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Handling of delayed luggage claims
Posted by Alex.gurman3 on 07/15/2011
We were flying Lufthansa last week for a one week vacation abroad. Two out of three suitcases didn't arrive with us. We only got them 2 full days later. Both me and my son only had no clothes and had to spend the short vacation time on buying a few necessaries, about half we can prove with recepts. In reality it was quite a bit more since we needed transportaion to the stores, we didn't think about taking receipts till after our shopping was well on the way - we were a bit tired after a day of flying topped by 2 hours of waiting for luggage and filling out the forms.

Imagine my disappointment when I was told at Lufthansa Lost & Found that I am not even entitled to the compensation I can prove with my receipts, but just to a half of it, because "I get to use the bought items". I don't need a second toothbrush, shaving set or another 3 pairs of trunks! (No, I forgot to take receipt on the first two). I'll give the sandals and the shorts to Lufthansa!

I feel I should be compensated in access to the receipts I have submitted, using common sense (they are all for clothes, I forgot the recept for the toiletry items). Also, credit cards charge extra for currency conversion (US dollars to Israeli NIS), I should be paid that as well.

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Posted by madconsumer on 2011-07-15:
whay do you think you should be entitled to extra compensation?
Posted by Old Timer on 2011-07-15:
A liitle trick we use. If there are say four people traveling, put some of each persons stuff in each of the four bags. That way if a bag is lost one person still has some stuff in the other three bags to get by till the bag is found. A couple of shorts, couple of undies etc...

Have been doing that for years and it has come in very handy more than once.
Posted by MRM on 2011-07-15:
Awesome tip, Old Timer! You get brownie points for the day! HOORAH!
Posted by Old Timer on 2011-07-15:
Why thanks, having gone around the block a few times you're bound to learn a few good tricks.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2011-07-15:
I have a change of clothes in my carry on. Also, most hotels have complimentary toiletries for the asking.
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Reimbursement for lost luggage expenses
Posted by Martin_Vancouver on 06/29/2011
My luggage was delayed during my recent trip to Europe. It got Lufthansa over a week to deliver it to me (it was Christmas and the big mess with snow in Frankfurt am Main). To cut the story short, I followed the steps published on Lufthansa website and applied for reimbursement of incurred costs (toiletries, clothing etc.). About a month later I had a check in mail for the entire amount claimed. All is well that ends well.
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Posted by Alain on 2011-06-30:
With the many complaints about airlines and baggage it's nice to see someone took the time to do a compliment for an airline doing the right thing. Thanks!
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Insufficient compensation offer for a horrid experience with Lufthansa's "Associated Airlines"
Posted by Sharing Info. on 05/26/2011
DELAWARE -- Satisfied with German airline Lufthansa we booked a flight to Mallorca on April 26 2011. Toronto-Newark-Madrid-Mallorca. Lufthansa used their associates Air Canada to Newark, Continental to Madrid, Spanair to Mallorca.

Continental was late leaving Newark, the seat I was assigned was in the back of the plane, and broken, would not recline, and when passenger in front of my seat reclined, I had his seat inches from my nose, unable to use the TV screen at the back of the seat. Uncomfortable I called steward, and consequently her manager, who verified the seat was broken, and advised he would have a repairman fox problem when we land. No alternative seat was offered, apparently the plane was filled to capacity. I asked for extra cushion- "sorry, we are full, no cushion is available".

The overnight flight lasted about about 7 1/2 hours - very uncomfortable ! The flight arrived 20 minutes late, since we were in the tail of the plain, and crew aware of our rush to catch connecting flight in Madrid, qe had to wait for the passengers to deplane, ran across the terminals to arrive at "our" gate at 11:10 am to be told the flight which was supposed to depart for Mallorca at 11: 20 has left - no boarding pass available to us - we were told to go to another terminal to Lufthanza counterm as SpainAir could not issue the boarding pass. We were offered a stand by for 17:30 ( 5:30 pm ), when we pleaded, we were issued a boarding pass, got onto the SpainAir but had to wait additional hour for Safety Crew to perform the missed maintenance on the planes Autopilot, resulting in our missing again a prearranged, then changed pick up from Mallorca's Airport. We were informed no meal was provided, evenhough we were to receive a breakfast on our 11:20 scheduled but missed flight.

