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Seller Is Running A Scam
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I ordered a video cable for a Toshiba Laptop and the cable arrived in 2 pieces. After sending multiple e-mails to the seller, I received an email from eBay to give feedback. I gave the seller a negative feedback rating and quickly received a message back from them saying they do not reply to emails, only to messages on Ebay. Figuring this may have been a misunderstanding, I agreed to send the cable back and change the feedback rating. After a while I finally heard back from the seller saying that I did not send back the cable he had sent and he was not providing a refund. Now the 45 days is up and eBay/Paypal refuse to help. I think the seller purposely waited long enough so there was nothing I could do.

If you order something from this seller and it comes in damaged, go straight to eBay/Paypal, don't even bother with him because he will string you along until your 45 days are up.
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Alain on 10/06/2011:
You might try contacting EBay's corporate office (2145 Hamilton Ave., San Jose, CA 95125) at 800-322-9266. They might help.
DJ on 04/22/2013:
Ordered 2 items. They shipped one. They then told me to send them pictures of the package before they would do anything. It was a $6 item. Why would someone go though all this for a $6 item! Camera, pictures, upload, had to write them for email, etc... Will never do business with these guys again.
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