing floating around in the fridge anyway.
Anonymous on 12/22/2011:
Mcdonalds charges extra for their sauces. But the other day, they gave us 5 packets of sauce for my bf's 20 piece Mcnugget meal and didn't charge him extra
trmn8r on 12/22/2011:
When you say it isn't the price but the principle, I don't understand.

I don't use sauce on wings. That's me preference. Therefore, I don't want to pay for sauce I am not going to use, and I don't want to subsidize the purchases of those who do. Pay as you go.

A good solution is to make the sauce ala carte, IMO. Obviously we disagree, but there is nothing wrong with that in principle.
Anonymous on 12/22/2011:
Everything at little Ceasers is cheap a large pizza is $5, wings are $5 so they can get away with the extra charge.
Anonymous on 12/22/2011:
I have a bottle of ranch in the fridge, and I also have some bbq sauce that could be used for the nuggets. But I don't believe condiments should be an extra charge. Asking for a handful? Yeah, maybe then. But not for the initial packet.
DebtorBasher on 12/22/2011:
J4A...I can tell you how to make nugget dippy sauce and it's real easy to make and Sooooo good!
Anonymous on 12/22/2011:
I tend not to pay extra for ranch when I take my order to go as I have some in the fridge.
Churro on 12/22/2011:
Eh, Hooters charges extra for ranch too, What can you do?
lexophiliac on 12/22/2011:
And when you told your wife the story of your wingless flight you made sure to mention it was the thought that counted?
DebtorBasher on 12/22/2011:
Basher's Dippy Sauce

1cup Ketchup
1/2 stick butter
1Tbs Brown sugar
1 minced garlic clove
1/2tsp dry mustard (If I don't have dry mustard I use yellow mustard)
1/2tsp hot sauce to taste

Cook all ingredients together in small sauce pan for 5 minutes and let cool.

Makes 1 1/4 cup
Anonymous on 12/22/2011:
She didn't know I was stopping there after work, therefore the wings were never mentioned;) Besides, after close to 20-years together...I think she would find it in her heart to forgive me.
trmn8r on 12/22/2011:
Condiments being an extra charge can make sense, depending on price of the item. That's the principle of pay for what you get.

It's a matter of perspective, and there are at least two. Either charge ala carte, and charge less, or charge with sauce and charge more. Why is one superior to the other? Why should this upset the person who wants sauce. You got your sauce and paid a fair price. EOS.

I'd REALLY be upset if I paid .59 extra for pizza so somebody could get complimentary sauce with their wings. That goes against my principles.
trmn8r on 12/22/2011:
Only one Tbsp of brown sugar, Basher? I'm surprised. Not the usual "box" or "tub"? Sounds tart.
Anonymous on 12/22/2011:
According to Churro's theory of customer service, it would have been in their best interest to comp the sauce in favor of return business. No such luck tonight.
Anonymous on 12/22/2011:
Churro> Had the cashier been dressed in the skimpy orange shorts and heaving cleavage protruding from a x-small shirt, then I wouldn't have thought twice about paying extra. Yeah, my principles are slightly skewed and shallow. Eh, what are you going to do?
DebtorBasher on 12/22/2011:
Well, that's my Mom's recipe, and you're right, I use much more brown sugar and other stuff.
clutzycook on 12/22/2011:
Isn't BBQ sauce supposed to be tart? I like my sauce with a bit of a kick or a bite. :)
Anonymous on 12/22/2011:
So THAT'S how to get what I want from Justice
DebtorBasher on 12/22/2011:
YaYa, all you have to do is rub his belly.
Anonymous on 12/22/2011:
Would you say something if on your next trip to a Mexican restaurant, they only bring you tortilla chips before the meal, and inform you that the salsa for dipping will be an extra charge?
Churro on 12/22/2011:
There was a Mexican restaurant around here that charged for chips and salsa. After being opened for a couple of months they made them complimentary because it was pissing everybody off. The free market spoke.

Stick to your guns J4A. I'm sure your not alone in your views on this. If enough people speak out they'll change.
trp2hevn on 12/22/2011:
Hey Justice... how is that "Flab Four" group doing?
lexophiliac on 12/22/2011:
Darn right they'll change. Instead of being honest and upfront, they'll join every other chain and covertly embed the extra charge in the name of blissful ignorance.