The return trip with Lufthansa's "associates" - Well, no boarding passes issued by SpainAir in Mallorca, neither in Barcelona - my wife and I seated in different parts of the aircraft - apparently if we want to sit together we must specify the seats ahead of time and pay extra.

I e-mailed a polite summary of my "experience " to Continental and Lufthansa and received a response of understanding, and apology promised $ 100 e-certificate towards future flight with Continental.

Lufthansa explained in their response that the Continental Flight Newark-Madrid was not full, that there were 28 seats empty - and how sorry they were I was misinformed.

What I found interesting was that during the flight the passengers were repeatedly informed that Continental has received has Award Winning Service.
I asked Lufthansa and Continental to review their compensation for a sleepless, restless 8 hrs. "Continental experience" and wasted time due to missed flight and inconvenience - certainly worth more then $ 100 towards a flight with same airline - Continental.

Lufthanza should insist that their associated airlines try to live up to the excellent service, and product of this German airlines, and when they fail, the least they should do is not to insult their customers by making them a low ball offer, while claiming their plane was just 15 minutes late, and our not reaching the gate was probably due to action of some 3rd party such as board/pass control, and that we had "legally" enough time to make the connecting flight.

I shall return to Share Information with you....when I receive a satisfactory response.

Sharing Information

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Posted by Sharing Info. on 2011-05-26:
Interesting. I also use Lufthansa, and also found them a reliable airline - I am curious what Lufthansa will do, side by and defend their Star associate , or up their compensation offer to you. Continental offers $ 300 to passangers flying within USA - a much shorter a flight. They also offer miles - but many complain they are difficult to use toward travel.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-05-26:
The are not "associates" but alliance (immunity) anti trust partners to Lufthansa. 20 minutes extra and you were late sounds like a itinerary booked too tight - even electronic Schengen passport holders have to que at times. This sounds like a messy itinerary as you booked it with Lufthansa (LH) and flew everyone but them... odd. Much of your complaint though aggravating is part of the norm of flying and $100 in compensation is in line.
Posted by James_236 on 2011-05-27:
$100 is way too low and $800 per passenger is more appropriate. The Montreal Convention permits you to claim in the jurisdiction of departure which is in the Ontario Small Claims Court if that is the most convenient to you. The Defendants would be both Continental and Lufthansa. You also have a claim under EU regulations and for a 4-hour delay to your final destination there are prescribed damages of 600 euros. Write to Lufthansa and threaten a claim under EU regulations.
Posted by Sharing Info. on 2011-05-27:
Thank you for your kind comments.

A nice Continental rep. Keysha has even telephoned me, explaining she is unable to offer higher compensation, that Lufthansa's response that the plane had extra free seats was incorrect. Meanwhile Lufthansa offered me 3000 miles and appology. Neither offer thrills me.

I thank you for the suggestion regarding Small Claim Court Claim but think that Lufthansa / Continental will do what is right. Reclaiming my Good Will for $ 100 is not a smart business, especially for Airlines which have it not easy with all the competition, gas prices.

I feel that a credit as a compensation for one way jurney ( minus the taxes - a nice gesture from MOA :) would be the right counter offer, how about an upgrade for two to a business class when my wife and I travel in future....but who am I to teach Lufthansa , or Continental how to appreciate and thank customers for repeat business. Right ?

Posted by Sharing Info. on 2011-05-28:
Continetal Customer Service Manager considers the matter closed feeling that the expression of sincere apology is sufficient and that forcing the disatisfied customer, who paid full fare expecting functioning seat, flight arriving on time, in accordance to time prescribed by Lufthansa, must accept ( not to forget credit $100 towards another 'Adventure with Contninental' the answer when she wrote :

"I hope you will see we have responded to your e-mail with genuine concern. Please accept my apology for the disappointment you experienced and allow us a future opportunity to serve you. We will consider this matter closed. Feel free to contact us regarding any future travel related events. Regards,

Keysha Morisson

Well, in my opinion the matter is still open.

