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Commercial Services Desk
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SUNNYVALE, CALIFORNIA -- I applied for a commercial account because Lowe's is trying to attract commercial customers and are luring them with a 5% discount and $20 deliveries. Well, you don't get the discount if you don't ask for it. No one told me that when I signed up for my commercial card, causing me to have to get in line at the service desk, get the amount refunded to me, then recharge the item to my card with the discount.

90% of the time I need to place or check on an order, when calling the commercial desk, the phone rings and rings, then goes back to customer service. Customer Service transfers me back to the commercial desk, then it rings and rings until it goes back to customer service. They transfer me back to the commercial desk and it rings and rings. You get the point. It is almost impossible to get anyone to answer the phone, let alone get an order in.

Once I went into the store for a few items once for my project. Stock was completely out on all but one of the items I came for. I only left with one thing I needed that night for my project. I had to special order the rest and wait a week to receive them.

I had to reorder a 50 gallon drum of slurry seal that never got ordered. When it arrived, they told me that my 5 gallons of slurry seal had arrived. I had ordered 50 gallons. Had to wait a few more days for the 50 gallon drum to arrive. I waited on a delivery for days because their truck had broken down not once, but twice that week.

I had negotiated quantity discounts that I never received, and also noticed I got taxed on a delivery charge on my recent statement so I attempted to call the commercial desk to get it resolved. Got bounced back and forth between the commercial services and customer service desks no less than 7-8 times, then got hung up on.

Called back and got bounced back and forth from desk to desk, and finally someone picked up the phone that could help with my billing questions. He then told me that he couldn't help. He explained that I had an account manager and gave me another number to call. I called that number and it was a heavily accented Indian lady who told me that she didn't have our account number in her system and that she couldn't help me. She explained that I needed to call the store again.

My project is pretty small compared to many other contractors and their projects. I'm about to throw the card in the trash. I don't have time to get bounced back and forth from desk to desk trying to talk to someone whenever I want to give them business. If their truck is broken, why not rent one so they can provide seamless service? They have lost many of my orders because Home Depot is cheaper, even with the 5% discount, and they have what I need in stock.

I have given Lowe's constructive feedback when things are going wrong for them, trying to improve my future experiences as well as those of others. Deaf ears. Commercial in Sunnyvale needs some work. Lowe's is clearly not ready to service commercial accounts effectively.

"Lowe's Fears Competition Prices So Bad They Refuse Their Own Coupon!"
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GALLATIN, TENNESSEE -- On November 16, 2011 at around 1:00 pm I stopped in to the Gallatin, TN Lowe's to see if I could find a refrigerator that was at Electronic Express. One of the associates told me they could special order it for me "Model # sshs2622ms". I noticed that Lowe's was way overpriced on the fridge. Their cost was $1099.99 vs. Electronic Express at $799.00. So I asked if they would match the price and beat it by 10% as their policy said they would do.

The associate called a manager, and he said yes they would. So they worked up my order, then told me to pay at customer service. So I went to the customer service desk where they had trouble pulling up the order. After having to call for a second assistant, they found my order. I proceeded to pay out.

I had a one time moving discount coupon good for 10% off. When I tried to use it I was told I could not. That the coupon was not good with any other discount. I told the associate I hadn't received any other discount. She said "Well they price matched". I told her that Lowe's being overpriced and having to match and beat by 10% was policy. Not a discount at all.

After she argued with me for some time she called a manager whom told me he wouldn't allow me to use the coupon either. He said that it wasn't good with any other discount. I told him I had not received any other discount, that the price matching was their policy. He told me he didn't even have to price match on a special order product. He argued with me some then just said he wouldn't allow the coupon.

I think it's sorry when Lowe's gets their socks knocked off by a company like Electronic Express so bad that they can't even honor their own coupons. Also now that they have made me mad I think I will be furnishing my new home at Electronic Express and Home Depot. It's a shame too because I have been a long time Lowe's customer, and a Lowe's credit card holder. I'm very disappointed with Lowe's.

People should strive to shop elsewhere! I will place the stipulations for use of their coupon for all to read. Read it for yourself. Never does it say cannot be used with our price match guarantee! Lowe's wasted one whole day of my time with their unusable coupons, and “their scared to match“ price match guarantee!!!

