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Dishwasher / Install
By -

AMHERST, NEW YORK -- On July 5th 2007 (Thursday), I ordered a dishwasher and delivery online from I liked the dishwasher and the price, and there is a picture of a guy installing a dishwasher that states they will install and haul away as long as it is the same connections and it fits in the space. It stated on my receipt that I would receive a call from the West Amherst NY store within 24 hours to set up a delivery time.

On July 7th (Saturday), after not hearing from the store, I called them and spoke to a manager named **, who apologized and said the dishwasher could be delivered on Sunday, July 8th between 8 am and noon. After taking the day off of work and not seeing them, I called at 12:45 pm and spoke to a manager **. He said that it was out of stock, but it may be on the truck and no one filled out the paperwork, but he also said that it appeared on the computer that it was delivered Friday.

He said that when ** got back from lunch in fifteen minutes he would call back. I did not hear from the store. I called the Lowe's 800 number on my receipt, and they said the store manager, **, would call me within 24 hours, and that ** found my dishwasher and that it would be installed Monday morning (but ** did not remember speaking with me the day before).

Monday, July 9th came and a kid pulls the dishwasher off the truck, drops it in my kitchen and says "here ya go!" I asked him if he was putting it in and hauling away my old one like it said online (for the extra charge), and he said no... he just delivers it! I called the 800 number again and they said that this was not right and stated they would mark this urgent and have upper management call me within 24 hours as the store missed the first day's call, and Sunday's delivery and later call, and the call from the store manager **.

Tuesday, July 10th came and went, once again… no phone call from "upper management" (they have now missed 4). So I called the 800 number who patched me through to the store where I spoke to ** again. He said it would be an additional $124 to install it, and that he could have it done in four days. He also said it was my fault as I would have had to have gone to the store to sign for an installation! This was the first that I had heard this in six days of phone calls!

I'll go somewhere else that returns phone calls, does the job, doesn't treat the customer like they're in the wrong, and wants to stay in business in the area! There was never any attempt to make the situation better or even an apology. It was just wait with the dishwasher you purchased six days ago (in the middle of your kitchen floor), get out here to the store to sign a contract for another $124, and wait four more days! I told him, better yet, have the delivery kid come back out here and take the machine and credit my card.

Garbage Service
By -

In June of 2010, my wife and I bought a washer and dryer from Lowe's. In January of 2011, the washing machine started leaking water from the bottom onto the floor. I went to Lowe's to see about getting the leak fixed and was given the 1 800 number to the service provider. I called Lowe's 1 800 number and got someone to come and "fix" the washer.

Upon arrival, I told the repairman when the washer was leaking, and that it was towards the end of the cycle. Ultimately, the repair man did not stick around long enough to see if what I was saying was true or not. I was told by this repair man that he had needed to get out to my house to clear the ticket. He also told me that if it started leaking to call him and he would come right back.

Sure enough about 15 minutes after he left it started leaking just as I said it would. I called him back and he told me that he was already at another job and he would call another one of his guys. No luck. After he had called me back he told me that if I had anymore problems with the washer to call back "tomorrow" and he would see if he could get back out there and fix it. Well guess what it started leaking just like always and I called him that next day. I was told this time that I needed to call the 1 800 # back and make another ticket.

I made another call and waited for someone to call me. After about a month, I called and talked to a supervisor thinking that this might get me somewhere. However, I told the supervisor that this time the repairman was on my time that I had already taken time away from work for someone to come and fix my washer and they did not bother sticking around to see where the leak was coming from.

The supervisor said no problem that they would work around my schedule. Wrong. I was called at about 12 noon and was asked to be at my house within 30 minutes. I told them I couldn't because I was at work. So I called the 800# again to explain what had happened. I was told that they were sorry and please bear with them and try again.