The carrier has a responsibility towards their passangers. Broken seat represents a hazard to passangers, and if a broken seat is overlooked, what else is overlooked in Continental aircraft, what other safety hazards are their passangers exposed to ? No this case is not yet closed.
Meanwhile both Lufthanza and Continental provide me with conflicting information regarding availability of alternate seat which may have been offered, and when challenged, they say "Sorry", sincerely apologizing and covering for mistake, and misinformation by another.

We the pasangers do not want excuses. We expect service and comfort we pay for and should be fully compensated.

If we buy faulty, spoiled , defected produce, milk, eggs, chicken, if we are unhappy with merchendize the store keeper replaces, or refunds the product.

Lufthansa claims: "we provided service, you were transported to where you were supposed to."

I suppose it would be the same if I were provided with a parachute and pushed out of the plane on the top of the targeted landing spot. Service provided, why am I complaining, what do I expect ? Here , take the 100 voucher and shut up ? Oh, yes, accept our sincere apology.

Yes, I suppose I can take the apology to the bank - together with the non transferable 12 month voucher :)

Cheers and good luck to all Lufthansa Star Alliance Continental clients.

I hear that Indian Air Lines provide a real traveling experience, and apparently their seats, and the food are excellent, but do not take my word, compare and see for yourselves.

Am I mad ? I am just disappointed with Lufthansa "associates" and Lufthansa as the company I paid for servoce and product they failed to provide.

Posted by trmn8r on 2011-05-28:
"we provided service, you were transported to where you were supposed to."

This is in fact the bar most airlines use as a measure of success. Delays and missed connections have become pretty common, and there are "legally" forces out of their control.

A "broken" seat back is not a hazard unless it does not provide support under the stress of takeoff/landing.

I understand that you want the airline to compensate you for your inconvenience(s). Unfortunately, that isn't the way it works today. Airline travel has become somewhat inconvenient.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-05-28:
As noted Star Alliance partners are not "associates" If you chose to fly to Western Europe and want to backtrack from India...you may want to look at a map. BTW Air India is also a Star Alliance partner - another "associate" Broken seats can't be occupied but seat with a recline fixed upright can. You indicated you were in the back of the aircraft - last rows often don't recline. You did not indicate Star Alliance status thus it would be bad business practice for any airline to compensate you more than what you received - status indicates customer loyalty.
Posted by James_236 on 2011-05-28:
"... but think that Lufthansa / Continental will do what is right."

Perhaps you can let us know if you still think they will do what is right.

The remedies of the small claims courts and consumer commissions are there precisely because businesses and airlines do not do what is right.

I didn't follow why if you think they will do what is right, you are complaining. It costs only a postage stamp to write a letter to Lufthansa threating to seek your remedies under EU law and see how fast Miss Keysha gets off her tail and settles your claim. Sometimes all they need is that threat and you don't need to actually go to small claims court.
Posted by Sharing Info. on 2011-05-28:
Thank you Bete for the "correction". No I did not know Air India is what you say - but does that matter ?

Not all seats in the end of aircraft are considered the very last seats - those who the crew reserves, we are told :) Those which you say do not recline .

Did I not indicate Star Alliance status ? What has it to do with discomfort sitting in an upright position for 7-8 hrs with a nose against a screen what is supposed to provide inflight entertainment ? No safety hazard ? I suppose not if the seat ahead of me was also in a vertical position. Have you tried to put your head on your lap with your seat upright, while the from seat is fully reclined ? But I am not here to argue with anyone, just share information :) on Continental, and their boss -supervising Lufthansa- and if I chose the labels "supervising or boss " incorrectly, is this about grammar/using correct terms. I wish not split hairs, this is about Airline accepting moneys for service which failed short to the Airlines own standards, a fast they accepted when askin me to accept apology, and e-mails, and poorly delivered service for which they all feel sooooo sooooorry , but not willing to put the moneys where their mouth is.