Anonymous on 12/22/2011:
Trp2hevn> the weigh-in and contest starts on January-2nd.
Anonymous on 12/22/2011:
What's next? That bottle of ketchup and mustard on the table at the booths across restaurants in America will now be an extra charge? How about salt and pepper shakers? Where does it end? Stop the insanity!
trp2hevn on 12/23/2011:
Well, then... eat up while you can!
lexophiliac on 12/23/2011:
The cost of those restaurant condiments are already covertly embedded and reflected in the inflated prices of restaurant fare.
Churro on 12/23/2011:
So places that don't charge for salad dressing with their salads are dishonest and not upfront? So when little Caesars gives out free parmesan cheese they're crooked and underhanded? Holy hyperbole batman McDonalds is handing out free straws.
Anonymous on 12/23/2011:
Lots of good comments here tonight. The bottom line for me is that I don't think I should pay extra for condiments at there or any other food establishment. The whole "embed" and chump comment I initially made was dripping with sarcasm...not ranch sauce.
Anonymous on 12/23/2011:
Churro> Your last comment was worthy of a 5-6 starred member...are you sure you ain't sandbagging us?
lexophiliac on 12/23/2011:
Nothing is free. If you're not charged upfront you pay for it in the end.
Churro on 12/23/2011:
So true Lexo that's why I advocate an electricity surcharge when shopping in a brick and mortar store.
lexophiliac on 12/23/2011:
And that's why I choose my battles, and fighting over chump change ain't one of 'em.

"Give to Caesar what is Caesar's..." - Jesus
Anonymous on 12/23/2011:
Does this mean the spork in the plastic silverware tray at Taco Bell is soon to be an extra charge? Man, and I thought I hated sporks before...
Churro on 12/23/2011:
Hey Justice a couple of months ago the company cantina started charging a nickel for each plastic utensil. In fact they're now stored in a dispensing machine by the cash register. They say they did it to promote 'green' behavior. Yeah, dollar green..

Anonymous on 12/23/2011:
Lexophiliac> Me too. That's exactly why I simply chose to say, "No thanks" and made my purchase of pizza, and then left without making a scene.
lexophiliac on 12/23/2011:
They now charge for plastic and paper bags in many grocery outlets here. When recently asked "Paper or plastic?" The reply was "Neither, just put the groceries back in the cart as is." Wasn't in the mood for a wargasm.
Anonymous on 12/23/2011:
Good to see your battles are so self righteous and filled with strife.
Anonymous on 12/23/2011:
(El Salvador) Good Google Justice.
lexophiliac on 12/23/2011:
There is no room for self in my psyche.

Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled.

Blessed indeed are they who have strife, for it is they who have truly tasted life.
Anonymous on 12/23/2011:
Night folks...thanks for the conversation. I can always count on you two for blunt honesty. I wouldn't have it any other way...(except for some free ranch sauce on the
DebtorBasher on 12/23/2011:
J4A, if you were picking up your order at a drive up window ... and they told you to 'pull up' for your Ranch dip, would you?

*Running and diving under my bedcovers until morning*
Starlord on 12/23/2011:
McDonald's near us doesn't charge for the initial two containers of dipping sauce for the McNuggets (I like the honey mustard,) but if they did, we have several bottles of salad and BBQ sauce in the fridge. I never get sauce on my Subway, because it makes the bread soggy by the time we get home.
Cwazychicken on 12/23/2011:
That's what irritates me. Whereas Pizza Hut and dominos offer marinara sauce with breadsticks, Little Caesars does not, and will not unless for a charge. But they do give out a crap load of cheese and red pepper packets....
Alain on 12/23/2011:
They can spring for a little cup of sauce. From a marketing view point, they have competition so a little thing like this is a lousy way to retain customers. Good review, J4A!
madconsumer on 12/23/2011:
glad you stood your ground.

