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Replacement Slippers
Posted by on
Lat Christmas, we bought my son a pair of bedroom slippers from LL Bean. Apparently, wearing slippers all the time is the new fashion with high-school kids. Well, it didn't take him more than a couple months to wear them out. My wife contacted LL Bean and they told her that because the slippers were a seasonal item, they would either refund the purchase price or she could wait until the winter line came out again. We chose to wait.

Last Tuesday, they sent me a return authorization and a UPS pre-paid sticker. I sent them off and the replacement slippers arrived on Friday.

Absolutely no hassle what-so-ever. I am in the market for some new boots, and I already found the pair I want on their website.

If you haven't checked them out, it might be worth a look.
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Anonymous on 10/18/2010:
Very impressive of them, as slippers are not meant to be every day footwear and you would expect them to wear out quickly being worn as such. Not many companies would have replaced them, nice to know.
Anonymous on 10/18/2010:
I agree, LL Bean is great...order from them all the time.
MDSasquatch on 10/18/2010:
As funny as it seems, my son also has a pair of Nike Air Shox 2.0 shoes that have sprung an air leak after just 6 weeks. I am still waiting for a call back from Nike because the seller I got them from "is no longer responsible" because it has been more than 30 days. $150 shoes lasting for 45 days?

I only wish I could have bought them from LL Bean
trmn8r on 10/18/2010:
My family has been shopping at Bean for many decades. Their customer service and product support is still better than most retailers.

Unfortunately, their slippers do not hold up for more than a season or two of *normal* wear. I can't imagine them lasting longer than a few months with all-day use. I wonder what will happen if you try this again 2-3 months from now?

I'm happy to hear Bean is still wow-ing the customer!
MDSasquatch on 10/18/2010:
If he wears out this pair, he is out of luck. I don't believe in taking advantage of a companies generosity.

As for the Nikes, I just got off the phone with them and the process is time consuming, slightly confusing and in the long run, going to cost me more money to get a replacement for a DEFECTIVE pair of shoes.

I have to pay to send them back; if they determine that the shoes are defective, the will issue a voucher, I can then go online and repurchase the shoe, of course I have to pay for shipping and taxes again. In the end, I will have to pay another $20 to replace defective shoes.

Inat on 10/18/2010:
what a silly fad... but aren't they all? In my day, the "grunge" look was in; I guess today it is the "feckless swine" look...
Nohandle on 10/18/2010:
It's been quite a number of years since I've purchased from LL Bean but I was pleased. I was looking for clothing as a gift for a family member living in a very cold climate and unable to find anything suitable locally. Their products were fully guaranteed and it was a nice experience dealing with them. I have no reason to think there has been any change with the company.

I am curious MD. Are you stating in your area wearing slippers have replaced regular shoes in your area for the high school students? I see nothing wrong with it but haven't seen any slippers intended for heavy duty outdoor use.

Three cheers for LL Bean.
MDSasquatch on 10/18/2010:
Apparently, all the kids wear slippers to school and around town. I was informed by both my kids that I am old and out of touch.
Anonymous on 10/18/2010:
MDS..here, at least my daughter's age (10), the craze is Silly Bandz..it's so bad they've banned them from the classrooms already. I'd rather have to put up with slippers. ;)
jktshff1 on 10/18/2010:
at that point,my touch would have been across their rearends.
Skye on 10/18/2010:
They are also wearing their pajamas in my town, along with their slippers. Must be so easy for them to get ready in the morning. I saw a grown woman shopping in the mall the other day, in her pajama's.
DebtorBasher on 10/18/2010:
Thanks for the review. You don't hear this type of policy enforced by companies very much.

I used to see my neighbor get in her car with her pajamas on to drive her grandkids to school. To me personally, that's a disgrace. What ever happened to having a LITTLE pride in yourself? I remember going for a job interview at a hotel. There was a long line of people in front of me. One woman was actually wearing her fuzzy bedroom slippers..TO A JOB INTERVIEW! And she looked at ME (Being the only one of my race in a line of about 50 people)and said, "I hope they ain't going to be bias"...I'll tell you what, I would NOT hire anyone who shows up at an interview dressed like she was, if that's how she dresses for an interview, I'd hate to see how she dresses for work.
clutzycook on 10/18/2010:
DB, I've been known to go to the store or MCD's in my PJ pants. If you're not getting out of the car, who cares?

