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Measure Appliances Yourself Because Lowe's Doesn't Think They're Important
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Rating: 1/51

WAKE FOREST, NORTH CAROLINA -- On 12-7-13, we walked into Lowe's with the measurements for our current over-the-range microwave oven; we even had the original user manual so there would be no problems buying a new one that would fit.

The salesman assured us that the new one that we had selected would fit. Two weeks later the installer arrived and could not get the new one to fit because it was an inch too tall. We have a stone backsplash and the bracket for support requires that the microwave be no more than 15.5" high. The new one was 16.5" high. We thought that we could call Lowe's and just get them to send one that would fit. Turns out, they don't sell one that will fit except for a $1,000 model!

We had to urgently call the installer to come back and put our old microwave back and hope that we could pay someone to fix it. The installer brought our microwave back; it had obviously been thrown into the back of his truck because the key pad was now broken and the hood vent was also now broken. I went to Lowe's today and told them what happened and the only thing they cared about was "Where is the new microwave?" I told them I had no idea where it was and asked them what they were going to do to fix the problem. They said that I could contact two companies to see about fixing it (never mentioning making any restitution for busting up my microwave) and that they would give us a full credit back after they are able to locate the original microwave. They also said that it wasn't the salesman's fault because he could not have known that we have a backsplash!!!! Seriously, they said that.

Am I the only one in America with a backsplash? I told them that it was the salesperson's fault; we had the measurements and he should have paid attention to them. The fact that a home improvement store does not train its appliance salespeople to pay attention to MEASUREMENTS speaks volumes about this company.

Do Not Use Lowe's Install Service
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Rating: 1/51


As an installer they have no idea what they are doing, or what needs to be done. It will end up costing you hundreds of dollars in added expense, as it did me. NOT JUST A FEW DOLLARS BUT $800 EXTRA because of where it was placed.

I wanted to place my generator in one location ( I do have some construction back-ground and common sense. something I found Lowe's lacks) and was told and basically pressured that it should go in another area to save money and was the least expensive best recommended place to install. Plus best place for electrical work to be done. Turned-out it would not had made any difference on the electrical install where I had originally wanted it put. LOWE'S AFTERWARD STATED THEY WERE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR RECOMMENDATION.

It turned out, I had to hire a sub contractor to hook-up generator. Fine no problem, this was the known procedure. Sub contractor contacted Lowe's on needed information on generator to write estimate. LOWE's STATED AFTERWARD THEY ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR CORRECT INFORMATION ON THE PRODUCT THEY SELL ! Lowe's did not inform them of all steps that required by law to be done. The result = the generator was installed where Lowe's recommended for best cost and installation. Because Lowe's had no idea what was involved as primary installer the gas sub contractor was unable to give a proper estimate. LOWE'S FAULT not sub-contractor, they were going on what Lowe's provided.

Lowe's afterward, when I found out about added cost of work which was almost completed and Lowe's stated stated that I should not have had generator gas hooked up . The problem with that was It would have been another several months (already a month after purchase) into the next year at the earliest to complete with a major storm getting ready to start. Plus large concrete pad, tamper-proof generator installation, and electric and most of gas hook-up was already completed. Generator had to be paid for in full early Nov. before Lowe's would even start.

I also had to keep contacting Lowe's about the extra cost, because Lowe's kept forgetting to get back with me. You felt that they felt if you were ignored enough you would drop the matter.



Would I recommend this to a friend? No.

Canceled Fridge Purchase
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Rating: 2/51

PINEVILLE, LOUISIANA -- Recently purchased a new stainless LG refrigerator from Lowe's in Pineville, LA. The best delivery day we could get was scheduled for an afternoon delivery a week later. The driver called about 10:00 AM on delivery day and said he was on his way to our home. I made a mad dash home (30 minutes) and waited an hour only to watch a disgruntled employee beat and bang our new fridge to the rear of the truck. I saw that the plastic trim piece across the lower front was all twisted. After pointing it out, the driver said "it's just a piece of plastic"I told him I paid for a new fridge and expected like new condition. He shoved it back in the truck and said someone would have to re-schedule. I stopped by the Lowe's store in Pineville, LA. on my way back to work and was assured we would be put back on the original afternoon schedule and we would be the first ones on the schedule when the driver came in. The store called about 6:00 PM to report that they likely couldn't deliver the unit without damage because even the one on display was damaged. I asked them to simply remove the front trim piece before loading since it only had two screws holding it on. They agreed and said if it was delivered damaged they would swap the part out later. I said that would be fine. They called back at about 7:00 PM and said the driver was not coming as he was sent off in a different direction. I canceled my purchase.

The story goes on, but let me say, the purchase was easy...finding someone that cared was the challenge after things went wrong. I swear, the delivery guy must have been the managers pet. Not one person attempted to make things right.

