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Litton Loan Assisted My Ex With One Last Jab at Me by Fraud
By -

Maybe you know someone who can help me. This is the icing on the cake for me, the end to a very financially and verbally abusive marriage. Litton Loans last dig at me with help of my ex. I will try to nutshell this. I left my ex-husband, home mortgage was in my sole name. When I left the home was past due, and I could not afford to keep it and didn't want to keep it. Contacted Litton to discuss deed in lieu of or other alternatives. My ex-husband somehow negotiated a modification, increasing the loan balance and signed for it by himself. Although he was never on the mortgage, he was on the property but that doesn't matter as he was not on the loan.

After he modified the mortgage I contacted Litton and told them I did not approve of this. They said it was done and did not reverse it. I told them what they did was fraud, allowing someone else to modify a mortgage in my name without my signature or consent. I asked if the loan went into default who would they go after, they said me, not my ex, and he would not be a part of it. He only modified the mortgage because we were going through divorce and he is a game player, wanted the property listed as a debt he is paying to reduce what he should pay me, to look good to the courts at the time, and so much more to it.

So now the divorce is done, he has stopped paying for months now, finally moved out, and they are foreclosing - ON ME. I attempted to do a short sale, but we owe taxes and the IRS would not follow through with the process without Litton agreeing to the short sale, which they refused to do. I have just been told by my agent that the house will go into foreclosure now, Litton did not cooperate from the beginning.

They modified a mortgage I did not want, I have docs with my ex's signature on them. They did not cooperate and steered me away from a deed in lieu of my ex stopped making payments as I forecasted would happen after the divorce. They did not cooperate with the IRS or my agent to complete the sale (short sale). They (according to my agent) are now going to foreclose on the property.

Issues: I did not want the modification to complete, I did not want more money on my credit, I wanted a deed in lieu of, now the home is foreclosing which is worse than a short sale or a foreclosure and I am in enough of a financial mess due to my ex and don't need this. All he did was to destroy me financially and emotionally and Litton played a big part in helping him do this. Can someone help me?

PS. I had in the beginning when my ex signed for the modification contacted several attorneys regarding the illegal modification. They all pretty much treated me and one even asked what my problem was, I should be lucky because I got the modification and wouldn't that be better for me anyway. I pleaded, knowing my ex-husband and his games, to help me get this undone, no one helped me.

So as a result, the above is what happened. He has ruined me through abusive financial, verbal, and physical acts, this is just the icing on the cake now. I walked away with all the debt and what I could take of belongings, he walked away with all the assets, company business, and none of this on his back. He is even sending the IRS after me still instead of taking responsibility.

Litton Loan Servicing Is A Nightmare
By -

HOUSTON, TX -- I have been trying to get a loan modification since Feb 2009. Litton had sent me my first trial payments around $2300 which I had to pay for 3 months. After my second payment I received from Litton another set of documents stating I may qualified for a modification and that I had to make payment of $3600. I called them right away and was told by their so call customer service to just pay the lower amount. I called back got different person and she told me that Litton cancel the first offer and that they had the right to do that. The more I thought of it I decided to pay my regular house payment of $3882.

I called and told Litton I do not accept the second modification. I since hired Cal Law group (Which turns out be a scam). After months of trying get my loan modified again Litton sent another set of documents telling me that I qualified for a trail payment for 3 months of $3,450. Cal Law group contacted me and said that their job was done (Which it was Not). After several months Litton told me that I did not qualified for the GOV program and that they will put me through Litton's program. This has been going on for 7 months now. I have no equity in my home since the market fell on housing so I can't even refinance and I owe more than what my house is worth.

Since June 2010 my company has cut my pay 20%. My husband and I has come to the conclusion that we just may have to walk away from this house. We hear on TV that BA and other Banks are trying to help homeowners. Is Litton in the business to just foreclose on people so they can sell the home and put the money in their pockets? This whole deal has been very stressful for us. If anyone out there has Litton and you're trying to get your loan modified, good luck. It just won't happen. Litton will put you through H*** instead.

