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Lost Prescription
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NOVATO, CALIFORNIA -- I recently returned from Mexico and fell quite ill. I went to the emergency room and spent two days there. Upon my release I was given two prescriptions (one for vomiting and one for pain).

My husband dropped off the prescription for me at the pharmacy because I was unable to. Several hours later he returned to pick up the prescription. He thought it was odd that the girl made him sign for two prescriptions when he only received one but since he never takes medicine (including Tylenol) he thought that was just how it was done. The next day I asked him for the pain medication as I was in a lot of pain. He said he never got it.

So I went down to the pharmacy to see if it had been left behind on mistake. They said he signed for it and they gave it to him. I know my husband and know that he did not take the prescription. I asked that they look around for it. They said they had and it wasn't there and I should go speak to my husband. I called him on the spot and he swore that he never got it. So I then asked them to request a refill to my regular doctor who prescribes my pain medicine.
In the meantime I asked the store manager to review the surveillance tapes and check to see if two prescriptions were put in the bag. He said it wasn't easy to clearly see and that he "thinks" two were put in the bag.

At this point I have to believe that the prescription was dropped between the store, the car, and our front door. I was a little irritated that I spend 4 plus dollars on a prescription that I never received but if that was the worst thing to happen to me that day I would be OK.

I had let the whole incident go until I called the pharmacy to see if my regular prescription I had requested for refill was ready and they told it me it was declined. I learned that the pharmacy tech had not put the request for refill but rather notified my doctor the doctor that "I had sought drugs in the ER and was trying to obtain more drugs than I should." Needless to say the doctor declined my refill request and asked that I come in to see him.

After meeting with the doctor and explaining to him what occurred he seemed to understand as long as I agreed to take a urine test. He offered to refill my same prescription but I have been so traumatized by the accusation that I was drug seeking that I told him I would prefer not to take that medicine and wanted to try something else. He had no problem with that.

How could a pharmacy I have worked with for 20 years and spend over $1000 a month on prescriptions slander my name like this? How could the technician have such a negative and bitter attitude to assume that a patient is trying to deceive her. I have spoken to other members in the pharmacy that thought her actions will unjust and they apologized. I personally think she needs some additional training or time off so she can better do her job and fill prescriptions for those who are ill and hurt and not look at everyone who has an ailment as a criminal or drug seeker. I have always been willing to pay more because of the service and friendly staff but now I am thinking that I can't do business with someone who doesn't trust me.

The worst thing is that I am afraid to change my pharmacy as I am sure they will report me for trying get drugs at other stores. I am a prisoner to the pharmacy and I hate it.
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goduke on 06/10/2009:
You really need to let either the regional pharmacy Supervisor know about this or call the CVS customer relations team so that this can be investigated. Their number is 800-shop-CVS. I'm pretty certain that's not the experience that the CVS team wants their customers to have.
Soaring Consumer on 06/10/2009:
You should not need to fear switching to another pharmacy, if this one's staff makes those outrageous claims again then you could have a strong defamation case against the staff members responsible.
DisputeTheCharges on 06/10/2009:
There is nothing outrageous about it the pharmacy tech is only doing his/her job. If you were in the pharmacy tech's shoes wouldn't you find it a little odd someone picks up prescriptions and signs for both of them and then comes back wanting more saying they never got them? "A strong defamation case against the staff members responsible" I'd like to see you win that one in court. They are hard to win and will potentially backfire on you. It's even harder to find an attorney that will even take on a defamation case. I'd really like to know Soaring Consumer’s motive on always suggesting to take someone to court.
BokiBean on 06/10/2009:
They're just looking out for you.
Pissed at Pharmacy on 06/10/2009:
Hi Everyone,
Thanks for your comments and thoughts. It turns out that the girl who sent the comments to my doctor went to high school with me. She has always been really short and not very friendly to me but I just blew it off and assumed that was her personality. But I now realize that may be she doesn't like me because she wasn't treated very nicely in high school. Although I don't think I ever did anything personally to her but I think she may have done this in retaliation.
In response to the the comments that the pharmacy tech could have been looking out for me ... I appreciate it. I did contact my other doctors and let them know what had occurred. They were more concerned about someone else in the community or an employee stealing the prescription than thinking I had taken the prescription and was trying to get more.
Thanks again for your comments everyone! I don't have the time or energy to fight this any further. I will let karma take it from here.
Pissed at Pharmacy on 06/10/2009:
PS ... Dispute the Charges...

The doctors I spoke to today said that one lost prescription is not an idicator of a drug stealer. They said if I had reported a lost prescription, then my car got stolen, and finally my brother took them ....THAT would be a indicator of a problem.

BokiBean on 06/11/2009:
Pissed, I'm so glad you decided to let this just wash over you and not affect your inner peace (and I mean that completely seriously).

With an attitude like that, karma will be your good friend. Best wishes. :)
*Brenda* on 06/11/2009:
Did you have swine flu? Just curious since you were in Mexico!

Hope you feel better.
Pissed at Pharmacy on 06/11/2009:
BokiBean - thanks for
Pissed at Pharmacy on 06/11/2009:
sorry - my one year old got the keyboard

BokiBean - thanks for your comment.

Brenda - no we didn't get swine flu. Everyone told us not to go because we had my grandmother with us and my infant daughter. We learned down there that not a single case had occurred in Cabo. Although I didn't get swine flu I did get e coli poisoning. It was the worst thing I have ever gotten...fever, vomitting, digestive problems, and the most extremem stomach pain (the pain reminded me of contractions in terms of their strength.)
Alright got to go...the little one wants to type!
Thanks everyone!
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Posted by on
I've been working at a Longs Pharmacy (Soon to be CVS) for over 4 years now. I could write a book about how many times a customer has complained about something that is out of our control. Insurance is my number one annoyance. Do customers not understand that no pharmacy MUST bill your insurance? We do it as a courtesy. We are NOT required to manage your insurance. It is not our job to find out what your coverage is or what you insurance information is or why your prescription costs so much/isn't covered. We do this is a service. Sometimes we don't have time so we ask you to do it. This is not because we're being lazy, etc. It's actually your responsibility to begin with. When did your lack of planning become my responsibility? I know I sound like a jerk and I'm sorry for being bitter.

Just know that if you handle a situation nicely, your clerk/tech/pharmacist will most likely do whatever they can to help you. And if you don't treat them well, they won't go out of their way then or in the future.
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Anonymous on 01/26/2009:
You make a good point. It's always precious when a patient comes in with an insurance card stating a $250 deductible and a $15 copay, insist they have no deductible or copay, and expect the office insurance clerk to 1) take their word or 2) call their insurance company and 'straighten this out'.
Anonymous on 01/26/2009:
I wouldn't do business with a pharmacy that didn't make it their business to understand my insurance and to process my claims. That's what I require as a consumer. Those companies that meet that requirement get my money. Simple.
Pissed at Pharmacy on 06/10/2009:
Get over yourself. You are in a service industry so act like it! No customers = no pharmacy = no job for you.
13YEARSINRETAIL on 07/24/2009:
Crabman, pharmacies will and do BILL your insurance but when did insurance companies start sending your policy paperwork including formulary, monthly premium info, deductible and copays to the pharmacy. They mail that information to YOU to read and UNDERSTAND. The pharmacy bills insurance online and the insurance company then electronically tells the pharmacy if the medication is covered or not and what your copay is to be.
jktshff1 on 07/24/2009:
Got to give the op a very helpful.
Good points.
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