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Mooresville, NC 28117
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Most Incompetent Employees in Flooring--Including the Store Manager!
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NEW BERN, NORTH CAROLINA -- Dealing with Lowe's in an attempt to have 4 rooms carpeted and 2 bathrooms covered with vinyl for almost 2 months! Unbelievable screw ups! From getting a contractor to finally come out and measure, then screwing up measurements, items not in stock, finally getting items after umpteen phone calls, screw ups with bill, failure to bring enough vinyl, then told needed a different flooring before vinyl could be installed.

Calls never returned from the employee, finally many attempts to talk with manager--he too provided lousy customer service and could not help resolve problems-and offered no help other than adding to my frustration! It goes on and on. I will never deal with Lowe's again and will be sure to share my worse experiences with all I know!

They Owe Me Money
By -

I am very upset with Lowe's because before getting approved for a Lowe's Card I purchased 40 boxes of Armstrong Heritage Pine Laminate flooring Item #205122 and these boxes were purchased for about @ 28.32/box. Well I had four boxes from the original purchase I had to return because when I opened them they were damaged with chips on the side. My contractor had me go out and purchase 6 additional boxes to replace the other four and 2 extra in which I found they had now been dropped to 10.14/box.

I allowed the 4 boxes I needed to return to sit in the pile of things I needed to return to Lowe's, which were not used, and was in excess which included a customer paint color, which didn't match the original gallon, I purchased from Lowe's. I have spent over 1500.00 in the last 2-week with Lowe's not including the original purchase in November of the 40 boxes of laminate and to be told I can only receive 10.14/box for the original flooring I purchased before because I didn't have the receipt floored me.

I can produce receipts for everything I have purchased from Lowe's except for the one receipt and even explained to the manager the original 40 boxes were purchased from a store in Pennsylvania and I had them ICD here to my local store.

A majority of my spending can be verified from my store account and the original purchase of the 40 boxes could not because they were purchased out of pocket and not on my credit card. I want to have this problem resolved. My boyfriend returned the items and if I had known they only gave him $10.14 I would have said not to do it. I don't have an extra 70.00 to just throw away to Lowe's and I want to have the amount I spent on these items refunded.

When he called me I immediately called the store and spoke to a manager who I informed of the situation and advised him I would be contacting corporate because no one seemed to be willing or able to help me. I want to have my original purchase amount returned to me whether it is store credit or appear on my Lowe's credit card as a credit. For the 4 boxes at 28.32 I should have received a credit of 113.28 and was only given 40.56 so I am still owed 72.72.

Until this point I was satisfied in the area of product availability, and even customer service, but I am angry because I was treated as if I was not a valued customer. IF this issue is not resolved to my satisfaction Lowe's will lose a customer and although it may not seem like much just being one I am more than willing and able to express and tell my story to anyone who will listen.

If you cannot help me please direct me to someone in upper management who can. I hope that we can continue to do business together and hopefully your store will be my choice when my contractor finishes the current project and starts on the additions to my home.

By -

FAYETTEVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA -- I would like to commend Lowe's floor installer. The installer and his crew did an excellent job in installing my new tile floor. I received very professional help from the flooring department salesman who informed me of the necessary things to do and the way the installation would be handled.

The installer showed up a couple of days later, took measurements and set to install my floor, going above and beyond. His crew was very courteous and professional. I love my new tile floor. My only complaint was that though I was charged $85.00 dollars for delivery, the tiles were not delivered by Lowe's for installation, and the installer had to pick them up himself so he could install it.

Lowe's installers
By -

NILES, MICHIGAN -- I worked for Lowe's as a flooring installer for 4 years as an independent contractor. A little something customers should know about us installers and Lowe's we have to give a year warranty and carry insurance. If you complain long if something is wrong with your installation even if it's minor they will replace it but what they're not going to tell you is who is replacing it. It's not Lowe's it's the installer. Rather than let the installer use their warranty they give every customer then tell the installer that the customer did not want you back. Then they charge the installer for the whole job send a new installer to their home to put the new stuff in.

