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They Owe Me Money
Posted by on
I am very upset with Lowes because before getting approved for a Lowes Card I purchased 40 boxes of Armstrong Heritage Pine Laminate flooring Item # 205122 and these boxes were purchased for about @ 28.32/box well I had four boxes from the original purchase I had to return because when I opened them they were damaged with chips on the side. My contractor had me go out and purchase 6 additional boxes to replace the other four and 2 extra in which I found they had now been dropped to 10.14/box. I allowed the 4 boxes I needed to return to sit in the pile of things I needed to return to Lowe’s, which were not used, and was in excess which included a customer paint color, which didn’t match the original gallon, I purchased from Lowe’s. I have spent over 1500.00 in the last 2-week with Lowe's not including the original purchase in November of the 40 boxes of laminate and to be told I can only receive 10.14/box for the original flooring I purchased before because I didn't have the receipt floored me. I can produce receipts for everything I have purchased from Lowe’s except for the one receipt and even explained to the manager the original 40 boxes were purchased from a store in Pennsylvania and I had them ICD here to my local store.

A majority of my spending can be verified from my store account and the original purchase of the 40 boxes could not because they were purchased out of pocket and not on my credit card. I want to have this problem resolved. My boyfriend returned the items and if I had known they only gave him $10.14 I would of said not to do it. I don’t have an extra 70.00 to just throw away to Lowe’s and I want to have the amount I spent on these items refunded. When he called me I immediately called the store and spoke to a manager who I informed of the situation and advised him I would be contacting corporate because no one seemed to be willing or able to help me. I want to have my original purchase amount returned to me whether it is store credit or appear on my Lowes credit card as a credit. For the 4 boxes at 28.32 I should have received a credit of 113.28 and was only given 40.56 so I am still owed 72.72.

Until this point I was satisfied in the area of product availability, and even customer service, but I am angry because I was treated as if I was not a valued customer. IF this issue is not resolved to my satisfaction Lowe’s will lose a customer and although it may not seem like much just being one I am more than willing and able to express and tell my story to anyone who will listen. If you cannot help me please direct me to someone in upper management who can. I hope that we can continue to do business together and hopefully your store will be my choice when my contractor finishes the current project and starts on the additions to my home.