As for James - thanks, this may be only the last resort, meanwhile I shall test whether it should be up to a person who is grieving to close the matter/tye file/the book/ , or up to Airline which has done wrong ...to be continued...

No need say anything bad about other "associates / Alliances " but be warned Lufthansa, may schedule even a reputable Airline flight too close - to "service", or, fit ( accommodate ? ) as many passangers as possible in as many flight they can - never mind if even the slightest unforseen disruption may result in passanger's missing their connecting flights. Too bad for them - they can always get a stand- by, or book a local hotel and try a connecting flight a next day - never mind if they miss an important appointment, meeting, schedule, tournament, funeral, X -mas ...etc , etc.

Word of mouth, thanks to sites like this is actually more effective than using lawyers - and those who provide service to us - THE CUSTOMERS should know ....to be continued ...this dissatisfied flier has not closed the file as yet.
Posted by Sharing Info. on 2011-05-28:
Bete is correct when suggesting : "sounds like a itinerary booked too tight - even electronic Schengen passport holders have to que at times. This sounds like a messy itinerary as you booked it with Lufthansa (LH) and flew everyone but them... odd "

Odd ? I was tickled pink to accept the tight schedule trusting this reputable carrier would deliver me ( and my checked in luggage) in time to my destination. They know the best, who am I to question their schedule ? Is the airline not responsible, agter all it is the Airline which informs me they are sorry. Yo suggest/mock I flew with everyone but Lufthansa ? What choice had ? Was I supposed to discriminate, without having a cause/ bad experience with/against Star Alliance partners - or whatever the associated airlines are labelled ?
Posted by Sharing Info. on 2011-05-30:

Bete is correct when writing : "sounds like a itinerary booked too tight - even electronic Schengen passport holders have to que at times. This sounds like a messy itinerary as you booked it with Lufthansa (LH) and flew everyone but them... odd "

Odd ? I was tickled pink to accept the "tight" schedule trusting this reputable carrier would deliver me ( and also my checked in luggage) in time to my destination. They know the best, who am I to question their schedule ? Shouldn't the airline be responsible ? It is the Airline which sets the schedule, and it is the Airline informing me how very sorry they are. Bete wrote that I flew with everyone but Lufthansa... What choice had ? Was I supposed to discriminate, without a cause/bad experience against Lufthans's Star Alliance partners ?

A lawyer informally advised that writing to, informing and consulting with a person in charge of Continental's infligh and safety , Mr. Mark Moran may be the right thing to do before considering escalating my inquiry for adequate compensation.

To be continued ...
Posted by Sharing Info. on 2011-06-11:
June 10 - good news.
Continenental has increased the compensation
from $ 100 to $ 267. This is a Continental e-certificate which cannot be redeemed by a Travel Agent. I am satisfied that Continental took the complaint more seriously and that they tried to resolve the conflict. This closes grievance, redeeming the cerificate will probably have its own challenges ...

Bye and thanks everyone for the input :)

Posted by James_236 on 2011-06-11:
I hate to burst your bubble, but a letter to Lufthansa claiming under EU regulations would have got you $800 in cash, yes cash. I think you know the trouble you will have with this e-certificate. You will find a fare for $199 and if you try to use the e-certificate, you will be told the e-certificate is not available for discounted fares and they will quote you a fare of $499 f0r the same journey in order for the e-certificate to be used.

But hey, you're happy, Continental must be happy and I'm happy for you.
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Telephone & web customer service
Posted by Bruce s on 05/08/2011
I have reservations to fly from San Diego Ca. to Venice Italy in Business Class tomorrow 5/9/11.
I attempted to contact their 24/7 800 number after 7PM two nights in a row. The result was that it rang for a long time then disconnected. On the third day I called in the afternoon and was able to get through. I informed them of my experience and they said that there was nothing wrong with the 800 number. I then explained it to them again in more detail and they again informed me that I was wrong and that the 800 number works fine 24/7, another words I'm a liar. I asked how I can speak to a higher level of customer service, they told me to get the email address on the web. I did and I was informed by email to call the 800 24/7 line for assistance.