But that's just crazy about fuzzy slippers at a job interview, :).
Nohandle on 10/18/2010:
Clutzy, I had an acquaintance who hopped in her car one morning to drop her girls off at school. She was wearing nothing but her pajamas. She was involved in an accident and the police officer removed his jacket, gave it to her and delivered her home since her car couldn't be driven. When she walked in the back door wearing nothing but her pajamas and a police jacket her husband hit the roof. I don't think he ever found humor with that one.
MRM on 10/18/2010:
HA that's hilarious, Nohandle!
DebtorBasher on 10/18/2010:
Clutzy, I guess it's a personal choice, but anything can happen between home and wherever you're going. An accident...or if your car breaks down and you have to wait for a tow or anything...I know the neighbor I mentioned used to do it when the weather was cold and rainy...sometimes snowing...I just thought, if she ever broke down somewhere and had to wait for a tow or end up having to take a bus or walk? Too many 'what if's' for me. Heck, the 'What if someone sees me' is enough to keep me dressed...LOL!
DebtorBasher on 10/18/2010:
My Much Older Brother brought my nieces over to visit on a Sunday. He always brought them over and my Mom always cooked for them on Sundays. One Sunday he brought them and they were both in their pajamas. They only lived two streets away, but when my Mom seen them walking in the house with their pajamas on, she hit the roof. She didn't get upset with them, but she got upset at my Brother for allowing them to wear their pjs out in public. She said it was a disgrace that he would allow them to even visit anyone and ON as Sunday, with their pjs. Well...they've been dressed ever since when they come over. Like Barney Fife always said, 'Ya got to NIP it in the buuuud'.
Alain on 10/19/2010:
Nice review, MDSasquatch! I've been ordering from L.L. Bean for over 30 years now and I still really love their service and products!
Venice09 on 10/19/2010:
I've dropped my kids off many times in my pajamas or robe. My biggest fear was having an accident, so it was an incentive to be extra careful. I never let them go anywhere in their pajamas except when they were babies/toddlers and would be going right to bed when we got home.

Now that I think of it, I don't recall ever seeing a complaint about LL Bean. They must be doing something right. I hope the new slippers last longer.

Nice review!
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Gift Wrapping
Posted by on
I ordered a pair of gloves online from L.L. Bean and paid an extra $5.00 for gift wrapping. When I received the package today I was a little irked to find that all they did was place the gloves in a L.L. Bean box and wrap a bow around it. I don't think that was worth $5.00.
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Sparticus on 12/20/2006:
I bet the employee who came up with that genius idea was rewarded with a handsome bonus. What a scam. I bet it would come in a LL Bean box anyway.
Anonymous on 12/20/2006:
The gift box is supposed include "matching tissue paper, ribbon, an embossed seal and a gift card with your personal message".
bill on 12/20/2006:
There is tissue paper inside and a gift card. No embossed seal. In my opinion, I don't think it is a $5.00 value.
Anonymous on 12/20/2006:
They're charging you for a "handling" fee.
Nohandle on 12/20/2006:
Bill, I don't think it's a $5.00 value either. You've already purchased the product and probably paid shipping, although I don't know L.L.Bean's shipping charge policy. For a box the size to hold a pair of gloves, some festive wrapping paper and nice bow sounds more in line for that price.
spiderman2 on 12/20/2006:
The website does say Gift Boxing, not gift wrapping and it shows a picture of an LL Bean box with white or red ribbon. You choose the ribbon color.
"We offer gift boxing services for most items on our site, in your choice of attractive colored ribbons. We’ll put together your gift box with matching tissue paper, ribbon, an embossed seal and a gift card with your personal message." You want to see some awesome gift wrapping -- order something from QVC and have it wrapped. It will be beautiful and well worth the extra fee.

Slimjim on 12/20/2006:
I'm betting it's the same printed box they use year round. $5 to put a ribbon around it. Thanks for the tip as if I buy there, I know now to skip that option.
Anonymous on 12/20/2006:
Thanks for the information I can save some money and thanks to Spiderman2 for the on site info.
Anonymous on 12/20/2006:
Yes, that's using the ol' LL Bean.
Anonymous on 12/20/2006:
I don't want to order the gift wrapping from QVC, they may expect the same when I send it back for being junk !
bill on 12/22/2006:
You are right Spiderman2. I guess I didn't pay attention when I was ordering. That's my fault.
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