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Motel From Hell!!!
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LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY -- They are equivalent to a harem of Gypsies Tramps, and Thieves. Why am I so harsh?! Because they do not honor their word. Before I checked into this motel I asked the LOUISVILLE MANOR Representative if the room could be cleaned at nights since I work the graveyard shift and the rep assured me that was NOT a problem. I signed up for a weekly rate and then low and behold, at noon on May 15 2008 here comes the maid to clean. An argument ensued in which an incompetent desk clerk or manager, or whatever title he hid behind, proceeded to threaten to kick me out of the room if I didn't comply.

Reluctantly I went to my truck to vent online and write reviews online to warn others about this roadside nightmare I am living as we "speak". See folks, the customer isn’t always right....not at this motel anyway.
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bargod on 05/15/2008:
How would they clean the room at night though? Theres probably like a lone desk clerk on. Their going to call in a maid at night to clean one room? Not sure what the resolution to this would be but, you have to look at it from their side as well.
Anonymous on 05/15/2008:
Why didn't you just put out the DND sign? And ask them to do your room first thing in the morning while you're still awake?
Anonymous on 05/15/2008:
A possible solution would be to offer to change your own towels, linens, etc. A room, unless inhabited by a herd of cattle does not need daily cleaning. Sometimes, motels will offer a bit of a discount for long-term guests who don't ask for daily room cleaning.
Anonymous on 05/15/2008:
All of the above comments are great.
Americ, we have regular here that knows about this place. I believe he used to work there at one time before getting into the drive through (by?) fried chicken business. Maybe you could drop him (The New Sheriff) a line. It couldn't hurt.
keyjockey on 05/17/2008:
You're renting property from the hotel so its their decision not yours. Its kind of like crashing at the mother in laws. Sure its annoying as hell and there's the vomit inducing possibility of seeing the old bag naked but it's better than sleeping in a dumpster nawing on sewer rats. Right?
Chopper on 09/24/2012:
Louisville manor has bed bugs, that's.just a motel for crackhead junkys and sluts to lay at, I worked there for a year found crack pipes in rooms...etc its disgusting
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