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Please beware of LSI Mortgage. A representative from this company left me a voice mail message claiming he was a consumer advocate. He stated that my mortgage was a predator mortgage and the company had filed for bankruptcy. He stated he had to discuss the implications with me. I immediately contacted my mortgage company and found this was totally untrue. When I spoke with the representative he was referring to a mortgage I no longer had.

When I informed him of this, he became argumentative. This is nothing more than a company trying to take advantage of the country's current economic problems.
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Anonymous on 03/25/2009:
Thanks for posting, there are all kinds of these shady "companies" popping up all over the place.
Anonymous on 03/25/2009:
Good thing you were smart and contacted your mortgage company to check the story out. There was a similar scam a few years ago with some banks emailing people asking for all their personal info. The emails looked official and even had the bank's letterhead on top. Some people fell for it and gave out their account numbers. I don't know if they ever caught who was behind the scam
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