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Horrible eBay Seller!!! Steer Clear!
Posted by on
ST. PETERSBURG, FLORIDA -- I recently had dealings with LivingDreams101 on eBay and feel it necessary to warn others of her tactics.

This seller...sent me the WRONG item to begin with and then put me off and put me off for months while I attempted to get my correct item. She claimed to have re-sent it to me, although NEVER provided proof to me, when she did provide a tracking number the first time when she shipped the wrong item.

When I would follow-up and let her know that I STILL had not received my item I was asked for my name (which was on my e-mail, along with the item number)...yet another stall tactic, I provided the info to her twice. I had to e-mail her a couple of times before I received this e-mail "Hi I show this has been reshipped correctly
If you do not have by Monday let me know." That's tracking confirmation, nothing. When Monday came and went I let her know I still had not received it...THEN she requests my zip code (which she's already been given) so she can check her manual ship receipts (what a bunch of bull!). At this point I'm feeling really put-off by this seller.

So...I follow up (because she doesn't get back to me in a timely manner) and this is what I receive "I do show your return came back with no info (I sent her how many e-mails?) which initially caused the delay.
Item is marked shipped but because returns are done manually (yeah right) and we drop them at the post office they have the receipts from the last couple of times we dropped them off still (and why would that be...I've never had that happen.) If the item is still not arrived by Monday (another put off) let me know and I will refund (here is where she originally offers the refund). I will also have those receipts back by then."

Now things get fun...I reminded her that Monday was a holiday here and that mail would not run, so that if it did not arrive by Tuesday I would let her know and agreed to call the transaction a wash if she would indeed provide the refund. Tuesday evening rolls around, no I send her this e-mail "Hi Brandy…it is Tuesday, 7:37pm and the package has not arrived. Please refund my money." At that time I also opened a dispute via PayPal, because that's how I paid. Due to the time it had taken to (two months at this point) I could no longer open a dispute via eBay...PayPal was my only way of ensuring I received my refund.

THIS is the e-mail I received from her when I did that...."we see you just opened a dispute on us now when we offered to refund
We are willing to refund but now worried you would leave a bad feedback
We are willing to fully refund tonight if a positive feedback is placed first
Otherwise we would resend the top" This is NOT what she agreed to now is it? She's just recanted what she offered, AND she is attempting to blackmail me for positive feedback...something I've noticed she's done to others as well.

Now, keep in mind over two months at this point has gone by since the end of the auction. Would YOU leave positive feedback for this seller? I may have just not left any feedback for her, but I would most certainly not have left her positive feedback. eBay considers what she just did..."feedback extortion", and they take it very seriously.

She tries to claim that those of us who demand refunds, or leave her negative feedback are unreasonable/obnoxious/ridiculous. What do you think?

I forwarded her e-mail to eBay to let them deal with it and to have them advise me on what they thought I should do. Because of the length of time eBay couldn't do anything... but because she still had my money (which she could easily refund through PayPal) and I still did not have my item they advised me to consider mail-fraud charges against her, because what she had done at that point was theft, plain and simple.

When I gave her one more opportunity to provide me with a refund (within 24 hours) or face mail-fraud charges. I had my refund then within 10 minutes. Interesting what she'll do quickly when threatened with legal recourse...something I was totally entitled to do at that point.

People...I'm NOT the only one who has horrible dealings with this seller. If you come across her on eBay it may look initially like she has great feedback...but take the time to READ her feedback, you are going to see a really bad recurring pattern in her negative/neutral feedback. She tries to bully/coerce people into not leaving her bad feedback...that leads me to wonder how many people just haven't posted feedback...but had just as bad an experience as I did.
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Principissa on 06/03/2008:
This isn't the first complaint I've read about this seller. And many of the posters complaining about this seller have said the same things you have. I'm surprised Ebay still allows this person to operate. I'm glad you got your money back. My only suggestion is to avoid this seller and tell your friends and family to do the same. Thank you for posting this, hopefully someone will read this and all of those other complaints before they purchase something from this seller.
greeneyedlass on 06/03/2008:
I noticed the same thing...what she doesn't seem to understand is that Buyers KNOW that neutral feedback counts as negative. Her telling them that isn't going to prompt them to give positive feedback if she doesn't provide good service.

I've decided that after my experience with this person I will warn EVERYONE I can about her.
porabentley on 08/03/2008:
I bid with confidence, and figured since she’s been active on eBay for a while it would be okay. Well I've been burned not once not twice but three times on the same order. I waited close to a month to receive the order after I had made payment only to be told time and time again it was on its' way. When it finally arrived, I opened the package and immediately saw two gaping holes in the back of the shoulder of one of the dresses I ordered…her response was…she would refund me half of my money back!!! I could not believe it!!...half of my money back for a garment I paid for, that was supposed to be NEW that was sent to me DAMAGED!!! I couldn’t believe it!...then upon further inspection of the rest of the four things I had ordered (which were rolled up and shoved into a package)I found the skirt to have a huge tear in the hemline, and the M/L dress which I ordered came in as a PLUS also had a hole in it…her response was out of 30,000 orders she had never had two damaged items...and that she found this "unlikely"...(so much for customer service!!)...she implied that I was a liar. After reading the comments on this page from others I chose not to have a war with her...just never, never to order from her again...I have never in my life been treated this way and refuse to have anything to do with someone like her who chooses to treat her customers like this. She should be put out of business. I owned a retail store at one time and always instructed my employees to never fight with a customer over a is just not good business...refund the as gracious as possible...always leave that customer happy. She insulted me, as she, I'm sure has done to many, many people. The best thing I can do, and everyone who has had negative dealings with her can do is to post their experiences and hopefully warn others not to purchase from her!
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Buyer beware! Manipulates and lies - Took TWO months to receive due refund!!
Posted by on
33710, FLORIDA -- Back in January, I found dresses on the site for my bridesmaids to wear in my wedding. The first time around, I had the girls purchase the dresses individually (there are three), because they live in three different states and I figured it would be easier than having them shipped to me then sending them all out separately. When the first and ONLY dress out of the three that were purchased arrived, however, it was the wrong dress. I immediately sent it back UPS 2nd Day Air (I ate that cost) sent an email to Brandy Young, the company owner and apparently the only employee, and waited. (This company DOES NOT supply a phone number which accepts incoming calls - BEWARE)

She eventually got back with me, apologized and claimed that she would go "above and beyond" to resolve the issue. She said that the dress I had ordered was not actually in stock, so she had sent a different one instead. (???!!!) I told her not to send any more dresses, that I would choose another style. I did find another dress that I liked, but it was $20 more. I asked her if I could take a $20 discount on each dress for the trouble. She agreed (which, of course, I have in email) so my fiancé and I placed an order for all three dresses this time, so they would be shipped to us and we could see them before sending them to the girls.

