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Oil Change and Tune-Up
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CLEVELAND HEIGHTS, OHIO -- I visited the Lee Road location to get an oil change but upon arrival I decided to get a tune-up along with the oil change. I asked the staff if I could have some written information as to what the tune-up includes because I was already familiar with the oil change routine due to having a long history of being a customer at that location.

However, I never received any written information, as promised about what I would be getting with a tune-up. As for the 21 service checklist, it was a joke. The staff went through the motions of trying to make customer believe that they were complying with a service checklist. Example: The service checklist reads, passenger wiper... checked & ok, but the wipers were never turned on nor did anyone inspect the wipers visually. This is only one example of many on the service checklist that was falsely documented.

Ripped off by Lube Stop
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CLEVELAND, OHIO -- On June 23, 2009 I took my car (2000 Mitsubishi Galant) to Lube Stop located at 2100 Lee Rd. Cleveland Hts. Ohio 44118 for an oil change. "Invoice / Ticket # **" The service attendant suggested that we get an oil change package which included an Oil change, Oil Filter, Motor Oil, Air Filter, Oil System Cleaner with a first time customer discount totaling with tax $70.00 which we paid cash for.

After paying for the oil change service, I proceeded to drive my car home when my engine started making a lot of noise and then shut off. I did not know what was wrong with the car. I called my husband and he came and pushed the car home where it has been parked in our apartment parking lot unable to start.

On August 13, 2009 my father offered to have the car towed to a local Firestone repair shop to get my car fixed for me. After having the car towed to Firestone the manager of the store stated the engine of the car had frozen up because that there was no oil in the engine. He found only some small amount of dark sludge type liquid which was not oil that they drained from the oil pan. Firestone stated that the liquid was not oil and they could not identify what the liquid was. Firestone stated that we need to contact Lube Stop because there was no oil in the engine.

When I took my car to Lube Stop, it was documented on my receipt that the car had 122834 miles on the car. After being towed to Firestone documented that my car had 122835 miles on it when they received it. My car had only been driven 1-mile before it broke down and stopped.

My father and I made numerous calls (over 20 calls) before someone called us back. My father talked to some guy named ** and he stated that he would go out to Firestone and take a look at the car. ** contacted my father on August 19th and stated that he was not going to do anything about repairing the car because he didn'€™t know what the liquid was in the oil pan and that I took so long to get back to them about the problem. My receipt clearly shows that I have a 90 day warranty on the work that was done to my car which started on the day that I had them change the oil.

I took my car to Lube Stop on June 23, 2009 where the work was done and my warranty will expire on September 23, 2009. I am well within my warranty time. I don'€™t know anything about cars. I am a working, student and eight months pregnant. I need my car to get my five year old daughter to school, and get to my job. That'€™s why I called my father. He offered to help. Had I known that there was no oil in the car I would have called them back sooner.

Facts are as follows. Lube Stop did not or they forgot to put oil in my car after placing Oil System Cleaner in it which is clearly shown on my receipt from Lube Stop. Firestone stated that there was no oil whatsoever in the car which caused the engine to fail. There should have been 5 Quarts of oil placed. However there was no oil place in my car. I paid Lube Stop $70.00 for this oil change and received no oil. I was cheated out of my money and I have no car to drive due their negligence.

Firestone stated that Lube Stop does not have a leg to stand on and that they need to repair my car. This ** guy from Lube Stop said they are not going to repair my car. I need Help. I have now contacted the Attorney General's office, Better Business Bureau and Channel 19 news. This place has the worst customer service that I have ever seen.

Negligent but not accountable!
By -

EUCLID, OHIO -- I occasionally accept mystery shopping jobs at various locations around the Cleveland area. I was asked to do two oil change shops. Since I could not take the same vehicle for two oil changes, I asked my mom (Flo) to take her car to one of the locations. She agreed, but asked my nephew (Cardell) to drive the car to the Lube Stop located at 20501 Euclid Avenue.

Cardell arrived at the Lube Stop at approximately 3pm and met with **. ** worked on the car for about 10 minutes. Then, he said everything was finished and gave Cardell a receipt. Cardell then drove out of the lot onto Euclid Ave. About a half a block down the street, the car started smoking profusely. He pulled the car to the side of the road and parked. He called Lube Stop and they said to bring the car back to them. Cardell waited 30 minutes for the car to cool, then went back to Lube Stop.

He asked why the car smoked like that. They checked it and found it was a mix up of the oil and transmission fluid. They explained the oil pan and transmission pan are in similar locations underneath the car. They drained the oil again and refilled it. Then, Cardell ran the car for a while until the smoke died down and drove it home to Mom's house. It was still smoking a little when the car was parked in the garage, but was told it should disappear.

The car sat in the garage until a couple of days later. We were on 271 traveling south when the car started smoking again. The car cut off and could not be started. We pulled the car to the shoulder and had the car towed home.

I visited Lube Stop the following day and explained what happened to **. He said he understood and for me to get an estimate of the repair costs. I found a repair facility and had the car towed there. I returned the estimate I received to **. He said he would forward it to his district manager. A few days later I spoke with **, the district manager. He said they work a lot with Conrad's and he wanted to get a second opinion. I asked why they didn'™t just tell me to take the car to Conrad's in the first place but got no answer. ** arranged to have the car towed from the shop where I took it to Conrad's. Tim also arranged for rental car for mom (Florence) through Enterprise.

Later that week, ** told me that since Conrad's was not the first to look at the car, they could not definitely determine if the problem was totally Lube Stop's fault. I referred back to the estimate I received that said the engine blew because of no oil and that the oil leak was due to dual gaskets from a previous oil change. However, it is my belief that since it wasn'™t Conrad's stating this diagnosis, he didn't want to believe it.

Now, after 41 days in the rental car, we have returned it, because Lube Stop has not paid that bill either. Mom is now without a vehicle. Her car is a 1993 Dodge Colt with only 54000 miles...practically a new engine itself. I have called Lube Stop twice since my last conversation with **. I left messages but have not talked with him again. Update-3 months later Lube Stop offered $1500 to settle. This will just about cover the rental car bill, but does nothing to get mom a working car!!

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