Worst Management Ever
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Rating: 1/51

MERRILLVILLE, INDIANA -- I came into that store weekly as I was fixing my rental house. I spoke with the girl at the paint desk every single day. I stopped seeing her there, but being the voyager she is I thought maybe she was off traveling. I ran into her at Home Depot not to long ago to find out she quit, because they were trying to fire her. Not only do I serve as witness that the department manager conducted a lie against her, but I serve as a witness to the fact that she was the only competent person in the paint department. The department manager reported that she told another customer that the "mylowes" is a waste of time. She said no such things. I was standing on the other side of the mountain of paint cans stacked at the paint desk, while she was printing off "how to" guides for me. The customer asked her to look something up and she said she couldn't at the moment because she was helping another customer (me) and she didn't have the iPhone to look anything up on the phone. The department manager then came up in a rage, clicked out all her pages. She looked at me and I looked at her. No one said a word. But I'm pretty sure we were both thinking the same exact thing. The lady was quite bitchy and I do not know if she didn't see me or if she just didn't care.

I will not shop at an establishment that treats their employees with complete and total disrespect. She is no the first employee to be mistreated by those ruthless apes and I highly doubt she will be the last. But I will NOT give my business to a place that cannot conduct it's business with integrity and understanding.

Online Pickup Order - Lost, After Waiting an Hour
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Rating: 1/51

SUNNYVALE, CALIFORNIA -- I ordered one piece of deck trim that wasn't on the floor. And after getting a call that it was in, I returned their call to tell them that I would be by after work the next day.

So, I get there at about 6pm, and go to customer service. It's not too busy and I get helped quickly. So, I wander around the store - hardware to determine if I need special nails. I wander back to customer service, and I don't see the trim piece there. I wander over to light bulbs, trying to justify the cost of LED bulbs. Back again but still no trim. It's been about 20 minutes and she calls again, talks on the phone, and says it should be here shortly. Another 10 minutes pass, and my customer service person is going to lunch. But she did tell me that this other person would continue to help me. I again provide the details of my order, and she makes some calls. Another 15 minutes pass, and I ask what's happening. She says she doesn't know but another customer service person will walk over to that area.

After 15 minutes, she doesn't reappear, so I ask to see a manager. In a couple of minutes, he walks up and says,"We've lost it but someone had seen it yesterday." So I say,"it takes one hour for you to tell me that you've lost it?" And he, in a condescending tone, says,"we'll, if you'd let me finish..." Now, this was after I asked to see him, not him finding an issue, then coming to explain it to me. He then offered me some options, of which I picked "Deliver it when you find it."

Very frustrating that they could lose a special order, and then to be treated like a 12 year in a temper tantrum just made it even worse.

Never Again Will I Trust Lowe's in Honolulu
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Rating: 1/51

HONOLULU, HAWAII -- Well let's start from scratch. I ordered a new washer and dryer on 08/19/13 and was promised the delivery date of 08/24/13 AM before noon. The delivery made as promised and the first load of washing was a big problem with a grinding noise and the washer seemed to want to leave the washing room during the spin cycle due to it was unbalanced .

I called Lowe's in Honolulu " The one on 411 Pacific Street " and after talking to many lyres and uninformed employees I finally talked to the Manager in charge and asked if the installation crew could return to inspect the washer.

Yes; and after 4 hours they arrived and took one look at the washer and claimed it a manufacturer defect. The washer was quickly removed and my promise was I would have a new one the next day. They will call me by 7 or 8 AM to let me know the time of arrival. Called at 9 AM and they claimed it's on the truck ready for delivery with no promise of a delivery time "Can't find the record", so, it must be on the truck was the reply. 12 PM called for the Manager and was forced to leave a message with the receptionist for the Manager to call me. 1500 still no response and called again for the Manager- This time I got through and the Manager said he would call back.

OK; Now were wondering if the washer was ever on the truck and the Manager called to confirm the washer was still sitting on the loading dock and someone is tasked to deliver it now.

The truck arrives with the brand new "good" washer with the wiz bang crew hurry to connect it up and with all new water lines and hoses. All is fine until my wife finds out the cold and hot water lines were backwards after washing some delicate fabrics.

What a messed up store. First they bring a bad washer and don't test the washer prior to walking away and with the good washer they reverse the RED and BLUE.

This Store is on my most unwanted list of places to shop now. Lowe's name has been forever damaged for me due to the above and I'll do business elsewhere in Honolulu.

Wasted two of my days and I lost track of how many phone calls to what I would consider ignorant staff. I do feel sorry for the manager due to nothing really happened until I talked directly with him.