When I attempted to check and get my boarding pass 23 hours before the flight on there web page the first question they ask is "Did you check-in any luggage at your original departure airport to your final destination?". Confused by the way this question was termed I called up the friendly people at the 800 24/7 line. They informed me if I was going to check in any bags I could not check in via the web. Great that's nice. You see I needed the boarding pass to find out what terminal I needed to go to for the first flight. They did not bother to put that in my reservations.

Since the first flight was not on Lufthansa the flight number did not work. I couldn't get the correct flight number from Lufthansa for the airline that they use in the U.S. So now when I go to the airport tomorrow I have a 1 in 3 chance of being at the right terminal. I even attempted to contact the U.S. airline but they said without the U.S. flight number they could not help me.

U.S. Airlines are not the greatest but I have never experienced this level of rude and yes MEAN customer service before.
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Posted by Ben There on 2011-05-08:
I find its pretty easy to figure out what your terminal is simply by visiting the airport's website.

What airline and airport are you flying from in the USA? I find it unusual that the US carrier could not figure out their own flight number - do you not have the time it leaves?

Do a quick search on the airlines website for your first and second city, pick the one that leaves and arrives at the exact same time as your codeshare on Lufthansa, and that will be your flight number.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-05-09:
You should have an itinerary from a travel agent or if you booked online with your confirmation. as this trip involves 3 aircraft (SAN-XXX-FRA/MUC-VCE) I hope you didn't buy it through a travel consolidator as you sound like an inexperienced traveler and this can be a nightmare. Generally, codeshare partners share the same terminal and you can find who the originating carrier this way. LH is in Star Alliance so odds are UA to SFO is your first leg.
Posted by trmn8r on 2011-05-09:
I couldn't follow this. It sounds like you were calling Lufthansa, which is a connecting flight, to figure out what terminal to catch your originating flight (the "first flight"), from a different carrier. When you "go" to the airport.

Did you mean that when you *get* to the airport on the originating flight, what terminal will you need to go to for the Lufthansa flight?

I'm a bit shocked that with a flight number, they couldn't give you a terminal.
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Be aware buying tickets using Miles and More
Posted by PeterR on 03/30/2011
You can buy flight tickets and make use of bonus points via the Lufthansa Miles and More program BUT be careful! Just bought 3 flight tickets for my wife and two children for our summer holiday in Spain; decided to make use of points for my own ticket, which turned out to be bad business for us: Miles and More - on some routes - make use of expensive tickets and claims accordingly tax, meaning that you will be charged extra(besides the used points). In our case I ended up paying must more for the same ticket as rest of the family and at the same time lost a lot of my bonus points.

As a consequence of that - and because Lufthansa will not refund - I have cancelled my membership of Miles And More and I have changed my business travel profile to exclude Lufthansa in the future.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2011-03-30:
A bit disjointed but I gather your complaint is about the fare bucket being used... common practice within the industry. LH is part of the Star you can use your miles on other *A carriers.
Posted by Ben There on 2011-03-30:
I think the problem is with the fuel surcharges. Some airlines call those "taxes" so they have to be paid on frequent flyer tickets making the taxes way more than the actual ticket.

I just did a search on Orbitz for NYC to London on April 5 coming back April 12, and Lufthansa's fares were $81, but there were $522 in taxes for a total of $603. Delta had a fare of $338, but only $202 of tax for a total of $540. Since both airlines will end up paying the same government taxes, Lufthansa (and United and Continental) are lumping $320 of fuel into the taxes, where Delta has put their fuel in the fare itself since it is not really a tax.