very helpful review.
redmx3racer on 12/23/2011:
I've never heard of dipping wings in Marinara sauce.
I dip my buffalo wings in ranch, and a select few places have decent bleu cheese.
BBQ wings-I don't dip in anything...and out of all my wing fanatic friends, I can't think of any that do, so I guess I would not expect BBQ wings to come with anything to dip them in....except maybe more BBQ sauce?
Anyway my preference is neither here nor there. I don't mind paying more $$ for an EXTRA side of something, but would not be happy paying for a single sauce, since I would guess that other wing flavors most likely come with a dip.
Anonymous on 12/23/2011:
DebtorBasher> Quite the conundrum indeed!
MRM on 12/23/2011:
I love Little Ceasers! Justice, do they offer a punch card where on the 10th punch, you get a free pizza?
Anonymous on 12/23/2011:
MRM> I don't believe so, or at least I've never seen it advertised locally. Then again, I've never asked either. Maybe I will on my next visit. Thanks!
trmn8r on 12/23/2011:
On the 10th punch they give you free sauce.
MRM on 12/23/2011:
Usually they just hand out the card to you. Your area is probably not participating.
Anonymous on 12/23/2011:
Ken's dressing is my favorite sauce sold in stores. A whole bottle is like $4.29 for a 160z bottle and it goes a long way. Better than paying $.79 for only enough sauce to dip a few wings in. I really hope that no one actually believes that the condiments on restaurant tables are free? Everything you use is enbedded into the operating cost, and that also includes the glass of water that most place, you now have to ask for.
Anonymous on 12/23/2011:
Taylorh2> Thanks for the recommendation of "Ken's". I'll keep an eye out for it. I hope you hang around the site for a while, and feel free to kick your shoes off and enjoy some light-hearted conversation in our Community Forum section.
Old Timer on 12/23/2011:
We got a new Wingstop, anyone have anything good or bad to say about them?
Anonymous on 12/23/2011:
OT, here's my review on Wingstop
Anonymous on 12/23/2011:
We had a nice place in the mall last year called "Wingin' It"...but they closed due to financial problems. No other real wing joints around here:( Crazy city won't even allow Hooters to open up a branch here. They keep voting it down.
Old Timer on 12/23/2011:
LS, thanks! My wife has been bugging me to go there. I don't thinbk they can beat our little home grown place but I would like to try them out.

Good reviews to both of you, J4A for Little Caesars and LS for the Wingstop info.

We have a few local family owned pizza places, so the big chains just can't compete for my pizza dollars. The one we like best gives you too much extra stuff if you ask for anything like dressing etc.
Cwazychicken on 12/23/2011:
Red, I mean marinara for breadsticks..seems litle Caesar is stingy with all their sauces.
JAKFK on 04/20/2013:
I would have liked to been a fly on the wall of this conversation in real time.
matthewsmc on 05/22/2013:
do any of you realize that extra things you all ask for actually cost money to produce and buy? They have to buy those items from their suppliers. They are in the business to make money. Everything they give out for free cuts into the little money they are making on the cheap pizza you are already getting.
Brandon on 11/23/2013:
Does anyone have any insight as to why Little Caesars stopped giving out free parmesan cheese packets? They give out free Red Pepper all day long but not Parmesan anymore. Its been like that for a few years now at ALL of the Little Caesars I've been to lately, so it almost seems like a Corporate call. Does anyone know what happened? Curious.
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Posted by on
ST. CHARLES, MISSOURI -- This company, from corporate to the franchise level is just a way for someone to get money fast. Any idiot who has a step-father that has $60,000 can open a little Caesars franchise, then make his hard working managers work their asses off to keep labor at 12% while they undercut those managers hours, make them work with minimal crew, and pay them, if their lucky $8.25 per hour(don't ask for a raise because they will tell you that you need to take on more responsibility and that they're still a new business and they can't afford it, they can afford it when they have their employees working off the clock, just so they don't lose their jobs in the name of making a few egotistical kids very rich by giving them large salaries for doing absolutely nothing). They start their store managers at $25,000 per year and they say its 50 hrs per week but its a lot more if that store manager doesn't want their boss all up in their ass about why labor was so high if its at 13%(that's unheard of, most food industry chains would bonus the hell out of any store manager who consistently put up between 12-14% labor as an hourly manager). Its okay for the SM though because they can be lazy and self entitled, getting off by telling other people what to do while they go sit on their asses listening to am football channels in the office, or just yell at you because you haven't done the work of 2 people on your shift, then ask you to go clock out but still work. I worked for this company for way too long, worked off the clock to "help" them, basically ran the store and all I got was empty promises, poor, burns, and marinara stained clothes and shoes...oh yeah, at Christmas we did get a bonus, enough of a slap in the face to let you know that all those underpaid hours you worked off the clock DID in fact go un-noticed. Do yourself a favor if you are looking for a job, keep looking.
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User Replies:
Ytropious on 04/19/2010:
Sounds like you hate your job.
PepperElf on 04/19/2010:
usually when you're working a job like that, asking for a raise is often not the way to get it.

the best way to get a raise is to work harder for it.

so far you haven't actually said how hard you work there, or what you do... only what you felt was wrong with other workers and that you asked for a raise.

as for working off the clock, never give them slave labor. If they force you to, that's illegal. but if you do it on your own, that's your mistake.

Instead of talkng about how lazy everyone else is, make yourself look better than them by working your butt off - ON the clock.

