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The Mower Purchase From **
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GOLDSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA -- Saturday I went to Lowe's to buy a riding lawn mower. So I get there about noon. I picked out the mower that I thought I wanted. So I get up on it and sit and start playing around with it. I decide that I don't like where the clutch is because of my hurt knee. So the lady tells me that she has an automatic mower. But they have just come off the truck and they will have to take one out of the cart. So with my purchase of the new riding lawn mower, today I get a cart that you pull behind the mower to move things around your yard. It was a nice crate. About 90.00 in cost. Nice.

The lady in the mower department puts my purchase in the register and I am supposed to tell them at the front about it. I tell the lady that there is no way I will be able to get a riding lawn mower into my building that has a 42-inch deck on it. So she tells me about these chains that they use that can't be cut with bolt cutters. So she says she will meet me at the front of the store with the cart and the lawn mower. So I head over to get the things I need from hardware. I get to the front counter, and the lady rings me up. I am not paying any attention to the cost of these things because I have a 20% competitor's coupon with me which Lowe's accepts if it has a barcode.

I had paid for 800.00 worth of the mower on one credit card I had with me but knew that one wouldn't hold It all. So then I reach in my purse to get another credit card, one which isn't there. Oh my gosh now I had to run to the bank right down the road to get some cash. So I left my friend standing at the register while I went to the bank. I was back within 15 mins. Lowes Troy-Bilt Automatic Lawn Mower Engine Lowes Troy-Bilt Automatic Lawn Mower

So when I got back, I ask my friend if he had seen any signs of my mower. He said "No I have not." I said "Oh there comes my cart never mind." The man that was pulling the cart said it wasn't mine. I said "Oh yes it is." I said I just paid for it and the lady in the back put it on a cart just for me with a gas can. Which happens to be the last cart in the store. He said "Hold on. I will be right back" and pushed the cart in the corner of the store where I couldn't get it.

After about two minutes this man comes up grabs the cart and heads for the door. I said "Hey wait, that's my cart." The man said "No I just paid for it." And I said "Yeah and you took it off a buggy that had a gas can with it." The man knew what I was talking about. But he said "Well I just paid for it." Anyway out the door he went with it. While the other people there just looked at me going "Oh my gosh he stole her cart." So then the manager saw what happen and ask if I could use a cart already put together. I said sure, that's a good thing cause then I don't have to put it together.

So then I ask where my lawn mower is, they said "We don't know." I told them about the lady saying that she would bring it up to me. They tell me that she has gone home already. So finally they bring up a mower. However it is the first mower that I had sat on and decided against. And I tell them "No this isn't the mower that I want." So then it takes them another 30 minutes before they show up with the right mower. So they decide it cost more money than the first one. So here we go again. Return and repurchase.

So then my friend and the Lowe's guys put it on the truck. I ask my friend if he can think of anything else that I should get before we leave Lowe's. And he said "Did they give you the pin that goes in the cart so you can pull it behind the mower?" I said "No they sure didn't." So I march right back into Lowe's to retrieve one from them. The lady had told me that one comes with it. So it took another 30 minutes or so before they find me a pin. I have now been here for over 3 hours trying to get a lawn mower.

Now we take the mower to my house, after stopping by the gas station and filling it up. We get it off the truck. I get on it and start it up. Or at least I thought I was going to start it up. It wouldn't crank and made the worse sound you ever heard. Sounded like you was taking some old chains and clanking them together. Oh my gosh. So I called my neighbor at work. He owns a machine shop. So he says to put it on the truck and bring it to him. OK will do. Take it to him and they take the top cover off so they can see the motor because he says it sounds like the crank something is messed up. Well to our surprise it was broken and all under there was rusted. Wait isn't this supposed to be a brand new mower?

So I get on the phone to Lowe's and get a hold of a real manager this time. I tell her the whole story. She told me to bring it back and she will give me another mower and add an additional 100.00 off the mower for all my troubles. Boy that was a hard day's work. Took about 8 hours to get a brand new lawn mower from Lowe's. Boy I wish we had a Home Depot so Lowe's would treat their customers better. Most of my problems were from the lady that didn't do her job well. Then went home with it undone and didn't get anyone to replace her. Boy just my luck. And about 100 miles. It's 50 miles round trip X 2.