By doing this move, Lufthansa can pass on $320 of the fare on to you when you purchase a FF ticket. For New York to London, you would spend tens of thousands of miles to save $81.
Posted by :( on 2013-08-30:
I just had this rip off.
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Stay Away From Lufthansa Airlines if You Are Business Traveler
Posted by Lesk on 03/30/2011
Lufthansa have lost my luggage (reported) three days ago (March 27, 2011) and they still do not know when I will get it! It was just a flight from Berlin to Dubrovnik (through Munich).
They had 2 hour and 45 minutes between my flights. How much more time do you need?
I am business traveler and I am left just with my laptop. I can't continue my business trip since I do not have any cloths!!!!
This is my second luggage lost in 10 days and both by Lufthansa!!! My previous luggage was delivered after 3 days!!!
Lufthansa do not have any workable Customer Service and their response was not on a subject or informative. Lost luggage tracing system is not responding too... They did not know where I was and where I was traveling to….
My recommendation: This is not airline for business class travelers and airline without any Customer Service services!!! This is a disgrace for Germany and aviation industry!
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Posted by Anonymous on 2011-03-30:
Your experience thou unfortunate has immaterial to business travelers. Being a LH HON is sweet!
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Terrible Customer Relations Department - Anything but the best way to fly
Posted by GoldStarAllianceFlyer on 03/04/2011
With a check-in time set for 2AM in the morning, on the return leg of an international trip with my 6 and 8 year old daughters, Lufthansa gate agents forced me to pay an entire new ticket, at a cost of over $2,900 USD because, according to them, I did not have a transit Visa to make a connection on the return leg of an itinerary bought thru an Expedia travel agent which the Expedia agent and Lufthansa recommended in the first place. While I could have flown from A to B to D; the itinerary that Expedia recommended, after checking in with Lufthansa, was A to B to C to D.

While there were many available options at a much lower cost to modify my trip and avoid the leg where the Visa was necessary, they only made one available: purchasing a full fare one way ticket from A to B to D. The situation was a shake down: pay up or get stuck abroad at 2AM in the morning with two children in tears. What's more aggravating is that even after I agreed to pay up, we were forced to wait at the counter for over an hour as the gate agents slowly took action with no sense of urgency while we stood helplessly watching every other passenger check in.

By the way, I am a Gold Star Alliance member - a frequent flier with one of their partner airlines - which did not help at all in terms of any consideration for service or assistance. And as a frequent flier, I can confidently rate both the outbound and the return flight with Lufthansa as terrible experiences filled with poor service, poorly maintained equipment, unorganized boarding processes and seating assignments. To add insult to injury on a 9-hour flight back, our row had malfunctioning audio-visual equipment so my children were unable to watch any of the movies, making our long-return trip that much harder and uncomfortable.

Two months since the incident, now back in the US, I have written to the Customer Service Department no less than 4 times and I have not received a personable reply and despite my requests it has been impossible to speak with any representatives. A cursory computerized reply, one month after I filed my complaint, indicated I should expect a reply in a time frame upwards of 6 to 8 weeks. Their reason for the delay in their reply: in simple words a deluge of other disgruntled travellers.

Distrust their claim that there is no better way to fly.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2011-03-04:
three claims you make seriously wrong and if you are in a *gold they are obvious.
LH group owns Technik who maintains aircraft for many airlines. LH are amongst the worlds best maintained birds.
LH like all airlines do not recommend ticket aggregators such as Expedia, in fact AA does not support most of them.
Visas, that's on you and your responsibility to check
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Lufthansa--Poor, Poor Service, Please Read
Posted by Consumerfeedbacking on 08/08/2010
EAST MEADOW, NEW YORK -- I'm waiting to see whether Lufthansa will keep ignoring my letter, sent 3 weeks ago. After their flight arrived late (from Geneva to Munich, July 10th), I had to sleep over in Munich and catch their flight to Chicago the next day. The ticket agent told me she'd reserved a room at a Sheraton, then barely caught up with me on my way down the elevator to say they were booked full, and I'd be at the Holiday Inn. The next day, I flew from Munich and watched everyone around me enjoy movies...while the monitor in the seat in front of me wouldn't work for the next 8 or 9 hours. No music, no movies, no nothing. You'd think they would want to reply to my letter. Some sort of token of their regret. We'll see.