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you r stupid on 12/11/2007:
You're funny, you don't have a receipt and you want them to refund you money that you have no proof you even bought the stuff there. Honey if stores did this people everywhere would be coming out of the woodwork saying they bought stuff and now it's on sale give me my money or store credit.
Tc1073 on 12/11/2007:
No receipt = lowest selling price. You should have gotten even and bought new boxes at reduced rate and brought your recepit with the higher price tiles back. But you were wrong to get mad at your error for failing to have a receipt.
Anonymous on 12/11/2007:
Swing Lowes, sweet chariot, coming forth to carry me to Home Depot.
Shamecca on 12/12/2007:
I guess you don't understand while I did not have the original receipt I paid for it via a checking account which leaves a paper trail and I ordered the original 40 boxes from a store in Pa, paid at the store in De and had them ship the items to DE so again there is a paper trail somewhere proving I purchased the 40 boxes and at which price but no one in management knows how to find such paper trail? Maybe look in computer under ICD done from PA to De for 40 boxes of flooring can't be that heard to find? Thanks anyway I just feel like all the money I have spent in the last week with them and have all my receipts ecept for the one from back in Novemeber and you can't do your job and look in your system and find the purcahse, you looked and found my credit account without me being there to refund the 10.14?
Tc1073 on 12/12/2007:
It is YOUR responsibility to keep track of the receipt, not Lowe's. Its not in their financial interest to price adjust or refund the price discrepancy. I think it should be easy to show where you paid for them but sometimes the physical receipt has additional information that they need.
Anonymous on 12/16/2007:
I would agree that as the customer, it is always wise to hold on to your receipts, especially for large purchases. It makes issues like this one much easier to solve. You bring them a receipt, they immediately know that you purchased the product at the full price, and they refund you what you paid. Obviously, Lowe's can't give you the full price without proof because how do they know you didn't buy it at the clearance price and are requesting a full refund? Lesson learned...keep your receipt!
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Good carpet and floor install/poor Lowes store customer service
Posted by on
I have to say my carpet install went great so did my floor install
over two days.
My problems were dealing with Lowes store itself poor customer service.
took 5 trips to store to take care of everything. No one in department on two occasions, was told they be in in 1 hour went back to store still no one there. Not Happy with measure was charged 34 extra square feet of floor install. over measure!!! got money back for the laminate I took back back but not the 2 dollars a square foot to install it.
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Alain on 05/13/2011:
At least the install went okay. I'd use a local flooring company, myself. Thanks for the honest review!
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The Very Best
Posted by on
NEW PORT RICHEY, FLORIDA -- I'm a frequent shopper at the Lowes in New Port Richey Florida. They offer the best customer service I've ever seen. I have been to Home Depot, Wal-Mart, Target and countless number of retail stores, but Lowes sticks out with excellent service. Thank you for such great employee training. From the moment you walk in the greeting and the smile sticks with you. I have never been lost. I'm in and out especially with the help of employees.
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Alain on 05/02/2011:
Nice that they've served you well. Did you buy the tile and install it yourself, use your own contractor or have Lowes assign a contractor for installation?
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Satisfied Customer
Posted by on
OCALA, FLORIDA -- Our experience with Lowe's personal and installers was really great. Dean was a big help to us in our selection of flooring. The installers, Gregg and Shawn did a terrific job installing our flooring. They were very neat and very polite. They cleaned up each day and we can't say enough about them. We certainly will use Lowe's again in the future Thank you again.
Roger & Gloria
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laminate flooring LOWES on 03/20/2013:
don't get us wrong..Lowes sells a ton of good flooring products.. JUST STAY AWAY FROM the cheapest SURFACE SOURCE flooring around 89 cents per sq foot..Youll get what you pay for
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Lowes installers
Posted by on
NILES, MICHIGAN -- I worked for Lowes as a flooring installer for 4 years as an independent contractor a little something customers should no about us installers and Lowes we half to give a year warranty and carry insurance if you complain long if something is wrong with your installation even if its miner the will replace it but what their not going to tell you is who is replacing it. Its not Lowes its the installer rather than let the installer use their warranty they give every customer the tell the installer that the customer did not won't you back then they charge the installer for the hole job send a new installer to their home to put the new stuff in. I have installed flooring for 16 years never once have I had to pay for someones job till this year didn't even know there was anything wrong with the job until 2 moths later when the told me they wear debit my account for $3000 dollars come to find out from the installer that replaced it he said it could have Ben fixed it did not need to be replaced Lowes don't care about their employees or their installers this thing jest coasted me my house and truck it put me out of business so you as a customer try to give the installer the chance to fix things or they will end up like me
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Alain on 12/14/2010:
Sorry to hear about your business failing, but it is not up to the customer to perform contract negotiations between Lowe's and their installers. When there is a problem with installation that a customer paid for at Lowe's they are going to want it fixed by Lowe's. How Lowe's does it is their business as long as its fixed correctly.
Jean on 09/19/2014:
I agree, it is not the customer's responsibility to negotiate details between Lowes and the Installer. Lowes may not care about their employees but they dont' care about their customers either.
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Don't shop at Lowe's
Posted by on
I purchased CRYNTEL flooring at Lowes and it started to crack and buckle, I contacted Lowes and they contacted the manufacture which sent someone over to inspect the product. The inspector said CRYNTEL needed 40-60% humidity at all times, they said it was stated on the box but I live in New Mexico with 10-15% humidity and there was nothing stated on the box.
Why sell a product in a state that can not handle the weather? Buyer beware what you purchase from Lowes, they didn't offer anything and they lost a customer for life.
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User Replies:
MSCANTBEWRONG on 08/19/2009:
Thank you for the post. I don't know anything about flooring so I appreciate the heads up.
Anonymous on 08/19/2009:
That is a good point. Why sell something in a region it cannot be used in? I have no clue what the humidity is around here. Even if it is specified on the box, I know I wouldn't have given it a second thought -- heck, why would it be on the HD shelves in my neighborhood if it weren't appropriate for my neighborhood?