So when we made the purchase for the three new dresses and the solitary dress that she had shipped out had been received and signed for, we expected that she would refund the payment for the others. Not so. One girl had put the payment on her credit card, and after Brandy harassed her, saying that she hadn't paid for it, she told me that she had held off processing the payment because they were out of stock (lots of lies). Because my fiancé had purchased a dress for one of the girls with his PayPal account, he filed a dispute for the payment several days after we purchased the new dresses. Upon receiving notification of the dispute, Brandy began sending me emails telling me that she did not "appreciate" our filing disputes and that she wasn't going to refund any money until the dresses were returned. Of course, the only dress that had been received WAS returned.

We eventually came to find out that she did send out another dress, addressed it to the WRONG person and she did this AFTER the dress issue had been brought to her attention! Although I suspected she had sent out the first knowing that it was the wrong dress, there was absolutely no doubt that she had done it this time. She had replied to my email and stated that she didn't have the dress in stock BEFORE she shipped the second one. And because she addressed it incorrectly, it was undeliverable and was now being held at the post office. She apparently felt this was our fault and didn't feel it was her responsibility to refund for it. She did, however, once the dispute was filed.

Regarding the refund that she promised on the new dresses, I had to email her probably 20 times to get her to honor it. The first few times she simply ignored my statements and replied to other topics. Finally, she acknowledged the question and claimed that we had purchased the items incorrectly and she therefore couldn't honor the discount she had promised (so much for "above and beyond"!) **At one point, she attempted to manipulate me into leaving positive eBay feedback in exchange for honoring the discount she had already promised.** Of course, I am NOT a liar and I was not about to pretend this was a good experience, stroke her ego and mislead consumers just to get her to honor a discount she had promised. I had to threaten to report her to the BBB and dispute the PayPal charges in full for her to finally honor the promised discount.

The incorrect dress that was sent and immediately sent back was purchased by my sister on her PayPal account back in January. Because my sister was unfamiliar with the dispute filing process, she hadn't filed a dispute in time, and so Brandy Young has NOT refunded for that payment to this date - almost two months later.

This is a terrible seller, and frankly, an immoral person. Some quotes from her emails:

"Your complaint is NOT APPRECIATED
you try to create problems for my business "
"I will refund but once dresses are received we are requesting positive feedback or none at all.
If a dispute is filed this soon into transaction they will find in my favor because the dresses are in transit."
"Please do not open any more disputes they are not appreciated as they are official record.
I will refund on the other one once I get both dresses back
2 have been mailed"
" The email I sent you was only us trying to come to some type of agreement. Ebay is a community and working together is vital.
Your threats to file any type of complaint on us to anyone is not appreciated.
We are just a small business trying to offer dresses. Nothing more
I emailed you a fair and reasonable offer since there was miscommunication. " <--- This is her attempt to manipulate me regarding an already promised discount.

Several times, she used "all caps", a font of at least 28 and put it in bold. If that's not e-yelling at a customer, I don't know what is.

We have since filed a complaint with the BBB and another with the FTC. She has yet to refund for the very first payment. The world would be a better place without her company in it.
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Sarah May on 03/14/2007:
If you have had a bad experience with Living Dreams 101 and Brandy Young, please report it to the FTC at Click on "File a Complaint" at the top of the page, and the rest is really simple. They can help bring a bad business down. And for the record, she still has not refunded the money, even after being reported to the BBB.
livingdreams101 on 03/19/2007:
This is the owner of livingdreams101
We have resolved completly with Sarah. she and a 2nd person have been emailing me of a 3rd person and will not provide that persons info to us. Which has been very frustrating.
We requested in 6 emails just last week for her friends email address she claimed did not receive the shipped item.
They would not give me the info requested. Stating I should have it.
I have MANY buyers and the way of identifying them is with an email address or item number which they will not provide me with.
Instead they have filed complaints and created this post
If we are at fault in any way we are more than willing to resolve but need the requested info.
Sarah May on 03/20/2007:
This isn't eBay, Brandy. You can't bully people you've swindled into removing honest feedback. You haven't returned the money you stole, and that's the only thing you need to do. In the final email I sent to you, I did give you the email address for the transaction, which you'll find if you go back and read. The truth is, though, that my sister was emailing you that same day from her email address complete with a print screen of the PayPal transaction. If you wanted to refund the money that doesn't belong to you, you could have done it LONG ago.
Sarah May on 03/20/2007:
Update: Brandy has FINALLY, over two months after signing for the return, refunded my sister's PayPal account.
jza on 03/20/2007:
Another update: Brandy has also threatened Sarah with legal action for putting up this review of her. She does not seem to understand that posting an accurate account of our transaction with her is perfectly within our rights as consumers. She said her lawyer's name is Arlyn Brown, and the only Arlyn Brown I could find in Florida was this one:

Bankruptcy lawyer by day and DJ by night? I'm not sure why a banktruptcy lawyer would get involved in a libel case, but if she spins some Tupac then I won't complain.
Sarah May on 03/21/2007:
As you may have read previously, I posted a review on the company Living Dreams 101 and its owner, detailing my bad experience in buying from them. This company is an eBay store selling women's clothing and the majority of its sales are done through bidding in the traditional eBay fashion. As our purchases were made directly through the store and not done by bidding, we did not fall victim to the feedback game, which you may be familiar with if you are an eBayer.
Living Dreams 101 (which can be found at the url has a feedback rating of 98.5% positive, with 15 negative in the past year, 8104 positive. This may, to the casual observer, seem like a good rating. However, to those of us who have had some bad experience on eBay, the note that 131 feedback have been "mutually withdrawn" tells another story entirely.
As I mentioned, we were not able to take part in the feedback game with her, although she didn't realize this at first and attempted to manipulate me into leaving positive feedback, bribing me with an already promised discount. (Details about this can be found in my initial review at Not only was this impossible, but it's something that I wouldn't do even if it were. I am not a liar and I would never mislead other buyers into believing that I had a positive experience when in fact I certainly did not.
It doesn't end there, though. When Brandy found the review posted on this site, she called our home in the middle of the night (this from a person who does not offer a customer service phone number on her website -- presumably because she doesn't want to be bothered) then emailed repeatedly demanding that the review be removed. She also made demands that our BBB and FTC complaints be withdrawn. After some highly entertaining email conversations, she finally refunded the payment for an item that was returned to her (I have proof of delivery, by the way, for the exact date and time she signed for the package) over two months ago. She apparently assumed that we would remove the review and complaints if she finally returned the money which did not belong to her. We certainly made no statements to imply such.
She is now threatening to contact a "lawyer" to draft a cease and desist letter regarding our reviews. This is how a bully operates outside of their element. She can't post retaliatory feedback on our eBay account to bully us into withdrawing it, so she's making the decision to waste her time and money hiring to hire a lawyer to lose a case for her.
I want to communicate this to everyone on this site, as this is a community of people who clearly value our right to free speech. Please do not ever cower if you receive a cease and desist letter. Anyone can draft one, ANYONE. And most importantly, TRUTH is ALWAYS a complete defense against libel and defamation claims.
We have every right (and, in my opinion, OBLIGATION) as consumers to review the companies with which we do business, so that other potential customers can know who they're dealing with before they make a purchase. My account of my experience with Brandy Young of Living Dreams 101 is entirely accurate and truthful, and I have evidence in the form of emails from her to back up every single statement.
Should we actually receive a cease and desist letter, we will be posting it publicly for everyone to read.
Never cower to a bully who tries to mess with your right to speak. It's just like the motto of this site goes: LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD!
Thanks, everyone.
Sarah May on 03/21/2007:
That last comment was supposed to be a separate review, but it was moved by moderators. Hence the strange wording.
TxMomma on 07/24/2007:
I just want to say, that I recently purchased something from this woman, unfortunately before I read this. I am having a terrible time with her. I too purchased a dress for my wedding. I received it, and it was similar to what she described, yet not exact. I posted a negative feedback. She somehow got my number and called me and was upset that I posted negative feedback without consulting her first. I am sorry, but I DO NOT have to consult her with my opinion. She said that IF I removed the feedback, that she would refund my money. So, yes I withdrew the negative feedback, because I spent $80 on that dress. Anyway, she said as soon as I withdrew the feedback, she would send me my RAN#. It took 4 weeks! I emailed and called her. Her excuse was that she was out of town for a funeral. OK, so yes that could be true, however, she claims she had other people running the "store" while she was gone and she DID have access to email. So why did it take 4 weeks for me to receive ANY contact from her?!?! I finally called her and spoke with her on the phone and gave her the item # and she said she would email me the RAN#. Two days went by and I didn't receive and email. The only reason I did receive contact from her, was because I opened a dispute with her through Paypal. Then she threatened me again, that if I did want my refund, I had to close the dispute. If it was not closed by the end of that day, I got no refund. Well, then I realized that I did not have an address to send the dress back, because of course there is NO contact info on the store cite. So I called her. No answer (wow what a shocker). So I emailed her. She wrote back with the email and I quote her " Please keep contact though email NO PHONE" What in the world?!?!?
DaddyB1 on 07/26/2007:
can anyone track down Brandy's Phone Number? I too am having trouble.
Sarah May on 07/26/2007:
I'm sorry that I don't DaddyB1. It was quite a while ago when we had contact with her. She will respond if you file a BBB complaint, though. That I promise you.
Blue Sorceress on 07/31/2007:
I am yet another victim of Brandy Young and Livingdreams101. Back in 2004 I purchased 3 dressed from her eBay account, paid with PayPal, and to this day have STILL not received either a refund OR my dresses! I'm quite angry, and have a pile of receipts, paperwork ("proof") and have tried filing complaints with the IFCC, SquareTrade, Consumer Affairs and RipOff...Perhaps if enough people online read about this, or if Brandy herself does, then I'll get my merchandise or my $$ back. I'm just a hardworking single mom who wanted some pretty dresses, and now I'm out almost $100.00 and nothing to show for it but the PayPal receipts and the eBay confirmations. SquareTrade and Ebay won't even help anymore because it's been over 3 years and nothing has been resolved. I wish I could afford a lawyer! Any free ones out there willing to take my case???
Blue Sorceress on 08/06/2007:
I have received credit for the items I paid for via email. They were very quick to resolve this issue.
Blue Sorceress on 09/11/2007:
Well, I spoke too soon, Brandy is still giving me the runaround...On her request, I withdrew my complaint with the BBB, but I have documentation of EVERYTHING all the way back to winning the auctions, the Square Trade issue, the BBB reports and including the more recent emails where she keeps promising to send the items, but never does...she stalls and tries to tell me that a case this old won't be heard in small claims...BUT, the Store Credit that she offered me less than 2 months ago still isn't being acknowleged by her, but it does show that she admits she is at fault AND brings the "case" into the present.

If I don't receive my items by the end of next week, I'm re-submitting my claim to the BBB AND filing small claims. I hope she sends them, 'cause I'm just about at the end of my rope.
cyber_betty on 10/02/2007:
Hi, I just purchased two items from Livingdreams101. The first item is my handfasting gown. I received it quickly but it was ripped at the seams of the bust. She offered to replace the gown but in a different color. I sent her a message stating I would keep the dress and pay to have it repaired. I then left negative feedback with the following explanation "Dress arrived ripped. No replacement in purchased color. Paid seamstress to fix". Brandy then left a feedback reply of "All items R brand new & packaged at manucturer. Buyer didn't want to return"

She then emailed me the following message:
we just received a negative feedback on an item you decided to keep.
Negative feedback should only be given as a last resort.
We would have happily resolved this problem if you would have returned the item. I know we did not have anymore red but we would have let you return for refund since we couldn't supply another red.
We did not intentionally send you a ripped item
All the items we send are brand new and packaged at manufacturer.
Please take this into consideration with our request for withdraw of the comment.
This will also block our ability to place feedback for you, Typically once we receive a negative feedback we do not reply with a positive so we are trying to avoid that as well."

I replied with:
"My negative feedback rating was given in good conscience based on my experience with your store. In all honesty I've never had a bad eBay experience until I purchased from livingdreams101.

A ripped gown is deserving of negative feedback. You could not replace the gown in the size and color I purchased thus I kept the gown and paid to have it repaired. Had I known the gown was going to be ripped I would have purchased a different red gown from a different company. This was my experience with this one item. My feedback is justified.

I purchased a second item from your store and it's purchase also did not go smoothly. I am waiting for the outcome of returning my second item for full credit plus reimbursement of shipping costs before I leave feedback.

When a seller falls below my expectations I give negative feedback. This is my criteria. Hopefully, the return of the second item purchased will proceed without issue.