"Coupon cannot be used in conjunction with any other coupon or discount. This coupon is good for a single receipt purchase of any in-stock or Special Order merchandise only up to $5,000 (Maximum discount $500). Coupon is not redeemable for cash, is nontransferable and cannot be replaced if lost or stolen. Void if altered, copied, transferred, or sold through any on-line auction. Limit one coupon per household. Not valid on sales on previous sales or purchase of services or gift cards. This Coupon is valid in the U.S. only and will expire on the date listed on the front of the Coupon."

Do Not Purchase Sensa in Minnesota
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Stone Systems installed Sensa granite in our kitchen purchased through Lowe's. They initially installed the granite pattern going in all different directions. It was like someone cut the pieces with their eyes closed. Also, we were told there would be one seam in the kitchen and there are two. After much arguing with the company, they redid the direction of the granite so that the direction of the pattern of the granite was improved. However, they left a seam so large that it sticks out like a sore thumb and they also installed a piece with a very large chip in the front of it. It was such a nightmare dealing with them that I gave up.

After being upset for months, I contacted Lowe's again to see what could be done. After asking Lowe's for help to get the vendor to improve the look of their work, the vendor finally sent out two repairmen. The same two that installed the granite. They cut out the chip, filled with epoxy, and replaced it with another chip of granite and then took a marker to make it look like part of the slab.

They then refused to try to fix the seam and when Lowe's (who was at the house during this repair) told them that was what they were here to do, they ran out to their truck and called their manager without telling us. And out of nowhere, she shows up to protect repairmen and argue with me that this is the best job they could do. She also asked us if we had previously called for a service call on the chip. In other words, trying to make it look like we chipped it and asked them to fill it in. It was installed like that, shockingly. They will argue with you and make you feel like you are an idiot.

I was told last week that they would go back to their plant and look for a color match on the granite and call me on Tuesday. It's Thursday now and no word from them. They were supposed to pull the granite out and smooth out the seam and put it back in. This is the best that we could get them to do. This hassle cost me $3,000. Save yourself the hassle and make sure that the granite that Lowe's or any body else sells you is not Sensa.

Lowe's and Whirlpool Want My Fridge to Keep Leaking Onto My New Floor a Few More Times Before They Will Replace It.
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I recently purchased a side-by-side Whirlpool Gold refrigerator from the Lowe's in Rocky River. Shortly after the fridge was installed, there was a leak which ruined my brand new laminate wood flooring. Apparently the drip pan overflowed. I called Lowe's service and they forwarded me through to Whirlpool who then sent someone out to fix it from A&E Factory service... they came and said that nothing was wrong. I thought this was a one time thing, so I fixed my floor because I had leftover floorboards and I didn't want to bother dealing with Lowe's/Whirlpool to have it fixed.

This past Sunday, I found that the drip pan overflowed and once again ruined my floor. I called Lowe's (who apparently now deals with repairs internally, and didn't send me through to Whirlpool) immediately and they sent someone out the next day from a different service company, Complete Appliance Service (I told them not to send A&E Factory again because I read multiple complaints about the company online).

While on the phone with Lowe's I asked them what happens if the fridge leaks again. They said they would simply send someone else out to look it again. Basically what they were telling me was that my floor had to be ruined for a third time before any time of replacement fridge would be considered. I also talked to Lowe's about having my floor replaced this time, because I refused to be responsible for the floor for a second time. They put in a request for the floor to be replaced. Who knows when this could be resolved.

Meanwhile, Complete Appliance Service came out on the next Tuesday and replaced the filter housing on the fridge. No less than 24 hours later after the second repair company came out, the fridge leaked again. Of course I called Lowe's again and explained the situation. They insisted on sending out the same company again, despite them not being able to solve the problem the day before.

They are telling me that there needs to be at least 3 service calls (I had only had two service calls up to this point) before Whirlpool will consider replacing the fridge. This means that my floor would need to be ruined a minimum of four times... the fourth time occurring after the third service call.

