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New Car Sale
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MCKINNEY, TEXAS -- My experience with this dealership was not a pleasant one. When I arrived at the dealership, I was greeted by a salesman who had a moderate case of body odor. He said that he did not work at that dealership, but was there for a sale that they had going on at the time. He brought a "Guest Registration Form" for me to fill out, and when I told him that I did not want to be on their mailing list, he insisted that I fill it out and that it would not be used for that purpose. The form asked for name, address, driver's license number, social security number, how much down payment you wanted to put down, and how much you wanted to pay per month.

This was clearly to run a credit application through on your behalf, which would determine how they would treat you before the salesman spent any time with you. I told the salesman that I knew what they were doing, but I went ahead and *mistakenly* filled out the form because I had planned on purchasing a vehicle right then and there and I knew which type of vehicle I wanted and how much I wanted to spend. I didn't mind the credit piece because I have an annual income of over $100K (OK - barely over $100K), a credit score that pings in the high 700, and very little debt.

The salesman then took my form away and came back a few minutes later after he had run it through. He then asked what kind of vehicle I was interested in. When I told him that I wanted a stripped down $15K GMC Canyon, he told me he didn't know what a Canyon was. When I explained it to him, he didn't know how to spell "Canyon". After I spelled it for him, he went to talk to the sales manager about something or other, a feat he would do another 13 times in the next 35 minutes. He came back and told me that they did not have any of them on the lot. I told him that I saw them on the lot when I drove up, and he corrected himself and we went to look at them.

They had one that I was semi-interested in with the only drawback being it was a color I did not like. We went back inside, where he asked me how I could be serious about paying $300 per month for a truck that expensive. I told him that any moron with a spreadsheet could amortize $15K out over 60 months at 5-6% interest and come up with that same number. He then took me to the used lot and showed me a Canyon that was crew cab, 4x4, etc. for $480 per month. I told him that it was way more truck than I wanted.

I told him the only one I was interested in was the $15K model, and he went back to his sales manager and returned to me saying that they would sell it to me for $28K. When I inquired how on earth he thought I was going to pay $28K for a vehicle whose sticker read $15K, he just stated that we were "too far apart" in terms of payment. I told him that I didn't know what kind of customer he thought was going to pay over the sticker price for any one of their vehicles and that I would take my business elsewhere.

To this day I don't know what the problem was or why they did not want to sell to me. I have worked very hard to have the income that I do and the pristine credit that I have, just like everyone else in the same situation has done. This is the first dealership I have seen that can afford to turn away legitimate business. Lo and behold, I am now on their mailing list and receive junk mail from them all the time now. GM makes good quality vehicles - just buy one somewhere else.

These people will lie to you and cost you $1,000's
By -

MCKINNEY, TEXAS -- I recently had a deal on a 2003 Chevrolet 1500 Silverado. This was supposedly a GM Certified Vehicle that goes through over 100 check point before you purchase it. I took the vehicle back 4 days after I got it because the rear transmission seal was leaking.

That same day the salesman called me and told me that finance had some paperwork that I had forgotten to sign. I went in and the Finance Director - Debbie told me that they couldn't get the interest rate they had told me they could get and proceeded to jack up the payment about $100.00 a month. I told her I couldn't afford that payment so she kept working the deal and took the "gold" extended warranty out and put in a used car warranty with 3 years, 36K miles. I had told them I drive a lot of miles and that I really needed the extended warranty. This new quote increased the payment by about $60.00 a month.

She then tells me that the financing company wouldn't approve the deal without this extended warranty that was costing me almost $1800.00. I found out after I told them I wouldn't agree to those terms that she lied to me. You don't have to buy an extended warranty if you don't want to. Had I agreed to this, it would potentially have cost me $1,000's of dollars in the extended warranty plus interest and an increase in my payment. Plus in about one year's time I would have no extended warranty and a higher payment.

The used car manager tried to talk me into signing the deal as we agreed without the extended warranty. All this on a so called GM Certified truck that already has problems at 29,000 miles. I'm glad I walked away from that deal, so if you're in the market for a vehicle, stay clear of Lone Star GMC McKinney TX!!!!

Be wary of warranty coverage.....
By -

MCKINNEY, TEXAS -- My father took a Buick Park Avenue to this dealership for repair. The issue was that the light sensor that causes the headlights to automatically come on was out. The dealership changed the part and it was working correctly when it was delivered back to him, and the bill for this was $600.00

Two weeks later, the part went out again. He returned to the dealership and they said that it would cost him another $600 to get it fixed. When he inquired why it would cost him to have it fixed when they just changed it 3 days earlier, the shop manager told him that the dealership had just been purchased and was under new ownership, so the $600 he paid initially to have it fixed was under the prior owner and the current owner should not be required to honor the previous owner's work.

My father told him that he did not care who owned the dealership and that the technician who fixed it before was still working there not 6 feet from where they were standing. They then fixed the part free of charge, but told him that the labor and part would not be warrantied from that point on. Even though they fixed the part (he did pay for it, after all) my father has not returned to this dealership for anything.

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