I am disappointed in my experience with your store but I have been reading other posts and off-eBay reviews of your company and found that I am not alone in my disappointment. You have lovely items but your salesmenship is lacking. I was not surprised to receive your email message after reviewing comments by frustrated buyers. In fact I was expecting it. Sadly, you have proven the point of others who refuse to purchase from your store. I was hoping they were wrong.

If you have information regarding my other purchase feel free to contact me. Otherwise, this is not a debate. Please respect my opinion."

She then performed a User Information Request through Ebay which was granted although she has my email and street address. She now has my phone number, thank you Ebay. But...I have since change phone numbers. :D

She immediately responded to my message:
When a full refund is offered that is resolving.
We would have let you return for a refund since we could not provide the correct color.
You made the choice to keep the item that was damaged. The item we had no knowledge that was damaged.
If we knew the dress had a hole in it we would have never sold it to you.
As soon as we get the other dress back we will fully refund even though we do have that item in stock.
As for bad comments or reviews they are miniscule in comparison to selling 30 thousand items on eBay. Mainly because we offer all buyers resolution, some choose not to take it.
eBay store"

So I said:
"Once again,
This issue is not up for debate. Please contact me via email when you receive the dress I am returning for a full refund plus reimbursement of shipping charges. Any other contact will be construed as harassment and will be reported to eBay."

But she still responded!!! Wow this is rich:
"This is the last email you will receive from me,
As soon as the item is received you will receive the refund. No future email contact will be necessary as long as you include item number with return and a note returning for refund.
As for the feedback, it does go both ways and we did make you a very fair offer which was refused.
I did not give or receive one negative till I had a thousand transactions. I see I'm your 2nd negative out of only 30.
My feedback is based on how easy a customer is to work with.
Should you decide you want to resolve in a different manner please feel free to email."

My response was as follows:
"I need your return address since it was not marked on the package.

Once again, I stand by my negative feedback and am not bullied by yours.

Have a peaceful day,"

Whew!!! And this is just the first item.

The second item I purchased was sent along with my Handfasting gown. Not only was it the wrong size, it was a completely different dress!!! I emailed her the information and she asked me to send the dress back to be replaced by the correct dress. This was Saturday. Well, I didn't get to the post office in time to get the dress sent out. I couldn't get time off work to go to the post office either. So I can't send the dress back until this coming Saturday, the day of the event I purchased the dress for. LOL So I simply emailed her back telling her I was returning the dress for a full refund plus reimbursement of shipping costs. At this point I am so frustrated I don't even want to mess with Livingdreams101 anymore.

I will let you know how it goes. Will I get my refund? Will I get sued for posting my experience? We will soon find out.

Sarah May on 10/03/2007:
Yes,that is Brandi in a nutshell. The good majority of her positive feedback is the result of bullying. Just take a look at her "mutually withdrawn" numbers! It's crazy! I've learned to just stay the heck away from her and her store because it's not worth the horrible headache in dealing with her downright unethical behavior. I'm sorry you've become yet another victim. Good luck with your handfasting ceremony! It'll be beautiful DESPITE her. I know my wedding was. :)
cyber_betty on 10/03/2007:
Other than Holy Clothing is there another store that sells the same merchandise that livingdreams101 carries? I'd am looking for dresses in the same style. (rayon, embroidery, a-line and princess cut) The quality is hit and miss with Livingdreams101. The dress I was sent by mistake seems to sewn well. But my handfasting gown, which is gorgeous, is horribly sewn. I'd love to find other sellers with like merchandise.
Sarah May on 10/03/2007:
You and me both! Believe me, I looked and looked and looked! I wouldn't have gone through what I did to get my bridesmaids dresses from her if I could have found anything even remotely similar. But when I do, I assure you, I'll scream it from the rooftops! :)
cyber_betty on 10/03/2007:
Have you shopped HolyClothing?
cyber_betty on 10/05/2007:
Updated: I just received a message from Square Trade stating Brandy contacted their company for mediation with the following purpose: "I received feedback for this transaction and would like it withdrawn"

I basically explained my reasons for leaving negative feedback in my reply. And mentioned she never apologized for the inconvenience or negligence. I also added quotes from some of her messages demonstration the tone of her communication. I'll keep you posted.
Sarah May on 10/05/2007:
Isn't it just amazing what lengths she'll go to to have honest feedback withdrawn when it seems (to me, anyway) that it would be SO much easier for her to just do honest business in the first place and earn positive feedback? That's not how she does it, though. She manipulates people to achieve a "good" reputation. I really think all of you should post your own reviews about Living Dreams 101. That way people can see what she does by the number of negative reviews.
Sarah May on 10/05/2007:
Oh, and no I haven't ever shopped Holy Clothing. I did check them out after you mentioned them, though.
Blue Sorceress on 10/08/2007:
Well, today I FINALLY received my dresses! It has been 3 years, 7 months and 2 weeks since the original items were won off eBay and paid for immediately through PayPal. Of course, the dresses received were not the original ones won (they probably don't make them any more), but if it wasn't for my persistence (an email a day sometimes) and filing reports here, with BBB and RipOff Reports, I doubt I would have EVER seen anything! Fortunately, I saved and printed a copy of EVERY STEP I TOOK to get my paid for items. If I hadn't received them by the end of this week, I was already preparing my small claims case. I will definitely NOT be ordering from livingdreams101 ever again. BTW...Holy Clothing has just as beautiful dresses, a great attitude and occasional discounts for customers. I loved them and recommend them to everyone!!
Deeskis on 10/21/2007:
Add me as another "victim" of living dreams. I purchased two dresses from this business, and in fact these were my very first purchases from eBay. The first dress arrived and was the wrong size and I returned it as instructed. I then received the replacement which was in the right size, but was the wrong dress. When I entered negative feedback @ eBay, I too was "bullied" into withdrawing the feedback. I returned that dress last Friday. The next day I received the second dress I purchased -- right color but it is a completely different dress. I then requested my money be refunded for both dresses. I then left negative feedback regarding that purchase on eBay and received a short e-mail asking if I really expected a refund after leaving negative feedback to which I replied "absolutely". I then received an e-mail claiming that I have been "very difficult" and that she had left negative feedback about ME. Yes I quess expecting orders to be completed properly makes one difficult, eh? I WILL be filing disputes with eBay, PayPal, and if need be, the ftc and BBB. I DID learn a valuable lesson though - check out your seller BEFORE making a purchase. If I had only known, I would have never purchased from this seller.
cyber_betty on 10/22/2007:
I'm back! I've been crazy busy with the wedding. It was perfect!!! As of this past Saturday I am Mrs. Kibler. :D

I received a message from Brandy the day before my wedding. I have not had time to return the gown because of my schedule. The wrong gown/wrong size issue was placed on the back burner because of my wedding. Here is the newest message. (Her tone is simply infuriating)

LIVINGDREAMS: "We have not received the return back yet.
Have you sent it back yet?
Tracking ?
we are closing tomorrow as we informed you and you were very insistent that you were returning item promptly.
Let me know
Thank You
eBay store"

MY RESPONSE: "As I am getting married tomorrow I have not had time to return the dress but will return it next weekend when I have time.