Excessive Failure of Plastic Clips on Holiday Rope Lights
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BLOOMFIELD TOWNSHIP, MICHIGAN, MICHIGAN -- Last year I found what I thought was a great holiday accent for my home that I had not seen before. Well, I liked it so much that I bought 19 sets of rope lights. The installation process consists of mounting plastic clips/hangers along the edge of the roof line with a screw and then securing the rope light on the clip. What is great about this product is that it has been designed so you can run several sections of rope light together in a series and only have to plug in one power cord. The initial installation process takes a little time because of the prep work involved (predrilling the screw holes and then screwing the clips to the house).

I figured that once the clips have been mounted they could be left up year round and you would only have to remove the rope lights after the holidays. The clips are made of a clear plastic and don't stand out in a bad way the rest of the year. The initial problem I had with this product came when during the installation of the rope onto the clips (you must press fit the rope onto the clip) some of the clips broke. I spaced the clips about 18" apart so I had a few spares was able to finish the job without any more problems.

The next problem I had was after the holidays as I was removing the rope I started to experience more clip breakage. Again, I still had a few spare clips to replace the broken ones. The major problem I have this holiday season (the second for the rope lights) is that what I expected to be a fast installation has turned into anything but fast. I found a 75% failure (Breakage) rate after trying to mount the rope light on the first 8 clips. I stopped the installation and called the 800 phone number and was told that they don't have replacement clips. They only had fuses. They told me to go back to Lowe's which I did.

The guy at customer service was no help (he told me to call the 800 number) and that the warranty had expired (there is no stated warranty on the box or on the instructions). Not getting anywhere with this guy, he suggested I talk to the floor manager which I did. He understood my problem, but was reluctant to offer a solution other than to call Lowe's home office to find out who the manufacturer was and contact them directly. I mentioned to him that the instructions on the box did not indicate that I could not leave the clips up year round and I thought that may be being exposed to a year's worth of sunlight may have degraded to plastic clips.

He agreed that may very well be the problem with the clips. I then told him that if that was indeed the problem, that that was a design defect and Lowe's should agree to replace the defective product. The floor manager seeing that I had a valid point, reluctantly agreed to let me take a package of clips from a current box of rope lights that they are selling again this holiday season. I told him that I thought that was the right thing to do and then told him that by my calculations based on my 75% failure rate, that I would need 240 clips. Well, he said that he could not do that, it would ruin too many sets that he was trying to sell.

I understand the problem that he had and he understood the problem that I had. The end result is, a unhappy customer and a unhappy floor manager who wanted to help but could only do so much. I am exploring replacing the broken clips with brass 'coffee cup' hooks which I think will last more than one holiday season. I want to let all potential snowflake rope light purchasers to buy with caution because these sets have a design flaw that should have been discovered during the design process. When I light up the house with these lights, I think they look great, I just wish the clips worked as well.

Abusive/physical Assault
By -

ELIZABETHTON, TENNESSEE -- Recently I wrote a review on Lowe's Home Improvement store manager in Elizabethton, TN for physically assaulting me. There was a lot of negative responses, saying that I was lying. So here I'll fully tell you the entire story. First I was a military policeman for 18 years. I retired because of physical conditions, arthritis in both knees, left ankle, two major surgeries on the right knee.

For those of you who thing your doctors, in your early twenties the spine completes it growing and then a covering grows over the lower part of the spine. If it doesn't close completely such as my case it's called spina bifida occulta. In some cases accompanying this condition is that the vertebra creates a misalignment that causes a false joint so sudden movements or unexpected jars can cause extreme pain.

The reason that I have blood clots is due to a genetic inherited condition, that I was completely unaware of until recently. However most people that do a lot of sitting, long distance driving or long flying miles are subject to getting blood clots. I'm on the cumadin to slow the clotting time of my blood, it does not make the blood thinner as some may think.

As being 70% disability rating is a combined rating from all these injuries, conditions being combined. As for being a college graduate, I was retired at 44, I could have stayed home and drew my pension, however the Department of Veteran's Affairs provided the opportunity to return to school to be retrained from offering physical/manual labor which is what I had to offer to potential employers, to using a more refined education that would rely on thinking, problem and solution skills to employers.