Did you ask HD what help they might provide to assist you with your floor? Perhaps there's something you can apply to it now that it's installed. Maybe they can give you a good deal on your next flooring, if you need to rip this one out. I'd at least see what they can due to help me before swearing them off forever, because when I swear them off, I know they won't help me at all.
Anonymous on 08/19/2009:
I don't think I would accept than answer. If it doesn't state that where you can see it before you buy, and if Lowes didn't warn you, I'd say they have some liability.

If the statement about humidity is true, why wouldn't it go bad on the shelves?
dan gordon on 08/20/2009:
get real guys. I was a flooring rep for yrs. There are certain things applicable to all flooring. One is controlling the relative humidity in a home your installing flooring. Its the same requirement for all flooring not just certain brands. Its assumed you know what your doing. Its not a Lowes issue, its a basic issue with wood flooring.
jktshff1 on 08/20/2009:
This sounds more like an installation problem. A good installer knows that you do not install the flooring "upon arrival" like most of the customers wish. The boxes are opened and the flooring is exposed to acclimate it to the conditions of the house for a few days. This give it time to absorb more moisture content or loose some content. If installed properly, there should be no problems even at 10-15% humidity.
i_am_canadian on 08/20/2009:
That's really interesting, I never knew that.
Macordio on 03/07/2013:
Surface Source is sold at lowes mostly because its cheap (winchester oak laminate flooring) don't listen to surface source reps or lowes flooring people that they send out they are only protecting the CRAP product that they push. WORST FLOORING IN FLOORING HISTORY from Brazil to Canada(((junk))) If your a carpenter or installer do not give a guarantee that this will hold up in the real world.. I hope Lowes and Surface source and other names used to sell this GARBAGE to the consumer is taken to court for the damage it causes between the installer and the UNHAPPY home owner. BEWARE BEWARE BEWARE of this flooring
Macordio on 03/07/2013:
No kidding!!! We installers always dip the flooring in water then hang it over the fireplace seconds before we install it.. You need to pull your head out of there....
greg handyman on 03/16/2013:
Yes,,,please don't buy this product. It lifted in my hallway and den, in 4 different places. I have read nothing but bad reviews on this flooring. someone said something about glueing it down,but I didn't see that your not supposed to on the install sheet. Can you??? I'm so unhappy about the long term outcome of the flooring. Changing to another brand soon.. I heard they call it Project Source and Surface Source. I think I know why they keep changing the name of it.. mislead the consumer?
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Update: Lowe's in Frisco, Texas resolves my issues very quickly in a professional manner. Kudos are in order.
Posted by on
There is not a person reading this that does not make mistakes. Recently we ordered $8,500.00 worth of hardwood flooring and carpet. The installation was excellent but the logistics and communication were atrocious. The materials needed did not arrive as promised by the manufacturer or they were shipped incomplete.

I am typically the type of person who will go 40 miles to avoid controversy. In this case I was furious not at the problem but at the way the problem was addressed.

After penetrating several layers, I got the attention of the right people. The store manager stepped up to the plate and turned a lemon into lemonade.

I will give the Lowe's the benefit of the doubt and support them. I would encourage you to do the same. If you ever have issues, go straight to the store manager------he is a take-charge professional

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Anonymous on 06/11/2008:
Just a suggestion, write a letter to either the regional or main offices of the corporation praising the individual.
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Do Not Buy Pergo HARDWOOD Flooring !
Posted by on
BRICK, NEW JERSEY -- Lowes carries Pergo Products and pergo now makes HARDWOOD. Here is my story which still is not settled.We purchased 450 sq feet of Pergo hardwood In January 2006, installed it and in 5 weeks the floor began to dent, as well as develop odd markings where no one even walked. I complained to Pergo who then advised me to go to Lowes where we purchased it and file a complaint. They sent a rep out who made sure the floor was level and properly installed which his report reflected there were no errors on our part, and he clearly stated Yes there are dents and marks in localized areas but his opinion was the floor was not defective..so claim denied. Pergo said their warranty doesn't cover dents, pay professionals to refinish it and Have a nice day. The floor cost $2000 and is on delayed Billing with lowes. Lowes has stepped in but stalled me from returning the floor within the 90 day return policy saying they would try to make this right. As of today,(7/12/2006) after several calls and interactions with managers and reps I am no where. I have reported Lowes and Pergo to the BBB and Consumers and Have wrote to Lowes Credit and had the delay extended for payment and Under federal law act have disputed these charges because of poor quality merchandise.I am done with Lowes either way and As for Pergo Not only are their warranties BOGUS but their Hard wood floors are LOOKing floors not living..I hope I save people from spending their hard earned money on those floors!

