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Horrible eBay Seller!!! Steer Clear!
By -

ST. PETERSBURG, FLORIDA -- I recently had dealings with LivingDreams101 on eBay and feel it necessary to warn others of her tactics. This seller... sent me the WRONG item to begin with and then put me off and put me off for months while I attempted to get my correct item. She claimed to have re-sent it to me, although NEVER provided proof to me, when she did provide a tracking number the first time when she shipped the wrong item. When I would follow-up and let her know that I STILL had not received my item I was asked for my name (which was on my e-mail, along with the item number)... yet another stall tactic, I provided the info to her twice.

I had to e-mail her a couple of times before I received this e-mail "Hi I show this has been reshipped correctly
If you do not have by Monday let me know." That's it... no tracking confirmation, nothing. When Monday came and went I let her know I still had not received it... THEN she requests my zip code (which she's already been given) so she can check her manual ship receipts (what a bunch of bull!). At this point I'm feeling really put-off by this seller.

So...I follow up (because she doesn't get back to me in a timely manner) and this is what I receive "I do show your return came back with no info (I sent her how many e-mails?) which initially caused the delay. Item is marked shipped but because returns are done manually (yeah right) and we drop them at the post office, they have the receipts from the last couple of times we dropped them off still (and why would that be... I've never had that happen.) If the item is still not arrived by Monday (another put off) let me know and I will refund (here is where she originally offers the refund). I will also have those receipts back by then."

Now things get fun... I reminded her that Monday was a holiday here and that mail would not run, so that if it did not arrive by Tuesday I would let her know and agreed to call the transaction a wash if she would indeed provide the refund. Tuesday evening rolls around, no package. So I send her this e-mail "Hi Brandy… it is Tuesday, 7:37pm and the package has not arrived. Please refund my money." At that time I also opened a dispute via PayPal, because that's how I paid. Due to the time it had taken too (two months at this point) I could no longer open a dispute via eBay... PayPal was my only way of ensuring I received my refund.

THIS is the e-mail I received from her when I did that... "we see you just opened a dispute on us now when we offered to refund. We are willing to refund but now worried you would leave a bad feedback. We are willing to fully refund tonight if a positive feedback is placed first. Otherwise we would resend the top." This is NOT what she agreed to now is it? She's just recanted what she offered, AND she is attempting to blackmail me for positive feedback... something I've noticed she's done to others as well.

Now, keep in mind over two months at this point has gone by since the end of the auction. Would YOU leave positive feedback for this seller? I may have just not left any feedback for her, but I would most certainly not have left her positive feedback. eBay considers what she just did... "feedback extortion", and they take it very seriously.
She tries to claim that those of us who demand refunds, or leave her negative feedback are unreasonable/obnoxious/ridiculous. What do you think?

I forwarded her e-mail to eBay to let them deal with it and to have them advise me on what they thought I should do. Because of the length of time eBay couldn't do anything... but because she still had my money (which she could easily refund through PayPal) and I still did not have my item, they advised me to consider mail-fraud charges against her, because what she had done at that point was theft, plain and simple.

When I gave her one more opportunity to provide me with a refund (within 24 hours) or face mail-fraud charges. I had my refund then within 10 minutes. Interesting what she'll do quickly when threatened with legal recourse... something I was totally entitled to do at that point.

People...I'm NOT the only one who has horrible dealings with this seller. If you come across her on eBay it may look initially like she has great feedback... but take the time to READ her feedback, you are going to see a really bad recurring pattern in her negative/neutral feedback. She tries to bully/coerce people into not leaving her bad feedback. That leads me to wonder how many people just haven't posted feedback but had just as bad an experience as I did.

Buyer Beware! Manipulates and Lies - Took TWO Months to Receive Due Refund!!
By -

33710, FLORIDA -- Back in January, I found dresses on the site for my bridesmaids to wear in my wedding. The first time around, I had the girls purchase the dresses individually (there are three), because they live in three different states and I figured it would be easier than having them shipped to me then sending them all out separately. When the first and ONLY dress out of the three that were purchased arrived, however, it was the wrong dress.