I graduated from East Tennessee State University Summa Cum Laude with a degree in Social Work. Now as for Lowe's, first I own my own home free and clear, I was very money aware while working and saved and paid for my home and my debts, before I spent on luxury items. That doesn't mean that I don't enjoy life, it's just that I try to be financially responsible.

In 2005 I bought a Troy-Built riding mower from the Lowes in Elizabethton. After using it for les than 3 month's a "cast iron" piece on the mower cracked. I called the Lowes Service Center and for 1 month I didn't hear from them again. I called the Lowes Service Center after 4 weeks had passed, and was promised and given a pick-up date for my mower. If your wondering why I waited so long, is that I had another Murray riding mower that I could used to mow. Anyway, on the promised day, I waited that day, no one came or even called, I waited two more days. Than I called the Lowes Store and complained, told the manager of the service that I hadn't received. The store manager said that she would pay to have my yard mowed, I mow a large yard, which includes my mother's and grandmothers as at that time we lived on a large farm that was divided into sections. No one came to mow the yard, which wasn't the point to begin with, it was the principle that I bought in good faith a mower, and purchased an extended warranty for an additional $189.00 but it seemed I wasn't making any progress with repairs.

Eventually the store manager called and said to bring my mower back and a new mower would be given me. This made me feel bad, So I called the manager at Lowes and said if they would just send someone to repair the mower, I would be satisfied. But there was an insistence to bring in the mower. So in June 2006 I returned the mower back to Lowes and received a mower at the same cost as the one that I had purchased, again with an extended warranty. So now I have another mower in June, calculating that most people mow every 7-10 days from June to Oct I used the mower 7 or 8 times at the most, before placing the mower in storage out of the weather. 2007 Late April I changed the oil, plugs regular maintenance to begin mowing season. I mowed twice when the deck blade belt started slipping, I figured it was worn and stretched, no problem I thought I would just go to Lowes and buy a belt. No, the belt that I needed was no longer available from the manufacturer MTD, I had to return home and search the internet and MTD websites to find the belt that replaced the original belt that came on my mower. This belt cost $43.00 I replaced the belt, mowed twice and the belt broke.

On May 9th I called the Lowes Service Center and here is where the story starts, the person at the Lowes Service Center told me that it was the beginning of mowing season and there was no telling when they could get a repair service to pick-up my mower for repairs, than laughed and hung up. So truthfully that really just got my goat, not the repairs the laughing. (Why because my lifestyle had drastically changed, I went from being bread winner, physically active, happy go lucky, to a house husband, Because of my age companies are interested in spending time , money and effort on older employee's, who have s short shelf life when it comes to the time between employment and retirement. So I compete from among young college graduates that have possibly 20-35 years for a company to my 15-17 years). So I went to the local store to air my grievance. There response was that I could call around to all the local repair centers, tell them it was a "Lowes repair job" and see if I could get the mower in to be fixed quicker. Somehow I don't think that should have been my job. I wrote letters to the CEO, President and Executive Customer Service Representatives. On May 11th, the Lowes Customer Service Center called and actually set a pick-up date.

I waited on the appointed day, than the rest of the week no-one ever came or called about the mower. So I bought another $43.00 belt on the mower used it carefully, the belt still slipped occasionally, I just got off and placed it back on the pulley. Sometime at the end of May around the 25th the district manager called about the mower, I told him that it still slipped but I was able to use it. As a token of their appreciation and the lack of attention from the Lowes Service Center I was sent a $25.00 gift card to use at Lowes. July the mower broke the belt, and the deck had starting cutting my grass uneven, one side lower than the other. I called the Lowes Service Center and this time they actually sent a repair service to pick up my mower. Would you like to know why I hadn't received any service until now, the repairman said that they were given the wrong home number for my residence and unable to contact me. Storm Service Center took my mower and keep it until July 31, I remember the day its my sister's birthday. I started the mower, and since my yard was in need of mowing I began to mow. As I was mowing I began to notice sparks coming from under the engine, I stopped the mower, looked and seen at that time nothing that could cause the sparks. I resumed mowing, and every time I lifted my Blade up to go around or over obstacles in the yard, sparks would fly from underneath the engine compartment. Again I stopped the mower, this time I raised the deck and noticed it proximity to the main pulley underneath the engine. I had my wife come and start the mower and left the deck, that's when I saw the front top of my mowing deck was striking the pulley underneath the engine that drives the mowing deck belt, I also saw that there was no guard on the front engine pulley.