Complete Appliance Service already came out yesterday morning and said that they "might" know what the problem is and that they have to order some parts based on what they were told from Whirlpool, which I am told from Whirlpool is the same part that was already replaced. So now I get to have a broken, unhooked fridge sitting in my house until they come out again. And I am confident that even when they come back out, the problem will still persist, because the service technician was not sure that this would solve the problem.

I want to know why I should have to wait until my floor is ruined a minimum of four times before Whirlpool will consider a replacement. On top of all of this, it is not even a guarantee that my floor will be replaced. I have since talked to Whirlpool directly, and they are telling me that their warranty only cover repairs, not replacements. However, if no one can repair the fridge, shouldn't I be entitled to a replacement? It appears as if I was sold a lemon and neither Lowe's nor Whirlpool will do anything about it.

Stay away from Lowe's Delivery
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GLEN BURNIE, MARYLAND -- On October 9th I ordered from a Bosch Washing Machine for $854.10. The washing machine was for a rental property in Baltimore, MD. The on-line confirmation told me the estimated delivery date was October 25th and that I would be contacted within 24 hours to schedule delivery. That evening I received a voicemail telling me that the washing machine would be delivered tomorrow, October 10th. This delivery was allegedly coming from the Lowe's store in Glen Burnie, MD.

I was very surprised by this so I called the Shipping Department back and was assured the item was in stock and ready to be delivered on October 10th between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm. I was also told that I would get a phone call on my cell phone when the delivery was close by. I then promptly notified my renters and they told me one of them would hang around the house all day and wait for the delivery. I did the same and was planning on meeting the delivery with some friends at the house as the washer needed to be moved to a 2nd floor.

The delivery or call never came. I attempted to call the delivery department several times later that afternoon and got no answer. The next day on October 11th I called the store to see what had gone wrong. I talked to Store Manager #1 and he seemed very surprised by this chain of events. He said they definitely did not have the washer.

It was definitely not supposed to have been delivered the previous day and that from what he saw it would not be arriving at the store until Oct 25th. He said this was probably a “computer glitch” and this happens sometimes. This was the beginning of the major communication gap that seems to exist between the Lowe's store and their Shipping Department.

Later on during the week of October 11th I called the Lowe's store and talked to Store Manager #1 again. I informed him that I was going to be out of town for a few weeks and to please call my two renters when the item was ready to be delivered. They would then coordinate the delivery. I gave him both of their cell phone numbers. I informed my renters to expect delivery on October 25th and to expect a call beforehand. I gave them the proper paperwork in case there were any questions.

While I was gone here is part of the fiasco the renters went through - on October 24th the Shipping Department called me and the renters saying the item had been damaged while being offloaded from the truck and there will be no delivery. She then said the item would not be delivered until November 11th.

However, during the week of October 25th Lowe's calls my renters and sets up a new appointment for October 30th between 1:30-3:30. Apparently the washer had come in. On October 30th the driver calls the renters at 1:45 and tells them he is 10 minutes away. The driver never shows or calls back. However I get about 3 messages on my cell phone (I am still out of town) from the driver saying he is outside my residence (not the rental property) and that there is no one home.

I have no idea how they managed to attempt to deliver to my address. My renters call Lowe's later that afternoon to find out what the story is and the store in Glen Burnie says it is “out of their hands” and they should contact the Shipping Department. They attempt to call contact the Shipping Department several times and get no answer.

The renters get a hold of the Shipping Department again on November 2nd and setup the delivery for November 3rd. The renters hang around all day for the delivery and it never comes and they receive no phone call. They call the Shipping Department later in the day and are told the appointment for November 3rd had been deleted by the Lowe's Manager by accident.

It is then setup for November 4th. Again, the delivery never comes and when the renters talk to the Shipping Department they are told the washer had been taken off the truck at the last minute. As before no call was made to the renters (or me) to tell them the delivery was not coming. At this point the renters have raised the white flag and were done dealing with Lowe's. On November 4th I attempted to get a grasp on this nightmare.

On November 5th I talked to Store Manager #1 from the Glen Burnie Store and explained to him the charade that had been going on the past few weeks. I made a request to have an exact time on when the washing machine would be delivered. He said he was not able to do that, the best he could do was say the delivery would happen between 8am-12pm on Saturday, November 6th and that I would get a phone call when the delivery was getting close.