Thank you,

LIVING DREAMS: "As explained we will be closed and all returns were to be in promptly.
We can not accept this return due to our store closure which you were informed about.
No one will be in the office.
eBay store"

MY RESPONSE:"When did you inform me your store was closing? This is the first I have heard of it. I have saved every email message you have sent me and have not received any message stating you were closing or any instructions to return merchandise before a specified date."

LIVINGDREAMS:"I let you know the item had to be returned promptly.
You have had the item for weeks. We also have a 72 hour posted return policy.
I never replied to the first negative you left me so I am suggesting we leave it at that.

eBay store"

MY RESPONSE:"You have a 72 hour posted return policy that states I contact you in 72 hours which I did. You have NEVER sent me a time I need to return the incorrect dress and have been fairly corresponding with you on this issue. I have explained my difficulty in getting to the post office and explained I was returning the dress this weekend.

Brandy, I purchase online because of my schedule I need the convenience of items being delivered to my door. Returning an item to the post office is not an easy task for me. Your errors are an inconvenience to Me not the other way around. You make this transaction sound as if I am a fault for receiving the wrong item in the wrong size.

Would you like me to wait until your return in November to return the gown for A) credit to our card or B) the Correct gown in the Correct Size? I would like to work with you on this issue to avoid leaving negative feedback yet again.

Thank you,
As buyers, we are justified in giving negative feedback when a transaction goes bad. Sellers giving negative feedback in retaliation is cheap and says much in regards to their business philosophy.

I've included a copy/paste of the return policy. The problem I have with this policy is that buyers are responsible for the shipping fees in the event of an return. How Cheap is that?!?! I have to pay for Brandy's error in sending me the wrong dress in the wrong size. I will keep you posted...

+++ We allow exchanges if you received the wrong item (must be able to provide photo of incorrect item). We must receive an email about this within 72 hours of receipt. We will then need to verify and give customer a RAN (return authorization number). If customer returns item without RAN number on outside of bag item will be refused.

+++ Buyer may exchange item for a store credit. Buyer pays all shipping fees on exchanges.
cyber_betty on 10/22/2007:
Brandy will not accept my return. She states I've had the item for more than a month which is a blatant LIE. I did not receive the dress until Sept. 28th. It is October 22nd. I've had the dress longer than I wished but it has NOT BEEN MORE THAN A MONTH. She is embellishing the facts.

LIVINGDREAMS: "You have had the item for a MONTH. And we did request the item returned promptly. 30 days is not prompt.
You did not work with us at all in withdrawing the first negative you placed yet you expect us to work with you on an item you have held onto for a month.
If you want us to work with you we will be more than happy to if the first comment is withdrawn. Otherwise we will consider these transactions complete (being its been a month)and place feedback as well. "

MY RESPONSE:"I have not had the item for a month. That is a lie.
This transaction is completely from the first transaction.

You do what you wish. I will be filing a complaint as well as posting this information on my3cents worth with others who have had negative experiences purchasing from your store.

If you would like to work with me to resolve this issue, feel free to respond. I can wait until you return in November to return the item. "
Notice again how she uses the threat of Retaliatory Negative Feedback. This type of behavior is shameful.

At my wedding several friends asked where I purchased my Red wedding gown. I explained I purchased the dress from Livingdreams101 but described in detail th rip, the problems with the transaction on this particular gown and gave them this website. I told them to purchase at your own risk and be prepared for problems. I also told them about Holy Clothing where they can purchase similar gowns without the negativity and hassle they may receive from LivingDreams.

Keep me and everyone posted if you find another online store with similar items for sale. I would love to find an alternative to Purchasing from LivingDreams.

cyber_betty on 10/22/2007:
And the legal threats begin...

LIVINGDREAMS:"I have just seen for the first time you have ALREADY posted on 20 days ago which I will be handing over to my attorney if not taken down within 7 days. I will also be informing my eBay account manager of this as I have emails showing I tried to resolve and your lack thereof.
You are one of 2 buyers out of 30 thousand transactions to post on my 3 cents which speaks volumes.
I will be letting other sellers know you post on instead of working with them.
I offered many solutions to this
You have a 3x black dress in your possession which is what you clearly ordered.
As for the red dress YOU CHOOSE to have it altered instead of returning to us for a refund.
We work with all of our buyers YOU were the one who refused to work with us."

MY RESPONSE:"I have a 2x black dress which I did not order. It is an altogether different dress.
As for posting to my3cents it is my right as a consumer to posts the facts of this transaction.

It is you who refuses to honor the return of the wrong dress you sent me UNLESS I remove negative feedback from a separate transaction."

Are there any rules on eBay about feedback manipulation? I believe this would surely fall under this category. I'll contact eBay and keep you posted.

Feel free to comment if you have a similar experience or ideas.

Anonymous on 10/22/2007:
When I was a kid on the farm we had a jacka$$ named Brandi.
cyber_betty on 10/22/2007:
LOL Funny.

I found another Ebay store that offers dress in similar styles:

I have not ordered from this seller and do not have any feedback on their business practices.
Sarah May on 10/22/2007:
It looks like they don't carry regular sizes... Bummer.
Sarah May on 10/22/2007:
Hahaha, I just saw your Brandi quote up there about My3cents reviews. I assure you you've got the right to speak freely. She tried to get me to take this review down too. The best way to react to her stupid threats is to do exactly the opposite of what she's demanding. Not only is it effective, but it's also REALLY FUN.
cyber_betty on 10/22/2007:
I was open to you returning the dress prompt and have email proof of this
Here it is a month later you have posted on my3cents and giving me excuses why YOU couldn't make it to the post."