I have installed flooring for 16 years. Never once have I had to pay for someone's job till this year. Didn't even know there was anything wrong with the job until 2 moths later when they told me they will debit my account for $3000 dollars. Come to find out from the installer that replaced it. He said it could have ** fixed it did not need to be replaced. Lowe's don't care about their employees or their installers. This thing jest costed me my house and truck. It put me out of business. So you as a customer try to give the installer the chance to fix things or they will end up like me.

Don't shop at Lowe's
By -

I purchased CRYNTEL flooring at Lowe's and it started to crack and buckle, I contacted Lowe's and they contacted the manufacture which sent someone over to inspect the product. The inspector said CRYNTEL needed 40-60% humidity at all times, they said it was stated on the box but I live in New Mexico with 10-15% humidity and there was nothing stated on the box. Why sell a product in a state that can not handle the weather? Buyer beware what you purchase from Lowe's. They didn't offer anything and they lost a customer for life.

Do Not Buy Pergo HARDWOOD Flooring!
By -

BRICK, NEW JERSEY -- Lowe's carries Pergo Products and Pergo now makes HARDWOOD. Here is my story which still is not settled. We purchased 450 sq feet of Pergo hardwood in January 2006, installed it and in 5 weeks the floor began to dent, as well as develop odd markings where no one even walked.

I complained to Pergo who then advised me to go to Lowe's where we purchased it and file a complaint. They sent a rep out who made sure the floor was level and properly installed which his report reflected there were no errors on our part, and he clearly stated "Yes there are dents and marks in localized areas but his opinion was the floor was not defective...so claim denied."

Pergo said their warranty doesn't cover dents, pay professionals to refinish it, and have a nice day. The floor cost $2000 and is on delayed billing with Lowe's. Lowe's has stepped in but stalled me from returning the floor within the 90 day return policy saying they would try to make this right. As of today, (7/12/2006) after several calls and interactions with managers and reps I am no where.

I have reported Lowe's and Pergo to the BBB and Consumers and have wrote to Lowe's credit and had the delay extended for payment and under Federal Law act have disputed these charges because of poor quality merchandise. I am done with Lowe's either way and as for Pergo not only are their warranties BOGUS but their hard wood floors are LOOKING floors not living... I hope I save people from spending their hard earned money on those floors!

Good carpet and floor install/poor Lowes store customer service
By -

I have to say my carpet install went great so did my floor install over two days. My problems were dealing with Lowe's store itself poor customer service. Took 5 trips to store to take care of everything. No one in department on two occasions, was told they be in. In 1 hour went back to store still no one there. Not happy with measure was charged 34 extra square feet of floor install. Over measure!!! Got money back for the laminate I took back but not the 2 dollars a square foot to install it.

The Very Best
By -

NEW PORT RICHEY, FLORIDA -- I'm a frequent shopper at the Lowe's in New Port Richey Florida. They offer the best customer service I've ever seen. I have been to Home Depot, Wal-Mart, Target and countless number of retail stores, but Lowe's sticks out with excellent service. Thank you for such great employee training. From the moment you walk in the greeting and the smile sticks with you. I have never been lost. I'm in and out especially with the help of employees.

Satisfied Customer
By -

OCALA, FLORIDA -- Our experience with Lowe's personal and installers was really great. ** was a big help to us in our selection of flooring. The installers, ** did a terrific job installing our flooring. They were very neat and very polite. They cleaned up each day and we can't say enough about them. We certainly will use Lowe's again in the future Thank you again.

Above The Best
By -

JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA -- ** and his assistant were the best professionals I have ever seen. They were patient, courteous and very knowledgeable. Their concern was to finish the job right the first time concentrating on the smallest detail and not how long it will take to complete. I highly recommend them to any further jobs.

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