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User Replies:
Hugh_Jorgen on 07/12/2006:
Very strange. I installed Pergo in my RV this past winter and that stuff is so hard I can't imagine it denting in place. I'm guessing the dents were there when they put it down. Hopefully Lowe's will at least send someone out to replace the defective pieces. Good luck.
Wildhairedwoman on 07/12/2006:
Hey Hugh No the dents were not there We have a big screen TV and as soon as I rolled it out to vacuum behind it the floor dented. And there is no movement there the floor is level. The rep took pictures and noted floor was level. Hardwood should not dent like that unless it was floated. This floor was glued. Also this not Pergo laminate it is actually supposed to be Northern Oak Hardwood. Trees don't move LOL!
Anonymous on 07/12/2006:
Do a web search of "Pergo defects" http://www.consumeraffairs.com/homeowners/expo_flooring.html
apparently they've got major problems. Contact the Attorney General and file a complaint against Lowes.
Wildhairedwoman on 07/13/2006:
Thank you Mrs M I never thought about going the Attorney General Route! Thank you so much!
Anonymous on 07/13/2006:
Your welcome. fyi: The link to a state's atty.general site is located at the near to top of this page click My Consumer Tools box | select | Contact the Attorney General | and following the prompts. Good luck
Wildhairedwoman on 07/14/2006:
WEll as of today July 14th 2006 4 months later Lowes has resolved this for me!!! Problem resolved!!! And I have to say Thank you to lowes they stood behind their Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.
redfish on 11/03/2006:
How did they solve your problem? I'm have ihte same issue with my Pergo hard wood.
Wildhairedwoman on 11/04/2006:
Wildhairedwoman (11/04/2006)
Redfish I dealt directly with Lowes, as Pergo blew me off! What I did was write this review here you read and then sent it to Lowes via email- WeCare@Lowes.com I sent them a copy of my letter and informed them in an hour it had 150 people read the complaint. I then preceded to file online a complaint with the BBB and consumer affairs. I'll be glad to give u all info you can email me directly at Cmilin3823@aol.com and I will help you if you want.
Jeanine on 06/22/2013:
Had same problem but floor was ordered by Home Depot. Currently waiting for Pergo inspection because installer is claiming the floors were installed correctly. There saying product defect!!
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Above The Best
Posted by on
JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA -- Alego Arturo and his assistant were the best professionals I have ever seen. They were patient, courteous and very knowledgeable. Their concern was to finish the job right the first time concentrating on the smallest detail and not how long it will take to complete.

I highly recommend them to any further jobs.
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Lowes Flooring
Posted by on
LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY -- 4 rooms of carpeting. First they will not give you any written estimate of when they will complete the job. At least double whatever they tell you verbally. If they say they expect to install your carpet in 3 weeks then plan on 6 or 8 weeks. Second they will want you to pay 100% up front, then you will have zero leverage if you don't like the service or results.
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dan gordon on 11/28/2010:
its been stated probably 100 times that Lowes and HD are not great at anything installed. You lose all control and communication is non existent as everything is subbed out.
Anonymous on 11/28/2010:
I purchased Lowes carpet last month and couldn't have been more pleased with the process. I got the 72-hour install which isn't really 72 hours. It's 72 hours after you pay in full and that is after they have been out to measure, etc... It really takes more like 10 days but it was still done very quickly and efficiently. They contracted the install out to a company named Sunrise Carpets. I got a fabulous deal and was very pleased with the end result. I am sorry yours didn't work out as well.
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