Litton Loan Servicer, LP Is A Predatory Mortgage Servicer
By -

BALTIMORE, MARYLAND -- Consumers need local, state and Federal Government laws to combat predatory lending! Baltimore, Maryland. While everyone is undecided on what level of government should best protect consumer from predatory lending, Litton Loan Servicer, LP/U. S. Bank, NA and other predatory mortgage servicers, banks, mortgage lenders, etc. are reeking havoc and victimizing the most vulnerable homeowners i.e., African Americans, disabled, elderly, single woman and others.

These predatory lenders engage in all or any of the following predatory behaviors i.e., loan flipping, equity stripping, ending in wrongful foreclosures which may result in illegal deflated public auctions, property flipping, RICO, RESPA and other violations. There are horror stories in almost every state on Litton Loan Servicer, LP, formally a debt collection agency turned mortgage servicer is very aggressive in their attempt to take the number one spot in mortgage foreclosure.

These predatory servicers are no longer in the business of performing loans. Litton and other sub prime lenders have now focused their energy in the real estate business and team up with unscrupulous investors who purchase foreclosed properties at auctions for a low price. These fraudulent outfits or rings do low ball repairs, turn around, and sell homes for twice the amount paid to unsuspecting consumers.

This is far beyond capitalism, but an outright rip-off! Litton Loan Servicer, LP executive offices are located in Houston, Texas and will take your home not in a New York minute, but a Houston, Texas second! It seems lawmakers fail to get involved or are just looking the other way. Litton has been aloud to run rampart, from not applying mortgage payments, forced placed insurance, failing to issue pay off notices and filing wrongful foreclosures.

Litton also, allows its sub-trustees (attorneys) to engage in fraudulent misconduct with regard to wrongful foreclosures actions by low balling auction sales, property flipping, equity stripping circumventing state laws and court procedures, resulting in thievery, breaking and entering. In one case, Litton Loan Servicer, LP/US Bank NA and Washington Mutual may have known reason why a homeowner in Baltimore City was not making his mortgage payments was because of his death and not refusal to pay his mortgage company. Instead of appropriately notifying the probate court of the man's death, Washington Mutual sold his loan to Litton.

Inappropriately, Litton filed a foreclosure action in circuit court circumventing the law by taking possession without a court order, illegal breaking and entering the man's home and took whole contents of household without the man's family's permission. More conduct that is reprehensible is attorneys for Litton were involved with bidder/purchaser that defaulted on their loan finance obligations and all argued over the deceased man's home for (6) six months. The defaulted purchasers may not even be U. S. Citizens that are involved in this real estate property flipping scam.

The deceased man's family contacted Litton Loan Servicer and its attorney trying to recoup his home from foreclosure. However, Litton's Attorney, Friedman Law firm, refused to speak with her and did nothing to return home back to family. The Friedman Law firm has engaged in the same fraudulent behavior in another case regarding D. C. resident. Lawmakers and all else are missing the boat on this one! Predatory lending is not just a state or a federal issue, but laws are needed at all levels of government.

In the case of deceased man mentioned above, his rights could have been better protected if Baltimore City government had predatory lending laws in place. The State of Maryland should require mortgage lenders to define what a default is in all mortgage notes and contracts. As in the case of a FHA loans, homeowners must have at least (3) consecutive missed payments before any foreclosure action is filed in court. All states should have a uniform minimum standard requirement, much like the FHA default standard before any foreclosure action is filed.

Currently, in State of Maryland, a hearing is not mandatory and lender is not required to define what a default is, which leaves the homeowner vulnerable to abusive power by mortgage companies. All states should require mandatory hearing after foreclosure action is filed in court. In the state of Maryland, the laws are more favorable toward the lender.

If you cannot afford to hire an attorney to represent you, your case may not be heard and you probably will lose your home. States need to pass new laws to protect homeowners throughout the whole foreclosure process. As it stands now, lenders and its lawyers use the legal system to engage in fraudulent behavior during the foreclosure sale process by violating redemption rights, illegal possession, illegal auction process, bidder/purchasers scams, etc.

Predatory lending is no different than any other consumer protection issue whereby if the local government or state government fails to protect consumers rights then the next step for justice is to the federal government. This is what the founding fathers had in mine, which has always been the natural progression in this country. Checks and balances is what make this country great and reason the civil rights movement was brought about!

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