Well, here we are in March and on March 2nd we tried a third time. I told the supervisor that I am going on vacation for a week that this should give them ample time to get someone on my schedule so they can be there when I am at home. On March 22nd, a repairman calls and says that his truck is broke down and cannot be at the house until April 2nd. I called the 800# back again this time fed up and requested a replacement. This time the supervisor seem to keep in touch with me as to what was going on with the replacement.

Finally, she calls back and tells me that Whirlpool will not replace the washer until someone has had the chance to fix it. Now I am back to square one. Someone called today April 4, 2011 and asked me to be at my house in 30 minutes so they could fix the washer. I had no warning on this one. I had no idea that someone would be calling today to fix the washer. So whatever you do, do not buy anything from Lowe's and expect it to get repaired. It won't happen.

Doesn't Honor Warranty, Blames Faulty Appliances on Customer's Neglect!
By -

HAWTHORNE, CALIFORNIA -- Purchased the range in December 2005, suspected that they had delivered the floor model rather than the "Brand new one" purchased - included "Free Delivery and Installation", but the delivery guys didn't know how to install it so the "free installation" cost me $175.00. Did I forget to mention that the delivery/installation guys left an exposed uncapped gas valve when realizing they didn't know how to install it?

That night after I used the cooktop for the first time there was something rattling inside the stove under the burner area. Went back to the store the next day to return the "wrong gas supply line" they sold me with the range and told the manager. He said "look in the owner's manual to see if normal after first use," or sometimes mice get into their warehouse and place a mousetrap in the drawer, and to call him if I caught something or the noise persisted. The noise went away and there was never any mouse after 3 months of leaving a trap in the drawer, and I've used the oven and burners constantly!

On Mother's Day, May 9th, 2010, I used the broiler for the first time and the stove began burning inside filling my house up with smoke - the freaking stove was on fire... Called Lowe's, referred me to Frigidaire. I spoke to someone in India or someplace who was no help. I called Lowe's back telling them "I just wanted the stove replaced and wasn't looking to contact the USPSC or an Attorney,” and the Appliance Manager told me "Lowe's would replace it." She contacted the Extended Warranty Department (I didn't have the extended warranty) and they put in on coverage to have it replaced, then sent a repair tech to deem it unsafe.

The repair guy came out and "THERE HAD BEEN A RODENT INSIDE THE UNIT AT SOMETIME" (The rattling noise). Lowe's left me hanging for 3 weeks, so I called them last week and they are not calling it customer neglect and refusing to replace the stove! Needless to say, there was a written letter sent to President Niblock regarding the stove and delivery issues when they had occurred.

Spoke to the District Manager on Friday and he states "the appliance manager now has a different version of what she said". Yet, how stupid can he be when all he has to do is verify that I never had the extended warranty on the stove and she set that up for the purpose of replacement! Stay turned, "THEY WILL BE REPLACING THIS STOVE". I told the District Manager "If they weren't going to replace the stove, I would deal with it another way." And he wanted to know what that was, I said "We can meet each other in court." He said "he hopes I would remain a customer". Are you kidding me?

The district manager told me "they would sell me a new stove at a price reduction". "NO MR. District Manager, you will be replacing my stove", and you can answer to the USPSC as to why you did not file a report when the fire was reported to you since Federal Law states you have to do so within 48 hours! The Hawthorne California store has always been the worst, the employees lie and have attitudes like you are there for them! At the time I bought this stove, there was no management at all. It was a circus and unfortunately, that was when I bought the stove.

I will be speaking to Frigidaire's CEO this week, and they can learn how Lowe's treats customers who buy their appliances, not to mention that Lowe's has rats in the Hawthorne store and that was probably what came with my stove when I bought it, and munched on the broiler wires. I'd never used it before Mother's Day.

The second I turned it on, it started burning inside and black smoke was pouring out of it. I was so scared it was going to burn my house down, that I disconnected the gas line and moved the stove outside of my house onto the concrete patio when it continued burning and smoldering. I would never buy an appliance or anything else from Lowe's! I've spent more than $40,000 in that store since 2005 and just about every item delivered by them was damaged! I'm done with Lowe's, it's back to Home Depot for me!

