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Worst Customer Service and Delivery Ever!!!
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Rating: 1/51

BETHLEHEM, PENNSYLVANIA -- On 8/23/14, I ordered Counter tops, a dishwasher and other items to be delivered. I got a call about 1 hour later scheduling a delivery of 8/27/14 and would be called with a time. On 8/27/14, I had not got a time for delivery so I called Lowe's and they told me my delivery date was changed to 9/8/14, WITHOUT contacting me to see if I was available, and they didn't seem to care. I wrote customer service at Lowe's and 4 days later, I got a reply saying someone from the store would contact me, she did and offered me 10% off for my trouble, which I NEVER received.

On 9/8, the day my order was switched to without my knowledge, I had still not received a time of delivery. I do work and need to know when this was coming to schedule my work day. So I called them at 6:15 am to see when it was going to be delivered. I was informed, rather rudely, that no one is called until between 8-9 am day of delivery to a time. I gave them my cell and asked them to call me on that because I had to go to work. 9:15 - still no call, so I called again.

I was told they still didn't know when but it will be an AM appointment and I would get a call soon. I asked the contact number they had and it was my HOME, I gave them my cell again and asked them to contact me on that. 10:40 am I finally get a call and they said they will be there between 11-1. Nice, 20 minutes to run home, got there before 11. 12:45 they get there and deliver everything but the DISHWASHER and cord!!! This is why they moved my order in the first place without telling me. I asked the driver where it was and he said, “Sorry, it isn't on my order.”

He called the store and they said it isn't in yet and they don't know when it will be delivered. I called in to customer service AGAIN and I forget who returned my call but she was very apologetic and said someone would contact me as soon as the dishwasher was in and it would be delivered at MY convenience. This morning, 9/9 at 8:35 I get a phone call saying my dishwasher will be delivered between 9-11.

Wow! 25 minutes to rush home this time, and he seemed annoyed I had to check my schedule to see if I can make it, I could. And at 10:53 they get there with the dishwasher but NOT THE POWER CORD. I told him to cancel the cord, and I went right to Home Depot where I will be doing ALL my home improvement from now on and got it.

Whirlpool Cabrio Is a Horrible Excuse of a Washing Machine - Thankfully Lowe's Took It Back
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Rating: 5/51

FERNANDINA BEACH, FLORIDA -- Thank goodness I purchased this machine at Lowe's. They honored my complaint, refunded my money and scheduled a pickup immediately for this horrible excuse of a washing machine. The product looked good on the showroom floor, it all sounded good as the salesperson went over the options and explained how it worked. That was as good as it got for this product. The washing machine never cleaned anything! However, it did manage to twist, mutilate, and tear up several blouses,1 pair of pants and 1 sweatshirt.

The first load was full of t-shirts, socks and underwear. These items came out OK, but as I was transferring the clothes from washer to dryer, I noticed they didn't smell fresh. I thought I made a mistake in adding the detergent, so I rewashed the load.The second load was towels, they seemed OK, but they weren't too dirty to start with; however, after I dried them I saw the soap residue that was left behind on several of the towels. So I rewashed this load as well. The third load was my last load. The clothes came out with soap stains, streaks from uneven wetness in the clothes and of course, the damages I mentioned above.

I can't get rid of this machine fast enough! Apart from not cleaning the clothes, the machine sounds as if parts about about to fly off of it at any minute. The rattle of metallic pieces is not the same sound as the sound of a washing machine in action.

I am luckier than some of the people who bought this waste of a product, because at least Lowe's was the company I had to deal with and they were wonderful regarding the return the product and refunding of my money. I am told Whirlpool has bought out Maytag, this is the only reason I tried this machine. Whirlpool, you are no Maytag! I am off to check out other manufacturers as they certainly can't be any worst!

Rebate Denied, Then Miraculously Approved 4 Weeks Later!
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Rating: 2/51

FORT MILL, SOUTH CAROLINA -- I will start by saying I love Lowe's and normally do not ever shop anywhere else for my home repair needs. This experience, however, has left a sour taste in my mouth. We purchased a washer/dryer set on 8/18 under the promotion that if you spend X amount of dollars, you'll get a rebate of X amount. I submitted the rebate info online on 8/20. It says it takes 4-6 weeks to get the rebate, so we've been patient.

