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Lengthy Installation Delays
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Rating: 2/51

WOODSTOCK, VIRGINIA -- It took Lowe's two and a half months to install our laminate floors. Our kitchen backsplash will take more than seven weeks if the current installation date holds up (already rescheduled four times). We expected better for $6,000!

Do Not Have Lowe's Install New Flooring
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Rating: 1/51

LOVELAND, COLORADO -- First off, let me say that the independent contractors used by Lowe's to install my laminate flooring did an excellent job. They were efficient, courteous and thorough. Would gladly work with them again, except for the fact that they work with Lowe's. Once Lowe's gets you to commit to their flooring, they do not care about the consumer. We were told by them, that our flooring order was local so it would only be a week for us to wait to have the floor installed. Since we were removing our old flooring ourselves, we immediately removed it, so that we were prepared for the installers.

After a couple of days, we called Lowe's wondering when the laminate would be delivered. This is when we were told it was still on order and would not be in for another week. So we asked to schedule the installers, but they would not do that until the flooring was delivered. When it was finally delivered, we had to call Lowe's because they did not call us, to schedule the installers. Again, we asked to schedule the installers, but were told the scheduler would call us back.

Two days later, we were contacted, so they could schedule us in a week and a half for the install. So with our rush to get the flooring removed because we believed the salesperson in the flooring section, and the wait for the delivery and the installers to call us, we were three weeks without flooring. I forgot to mention that when they ordered the material, they did not order the quarter rounds we needed. So we had to have them order these so they would get here by time the installers were finished.

They arrived the first day of the install, but we had to pick them up, because they would not deliver them, even though they were the ones that screwed up and did not order them with the rest of the flooring that was delivered. The next day when the installers go to install them, they discovered they were broken and crap. So once again, I had to contact Lowe's, but they would not order them until we brought in the old ones. So after I went back down and ordered them, the guys in the flooring section acted like it was my fault they had to reorder them… Extremely poor customer service.

When the quarter rounds finally did come in, and we finally got the installer to come back out, they sent a totally different crew. I would not have these guys build a chicken coop if I needed one. I wasn't there when they came, otherwise it would have been a different story; but when I did get home, my wife showed me the job they did. They were in a hurry to get to another job. They did a half ass job in installing the quarter rounds they did install, and they didn't even install all of them. They also were supposed to tack down an area of carpet that goes into our bedroom; but they did not have the equipment with them.

So once again, we had to contact Lowe's about this, and they did send the original crew back out the next day, and everything was fixed. But I will never have Lowe's do any flooring for me again!!! We love the Pergo flooring we did get, but next time we will purchase it from Home Depot.

Lowe's Scammed Me Out Of $15,000 Of Flooring
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Rating: 1/51

ARLINGTON, TEXAS -- In October of 2015, I purchased almost $15,000 of bamboo flooring from Lowe's in Arlington. I was given a one year unconditional warranty. The floors were install early November 2015, and within a few days, the floors were buckling and popping up. We waited until January 2016 to have the floors replaced under their "guarantee", and within about 6-8 weeks, the flooring began buckling. It took almost 9 months to get any true response from Lowe's, and then the finger-pointing started.

Lowe's hired an independent flooring expert. I am in the building services industry and have the same credentials as their expert. He told me my suspicions were correct... the installer nailed the baseboards to the bamboo so that the floor wouldn't float. Next Lowe's, after several weeks of non-communication with us, sent this to the installer's insurance company Nationwide. They sent the most rude, know-it-all to look at the floors, and I knew right then that they would deny any responsibility on the installer's side.

Sure enough, I received a call from Brian at Nationwide today and they have completely denied the claim. They said it was our fault and it was moisture, although we had 2 moisture barriers installed and the moisture reading was a 4, which is normal. Lowe's said they "guarantee" their moisture barrier up to a 9. Now I am out $15,000 of absolutely worthless flooring, and since this was the final project of a $45-50,000 complete house remodel, everything is beautiful except my flooring. 80% of the total money we spent on the remodel came from Lowe's.

The contracting company that did most of our remodel told us to stay away from Lowe's and they'd had horrendous experiences with them. I wish we had listened and had used Home Depot instead. Now I'm hopping mad and have worthless, ugly flooring that looks like the waves of the ocean.