I tried to get their phone and/or email for Customer Relations (on their site), but the links don't seem to work there. Try it: http://www.lufthansa.com/us/en/Contact-via-E-Mail?contactChannelIndex=1
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Posted by chiraz salhi on 2011-05-24:

My Parents had the worst possible service at the Lufthansa checking ticket counter today on May23 2011 from Dulles Airport to Germany at 5:45 and the agent name was Birgit.

My parents and i Were standing on the line for over an hour waiting to be checked in but the line was moving very slowly so they decided to add another line but it didn't help because agents were calling people from the second line so people who came thirty minutes after us were been checked in before so a customer complained about that. My parents and I didn't really worry about it until we were called by Brigit the ticket counter agent who wasn't friendly and didn't greet us properly.I handed her my parents's passports and the tickets she told me I don't think the are going to make it the boarding will be in 10 minutes.I explained to her that we were on line for over an hour and it's 5:09 now so i think they will make it she kept on arguing and said to me can they run because it will take them 30 minutes to get to the gate I was getting upset because in reality she was the one waisting our time she had printed the wrong boarding passes and walked out without explanation and was talking to her coworker while we were standing when she came back she was mumbling,making faces and kept on arguing saying i don't think they can make it at that point i was very upset my parents were worried she had created a situation that it wasn't necessary.Your agent was nonprofessional,rude and VERY unhelpful.My family and always flu with Lufthansa and we WON'T anymore we don't need Lufthansa specially when customer service is under other airlines standards.I've seen Brigit before acting the same way and she checked me before with the same attitude and let it go but today enough was enough. I will NOT BE FLYING MY PARENTS or MY FAMILY WITH LUFTHANSA ANY MORE IT'S THEIR LOSS NOT MINE
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Poor customer relations
Posted by Traveler17 on 08/06/2010
Ever since Lufthansa allied with United (the worse airline in the skies) they have dragged themselves down to United’s level.
Yesterday I made a reservation from Los Angeles to Frankfurt, Germany the flight I would have liked was $1,222.00 so I booked a later flight for $954.00. Today the flight I wanted is $954.00 so I called Lufthansa and ask if I could change to the earlier flight. They told me there would be a charge to make the change of $250.00 per ticket because it was just over 24 hours. I spoke to supervisor, Dave and he said there was nothing he could do because these rules are made with their alliance (United once again). The tickets are non refundable so I am stuck this time. However I have been flying Lufthansa every year that I have gone to Europe for at least the last ten years but this will be the last time I ever fly Lufthansa. I haven’t flown United for about 15 years since the last time they screwed me so it will be the same with Lufthansa.
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Posted by Ytropious on 2010-08-06:
This is extremely common, non refundable tickets are CHEAPER because you can't change your mind! You wanted to buy a non refundable ticket but then pounce on a cheaper fair in 24 hours. That just isn't how it works, not just with Lufthansa but any airline. You buy non refundable, you get non refundable.
Posted by Weedwhacked on 2010-08-07:
Why would the exchange fee not apply to you? It applies to everyone else. If you buy a refundable ticket then it would be free to reissue.
Posted by Lost in stupidity on 2013-08-07:
I agree with these other two comments. Outside of the 24 hours the ticket is non refundable, doesn't matter if it is a minute or 3 hours.
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Lufthansa bad service. Lufthansa has bad customer service
Posted by Tuxmiller on 08/02/2010
Lufthansa Air- The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. The Lufthansa Gate Nazi.
Lufthansa bad service. Lufthansa good service. Which is it? Depends on the person, not the Lufthansa process.
Our recent round-trip on Lufthansa included:
Departure: Saint Louis-Chicago-Dusseldorf-Venice (codeshare w/United)
Return: Venice-Munich-Charlotte-St. Louis (codeshares w/Air Dolomiti and US Airways)
The Good: Our departing transatlantic flight crew was professional, well organized and prompt in their service. Seats are reasonably comfortable and relatively new. Individual seatback video screens with a good selection of movies was standard. There were better-than-average (for airlines) audio headsets and passengers may choose to start and stop movies as they wish. The crew provided a wall-attachment crib for the youngest of our travelling party of 16 people. Wine was complimentary on the return transatlantic flight.