That way they'll see you as a hard worker, you'll have pay for it, & proof to use at your next review.

And yes, this is coming from a former LC employee. I worked there 18 years ago when in high school.

I always had good reviews, raises, and even "employee of the month". Why? Cos I worked my butt off.

I didn't have to put the lazy people down either. I just worked harder than they did. It was pretty clear who the good workers were and who the lazy ones were.
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It's Sad That They Rip Off Customers When They Made An Error!!
Posted by on

I telephoned an order into Little Caesars ( I ordered 4 $5.00 pizza’s and 2 BBQ chicken wings and 1 jalapeño cheese bread}.. As I picked up my order I also ordered 2 2-liters Pepsi and a crazy bread.. I did not realize that the chicken wings were not BBQ wings so... I called and informed them they gave me the wrong order {they proceeded to keep telling me THERE WAS NOTHING THEY COULD DO ABOUT IT!! I even asked the 1st person there name and never did I get the young boys name and finally the "MANAGER got on the PHONE and also insisted there was nothing they could do about there error.. THIS did upset me I went back {{unfortunately I DID TRIP on the way in {on the carpet and dropped one of there wings in the floor.. I do have 2 vertebrae in my back deteriorating and I do have corporal tunnel syndrome in my hands…. as I caught my balance I went to put the other one down on the counter BUT it unfortunately slid off and as the ""manager came around the corner it collided with her}} when I entered the building NO ONE WAS AT THE counter "one person was IN the BACK making pizzas".

SHE REFUSED TO GIVE ME ANY ASSISTANCE ON THE PHONE OR IN PERSON ABOUT THIS ERROR, I do BELIEVE THIS FEMALE IS PURPOSELY CAUSING ERRORS TO CUSTOMERS AS LIKE TO MYSELF and refusing to fix them.. I feel she is making many errors and don’t want to accommodate the customers I am fully aware I am Not the ONLY ONE to have this complaint to this particular site..
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User Replies:
i_am_canadian on 09/04/2009:
So....they gave you the wrong type of chicken wings and you tripped over a carpet? There you go, I summed it up in one sentence for you.
Anonymous on 09/04/2009:
Anonymous on 09/04/2009:
I bet I could get this chica to drop the M in OMG.
TGT101 on 09/04/2009:
Like totally like oh my god.
Eloise on 09/04/2009:
I have a feeling you were more than a 'little upset'.

Did you specify that you wanted BBQ wings, or did you just ask for wings? I for one would love to hear the manager's side of the story,
Anonymous on 09/04/2009:
Rob just said it all for me.
Hugh_Jorgen on 09/04/2009:
OMG! After tripping, were you ROTFLOL?
spiderman2 on 09/04/2009:
Please tell me this letter isn't a product of public school education in California. That is just scary.
i_am_canadian on 09/04/2009:
There seems to be letters like this from every state, not just California. Although what I find most entertaining is that they are often duplicated and sent to the so-called President of the company. If I were to be in their position and read some of these, I would be laughing all the way to the shredder (or trash folder).
spiderman2 on 09/04/2009:
Its not saying a lot for the education system in this country is it?
i_am_canadian on 09/04/2009:
Nope, and my country's education system is going down the commode just as quickly.
jktshff1 on 09/04/2009:
I do hope, that when you tell all your co-workers, friends, and acquaintances, you do a better job of explaining to them.
skelly39 on 09/04/2009:
Did you graduate from Jefferson High? What's with all the drama? I thought you were setting up a bogus injury claim there for a minute.
Yes, they were wrong. Move on. Okay? OMG. What. Ever.
dan gordon on 09/04/2009:
OMG are you like a valley girl? OMG that is sooooooo cooooooooool. A few yrs of therapy will get you over this serious offense, and yes the firm should pay for all your therapy OMG!!!!!!!!!!!
Anonymous on 09/04/2009:
Unlike others, I will not berate the OP with Taunts. Chica you should send a compliant to corporate (VH)
i_am_canadian on 09/04/2009:
Oh I wasn't taunting her, I was being perfectly honest. If she does decide to send a reproduction of the events to corporate and actually wants them to take it seriously, she needs to do a far better job of writing.
Anonymous on 09/04/2009:

Just because Some folks decide to use colorful language in their complaints. Doesn’t mean they are some mindless Dimwits. I know people who talk like that and they have a 4.0 GPA.
i_am_canadian on 09/04/2009:
Elle Woods does come to mind.
Anonymous on 09/04/2009:
See their ya go.
tnchuck100 on 09/04/2009:
Pissed and illiterate. What a combination.
laklisa on 09/04/2009:
Hey Spiderman-I don't know what they are teaching in California-but let me tell you of a call I had a few years ago. I was helping a customer who was in CA when were making small talk. He asked where I was and after informing him I was in the corporate office in Jackson, Mississppi. He wanted to know if Mississippi was part of the U.S....I was like "Yesss..." He then commented he wasn't sure because of the Civil War and all.
I didn't say this to him, but I was thinking "Hello! The south lost the war!"
Nohandle on 09/04/2009:
What am I missing here? You walked in with your incorrect order to have it corrected and no one was in the building except the manager in the back who obviously was the only one making pizzas since there was only one employee around. The plot thickens. You have a medical condition, tripped on the carpet upon entry in the building, and obviously it went downhill from there. Sorry for your condition but really what does that have to do with your complaint? Just asking.
i_am_canadian on 09/04/2009:
Like I said at the beginning....
Anonymous on 09/04/2009:
"wallyworld (09/04/2009) Rate user > Select a ratingInappropriate Content/User HarassmentReport SpamNot Helpful or Not ReleventHelpful Advice
Unlike others, I will not berate the OP with Taunts. Chica you should send a compliant to corporate (VH)"

You da man Wally!
PepperElf on 09/04/2009:
1) all caps = bad
2) call corporate then.

I used to work for little ceasers - about 18 years ago - and unless things have changed you can call the corporate to complain.

as for tripping over the rug... eh. not sure bout that one.
was the rug edge really sticking up or did you storm in so furious that you couldn't see where you were going? if it's the latter, you can't blame them for it
Anonymous on 09/04/2009:
they just opened a Little Skeezers by my house.I don't understand why people like that cardboard..
i_am_canadian on 09/04/2009:
Wrong flavour of chicken wings + faulty rug + plus angry customer = a perfect storm.
Skye on 09/04/2009:
PepperElf on 09/04/2009:
trainwreck - it's cheap.

they apparently don't offer the "buy one get one free" pizzas anymore.
though that might be a law thing too... when I worked at the jewelry counter of a (now closed) dept store they always had the merchandise on sale - until they were told it's illegal for any item to always be on sale... they would have to market the items using the "sale price" as the real price, or take them off of sale once in a while.

but anyway back to LC pizza.
I recommend trying mushroom and banana peppers. that was the best
or pizza with salad dressing.

back when I worked there, we experimented with the greek dressing, though I've always liked their ranch.

of course this was 18 years ago. they might have different dressings now too
i_am_canadian on 09/04/2009:
Not only cheap, but the one in Owen Sound has always had excellent food and impeccable service.
MSCANTBEWRONG on 09/04/2009:
OMG!!! Totally!!!
PepperElf on 09/04/2009:
don't forget to try the salad dressing on the pizza!
JR in Orlando on 09/04/2009:
I thought even the sauce on "spicy" wings was still called BBQ. Here we say "mild, hot, or spicy" and the wings covered with BBQ sauce, just different hotness. Did you tell them you wanted mild? I guess you wanted mild wings to go with your Jalapena cheese bread (isn't that a little spicy?)
jktshff1 on 09/04/2009:
Sorry JR, BBQ is a dead pig, has nothing to do with cows or chickens. Let's use BBQ'd flavored.
That being said, you need to explain clearly to the twits fixin it what you want.
SilverWngs71 on 09/04/2009:
Bubbalou's Bodacious BBQ!! Jr will know what I'm talking about.

We have 2 LC's here. I used to eat their pizza when I was younger, but not anymore. Pepper when I worked at a pizza chain we would do food swaps with local restaurants. They would get free pizza and we would get free meals. We also experimented with different toppings when it was slow or we had "dare ya to eat this" night.
Anonymous on 09/04/2009:
Back in the Day, I used to buy LC once a week. The pizza is cheap a large around 5 bucks. Its not the best tasting pizza. But for 5 bucks its good enough for me.

Better than that nasty arse pizza mia at Pizza hut.
Anonymous on 09/04/2009:
Wally, I'll teach you to make homemade pizza. Better for you and better tasting.
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Quality of Product
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
FORT WAYNE, INDIANA -- Special large cheddar cheese pretzel pizza for $6.

Pizza was burnt, pretzel crust was non-existent, cheese sauce was watery and burnt crust was painful to chew. In 50 plus years, of pizza eating from frozen to gourmet, this was the absolute worst.