I Will Head to Home Depot Next Time!
By -

CARY, NORTH CAROLINA -- Okay, here's the situation: Our water heater gave out and needed to be replaced, so I searched online for a company that would provide one that would be affordable, quickly installed, and powerful enough to keep up with a five person household. As it turned out, our water heater from Lowe's is none of the above.

The customer service at the store (when they're trying to get your money) wasn't bad, but the salesperson was either not knowledgeable or misleading. She quoted us a price on a water heater that, including installation and such, was quite a bit higher than a private plumber. Then she promised that we would have a Lowe's contracted plumber come out that very afternoon and install, at the latest, three days after that. We were thrilled since this was in the middle of winter and none of us could take a shower without the hot water so we paid then and there.

Later that same night, the salesperson rang to inform us that our estimate was actually a mistake and we needed to authorize another $200 to cover the full cost. Okay, we groaned, but figured that we were already committed and paid. Unbeknown to us, Lowe's only had two plumbing companies under contract, and the first told us that it would be a full three weeks before they could even send anyone out to look at our heater.

The second one rang three days later (the time when the saleslady promised that we would have our heater already installed) and said they would be out the next day. Fine. They arrived, only to inform us that they were booked until ten days from then. UGHH!!! We had to take freezing showers in the middle of winter for almost two weeks before they finally arrived. Our heater was installed (about time) and everything was great, right? Nope, the heater was sub par (it could barely heat enough water for one 5 min. shower and the water never became hotter than lukewarm) even though it supposedly was quite a bit larger than our first.

Lastly, we were never informed by the salesperson that we would have to ring the city inspection team to look at the installation. It was only after receiving a rather nasty note from the store manager that this came to light. One would assume that given the overpriced, under working piece of equipment they sold and how long it took to reach us that they might try to step it up and do something to make this experience a bit better. No such luck. My mother's water heater broke in NYC on a Saturday afternoon and she had a new one installed on Monday morning at about $300 less than we paid.

This is why I'm complaining. There is no reason why any company should overcharge its customers and mistreated them in such a manner. I am disgusted by Lowe's and will never even buy a nail from them in the future.

Sears Has Better Warranty Service In Las Vegas
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Rating: 1/51

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA -- I tried to get my 3 year old Lowe's Maytag washer repaired under the extended warranty purchased through Lowe's and Lowe's sent Volt. After three weeks and two no-show appointments I contacted Lowe's and was told Volt had notified Lowe's that Volt had completed the repairs... No way!!! First I suggest not buying appliances from Lowe's (They subcontract repairs unlike Sears) and second I would not recommend calling Volt for any repairs in the Las Vegas area.

Appliance Purchase
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Rating: 1/51

APEX, NORTH CAROLINA -- Be wary of purchasing appliances. I bought a new washer and dryer on 3/25/2014. Then this week 5/4/2014 I noticed water underneath the washer. I called the store and was told that 30 days had passed and I needed to deal with the manufacturer. They almost laughed and said I should have bought the extended service agreement. I shouldn't have to worry about customer service or issues with a new washer. Tread lightly with any appliance purchase. The best part was delivery, those guys were legit.

Great Experience With Pricing Issue
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Rating: 4/51

JACKSON, MICHIGAN -- My wife and I had a washer and dryer in our shopping cart online. We were researching several units so several days went by before we went back to our shopping cart at When we went to actually make the purchase the price had gone up significantly. A quick phone call prompted a message to the local store and with a print out of our original shopping cart they matched the lower price no questions asked. Overall it was a great experience and great price.

StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty StarBy -
Rating: 1/51

ESTERO, FLORIDA -- Service from Lowe's was great! Frigidaire Freezer horrible. Runs most of the time, electric bill went up over $14, very noisy. Would not recommend to anyone. Will be contacting dealer for service. My review is for appliance only.