"But I did respond explaining I was having difficulty making to the post. I also explained in my reply to your question regarding the whereabouts of the return that due to my wedding, which has taken all of spare time, I have not been able to reach the post during business hours. Because I need a tracking number to send you I must to visit the post during business hours. Due to my schedule this is only possible on Saturdays. I have had other appointments on Saturdays. This Saturday, October 28th, is the first chance I'll have to return the dress. Since I received the dress on September 28th. It has not been a month as of today. It will be a month on Saturday.

I just need a response to my question: Do you want me to return the dress Saturday or wait until you return in November? I can accept credit to my card or the correct dress and size in return plus reimbursement of shipping fees. Do you not want me to return the dress at all.

Thank you,
cyber_betty on 10/22/2007:
So, I have a black dress size 2x with Sleeves for sale if anyone is interested. ;) I guess I'm stuck with this one. Another LivingDreams Exclusive. :D

cyber_betty on 10/22/2007:
I AM going to report the message she sent stating she is willing to work with me IF I remove negative feedback from the first transaction where I received a ripped dress.

This is clearly feedback manipulation. Any thoughts?
jktshff1 on 10/22/2007:
sara, cyber....sick em!
cyber_betty on 10/22/2007:
I reported Livingdreams101 to Ebay for Feedback Manipulation. I do not expect anything to come of it but at least I gave my 3cents.
Suspicious Accounts: livingdreams101

Associated item numbers:

Message: Livingdreams101 sent me the wrong item in the wrong
size(120155983800). Seller states she will ONLY "work with me" I remove negative
feedback left on a separate transaction (120162031151). Seller also
threatens to leave negative feedback as retaliation if I leave negative
feedback on current transaction. Sellers reasons for not accepting
exchange for wrong item sent changes from stating I've had dress for 1
month which is incorrect. I have had dress since Sept. 28th and informed
seller I could return dress Saturday Oct. 28th. Seller has also
threatened legal action for posting my experience and email conversation
online. As a buyer I have the right to post facts of any transaction.

Can provide email messages if needed. Below is an email message from
seller stating she will "work with me" if I remove negative feedback
from separate transaction. wrote:

You have had the item for a MONTH. And we did request the item
returned promptly. 30 days is not prompt.
You did not work with us at all in withdrawing the first negative
you placed yet you expect us to work with you on an item you have held
onto for a month.
If you want us to work with you we will be more than happy to if
the first comment is withdrawn. Otherwise we will consider these
transactions complete (being its been a month)and place feedback as well.
Sarah May on 10/22/2007:
We reported her to EBay too. Nothing ever came of it to my knowledge presumably because she's a "power seller", but as far as I'm concerned, the best philosophy when dealing with her is to simply report her to everyone you can think of.
Anonymous on 10/22/2007:
It's all about the money with eBay, not what's right and wrong. If a seller is making eBay money that is who eBay will back up.
cyber_betty on 10/22/2007:
I do not see how Ebay lets her get away with manipulating feedback. She did say in one of her messages: "If you want us to work with you we will be more than happy to if the first comment is withdrawn. Otherwise we will consider these transactions complete (being its been a month)and place feedback as well" WOW! She will only accept the return if I remove negative feedback from a completely separate transaction. Manipulation!

I don't understand how her mind works. It's as if she makes up her own facts out of thin air. For example she states "You have a 3x black dress in your possession which is what you clearly ordered". LOL No! I do not have the dress I ordered in my possession otherwise I would not be fighting to return it. Wow. What a trip.

Summary: If you order from Livingdreams101 and your transaction goes smoothly then you will probably be happy with your order. The dresses are lovely. If you have to return your item for any reason chances are you may have problems with Livingdreams101. Buyer Beware, cross your fingers and hope your order is correct.
cyber_betty on 10/22/2007:
Livingdreams has agreed to accept my return when the seller gets back from vacation on November 20th. This is good news. However, she also insists I remove all of my comments or she will contact her attorney. Once again, our email conversation is as follows:

"Incorrect. I was open to you returning the dress prompt and have email proof of this Here it is a month later you have posted on my3cents and giving me excuses why YOU couldn't make it to the post.

"Correct, I have given you reasons why I cannot make it to the post which is why I purchase most items online. This is the first time I've ever had to return an item. I'm very disappointed in your store and service. Since I have not had the item for a month yet, as you incorrectly claim, what would you like me to due to resolve this issue?

a) Return the dress Saturday for either credit to my card or exchange for correct dress and size ordered. There is no rush on the return of the correct dress. I can wait until you return from vacation.

b)Return the dress when you get back from vacation for either credit to my card or exchange for the correct dress and size ordered.

c) Keep the dress as you will not exchange the dress unless I remove negative feedback from first transaction as stated in a previous email message."

You did not return the dress prompt and yes you have had the item for a month it was 20 days ago when you posted negative stating you already had the item altered. And we have emails of your reasons why you did not return the item prompt, YOU could not get to the post office in a prompt fashion.
As for the my3cents post I will take action if left posted. I am amazed that anyone would post comments online to try to ruin a persons lively hood especially when I offered you a resolution for the first dress. THERE WAS NO RESOLUTION WITH YOU. ZERO. You just wanted to complain TO ME, TO EBAY & MY 3CENTS & for what??? Nothing because you refused any type of resolution.
I have all email communication as well where I clearly offered to refund for the item which had nothing to do with feedback and you flat out refused as you choose to have altered.
You slanderous posts are not appreciated and your multiple threats and harassment in email when you did not work with us .01% are not in any way appreciated. I truly hope you do not treat all you pass this way in your life like this. As you get what you give out to people. Karma !
Luckily the majority of my customers are kind & understanding.
return the dress for a 3x when I return in November , contact me after Nov 20th & take the my3cents post down or you will hear from my attorney."

The last sentence was in Bold and large font.

"Thank you, I was the answer to the question I've been waiting for. I will return the dress for the correct size and item when you return on November 20th as specified. I will send the dress with tracking information and email you the tracking number.