The sparks came regardless if the blades were engaged or not. If you follow the weather, here in TN there is a severe drought, everything is dry and I was using a potential fire threat, even if the time between my mowing had lengthened because of the drought. It just takes a spark and some favorable weather conditions to start a fire, and I live on the fringe of the Cherokee National Forest. I took the mower back myself to Lowes in Elizabethton, I brought the Department manager for Mowers out to show him the problem. He agreed that sparks from under the engine was a serious safety hazard, and stated not to worry it could be taken care of by the service center. The mower was unloaded on Aug 11th, The next week I was called and told that there was two different type of blades on my mower, that the shafts on the mowing deck had been damaged, causing the pulleys on the deck to spin unbalance causing the belt to come off.

The problem that I returned the mower for wasn't even addressed, and still hasn't. Well luckily for me any repairs over $255.00 dollars had to be approved by me before the mower's blades could be repaired, with me paying for the repairs. I declined to have the mower fixed and asked for it to be returned to me. Actually I went on a Saturday, and spoke with an assistant manager, told him who I was, where my mower was, and that on the following Monday I would be there to pick up my mower in the early afternoon. And if it wasn't there I would report it stolen (this because earlier I was told I would have to pay $300.00 dollars to have an unrepaired mower returned to me by the store manager, which I thought was absolutely ridiculous) SO Monday came, I went to pick up my mower, it wasn't there, I asked if he was going to return it to me, the manager said no. I then stated that the mower was stolen if Lowes had the mower and refused to return it, so I would have no recourse but to contact the Elizabethton Police Dept.

He asked if I could dial 911 or did I want him too, I said no I could call, he provided the telephone. I called and reported the mower stolen. After calling I did not stay in the store to cause any further disruption within the store, nor to become involved in any further actions with the store manager. Not one harsh word was spoken by either of us. The police arrived listened and decided it was a civil matter that needed to go before the court for resolution. I left the grounds of Lowes, returned home and called CON8 the Executive Customer Service Representatives. My mower was returned to the Lowes Store in Elizabethton the next day for me to pick up. I called the Executive Service Rep thanked her for her assistance, and told her I considered the matter resolved. I would just avoid shopping at Lowes.

Two month's later at the Football Game, the home team being the school I attended, I was standing personally alone as no one accompanied me to the game. When the store manager came up behind me, asked my name, then began his tirade, and yes I listened and when he asked why I thought Lowes should have repaired my mower that I had damaged, my anger did flare up. But when he moved purposely in front of me baiting me into an altercation, "fight or flight" instincts kicked in, and I will not apologize for standing my ground, because when you start accepting and allowing people to treat you as they like, where and when do you draw a line that you won't retreat. Listen I have no lies to tell, I take responsibility for all that I do, even the misspelling contained within this statement. But I'm sorry there is no reason for any person in a position of management, for any corporation to come up to someone that had a dispute with the companies policies, and take it upon themselves to approach anyone in a free nation to extract retribution because they took the dispute personally. So believe it or not, that's your right

Just Got Fired and Here's Why
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MARION, INDIANA -- I had been with Lowe's a long time. I was fired for breaking one of their safety policies. I don't think that the policies are necessarily bad, just a little fantasy thing with many of them from some LP sitting behind a desk somewhere, disdaining reality. First of all, let me elaborate on the rule that I broke. I was operating a forklift above 8 feet without the benefit of aisle blockers. Holy crap, I've been operating power equipment since most of these rosey-eyed LP's were crappin' green. Most of them weren't even born yet.