I explained to him to please make sure to call me first when the delivery was about to take place as I lined up three workers for that morning who were going to assist me in carrying the washer to the 2nd floor (as I had done on the previous deliveries). I never received a phone call. However, that evening I receive a voicemail from one of the renters stating the washer had been dropped off at 3:00 pm. The Shipping Department stated that they were not able to remove the old washer because of liability (the washer has to be lifted onto a 2nd floor deck to get it up and down the 2nd floor).

I totally understand this and that is why Lowe's was supposed to call me first (and show up between 8-12) as I had the workers lined up and we were at the rental property all morning. Instead they don't call me and they show up three hours late. Very, very frustrating. There is a total lack of communication between the store (and what they're putting into the computer) and the Shipping Department.

Next I talked to Store Manager #2 on November 9th and made him aware of the situation. I asked him if someone can come over the weekend of November 13th and disconnect the old washer, connect the new one, and haul away the old one (as stated in the contract). He stated the Shipping Department was gone for the day but that someone would call me on the morning of November 10th to set up the appointment. I never get a phone call from Lowe's. At this point I decided to call my local plumber and have him disconnect the old one and connect the new one. Lowe's is just too unreliable to deal with.

On November 11th, I called Lowe's and talked to Store Manager #1 again and they said they would come on November 13th to pick up the old washer. I then called Customer Service on November 12th and told them that some funny noises were coming from the washing machine. They then put me in touch with Store Manager #1 again (Glen Burnie store) and he said it was most likely because the shipping bolts were probably still in the washer.

I received a call the evening of November 12th from the Shipping Department and they told me they would come the next day between 12:30-2:30. Again they don't contact me (as they said they would the previous night) or the renters, but for the first time they do show up on time. They then actually removed the shipping bolts and took the old washer away.

I then e-mailed the Lowe's Customer Care line. They apologized for the issues I had and they said they would forward the situation to senior management at the store. The next day I get a call from Store Manager #1, the same guy who was part of the whole problem. He apologized and asked if everything had been resolved. I asked if he had read the 3 page report I had e-mailed to them and he said he had not. He said he just wanted to make sure the washer was in and he stated they had fixed the problems with the delivery department (no details of course).

I then contacted Customer Care again saying the whole point of writing the 3 page timeline was so Senior Management at Lowe's could be alerted of this debacle. Customer Care said this was Senior Management. However they then sent an e-mail that the issue would be pushed to the Regional Manager. The following day I received a call from the Regional Manager and for the first time it actually seemed like someone cared about what happened.

He said he had read the letter three times and was in disbelief about what had occurred. He said this was not how business was done at Lowe's and that he was going to the store later in the week and would try and get to the bottom of what happened. He also sent me a $100 gift card. I haven't heard back as to what corrective measures have been taken. My experience with Lowe's was a nightmare and I would advise people to stay away! I have used Sears and Home Depot in the past and they seem to be much more reliable.

The most amazing part of this experience was the number of no calls and no shows. Sitting around on 4 different days and getting no phone call after the appointment has been scheduled is fairly incredible. Even towards the end, when you think the issue would be a priority, Store Manager #2 tells me I will get a call the next morning to address the issue. I never receive the phone and have to instead call them the day after. Unbelievable. I know Lowe's is a big company, but I would advise consumers to stay away. This was one for the books!

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MOORESVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA -- Today was the last straw!!! I will never shop at the Waterloo, Iowa or any Lowe's Home Improvement store again! NEVER! It has been a three-month nightmare dealing with them about carpeting, paint, plantation shudders etc. I have never seen such incompetence in my life in dealing with what should've been an easy transaction. Because of their incompetence I have been delayed for three months in moving into my new condo. Phone calls never returned, lack of knowledge about my particular orders.

Every time I would go to the store, (a half an hour drive from my new condo) a new sales person would look up my record and either add or subtract information without my knowing it. At one period of time a young woman told me I was "dead" wrong as to what kind of Pergo flooring I bought. I never was able to convince her that I bought Berkshire Cherry and not Oak. I was charged over $4000.00 for items I never bought. I was asked to see the receipts for those item before a refund would be given. Only after a thorough investigation did the store realize they had charged me and not the person who actually bought the items.