Thank you,
Have a good vacation"

It appears this saga will continue into November unless she replies sooner. I will, of course, keep you posted.
Deeskis on 11/02/2007:
Well she did it again, I had foolishly ordered a second dress from her a few days after I "won" the first one. Surprise, surprise -- the right color but absolutely the wrong style. How can someone like this be allowed to remain in business?
Sarah May on 11/03/2007:
Everyone, I highly recommend posting individual reviews about your experiences. The feedback system on eBay doesn't work because she and other "power sellers" are allowed to manipulate it and post retaliatory feedback to bully people into faking satisfaction. If consumers are going to get a fair warning about her business, they'll need multiple reviews to illustrate what she's done to so many people.
livingdreams101 on 01/07/2008:
To the 3 complainers posting over and over
Sarh May
WOW, the slanderous comments you continue to make about my company are not being taken lightly in the least.
I completely resolved with Sarah Mays FRIEND.
SARH MAY we did not owe you a thin dime.
It was your friend who had an issue and you made this impossible to resolve because you were emailing us.
We in the end resolved after emailing SIX times for the correct info since Sarah May was emailing me & had absolutely nothing to do with the transaction.
The emails were extremely rude & did not have any item number so I could even identify her. THE REASON THERE WAS A DELAY IN THE RESOLUTION. Sarah May who was emailing me had won a separate item from me. ONLY 1 and that showed as being resolved thus being the reason for the miscommunication.
As for Cyber betty
We have resolved with her and it would have been even sooner if she didn't hold on to the item for over a month not returning the item and then upset when we told her"Hey you have had this item for an extremely long time and the return was supposed to be prompt. She made many excuses of why she could not get to the post office etc but is quick to continue posting in this forum.
Complaining is one thing but there is 2 sides to every story. I do not appreciate my FULL name posted in these posts and will find out my rights on this and take action if possible.
Buyers if there is any problem with your order try using the easilly accessible contact you seller by phone link or email us. We are extremely easy to work with as long as you give us the needed info.

Thank You
jktshff1 on 01/07/2008:
living: I don't know and don't really care about your "company". if you took care of your customer's before it got so far you wouldn't have the problems you are having.
As far as "slander" as long as the truth is reported, there is no slander.
Looks as if you drug your feet on working with your customers.
And you can bet your sweet bippy I would trust the regular posters here.
Great Posts Sarah and the rest!
Anonymous on 01/07/2008:
Right on Jkt, carry on.
livingdreams101 on 01/08/2008:
You can not please everyone even if you do flips for them.
We have 30 THOUSAND happy customers at livingdreams101
and that speaks volumes.
Principissa on 01/08/2008:
How is it slander if they are posting the truth? It sounds to me like you don't take care of your customers and send them shoddy merchandise. I'd be angry too If my handfasting dress arrived ripped. I have the backs of the posters who clearly submitted proof of your bad business ethics and practices. You on the other hand have not submitted anything to deny their stories, only threats of baseless lawsuits. My sister is getting married next August, guess where I will tell her to stay away from. Thank you to the posters for sharing your experiences with us, and hopefully preventing someone else from going through the nightmare you have gone through. Stay strong, in the end you will prevail.
Sarah May on 01/08/2008:
Brandi, seriously. I am a reasonable customer and always have been. You are by far the absolute worst "company" I have ever done business with. Not only do you not care in the slightest about your customers, you are also clueless, rude, and frankly just a bully with half a brain at best.
This post and all comments=true.
Get a clue: Do good business and you'll have happy customers.
jktshff1 on 01/08/2008:
living, so far it appears that you have not pleased anyone that may be your customers here with your threats and rantings.
Anonymous on 01/08/2008:
jktshff1 on 01/08/2008:
this is a record. never see liddy make such a short comment!!
Anonymous on 01/08/2008:
He just passed gas was all.
Anonymous on 01/08/2008:
BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRT! But it felt good.
Sarah May on 01/08/2008:
Hahaha, how the heck are you guys, anyway? I haven't been on My3Cents in quite some time.
Oh and please, no flatulence on my reviews!
Anonymous on 01/08/2008:
I couldn't help it, excuse me...

How are you doing Sarah and why haven't you been here, we missed you.
Good review and come backs (VH)
jktshff1 on 01/08/2008:
good to see ya Sarah!!!
I'm great
Sarah May on 01/08/2008:
After the wedding I sort of slowed down on all my Internet what-nots. It went great, btw, despite the *cough* bridesmaid dress fiasco! I've been meaning to write a couple more reviews about other companies we worked with, I should be getting around to that soon!
jktshff1 on 01/08/2008:
well since the wedding ya been "busy" that's understandable!!!
Nohandle on 01/08/2008:
Livingdreams101, I've got a feeling you should have let this one slide. It appears you have opened up a can of worms that I think you would have been better advised burying back behind the woodshed. I believe you've bitten off a bit more than you can chew with this bunch. We don't cater too much to threats. You have a swell day, sweetheart.
greeneyedlass on 06/03/2008:
Livingdreams is possibly the worst seller I have ever come across on eBay. She makes claims such as "I shipped and reshipped" items...yet only provides the first initial tracking number (when she shipped out the wrong item initially). In my transaction she NEVER provided another tracking number where she supposedly "reshipped" my item, yet continually put me off by saying "if it doesn't arrive by....". I don't believe she EVER re-shipped another item...if she had, she would have given me a tracking number at the very least.

My mistake with her was being too patient waiting for my item to arrive. I waited so long in fact that eBay removed the option of leaving feedback for her. THEN, when I did the only thing I could to ensure I received a refund (which was file a dispute through I would have some way to follow-up)...she got offended and then had the unmitigated GALL to tell me "We are willing to refund but now worried you would leave a bad feedback
We are willing to fully refund tonight if a positive feedback is placed first". I DON'T THINK SO SWEETHEART!!! NO ONE, I MEAN NO ONE BLACKMAILS ME! That is exactly what she tried to do, blackmail me with positive feedback so in order to receive my money back. eBay refers to this as EXTORTION.

After dealing with her, and waiting so long...I didn't want my item any longer, but her telling me I would have to leave positive feedback first sealed the deal. I wouldn't have left positive feedback for her regardless after how long it had taken.

She tries to tell people that she knows eBay's policies...what she's really saying is she knows how to abuse eBay's policies.

She pulls crap like she does...and then gets bent out of shape when negative feedback is left for her....too bad Brandy, that's what eBay's feedback is for, TO LET OTHERS KNOW ABOUT YOUR EXPERIENCE WITH THE BUYER/SELLER. If you don't want negative feedback then don't provide a negative experience...plain and simple. I very, VERY rarely leave negative feedback...but that's all you would have received from me!

I would advise any buyers to stay away from this seller. Really look at her feedback rating, it may appear really high at first, but READ it. See that she's had at least 20 negative ratings in a month, 43 in SIX months, and on...READ them. You will see that the experiences are all very similar.
greeneyedlass on 06/03/2008: say "We have 30 THOUSAND happy customers at livingdreams101"...but I have to wonder how many UNHAPPY customers you have because so many unhappy people just never speak up and voice their true opinion, when they certainly have a problem with it.
greeneyedlass on 06/03/2008:
She seems to think that people should only leave her positive feedback. She doesn't seem to fathom that sending out an item that is RIPPED is providing substandard/damaged goods...whether she was aware it was ripped or not. Not providing you with a replacement that was to your NOT good customer service. You were absolutely within your rights to leave her negative feedback.

