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Valspar Paint Rebate
Posted by Raguzak on 01/20/2014
I tried to apply for rebate 5 different times online. Each time I tried to enter info it refused to even be accepted!! I've read complaints. Guess I start going to Home Depot.

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Lowes Liars and Cheaters
Posted by Bmark2810 on 01/18/2014
MILFORD, CONNECTICUT -- Lowes sellers are liars and cheaters . They suggested to buy "replacement protection plan" with Dewalt drill. I bought it for $ 30 for 2 years . I was told that I can replace tool at the store at any time and any reason. When tool broke down I went to the store where they told me that Lowes CAN NOT do anything for me and I have to call Warranty office . I called them but they said that tool is still under manufacturer warranty and my protection plan will work after Dewalt warranty expire which is in 2 years because Dewalt gives 3 year warranty . Now I have to call Dewalt and use their warranty . I paid for "Replacement plan" $ 30 and I CAN NOT use it. DON'T BUY IN LOWES . Home Depot has extended warranty also, better prices and more locations.
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Shoddy Work, Sorry Management
Posted by Nancyschild on 01/12/2014
DOUGLAS, GEORGIA -- I bought a complete bath remodel from Lowe's, they sent an installer to my house. He measured&estimated materials needed. I went to the store then to choose colors & styles of tile, grout, window (double paned insulated vinyl was recommended by installer & salesman). Then it was time to pay for materials & installation. Two days later the job began. Three hours later they loaded tools & left. Returned the following day mid-morning worked 2 hours, off for lunch, back at 1:30pm worked till 4:00pm, see you Monday cause now it's the weekend. Mid-morning Monday they are back unload tools, go get more materials will be back after lunch, worked 1:00-4:00. This kind of work continued for 5 week. Store Asst. Manager called asked how everything was going, I invited him to stop by & see for himself; after a look-see he assured me that another crew would come to tear-out & redo the job. Oh did I mention the 1st tile man had just started, no experience. A week later new crew, worked 2 days needed on another job supervisor & 2 other employees leave, the 2 youngest crew members remain. 2 days later one of the workers removes guard from electric saw while installing window, you guessed it saw kicks back cuts himself pretty bad, off to hospital. Called Lowe's Asst. Mgr., call me back
after checking on injured man, not gonna be back for a few days.

Two weeks later new crew, worked 10 days made a real mess. One month later new crew looked at job, didn't want the job. Two weeks later new people tore out, started over, three months later, it's a mess; almost 6 months since it was started I'm so tired of this mess till I could cry, store asst. mgr. says he doesn't have any solution for me, he's so sorry that Lowe's wasn't able to please me.After talking to the home office I got a lot of excuses & the run a round. It's been 2 years now the grout is coming out from between floor tiles, wall tile is still uneven, I have red mold of some sort which grows the double panes of my window, I had to hire a plumber to replace my shower drains because they were filled with grout! Someday I hope to be able to fix this mess that Lowe's left me, but at our age my husband says we'll just have to live with it!

If you are a SENIOR CITIZEN don't take your savings to LOWE'S!
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Posted by Paul on 2014-01-13:
This is not a unique story. I would never use Lowes or HD to install a kitchen or bath. I used HD for a carpet install once on a old house we were selling, so I didn't care about the quality - which was good because the install was marginal. I think a lot of people think "this is easy, we pick out everything, pay for the install, and we're set." Lowes promises to do a great job, etc, and its off to the races. I'm sorry you got burned.
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Delivery Is Horrible
Posted by Chris.b.gallo on 01/11/2014
DANBURY, CONNECTICUT -- I bought a refrigerator from Lowes and used their delivery. The delivery was originally set up for 1/5/14, we realized we selected the wrong date and we actually wanted 1/4/14 so we went back to the store and they changed it no problem. Got a call on 1/3/14 with a time frame for the delivery, and about 5 minutes before the supposed delivery time we got another call saying the item never came in and would not be in until overnight Sunday. Now it is very hard to believe someone would create a system that called you with a time but there was no product to deliver. I chalked it up to the storm that happened two days earlier. So I set up the new date to 1/11/14. We got a call for the time of 2-4. 4pm comes and goes so I call the store. They are by far the worst to deal with esp when you call the customer service desk, they are useless and know nothing and when you ask for a manager they never pick up they just put you on hold long enough to make you hang up. After being on the phone for over 20 minutes the customer service desk (not a manager because they still never picked up) finally found out the delivery company tried to deliver to the wrong address. Now mind you my address is the simplest address that ALL navigation units bring you to the right street and my house and mailbox are clearly marked.