Today, 9/13, I get a note from Lowe's saying I didn't purchase qualifying items? I called the number, they told me I had to have receipt info (well, sorry, I didn't keep it) so I had to call the local store and get them to look up info, but, they told me I could look it up myself online… grr. If the original number I had called would've told me I could do that, I would have… So I do look it up myself, call back the first number, this new lady has a deep accent... I give her the item # for the washing machine and she tells me "Okay, I have the dishwasher pulled up" - I was like, “No, WASHING MACHINE.” She said, "Oh, I'm sorry..." She proceeds to pull it up correctly.

Then I give her the item # for the dryer, "Okay, I have the washing machine pulled up." "No, you mean dryer?" "Oh, well it is wrong in our system but it doesn't matter." All I know is, I better get my rebate! Then she says "it's a $50 rebate." I said, “No, it should be way more than that. The washer/dryer were close to $1300!” She said "Oh, I'm sorry, my accounting mistake. It is actually $120."

Now we have to wait another 4-6 weeks for our $120 rebate that should have been here already. Normally, I wouldn't mind waiting, but we have been holding off painting the nursery for the first child I'm carrying because we are broke now after the washer/dryer purchase... and now we're going to have to wait 4-6 more weeks to get started.

I'm less than thrilled with Lowe's lackluster performance in this scenario. It makes me wonder if perhaps others aren't experiencing the same thing, and Lowe's needed to "push off" the rebates for a while and faked the letter, or perhaps their system had a glitch that showed them all as invalid. Whatever the case, I hate to say, in the future I will think twice before purchasing anything that falls under a rebate with Lowe's.

Measure Appliances Yourself Because Lowe's Doesn't Think They're Important
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Rating: 1/51

WAKE FOREST, NORTH CAROLINA -- On 12-7-13, we walked into Lowe's with the measurements for our current over-the-range microwave oven; we even had the original user manual so there would be no problems buying a new one that would fit. The salesman assured us that the new one that we had selected would fit. Two weeks later the installer arrived and could not get the new one to fit because it was an inch too tall. We have a stone backsplash and the bracket for support requires that the microwave be no more than 15.5" high. The new one was 16.5" high. We thought that we could call Lowe's and just get them to send one that would fit. Turns out, they don't sell one that will fit except for a $1,000 model!

We had to urgently call the installer to come back and put our old microwave back and hope that we could pay someone to fix it. The installer brought our microwave back; it had obviously been thrown into the back of his truck because the key pad was now broken and the hood vent was also now broken. I went to Lowe's today and told them what happened and the only thing they cared about was "Where is the new microwave?" I told them I had no idea where it was and asked them what they were going to do to fix the problem.

They said that I could contact two companies to see about fixing it (never mentioning making any restitution for busting up my microwave) and that they would give us a full credit back after they are able to locate the original microwave. They also said that it wasn't the salesman's fault because he could not have known that we have a backsplash! Seriously, they said that.

Am I the only one in America with a backsplash? I told them that it was the salesperson's fault; we had the measurements and he should have paid attention to them. The fact that a home improvement store does not train its appliance salespeople to pay attention to MEASUREMENTS speaks volumes about this company.

Never Again Will I Trust Lowe's in Honolulu
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Rating: 1/51

HONOLULU, HAWAII -- Well let's start from scratch. I ordered a new washer and dryer on 08/19/13 and was promised the delivery date of 08/24/13 AM before noon. The delivery made as promised and the first load of washing was a big problem with a grinding noise and the washer seemed to want to leave the washing room during the spin cycle due to it was unbalanced.

I called Lowe's in Honolulu "The one on 411 Pacific Street" and after talking to many lyres and uninformed employees I finally talked to the Manager in charge and asked if the installation crew could return to inspect the washer. Yes; and after 4 hours they arrived and took one look at the washer and claimed it a manufacturer defect. The washer was quickly removed and my promise was I would have a new one the next day. They will call me by 7 or 8 AM to let me know the time of arrival. Called at 9 AM and they claimed it's on the truck ready for delivery with no promise of a delivery time, "Can't find the record", so, it must be on the truck was the reply.

