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Flooring Dept Is Inept!!!
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Rating: 1/51

PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA -- We went to McCandless Lowe's and ordered flooring with installation. A few days later a contractor called and came to our home and performed an estimate. He said Lowe's will call today with the total estimate. They never called, after 3 days I called them. They said the estimate had been ready and they had "no idea" why someone hadn't called. I then made another trip to the store to sign the contract for installation and pay. No one called me for over a week.

I called the contractor and he said "Lowe's didn't call you?" I replied no. “They forgot to order pieces of flooring. I will call you when we are ready and the pieces are in and then you can go to the store and pick up your flooring, we will do the install Friday so you will want to move your furniture.” I went to the store and got the flooring, corner round and paid for the extra pieces that were still not in. I put the flooring where I could around the house and began moving furniture.

I then get a call from the contractor, "can't do it Friday, pieces are not in. I will call you if it rains we can do it then or maybe Sept 29 or 30th." I now have taken a day off work, am tripping over boxes of wood and have all furniture crammed into my kitchen. Managers, customer service are no help and do not care. Avoid Lowe's Flooring Installation at McCandless twn near Pittsburgh. They have no idea at what they are doing but are happy to take your money.

Plain and Simple - LOWE'S SUCKS
By -

At the end of November, I visited the Lowe's in Rutherford NJ to purchase flooring for my new home - carpet and engineered hardwood. Flash forward to December 14 and I'm told that a 2 day job is now a 3 day job because the installer booked a job in the middle of my job. The installers arrived on time but the owner of the subcontracting company left shortly thereafter. Day 1 - The carpet installers scratched and marked my walls with the rolls of carpet. The removed my stove to put flooring under it (even though I had told them otherwise) and left the oven in the middle of the kitchen. Day 2 - they worked 1/2 a day.

Day 3 - I had to take a day off of work to be there. The stove was still sitting in the middle of the floor, now covered in filth. I received 3 calls from the installer pressuring me to sign off on the job. I refused until I was able to inspect it. I went to inspect it and found a dented board that I asked to be replaced. My decorator found a number of other issues, including both nailing and gluing of the floor - which nullifies the manufacturer's warranty.

My stove was still sitting in the middle of the floor, just outside my kitchen. That night, I got a call from my painting contractor, telling me that the Lowe's crew had damaged one of his tarps, had shoveled garbage into one of the bathrooms, and damaged the bi-fold doors near my bedroom, had ripped out my phone wires, had removed a piece of base molding and had dripped coffee and left sugar packets on the freshly painted window sills.

I called Lowe's immediately and was assured that they stand by their installers and their work, and that on the following Saturday, they would send a representative to inspect the work. A woman named ** came, took pictures and assured me that any fix up work could be done by my painting contractor, and that Lowe's would pay for the repainting, what ever repairs were needed, and a new oven if it had been damaged by the dirt. She also saw the garbage that they left on my front lawn, including chunks of wood and lunch packaging.

I also pointed out that personal items of mine that were stored in the garage had been tampered with. I confirmed the discussion in an email to her and her boss. Then I got the nastiest phone call I've ever had - from a man named ** from their regional office, basically telling me that the problems are minor, and implying that since I didn't see his guys drip coffee on the window sills, that I have no proof that his guys did anything. The Lowe's team also damaged equipment owned by my painting contractors for no reason.

Using logic (why would a painter ruin his own work?) didn't seem to matter. In addition, the painters had been there for almost a month and not a thing had been damaged, moved or tampered with. The problems arrived the same time the Lowe's flooring guys did. In the meantime, I had my contractor move the stove back into place and hook it up, and imagine my surprise when I found a damaged piece of flooring that had been hidden by the stove when it was sitting just outside my kitchen.

Yet another inspection was scheduled, and who shows up, but the same rude, condescending guy (**) who tried to bully me and once again imply that my painters had ruined their own work. When I mentioned the promises that ** had made to me, they told me that she told them she never said that. As the left my home, I removed a heating vent so I could put on a new one and discovered about 2 inches of wood chips, wood chunks and other debris that the flooring installers had shoveled down there.

I called the "inspectors" back and watched their faces as their installer pulled out the garbage. I called ** at Lowe's - she is no longer working in the flooring department. Imagine that! She tried to work with a customer and to make a customer happy and apparently they don't like that.