I had two previous encounters with these power equipment rules when A) a spotter, who just happened to be a zone manager, walked away while I was operating the narrow-aisle lift. He said he had to throw away some trash. I had stepped off of the machine to move some product and not damage it. Stupid me. I was written up, he was not. I found out later on that he hadn't even gone through any safety training! B) I was again operating the narrow-aisle lift when a zone manager told me to get off, she needed it. She borrowed the machine and aisle blockers.

When she returned the machine, I had been working in the back aisle of the garden center, she didn't bring back all of the aisle blockers. Assuming that she had been a "good neighbor" and had returned everything, I returned to what we were doing on the machine. The dumb** failed to return all of the blockers! My spotter and I were not in the position to see that she had failed to do so. But as the operator I again was written up. My spotter was not. This final time is the only time that I will take the blame. I had injured my back over a month before. I couldn't deal with the monotony of working as a cashier or in the guard shack checking loads exiting the yard.

So, I guess I kind of "snuck" my way back into the department. I am not one to have a job where I'm not busy. Anyway, I completed almost 85% of the "Trim-a-tree" rest myself, loaded in the "quick load area", by myself. And the list goes on. All of this was done with management knowing that I had restrictions that included a 10# lifting restriction. They would say, "Call one of us if a customer needs loaded" or "Call if you need help". Well, when I would call, their phones were busy or they would have me call another MOD. Or better yet, I would not get anyone and page on the overhead. And we all know how that works, right?

Needles to say, I was hurt and not getting any better. I was taking LorTab or some other maxi-pain pills, Flexeril, and DayPro. The day I broke their little "policy", I was so "zoned out", I probably shouldn't have even been there. But, being their "workhorse"...Anyway, with all of the pain, frustration of the responsible parties not doing the TAT reset, the customer from hell flapin' his gums at the gate, and not having the proper, proper hell, not having any aisle blockers in the department, I guess I snapped, lost my head and did a no-no. The message here is, Lowe's doesn't provide the necessary materials or manpower to do the tasks given to you.

They have no feelings about the welfare of their employees. And managers do not run the stores, LP does. Loss prevention does not make any money. They do not save any money. Here's an example: every morning we had to take opened pallets from the garden center to the corral. At closing we would reverse the movement. That would take about 2 - 2 1/2 hrs daily. Let us say the employee made 8.50 an hour, that would equal $17-25.50 each day. Many bags were torn, run over, pallets were dumped. We spent more than we saved. So, Big Bob Niblock, when are you going to stifle LP, give the stores back, and start making some money?

What You Will Get at Lowe's?
By -

NE INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA -- I have worked at Lowe's for several years now, and having previously been employed by Home Depot, can tell you that this company is going down the same road toward Customer Service Hell. In the store where I work, staffing has been cut by 400 hours starting this week. Our sales are (almost always) below "budget", and under current store management, any concept of 'teamwork' goes right out the window... Sorry Jimmy - you haven't shown yourself to be much of a leader since you took over as store manager.

As a conscientious, customer-oriented, and very hard-working employee, I find it IMPOSSIBLE to provide the "WOW" customer service that we are 'trained and demanded' to provide. Excellent customer service and steadily decreasing staffing hours are a mutually exclusive concept. There is no stability or consistency to being a 'Customer Service Associate' with this company, no matter what one's outlook or desire to provide good customer service; management at the store, district, and region levels REQUIRES that certain budgets be met, or those managers do not retain their positions, bonuses, or even jobs.

I advise all stockholders to re-assess their holdings in this company. With the dwindling resources provided for payroll (actual man-hours of work), so goes the 'customer service' they only hope to, or promise to provide. This company is currently in a downward spiral not much different from when I left Home Depot in 2002. The expectations of management are far beyond what current staffing can possibly hope to provide. On a daily basis I am harassed by several managers to provide IRPs by 10am, while I am still trying to put away stock that the night crew didn't. (Which takes priority?)

I am denigrated (and written-up) by my department manager for not completing an arbitrary 'work list', when I am single-handedly covering two departments over a 9-hour shift! I am expected to cover multiple departments, stock the shelves, and STILL provide "WOW" customer service during an 8 hours shift? WOW!!! Is this company in a state of denial! Morale at this store (#0288, NEI) could not be lower, and I have been so unhappy, depressed, irritated, and annoyed by the lack of support of management (IN ANY FORM!), that aside from the customers (who I always help!)... I just don't care anymore.