Today I received the plantation shutters (after waiting almost four months) and when I took them out of the huge crate they came in, they didn't fit my windows. I called the store and asked for the manager who was of course "terribly sorry" about the mistake and had the nerve to ask me if I wanted to keep them. I couldn't believe she asked me such an absurd question. Later this evening I again called the store and as usual spoke with a "new" manager who had no idea about what was going on in regards to my case. He said that when I brought the shutters back to the store he would refund me.

The crate they were delivered in came in a 30 ft. semi-truck. The crate is approximately six feet tall and five feet wide and I estimate three hundred pounds. When I told him this he said that Lowe's could pick them up but there would be a $45.00 charge. I demanded that they come pick the shutters up and that there was not to be any charge! These are only a few of the incidents that I've endured for the last three and a half months. But never again, because as I said I will NEVER EVER deal with Lowe's again.

I have encouraged others to not shop there also. Two of my friend are doing extensive remodeling to their offices and after hearing my story have decided not to use Lowe's. One was for 1.6 million and the other for just over $2.7 million. They don't deserve the business. When it comes to Lowe's consumer think twice; no maybe three times before spending your hard earned cash with Lowe's. Maybe the name fits their customer service.

Lowe's Extended Warranty
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WARNING: DO NOT BUY THE EXTENDED SERVICE ADVANTAGE WARRANTY from LOWE'S. I purchased my Fisher/Paykel clothes washer and dryer set from Lowe's in January 2006. I decided to also purchase the extended warranty plan (additional 4 years added to Fisher/Paykel's 2 year warranty). I am not young and have moved many times in my life, so I have owned several brands/types of washers and dryers: (Kenmore, Maytag, Whirlpool). I liked the features of the Fisher/Paykel but wanted the extra protection of the extended warranty.

Lowe's collected my money for the cost of the warranty immediately and they have had the use of that money since 2006. Yet, the warranty service does NOT IMMEDIATELY respond to service needs. IMAGINE THAT! My dryer has needed new bearing every 1 and 1/2 years since it was purchased. I am currently awaiting for the 4th bearing to be installed.

My washer has had less need of service; yet it has had a new pump installed. A man's handkerchief was "eaten" in the washer and stopped up the pump. This handkerchief was NOT damaged BEFORE it was washed; it had been washed many times before with no problem. This time it stopped up the washer. When someone FINALLY came to repair it; the pieces of cloth were removed and the repairman left saying the washer was now fine. NO IT WAS NOT FINE. Another call and ANOTHER LONG WAIT, and finally a new pump was put in.

Now, the cold water will not flow in correctly. So while I wait on the 4th bearing for my dryer, I am also waiting on a new valve (?) for my washer. I phoned the EXTENDED WARRANTY number: 1-888-77Lowes - on July 27, 2010, and talked to an 'Angie'. My service date was set for August 4, 2010. When no one appeared nor phoned on August 4, I phoned the Service Advantage AGAIN somehow my repair date had been changed to another date but I had not been notified and would be unavailable for that date. Many other phone calls, and finally service date set. Then parts had to be ordered.

Now it is August 17 and no word about WHEN my appliances will be fixed. I phoned Service Advantage AGAIN to find out that service was FINALLY scheduled for August 20 for my washer and August 24 for my dryer. ALMOST ONE MONTH after the initial phone call for service! DO they expect me to be HAPPY? I have 2 college kids trying to get clothes ready to go and 1 in high school. College kids will be gone by August 20! THANKS A LOT FOR NOTHING LOWE'S! Please call me to answer a survey about your service!!!. Please call me!!!

Again: WARNING TO ALL WHO TAKE THE TIME TO READ THE ABOVE: Do not buy extended warranty from Lowe's. You have been warned. To be fair; I suggest you try calling 1-888-77Lowes BEFORE you pay for the EXTENDED warranty and see how they 'handle' you THEN you will know not to buy the extended warranty. Remember, they get YOUR money IN FULL immediately UPON PURCHASE! But they can take as long as they want to perform the service!