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Waited for 50 Minutes
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
PINE BLUFF, ARKANSAS -- Waited in line for pizza that was supposed to be hot and ready! I will not be going there ever again. Service was ghetto and rude!
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Give Bad Pizza to Somebody New
Posted on
Rating: 1/51
RESEDA, CALIFORNIA -- Stopped and ordered a pepperoni pizza. They have them there in a warmer ready to go so it is easy. The lady worker opened the box to check it was a pep and it was but it the middle didn't have toppings or sauce. I asked her for a better one. She did but then she put the bad pizza back in the warmer for next person. I don't think that's right.
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Common Tater on 04/07/2012:
Actually, some people prefer light sauce and toppings. Might appeal to a select few.
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Myself and my 8 1/2 month pregnant fiance got food poisoning
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WEST ST PAUL, MINNESOTA -- On August 27th 2009, I went to Little Caesars Pizza on Robert St in West St Paul, Mn. We ordered Pepperoni pizza, cheesebread, and hot chicken wings. we were given crazy bread for free because we had to wait for 10 minutes after we ordered. after eating the food. both myself and my 8 1/2 month pregnant fiance got food poisoning. We both threw up and had diahrea. (I appologize for being discriptive but I want everyone to know what we went through so they don't have to.) today I went back to Little Caesars to complain about the quality of the product. the manager that I spoke to refused to give me my money back when I asked to. he said it wasn't their policy. he said the only thing he would do was take my number and name. the man then told me if I didn't leave he would call the police on me. I left my name and number and left. I urge anyone that reads this never to go to Little Caesars again. in st paul or any city.
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andbran on 08/28/2009:
did you go to the doctor? you might have a case to take to your lawyer
Anonymous on 08/28/2009:
You need a doctor's note. Otherwise, anyone feeling sick can go to any restaurant and demand refunds.
madconsumer on 08/28/2009:
when was 2009/28/08 declared food poisoning day?

unless the local hospital or health department has documented other cases, you are not going to get anything.

did you seek emergency medical treatment?
jktshff1 on 08/28/2009:
+1 mad, best answer.
Starlord on 08/29/2009:
It is funny how any time someone gets sick to their stomach, the first thing they think of is the last thing they ate. Have you ever heard the term incubation period? That is how long it takes bad bacteria or virus to grow to the point where it affects you. With food, don't look at the last thing you ate, but what you ate two or three days ago. Unless you have a diagnosis of food poisoning from a doctor or hopspital, they will tell you not to self-diagnose.
PepperElf on 08/29/2009:
how long after you ate did you get sick

and go for it, be descriptive.
I eat peanut butter and jalepeño jelly sandwiches.
I doubt you'll gross me out.

(I also like peanut butter and tunafish on toast, with mayo and sweet pickle relish)

so now that you're done barfing again...

the only thing I can say about little ceasers...

this is the one time I can claim employment experience. it was 20 years ago though, back when it was "pizza pizza" (2 pizzas for the price of one)

Personally LC used to make me gassy. But I never got sick from it.

Then again, I was strict. If it fell on the floor it met Mr. Garbage can - not like we didn't have more.
PepperElf on 08/29/2009:
"Pizza pizza!"

just remembered, somewhere - maybe in my storage unit - I think I still have my Little Ceaser Puppet or a doll, I don't remember fully.

Yes they had a puppet special once. It was adorable.

Man I hope I still have it. That might be worth something these days.
C.A. on 10/01/2009:
I've eaten at this particular Little Caesar's location numerous times and have always found their service to be exemplary. They've always been very polite and helpful and the food has never given me any problems.

As others have noted, it's not the most recent thing you ate that gives you food poisoning. It takes 24-48 hours.

I don't blame the manager at all for refusing a refund. Otherwise they'd have to give a refund any time anyone complained they got sick. This location already has a VERY generous refund policy (anytime they've made even a small mistake with my order I've gotten something free, sometimes even a free pizza) so I don't think your complaint is fair.
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Change In Policy Causing Unfairness
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WAUSAU, WISCONSIN -- I am a customer of this little Caesar's pizza and I also happen to be visually impaired. Well I call and place an order with them for delivery and when I get done telling the lady what I all wanted she asks when can I pick it up. I then stated that I wanted it for delivery. She then says that we don't deliver and that in order for them to deliver it has to be a group order. I ask how much would it have to be and she states $40 or more. I was so furious because in the past it used to be $20 or more for lunch hours and $15 or more for evening hours for delivery.