Don't Ever Do Business With Lowe's
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Rating: 1/51

LEESBURG, FLORIDA -- I Rented a home in The Villages Florida. My landlord wanted to put wood floors and so they contacted Lowe's in Leesburg, Fl. A subcontractor, Keller Interiors was to come and do the job. A group of about 10 young punks come out. After they left I was putting things back on the floor, and noticed that 1 of my Money Rose were missing. I called the manager of Lowes in Leesburg Fl and she told me to make a police report and I did.

The officer came out and called Keller Interiors and they told the officer they sub the job out and would not give the officer the name of the subcontractor. Bottom line, I thought I was letting Keller Interiors in to do the job. Lowe's is well aware of what they are doing, but Lowe's does not tell the customers, so I let a bunch of thieves and punks in my house.

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Rating: 1/51

BLOOMINGTON, INDIANA -- If you have plenty of time and I mean are able to push back your moving day by weeks then you may have no problem Lowe's. In order to get someone to work on your job you talk to sales representative at Lowe's who puts in a work order to Keller Flooring Contractors who then contacts someone local to do the job. So... when you have a problem like we did, not enough carpet was delivered. You have to call Lowe's who then calls Keller flooring contractors who then contacts the people doing the work.

A week later they send someone out to measure the areas - not finish and the whole process starts over again. That was our carpet experience. As for the tile, Keller Flooring Contractors would not send enough laborers to get our floors done in a timely manner. A job that was supposed to take five days ended up taking 2 1/2 weeks. The quality of work was there but they definitely needed more help on our job to finish it up. Not to mention the countless days/hours spent when the laborers had to go back to Lowe's to pick up more material because the wrong amount was sent. Terrible experience. Never using Lowe's again for flooring.

Lowe's Flooring Install Ripoff Attempt
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Rating: 1/51

FRANKLIN, WISCONSIN -- Lowe's flooring installation...BEWARE. Our family decided to install tile flooring in the section of our house that is built on concrete slab. We went to our local Lowe's store and looked at flooring. We really liked the Rialto White 12x12 tile. Not knowing how to install tile, we asked Lowe's to send one of their contractors out to measure our floor and give us an estimate. There was a $35.00 non-refundable estimate fee that would be rolled into the job if we signed with Lowe's. We were told that for installation, Lowe's charges $5.97 per square foot.

On Tuesday July 24, the measurer and installer, ** came to measure. He was friendly and told us he was second generation in his company. This gave us confidence in his expertise. The next Thursday, 7-26 we went to the store to collect some samples of the tile, and while there were handed the estimate. The amount of tile indicated as needed on the form was 805 square feet for tile, amounting to $1,762.95 for the tile. The amount for the installation was $5.97 x 805, or $4,805.85. There were incidentals, like thinset and grout. The total was $6,807.64.

This estimate puzzled me greatly. The reason was that my husband and son measured the amount of flooring that we had, and the total they came up with was 663 square feet (another company had measured our floor and reported it was 680 square feet, at least in the ballpark). This was supposed to be an experienced professional doing the measuring, but the numbers were greatly different. I know that there is a percentage added to the amount of tile you get for waste. But adding the 10% extra for waste would only bring the total of tile needed to 725 square feet.

We would not expect to purchase more that with experienced, professional installers on the job. So they expected us to purchase 80 square feet we did not need. I know we could return this, but it would be stupid, and inconvenient. Then there is the issue that in the estimate we got it stated that we would be charged the installation on the 805 square feet on the form, not the actual 663 square feet being installed. We were expected to pay to install phantom flooring.

So Lowe's wanted us to buy a large amount of product we did not need, and then pay an installation fee on it, whether or not we needed it. This seems to be a nice arrangement for the business. We would have paid around $1,000.00 more for the job than needed.

Even adding in a few square feet if we measured poorly, this seems to be padding the charge excessively. When we first called Lowe's and spoke to ** in flooring, he said they figure the footage according to the measurements they are given. So their measurements must have been close to that.