Resolution Update 09/04/2010:

The issue with my Fisher/Paykel Clothes Dryer has been resolved.

Contractors Beware
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SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS -- To all that would order from Lowe's - as a rule I shop for deals and service for several customers. From the better wood to the better services. Ones I do not provide. I tend to go between the three stores here and often settle on Lowe's. A few years back I had a customer that had issue with the service department. I bought the same product from them and had a subcontractor do the work... Save the customer 500.00 and she was happy but swore never again to get service or even parts from Lowe's and is now a Home Depot customer all the time... Even if prices are higher. A small lose to Lowe's but still a loss ....and I had always had good relations with Lowe's.

Now recently I sent a customer to Lowe's for cabinets and counter tops. I had done all the texture as well as paint and vanities - all bought at Lowe's... Then it came time for the cabinets and appliances, counter tops. I had set the floor and had set grout. The counter top guys show up and the cabinets were so far off we had to abort. The man showed up to fix the cabinets, used my tools and that was rude toward me. I let it go in the interest of getting it all done, but the hold up left me waiting all day for their work to be re-done. That left the counter top guys waiting and me on hold.

Waste of my time as a handyman is not cheap or something I can afford these days. Long story short we got the tops in. As the appliances showed up more and more issues. They would not put the anti-tilt on the stove without an extra charge. So for a stove install they plug it in... Yea. The cabinet was too close to put in the microwave so another call to Lowe's. The manager was rude the first time out and that held steady. Finally at 3 pm the cabinet guys showed... Grumbled about having to come but finally moved the cabinets the small amount needed. Still leaving a 2-inch gap at the one end.

Now as a contractor and self-employed handyman I want to warn you all off... The early morning Lowe's prayer meeting when they swear to help and do and serve customers is a fallacy. They have terrible service. They will make your customers mad. If you need the services you are further ahead to contact the stone man, the cabinet maker, and the appliance store on your own. You will be able to save the customer a lot of money and a ton of aggravation.

I will never again send a customer to them for service. I am still stuck with them for some things as I do still shop bargains. But be assured that their service was not a bargain, their cabinet people here in San Antonio were a nightmare and the manager we had the misfortune to deal with was rude at best. In this day and age where jobs are scarce and money is tight and you have someone spending thousands, these big companies need to be much more respectful and more service oriented. Best wishes to one and all of you out there. Hope this saves someone losing a customer due to a bad reference.

The Many Reasons Lowe's Is Great
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I've been meaning to write a compliment about Lowe's for a while now but today pushed me over, I simply have to write one. First, I bought a fixer upper home with my husband in September. Nothing too wrong, but in dire need of updating cosmetically. We took on the challenge with the help of our first time home buyer tax credit and supplies at Lowe's. My husband does all the work himself, but he's never done it on his own before. Anyway, the first reason Lowe's is great: Returns made easy. Hubby likes to buy any supply he thinks he might need for the current day's project, even if he ends up not using it.

Even though we keep a good majority of the renovation receipts, sometimes there's just too many to go through to find the one that has an item on it we no longer need. Lowe's doesn't even need the receipt to do a return. We just take the part to the return desk, they swipe the card we believe we bought it with (even if we have to try several), and voila, it finds the transaction and it's returned! How simple is that? If you pay with cash or gift card it prompts for a phone number, so they can look it up with that. So if you forget receipts, don't skip the phone number entering for cash transactions. Second reason Lowe's is great: Customer service.

We go to several different Lowe's within probably a 30 mile radius of our current residence and our future residence, and each one is equally as friendly. They have the type of service people that bombard with help if you come within range. Some like it, some don't, but I still feel it's a positive in the long run. The one time my husband actually needed advice he was able to get an answer that worked. The worker was able to tell him the difference between two parts and give him the correct one, since hubby had been having trouble with it and couldn't figure out what was wrong. He had been using the wrong part.