12 PM called for the Manager and was forced to leave a message with the receptionist for the Manager to call me. 1500 still no response and called again for the Manager - This time I got through and the Manager said he would call back. OK; Now we're wondering if the washer was ever on the truck and the Manager called to confirm the washer was still sitting on the loading dock and someone is tasked to deliver it now. The truck arrives with the brand new "good" washer with the wiz bang crew hurry to connect it up and with all new water lines and hoses. All is fine until my wife finds out the cold and hot water lines were backwards after washing some delicate fabrics.

What a messed up store. First they bring a bad washer and don't test the washer prior to walking away and with the good washer they reverse the RED and BLUE. This store is on my most unwanted list of places to shop now. Lowe's name has been forever damaged for me due to the above and I'll do business elsewhere in Honolulu. Wasted two of my days and I lost track of how many phone calls to what I would consider ignorant staff. I do feel sorry for the manager due to nothing really happened until I talked directly with him.

Do Not Buy Appliances At Lowe's
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Rating: 1/51

MOORE, OKLAHOMA -- Three months ago, we bought all new appliances for the new home we were moving into from Lowe's. Yesterday, the Whirlpool refrigerator's compressor went out and we lost all the food. Lowe's would not replace the refrigerator or refund the money. I was rudely told that I could only return it within the first 30 days. I was referred to a Lowe's repair service that could not even consider coming out for almost a week and all the cost would not be covered by the Whirlpool warranty! I will never buy anything from Lowe's again, not even a plant. Now, I am worried that the other appliances I bought might also be lemons. I've learned a lesson… NO MORE LOWE'S!!!

Terrible Customer Service by Warranty Department of Lowe's
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Rating: 1/51

We bought a Samsung dryer two years ago and it broke down (does not heat up). We bought 4 years extended warranty so we called Lowe's. They schedule a tech. We had to wait a few days until he came. He came and said he has to order a part. So we waited another week and he came and changed the part. He left and the dryer worked for a day and it broke down again. Had to call Lowe's again and wait another few days for the service guy to come. He came and said he needs another part. So we had to wait another week. Then he came and changed another part and said this time it should work. So I washed a load and put it in the dryer.

After 20 minutes the dryer still is cold. So called Lowe's service center again and a woman called Leslie said she was going to send a different technician on Thursday (which was yesterday). But nobody showed up yesterday. So I just called the service center this morning and they said they don't have a record of Leslie scheduling anything! So I had talked to a ghost at Lowe's! Now we are out of a dryer for more than a month! So I asked to talk to a supervisor named Perry.

Perry firmly gave me two option: 1) We have to wait at least 3 days until he talks to the service guy. 2) We have to wait at least 3 days (today is Friday) until his supervisor can call us the earliest 3 days later on Monday. In the meantime, we are still without a functioning dryer. And Perry insists that he was offering us solutions (that is keep letting us to wait). I can't believe it.

What kind of employees Lowe's are hiring? This is really low and beyond belief. They have no consideration for customers' concern and need and all they are doing is to lie and stall. I feel sorry that Lowe's have such incompetent and uncaring employees on their payroll. And I am mad that we still have no dryer after all this waiting. I wish the CEO of Lowe's can read this complaint and do something about it.

5 service calls & over a month with no washer
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ST PAUL, MINNESOTA -- I bought a Bosch washing machine in April, 2011 from Lowe's. By May the error E27 showed up and the door wouldn't open. It took over a week for a service person to arrive to open the door (even though wet clothes were inside). The repair person said a wire in the door lock was loose, he moved it around and the E27 error light disappeared. He said, Call again if you need to."