I really find it sad that there are places like this that only the fully sighted with cars are able to have their service. This kind of unfair service needs to stop.
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Anonymous on 06/28/2008:
Actually, anyone who orders at or above the minimum $ amount can have delivery service. With the price of gasoline, Little C's is probably having trouble finding anyone who wants to deliver pizzas. From what I've read, after figuring in expenses versus pay and tips, pizza delivery is a less than minimum-wage job. Oh, and it invovles the risk of traffic accidents and being robbed.
msnanny on 06/29/2008:
I agree that the price of gas has probably necesitated this change. Perhaps you could speak directly to the manager and explain your situation. He may make an exception for you. Good luck!
madconsumer on 06/29/2008:
I am sure the owner was thinking of ways to screw you/people. after all he is in it for the money, not free service.
Anonymous on 06/29/2008:
Trixta and msnanny are right as to the likely cause of the policy change. A possible solution would be to order the minimum $40 in multiple pizzas, freeze those you will not immediately eat...and re-bake the frozen ones later. We do this when our pizzaria offers deep discounts. They re-baked pizza is just as good as one ordered fresh. You can still enjoy Little Ceasars pizza pizza!
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Discriminates against vegetarians
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They frequently have this program for $5. Pepperoni Pizza which is only for Meat Eaters. I would come in, tell them I am a Vegetarian and request they substitute Mushrooms for Pepperoni, they always did this from 1990 until 2006 which worked for me. I suggested they offer Pepperoni and Mushroom choices to accommodate Vegetarians & Meat Eaters. They never did, but they accommodated me.

Now, however, when I go there (since 2007) I am told ONLY PEPPERONI and that a Vegetarian Pizza would cost me $13.00, what a markup. I have tried this at several Little Caesars Pizza establishments, and no-one will substitute Mushrooms for Pepperoni.

LCP clearly discriminates against vegetarians. I refuse to ever shop at Little Caesars Pizza again because THEY ARE NOT VEGETARIAN FRIENDLY with their SPECIALS.

I urge all Vegetarians to Stand Up against the unfair practices of LCP and stop doing business with them until they offer specials to accommodate meat eaters & vegetarians. Boycott them until they do.
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Sparticus on 10/31/2007:
Perhaps the veggie ingredients cost more to them, hence they cannot provide it at the same price? I imagine they buy more pepperoni than any other ingredient, and hence they probably get a pretty good bulk discount.
Anonymous on 10/31/2007:
aw Spart, are you going to cloud good drama with common sense?
Sparticus on 10/31/2007:
Sorry Ken... not sure what I was thinking... ;-)
Hugh_Jorgen on 10/31/2007:
I prefer sausage to pepperoni - they won't substitute for me either. I think they are also sausage-phobics.
Anonymous on 10/31/2007:
Never liked Little Caesars. They all went out of business locally here. I wonder why?
Anonymous on 10/31/2007:
Vegetarians unite! Take back what is not ours, death to the non-believers! The evil meat eaters are causing global warming and a bad smell, well unless you eat cabbage. But after all the Vegetarians are a special interest group and should protest against the making of plants illegal and LC is a good a place to start as any! Carry on dudes and dudets.(NH)
DigitalCommando on 10/31/2007:
Your right lidman, next were going to have "meat dealers" hanging out on every corner, wearing gold chains and driving cadillacs. "HEY, you want to buy a nickel bag of salami?" I say KILL THE COWS NOW!
MRM on 10/31/2007:
Little Ceasers is okay to me. My palates cannot tastes the difference between Pizza Hut, Papa's John, and Little Ceasers. They all taste the same to me according to my palates.
Anonymous on 10/31/2007:
Most of these places do not even use real pepperoni, they use some fake form of pepperoni that is supposed to taste like pepperoni that's why they can sell it so cheap.

