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Patrick Grace Is a Horrible Realtor
Posted on
Rating: 1/51
BETHESDA, MARYLAND -- I worked with Patrick Grace to sell a home in Bethesda, MD. After he could not sell it for a few months, he asked me to lower the price below its appraised value. A short time later, I realized WHY he could not sell the house. A neighbor told me that at the open house, he told a potential buyer that it was priced too high! Nice advocate for me, huh? Then he went behind my back and complained to my ex husband (who was not supposed to be involved in the sale at all) about me! Low integrity individual.
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Long And Foster--Agent Out Of Control
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WEST CHESTER,, PENNSYLVANIA -- We were glad to finally sell our home but the agent, was horrible in many respects like including things in the sale that were specifically excluded, telling us lies or half-truths and even suggesting we do something that was at worst illegal or at best unethical. Throughout this process we were often ignored and at one point the agent said "I am not listening to you" and " I am the boss". We were disrespected, yelled at and treated in a less than professional manner. Although I sent certified letters to the office manager in West Chester as well as to the CEO in Fairfax VA, to relay our experience, I never received the courtesy of a response. So buyer beware!! They are better choices among real estate agencies than Long and Foster!! Run the other way!!
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User Replies:
BokiBean on 08/06/2009:
I fired an agent when we bought our home. You can do that. I don't know why you put up with all that.
Principissa on 08/06/2009:
We fired two agents when we bought our home. One because she was a total idiot who only wanted to show us things that were either out of our price range or showing us houses we had absolutely no interest in and were nothing like what we requested (we wanted 2 stories and she was showing us ranches). The other we fired because she wasn't ethical in the slightest. When we were bidding she was telling us to do things that we were absolutely uncomfortable with and we wound up reporting her to the state board.
MSCANTBEWRONG on 08/06/2009:
I fired one agent during my home search. He wanted me to buy in a specific neighborhood and would only show us 2 or 3 houses each time we went out. Since I had to travel 5 hours and had only Saturday to house hunt, that wasn't really worth my time. He bad mouthed other agencies and made a couple of racial comments. After that, I just said take me back to the hotel. Then you're fired!! The second agent, from a different agency was the absolute best. She worked with us for over 2 years until we found the perfect house. She was a real dear and was very patient with us.
Nohandle on 08/06/2009:
Does anyone know first hand if a broker receives a spif, over and above, if he pushes a certain property? I've heard of individuals only being shown certain properties when there were many available but through multiple listings and not through his agency exclusively. Dog eat dog I guess. MS, I had to drive five hours one way many times trying to settle an estate so I appreciate where you're coming from.
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Terrible Service
Posted by on
LANCASTER, PENNSYLVANIA -- I purchased a home from Long and Foster and used them to sell my home, a terrible mistake.

The home I purchased was inspected by the realtor's team member who overlooked many problems with the home but could not overlook the bad septic system. We had settlement and was told we could not take possession until the home was cleaned. They never cleaned the home and when we asked when we could take possession we were told they had possession until the end of the month BUT we never collected any rent, when asked about the rent, we had possession the next day and still never received any rent. The home was never cleaned, it looked more like a foreclosure than a home that was lived in. We had an agreement for it to be swept clean, it was not cleaned in four months and the cat manure in the basement was horrible. It cost over $150.00 in cleaning products and when asked to be reimbursed for it it was refused.

Realtor was representing both buyer and seller also a very BIG mistake since realtor favored the seller in every aspect. Only sided with buyer when complaints were voiced.

This was not our first home, this was our fourth home and we never had experienced this treatment and favoritism before. Definitely a non professional buy and sell.

Will Never Use Long And Foster again and will Never recommend them.
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User Replies:
11-11 on 07/07/2008:
DId the realtor own the house? The contract is between the buyer and the seller, not the agent or agency and the buyer or seller. Your gripe is with the owner of the house and the home inspector. Realtors can't be held responsible for the condition of the house. They can only be fair to all parties in the transaction. To hold an entire company responsible for a bad house is unfair. Unless the agent actually owned the house, you don't have a case. Realtors jobs is to put buyers and sellers together, negoiate price, and recommend services that the buyer can choose to use or not.
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