They told me that they have workmen who could fix all the issues, and didn't understand how I would be afraid to use any of their sub contractors after the incredible lack of care their "best" flooring guys showed me and my home. I had been planning on using Lowe's to install a new kitchen. They lost any possibility of that when they treated me as though I was something that had to be scraped off the bottom of their shoes. I will never again shop at Lowe's.

Cloudy Film/Dirty Engineered Hardwood Floors Installed By Lowe's
By -

MINNEOLA, FLORIDA -- We had these floors installed Nov 2007. I noticed the first day that some boards appeared dirty. I thought it would go away or that the glue was still wet on some boards. I called for some follow up - minor issues of a nail which kept coming up and a gap between the quarter-round and the trim, etc. and when the installer came I showed him the dirty looking boards and asked him if some glue got on top of some boards by accident.

He said sometimes they come dirty in the box and I need to go to Lowe's and buy their special floor cleaner which he said was $15 a bottle. I don't mind cleaning my floors when I get them dirty but I thought this was ridiculous. He didn't name the product so even if I want to buy it now, I don't know what it is.

First I tried cleaning them with water. Could not get it off. I tried method hard wood floor cleaner since it is very gentle and non-toxic (we have 2 babies). No dice. Afraid to put anything harsh on the floor, I called for a second follow-up visit and this time the installer did not return my call.

I followed up directly with Lowe's again by taking photographs to their store. It's hard to get a good picture because the flash washes out the filmy look but I think I took some pretty good ones, including one dated 6 days after the floor was installed! (I sent them to this site to have them attached to my complaint). Two reps visited (one a manager) and both agreed that certain boards sure did look cloudy-filmy-dirty while others were clean and shiny.

I pointed out that the cloudy film is even in spots we don't walk such as under the couch and the carpet. They said this looks like a defect in the product (Mohawk) and an independent 'flooring specialist' would visit. He came the next day. He was in my home less than 3 minutes. He asked me no questions but took pictures.

I offered the information about the cleaners I had tried. By now the floors are 6 months old. I told him I have cleaned them 6 times: once with water and 5 times with Method; 3 times on my hands and knees with a cotton cloth and 3 times with a sponge mop. I even had a professional cleaning lady come and try to clean this up!

Yesterday I got a letter from Lowe's stating the flooring specialist decided that the problem with the floor is "buildup of cleaning products on certain spots on the floor." He stated he could see mop marks on the floor and that when he wiped the floor with a white cloth, some black came onto his cloth. Hello?! I mopped 10 minutes before he got there to get the babies' fingerprints off the floor. Of course he could see mop smudges. I am not complaining about mop smudges.

Of course he still got dirt on his cloth when he wiped the floor - does anyone with 2 kids not have dirt on their floor even after mopping? We live here - it is not pristine even after mopping. NO he did not move any furniture or the carpet to see the dirty boards where I have never mopped. NO he did not ask when the problem started - i.e. before I had ever mopped the floor with even water. How does he explain that the marks were there on day 6 when I had not even dry mopped it yet? He marked down incorrectly that we have no pets when we do (again, he asked no questions).

If he guessed that incorrectly, I think we can safely assume he made up everything else he wrote too. I don't know if he's inept or just calling me a liar. I have many witnesses who saw the new floor, including my neighbor, who works at Lowe's.

I asked this neighbor if the floors looked normal and when he said no, that is what led me to call Lowe's back in the first place. What next? Do I just eat the $5500 we spent on this floor? I hate that it always looks dirty and I'm very angry. I advise never purchasing anything from Lowe's. We were considering some kitchen upgrades but we won't be going to Lowe's.

Update: 6/3/08 - I phoned Lowe's to follow up on the ridiculous report from the "3rd party floor specialist". I give them credit for calling back because they know I must have been angry after reading his report. They provided a bottle of their special cleaner, "Bruce Hardwood Floor Cleaner" and a special mop. The mop handle broke off with the first stroke, so I can't recommend that. The cleaner left the floor clean and shiny - no fingerprints. Unfortunately, the cloudy look remains on certain boards - absolutely no change in its condition. Their rep said he doesn't know what to do next but will research and will call me back.

Update 6/27/08 - A second independent flooring specialist was sent by Lowe's. This man seemed very informed and reasonable. He explained that they have mixed boards from two different lots into my floor, which has caused some to appear shiny, and some less shiny, which leads to the "clean" look on some boards and "dirty" look on others. He stated at a minimum he will recommend that Lowe's pull up one or the other and replace so that all boards match. He stated he will advise them it will be easier to pull up the entire floor because the dull boards are peppered everywhere - not like they opened and used one box & moved on to the next.

