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Replacement Slippers
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Lat Christmas, we bought my son a pair of bedroom slippers from LL Bean. Apparently, wearing slippers all the time is the new fashion with high-school kids. Well, it didn't take him more than a couple months to wear them out. My wife contacted LL Bean and they told her that because the slippers were a seasonal item, they would either refund the purchase price or she could wait until the winter line came out again. We chose to wait.

Last Tuesday, they sent me a return authorization and a UPS pre-paid sticker. I sent them off and the replacement slippers arrived on Friday.

Absolutely no hassle what-so-ever. I am in the market for some new boots, and I already found the pair I want on their website.

If you haven't checked them out, it might be worth a look.
Gift Wrapping
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I ordered a pair of gloves online from L.L. Bean and paid an extra $5.00 for gift wrapping. When I received the package today I was a little irked to find that all they did was place the gloves in a L.L. Bean box and wrap a bow around it. I don't think that was worth $5.00.
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