When I asked why we were being charged for 805 square feet of installation, he said the installers are paid for every square foot of product that goes out the door (not the amount of square footage to be installed)! I then called ** who did the measurement. I asked why the square footage was so high, and told him what our figures were. He said his measurements were close to ours, and that we should call Lowe's again, perhaps have a remeasure and have someone else install it, and quickly ended the call.

I called Lowe's again and was told I should call the central office. I spoke to an **, who took my complaint. Someone from the central office said the manager of the store would call me. The manager of the Lowe's, ** called me, and I spoke to her and told her the situation. She said she would look into it. I said I felt cheated, like someone tried to take advantage of us.

Later, ** from flooring called to ask if we would be using their installation service. I explained the situation to him, said I had no longer any trust in the integrity of Lowe's, and would also try to get the tile elsewhere. I stated that there was something wrong with this, and I would be putting this information into a review to warn others. I also called the FTC. I also let the BBB know.

I also want my $35.00 measurement and estimate fee returned. I have no problem paying a fee when I know about it, but I do not like paying someone to try to rip me off. I will pursue this. The final thought is that we feel so insulted that someone in this process considered us so stupid and gullible that they could blatantly inflate the charges on our job. Do we look that ignorant? Or do they just do this to all their customers? Makes you think. I have since read reviews where the same thing was tried on others.

Laminate Flooring Disaster
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Rating: 1/51

KENTWOOD, MICHIGAN -- I recently purchased about 1,000 square feet of carpet and laminate flooring from Lowe's. I had to purchase the flooring at 2 separate Lowe's stores because one didn't stock padding - the other store thought that was ridiculous. I had 2 big problems with the laminate order (Pergo max):

1.) When I picked up the order, the underlayment was not there. Luckily, I noticed. After an hour of searching, the sales clerk and the flooring clerk stated that they found it and there had been a "computer glitch." Good thing I had an hour to wait - no exaggeration.

2.) The Pergo molding came with a 1/4" metal C-channel. The channel in the T molding is also 1/4". However, the flooring is about twice as thick. So, the channel is not correct, or the T is not correct.

After a discussion with the flooring personnel and the store manager, and looking through a package they had in stock, the only solution offered was to use some of the cardboard packaging under the C-channel. I'm not going to go into technical details of why that won't work, but my flooring installer had a good laugh. I expressed my interest in never visiting Lowe's again to the store manager. He nodded his head and just said ok a few times. NO OFFER TO MAKE THINGS RIGHT.

I was decent and bit my lip throughout the process, but I'm done being quiet about this now. I will warn as many as possible. This happened at the Kentwood, MI location: 3330 28th Street South East. It 6/17/2016 around 10 AM. ** was the flooring clerk. She was nice, but that isn't enough. The store manager should have stepped in and solved the problem.

Don't Buy Flooring at Lowe's - They Do Not Honor or Enforce Warranties
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Rating: 1/51

MESA, ARIZONA -- Lowe's on Higley in Mesa, AZ: I don't think the flooring we purchased just three years ago is listed but this is close. It started chipping around the edges and so now I have to cover the floor with rugs to keep our socks and slippers from snagging on it. The warranty said somewhere from 20-30 years and my husband specifically asked if we could use it in a mobile home in Mesa, Arizona. We were told "Yes, many people do very successfully."

Well, now that it is chipping, Lowe's is saying all kinds of things may be why, specifically because we installed it ourselves and they suggest the floor wasn't level, and it isn't good in mobiles/park models (That isn't what we were initially told) It is only between two cupboards and our whole mobile was leveled prior to. The floor is solid. That is a cop out and they won't do anything. Less than three years for a flooring to last as it started last year. Unacceptable.

If you bought at Costco they would at least stand behind the product and make the manufacture compensate you. Not Lowe's, just simply not interested. Please help spread the word - the manufacturer's warranty means nothing unless you get Lowe's to install the product. Lowe's will wimp right out and not even offer to get help from the manufacturer. Buyer Beware!!