I immediately sent it back UPS 2nd Day Air (I ate that cost) sent an email to Brandy Young, the company owner and apparently the only employee, and waited. (This company DOES NOT supply a phone number which accepts incoming calls - BEWARE). She eventually got back with me, apologized and claimed that she would go "above and beyond" to resolve the issue. She said that the dress I had ordered was not actually in stock, so she had sent a different one instead. (???!!!) I told her not to send any more dresses, that I would choose another style. I did find another dress that I liked, but it was $20 more.

I asked her if I could take a $20 discount on each dress for the trouble. She agreed (which, of course, I have in email) so my fiancé and I placed an order for all three dresses this time, so they would be shipped to us and we could see them before sending them to the girls. So when we made the purchase for the three new dresses and the solitary dress that she had shipped out had been received and signed for, we expected that she would refund the payment for the others. Not so.

One girl had put the payment on her credit card, and after Brandy harassed her, saying that she hadn't paid for it, she told me that she had held off processing the payment because they were out of stock (lots of lies). Because my fiancé had purchased a dress for one of the girls with his PayPal account, he filed a dispute for the payment several days after we purchased the new dresses. Upon receiving notification of the dispute, Brandy began sending me emails telling me that she did not "appreciate" our filing disputes and that she wasn't going to refund any money until the dresses were returned. Of course, the only dress that had been received WAS returned.

We eventually came to find out that she did send out another dress, addressed it to the WRONG person and she did this AFTER the dress issue had been brought to her attention! Although I suspected she had sent out the first knowing that it was the wrong dress, there was absolutely no doubt that she had done it this time. She had replied to my email and stated that she didn't have the dress in stock BEFORE she shipped the second one. And because she addressed it incorrectly, it was undeliverable and was now being held at the post office. She apparently felt this was our fault and didn't feel it was her responsibility to refund for it.

She did, however, once the dispute was filed. Regarding the refund that she promised on the new dresses, I had to email her probably 20 times to get her to honor it. The first few times she simply ignored my statements and replied to other topics. Finally, she acknowledged the question and claimed that we had purchased the items incorrectly and she therefore couldn't honor the discount she had promised (so much for "above and beyond"!) **At one point, she attempted to manipulate me into leaving positive eBay feedback in exchange for honoring the discount she had already promised.**

Of course, I am NOT a liar and I was not about to pretend this was a good experience, stroke her ego and mislead consumers just to get her to honor a discount she had promised. I had to threaten to report her to the BBB and dispute the PayPal charges in full for her to finally honor the promised discount. The incorrect dress that was sent and immediately sent back was purchased by my sister on her PayPal account back in January. Because my sister was unfamiliar with the dispute filing process, she hadn't filed a dispute in time, and so Brandy Young has NOT refunded for that payment to this date - almost two months later.

This is a terrible seller, and frankly, an immoral person. Some quotes from her emails: "Your complaint is NOT APPRECIATED. You try to create problems for my business." "I will refund but once dresses are received. We are requesting positive feedback or none at all. If a dispute is filed this soon into transaction they will find in my favor because the dresses are in transit." "Please do not open any more disputes. They are not appreciated as they are official record. I will refund on the other one once I get both dresses back. 2 have been mailed."

"The email I sent you was only us trying to come to some type of agreement. eBay is a community and working together is vital. Your threats to file any type of complaint on us to anyone is not appreciated. We are just a small business trying to offer dresses. Nothing more. I emailed you a fair and reasonable offer since there was miscommunication." < This is her attempt to manipulate me regarding an already promised discount.

Several times, she used "all caps", a font of at least 28 and put it in bold. If that's not e-yelling at a customer, I don't know what is. We have since filed a complaint with the BBB and another with the FTC. She has yet to refund for the very first payment. The world would be a better place without her company in it.

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