So the customer service desk said they would be here within the hour, now that has come and gone and still no refrigerator. I will NEVER BUY ANYTHING FROM LOWES AGAIN.

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Never Buy a Samsung Washer From Lowes
Posted by Mustang25 on 01/09/2014
I have 1 1/2 old washer which has not been working since Christmas.
Called Samsung they will not back [their] products
Lowes will not back there extended warranty I'm so screwed
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Im Remodeling a Kitchen and Bathroom
Posted by Bartdn on 01/03/2014
BRICK, NEW JERSEY -- I called brick NJ they told me I have to call customer service which I did. I told them I'm doin a kitchen from refrigerator, wall oven, sink, granite, cabinets paint sheetrock insulation lights fans windows trim.....bathroom toilet, vanity tiles stall shower floor doors and asked them to Email me a coupon. They said NO they have to mail it and it takes 10 days I said I need it now...NO they said...Well thank god for Home depot they got my business 26K later,,,thank you Lowes...Home Depot honor the coupon from the post office plus interest free for 6 months
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Measure Appliances Yourself Because Lowe's Doesn't Think They're Important
Posted by Apalmer21 on 12/30/2013
WAKE FOREST, NORTH CAROLINA -- On 12-7-13, we walked into Lowe's with the measurements for our current over-the-range microwave oven; we even had the original user manual so there would be no problems buying a new one that would fit.

The salesman assured us that the new one that we had selected would fit. Two weeks later the installer arrived and could not get the new one to fit because it was an inch too tall. We have a stone backsplash and the bracket for support requires that the microwave be no more than 15.5" high. The new one was 16.5" high. We thought that we could call Lowe's and just get them to send one that would fit. Turns out, they don't sell one that will fit except for a $1,000 model!

We had to urgently call the installer to come back and put our old microwave back and hope that we could pay someone to fix it. The installer brought our microwave back; it had obviously been thrown into the back of his truck because the key pad was now broken and the hood vent was also now broken. I went to Lowe's today and told them what happened and the only thing they cared about was "Where is the new microwave?" I told them I had no idea where it was and asked them what they were going to do to fix the problem. They said that I could contact two companies to see about fixing it (never mentioning making any restitution for busting up my microwave) and that they would give us a full credit back after they are able to locate the original microwave. They also said that it wasn't the salesman's fault because he could not have known that we have a backsplash!!!! Seriously, they said that.

Am I the only one in America with a backsplash? I told them that it was the salesperson's fault; we had the measurements and he should have paid attention to them. The fact that a home improvement store does not train its appliance salespeople to pay attention to MEASUREMENTS speaks volumes about this company.
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Posted by Paul on 2013-12-30:
I have a backsplash that goes up to my microwave, but I installed both myself.

Did you tell the salesperson about the backsplash, and where it was relative to the old unit? I don't agree that the salesperson could anticipate or know you have a backsplash and what height it is at. I also don't agree that microwaves come in various heights for the convenience of people to buy the height that they need to accommodate their backsplash. Makes more sense to vary the width for different stove models.
Posted by Obsfucation on 2013-12-31:
My backsplash tile goes all the way behind my microwave. It does not seem that there is just one way they are installed, so unless you told them, how could they be expected to know. I would imagine that their responsibility only extends as far as insuring that the new oven had the same dimensions as the old.
Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2014-01-01:
I really don't see how you can expect the salesman to know about whether or not you have a backsplash. I doubt if the salesperson was clairvoyant. Assuming you didn't mention the backsplash to the salesperson, it's not his fault at all.

As for your old microwave, usually when they haul it away, they take ownership of it. So your actually kind of lucky that they didn't dispose of it.
Posted by nikalseyn on 2014-01-01:
I guess I am confused but you said you had the measurements because you took them yourself, but then apparently proceeded to buy a unit that was an inch larger than your own measurements. And, you want to blame the salesman. Sounds more like both of you are unable to figure out that the new appliance measured an inch larger than the measurements you brought in. How difficult can that be?
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Do Not Use Lowe's Install Service
Posted by ARqidragon on 12/21/2013

As an installer they have no idea what they are doing, or what needs to be done. It will end up costing you hundreds of dollars in added expense, as it did me. NOT JUST A FEW DOLLARS BUT $800 EXTRA because of where it was placed.

I wanted to place my generator in one location ( I do have some construction back-ground and common sense. something I found Lowe's lacks) and was told and basically pressured that it should go in another area to save money and was the least expensive best recommended place to install. Plus best place for electrical work to be done. Turned-out it would not had made any difference on the electrical install where I had originally wanted it put. LOWE'S AFTERWARD STATED THEY WERE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR RECOMMENDATION.