Hear, hear Lidman!
Hugh_Jorgen on 10/31/2007:
All this meat talk and now I am jonesing for some carcass. I'm going back to McD's for lunch and enjoy another McRib while they are still here!
DigitalCommando on 10/31/2007:
Super, I think it's "spamaroni"!
Starlord on 10/31/2007:
"Vegetarian" is an ancient Indian word, meaning "hunts lousy.
There is room for all God's creatures, right next to the mashed potatoes.
Anonymous on 10/31/2007:
We don't have Little Skeezers anymore.
Anonymous on 10/31/2007:
I'm from Massachusetts, vegetarians can marry each other here now.
Sparticus on 10/31/2007:
When I get lazy I sometimes fall victim to the $5 pizza that has been sitting under a heater for 2 hours... It is not that bad... ;-)
DigitalCommando on 10/31/2007:
"Do you accept this meatless man, as your husband, until such time, when he get's tired of your BS, and chomps down on a steak"?
MRM on 10/31/2007:
That's right Sparticus, its not bad at all. Sometimes it tastes better than Pizza Hut or Papa John.
heaven17 on 10/31/2007:
How about all of those vegetarian restaurants that discriminate against carnivores?
chris513 on 10/31/2007:
mmmmm.....meat lovers pizza....
WhineX on 10/31/2007:
I only eat at restaurants that refuse to murder innocent plants.
killerklown on 10/31/2007:
I'd like an answer to haeven's question, veggie lover...
Ponie on 10/31/2007:
'Pepperoni Pizza which is only for Meat Eaters.' Whaaaaat? It's for crust eaters, cheese eaters, sauce eaters. The LCs in my area put all that stuff together at 9AM, stick it under the heat lamp, and by noon they're ready for the lunch crowd. Yummy.
Anonymous on 10/31/2007:
This website sure has gone downhill and has become a playground for jerks.
What a joke.
caa on 11/02/2007:
Most of the time, fresh vegetables cost more than processed meat, so you get what you pay for.

Starlord, your comment totally cracked me up!
beanbagbritches on 11/25/2007:
WhineX...I'm with you! Someone has to stand up for the mushrooms & boycott their slaughter! Tee hee!
carverlee on 03/20/2008:
Their "promotional" $5 pizzas are Pepperoni, Cheese (hmmmmm, there's an alternative) and Sausage in some locations. Any other pizza with ANY one topping is just .99 cents more. That's $5.99 for a mushroom pizza if that's what you want. True, a full VEGGIE pizza will cost you upwards of $12.00.
sunshine5179 on 06/05/2009:
I work at lcp have for basically 3 years. I work in Texas so prices are slightly different. but the ones in my area its the normal price for ANY one topping. they might have thought u meant a veggie pizza which has more than just one topping so it does cost more. I'm not sure exactly what they would have thought. But I don't blame you for wants to boycott. if they treated you like that and I'm guessing it was more than one time.
N89218 on 01/26/2010:
I guess Little Caesars is okay after a hang over or after u burn a big fatty cause by then u can't tell where exactly the stomach cramps came from. LOL
PepperElf on 01/26/2010:
I'm a meat eater myself
but on my pizzas I really don't like pepperoni, I can eat it but, eh. I'm more into onions & mushrooms
& for little ceaser's their banana pepper & mushroom is pretty good.

this is actually a company I've worked for - though it was 18 (maybe more now) years ago.. way back when it was mandatory buy-one-get-one free.

but I agree; there should be a meat-free option available. not just for vegetarians but also for customers who maintain a strict kosher diet (can't mix meats & milks).

I would also recommend contacting the corporation
and hope they give you a positive response
Anonymous on 01/26/2010:
Peps, do you see how old this thread is?
PepperElf on 01/26/2010:
oh no I didn't.

o well. maybe they've changed since then?
Anonymous on 01/26/2010:
Just messin' with you.
PepperElf on 01/26/2010:
you know... I really have to get to my storage unit someday.
I think I MIGHT have a Little Ceaser's puppet in there.

Yeah, LC puppets. kind of cute really. They were promotional items back in 1990 or so.

come to think of it, I started work there when I was 16.. so o god it's been 20 years since started there, maybe 18 or so since I left

picked up a dislike of pizza dough smell from that job
Anonymous on 01/26/2010:
It is easy to learn to dislike the food where you work, huh?
The kitchen smell(s) at the restaurants where I worked are still "fresh" on my mind.
cjm on 01/19/2013:
Pepperoni cost less than any other topping mushrooms are nearly double in price. 5 dollar pizzas are a promotional deal just to beat the compition. a Veggie pizza cost 9.74 in Texas that still is a better price than any other pizza place around
OkSrsly on 01/17/2014:
Okay sling the word "discrimination" around when it comes to vegetarians versus the evil meat lovers is bull. They offer cheese pizza for you non lovers of the meat, that's a hefty word to sling just because they won't adhere to your sensitive palate for the same price as the cheap pizzas that the rest of us heathens enjoy. Little Caesars sucks any how. Want cheap pizza? Get what you pay for, and move on. Want to be picky and finicky? Pay more. If I want sausage on mine, I have to pay the same prices as you for your mushrooms, and that has nothing to do with "discrimination." *eye roll of disgust*
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