SOOOO, since we will be pulling up the entire floor anyway... I asked him about a second problem with the floor (a commenting person also mentioned this), it shows every fingerprint and footprint. Once mopped, it looks clean until someone walks on it. I asked if I should pick something else. We were shown several kinds of floors by Lowe's and picked this because it matched our cabinets. It also stood out because it was the one non-glossy sample. The other samples were much shinier - obviously a different finish.

I asked if a glossy finish would hide the fingerprints/footprints better. He answered, "All laminate flooring pretty much does that." What? What laminate flooring? Did I hear him right? My husband asked if we should have it refinished and he answered, "You can't refinish this." We were told by Lowe's that there are 3 levels of floors, Laminate (fake wood, the linoleum of the wood family), Engineered hardwood (real wood which can be refinished up to 3 times, constructed in layers to allow for expansion) and solid hardwood (which you can't install in Florida because it doesn't allow for expansion with humidity and because there is no subfloor to nail the boards to).

We checked our invoices/receipts and they say "engineered hardwood" all over them. So after he left my husband got on the phone with Lowe's and we're now trying to find out if they even installed the right thing. $5500 for one room (laminate, no less) and look what I am dealing with, still. Have I said it enough? - - - WE HATE THESE FLOORS!

Update 7/18/08 - Lowe's is giving us a credit for the materials and allowing us to choose a different floor. We may have to pay the difference for the materials, but that is OK - we will do what it takes, within reason, to get rid of these awful floors. We are looking at a Bruce Hardwood glue-down floor. I'm off to read the My3Cents reviews of Bruce floors. Yay! Update 8/14/08 - replacement floors backordered until 9/20/08.

Resolution Update 09/12/2008:

Lowe's has finally replaced this floor, at no extra charge for me. Yay! We are satisfied with the new floor, which is not manufactured wood - it is a glue-down real wood floor.

Purchased Carpet From Lowe's... Installed by Bay Carpet
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Rating: 5/51

BROOKLYN, NEW YORK -- The experience from start to finish was exceptional... Spoke to Bobby from Bay Carpet. Measuring was done promptly and the day of installation was perfect. The men doing the job were so professional and cleaned up and left my home perfect, when Lowe's after the job was complete I couldn't say enough about the installation. I had a remnant left and Bobby from Bay Carpet had it bound for me free of charge. This was unbelievable and it was done in one day right before the Holidays. Thank you Bobby and thank you Bay Carpet... If you purchase carpet from Lowe's request Bay Carpet do the installation. You will not be disappointed.

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Rating: 3/51

MICHIGAN -- I purchased engineered wood flooring for 3 rooms. The problem is after seeing the difference in new flooring and old in kitchen, I wanted to put same flooring in kitchen. After having measuring done by Lowe's was ready to order flooring, was told in week's time it was no longer available. I ask how could that happen so soon? It seems like you would know ahead of time if a product was going to be discontinued or no longer available by certain date. I was upset it messed up my decorating plan. I would not have purchased it the first time.

After getting that call the next day I went up there, come to find out they were trying to cover up the product came from China with investigation of high concentrations of formaldehyde Chinese were using on laminate and engineered wood. There is a class action lawsuit on Lumber Liquidators. Lowe's pulled all wood flooring from China out of their system.

In the meantime I am stuck with flooring that could give me and family cancer. Too much money on flooring to tear up without replacing. It's sad that money is more important than consumers' health, I would like to know who to contact on this cover up. I know there is more people who brought the flooring and don't know their health is at risk. I am asthmatic and year ago brain surgery. Help.

Failure to Install Carpet to Industry Standards
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Rating: 1/51

BURLINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA -- We contacted Lowe's the beginning of April to look at the carpet we had installed about 2.5 years ago. There is wrinkling in the stairs and severe wrinkles in the hallway and buckling in the rooms. Carpet installers said that an attempt to re-stretch the carpet would probably not fix the problem and recommended replacement of over 1300sf of carpet, per flooring manager, the year warranty for labor has expired and it would be our cost to replace.

I went to flooring department and received the report and they called me with the type of carpet that was installed. Phoenix carpet warranty specifically states it is only valid if the carpet is installed by the methods described by the carpet and rug institute. All warranties become null and void if carpets are not installed properly.