Third reason Lowe's is great: Delivery. I had my very first appliance delivery a few days ago and Lowe's was outstanding. I went to a store that had both the range and fridge I wanted on display. Unfortunately they did not have the fridge in stock, but a store on the way to my house (30 miles from the store I ordered from) had it, but didn't have the range, so they would swing by that store to pick up the fridge and take a range from their store. I ordered on a Friday for Sunday. Because they usually need more advance notice on multi store pick ups, the worker helping me needed a manager over ride.

He was extremely accommodating and made sure I could get my stuff the exact day I needed it. Even called to confirm the other store had the fridge before placing the order. My future home is a raised ranch, meaning the appliances would need to come up a flight of stairs. It's also on a hill where most people park on the street and there is no driveway room for the delivery truck. They ended up parking on a side street and walking the appliances down to me, then lug them up a flight of stairs into the kitchen. They could have simply refused for all I know, but they managed to get them into my kitchen safe and sound. All for FREE I might add.

And the last reason Lowe's is great: Wow factor. Allow me to explain. We have a home loan known as a 203 K, and we billed in money for appliances that is given half upfront and half up to 6 months from closing date. That 6 months is up at the end of March and I need to fax over all my receipts for appliances before I can get the second half of the money to pay for them. We just bought our range, fridge, and dishwasher within the last week before the 6 month deadline, but bought our washer and drier right before Black Friday in November. My husband swears he remembers where the receipt is, but has not been able to find it.

We have all the other Lowe's receipts from the past 6 months, but he squirreled away the most important one, and forgot where he put it. DOY! Well, he figured as a last ditch effort he would go to Lowe's and see what they could do. Not only were they able to find the transaction in the system, but they printed him out a copy of it! Are you kidding me? Lowe's saved the day! It's been well over 90 days and I figured we were SOL and expected nothing of Lowe's to be able to help us and they did. THAT is exceptional. So there you have it, a long winded rant that comes from 6 months worth of constant, almost daily trips to Lowe's.

Helpful tips
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STRONGSVILLE, OHIO -- Lowe's is a home improvement store and may not have everything you are looking for. The store is rather large and holds thousands of products. Some employees may have recently transferred to that department. Perhaps a new product came in that they were unaware of. It is always best to attempt to find the item yourself. A store directory is located at the front entrance along with a map since some stores are laid out differently.

If you find an item on TV, write down who made the item and as much impertinent information as you can. If you found an item in an ad, take the ad with you. If it was on, write down the item number. If you are looking for an appliance or cordless drill, the library offers Consumer Reports at the reference desk. That independent company tests products and relays the info back to the consumer.

A bolt breaks on a lawnmower and you want it replaced. By taking a similar bolt off and bringing it it, it will make it easier for the Lowe's employee to match the threads and length along with style of bolt you are looking for. If your bulb burns out, take it with you to the store. It will help to match up the type of bulb (base and style) and how many watts it was. Plus it will remind you why you entered the store in the first place.

If you are buying a new light fixture, make sure they stock the same bulbs. Some newer style of fixtures require new bulbs that haven't hit the shelves yet. If you can't take the item with you, then take a quick picture with a camera phone. A picture is worth a thousand words. You may refer to a part and an employee might call it something different. It's good to be on the same page.

Check quantity bags to ensure the correct number is there. Some customers take it upon themselves to reallocate merchandise. Also, if you pick up multiple items, make sure each item is the same one you want. Screaming at associates doesn't make that employee want to help you more than if you were polite. Would you want someone screaming at you? The associates are bound by store rules and your request may be better directed to a manager at customer service.

If you find the same product at another store, take the ad into Lowe's and they will price match and give a discount. I'm talking the same item, not similar items. They are comparing apples to apples. Check the ad dates. If the sale has passed, then we are sorry for the lapse in time and do hope you take advantage of the current ad that is running. Most holiday sales are while supply lasts. Early bird gets the worm and some people call before coming out to ensure the product is there (in the associate's hands).

Not all Lowe's are run the same. You could have great service at one store all year then have one bad experience. If it continues then find a store that is more focused on the customer. My Lowe's Store is a stone's throw from a Home Depot. We get people who praise our customer service. We also have people that feel we should do the shopping for them. We can't please everyone but we will do the best we can. Hope to see you in my store and help you build something. :)

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