Today, 8/31/07, I was written-up (yes, my FINAL warning) regarding my constant frustration with coworkers (and dept managers) who simply don't do their jobs, refuse to help (??!!) and show up late, or call in sick, because they can't stand to work another 8 hour shift at this store. After 3 LONG years with this company, I hope to (soon) be employed elsewhere. Anywhere but Lowe's. I have a lot of customers who rely on my in my department for excellent service and knowledge.

I just hope Lowe's realizes what they are doing by alienating and losing so much good talent. The last two years have been extraordinarily painful at this store (#0288, NEI) and despite 'management', some people still try to provide the kind of "WOW" customer service that we were TAUGHT, TRAINED, and DEMANDED we provide.

Worst Customer Service Ever
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Rating: 1/51

After spending hours searching for specific shoe cubbies I decided to order 4 from Lowe's. I had never ordered from Lowe's or purchased items from their store before. Well Lowe's has succeeded in convincing me to never purchase or order anything from them EVER again. I am also making it my personal mission to tell all of my friends and family member (all homeowners like my husband and I) to steer clear of Lowe's and take their business to Home Depot.

First only two of the items arrived. I waited 24 hours hoping maybe they had been shipped separately. When the other two did not arrive I called Lowe's to ask where they were. The rep's response to my question was "Did you reject the package?" WTF!? If I'm calling to say I did not received something why would the first ** question be whether I'd rejected it.

When I pointed out the inherent idiocy in that question, only then did the nitwit think to check with their shipper (UPS). I was then told that UPS had decided to return the other items to Lowe's b/c they had been damaged in transit. I asked for a credit and was told I could not get one until they received the item back. So, if UPS failed to return merchandise I never received they'd get to keep my money?!

Even so being desperate to complete my project I asked if any stores nearby had two in stock that I could buy that day. Initially I was offered stores 2-3 hours away from my home when one is just 10 minutes away (Ugh!). They did find two and the neighborhood store and I foolishly went out to pick them up. Note that I had to pay for these--they would not even count them as replacements for the two that UPS sent back. Upon arriving at the Lowe's store I was faced with a gauntlet of the most RUDE, apathetic and condescending in-store personnel I have ever encountered in any retail setting. I still managed to purchase the items.

Next day we open the boxes to begin assembling the items only to discover missing pieces. I called customer service again (glutton for punishment). I proceed to spend half an hour on the phone with a representative and then a supervisor who both insisted that they could/would not address the missing pieces issue b/c the initial two items received by mail had been shipped from a store in Mississippi and that I'd have to speak to the manager of that store. I live in New Jersey!!!

When I tried to question why they would not make the arrangements to either expedite replacing the item they told me that since my order was filled by a Mississippi Lowe's, that it was Lowe's policy that the customer had to directly resolve such issues with the sourcing store. HUH!? Reminder--at least three stores in my state had the items in stock. In essence Lowe's logic is that if you order from Lowe's it's the luck of the draw where you may need to resolve issues based upon which store Lowe's chooses to ship the item(s) from -- maybe Guam??

Suffice it to say I informed the supervisor "Sara **" that I was returning all of the items in my possession and hung up. Within 15 minutes I was at the local Lowe's returning all four and am now disputing the charge for the two that were returned by UPS with my bank. THE WORST, THE WORST, THE WORST. NEVER EVER AGAIN!

Commercial Services Desk
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Rating: 2/51

SUNNYVALE, CALIFORNIA -- I applied for a commercial account because Lowe's is trying to attract commercial customers and are luring them with a 5% discount and $20 deliveries. Well, you don't get the discount if you don't ask for it. No one told me that when I signed up for my commercial card, causing me to have to get in line at the service desk, get the amount refunded to me, then recharge the item to my card with the discount.

90% of the time I need to place or check on an order, when calling the commercial desk, the phone rings and rings, then goes back to customer service. Customer Service transfers me back to the commercial desk, then it rings and rings until it goes back to customer service. They transfer me back to the commercial desk and it rings and rings. You get the point. It is almost impossible to get anyone to answer the phone, let alone get an order in.