Upstairs Carpet Install
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Rating: 5/51

SHERMAN, TEXAS -- We needed our carpet replaced in an upstairs bedroom. We had Lowe's remove and haul off our old carpet and pad, as well as move the furniture for us. Well, I must say I was quite impressed. First off, everyone was prompt, from the guy who came out to measure, to the installers themselves. I admit I was skeptical that the installers would show up when they said they would, and it required me to take off from work so I could be at the house, so I really needed them to be there on time. And they were! I received several confirmation calls from Lowe's, reminding me of the time, etc. And when they arrived, there were two men, and they were in and out in less than an hour.

Mind you, it was a very small upstairs bedroom, but still. And they brought their own vacuum to clean up, which I appreciated. And they were so very quiet. There was no slamming of doors, and they tiptoed up and down the stairs, so quietly. My dog didn't even bark at them, which he almost always does. It was a very pleasant experience!

Plain and Simple - LOWE'S SUCKS
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At the end of November, I visited the Lowe's in Rutherford NJ to purchase flooring for my new home - carpet and engineered hardwood. Flash forward to December 14 and I'm told that a 2 day job is now a 3 day job because the installer booked a job in the middle of my job. The installers arrived on time but the owner of the subcontracting company left shortly thereafter. Day 1 - The carpet installers scratched and marked my walls with the rolls of carpet. The removed my stove to put flooring under it (even though I had told them otherwise) and left the oven in the middle of the kitchen. Day 2 - they worked 1/2 a day.

Day 3 - I had to take a day off of work to be there. The stove was still sitting in the middle of the floor, now covered in filth. I received 3 calls from the installer pressuring me to sign off on the job. I refused until I was able to inspect it. I went to inspect it and found a dented board that I asked to be replaced. My decorator found a number of other issues, including both nailing and gluing of the floor - which nullifies the manufacturer's warranty.

My stove was still sitting in the middle of the floor, just outside my kitchen. That night, I got a call from my painting contractor, telling me that the Lowe's crew had damaged one of his tarps, had shoveled garbage into one of the bathrooms, and damaged the bi-fold doors near my bedroom, had ripped out my phone wires, had removed a piece of base molding and had dripped coffee and left sugar packets on the freshly painted window sills.

I called Lowe's immediately and was assured that they stand by their installers and their work, and that on the following Saturday, they would send a representative to inspect the work. A woman named ** came, took pictures and assured me that any fix up work could be done by my painting contractor, and that Lowe's would pay for the repainting, what ever repairs were needed, and a new oven if it had been damaged by the dirt. She also saw the garbage that they left on my front lawn, including chunks of wood and lunch packaging.

I also pointed out that personal items of mine that were stored in the garage had been tampered with. I confirmed the discussion in an email to her and her boss. Then I got the nastiest phone call I've ever had - from a man named ** from their regional office, basically telling me that the problems are minor, and implying that since I didn't see his guys drip coffee on the window sills, that I have no proof that his guys did anything. The Lowe's team also damaged equipment owned by my painting contractors for no reason.

Using logic (why would a painter ruin his own work?) didn't seem to matter. In addition, the painters had been there for almost a month and not a thing had been damaged, moved or tampered with. The problems arrived the same time the Lowe's flooring guys did. In the meantime, I had my contractor move the stove back into place and hook it up, and imagine my surprise when I found a damaged piece of flooring that had been hidden by the stove when it was sitting just outside my kitchen.

Yet another inspection was scheduled, and who shows up, but the same rude, condescending guy (**) who tried to bully me and once again imply that my painters had ruined their own work. When I mentioned the promises that ** had made to me, they told me that she told them she never said that. As the left my home, I removed a heating vent so I could put on a new one and discovered about 2 inches of wood chips, wood chunks and other debris that the flooring installers had shoveled down there.

I called the "inspectors" back and watched their faces as their installer pulled out the garbage. I called ** at Lowe's - she is no longer working in the flooring department. Imagine that! She tried to work with a customer and to make a customer happy and apparently they don't like that.

They told me that they have workmen who could fix all the issues, and didn't understand how I would be afraid to use any of their sub contractors after the incredible lack of care their "best" flooring guys showed me and my home. I had been planning on using Lowe's to install a new kitchen. They lost any possibility of that when they treated me as though I was something that had to be scraped off the bottom of their shoes. I will never again shop at Lowe's.

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