Whirlpool Cabrio Is a Horrible Excuse of a Washing Machine - Thankfully Lowe's Took It Back
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Rating: 5/51

FERNANDINA BEACH, FLORIDA -- Thank goodness I purchased this machine at Lowe's. They honored my complaint, refunded my money and scheduled a pickup immediately for this horrible excuse of a washing machine. The product looked good on the showroom floor, it all sounded good as the salesperson went over the options and explained how it worked. That was as good as it got for this product. The washing machine never cleaned anything! However, it did manage to twist, mutilate, and tear up several blouses,1 pair of pants and 1 sweatshirt.

The first load was full of t-shirts, socks and underwear. These items came out OK, but as I was transferring the clothes from washer to dryer, I noticed they didn't smell fresh. I thought I made a mistake in adding the detergent, so I rewashed the load.The second load was towels, they seemed OK, but they weren't too dirty to start with; however, after I dried them I saw the soap residue that was left behind on several of the towels. So I rewashed this load as well. The third load was my last load. The clothes came out with soap stains, streaks from uneven wetness in the clothes and of course, the damages I mentioned above.

I can't get rid of this machine fast enough! Apart from not cleaning the clothes, the machine sounds as if parts about about to fly off of it at any minute. The rattle of metallic pieces is not the same sound as the sound of a washing machine in action.

I am luckier than some of the people who bought this waste of a product, because at least Lowe's was the company I had to deal with and they were wonderful regarding the return the product and refunding of my money. I am told Whirlpool has bought out Maytag, this is the only reason I tried this machine. Whirlpool, you are no Maytag! I am off to check out other manufacturers as they certainly can't be any worst!

Rebate Denied, Then Miraculously Approved 4 Weeks Later!
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Rating: 2/51

FORT MILL, SOUTH CAROLINA -- I will start by saying I love Lowe's and normally do not ever shop anywhere else for my home repair needs. This experience, however, has left a sour taste in my mouth. We purchased a washer/dryer set on 8/18 under the promotion that if you spend X amount of dollars, you'll get a rebate of X amount. I submitted the rebate info online on 8/20. It says it takes 4-6 weeks to get the rebate, so we've been patient.

Today, 9/13, I get a note from Lowe's saying I didn't purchase qualifying items? I called the number, they told me I had to have receipt info (well, sorry, I didn't keep it) so I had to call the local store and get them to look up info, but, they told me I could look it up myself online… grr. If the original number I had called would've told me I could do that, I would have… So I do look it up myself, call back the first number, this new lady has a deep accent... I give her the item # for the washing machine and she tells me "Okay, I have the dishwasher pulled up" - I was like, “No, WASHING MACHINE.” She said, "Oh, I'm sorry..." She proceeds to pull it up correctly.

Then I give her the item # for the dryer, "Okay, I have the washing machine pulled up." "No, you mean dryer?" "Oh, well it is wrong in our system but it doesn't matter." All I know is, I better get my rebate! Then she says "it's a $50 rebate." I said, “No, it should be way more than that. The washer/dryer were close to $1300!” She said "Oh, I'm sorry, my accounting mistake. It is actually $120."

Now we have to wait another 4-6 weeks for our $120 rebate that should have been here already. Normally, I wouldn't mind waiting, but we have been holding off painting the nursery for the first child I'm carrying because we are broke now after the washer/dryer purchase... and now we're going to have to wait 4-6 more weeks to get started.

I'm less than thrilled with Lowe's lackluster performance in this scenario. It makes me wonder if perhaps others aren't experiencing the same thing, and Lowe's needed to "push off" the rebates for a while and faked the letter, or perhaps their system had a glitch that showed them all as invalid. Whatever the case, I hate to say, in the future I will think twice before purchasing anything that falls under a rebate with Lowe's.

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