It turned out, I had to hire a sub contractor to hook-up generator. Fine no problem, this was the known procedure. Sub contractor contacted Lowe's on needed information on generator to write estimate. LOWE's STATED AFTERWARD THEY ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR CORRECT INFORMATION ON THE PRODUCT THEY SELL ! Lowe's did not inform them of all steps that required by law to be done. The result = the generator was installed where Lowe's recommended for best cost and installation. Because Lowe's had no idea what was involved as primary installer the gas sub contractor was unable to give a proper estimate. LOWE'S FAULT not sub-contractor, they were going on what Lowe's provided.

Lowe's afterward, when I found out about added cost of work which was almost completed and Lowe's stated stated that I should not have had generator gas hooked up . The problem with that was It would have been another several months (already a month after purchase) into the next year at the earliest to complete with a major storm getting ready to start. Plus large concrete pad, tamper-proof generator installation, and electric and most of gas hook-up was already completed. Generator had to be paid for in full early Nov. before Lowe's would even start.

I also had to keep contacting Lowe's about the extra cost, because Lowe's kept forgetting to get back with me. You felt that they felt if you were ignored enough you would drop the matter.



Would I recommend this to a friend? No.

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Posted by Paul on 2013-12-21:
Agree - would never hire Lowes or HD to do anything but a single contractor install. I would be nervous even doing that. Used HD once for carpeting, and got what we paid for - cheap carpeting and lousy work.
Posted by Obsfucation on 2013-12-23:
They made a recommendation, it's just that. You could have said "no, I want it there!". I also don't think it is their responsibility to give legal instructions to your contractor, it is his duty to know them.

All that being said, I'd never use them for an installation myself. I'd do my research and find a contractor with the qualifications for the job.
Posted by Ken on 2013-12-23:
Once paid for installation on a light fixture from Lowes . The light fixture was located in an awkward area, which is why I paid for them to do this simple job that I would have done if I had the right ladder. I informed Lowes of where the fixture was located and they said their guy would take care of it. The contractor came out, refused the job, but we still were charged the install fee. No refund, the contractor showed up.
I have had situations at work where I needed to refuse jobs, but I would never charge the customer if that was the case. By the way, I never shop Lowes anymore, I drive PAST Lowes to get to either Menards or Home Depot.
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Faulty Husqvarna Chainsaw, Tough *$%XX* From Lowes
Posted by Dougsummerfield on 12/14/2013
WESTMINSTER, COLORADO -- I bought a Husqvarna 440 chainsaw from Lowe's on 8-3-13. Like many tools, you don’t always use them right away. In October, I cut a few pine trees for firewood and although the saw was a little underpowered, it got the job done. I maybe used it about 15 hours. Then it quit. I took it back to Lowe's on 11-16-13 and the associate said they couldn’t exchange it because it was past 90 days since I purchased it. They would need to get it repaired locally. They sent it in and returned it about 10 days later. There was an invoice for $60.50, but the associate said it was warranty. I tried it out and it would run ok until turned sideways to cut a tree and then it would run out of gas. (The tank was near full.) I restarted it 5 times in 10 minutes and gave up. I returned to Lowe's and a different associate said I would have to pay to have it repaired locally or I would have to pay expensive shipping to return it to the manufacture. I suppose I would also have to pay the manufacturer to repair a product that’s under warranty and still might not get back a saw that would run.

I don’t see any reason to throw good money after bad, so I’ll just absorb $300.00 loss and never buy another Husqvarna product or shop at Lowe's again. I wrote a bad review on Lowe's website, but they refused to print it. Go figure.
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Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2013-12-16:
You should've gone to Husqvarna to begin with. To my knowledge Lowes doesn't have a service dept. After the 90 day return policy, your issue with Husqvarna not Lowes. Lowes didn't make your chainsaw Husqvarna did. If anything Lowes went above and beyond what you were entitled to by paying for the first repair attempt. They didn't have to do that. That's good customer service in my book.
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Incorrect Pricing
Posted by Gaston.arroyo on 12/08/2013
MORGANTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA -- I selected a fire alarm from a box marked as $25 and the cashier was scanning it at $52. The cashier went and selected a second item from the same box and the same thing happened to her. Another cashier got involved reinforcing that I was not getting it for the listed price. After requesting a manager I was told they were not honoring the price on the box so I told them that as a customer I wasted 1 hour of my time and it's a contract when a customer selects an item with a given price.
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