Once I went into the store for a few items once for my project. Stock was completely out on all but one of the items I came for. I only left with one thing I needed that night for my project. I had to special order the rest and wait a week to receive them.

I had to reorder a 50 gallon drum of slurry seal that never got ordered. When it arrived, they told me that my 5 gallons of slurry seal had arrived. I had ordered 50 gallons. Had to wait a few more days for the 50 gallon drum to arrive. I waited on a delivery for days because their truck had broken down not once, but twice that week.

I had negotiated quantity discounts that I never received, and also noticed I got taxed on a delivery charge on my recent statement so I attempted to call the commercial desk to get it resolved. Got bounced back and forth between the commercial services and customer service desks no less than 7-8 times, then got hung up on.

Called back and got bounced back and forth from desk to desk, and finally someone picked up the phone that could help with my billing questions. He then told me that he couldn't help. He explained that I had an account manager and gave me another number to call. I called that number and it was a heavily accented Indian lady who told me that she didn't have our account number in her system and that she couldn't help me. She explained that I needed to call the store again.

My project is pretty small compared to many other contractors and their projects. I'm about to throw the card in the trash. I don't have time to get bounced back and forth from desk to desk trying to talk to someone whenever I want to give them business. If their truck is broken, why not rent one so they can provide seamless service? They have lost many of my orders because Home Depot is cheaper, even with the 5% discount, and they have what I need in stock.

I have given Lowe's constructive feedback when things are going wrong for them, trying to improve my future experiences as well as those of others. Deaf ears. Commercial in Sunnyvale needs some work. Lowe's is clearly not ready to service commercial accounts effectively.

"Lowe's Fears Competition Prices So Bad They Refuse Their Own Coupon!"
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GALLATIN, TENNESSEE -- On November 16, 2011 at around 1:00 pm I stopped in to the Gallatin, TN Lowe's to see if I could find a refrigerator that was at Electronic Express. One of the associates told me they could special order it for me "Model # sshs2622ms". I noticed that Lowe's was way overpriced on the fridge. Their cost was $1099.99 vs. Electronic Express at $799.00. So I asked if they would match the price and beat it by 10% as their policy said they would do.

The associate called a manager, and he said yes they would. So they worked up my order, then told me to pay at customer service. So I went to the customer service desk where they had trouble pulling up the order. After having to call for a second assistant, they found my order. I proceeded to pay out.

I had a one time moving discount coupon good for 10% off. When I tried to use it I was told I could not. That the coupon was not good with any other discount. I told the associate I hadn't received any other discount. She said "Well they price matched". I told her that Lowe's being overpriced and having to match and beat by 10% was policy. Not a discount at all.

After she argued with me for some time she called a manager whom told me he wouldn't allow me to use the coupon either. He said that it wasn't good with any other discount. I told him I had not received any other discount, that the price matching was their policy. He told me he didn't even have to price match on a special order product. He argued with me some then just said he wouldn't allow the coupon.

I think it's sorry when Lowe's gets their socks knocked off by a company like Electronic Express so bad that they can't even honor their own coupons. Also now that they have made me mad I think I will be furnishing my new home at Electronic Express and Home Depot. It's a shame too because I have been a long time Lowe's customer, and a Lowe's credit card holder. I'm very disappointed with Lowe's.

People should strive to shop elsewhere! I will place the stipulations for use of their coupon for all to read. Read it for yourself. Never does it say cannot be used with our price match guarantee! Lowe's wasted one whole day of my time with their unusable coupons, and “their scared to match“ price match guarantee!!!

"Coupon cannot be used in conjunction with any other coupon or discount. This coupon is good for a single receipt purchase of any in-stock or Special Order merchandise only up to $5,000 (Maximum discount $500). Coupon is not redeemable for cash, is nontransferable and cannot be replaced if lost or stolen. Void if altered, copied, transferred, or sold through any on-line auction. Limit one coupon per household. Not valid on sales on previous sales or purchase of services or gift cards. This Coupon is valid in the U.S. only and will expire on the date listed on the front of the Coupon."