What Customer Service? Embarrassed By Clerk And Manager
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Rating: 1/51

APPLE VALLEY, CALIFORNIA -- I spent 1.5 hours shopping at the store in apple valley Ca. and had over 200.00 $ in merchandise and when I was to check out the clerk saw that my card had my wife's name on it and refused it. I explained that I had lost my card yesterday and both cards are identical except for name and offered to show her an expired card with the same number on it when she refused to even look at the card she got quite snotty and I said I would pay cash but this would be the last time in this store since Home Depot is across the street, At that time she walked off with my card and started telling everyone with a red vest on what had happened, I have been embarrassed before but not in a store by a clerk telling the world that I was attempting a fraudulent act. At this time my wife was on the phone and heard all of it, I offered to put her on the phone but the clerk was to busy making sure that customers and employees within earshot could hear her.

At this point I said I would never come back to a store that intentionally embarrasses there customers. However I needed several items badly and returned to pay cash when an assistant manager came up and when I told him what happen he did not apologize or solicit my cash purchase he just said the clerk did her job, Since when is a embarrassed customer part of a clerks job.

At this point I said verbatim " this type of customer service is ridiculous and she can kiss my ass" then the manager took offense to a phrase spoken on broadcast TV, radio and is not in my opinion vulgar or offensive and was not directed towards him. HE ORDERED ME OUT OF YOUR STORE AND SAID NOT TO COME BACK.! I have pulled my receipts for 2013/2012 totaling 13,563.82 I gather this does not matter to the company so I have no choice unless an apology at the least is given and on second thought a apology coming from a man who is so thin skinned in a environment of contractors should be looking for a job.

After my experience I expect nothing from their company so Good Bye and I have lost faith in the chain so good luck, may Karma pay the Apple Valley store a visit, Treating customers this way has a way of getting around.

Was to get a roof quote but got into argument match with store Manager
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Rating: 1/51

GLASSGOW, KENTUCKY -- I was at Lowes 5-24-2013 ask about a Metal roof quote. The lady called the guy and before I got home a message was left. I called and left my name and number, today I went back and it has been 7 days later I ask to talk to the store Manager, which took forever for him to come. When he did I explained what had happened and I don't like doing business like that, he said let me look so he looked in the computer and said my guy don't do that we have never had a problem with him! I said your guy never called me back after I left my name and number nor did he come and the guy walked up and then he started saying he did call me over 5 times which was a big lie he started saying he can prove it with his AT&T cell phone Bill I told him to prove it then lets see it !!

The argument went on maybe 5 -8 minutes of course with about 6 employee as Audience I told him I guess Lowes don't need the money the Point is what the Manager should have done is> Say sorry about what ever has happened and let me send my guy out for your quote but he did not he defended his worker and to heck with the Buyer this guy was in the wrong to let things go the way it did so I went 50 miles to another place that's real bull ! customers should be treated better than that if it was not for customer there would be no Lowes in Glassgow Ky or any other State in Glassgow Ky or any other State. I was not asking for a Job nor Money nor a Discount just a Roof Quote !!!

No Longer a Customer
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Rating: 1/51

BIG FLATS, NEW YORK -- I am a female do-it-yourselfer who purchases supplies for major projects. One time I went to Lowe's for wire and as I stood in front of the wire cutting machine, I noticed male employees walking past the isle, glancing down at me standing there, and then continued walking with no offer of help. I deliberately timed this and 45 minutes later my husband came looking for me and went and dragged a young man out of a different department to measure and cut the wire. I informed the young man that had I been standing there with a penis, I would have been waited on right away.

Case in point: a few days ago I went in again and picked up flooring tile, among other things. As I was gathering up supplies from various departments, several times an employee would look my way with NO offer of help! Once as I stood with list in hand looking for a particular item with no success, I noticed an employee coming up the isle right toward me. BUT he walked around me as if I didn't exist and continued on to go to the man further up the isle. I walked around the store and put everything back. I should have left my cart there and walked out, but I guess I am a little more considerate than the employees at Lowe's. My money will no longer go to Lowe's. Home Depot is always ready to offer help.

Husband Dropped Dead While Working At Lowes-No Compensation
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Rating: 1/51

PRATTVILLE, ALABAMA -- My husband worked long hard hours and straight days in a row and finally dropped dead in the parking lot while on a buggie run. No one did CPR. They gave his red vest for a souvenir HA. When it came to giving me workers comp (like they said at the hospital - HR manager and store manager) they sent me cards (actually they sent cards in my husband's name) I waited for 4 weeks called the workers comp company and girl told me my husband situation didn't qualify - "he was a sick man". I argue that point because he wasn't. He had just had heart work up including stress. Nothing wrong. No one will tell me what he did the last days of his life, but I know they were working him like a mule. They worked him so hard and he kept up with it didn't want to lose his job (been laid off before from engineering job). Then when I went to find out about the 50,000 life insurance the HR dept had failed to withdraw from his check, therefore I get nothing. I was with him when he clicked on life insurance, short and long time disability. His manager was showing him how to do it. But MUMS the word. No one will talk.

So, my husband who dedicated his LIFE to LOWES left me behind with nothing. And that was not his intention! Got to go, this is upsetting me. I cry everyday.

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