The Bad: Our return flight from Venice-Munich was delayed by one hour and 15 minutes on Lufthansa’s partner airline Air Dolomiti because, and I quote the pilot’s announcement, “of a stupid error by the check-in attendant.” Passengers were told we would need to disembark 4 at a time to claim our pieces of luggage because there was an extra piece of luggage on board. That seemed reasonable even for security purposes. We did not disembark, however, because it was determined that a check-in attendant had let a piece of luggage on the plane for a cancelled passenger.
The Ugly: Running late in Munich due to disembarking only 30 minutes prior to our transatlantic flight to Charlotte, a large passenger group was met at the gate by a Lufthansa representative. She directed us up the escalators with the exception of a disabled passenger in a wheel chair and our relatives with the baby, who needed the elevator. She let them find their own way to passport check-point another set of security which was painfully tedious for in a normal situation, much less a situation where passengers had already been screened and passed through security in Venice. Perhaps this was because the flight terminated in USA. The Lufthansa leader left us at security while passengers for a later Philadelphia flight jumped the line in front of us. My 3 kids passed through security along with my niece and two nephews. As the security personnel slowly checked all the carry-on baggage of my wife and sister (not Lufthansa’s fault), a Lufthansa gate agent ran down to tell us to hurry up. I still hadn’t even made it through security. The Lufthansa agent again yelled at us, saying they were closing the plane door. This was alarming to us all as six of our children had already boarded the plane. My sister’s bags were still being rummaged through by security, my wife’s passport was stuck under the –ray on the security belt. My sister and wife asked repeatedly if they would let the plane depart with our kids on board and without us. “Maybe.” She said at first. And after that she just nodded her head in the affirmative. If we weren’t such seasoned travelers, this could have caused even greater stress to Lufthansa’s paying passengers. I, meanwhile was still stuck in security line. The security personnel took their time examining my carry-on luggage while my wife ran ahead to hold the agents at bay at the gangway. BRIGHT SPOT: There had been enough time for my wife to report to the gate agents to what had occurred with the other agents and they were shocked that it was a Lufthansa employee, but, indeed, it was. We were told they would report the offender and that they had experienced bad behavior as a Lufthansa employee and passenger on a recent flight from Paris. They two friendly female gate agents seemed to think this was an exceptional situation.
Particularly offensive was the short, portly blonde-haired Lufthansa Gate Nazi who yelled at us at the security line and seemed to smirkingly enjoy it, and the tall black-haired Lufthansa male agent who literally yelled at us repeatedly to hurry up on the gangway because the plane needed to depart. He barked at us repeatedly, followed by a “sorry” only to bark at us again. Strange.
Salt In the Wound. Someone was in my brother-in-law’s seat upon boarding the transatlantic flight and my video monitor didn’t work. I asked one attendant if she could fix it and I got no response for 2 hours so I asked another one who said she would get it fixed. 9 hours into the flight, the original attendant realized it wasn’t working and apologized. BRIGHT SPOT: She gave us a 25 Euro certificate for Duty Free which bought a box of over-priced chocolates.
Upon boarding a flight attendant required a boarding pass for my other sister’s 10-month old as they suspected she was taking up a paid seat on a fully-booked flight for free. Luckily they had her paid boarding pass, so she was able to keep her seat. No crib attachment for the baby on the return flight, though one was available for another infant.
Pretty Cool. The multiple bathrooms grouped together in the center of the plane belly. You descend stairs to reach them.
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Posted by Alain on 2010-08-03:
Good details and more interesting than a lot of reviews I've seen.
Posted by Weedwhacked on 2010-08-03:
Would you actually want to be on a flight where someone checked in a bag and didn't board?
Posted by Eric on 2011-08-08:
Yes, a good report. Probably Lufthansa employees made mistakes here, in a rather stressful situation. But situations like that sometimes occur when you fly.
However there is no need to insult one employee as "Nazi", just because he/she was German.
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