Do Not Purchase Sensa in Minnesota
By -

Stone Systems installed Sensa granite in our kitchen purchased through Lowe's. They initially installed the granite pattern going in all different directions. It was like someone cut the pieces with their eyes closed. Also, we were told there would be one seam in the kitchen and there are two. After much arguing with the company, they redid the direction of the granite so that the direction of the pattern of the granite was improved. However, they left a seam so large that it sticks out like a sore thumb and they also installed a piece with a very large chip in the front of it. It was such a nightmare dealing with them that I gave up.

After being upset for months, I contacted Lowe's again to see what could be done. After asking Lowe's for help to get the vendor to improve the look of their work, the vendor finally sent out two repairmen. The same two that installed the granite. They cut out the chip, filled with epoxy, and replaced it with another chip of granite and then took a marker to make it look like part of the slab.

They then refused to try to fix the seam and when Lowe's (who was at the house during this repair) told them that was what they were here to do, they ran out to their truck and called their manager without telling us. And out of nowhere, she shows up to protect repairmen and argue with me that this is the best job they could do. She also asked us if we had previously called for a service call on the chip. In other words, trying to make it look like we chipped it and asked them to fill it in. It was installed like that, shockingly. They will argue with you and make you feel like you are an idiot.

I was told last week that they would go back to their plant and look for a color match on the granite and call me on Tuesday. It's Thursday now and no word from them. They were supposed to pull the granite out and smooth out the seam and put it back in. This is the best that we could get them to do. This hassle cost me $3,000. Save yourself the hassle and make sure that the granite that Lowe's or any body else sells you is not Sensa.

Lowe's and Whirlpool Want My Fridge to Keep Leaking Onto My New Floor a Few More Times Before They Will Replace It.
By -

I recently purchased a side-by-side Whirlpool Gold refrigerator from the Lowe's in Rocky River. Shortly after the fridge was installed, there was a leak which ruined my brand new laminate wood flooring. Apparently the drip pan overflowed. I called Lowe's service and they forwarded me through to Whirlpool who then sent someone out to fix it from A&E Factory service... they came and said that nothing was wrong. I thought this was a one time thing, so I fixed my floor because I had leftover floorboards and I didn't want to bother dealing with Lowe's/Whirlpool to have it fixed.

This past Sunday, I found that the drip pan overflowed and once again ruined my floor. I called Lowe's (who apparently now deals with repairs internally, and didn't send me through to Whirlpool) immediately and they sent someone out the next day from a different service company, Complete Appliance Service (I told them not to send A&E Factory again because I read multiple complaints about the company online).

While on the phone with Lowe's I asked them what happens if the fridge leaks again. They said they would simply send someone else out to look it again. Basically what they were telling me was that my floor had to be ruined for a third time before any time of replacement fridge would be considered. I also talked to Lowe's about having my floor replaced this time, because I refused to be responsible for the floor for a second time. They put in a request for the floor to be replaced. Who knows when this could be resolved.

Meanwhile, Complete Appliance Service came out on the next Tuesday and replaced the filter housing on the fridge. No less than 24 hours later after the second repair company came out, the fridge leaked again. Of course I called Lowe's again and explained the situation. They insisted on sending out the same company again, despite them not being able to solve the problem the day before.

They are telling me that there needs to be at least 3 service calls (I had only had two service calls up to this point) before Whirlpool will consider replacing the fridge. This means that my floor would need to be ruined a minimum of four times... the fourth time occurring after the third service call.

Complete Appliance Service already came out yesterday morning and said that they "might" know what the problem is and that they have to order some parts based on what they were told from Whirlpool, which I am told from Whirlpool is the same part that was already replaced. So now I get to have a broken, unhooked fridge sitting in my house until they come out again. And I am confident that even when they come back out, the problem will still persist, because the service technician was not sure that this would solve the problem.

I want to know why I should have to wait until my floor is ruined a minimum of four times before Whirlpool will consider a replacement. On top of all of this, it is not even a guarantee that my floor will be replaced. I have since talked to Whirlpool directly, and they are telling me that their warranty only cover repairs, not replacements. However, if no one can repair the fridge, shouldn't I be entitled to a replacement? It appears as if I was sold a lemon and neither Lowe's nor Whirlpool will do anything about it.

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