Of course, the door locked up again (with wet clothes inside) a month ago. The machine is still under warranty. I have had 4 additional service calls scheduled (2 were no shows -- Eden Prairie Appliances called and said they were not scheduled, even though I had a previous phone call confirming the time and date). For the second no-show, A&E Factory Services did not call and did not show up. Upon the 5th scheduled visit, the repair person said the part ordered (at service call number three) was not the part needed and he ordered another part. The next service call is schedule 11 days from today.

I have been having to pay to do laundry for over a month and I have been unavailable for work during these many scheduled times. I called Lowe's service at 1-888-775-6939 and was transferred to a supervisor. She told me Lowe's could send a gift card for $20.00. I declined.

Previously, I called the store manager. He told me that he would forward my complaint about poor service to company headquarters, who contracts with company's to-do repairs and that he would cc me on the email. No copy of his email arrived. Although, someone from Lowe's did call and say they would accept my complaint. "I'm sorry" appears to mean nothing to Lowe's staff or their contractor's staff. I am still without a functioning washing machine. Still missing work for needless appointments. Still paying to wash my clothes at a vendor.

Appliance Delivery Mis-Representation
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CLARKSVILLE, INDIANA -- On New Year's Day 2011 I bought a Whirlpool Gold French Door refrigerator from Lowe's in Clarksville IN. They did not have a black one in stock. I was told their distribution center 50 miles away had several in stock and could ship it in a matter of a couple days. We were without a fridge and the salesperson knew it. This was a Saturday and we were told we would receive the fridge Wednesday at the earliest but no later than Thursday. On Wednesday morning I called asking if we were getting the new fridge Wednesday or Thursday. The guy that schedules delivery said neither.

I was told it had not yet been scheduled from the DC and we would PROBABLY get it Friday or Saturday. I told him that was unacceptable and I would not have even bought it there had I known it would not be delivered by Thursday. I talked to the delivery scheduler, appliance salesperson and asst store manager. All said there was nothing they could do about it, that's just the way it is. I asked the manager to call the DC and get my fridge on the next truck out. She said she couldn't, their system just doesn't allow it. I got a full refund and went to a local appliance store.

I bought a larger fridge for $50 less than Lowe's sale price. It was delivered the next morning. DO NOT buy any appliance from Lowe's UNLESS it is in stock in the store. By the way all I got from Lowe's was a standard "sorry" but nobody offered a solution and acted as if they couldn't care less. Keep in mind it was taking Lowe's a week to move a fridge 50 miles from a DC to the store. Absolutely pitiful.

Don't Buy A Maytag Dishwasher From Lowe's
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Four trips from the local "repair" company. 3 holidays (Easter, Thanksgiving, and now Christmas) without a dishwasher. Local company says this Maytag is a "lemon". Next door neighbor had even more trips w/ same comment, but gee, theirs was a GE, not a Maytag (still purchased at Lowe's). Called tonight before closing, but (go figure), the person that I need to talk to is no longer on site. My goodness. Isn't it the job of management to be "available" to deal with these types of situations??

Local repair company (employed by Lowe's, BTW) has been here 5 (yes FIVE) times and replaced the touchpad 4 (yes FOUR) times. Oops - they forgot to record one replacement, so I'm one over (but technically UNDER) the required 3 hard deadlines. Yes, I said "deadline". Anyone who has been in the military and been responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of military equipment understands the term.

For those of you who don't--it's dead in the water--that means it's got standing water (again) in the base, and two days worth of dishes in it, and guess what: IT DOESN'T WORK AGAIN. I swear - I will NEVER purchase anything else from Lowe's. They have been way more trouble than they are worth. And, I would not suggest the Maytag QuietSeries 300 dishwasher. IT'S A LEMON.

Honestly, I don't think I've ever been this angry in my entire life. I have been doing dishes by hand (yes, it's probably "greener", and yes, I save water) for a grand total of approximately 15 weeks. Why am I angry?? Because I spent a boatload of money for a dishwasher that DOESN'T WORK. Quite frankly, I think I deserve a bit of credit for not dropping the "f" bomb, 'cause I'm sure screaming that in the background. Lowe's Roeland Park KS, Turner Appliance Repair Overland Park KS--DONE DONE DONE with both of these organizations.

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