Also, failure to install properly carpets is subject to wrinkling and buckling. Also that carpets installed with use of a Stinger instead of a power-stretcher will void all warranties. To reiterate, in the standard for installation of residential carpet CRI 105 It specifically states in 7.5 that the use of a power stretcher is mandatory failure to power stretch a carpet may result in wrinkling and buckling over time.

We were present for the install and a power stretcher was not used, we were not privy to the industry standards and unaware of consequences of the slack of standards. We contracted with Lowe's and their certified professional installer trusting the carpet would be installed to the standards set by the industry and the warranty and Lowe's installers failed. We have called the store, customer care and corporate with no response. Carpet cost was over $3000 and now the store expects us to replace it after 2.5 years after their failure to follow standards?

Carpet Installation
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Rating: 1/51

SWAINSBORO, GEORGIA -- I am so frustrated with the lousy service from Lowe's (Statesboro Ga, Lowes). Bought a carpet and after a month of waiting, they confirmed appointment to place it for today. Today, surprise! They do not have the cut carpet correct. I moved everything in my house, I had to take the day off to be here in my house, I innocently believing! And now, they called to my spouse to say that they do not come today!!! It's my time, my money and make fun of me.

It is a great lack of respect. The time a person is the most important thing in life and Lowe's and his team have mocked me. I'm seriously angry and I am thinking to cancel the deal with you. If this would happen to you, you'd think? Really, I do not want hear "I am sorry ." For what? I am not going to fix nothing with that, my time had gone. For me it has been a joke.

They Owe Me Money
By -

I am very upset with Lowe's because before getting approved for a Lowe's Card I purchased 40 boxes of Armstrong Heritage Pine Laminate flooring Item #205122 and these boxes were purchased for about @ 28.32/box. Well I had four boxes from the original purchase I had to return because when I opened them they were damaged with chips on the side. My contractor had me go out and purchase 6 additional boxes to replace the other four and 2 extra in which I found they had now been dropped to 10.14/box.

I allowed the 4 boxes I needed to return to sit in the pile of things I needed to return to Lowe's, which were not used, and was in excess which included a customer paint color, which didn't match the original gallon, I purchased from Lowe's. I have spent over 1500.00 in the last 2-week with Lowe's not including the original purchase in November of the 40 boxes of laminate and to be told I can only receive 10.14/box for the original flooring I purchased before because I didn't have the receipt floored me.

I can produce receipts for everything I have purchased from Lowe's except for the one receipt and even explained to the manager the original 40 boxes were purchased from a store in Pennsylvania and I had them ICD here to my local store.

A majority of my spending can be verified from my store account and the original purchase of the 40 boxes could not because they were purchased out of pocket and not on my credit card. I want to have this problem resolved. My boyfriend returned the items and if I had known they only gave him $10.14 I would have said not to do it. I don't have an extra 70.00 to just throw away to Lowe's and I want to have the amount I spent on these items refunded.

When he called me I immediately called the store and spoke to a manager who I informed of the situation and advised him I would be contacting corporate because no one seemed to be willing or able to help me. I want to have my original purchase amount returned to me whether it is store credit or appear on my Lowe's credit card as a credit. For the 4 boxes at 28.32 I should have received a credit of 113.28 and was only given 40.56 so I am still owed 72.72.

Until this point I was satisfied in the area of product availability, and even customer service, but I am angry because I was treated as if I was not a valued customer. IF this issue is not resolved to my satisfaction Lowe's will lose a customer and although it may not seem like much just being one I am more than willing and able to express and tell my story to anyone who will listen.

If you cannot help me please direct me to someone in upper management who can. I hope that we can continue to do business together and hopefully your store will be my choice when my contractor finishes the current project and starts on the additions to my home.

Carpet Installation Unsatisfactory -- Seam in High Traffic Area
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Rating: 1/51

AUSTIN, TEXAS -- Carpet seam is in a very high traffic area. Had Flooring DR come out to look at it. They said there is nothing wrong, but we are not happy with it.

Great Job With Flooring
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Rating: 5/51

PALM BEACH, FLORIDA -- Great experience. They installed Armstrong floor and it was beautifully installed. It was done a few years ago and still holding as new. I would recommend Lowe's for flooring. I have been a customer of Lowe's for years and they have always backup their product. There were times that I was not satisfied with the product, and returned with no questions asked. Lowe's also gives you 10% off for military discount even on internet items, while Home Depot will not. I will strongly recommend Lowe's!! Great job on the jobs that they had performed for me and great products.

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