The thing is with this woman...even though she offered you a refund she wouldn't have provided it until you raised hell as I did. Even whe I raised hell she tried to blackmail me for positive feedback.

I'm glad there are others on here who don't allow her to bully them.
allyouneedislove on 12/01/2008:
I just wanted to post to say that last summer I ordered three dresses from this seller and received them promptly with no problems. They were all the correct dresses, sizes, colours & styles. They were for a wedding and they were beautiful, they still are beautiful actually and I still wear them. My experience with the seller was flawless. I would order again.

Also, with that many transactions odds are there will be some bad ones. Honestly I'm not at all worried about the mutually withdrawn b/c out of that many thousands it works out to about 2-3 for every hundred customers. I can handle a 2-3% chance of having a bad transaction. I know how frustrating it is to be planning an event especially a wedding/handfasting and have things go wrong. While the seller could probably have handled things better we all could some of the time, part of being human. I think offering another color or style is reasonable. This isn't a department store it's eBay the sellers don't usually have warehouses full of every size colour and style imaginable. mistakes happen and if a seller is willing to correct them they should be given the chance to. And finally I have little sympathy for the buyer who didn't return the dress for a month. 4 days shy of a month is close enough to call it a month and it is not prompt. As she pointed out you were posting here within days as though you anticipated a problem instead of allowing her to correct the issue. That comment in particular smacked of drama-seeking to me.
jza on 02/13/2009:
I would like to thank Brandy for keeping the comments on this review alive by creating a new account under a different name for the purposes of leaving the fake "positive" review above. Genius!
Clare Regina on 10/20/2009:
Apparently she is still up to her old tricks. I bought a Halloween costume on Ebay from Living Dreams 101 in the last week of July. I do not use PayPal on Ebay and I wanted to pay over the phone. After numerous phone calls with no one picking up, I finally got an answer and was told that I had the wrong number. I emailed the seller, Brandy Young. She finally told me to email her my credit card number so that she could charge the dress. I agreed.

Shipping was very fast, but when I received my dress, it was beige and not white. The auction picture had looked white to me, and there was no mention of color on the auction. I wanted to do an exchange, and had to pay to ship it back and pay for return shipping. She told me to slip in a five dollar bill or money order to pay for shipping. I did.

When she received my return, she billed me for return shipping on my PayPal account. I wrote her back, furious, telling her that I had already included shipping with the return. She assured me that it was a mistake and I would receive my exchange.

After a few weeks had passed, I emailed her, wondering about the status of my exchange. She never wrote back. I emailed her several times over the course of a few weeks, with no reply. Disgusted, I left bad feedback on her Ebay account. Surprise, surprise, she replied to my feedback within seconds.

I sent her an email calling her out and telling her that if I did not receive an email confirming that the exchange had been shipped, with a tracking number, I would file a dispute with my credit card. To this day I have not received my exchange, and my credit card has reimbursed me. I was already disenchanted with eBay after a few other burns; now I know this will be my last purchase.

She may have high feedback scores and a lot of satisfied customers, but she also has an alarming amount of bad and neutral feedback and unhappy customers. If you are considering a purchase from Living Dreams 101, don't take the risk of becoming ripped off.
Krishoff on 10/24/2009:
I had issues with Brandy as well. I find it hilarious reading these different comments since most of the negatives are the same issues I've had with Brandy and Living Dreams. I ordered a dress off of her eBay site back in 2005. The dress was intended to be my wedding dress. The listing was for a medium but the measurements were for an extra large. I sent a message explaining that I wanted that same dress in the medium and she agreed that that is what I would receive. I received the XL instead and sent a message to her about this mistake. She asked me to return the dress and she would see what she could do and was very rude stating basically that it was my fault. I gave negative feedback because of her attitude and she called me and bullied me into retracting. She stated that if I didn't do so that she would NOT replace the dress for the correct one and that she would do nothing for me. I did as she asked and retracted and I returned the dress. I did make the mistake of not getting a tracking number when returning the dress and of course she claimed she never received the item back knowing I had no proof that I sent it. I went through Paypal to get this resolved but due to me not having a tracking number I was out of luck, she stole 60 dollars from me and got away with it. Not only was I out the money that was intended for my wedding dress but I had to find something that I liked just as much. Brandy loves to use the term "have a peaceful day" but she knows nothing of peace and harmony, just how to cheat and lie. Thank you for putting this review up.I hope she feels so good about the way shes treated people and gets it back ten fold.
Sarah May on 10/25/2009:
I would strongly urge all of you to post your own reviews about your experiences. As it is, so many people are getting ripped off and THEN finding this review. If there are as many reviews out there as there are people she's scammed, odds are much better than potential buyers will find the reviews BEFORE making a purchase.
friendoflandas on 04/19/2010:
Hi Sarah May! I found this site too late to stop my (attempted) transaction with Brandy Young. I'm still in the early stages of waiting out ebays and paypals time restrictions. But I wondered if you had a chance to read the story on crime and public safety published March 5, 2010 in the St Petersburg Times. If you go to and enter 1000 Jackson St N, you should find it(false report of carjacking). I especially liked all the comments to the story. Hope you'll enjoy it.
I'll be joining you here and at RipoffReport soon.
PepperElf on 04/19/2010:
you may want to try filing your own complaint here

also if you read the first reply it advises you to contact the FTC.

though reading the 3-year old drama was kind of funny
especially when the company tried threatening "slander" for the review being up at all.

always funny when they do that
can't threaten 'slander' (or 'libel' since its over written words) when someone speaks the truth.

friendoflandas on 04/19/2010:
Hi, PepperElf!
Don't you worry, I'll be filing with the FTC,BBB and IC3 but have to wait for Brandy's delaying tactics of "wait 6 more weeks for delivery" to expire first.
I'll be back here soon with my full story.
Sarah May on 04/21/2010:
I really can't urge everyone enough: There's a reason you didn't find this review until it was too late. Because it's only one review! Please create your own. The more reviews, the more awareness.
fitterchick on 05/26/2011:
I'm STILL waiting for my a few reviews about Brandy of blissclothing aka Living Dreams 101 and they all seem to be negative. I've made my own review and am going after Brandy through my bank....and THEY can legally charge her on my behalf
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